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  1. Hello all. My brother is giving me his older metal detector. It is a White's MXT e series. Is this a good metal detector? Is it specifically good for prospecting certain types of coins? jewelry? I live on the coast and was planning to hobby prospect for valuables along the beach. Your opinion would be appreciated.
  2. Hello, I just found out about this site from Gerry's detectors. I bought the gpz 7000 and got a free class to learn how to operate it this last weekend from him and his team & yesterday found my 1st piece of gold with that detector. I'm from Iowa but migrated to California, but I'm in the mountains so its a lot better. Anyway, I'm Daniel. Looking forward to getting to know you, as long as I have internet. Slowly going off the grid. Thank you for your time.
  3. I have been metal detecting since I was a teenager and to this day continue doing it. I was born and raised in Miami, FL and still live here. I also travel frequently to my property in Franklin, NC. I have a Minelab 800, CTX3030, and Garrett AT Pro. My preference is the CTX3030 (all coils) and usually download programs for it as it has proven reliable on beaches in Florida and relics in NC. Feel free to contact me if your in the areas I am. I am also interested in sluicing/highbanking for north of Florida; specifically GA, NC, and Tenn. Thanks to all that answer my questions.
  4. Hello i am Al Montano(poco is nick name) I am a 57 year old Male that was disabled when a drunk diver hit us head on! I have been dreaming for some time to be able to go back out and treasure hunting 🙂 I appreciate all the advice I can get! Thank you! I posted about what Detector to buy in the advice forums! Again thank you fellow Detectors 🙂
  5. Hello, I hope to learn and enjoy joinning this forum.
  6. Hi all, new to the forum. I've been snooping around northern Nevada for the last fourty years and detectoring for the last 10. I have enjoyed all of the guides/information here at detectorprospector and decided I should join in. Hope to add to the fun.
  7. Just a howdy, I am new to the forum. I use to detect a lot (since the 70's) but back problems and age slowed me down. I think I will be able to get back into the game this Summer. We had a blizzard here in Sturgis South Dakota, but I had three days prior that I was able to do some detecting in the parks. I cannot stoop up and down as many times as I used to be able to do, so I don't dig iffy signals so much (where the good stuff is!). I will include photos of my finds so far this year from those three days. You can laugh, hey I am 73 and can no longer be offended!
  8. Hi All, New member from Cranbrook BC, Canada. I'm a long time hand panner, and started running a Minelab GM1000 last year. I've been working on some friends claims up the Wild Horse River and Boulder Creek (the site of a large/famous gold rush in BC). One of the guys up here (Steve) was recently on Freddy Dodge's Gold Rush. Detecting wise, I haven't had much luck yet. The area's I am working (even though they are claimed) have been heavily worked before, and very likely previously detected. My little VLF isn't going very deep, unless the target is huge. I am wanting to upgrade to a better PI machine. Interesting things I've found include lots old square cut nails, and some some barbed rock wedges. Otherwise, lots of old timer trash, even more modern trash, pyrites, iron ore, and hot rocks galore.... Just thought I would introduce myself and say hello. Cheers, Nick
  9. Hi Everyone, My name is Mark and I've been prospecting for gold for a few years. I primarily do metal detecting but I also like dry washing. The learning curve for detecting has been a long one for me but I've eventually managed to find enough gold to pay for my first gold detector (a ML GPX 4500). As I live in Bagdad Arizona, I wonder if other members have had much success detecting in the Eureka District here. I detected my first gold nugget in a small feeder wash off of Cowboy Wash a few miles southeast of the Cowboy mine but other than that, I've not had much success in the district. I would be interested in hearing what others think about the area? I enjoy prospecting in areas like the Bradshaws and Gold Basin here in AZ and also like to do occasional trips over to the Dale District in Southern Cal. The Cargo Muchachos are a favorite as well. So good prospecting to everyone and try to stay safe out there.
  10. Hey all, newcomer here and to metal detecting. Just got my eq 600 2 days ago, high followed the first rain here in over 2 months and of course, it was a doozy. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like for a 10 yr old to get one of the coolest presents ever, but made to look at it for days, sitting there, mocking you…well if you want to know, I’m your guy. Anyway, anxious to learn all I can from yall’s experiences and knowledge of the science. Thanks!
  11. Hey all, been a member for a bit, but just lurked and read for the most part. the knowledge here has been a fantastic help! Just moved from California to SE Oklahoma. Hoping to run across a few others that enjoy the hobby within drivable hunting distances. seems like all the clubs i can find are 2+ hrs away! updated to the Equinox 800 about a year and a half ago, but haven't had the time recently (finding a place and then the move) to do much with it. things have settled now and I'm just starting to explore the 20 acres i live on now.
  12. Good morning to all the forum. I'm writing from Italy, precisely from the small Republic of San Marino, and I've been into metal for many years now, if it wasn't for the money I'd always be out in the mountains hunting for old irons from the past 😅! I've always wanted to be part of this forum because I've always found it quite reliable and serious, and above all there are people from all over the world, which makes it really perfect to discuss technical issues.
  13. Howdy 🙂 It's great to see this site is a rather active one. I hope to be of some contribution and I know for sure I'll learn a lot from many of you along the way. My main interest in metal detecting is for finding meteorites. I owned and operated a used White's Goldmaster V/Sat from 2011 to 2020 when it was stolen from my vehicle. So... I've been hunting for a replacement ever since. I'm a fairly active member on many of the meteorite Facebook groups and I'll be catching up on all the meteorite topics that have been discussed in this forum. I enjoy just swinging the detector and digging up all them good targets. A few of my more interesting earthly finds have been an 1899 Canadian 5 cent piece, a handmade copper earing of a wolf or coyote howling at the moon and a really nice blebby copper nugget. Happy to be here.
  14. Just a old Army guy here. Had a few of White's units. Only one now a Whites' V3i. Moved around. Now back home in Wisconsin for good.. gary
  15. Stopped lurking and joined. I've done a smattering of detecting for a while. A few small nuggets and interesting trash. Life was always pushing me in other directions. BUT then my fiance said " you've mentioned metal detecting in Nevada. Why don't we go down there while the snow finishes melting here?" "Umm, ok. I get if you don't like it. We can always break off and go do something else. Not everyone is into swinging a stick over the desert." I repeated this several times. And ended up having a great ten days of not finding anything! Well, trash and and a good quartz crystal. But she really enjoyed it. So I bought her an Equinox 800 for her birthday. Then a week later I bought one for myself ( I was impressed. ) To round out my " tools needed". For the last four weeks we have been learning the machine and hunting our yard ( house built in 29 ) and locale lake beach and boat launch on the Salmon river. Didn't mean to be this long winded. And I only type with one thumb. A few of our finds. The axe head was a few years ago. Gb2 and blew my ears out. Any way this is cool site.
  16. Hi my name is pete. I live in cumbria uk . I use a equinox 600 and been metal detecting for just over two years . I have found two hoards among lots of awsome finds look forward to exploring this forum.
  17. After visiting this terrific forum regularly and gaining some valuable insights into all things detecting, I’ve just become a proud new member. I hail from Down Under in South Australia and have been detecting around our local goldfields and across state lines for around 10 years now. Lately though I’ve been mainly relic and coin hunting locally as Covid has severely restricted our ability to freely travel interstate. As a result I have sold my main gold detector (GPX5000) and upgraded my relic arsenal. Currently using the new Nokta Legend. Anyhow I hope to be posting up some Aussie finds when they start rolling in. Cheers all.
  18. I’m more of a craftsman making ceramics, I’ve been doing it a long time more so after retiring, lol hobbies are my job now I guess. I moved over two years ago but still have not set up a ceramic studio to work in. When I began metal detecting I’d made a plan to paint some of the things I see, rocks, landscape… pretty basic. I’d never painted on canvas before I’m not a painter, but without the studio something to try maybe now is a good time to learn? I did the first one a view of Vegas from the desert to the south, the second attempt a morning sunrise at gold basin and the one I’m working on now is my 3rd try I’ve repainted a half dozen times, I experiment and then wind up sanding the canvas. This is from a picture I took 8 years ago it’s a view up Haskel Creek, WSPA 2 in Sierra county, Ca where the dirt road cuts across the dry creek. It’s got a ways to go and amateurish at best but I’m learning. anyone else?
  19. hello I'm Italian, I recently bought a deus2 and I also own a ctx3030, my research is done exclusively in the sea and a bit of beach
  20. No clue what I'm doing here, hope you will excuse my ignorance. I ran a White's proto type UW detector for some years, I gave it back to the friend that loaned it to me, he then loaned me a Nokta simplex that I used for a few months. Well he called that back to raise funds for a 15" coil for his Nox 800 So I got somewhat familiar with Simplex and wound up getting a Nokta Legend pro pack so here I am in a brave new world. I ran the Legend for about a haft an hour at a small park with the 6" coil mostly in park mode, a,g,f and C with the 1.06 update.
  21. Hello! I am just starting out metal detecting. My detector is the Nokta Makro Legend, my first real detector. I live in Southern NH. So far I have done a little detecting on a farm but that permission isn't working out. So I have been going to parks, local hiking trails, the woods. Best find so far was an OX Knob and an Indian Head penny. I will be at BONE 29 in April. Biggest challenge is of course, getting permissions. It seems like I am going to have to do some door knocking. Anyway, shout out to all my NH diggers. Nothing better than digging a hole in NH. lol Anyone want to share a sweet permission, let me know! 🙂
  22. hello everyone, I discovered this beautiful forum I could not resist signing up, I hope to have a good stay😅
  23. I was last here back in 2014 I think . Hope to share some of my adventures scoring gold in the desert . Cheers & Beers Jack
  24. Hi everyone. my name is Ian and I’m from Scotland.I have recently took an interest in gold panning on my local burns,well I say local but they are an hour away. I have some equipment to get me started,but mostly crevice tools.The burns of the area I have interest in have been well panned and sluiced,but mainly the deeper pools. Greed gets the better of folk and they leave big piles of gravel high up on the bank,which is so unnecessary considering There are fish and invertebrates the fish eat,just plain lazy. i have joined this forum to hopefully gain some knowledge and correspondence with like minded folk. ian.
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