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  1. Hi all. Been lurking a while now, and thought it was about time I Joined up. Tend not to post a great deal on forums, as having read threads of interest to me, I realise how much time has passed, and get back to work Using my trusty T2 (version 6.0) on mainly arable and pasture. Generally fly solo, but occaisionally join up with a local Facebook group for the odd dig. Many thanks to Steve for sorting my account. Jerry.
  2. Ola Amigos! Just wanted to introduce my self. I'm a surfer who usually MD in the summer because the waves go flat where I live in Santa Barbara. This summer I got an Equinox 800 and have been pretty stoked using around town and on the beaches. I've found some cool stuff. The oldest coin is a 1890 Indian head penny in a vacant lot downtown Santa Barbara. And a nice vintage silver ring missing the center diamond but has two diamonds on each of the sides. Anyways I never see anyone MD in Santa Barbara and just wanted to say Hi! Thanks History Surfer
  3. Hi everyone, I decided I wanted to get into the hobby of metal detecting so I recently went out and bought an Equinox 800 from my nearest local metal detecting dealer, was still an hour long drive lol, but it was worth it and the shop owner was very knowledgeable and helpful in helping me select a detector. So I'm about as fresh of a novice as it gets. I've been scouring the internet for tips and suggestions on the this hobby and have learned quite a bit. While searching I came across this forum and thought it would be a great idea to join and see what else I could learn from others in the hobby. In the couple of weeks that I've had my detector I've been out a few times and have started getting used to the machine. I have also upgraded the shaft on the detector and have gotten myself a pinpointer as well. I've been using a small shovel that was in the shed and have also bought a sand scoop. As for finds, I have found mostly trash, some modern coins, a bent half dollar, a zippo lighter, and a couple bullets. It's been a lot of fun so far and I'm glad I got into this hobby. Any advice is much appreciated and hopefully I can contribute to this forum too. Luv863
  4. Hi All, I have been trawling this site for a number of months and figured it was about time I started contributing what I can! (which is not much at this stage). I have equipped myself with an Equinox 800 and hope to be able to make the most of it! Focus will be on relics/coins/jewellery for now with a goal of heading into some gold country. Not sure the equinox will handle the hot earth of the Goldfields so there may be further acquisitions before a trip to the Goldfields. I'm enjoying hunting the parks at the moment so i'll stick with that. Thanks for all the information so far! Cheers all
  5. Upstate NY, Albany area. I have been detecting for years, relic mostly. (my Interest) Been doing a lot of reading on prospecting with a detector, panning, mining lately. I would love to look for those tiny nuggets with my detector and even though I live in NYS, I just may. It's the hunt that counts, right.... Anyway, I can keep on reading and dreaming. GREAT pages here and glad to be a part. Thanks PS, having a hard time to get my wife to agree to retire in Arizona, she's a mid Atlantic coast kinda girl. Oh well.
  6. Hi, I'm a Californian & newbie to prospecting & metal detecting. I'm working on a metal detector that I've designed and am looking forward to testing it out in the wilderness. I found this awesome forum while searching for info on geology.
  7. Hello Everyone Scott Ellis here, known as IRON MASK around other forums and detecting events. I run the minelabowners forum and I am the designer for the "Detecting-Innovations" "Tele-Knox" telescopic shaft for the Equinox. I am Canadian however I have been in Europe for 19 years and I have been detecting since 2010, currently own and Equinox 800 and a "dusty" CTX. I have some of my finds featured in the Equinox Handbook by Andy Sabisch. One of my best finds is a silver Roman Seal matrix that is now in a museum in Croatia. My oldest find is a piece of pottery from the Neolithic period and was a surface find. The season is just getting underway for us here in Europe and I hope to have time to get out and find the goodies. Good luck and happy hunting to all.
  8. Hi, Tony Hunt here from the lovely History rich county of Dorset in Southern UK. My passion for Metal Detecting started some 25+ years ago, pretty much 99% using all the different Minelab machines that were suitable for Coin & Relic Hunting. I own an XP Deus but never really took to it other than to use it in fluffy cultivated soils occasionally where my Minelabs aren't so happy. I currently run two Equinox 800s, Standard coil on one and the 15" on the other. Some of you in the states may know me from mentions in Andy Sabisch's user manuals over the years, Explorer, Etrac, CTX and now Equinox. I have been involved along with my son Paul in finding three Caches / hoardes of coins of note plus quite a few coin spills and purse drops. My latest cache found just over a year ago with the Equinox was a clay pot that was intact and filled with over 1850 Roman Bronze coins from around the year 275AD. This find is now with the british Museum awaiting valuation and probably eventual sale to our local Salisbury Museum, the city where I found it nearby. I have recently started a company called Detecting-Innovations. We manufacture and supply the Tele- Knox , the only Telescopic Carbon Fibre stem available at present to fit the Equinox.
  9. Being a new member I am enjoying reading a lot more about metal detecting and other interesting new and comments from other members here. Just getting back into Metal detecting after being away from it for some years.
  10. I am new to this forum and wanted to drop a line and say thanks for having me. I am newer to the hobby due to military service and have started back up recently with a Nox800 that I purchased from Gerry in Idaho, who is by far the best dealer around and he is super helpful. I will definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a new machine. Is there anyone else on here from Utah? Specifically the Utah County area that might want to do some detecting?
  11. Been doing MDing a long time with a Whites XLT. Just purchased a Equinox 800 and WOW!!, What a difference! Still carry the XLT as my back up. Love that Tool as well. Well,....Just wanted to say Hi.
  12. Hello, I have been beeping since the end of 2012. I come to learn and share what i can, i have found a little gold, some meteorites and coins. I enjoy hunting for all these things and even relics i have found some forks and other scrape from emigrants heading west. Thanks for having me here and i look forward to meeting and learning here! h.t.?
  13. Hi everyone, I'm a new member, a newbie to metal detecting, and have been gold prospecting for many years, panning, exploring as a hobby. I'm living in the desert now where streams are intermittent or nonexistent and want to learn more about desert prospecting methods. Jay
  14. Hello. I first detected back in early 80's with a Compass Relic Magnum 7. Got out of it and started back last year with a Tesoro Mojave. Currently using 3 Tesoro's, F22 and At Pro. I mainly playground hunt but will do relic hunts occasionally. Have a Youtube channel with same name.
  15. Ahhh Hell No !!! Lol ..........Hello my friends.... I have joined the forum !!!!Looking forward to finding treasure with everybody !!!!As you all know already I'm after the GOLD !!!!!.....LolHola mi amigos. Me he unido al foro. Deseando encontrar tesoros con todo el mundo. Como todos sabeis yo estoy tras el Oro !!!! .......Lol
  16. Hello from Bulgaria ! Here the grass is already higher than the shovels…That's why we're in the forums.
  17. Hello all, new to the forum, at least actively. I live NE of Huntsville, AL and formerly lived in E. TN. I mainly dig relics, but have enjoyed coin hunting as well.
  18. Hi Everyone, New to M. D. but I have been interested for a long while. Have a new Equinox 800 that I need to break in... Background in rock hunting (as a kid with my Dad) and enjoy the outdoors. Cheers N. Rody
  19. A heart felt hello to Steve and all the members who make up this site & forums. I have a great respect and appreciation for the outstanding class I have seen demonstrated and found here. Detector Prospector sets the standard in my book. Top notch class without a doubt. I have been lurking here since just before the time all the equinox rumors and hype got started. I still am and was a noob at that time with the first detector i ever owned, gold bug pro. As I was trying to figure out detector prospecting with my new gadget something just seemed off with the gold bug pro. So i checked into a service claim only to find out i was in possession of a counterfeit unit. No service or help needless to say. Thank goodness i had buyer protection and was able to get my money back, because the seller was not cooperating with me.Learn from my misfortune and only buy from authorized dealers instead of looking for a "steal of a deal." By that time the nox was in the hands of you guys and i was excited learning from you all that this was the machine that could both fit my budget and needs. So purchased the 800 i did. I was only able to start to scratch the surface of the capabilities of this machine during my first season with the 800 last year. I seriously want to develop my nugget hunting skills this season. I detect in very hot ground lots of magnetite & hematite , nothing like grabbing the bull by the horns to get acquainted. Therefore as part of my first post /question to you all, is i would like to know if there are restrictions on printing from the forums here? I looked around best i could to try and figure this out but am unable to find this answer. When i try to print something I can only get the first page and all the rest are blank? I detect in a remote / no signal or web area. It would really be helpful if i could print out the very helpful settings/ tips / techniques found here and then be able to apply them in the field under real life conditions to help with the learning curve. In closing I would like to add that i really enjoy this activity and wish i had started detecting long ago. On one of my local park training sessions I unexpectedly spent 3-4 hours entertaining grandmothers, mothers & fathers & children instead of seriously training. Had a 5 & 8 yr olds pestering me using pin pointer to help recover targets and were very happy to keep the coins found. Me sweating bullets while they were all jumping around the detector worrying they would crunch it. Not to mention in the blink of an eye picking up my digging knife. I stayed cool enjoyed them and also the 10 & 12 yr olds that followed next and numerous question from all. I am sure you know what they asked. what did you find? what are you looking for? what are you doing? on & on. I was a bit disappointed that i was unable to get in the training i wanted as i drove home and then it dawned on me. It was more than just about me. Doing this activity i enjoy also allowed me to do my civic duty to others. I felt proud to know that I was able to both provide and share a good time with numerous strangers. Something so missing in our divided and hate filled society of today. Perhaps if more people became detectors the world would be a better place. Respect to all James.
  20. Just wanted to thank you guys. I have learned SO much the last couple weeks from this site! My equinox 800 is arriving Thursday. It will be my first detector since I bought a lobo supertraq about 20 years ago.
  21. Hello everyone :) I'm just starting out in this hobby and i will be receiving my very first detector today. I bought the Equinox 800 a few days ago. I also joined the RRPC today as well. Thank you Steve Herschbach, Your information is very helpful thank you :)
  22. Hello everyone, I am basically new to metal detecting besides messing around with a family members detector. I found some interesting items but their detector is super old and cheap. So now I am looking to buy my own detector. I live in the foothills of NC which is basically all red clay soil. I am looking for coins and relics mostly because this is what I've found on the property. I honestly cant spend a lot on the detector (around $200-300). Due to the soil here being red clay it is super thick/dense and figured I would want a detector suitable to this if possible in my price range. So from what I've researched i have a few I'm looking at but i am completely open to other brands and models i may have overlooked. So far though, I'm looking at: BH disc 3300 (cheapest with ground balance), BH ranger pro, and the minelab 305. Any suggestions and input will be appreciated. thanks everyone
  23. Greetings from West Sussex, UK. Great forum you have here ? Have been away from detecting for 25 years but was detecting for 20 years before that so all that old knowledge is slowly coming to the surface. Back then I had quite a few machines, the last being the Tesoro Gold Sabre, Silver Sabre and Laser B1. Anyway, more time on my hands now and having moved to the coast we have miles of wonderful beaches on the doorstep to search. Current detectors are a DFX300 and Quest X5. I very much look forward to being a part of this community ?
  24. Been artifact hunting for over 50 years. Aboriginal American artifacts, fossils, bottles, and metal detecting. Mainly detect Civil War sites, when not there I'm usually on the beach, but I'll swing my detector anywhere there's something to be found. Look forward being a member of this great forum and maybe contributing every now and then. Deep1
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