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  1. Hi Everyone. New to this site but old to prospecting. Great site! Still working full time so I can't post a lot but sure do appreciate the great detector advice here. I am a long time placer prospector so can help with panning and sluicing more than metal detecting. Larry AKA Sir Pansallot
  2. Hi BeachHunter, I'm another Californian. I never post here because I'm so dang busy at work. Will be in your shoes soon God willing. Don't apologize, the biggest gold rush ever was here! Gold price hit 1849 yesterday momentarily! Good year! Good luck on your detector hunt. Don't forget there are good discriminating detectors for old schoolyards and beaches too. I have an SDC2300 and have yet to find my first nugget. It's not the detector, it's my not getting out there enough. When I do, I pan, sluice and high-bank. If you have strong shoulders, check out the SDC2300 for gold or check out St
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