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  1. Hello, I'm Cristiano, a Portuguese living in Brazil that loves metal detecting and making his own detectors. Thanks.
  2. Hello There. Jack here - Sydney Australia 29 years old. I am here because I am interested in Gold Digging, Metal detectors and etc. The reason that I am here is that I like to learn new thinks and I think that this is the prefect spot. Learning from other people's experiences and their advice is the beset. By profession, I am a product photographer.
  3. Been searching for info on my new machine, Nokta legend and a pulse dive pointer. Came across this forum and I liked what I was reading and how the members interacted.I also read Steve's post about the forum and why it was started.Looks to be my kind of place. The wife and I are getting more into detecting and she has been wanting to go as much as we can on the weekends. We joined a local club, Yankee Territory Coinshooters. We've been able to do a couple club hunts which has been fun. She uses an AT pro and I have my new Legend(bought without her knowing and asked for forgiveness after the box arrived and I was questioned about it). We are enjoying the exercise and the fun of the hunt. I know I will learn from the site and hopefully get good enough to add to the site Thanks Mike
  4. Been lurking here for several years. Really enjoy the knowledge and professionalism. Started detecting off and on since 1976, using a variety of machines. Mainly relic and coin hunt. No beaches or raw gold in SW Texas. Currently using the Nox 600 and the ORX.
  5. I am a long time reader. My current metal detectors are, Equinox, Whites TDI pro, TDI SL, and MXT all pro. Been detecting for 13 years, although I've taken the last year off due to a shoulder injury. Should be repaired in mid December, may be able to start detecting in 4 to 6 months, if health permits. Love to coin hunt, and occasionally pretend to be looking for gold. Although I'm an expert at finding a lot of lead. I've learned a lot by reading this Forum.
  6. Ok, im in. Tried several times, im in. Have been a member on Findmall for yrs and tried here im here now. Good, there im Smigo, old nickname in Oz too with mates from the 70s. Hi allđź‘Ť
  7. New guy in the SfBay Area! making the push to swing my coil over some nuggets. Started detecting back in 2014 just coinshooting in the local parks. Took a break for the last 3 years and just got the itch to get back at it…this time I am making a push to get into nugget shooting by getting some good machines and picking up some research materials to guide my search. Next is to get back into a club or two with the hope to get some access to proven grounds to practice…hopefully hook up with some fellow detectorists and dig those targets! Seems like a great forum community, look forward to seeing y’all in the field! Also want to thanks Steve for his hard work and dedication with all the guides, tips and info, outstanding! Cheers All! John
  8. Hello everyone, I've been a lurker here for quite a while now, but, since I got a new detector , I thought I'd join a new forum and the discussions about it. I've been detecting now for 30 years as of this month. Been through many machines in that time. Started with a BFO, went through the TR's and various single frequency VLF's and then into the multifrequency Minelab machines. There were a few side trips with PI machines, but, they made me work too hard digging iron targets at my beaches, so, I got rid of them all after getting my first Excalibur. Now, just today, I got the Impulse AQ. I've been considering another PI machine for some time now to complement the Excal, and was about to pull the trigger on a TDI when I started to hear about the Impulse AQ (Manta back then). Wish me luck! Thank
  9. Hi all new to the site so a big hello. And hopefully get to some new friends and info on topics I've not covered on other forums. I'm no Pro to Detecting but any new info is good info. Cheers Paul.
  10. New to metal detectors. Always wanted one but never pulled the trigger. Want to search some creek property I bought. Looking at buying the Garrett Ace Apex Multi-Frequency to start out with.
  11. IMPORTANT NOTE: AS OF SEPT. 20TH, THE BOOK HAS PRINTING PROBLEMS. I WILL JUMP BACK ON WHEN THEY ARE FIXED. IT'S A MATTER OF PRINTING THE COLOR PHOTOS IN COLOR, INSTEAD OF HOW THEY BEGAN PRINTING THEM IN BLACK AND WHITE. THANK YOU FOR BEING PATIENT. DAVID __________________________________________________ With Steve’s kind permission, I’m happy to announce that a book I have just completed has just been made available for preorder. Although there is nothing about this forum that implies a book about feature films will be pertinent, because I am an inhabitant of DP, I wanted the people who contribute to this forum to know. “Best Seat in the House, An Assistant Director Behind the Scenes of Feature Films” covers thirty-three years of working on movies starting from the early 70s and winding up in the early 2000s. The book has just been made available today (Aug. 25th), for preorder and will be released on September 19th. https://bit.ly/3wuU34e for paperback https://bit.ly/3KjeIht for hard cover Okay, back to your regularly scheduled gold discussions - and thank you.
  12. Hello, I just found this forum and it has a lot of interesting activity. I like to detect in remote places for nuggets and anything else. Lately I've been locating near some old abandoned mines in the Old Hat Mining District of Arizona south of Oracle. If anyone is interested in 4-wheel driving and hiking into some remote old mining areas to do some detecting please message me. I'm a member of the GPAA and the Desert Gold Diggers of Tucson. Ed.
  13. Greetings Everyone, I am new to the hobby and just signed up here to learn from you all fine folk. I am in the market for my first detector and on the fence between the Garrett Ace Apex and the Nokta Makro. I hope to learn am much as I can to then be able to pay it forward when I am able to. I live in Texas with my wife and daughter, i'm a retired/disabled Navy Corpsman who needs to lose a couple (actually more than a couple) pounds and so metal detecting sounds fun! Not to mention I really enjoyed the short lived British TV show "Detectorists", than you all for reading!
  14. Hi, everyone. I've been lurking around this forum for a month or so and decided I need to join. There are a lot of Detector Pros here and I appreciate the advice they provide. I'm not new to metal detecting but I'm far from an expert. I actually bought my first Metal Detector back in the '70's or so. It was a Metrotech!! I doubt many here even know that name. Here's a video of the device It just had a beep and a meter. I used that detector on an off for many years to search parks and school yards in the Denver area. I would have loved to go prospecting but the detectors back then weren't up to the task. I recall it being very frustrating digging up all the junk I was finding in parks. Sure, I found a few silver coins but nothing really exciting. I remember once I located a silver dime spill in a school yard on their manicured lawn. I dug out some of them then felt so bad about digging up the lawn that I just covered up the rest of them and never went back. They are probably still there. LOL I don't think that detector went very deep, probably just a few inches if that. Through the years I kept reading about Garrett and his progress with better and better detectors but my interest waned on metal detecting and I developed other interests. Finally about 15 years ago the bug struck again. I read about the great discriminating machines Minelab was making and bought an Explorer. My bane has been the fact that pull tabs came up in about the same place jewelry was appearing. It seemed all I was doing was digging up pull tabs and aluminum cans. So, I bought the next iteration of the latest and greatest Minelab detector but still it seemed all I did was dig up aluminum. So, I sold the new machine, kept the explorer and told myself I wasn't going to detect again until someone made a much better discrimination detector. Now, I'm retired and the detecting bug is striking again. I have more time now but a lot less energy than I used to but I need to find something that will get me out of the house and getting some exercise. At the same time I began to hear about the Minelab Manticore and wondered, could this be the detector I've been wanting for the last 50 years? Well, I doubt it but I've ordered one anyway. I'll just have to see if this works for me or if I get frustrated again digging up lots of trash. If I disappear from the forum sometime next year, you'll know what happened --- unless it was my questionable heart health that sent me off to detect in another realm.
  15. Hi folks! Long time lurker, first time member here. I live down in the hills of south central Indiana and get to enjoy easy access to some of the better-known gold prospecting spots in the state. I've also started getting into the metal detecting hobby recently, and am really enjoying taking my Equinox 800 out to the local schools and parks, and to whatever private permissions I'm able to obtain. Can't say I'm an expert by any means, but I've booked a few pickers on the gold prospecting front and a little bit of silver on the detecting side. Looking forward to reading and learning from all the experienced posters here!
  16. So happy to find this group. Pretty new to detecting here in central NC, have joined our local club and enjoying the heck out of it. It's good to be able to talk to more seasoned detectorists and "pick your brains"!
  17. Hi there, I'm Ollie and new to this site. I've been detecting about 8 years and and am using the XP deus 1. I live in Norfolk, England. Cheers!
  18. Hi everyone I'm Rob I currently have the Nokta Legend and a Garrett AT Pro. I live and work in Portsmouth in the UK, I have only been detecting for 5 months but the bug has bitten me hard. I'm a member of a couple of groups and go out on digs most weekends.
  19. Hey All My Name is Ciaran and I have been Metal detecting with various success for nearly 30 years. I focus primarily on Beach Detecting with the Minelab Equinox 800 but now giving the Nokta Legend a Shot. Looking forward to chatting with you all. Ciaran
  20. New member here. I'm in Covington Ga. Currently using Garry Ace 350 and the Nokta Legend.
  21. Greetings to all. I have just invested in a new Minelab Vanquish 540 + other kit after a decade of general wandering about casually fulfilling my twin interests of walking outdoors and history/archaeology with a second-hand Explorer XS. I'm very happy too: first time out in a field found the best horseshoe ever at 10" and a poor-quality English penny, probably 18th century, at a measured 14" down, both in the same field. But I'm not scientific-minded, so I wanted a forum where I could ask various questions, and you guys popped up in my search. I'll see if I can find an appropriate thread in which to ask my question, as hinted in your rules, but if anyone else lives near here, maybe they would get in touch. Kind regards, Jonnty
  22. Hello mates. Nice to be here. Hoping to learn & share.
  23. Good morning to you all, it's been a long while since I was here last cheers dave
  24. Greetings from United states. I have been surfing the net lately and from what I have looked at here this would be a nice play to hangout, I joined the forum, so that I would be able to get as much info as possible, and you all seem to enjoy sharing what knowledge you have with other, judging by the posts I`ve read so far since I have been looking. I hope to learn from others as well as contribute in any way I can. Thank you!
  25. First detector in 1973? A Goldmaster TR. Beat that enamel off that shoebox size wonder for years. It paid for itself by the second year in finds. Many times over in rewards for returning lost items for which I never took. I know it still works, but in two home moves I still can't find the coil. It's here somewhere. I think I'll put up a pic of that TR when I have time. It may be 50 years old this month. Those were the days when you can sling around 10 pounds and not feel it. Today I get sore lifting three beers. 2nd detector is a Fisher Aquanaut 80 large coil circa 1985?. Fantastic as well, simple. Still the workhorse. Made like a safe. Now my newest toy is the Macro Legend. Delivered a month ago and been out only two times. Got a lot to learn and I'll be heading over to the legend thread and hopefully read everything first then ask stupid questions later. Well, not really, but I'll try not to. May be going out tomorrow if I can get up. Weird not using AA's, but it is waterproof to 10 feet. Which is fine for beaches up to your neck. But I always wanted a multi freq and this one came out at the right budget. I couldn't touch minelabs. Well, thought I'd just give a run down on my machines used and experience with them may help someone out. Stay safe everyone, hope to be a productive member on this forum.
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