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  1. Hello Guys, I’m Riccardo and write from Italy. Have been following this forum since years and love it. Have had many detectors but unfortunately can’t do prospecting because in this area there are no nuggets. Have had pulse inductions as well and that’s why I discovered this forum. Thanks for the opportunity to write in this great forum and to learn. Bye for now guys! Riccardo
  2. Minelab Equinox User mostly, my friend told me about this forum looking to prospect gold with it and for tips. Thanks for the add, look forward to learning more about this machine.
  3. I have browsed & ‘lurked’ around this site for a while now as it has become my ‘go to’ detecting magazine & forum! So I signed up today and looking forward to hanging out.with y’all. I have used Garrett Land & Sea but recently moved into an Equinox 800 w/ the Minelab Coils plus Coiltek NOX 5x10 and a NOX 15. I gave my grandson the Garrett L&S as it is an excellent ‘dig everything’ PI detector. It needs a strong back to swing… IMHO, the NOX 800 is a ‘top drawer’ detector that does what Minelab claims with authority. See y’all around town, Billy
  4. Greetings everybody. New to this forum, but not to MD’ing. I moved back to my home state of Colorado after retiring from the military. It’s not really a MD friendly city I live in, so I’m looking to travel around the state around the US lookin for loot. I look forward to conversing with you all.
  5. Hello all !! My name is Tony. Been in this great hobby of metal detecting since 1976. Love hunting old coins, tokens, jewelry!!! Currently using a CZ5 and an XP ORX .
  6. Hello everyone. New to this forum, but i wandering around with beeping stick for a few years. Love detecting woods, fields and pasture, especially swamps and other "soil problematic" places. Hate parks and beaches, mostly because of modern thrash. Awful places for detecting.
  7. Good day all, I'm Brian, but go by Zincoln. I'm usually found in Oregon, but occasionally make my way to Nevada or neighboring states. I already know a number of you on here. Not new to detecting as I've been quite active most of the last decade, but new to this forum. I usually swing my assortment of White's equipment and have a strong bond w/ my V3i, but recently brought the Deus into the mix and I find it similar and pleasant to swing. Looking forward to getting to know more of you and always appreciate seeing what is being found to generate a little motivation! HH and keep warm! Zincoln
  8. What we call the Panhandle now a days, or the Golden Spread. You know the western skies, the wide open spaces, the be there by morning destination. I was a meager lurker now i am a meager member. Very informative forum. Howdy.
  9. Well, it's that time of year again, some of us will be having new detectors as presents under the tree, one of the various new detectors to hit the market recently or perhaps an IOU for the ones that didn't quite make it in time. I look forward to hearing how you all go with them. No detectors under the tree for me unfortunately, although I wouldn't mind if Santa sneaked in a last minute GPX 6000 or XP Deus II for me. He's a bit of a hero of mine, what kinda guy lands a job that he only has to work one day a year! I like that, I like that a lot, that's a job I'd do so perhaps when he retires I might apply for that one. He's surely getting on in the years, getting down those chimneys can't be too easy for him these days. You may think I'm a bit early, but I'm not, it's now 7pm on Christmas eve in NZ and by the time most of the Americans read this post when they wake up in the morning Christmas will be well and truly underway in NZ, we are the first country in the world to reach the big day, Santa's first stop! Something kids love, it's always exciting for a kid to find out they're the first kids in the world to get presents from the big guy in red. For those heading off on detecting adventures on their Christmas break, I wish you luck! Hopefully you find your desired targets. For me that'll be a bit of sluicing and plenty of detecting, I've got my GPZ, Nox 800 and Garrett 24k on charge ready to go, fingers crossed I come away with a few chunks. Enjoy your Christmas everyone.
  10. Merry Christmas to all of You and Your families from Europe 🙏 Skull🤿
  11. Hello, I am happy to join you all here. I have been a detectorist in my teenage years and now, after a long break, I would like to start exploring again and feel the same way I used to. Greetings to all from Poland. 🙂
  12. Hello Nicole here. Joining to meet new people to detect with with my boyfriend adam (Dirty Paws). always looking for new places to detect. happy trails!
  13. Hello everyone, hope you all are finding great gold and making even better memories! Adam (Dirty Paws) here from Northern California. I am fairly new to prospecting. I have been prospecting for about 3 years now, mainly panning, sluicing, and highbanking. In April 2021 purchased my first metal detector (Gold Monster 1000). Love the detector. Nov 7th 2021 I purchased a Minelab Sdc 2300 from Gerry from Gerry's Detectors and took his 3 day class at the Rye Patch with my girlfriend (Nicoles Gold). The class was great. Gerry and all of his staff were amazing. The amount of knowledge between them is infinite. since then my girlfriend and I have been trying to figure out new areas to detect and other individuals to do some detecting with. always wanting to gain more knowledge, experience, and respect for prospecting. Happy adventures to all!
  14. Hi Everyone, I'm new here but not new to detecting. Getting back into detecting "again" Lol. Just picked up a new machine "Minelab Vanquish 540 Pro-pack and can't wait to learn it. Thanks for allowing me to join your group, -Matt
  15. I just signed up and have been in and out of metal detecting for years. I still wield the Fisher CZ-5 but am looking for another metal detector that can do things better than my "coin zapper". I saw this forum and quickly realized this is where the experts reside. Hello everyone
  16. Just wanted to say hi to everyone have not been on the forums much until recently due to family illnesses started to get back on about two months ago but ended up in the hospital myself due to the covid 19 (Not sure its permissible to even mention that demon on here) if it is not then please delete As I said i ended up almost meeting my maker because of it was not fun but I am alive and half way breathing i guess that's all that really matters I have a ton of reading to catch up on I did do a pre order on the new Nokta/Macro Legend and I am also in the market for a second machine for my grandson who keeps asking when him and I are going to go out again all i can do rite now is just short walks because of the fore mentioned as i have to drag a oxygen tank with me so it will only be hunts in a couple parks near by ended up having to move to the valley of AZ would like some opinions on detectors for my grandson have been reading up on the Simplex plus, Equinox 600, and the Vanquish for the grandson was also considering the XP ORX so if anyone has an opinion on any of those I would appreciate any input from those that have used them before things went sideways on me I was teaching my grandson how to use the Xterra 705 which he was picking up pretty good he will be 13 in a few months and I would really like to get him a detector he can grow into so please keep that in mind
  17. Greetings from Oklahoma! Picking up my first detector today. Equinox 600. So, I'm a total newbie and any guidance will be greatly appreciated. TD
  18. Hi There everyone. May have been a member many years ago but fade in and out of metal detecting but recently back at it. Looks like this site is chock full of informative folks and sure I'll have some questions. Have one question right off the bat regarding whether or not there's a printing tool for being able to print a particular thread I'm very interested in. If so I'm not seeing it. Or a way to save a particular thread? Thanks!!
  19. In reflecting upon all that I am thankful for, I realized that this forum (and the members) justifies specific mention. Thanks to my fellow forum members. I have learned a lot from you and am grateful that you share your knowledge. There are a few members who I wish to specifically thank, but the list is far from complete and my thanks extend to all members. Chase Goldman - Thank you for your willingness to respond to questions, your extensive knowledge, and your desire to help all of your fellow forum members. Geotech (Carl Moreland) - Thank you for explaining the technology behind metal detectors, and giving us an inside look as to what it takes to create and build metal detectors. I wish you had the backing necessary to bring all of your ideas to market. I also wish I had the ability to fully comprehend the technical aspects. Dilek - Thank you for your passion, for your willingness to directly engage customers, and for listening. I wish every manufacturer had a Dilek in their executive staff. Steve Herschbach - Thank you for all that you do to provide us with this amazing opportunity to learn. Thank you for sharing your extensive knowledge, all that you do to answer questions, explain things, and teaching us how to be better detectorists.
  20. Yeah, I know, posting off topic! One of the perks I guess that come with running the place. I can break the rules and not get shown the door. It’s early morning, I have my coffee, and am in a contemplative mood. Tomorrow a lot of us will be celebrating the U.S. holiday of Thanksgiving, many with family and friends, and some of us alone. Like many things I feel holidays of all sorts have been watered down by our busy lives, and the commercialization of everything. When I was young holidays were more real, all businesses except essentials closed, and the country did for a moment pause, and recognize the day. I am gratified to see Target stores announce that, going forward, they will be closed on Thanksgiving. I hope it starts a trend with other businesses. Giving thanks has special meaning for me. I’ve lead a blessed life, with good fortune heaped upon me. Yet like everyone I have suffered my share of pain, death, and despair. None of us live this life unscarred. A decade ago I was well on my way to killing myself with alcohol. Rehab, counseling, and very hard work on my part brought me back from the brink. I can say more than most that I was reborn, my life started anew, when I finally found the strength to stop drinking. People who are on the path I was on often reach a state of despair, of no hope for the future. Everything is bleak, and there seems finally to be no reason to live anymore. One of the greatest tools I was given in rehab was my practice of gratitude. Every day, we were asked to write down just one thing in our life we were thankful for. At the time that was hard, and more an exercise of going through the motions to keep the counselors happy. Now, practicing gratitude daily has become a core part of my spiritual practice. I tend to my body and soul like the gifts they are, and gratitude is the water I use to nourish them. I try every day to take a moment to give thanks for simply drawing breath another day, for seeing the sun rise, for being with my wife and my pups another day. There are people yesterday who made plans for today, and who are now gone, those plans snatched away, their lives at an end. We take so much for granted, we plan for tomorrow and next year, yet the truth is any one of us could leave this earth today. Truly understanding this, knowing how fragile life really is, is a core part of being grateful. Having life itself is not enough though, as many of us struggle to simply survive each day. A measure of contentment to go with life goes lacking for too many. I am supremely grateful, and give thanks, for all the blessings conferred upon me in my life. Family, good friends, good cheer, things that engage my mind, that bring me peace and happiness. I hope you all, no matter who you are, or whether you live in a country where tomorrow is just another day, have a measure of gratitude for things in your lives. Things that make you happy, fulfilled, content, at peace. Happy Thanksgiving! Steve Herschbach https://www.theatlantic.com/family/archive/2021/11/gratitude-thanksgiving/620799/
  21. I have been metal detecting since I was a teenager and to this day continue doing it. I was born and raised in Miami, FL and still live here. I also travel frequently to my property in Franklin, NC. I have a Minelab 800, CTX3030, and Garrett AT Pro. My preference is the CTX3030 (all coils) and usually download programs for it as it has proven reliable on beaches in Florida and relics in NC. Feel free to contact me if your in the areas I am. I am also interested in sluicing/highbanking for north of Florida; specifically GA, NC, and Tenn. Thanks to all that answer my questions.
  22. Hi Everyone, I have been reading posts on these forums for quite awhile without posting, while looking for info on gold prospecting and metal detecting in general. This website has been a great resource even for a experienced prospector and detectorist like myself. I am looking forward future exchanges with all of the very interesting folks that contribute here. Best, Michael
  23. I just wanted to give a quick thank you to all of you who've welcomed me back this time after my departure a few years back.... it's been great to be back and I'm so happy to see how warm and accepting you've all been, granted half the members may have me on "user ignore" so don't even know I'm back.. LOL.. but thank you again and Steve, thank you for keeping such a tight ship and for welcoming me back so graciously and defending me from those who weren't keen. PS: I'm doing my best to stay non political and on topic, my dog's had to thwap me in the back of the head a couple times but I'm learning.... LOL You're all a great family, dysfunctional family at times yes (it's why I luv you all), but family it is. 🙂 Jen
  24. Hi everyone, Avid reader from France of this forum, which I consider to be the "best" in the world. I am happy to be part of this community. Passionate since childhood by detection, I mainly detect in fields and woods family (I am the son of farmer) I had the chance to try and have a lot of detectors. My favorite is the Sovereign which I find unbeatable in discrimination between aluminum and gold. Sorry if my English is approximate . Thanks.
  25. I've been prospecting with my shovel and high banker for many years, though I grew tired of hauling all that heavy gear around. Always wanted a metal detector and now I have one. Gerry has helped to outfit me with one of those GPZ 7000 rigs. I now live in Bozeman Montana, surrounded by some amazing geology, history and beautiful mountains. My objective is to get out and into the mountains, away from the crowds. Currently researching the local mountains as I have found lots of quartz just off to the side of the trails, now I can go back and see of there is anything hidden within the dirt. I look forward to the adventures!
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