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  1. Never done a forum before, looking for others in my area to detect with. Have a lead on an old stage coach stop near here, anybody local to Coos Bay, OR and want to work that sight?
  2. Ok guys...I'm the real guy from the other forum who goes by the name of KOB. But here , I will go by King-Of-Bling. Which is what the name stands for and was given to me many moons ago. I have only been looking at this forum for a few weeks now and it appears it's a little more serious on the discussion side regarding hunting and detectors. As some others here may know me from elsewhere , I like to have fun and not always take life so seriously. Will see how it goes. A little about me : my 1st detector was in 1970. Had to use 2 hands to swing it. Didn't really detect much often until 1980 , where being wiser (and stronger) led me to better finds. I live in So.Cal , though have spent time in Miami and Hawaii. Grew up as a surf rat , always loved the beach. My main go to machine is a PI. Though over the years have owned others. Most recently the Nox , which I sold. I don't have a lot of dirt experience like others do here. But the beach , well.... 1 of my mottos in life has been : You are never to young or old to learn something new. Anyway...Thanks for having me join....King-Of-Bling !
  3. My coworker has recently gotten me interested in detecting. I've already been to two of his sites with him and he has loaned me his old Whites 6000 coinmaster. He even allowed me to borrow it on my vacation to Michigan recently. So far I haven't found any treasures but I'm already looking into buying my first detector. I'm 35 and currently in Pennsylvania. Currently don't have much time to detect between having a two year old and work but I'm trying to get out there more.
  4. I am a player with many brand metal detectors. I come from China. At this stage in my country, people are very keen to detect gold coins and treasures. Nice to meet everyone.
  5. Hello everyone, I've been a lurker here for quite a while now, but, since I got a new detector today, I thought I'd join a new forum and the discussions about it. I've been detecting now for 50 years as of this month. Been through many machines in that time. Started with a BFO, went through the TR's and various single frequency VLF's and then into the multifrequency Minelab machines. There were a few side trips with PI machines, but, they made me work too hard digging iron targets at my beaches, so, I got rid of them all after getting my first Excalibur. Now, just today, I got the Impulse AQ. I've been considering another PI machine for some time now to complement the Excal, and was about to pull the trigger on a TDI when I started to hear about the Impulse AQ (Manta back then). Kept in touch with Rick K and got on his list when it looked like it was going to happen. Just charged it up and hope to hit the beach at low tide tomorrow morning. Wish me luck! Thanks, Mark
  6. Even though I registered a couple of years ago I really haven't spent much time here. While looking for more information on the new Fisher Impulse AQ I found this site to be a great resource so I've been spending more time here lately. I've already seen a few other names that I recognize from another forum that I frequent so it looks like others have the same idea. Anyway, my name is George and my first detector was a Goldak back in 1970. I found a lot with it but, wow, was that thing primitive compared to the detectors of today! It had a pressed wood coil bottom, fixed shaft and hard black plastic headphones that I think were from the Army Surplus. More than a dozen metal detectors later I am recently retired and have more time to do what I like to do most and that is finding lost jewelry, usually, in the shallow freshwater or on the wet sand and surf of the southern California beaches. In the lakes my detector of choice is the Equinox 800 with the 6" coil which I find great for smaller gold. It also helps with pinpointing in murky water. Before the Nox I used the Fisher Aquanaut quite a bit in fresh water. At the beach I went from swinging the Pro PI to the Dual Field to the BeachHunter, which I currently use. I'm hoping that the Fisher Impulse AQ will be my next detector as I have been very impressed with what I have read about it, so far. Even though I've been in the hobby a while there are 2 things that stand out to me: 1. I learn something new almost every time I go out detecting. 2. Finding gold never gets old!
  7. songshun


    I am a new guy and I am happy to be here with you guys
  8. Hi, all I have been a lurker for some time now. I post on other forums under the same name. Decided to log in to ask a question about my new GM1000. Ill post it in the Minelab forum.
  9. Hello all!! Long time stalker on the boards here...and I believe this has been the best source of info for me. I have been detecting since 1992 when I got a 1235-x for my 13th b day! I didn’t detect for quite a few years but really got back into it the last 5 years. I had an at pro, prizm 5 that I still have as a back up. I got a 705 a year and a half ago and really broke thru with that machine. About a month ago I traded for in for a EQ 600 and simply love this machine...best I’ve had by far. I’m still trying to work thru the multi IQ difference that I addressed in another post (5mhz crushing multi in depth). I’ve already hit 7 wheaties and one at 10”. Anyways sorry for rambling and HH!! Mike
  10. Filgiggs


    Hello am Felix from Ghana
  11. Hi, I'm Jay Found the site,, seems pretty informative! Look forward to exploring it more. Current machines,,,, MXT, T2SE, Anfibio Multi, Compadre
  12. Hi All, I live in Chicago suburbs, am quite new to the hobby, about to buy my first detector. I did some research and have a few final questions I was hoping you could help me with: 1. Should I buy Minelab Vanquish 340 or Fisher F22, or do you have a strong suggestion for another model? (Honestly, I'm new to this, I'd like to find gold and historical relics but live in the semi-suburbs and worry about excessive anti-detecting regulations and hostile people) 2. Pinpointer: are they all the same, or should I stick to top brands like Garret, Mr. Otel or Minelab, even though they are 5x more expensive than copycats on Amazon? 3. I have a degree in anthropology (though I work in a quite different business field). Does metal detecting lead one to archaeology or numismatics necessarily? Does numismatics help with metal detecting?... Thanks so much for your insights. Tony
  13. I started Metal Detecting about 20 yrs. ago and it didn't take long before I was hooked. My first detector was a Minelab Sovereign XS, and I soon became very interested in learning my areas local history to try and put my coil over ground where people of the 1800's and early 1900's were gathered together and possibly leaking coins. My career took me to different parts of the US and for a while I stopped detecting all together, but now that I'm retired with plenty of time on my hands I've decided to get back into Coin Hunting. I am amazed at the advances in Metal Detector technology over the years and have my work cut out for me studying and learning how to use and interpret what my new detectors are telling me. This is the main reason for my membership, to learn and acquire knowledge with respect to the advances of these new detectors. So I want to say Hello to everyone and thank you in advance for your time and consideration.
  14. Hi, my name is Badger. I've been lurking for a few years and finally decided to join the group.
  15. my computer name is Caretaker and I have been on the forums for 20 years, have been detecting that long and bottle digging 40 years, I like to dig and post my finds and I'll help out if I have the knowledge to do so, welcome to summer
  16. Hi, I am Canadian, I Like Gold... I think that says it all 😄 But seriously, I would love to have the opportunity to earn in Nome and possibly Blow those rats like the kellys out of the water lol... IMO, the Kellys have no business there and they have broken a lot of rules and disguised them as witty situations for tv... I think they all look like rats... I would be excited to do anything needed of me as I learn how everything works... I am a Quick study, and mechanically inclined. I have a lot of ideas for new technology And I am willing to earn my way from bottom to top 😄 I currently weigh around 230 lbs and I'm 6' tall. I can handle 50-150 pounds lifting if needed, but i wouldn't want to do that a lot lol... If anyone would be interested in having me there and help me get there, I am down for the challenge ;-D Please consider me as a new recruit 😄 I am ready and willing to learn/Earn 😄
  17. Hey Y'all, new to the forum. I am impressed by willingness to share knowledge and guidance that is evident when browsing through the posts here. I am fairly new to the hobby, got started about 4 yrs. ago when I repaired my friends Fisher 1280x. He let me use it while he got on with a new MX sport. I acquired an AT Pro 3 yrs.ago an have had limited outings, I had no luck at the ocean beaches and have stuck to land use.Recently I repaired a Whites Classic iii SL and still need to get familiar with it.I retired last may and have been getting out a lot more finally hitting some Silver and Gold, but I struggle with the AT sounds (I am a longtime musician) the iron grunt drives me batty, so I bought an Alter 71 and love it.It has stepped up my game considerably. Being an info junkie and a minor techno geek this pursuit satisfies my curiosity and discovery longings in many way.
  18. Hello, I just bought my first detector. A used White's TDI for $300. I have found plenty of nails and scrap metal on some property I own and I want to get out to some gold bearing country and give it a swing. I joined the GPAA but with Corona virus lurking it seems like most events have been cancelled locally.
  19. I've been reading a lot on this great site. Thanks to all of you for your reviews of all the great machines out there. I have been looking for a good all around detector for here in MT and for Bullhead City the rest of the time. With all your help I believe I have settled on the Equinox 600. I wanted to get the new Garrett Ace Apex, but they probably won't be out before I head to AZ in August.
  20. Need help selecting a MD to buy. So far CZ-21 and the Equinox 800 are two I am considering. Hope to get advice on how to get one that best meets my needs and I am not limiting choices to these two. I am an experience diver but don't usually go deeper than 33 feet. The CZ-21 can easily do that but my research makes me think the 800 is a more advanced machine. I am not kidding myself about a learning curve for either of these choices. If it was not for COVID-19 I would be on my catamaran cruising in the Bahamas, or maybe down island. As it is I am limited to beaches in the Big Bend of Florida and the spring fed fresh water rivers. There are also lots of historic places I kayak and hike to. Any advice on the pros and cons of those two choices; but I have to say the claimed max 10 foot water proof limit on the 800 is almost a deal breaker. I know Excilabur has a nice model as well that goes deep. Thing is I really like the display on the 800 and wish it could go another 20 feet deeper; it would be a no brainer. Bottom line is I am still confused about what to buy to put on my boat.
  21. Hello all..My name is David Ogle and I own River Team Six Metal Detectors. Looking forward to getting on the forums and posting some finds and used equipment on classifieds.
  22. I'm really happy to be a member of such an interesting community. Recently, I bought a detector which will help me to discover this art.
  23. Hello! my name is Xabi, I just got recommended this forum and here I am. I come from the north of Spain, Basque Country. I am an enthusiast just like you. Also as a part time hobby since my job is design engineer, I design and 3dprint some accessories for metal detectors, which I may post if It is not considered spam. Hoping to meet people around the world here and learn some interesting stuff about MD. Regards, Xabi
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