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  1. Hey all, my name.is Mike, I'm from east-central Indiana. I started detecting about 10 years ago or so. Started out on a White Coinmaster Pro, bumped up to a Whites M6, then o. To the Whites V3i. (Man what a unit, I miss it. Also ran a Whites Surf Pi onfreshwater beaches. I'm back after a long absence. I currently own a Minelab X- Terra pro and an Equinox 900. Looking forward to being on the forum.
  2. Greetings Forum members. I just joined and am hoping for a rewarding experience being a part of this Forum. I am in North Carolina, near Fayetteville. I recently moved here with my wife and dog---all our children and grandchildren are not close by---from Virginia where I spent many many years detecting with a lot of success. I am retired, both from the US Army and from the US Department of State. I am also a biblical archaeologist and spent a number of years on a dig in Jordan uncovering the biblical city of Sodom. I have a wide range of experiences and a wide range of interests. So far I have not found much opportunity to detect in this area. If anyone is in or near the Fayetteville area and would like to help an old detectorist get into the game around here, please get in touch. And no, I am not, not, looking to snake someone's honey hole. I love to detect and enjoy it a lot more when getting out with a partner, preferably a buddy. Anyway, that is pretty much about me.
  3. Hello I'm new here and have been a rock hound for decades. That's why I'm here, would like to learn what these beauties are called. I have hundreds of rocks, big and small, from all over Ontario, Canada. My biggest regret about not being familiar with what types of rocks I choose to drag home is a find on a job site in northern BC, my hubby ran over a bland looking rock in a dozer, I saw light blue glass! Well, I jumped out of my rock truck and grabbed the two biggest pieces of this rock, which equaled about 10 lb. Long story short; I moved to Ontario a year later, was in a rock shop and discovered chalcedony. It turns out those two 5lb pieces of light blue glass are chalcedony. My biggest regret! Having learned my mistake, I now wish to learn what more interesting rocks are composed of. I'll be bookmarking any threads that identify rocks by picture. And, it will be interesting to see what stony gems others share.
  4. Hello. Just joined your group. I just purchased a Nokta Legend to compliment my Fisher F75. I got rid of my Vanquish 440 to get the Legend for its robustness. I hope it performs well on the salty shores beaches here in NS. I read some articles on here that helped me make my decision on the Legend. Thanks. Cheers. Stay safe detecting.
  5. I’m more of a craftsman making ceramics, I’ve been doing it a long time more so after retiring, lol hobbies are my job now I guess. I moved over two years ago but still have not set up a ceramic studio to work in. When I began metal detecting I’d made a plan to paint some of the things I see, rocks, landscape… pretty basic. I’d never painted on canvas before I’m not a painter, but without the studio something to try maybe now is a good time to learn? I did the first one a view of Vegas from the desert to the south, the second attempt a morning sunrise at gold basin and the one I’m working on now is my 3rd try I’ve repainted a half dozen times, I experiment and then wind up sanding the canvas. This is from a picture I took 8 years ago it’s a view up Haskel Creek, WSPA 2 in Sierra county, Ca where the dirt road cuts across the dry creek. It’s got a ways to go and amateurish at best but I’m learning. anyone else?
  6. I relocated to Yuma Arizona 2 years ago after finding the USArmy 1853 steam paddle wheel Uncle Sam. I am always looking for people to metal detect with, I work wrecks all over the world. When I’m not investigating wrecks, I’m out swinging a detector. Anyone that wants to put in some miles I’ve got lots of hunting ground, in and out of the water. Currently involved in three ongoing Spanish ( Shipwreck projects, currently researching a fourth, actively involved in the search for an English 1587 wreck etc. today I got up at five am to hitch the boat in order to go explore a new area of desert, accessible only by boat, the two people going with me blew me off. I’m trying to find others that are more committed to actually searching for the gold and not just talking about it. I have found it before because I understand that to find the loot you got to get some blisters, and wear out some boots. No one ever finds treasure sitting in front of the T.V. If you don’t dive no worries, we find a lot out of the water too, if you dive and don’t have gear, no worries I’ve got more than most dive shops. From Polaris razors to boats to ships, fully equipped to, metal detect,sonar, mag, ROV, UAV, dredge, dig, lift, recover and preserve. I’ll do modern salvage or crime scene dives if the price is right otherwise I stick with going after gold and historical finds and meteorites. Home is Yuma, current projects are Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, and Mexico 8057126199 text or Email.
  7. Hello, I just found out about this site from Gerry's detectors. I bought the gpz 7000 and got a free class to learn how to operate it this last weekend from him and his team & yesterday found my 1st piece of gold with that detector. I'm from Iowa but migrated to California, but I'm in the mountains so its a lot better. Anyway, I'm Daniel. Looking forward to getting to know you, as long as I have internet. Slowly going off the grid. Thank you for your time.
  8. A little about myself . I have been searching for 5 years . I tried to work on the search for native gold - but since there are few nuggets on our territory , I gave up this hunt for a while . This season I hunt more on the beach and search for ancient artifacts , sometimes I try to find meteorites . My favorite devices are CTX 3030 with a 17" inch sensor and Fisher F5 with 10/12" and 5/10" inch sensors from Detech SEF.... F5 is slightly modified. The devices are old , but they work great - complementing each other - they are used depending on the tasks , weather conditions and soil differences . I apologize for the poor translator .
  9. Now that it has cooled down here it's time to drag out my Equinox 800 and GP Extreme! I've been metal detecting off and on for the last 50 years or so. Back in the late 60's, with my parents, metal detected Patton's Desert Warfare Training Camps in AZ and CA. I have quite a few artifacts that I'll post one of these days. Also, around the Fortuna Mine which is not far from where I currently reside. I've also detected for gold throughout the Black Hills in South Dakota finding some gold with my GP Extreme. Looking forward to finding more in AZ! If there is anyone on this forum in the Yuma area would like to hook up for some detecting.
  10. I recently moved to MN due to my job. The MD season will be much shorter here than in Florida, so I was hoping to make a connection with someone in the area. I'm located about 1/2 hour north of La Crosse right on the Mississippi River on the MN side. I mostly hunt turf and enjoy finding almost anything!
  11. Hi Guys, Greetings to everyone from NSW in Australia. Looking forward to gaining great knowledge from everyone here. Thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks for the add .. Thought i was a member for last several years ..just not posted kept trying to refresh my account .. but anyways here now Cheers VKTEK gef12
  13. Bonjour à tous Franck de France, 53 ans Je pratique la détection sur la plage depuis une dizaine d'années pour le moment avec le Deus 2 , mais m'intéresse beaucoup au Manticore. Hâte de pouvoir échanger avec vous bonne détection
  14. Just getting back into the sport…. Tesoro was my go to company, sorry to see they’re gone. Dusting off my Vaquero and getting out again. thank you Steve for this site.
  15. I have been lurking for a short time and I must admit I am impressed by the knowledge and civility of the majority of posters. Some sites seem to have purists that have little time for those that are new to the hobby or have questions. Like most of the newcomers, I am here to listen and to learn. I have been a diehard Whites fan and have exlusively use VLF (very low frequency) detectors and have never been introduced to the world of PI (pulse induction) machines. I purposely spell out the abbreviations for these two kinds of detectors for those who are unfamiliar with the terminology. I too will occasionally be stumped by terms dectorists throw around. We are her to learn and to enjoy the hobby. The above being said I have posted elsewhere whether I would be duplicating my machines if I purchase a Whites TDI SL when I already own a TDI BeachHunter?
  16. Just got a Minelab, I always wanted a detector and finally pulled the trigger with this tax return. I am looking for a buddy and club in the Philadelphia Metro area. It is hard to find a place to detect in the city, it is pretty much against the law in all of Philadelphia.
  17. So new to detecting, I will no doubt ask some silly questions, but will search the forum for answers before posting. I would like to thank you in advance for any help I may find on the forum or from answers to any questions I post. Thanks Steve
  18. Just dropping a line to say hello. I've been around for the last fifteen years or so on some of the other forums. I don't know why I didn't join Steve's sooner, but I'm here now!
  19. Good morning to you all, it's been a long while since I was here last cheers dave
  20. New member here from south mississippi. I’ve been detecting going on five years now. I just recently retired and spend most of my time hunting at the beach or local parks. Looking forward to learning from other members here and sharing stories and pictures of finds.
  21. Hi, i am new to this. Where do you find the manuel for the 3000
  22. Hi from North Essex, I have been detecting for about 5 years, I have a couple of nice permissions, even though I live on the coast I don't do a lot of beach detecting, as a rule I do a whole day detecting every two weeks. I hope to find something special one of these days and if I do I will keep everyone in the loop.. happy bleeping
  23. Haven't posted in a long time, I have been reading posts from time to time. I was seriously into metal detecting from 2000 until 2016, during that time I probably used every detector that was on the market. I took a 6 year break, and I am getting back into the hobby, only in a smaller way. I am going to try to limit myself to a couple machines. One thing that I have noticed lately, is there are a lot of good detectors just coming into the market, great time to buy a detector, only problem is, which one. I mainly hunt for coins and jewelry in small towns, with an occasional Civil War site. I have narrowed.y choices down to the Nox 900, or the Deus 1. I look forward to reading everyone's posts on what they are using and what they think about their weapon of choice.
  24. Hello everyone from Alex. Detecting since 2012. Russian Empire etc. Ace 250=>Simplex=>=XP Deus=>XP Deus 2
  25. KD8GISBruce Detecting since 1980. Detecting in West Virginia, Mostly Civil war relics. Detectors---- White's MXT and White's MXSport.
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