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  1. Hi, I've been visiting the forum for a while and I've decided to register and contribute what little I know... I dedicate to the search for gold on the beach, only beach; and I have about 6 years. Several VLFs have passed through my hands and I currently use an Equinox 800, a Legend (underwater) and I have just purchased an X-TERRA Pro. And it also works, a heavy "750" gold ring on the first day of use!!! 6.65 Gr. Low tide about 6 inches deep... That sound...mmm...very Equinox-like... I must have more than 2000h. from Equinox.
  2. New member with a long time interest in metal detecting and finally acting on it now that I've retired. I found this forum by googling prospecting boots. Everyone seemed very congenial, helpful and provided excellent points of view. The more I read the more I felt like pulling up a chair to the stove, so here I am.
  3. Hi everyone, my name is Chris im 49 and I live in S.W. Oregon, in pocket gold country right in between the Goldrush towns of Jacksonville and Gold Hill. I am into Hunting, Fishing and Hunting for gold! Basically whatever allows me to wander! I have never really been a forum guy, just some after sundown internet time for info and entertainment but not much posting because of all the mess that always seems to go along with the forums. Iv’e been lurking here for a while and I haven’t seen any of that yet here so I joined up! Im not sure how active of a poster ill actually be but am going to give it a try, anyways just checking in with my first post to intoduce myself and say how much I have already enjoyed the great info here!
  4. Hey All, I joined this forum a couple of weeks ago when I posted about an issue I had with my Equinox 800, but I never made an official 'new member' post. I'm from Mississippi and began metal detecting around 2015. Lately, I mainly go detecting on my lunch break with a co-worker of mine. I started out detecting with the Garrett ACE 250, then moved up to the AT Pro, and then transitioned to the Equinox 800. I just recently purchased the Equinox 700, but I haven't had the chance to use it yet. I may get the Legend as well, but I'm not sure of that yet. I'll probably be selling my (repaired) Equinox 800 real soon (hopefully). I enjoy all types of metal detecting, not just relic or coin shooting. As long as I get to dig up some history, I'm happy. Well, like I said, I just wanted to make my official 'new member' post. See y'all around on the forums!
  5. I’m more of a craftsman making ceramics, I’ve been doing it a long time more so after retiring, lol hobbies are my job now I guess. I moved over two years ago but still have not set up a ceramic studio to work in. When I began metal detecting I’d made a plan to paint some of the things I see, rocks, landscape… pretty basic. I’d never painted on canvas before I’m not a painter, but without the studio something to try maybe now is a good time to learn? I did the first one a view of Vegas from the desert to the south, the second attempt a morning sunrise at gold basin and the one I’m working on now is my 3rd try I’ve repainted a half dozen times, I experiment and then wind up sanding the canvas. This is from a picture I took 8 years ago it’s a view up Haskel Creek, WSPA 2 in Sierra county, Ca where the dirt road cuts across the dry creek. It’s got a ways to go and amateurish at best but I’m learning. anyone else?
  6. Hi, I'm Dan, I live on the East Slope of the Sierras and detect for coins and gold. I enjoy the hobby and I am always on the lookout for techniques which will improve my game. I already see useful information on the forum and recognize the wisdom and experience of some of our members. Cheers!
  7. Hello, guys. I'm John, currently live in Austin. I'm new to this hobby, and I though that joining this forum is a good idea. I'm currently choosing which detector to buy, and also need some books to get! In a month I'm changing my position, so I'll have more time to dedicate to all this.
  8. Hello. Just joined your group. I just purchased a Nokta Legend to compliment my Fisher F75. I got rid of my Vanquish 440 to get the Legend for its robustness. I hope it performs well on the salty shores beaches here in NS. I read some articles on here that helped me make my decision on the Legend. Thanks. Cheers. Stay safe detecting.
  9. Just saying hi, I'm as new as you can get to this hobby, my wife agreed to dropping the gran on a equinox 800 2 days ago 😀☺️ hopefully I find for cool stuff as we travel the USA. We started full time in a RV about a year ago to see the country as we retired. Hope to get some valuable information from the forum. I've always wanted a detector and watched others use them from a distance. Now that I have one it's nothing like I thought lots to learn about the sounds etc .
  10. I just picked up my first detector. A minelab Equinox 800. I'm in the Long Term Visitors Area (LTVA) Quartzite AZ. Lots of Quartz all over the place most of it was probably moved over the years by campers. Anyone have a suggestion where to legally search? I've been looking for coin and jewelry in the immediate area around my camper but all I've found are nails ??? Lots of them? And strips of wire. I'm getting hits on some things but the ground is so hard and compacted from years of heavy camper traffic. We will only be here for a few more weeks before heading towards Texas then north towards Michigan . Just looking for suggestions from anyone that's been here before. I'm not necessarily looking for gold nuggets "That would be Nice" just to practice and maybe find some coin. There is a big Wash running through the town I believe is still on BLM land. It's lots of softer sand not packed down . Anyway sorry for a long question in really new at this just looking for advice. Thanks happy hunting.
  11. The name here is Kelley, and just wanted to start with a howdy folks. Got my first detector at 17 and been hunting on and off sense then. Now looking at aimlessly walking around the Arizona desert searching for nuggets. I’ve had my Gold Monster for about 3 months. Still haven’t found anything other than lead and wire. But only been out 4 times between Dr. appointments. Just picked up a White’s TDI SL that was NIB for a good price. Want to get a Sadie loop for it and give it a swing.
  12. newbie nox 600 owner, and new to detecting, hope i can learn from this great forum of knowledgeable users
  13. I recently decided to spend less time on my trivial projects and more time detecting with my sons, so here I am. I have a Minelab Vanquish 540 (first) detector and hope to add a Garrett AT Pro at some point. I don't have many permissions but I'm working on it. I'm in Chocowinity, which is eastern NC.
  14. I inherited two Minelab detectors; 1) Explorer SE with 4 coils, 2) GPX4500 with original coil, both with additional accesories and manuals. I stay the winter in Yuma in my 5th wheel mostly but would like to explore other areas of Arizona in the future. I have tried to read the manuals and found myself somewhat confused by all the info. I'd like to get together with experienced Minelab users who can put me on the right track and who I can get out into the field with so I'm not trying to figure this out solo. I'm not sure how old these detectors are. I'm sure the learning curve on these will be a rewarding experience. Feb.2023
  15. Hi there, thank you for allowing me to join your community. My name is Steve Dean, I am an ageing metal detectorist from the United Kingdom. I live in the county of Kent which is a rich historical location (in the south East of England). Having tried metal detecting some years ago with no success, I started up again a couple of years ago having purchased a Nokta Simplex. That gave me some very nice finds and encouraged me to move to a Nokta Legend and I have literally just ordered a Deus II because I am very impressed with the light weight and the wireless technology of the Deus. Whether I will find anything more frequently or of better quality I don't know because as my mate says 'you have to walk over it to find it'. Anyway, I look forward to reading the forum posts and learning about this incredible hobby.
  16. Hello all. I was formerly here as Dug, but had to sign off for a bit. Back now and ready to re-enter the conversations. I’ve been keeping up on things here and you guys/gals are still the same knowledgeable and kind folks I remember. Looking forward to future conversations (mainly on the deus 2😀).
  17. Hello, I'm John and very excited to be a part of this detecting forum. I'm an avid detectorist and detect a lot in in the lovely panhandle of Pensacola. I use several Minelab detectors and my newest addition is the Manticore. I'm looking forward to reading what many of you have to say as learning is an adventure in itself. I am also looking forward to adding content for others to read. Thanks, John
  18. Good morning to you all, it's been a long while since I was here last cheers dave
  19. Hi All, I prospect around Cranbrook, generally up in the Mountains looking for exposures on new logging cuts. I also have a claim set back off of Perry Creek. Anyone in the area interested in some excursions this spring and summer, let me know. You are welcome to come check out the claim with detectors or pans too. Not on the water but I will have a tank on site for panning in tubs. That and an excavator for accessing buried gravels.
  20. Hey All, Midwesterner transplant roaming up and down the West Coast, been living in NW Oregon the last few years and digging it every chance I get. Been an XP user for about about 8 years now with the Deus and Deus2 but impulsively picked up a Manticore last week and have been focused on learning all its beeps and bonks. Did some prospecting while living in California. Really enjoyed it and looking to get back into it around Oregon and Washington. Still enjoy camping and fly fishing too, but detecting gets most of my attention now. For your enjoyment, heres a fake picture of me in the future, using the latest in detecting technologies at my local beach.
  21. Greetings from a new member in San Luis Obispo, CA. I also spend time in san diego, as well as north east Oklahoma. Started metal detecting in August with a simplex and upgraded this weekend to a Deus 2 since the simplex struggles in wet salt. I'm addicted and metal detect or research about every free minute I have from work. If you're around SLO and want to beep around, let me know. Really looking forward to learning about the Deus 2 from you all, as it has a lot of fine tuning. So far I've found 2 gold rings, 7 or 8 silver rings, one late 1800s barrel tap, a few mercs, a silver half dollar, and my first find was a 1918 standing liberty quarter! I'm also a newly addicted bottle hunter if anyone wants to give that a shot! Thank you all for the awesome posts and your contributions to helping us newbies.
  22. Howdy I am just jumping in to the hobby. I am swing a Minelab gold monster. JUST Looking for tips and tricks to finding places to detect. Thanks
  23. Just ordered a NOX 900. Been detecting since high school (I'm 63 now). Upgrading from an XLT. Prior to that I had a Garrett and in high school I swung a Coin Hunter? Using the forum to learn as much as I can while I wait for the 900. Oh, I live on Whidbey Island, so if your in that neck of the woods....LETS HUNT!
  24. Hey y’all from southwest Georgia. Thanks for a great forum.
  25. I am grateful to be here. I have read many articles and watched a lot of YouTube, but I have zero hands-on detecting experience. I have wanted to get into detecting for decades, but health and/or money issues kept that from happening. Until now. I am finally in a position to get my first detector. I want to get the best detector I can afford. I am near the California Gold Country, but I also want to do general detecting at beaches, parks, etc. I have always wanted a Minelab detector, so I am looking at the new Equinox 900 with its two coils and the ability to adapt to many situations. I also wonder about swallowing hard and finding a way to afford the more powerful Manticore and an additional 8" x 5.5" coil. I am intrigued by the information shown on the Manticore's 2D screen and wonder how useful that information actually is. Can't you learn at least some of what's shown on the Manticore's screen just by listening to the tones from the 900? Is the Manticore with a second 8" x 5.5" coil worth the $700+ over the Equinox 900? These are the thoughts running through my mind recently. I look forward to learning as much as I can from this site, and from you, its members.
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