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  1. Thanks Reno, taking your advice I am now buying the detector from Depar ??
  2. Hi Reno yes I already spoke to the Depar guys but I saw some better deals on eBay hence opted for it, besides Depar were not so keen in shipping it to Qatar. hi Johnny you're right on the hot part my strategy will be detecting either early morning or evening ? It's hot in the morning too but sometimes it's windy so that's a relief. sure will share the pics of my finding hopefully I get some good ones. my other concern is I hope the detector doesn't get stuck in customs I have already spoke to one agent he said as per the Hs code it won't but let's see
  3. I went through this website & I liked it a lot, especially the forums, I can see some honest reviews. i was looking for someone from Qatar if they do metal detecting here, but I cannot find even a single person who knows anything about MD either in forum or person...it is mostly desert sand here & some beaches I was wondering which detector I should get I am struggling between mine lab xterra 705, Gold bug pro... I guess I will order the 705 I am inclined towards it a bit, any opinions will it be too complicated for a newbie I have watched lots of videos & read lots of info on the Internet from last one month.
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