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  1. Nuke em, thank you for the feedback. We are in the US Pacific NW. I don’t believe we have a lot of iron in our soil, but areas can be quite heavy with clay. Our Xterra is on its way to Minelab for assessment. Good to know about the beach detecting. We are at the beach this weekend. Wish we had it with us to test beach performance. R & J
  2. Thank you for the replies. Finally heard back from Minelab this morning and opened a repair ticket. Appreciate your input. R & J
  3. One year ago My husband and I decided to try our hand at metal detecting.We were total newbies with a steep learning curve. We purchased a used Xterra 705 for our starting machine. We downloaded and printed Randy Horton’s Xterra guide and have read it many times. It is a valuable tool for any Xterra owner. We spent the last year educating ourselves on the basics of metal detecting and getting to know our machine. We are feeling pretty confident about the Xterra except for one issue. I am looking for advice on any errors we are committing or if we possibly have something wrong with our
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