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Found 96 results

  1. David Lovering

    Greetings Fellow Detectorists

    Hi Ladies and Gentlemen, Name is David. I work for 3M (music, magic and metal detecting). I’ve been detecting for 42 years. Grew up in Massachusetts and found plenty of old coins and relics. Moved to California 24 years ago and have plenty of gold rings from water hunting too. The search continues...... Good luck everyone to the greatest hobby! Dave
  2. YellowDogMining

    New Here, Sacramento California

    Just checking in from Sacramento California. Please follow our new YouTube channel at Yellow Dog Mining. If you have a channel we follow you as well.. Look for more metal detecting videos up soon as we are currently editing a bunch of footage! Thanks!!
  3. William P

    Greetings From Indiana!

    Howdy folks, I'm very happy to be here and always looking to meet new like-minded folks who enjoy the outdoors and in this case, metal detecting! I've only been detecting with any true effort since Feb this year ( 7 months). I bought an Garrett Ace 250 about four years ago...dug up a few nails and some bottle caps and sold it a few days later over Craigslist. I just didn't have the dedication at the time. Fast forward to this year, I started watching Youtube videos on metal detecting and started to get the bug again. I went out to Amazon and bought a horrible machine called a GC-1028 detector....basically a Chinese remolded Ace 250 from what I was able to tell. I did find some modern change and TONS of garbage. Not wanting to give it up this time, I managed to talk my wife into allowing me to get a Garrett Ace 400 for my birthday. Within two months I had pretty much mastered the tones and was collecting good amounts of change, tokens and some jewelry here around town and a few easy permissions I got. The Ace 400 works well and I don't have any problems with the machine being what it is. I bought a 5x8 coil for it and about three days after that I found my first silver coin on a permission, a 1904 Barber Quarter in pretty decent shape. My bother in law about fell down when he saw that (He runs a Whites MX Sport). no more than five feet away, I dug out a nice 1941 Mercury Dime. Good times and fond memories of my first silver coins) Fast forward a little, I'm still watching Youtube videos and thinking about upgrading to a nice waterproof machine that also supports wireless (I was getting sick of wired headphones) I figured I was going to stick with Garrett and was looking at the AT Pro or maybe the AT Max if I could come up with the cash...but all that changed when I started researching Minelab and started looking at the 600 and 800 😄 Multi-IQ Freq, waterproof to around 10ft, full Bluetooth and proprietary wireless support and some pre-set search modes...add in light weight construction and easy to use controls and I was sold. I sold my AR riffle and ordered the Equinox 800. I've been using it for just under a month and have fallen in love with it! I'm still learning, but I have watched some great Youtube videos and have modified Park 1 and Field 1 to better suit my needs. Just the other day I found a very nice pure silver spoon about six inches down and it came out beautiful (gotta love silver!) Anyway, I'm sorry for the long winded intro. I'll post a few pics of the two silver coins I recently found and the silver spoon from just the other day. I'm working on my door knocking skills and need to really dive into that at some point. I'm pretty sure that's where the last of the old coins are located in this town, it's all been hit hard by detectors over the years. Many thanks to Steve Herschback for his incredible articles and links to videos on how to set up the Equinox and for providing us all with his years of detecting knowledge. See you in the forums! -Bill
  4. nobadges

    Cheers Nu Guy Here

    Been swinging a detector since early 70's got my first one from the Man himself Jimmy Sierra when he had a store in San Rafael in California. I worked in the Sierras from 1970 till about 1982 had a lot of fun checking out old tailings and mining camps and found lots of places where miners left their tools behind. I live in New Mexico and belong to GPAA and New Mexico Gold Miners Assoc. I use both ATX Max and Gold and am Looking at a min lab which I will ask about in that section John
  5. Anyone detecting on the Canadian side of the border. I would love to hear about it, I'm not looking for locations specifically, I get that just wondering about the plausibility and your successes stories and failures. For example they did a show here a few years back, I think it was called Devils Canyon. Anyhow they dropped these contestants off in the woods for a month to find some gold. So some of these characters did find a bit of gold, decent gold, that is neither here nor there, what struck me is I am pretty sure I could have found more gold then they did if I had metal detector at those sites. I'm in Ontario so I kinda have to do my research online as much as possible. Our gold is essentially locked up in hard rock. We have a the odd river a few hours north that could potentially yield a bit of flour with a pan, but that doesn't really interest me at this point, I can find a lot more weight in gold alloys locally. The plan is to get my old man out there in a RV for a bit of prospecting. He has always wanted to take a prospecting trip somewhere, but frankly I don't really want to leave the country to do it (Unless I KNEW I was getting gold lol) and his health isn't the best so if we could just drive a RV out there to have all the comforts and amenities I think it would be doable.
  6. Greetings again everyone! I am sorry to say I have been away from the forum and detecting for the last several months... and I have missed both tremendously. I am gearing up to embark on a breakneck re-immersion into detecting with my 800 and 600... it has been a long dry summer (literally and figuratively). I just discovered today that Minelab has come out with an update (to tell you how far removed I have been... :( ), and I have been reading through the posts.. I am anxious to load the update and see how the changes feel, though it has been so long, I may have to teach myself how to detect again LOL. Looking forward to reconnecting with you all as I catch up on a couple months of forum posts, and hopefully sharing some nice finds in the process. \ Tim
  7. EMField

    Greetings From New Member

    Greetings to all. New member here from Michigan. I've been detecting for about the last 10 yrs. I did my very first detecting as a kid with my father many yrs ago, 1969-70 ish with an old BFO machine. Lots of silver in those days! I wish Michigan was a state where nugget hunting was a possibility! I went out west and hunted tailings on Patented land as a guest, through a friend, and had a great time. I even bought a used GMT for the trip, with the intent of future trips west. A couple Grandchildren later, and those intended nugget hunting trips may now be more of a hope than reality? I've been popping in for the last couple yrs and enjoyed reading about members nugget hunting adventures, and general information on gold detecting. I figured it was time to join Steve's Forums.
  8. Hi, I'm new here and starting to get addicted to the hobby. Just to introduce myself a little, I’m from El Paso, Tx. So I can literally see the First Texas products factory from my back yard. With that being said my first real metal detector I am very strongly leaning towards buying a Teknetics. Mainly due to good reviews and such a low price. But I am stuck in which to choose. The two options I’m looking at is the T2+ or the G2+. I do plan on mostly be in the hunt for nuggets and I’ve heard that the G2+ is the go to for gold but that the T2+ is also a prospecting machine and has twice the depth but has more chatter. Any opinions as to which would be better? And has anyone any experience chasing nuggets with either of these machines?
  9. Just Jay Detecting

    New Guy From Tasmania, Australia

    Hi folks! Thanks for having me - my name is Jay and I'm based in Tasmania, Australia. Been detecting for a number of years now, I manage a YouTube channel called Just Jay Detecting- it's dedicated to metal detecting, exploring, bottle hunting, mudlarking and magnet fishing. You can check me out here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcHV9I1q8KCDlbNVBO2f-HA Looking forward to discussing this awesome hobby with you all!
  10. MidTN

    New Member

    Just starting out and wanted to say thanks for having me.
  11. Domenico

    Hello Fellow Beach Hunters !

    I am Domenico from little country Belgium. I'm a beach hunter, and have been reading this forum for ages....I decided to sign in to share my beach hunting experiences (since 1994), and especially because I'm enjoying my new equinox 800....It pays off on €-coins and jewelry... I am more interested in metal detectors than in finds, but with this Equinox, I'm in Paradise... See you on the forum !
  12. PseudoShooter

    Hello All

    I'm John and I live in Windsor, ON. I had just returned from a trip to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. After poking around in some of the the many 1800's stone foundations found there, I became very interested in detecting again after lightly exploring it during my youth. Given the island's history and location, I'm sure that there is a wealth of undiscovered booty to be had there still. I'm very glad to have found this site and it's wealth of good information. I eagerly look forward to learning all I can from everyone here.
  13. stojance.kitanov

    Looking For An Investor

    Hallo all,I am looking for an investor for a metal detector,I live in a country where many gold coins can be found,but I do not have the money to provide myself,
  14. Propjob


    Hey all! Old time detectorist from the Strafford Cnty Area New Hampshire and Seacoast. Own the Nox 800, Explorer XS, Garrett GTI1500. Member of Ring Finders. Retired and am a business mentor . Bought the new 800 to start and analyze a new business idea, and have gotten somewhat used to it, would like to hook up with somebody to be more competent with Beach hunting and some of the quirks of this machine as well as my explorer. I am an electronics RF engineer in my past life and hope to use some of this knowledge in understanding more about detectors. Hello to all and look forward to your experiences....JIM
  15. This line of questioning doesn't fit any of the forums. I'm interested to know who is involved -- present and/or past -- in any capacity whatsoever, with commercial gold mining operations? There are many aspects of mining commercially that I hold zero awareness of and wish to change that. Commercial mining fascinates me and sometimes consumes my mind. More like all the time. So, I simply would like to know who's who on this forum: Who is into gold prospecting and mining recreationally only? Who is into it for commercial purposes and/or has a business as a commercial miner, thus into it for the financial ROI not just pleasure? This is curiosity mostly, but also wish to know who's who so that I can follow everything provided by them and learn before asking any questions/ avoiding asking stupid questions. And for personal and business interests also (would find it rewarding personally to serve/ do business with or work in the mining industry).
  16. Mike Haer

    Steve Herschbach

    I would like to thank Steve for putting together such a great forum. I came across it a few month back on accident while doing some research. I ended up reading a post by Steve that I was blown away by and started looking up some of his other posts. Steve tells it like it is and his knowledge is incredible. Then I started coming across other posts from other people and I knew this was a place I want to be. In my personal opinion this is the best forum, I love the layout and the great conversations by a lot of knowledgeable people. Thank you Steve for having such a great place for all of us to discuss metal detecting!
  17. Hello to you all, Have been detecting for about 4 years/450 hours. In the spring of 2017 I decided it was time for me to upgrade. Since then I pondered 3/4 detectors of different makes/models. After more than a year of watching and reading detectortests on the web, today I finally made my choice. Thanks to Steve's posts and the videos of "Calabash Digger" and this forum I've ordered today a Minelab Equinox 800 and registered an account on DetectorProspector.com. Hope we all will be members of the "Minelab Equinox Fan Club" for a long time! Greetings to all from a Dutchman, living in Belgium. Bob'ke
  18. Whyme

    Wny Guy And Girl

    Hello everyone! My name is Mark and I've been metal detecting on and off since 2007. My first detector was an Ace 250 and I used it at the local parks and found a ton of pull tabs and clad. This little detector gave me the itch! A year or so later I bought a Minelab Explorer SE and found my first silver in the ground, a war nickel. That same year I found my first half dollar a clad JFK. I used that detector for a few years but never found much because I never did research and I was afraid to ask permission to hunt on peoples property. So I put the detector away for years. A couple years ago I got the itch again from watching metal detecting videos on YouTube so I bought a Minelab CTX3030. I still had the Explorer SE and mentioned to my girlfriend if she wanted to try detecting. She used the Explorer SE and we went to the local parks and started to find things. She was hooked! In fact, I created a metal detecting monster! She wanted to detect all the time and asked a ton of people she knows for permission.... and she got permission from everyone she asked! I then started to do research and we started to find good things! For her birthday her 2 boys and I chipped in and bought her an Equinox 600. She loves it! I tried it out and really liked it a lot. The weight was less than the CTX and I was starting to have shoulder problems so I bought an Equinox 800. Boy do I love that machine! So far we have found a silver charm bracelet, some junk jewellery, a silver class ring, over 50 wheat pennies, a Grand Hotel skeleton key for room 156, a crotal bell, mercury dimes, a Barber dime, 2 Barber quarters, a walking liberty half dollar, silver Washington quarters, silver roseys, a ton of clad and zinc pennies, fistfuls of square nails, and a huge amount of junk. Looking forward to finding lots more once this heat wave stops! Oh I forgot to mention my 2 oldest coins I found this year! A 1848 large cent and an 1826 large cent! I found another large cent but it was so worn all I could make out was some of the stars.
  19. Ive frequented this forum many times, especially to view fellow lovers of the foxy-noxy dribble over their new machine. Im addicted to detecting now, thanks to the many great finds ive had in only 5 weeks use. My list to date: 3 silver coins (1872 Brit/1828 and a shilling) 8 musket balls 18 1900 and 1800 pennies I ring (medieval i think) A bronze animal figure oh and lots of foil, ring pulls and other junk, which has helped me suss out the wheat from the trash via the VDI numbers. My fave setting so far is: Park 2 - Discrimination 1 - Recovery 4 - sensitivity 18-20 Hope to bounce some ideas around and learn from you all. Especially the king of the Nox and tester - (Steve H) LOL. CHEERS ALL. Andy (UK)
  20. Juliedang

    Thanks For Having Me!

    Hi all! My name is Julie and I am new to the forum. I am so happy to be here to make friends with you guys. Julie, my company Tonkin-Travel: Vietnam Travel Agency: https://www.tonkin-travel.com/
  21. Greetings ... I'm in Alaska, and a new member as of just now. But have been coming to this site for several years to read/ study and learn from others; and have gained much knowledge in the process. I have done the basics for 12+ years -- panning, sluicing, and sniping for gold -- most of the time with my wife, whose passion shifted to detecting instead. Well, she influenced me to give it a go and I am now hooked! There is just no greater joy outdoors than swinging a detector and digging! But am still in the process of mastering the science of it. We own a Gold Bug 2 (6.5 inch coil), Garrett ATX (with 3 coils including the deepseeker and closed coils), and 2 pinpointers (Garrett Pro-Pointer AT; White's Bullseye TRX). It's a true honor to be among the folks on this site, particularly you Steve.
  22. Ruthless79

    Long Time Lurker

    Hello All, I have been a lurker on here for sometime. I am not extremely experienced in metal detecting, But I do want to learn more. I currently have a Tesoro Compadre but am looking to get another detector soon if I can make up my mind on which one 🤦‍♂️
  23. Mike Haer

    Hello Everyone!

    My name is Mike Haer. I have been metal detecting for about 23 years now and I can't get enough. I consider myself a relic hunter but I will also hunt houses, parks and in the summer I like doing some beach and water hunting. Someday I hope to get into some gold hunting. I write articles on metal detecting and also do reviews. I also have a metal detecting podcast, episodes are live every Monday night at 8 p.m. https://www.spreaker.com/user/allmetalmode
  24. nuggetnewbie

    Newbie From Cali

    Hi all, I'm Ray in California. Just got interested in doing prospecting for recreation and enjoying the great outdoors. Not expecting to get rich, just thought it would be really cool for my wife and i to find some gold nuggets while we are camping anywhere near possible gold country. Looks like i found the right place with like minded folks that know a lot more than i do about it. I bought a starter pan kit and practiced a little on our last trip to Sequoia. Still have to master that, but i started thinking my chances would be better using a detector to narrow my digging areas. Happy Hunting!
  25. Michael

    Just Joined From Scotland

    Just registered but have been browsing these forums for quite a while and it has helped me a lot. Only started detecting a year ago with a Garrett Euroace and I've really enjoyed my new hobby. Just recently decided to upgrade and I've ordered an Equinox 800. I'm looking forward to it arriving and then putting into practice what I've learned here. Many thanks for all the helpful information that you've all took the time to post.