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  1. I have not been detecting in years but want to get back into it. In late 1980's I purchased a Garrett Groundhog and had lots of success with it. I am thinking that detector is out of date now and have been looking at others in the mid price range. I have kind of decided it will not be a Garrett this time and was looking at the Nokta Makro Anfibio multi but have kind of decided on the Minelab Equinox 800. I do like the sound of the Equinox way better than the other 2. Looking for info from people on here, would this be a good choice? Anyone have any different suggestions? I have done all my research online as here in Rural South Dakota there is no dealers or shops. Thanks!!
  2. Greetings everyone! Newly minted detectorist here. I live in Moscow, ID, but spend a great deal of time in the Helena, MT area. I started prospecting for gold a little over a year ago, and decided I would add a metal detector to my toolset, not only for gold, but also for relics and coins. I’m currently hunkered down in Helena, socially distancing, watching a lot of YouTube, and Netflix. I’m also learning to use the new Equinox 800 I received a mere four days ago! This forum/website is mostly responsible for my Equinox purchase. I wanted a machine I could use for gold AND relic and coin hunting, and the info I was able to glean from all the posts and articles here helped me to make an informed decision. Thanks for that! The learning curve of the machine and the hobby is a bit steep, but very manageable, and again the forums and website make it all a damn sight easier! I’m currently staying with a friend in an 1890’s house, and have been detecting her yard the last couple of days. And I’ve found my first two non-trash pieces. A small enameled piece of jewelry, and an old chinese coin! I’m very excited to explore more of the yard when the recent snow disappears, and it warms up again! I’m sure I’ll have some questions along the way, but so far I’ve been able to get a lot of answers just exploring the site. If anybody is in the Helena, MT, or Moscow, ID area, and wants to share some knowledge and detecting time, I’d totally be up for it! Best luck to everyone, and stay safe out there! Mark
  3. Hi Everyone. I have been lurking on the site since January and am very impressed with the comradery here. I think I am home. Steve, you have done an excellent job gathering manufacture's data and reviewing these detectors. I was glued to the screen for many a night perusing it. ( Still am) Things have sure changed a lot in the past 30 years. Well, I have received my Nox 800 today and I wanted to thank you folks for helping me decide which one to buy. This evening after rushing home, I immediately realized there is a lot of junk in the back fill around my house. I can't wait to get out in the country this week and hunt some fields. Just saying Hey, and I hope you'll bear with me through my learning phase. Regards, Rob
  4. My wife has had me building a deck and a couple of gates at the studio in Santa Clara, never built a deck before...kinda fun but been to damn hot the last couple of days. it's getting pretty close to done so I've got to head up to the mountains and do some hunting before she finds me another project.
  5. Gday fellow prospectors Looking at visiting the US this coming June for an extended stay. The wife and I are visiting friends in the States and will have access to transport to travel and look around. We both enjoy panning, sluicing high banking and metal detecting. We have a Mine Lab GPX 4500 and a coin/park detector. We hope to be able to get out and about to do some prospecting while we are there and it would be great to meet some local prospectors as well.
  6. Yes, what away for an introduction...Jetco Mustang, Jeeze. I started metal detecting in 1971 when my dad finally gave in and bought me a Jetco Treasure Hawk for my 11th Birthday. I actually wore small holes in the bottom of the coil. I was hooked. Traded to a Garrett TR in 1973-74 & kept upgrading. I actually made a career using metal detectors, partially anyway, working for the City of Fort Worth Water Dept. for 31yrs. 17yrs. as a Supervisor. I first learned how to use the Gemini II back in early 80's. Tracing lines inductively/conductively & also using as a two box unit locating MH's & water valves etc. I actually located an old 24" cast iron main laid in the 1920's near downtown with a backhoe standing by...The main was a bit over 14' deep. It took a while, but I had it dead on. Anyhoo...enough of that, I was given an old Jetco Mustang in 1991 & it has been hanging in my garage ever since, never paid much attention to it until recently. I put a new 9V battery in & it actually works! However the tuner needs a good cleaning. I completely broke down the old unit except for the circuit board. The single knob on the Mustang secures board to upper housing & I got the nut loose with no issues, however, I cannot get the black plastic knob off the plastic spline? No set screw is visible & I have cleaned & lubed the spline area. I am wondering if there is a set screw under the top decal of the knob? I just don't won't to damage or mar this old vintage unit. Any help would surely be appreciated. I have read Steve's articles & reviews over the years & they are absolutely informative & helpful. Thanks to all! cowtownkid
  7. I'm new to the site, I have some friends who have metal detectors and I'm in the process of getting one. One has a JW Fishers Pulse 8x and the other has a White's MXT All Pro. We want to do a search off GA but we need a small boat (like a jon or bass boat). If anyone out there has a boat who's near the GA or SC coast and would be interested in helping with our search it would be great hearing from you!
  8. hi all! new this yr to detecting and having a blast!!
  9. I'm new to the site and I'm from southeastern PA, In the heart of colonial america. I just wanted to say thanks for helping me on some of my questions. It's nice to be on a site that doesn't beat you up for questions that may be old. I was always taught to pass information on to help people become better at what they do, This site is in line with my thinking and I look forward to many more positive interactions.
  10. Hello Just thought I'd say hi, I'm currently based in the Waikato here in New Zealand. Don't have a detector yet, but love all the information available on the forum. Thanks Sam
  11. Hello feom Southern California! I’m a returnee to metal detecting after a 45-year hiatus when I used to play with an old Heathkit MD I bought at a garage sale when I was a kid,. Wow, has the technology changed! My background has been doing fieldwork for environmental consulting work (construction monitoring), and I have a degree in biology and minor in geology. My wife and I are rock hounds, so we go camping a lot to collect rocks and minerals for fun on desert BLM lands. As a biologist, I’ve also worked with bats and have done a lot of mine surveys in the Mojave and Great Basin. Working underground has been a really interesting part of the job as I am a western US history buff as well. So it was only natural for me to be into looking for gold too. Ok, so back to MD’ing.... my interest is in finding pretty minerals that are shiny, as well as meteorites in the Mojave. I recently bought a detector, and am really enjoying learning to use it. I’d really like to thank you guys for helping out with all that as I’ve learned a lot by reading all the materials on this site about it. Cheers, Anthony
  12. Hello all, I’m new to detecting, but didn’t want to buy a detector that was limited in its capabilities. Chose the Equinox 800, along with a Profind 35 pointer. It’s winter here, which means 2’ of snow, so my detecting area is limited to a walk up and down the driveway for now. (Found nothing except Magnetite gravel) Hope to setup a practice garden when spring comes but it’s tough just sitting here waiting! For all you detectorists that are able to get “out and about” this time of year, enjoy!
  13. Hello everyone, my name is Jared. I’ve been detecting for years but just recently added to my collection of machines and picked up a gold Kruzer. I’m hoping to get into some nugget hunting soon. Glad I found this forum, happy hunting!
  14. Looking for Some metal detectorist to go out hunting with I've been doing this a couple of years I've done a lot of research, and would like to get to know some metal detectorist to go out and hunt with I have some good equipment, to go with . I'm semi retired and like to go out during the week. Just got me a new pair of snake books and itching to get out their with my gold monster and my falcon MD 20. looking for friends to go out with during the week, I try to stay away from weekends but I can go then too! Thanks for reading Ps I like to go out to the Owyhees its close to home! This just what I found this week with the Gold monster 1000 not sure if their hard rock gold or just hot rocks I lean toward hard rook Im going to try some CLR On them or any idea's to clean them up I might just crush them In my crusher? 2/15/20
  15. Hi All from Pokeno, New Zealand. Introducing myself first.Retired and rather reclusive, I hunt mainly beaches, relic, dirt and mud, and a little water hunting. We live rural and I use a Tarsacci MDT8000 95% time and an XP Deus Still have AT Pro and and XTerra 705 for friends, visitors and the odd swing. Sold all other detectors I have had over the years. Steve has grown a great forum which I have followed on and off over the years and gotten to know, so I hope to contribute to our mutual hobby as well in a small way. I changed my avataar to a NZ Womens Service badge to honour the following; During World War II women worked at 'men's' work to free up over 200,000 men to serve in the armed forces. They were encouraged to "do their bit" for the war effort - from manufacturing uniforms, equipment and weaponry; to working in factories and on farms, trams and the railways. They also served in the Air Force, Army and Navy in Europe and the Pacific. Whereas in September 1939 the female labour force was estimated at 180,000, by December 1943 there were 228,000 women employed at the homefront and 8000 in the armed forces. (See NZETC: No easy victory)
  16. I'm Looking for friends to go out hunting with I live near the owyhees and like to go out nugget shooting their I've been doing this for a couple of years and I'm itching to get out their a lot more this year. Reply if you are in the area I will also go to gold fields in and around Idaho city no problem I like going when their no crowds like during the week I'm semi retired. Have a great day Thanks getting back with me!
  17. Hi, this is from Bilbao, north Spain. I've been reading all you since 1year, but I dont sign up till now. Hope to learn and share a lot with you ;) Thanks!
  18. Hey wasup? From North Carolina and I been digging about 7 years now.. Just want to introduce myself..
  19. I'd like to find a hunting partner for this area. I have permission for a couple of places.
  20. Hello, my name is Ken and I live in Northern Colorado. Ive been recreational prospecting for about 6 years now and included metal detecting 4 years ago. I am looking forward to interacting with this community and have been enjoying catching up on some past forum posts. Good luck to you all out there. I am interested in learning about detecting at tailing piles as I have yet to do that and would be very interested to start. I am a member of Eureka Treasure Hunters Club in Denver, WWATS down south, and a few other online forums dedicated to metal detecting, prospecting, and treasure hunting. If you are interested, I run a youtube channel that services the metal detecting community called "Adventures In Dirt" ... https://www.youtube.com/adventuresindirt -Ken
  21. Had the great pleasure to chat with Jerry *** aka tinfoil. For those who might not know this guy, back in the day, 20+ years ago he was one of the treasure hunters who wrote a lot on finding gold. He wanted me to mention that he and Pat are doing good. That he doesn't get to hunt anymore but remembers posting many years ago. He says hi to Steve too.
  22. New member here from Myrtle Beach, S.C. Glad to be here on the DETECTOR PROSPECTOR FORUM with all you fine folks. I've been metal detecting for about 40 years with coin shooter type detectors at on the beach, parks and such. Juse last week received my Equinox 600 and thought I'd do some out of state Civil War relic hunting with my Son. Thanks for having me..
  23. Chris has an excellent article about some prospecting and marketing he did in the recent ICMJ. Fortune favors the prepared and Chris proves it! Congratulations, Chris!!! fred
  24. Hello everybody. I have come for all your gold. You can keep the pop tabs. Seriously.... I had a radio shack junk finder I bought with allowance money as a kid.... dint find squat.... which brings me here.... fast forward to today. I recently purchased the Minelab Equinox 800 from the Forest City metal detectors. Immediately I knew what I wanted.... a great machine that’s waterproof and produces positive results. I’m open to pointers or lessons from anyone...as I haven’t had a shovel in my hands since that kid era. I’m located in Waterloo Ontario Canada. There are miles of beaches within a two hour drive from here. I’m sure they’ve been pounded... but there is a goldmine out there as well as coins, jewelry, and who knows what else where the eyes can not see. If it is out there, it isn’t going to jump out at you and bite you like a snake... you need this technology to do the hard work... finding it. I understand the etiquettes in regards to laws and properties and will respect that. So, all in all, I’m getting back into this hobby. Thank you for having me in this group and I hope to run into a lot of you. I’ll be out there this spring sweeping away.
  25. Been lurking here for a while, but finally decided to join. I started with this grand hobby in 1972 and have been an avid old coin hunter ever since. Mostly use Fisher detectors, but have others as well. HH jim tn
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