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  1. This isn't a huge grip or anything, but thought I'd throw it out there having seen it multiple times at this point. Pre-ordered and received my first X-Terra Pro, and found the head unit had 3 small air bubbles trapped in the display. I thought at first it was just a protective film you would peel off often found on fresh electronics. This was not the case. It was between the plastic lens/screen over the LCD. It wasn't that bad, but noticeable enough to bother me. I tried to move the bubbles and it just got worse. I sent it into Minelab, and as usual their customer service has always been great for me, and they quickly shipped me a new unit. The new unit arrive a couple of days later with the same problem. This time the air bubble was almost the size of a dime. I was able to work the bubble out like a cellphone screen protector and fix the display myself. So I'm good and happy now. While all this has been going on, I watched a video review and noticed someone else had air bubbles in their display! Then yesterday paying more attention here in the original forum post with early pics, it is clearly evident that unit had a another dime size air bubble top center. I'm surprised nobody even mentioned it. Posted here again for viewing. Having had 2 units myself with the problem, and since seen other units from others displaying the same issue, I'm pretty convinced they have an assembly/manufacturing issue and/or QA problem going on with these. I doubt this will be the last post on the issue. Putting it out there for everyone. Otherwise, I just don't see a better product at this price point anywhere. Still baffled at how low they went on price considering the tech in the unit. If I was starting out again, I would be so stoked to find this machine on the shelf.
  2. Features/Price Comparison of the Garrett Vortex vs. Nokta Triple Score vs. Minelab X-Terra Elite Note the Minelab X-Terra Elite Price of $599 US I listed is based on a combo package that includes ML wireless phones and a 6" round coil. The detector/coil only price for X-terra Elite is $479 US.
  3. Did not know where to put this so I placed it here in the eq forum. Who is enjoying their new xterra pro?? I have one and it is a well made unit but I am finding it to be more of a tone ID unit since the VDI numbers fly around a bit. Now with that said....it still picks goodies out of the trash...and it does ID a coin in clean ground.....but do not expect any miracles on accurate ID at average depths much less deeper targets. But if you put a stock 11 inch equinox coil on it it does calm the numbers down a bit with more accurate ID in my soil. My ground conditions are mild. I am afraid that you fellows who live in high ground mineralization will be disappointed if the area you live in have those conditions. Anyways.....what are some of your thoughts on it?
  4. Garrett's reaction to the xterra elite announcement. I imagine that what they are going to present is better because right now they don't have much to compete in the range of multi-frequency detectors
  5. Especially after Minelab stated specifically they would not make them anymore?
  6. About two years ago I bought a Chinese Mental Detector for some $40 thinking they are all the same. Kind members of this forum quickly set me straight and I got Vanquish 440. By no means I'm experienced or even succesful, but I have a technical background and the interest and the time to read about metal detecting, ask questions, experiment with settings, and be happy swinging. And I think by now I know enough to appreciate the complexities involved in metal detecting. Now the problem: I've been asked, obviously being an expert :⁠-⁠), by a friend as to what fun detector to buy for his wife so that she could look for things mostly around their summer house in a forest in Europe (and maybe later elsewhere, like on a beach). To my eye the ground there is mild, but I don't really know. She probably doesn't want to look for anything in particular, just explore what may be under ground. The detector should be sufficiently easy to use so that she doesn't get discouraged at first and not super expensive as he is not sure if his wife would like the new hobby. The question I got was if the Xterra Pro was the right choice. He also looked at the Simplex Ultra. My answer was that the Vanquish 340 or 440 may not look as modern, but she may have a better luck with it as it may be simpler to set and more stable to operate and read. Am I wrong? Is there something else that I should have said?
  7. Came home, charged it up, did some testing with supplied 12 inch, all seemed good. Went outside dug some coins still good. Decided to do some more testing in my basement only to find my 5 x10 Coiltek and my 6" Minelab Nox coils don't work. Connector is correct, and they will air test to just over 1 inch on max sensitivity. (I knew something was wrong as soon as I could max out the sensitivity in the basement.) But as they are, they don't function in any way that is useable, I am worried there is no fix, I guess I will be contacting Minelab service. Being able to interchange the coils was my biggest reason to buy it. ?
  8. New Minelab X-Terra Voyager, 5.82 kHz, not submersible, $149.99 on Amazon Minelab X-Terra Voyager metal detector X-TERRA VOYAGER TECH SPECS Search Modes - All Metal, Custom, Jewelry, Learn Operating Frequency - 5.82 kHz Noise Cancel - Automatic Sensitivity - 5 levels Volume - 3 levels Target Tones - 3 tones (Low, Mid, High) Discrimination Segments - 7 segments Pinpoint Mode - Yes Target IDs - 0 to 99 Depth Indicator - 5 levels Length - Extended: 145 in (57 cm) | Collapsed: 28.3 in (76 cm) Weight (excluding batteries) - 2.8 lbs (1.3 kg) Display - Monochrome LCD Supplied Coil - 11" x 8.5" Double-D Batteries - Two Each 9V (included) Audio Output - In-build loudspeaker | Wired 3.5 mm (1/8") headphones Additional Included Accessories - Collapsible Digger, Backpack, Wired 3.5 mm (1/8") headphones, 2x9V Battery Waterproof - Coil waterproof to 3.3 ft (1 m) Operating Temperature Range - –10°C to +40°C (+14°F to +104°F) Storage Temperature Range - –20°C to +70°C (–4°F to +158°F Download Minelab X-Terra Voyager User Manual
  9. Would like to see the Xterra Pro vs Ques Q35, same price point, and both frequency selectable, like the the frequencies 5, 13 & 21 of the Q35. I am waiting on more people using the Q35, then will pull the trigger on either one.
  10. Yes, it is true. The new Minelab X-Terra Voyager is made in China. No doubt so they can sell it for only $149 and still make a buck. Also Amazon only, bypassing dealer network. What does this say about the future direction of Minelab the company... or should I say Codan? From the Amazon sales page country of origin is China. Full specifications and user manual download here.
  11. Hello, I live in New Mexico and wanted to get other folks thoughts on a couple metal detector/coil matchups. What would be the pros/cons of the following; ML X-Terra Pro w/EQX6 coil running at 15khz or Fisher F19 w/5"Gold Bug DD coil running at 19khz for gold prospecting? Thank you in advance. Jeff
  12. I came across this short comparison video. If you can't, or don't want to watch the video, the outcome is that Simplex Lite easily beats the Voyager for depth, even when the Lite is using a much smaller coil. I first thought the Voyager was a Chinese knock off, but nope. It's on Minelab's site. MINELAB XTERRA VOYAGER VS NOKTA SIMPLEX LITE...WHO WINS THE BATTLE FOR UNDER $200 - YouTube
  13. I would love to see Minelab come out with a 3 coil "Pro Pack" for the Xterra Pro. The V8X, V10X and the V12X, along with a module similar to the WM 08 from the Equinox 800, so we can run any LL wireless, or wired, headphones of our choice. That is all...
  14. I like diving. Sometimes I use the Pulsedive, but I was missing a detector with real ferrous discrimination. So I decided to build one. This project can be applied to Equinox, X-TERRA Pro and Manticore, as their architecture is very similar. I bought an X-TERRA Pro, because it's very capable, it's cheap, has vibration, is goldlover and did the mod of the SOUND UNDERWATER and now I build a shaft for this project. Super simple. The shaft is made with 20mm pvc pipe, that fits perfectly for the handle, and made some thickening to fit perfectly, and adding 4 little "wood hairs" in the corners to avoid rotation (Xterra shaft is a bit square). The length of the mini shaft is 14cm to the bolt, because I use the eqx 6" coil and the Coiltek 5x10. The photos are with the 6" coil. And that's all. Very simple. The shaft can go upside down or viceversa. But it's more confortable as shown. The only thing I don't like it's that the coil wire connection to the pda is a bit exposed. But with a little care, can be used. Also, is stealth. Very small, and can be used whereever you want to use it with discretion. Underwater can vibrate and sounds like a pointer, so you don't "need" headphones. And you get use to read the ID upside-down very easy. And you can carry it everywhere. For me, is a winner mod ? ? Hope you find this helpful.
  15. I'm having a hard time transitioning to old man status. I am an experienced detectorist but I can't seem to decide on the Legend or Xterra pro. I can afford either but don't want both. Maybe my brain is slipping or something. I can run the Legend in single frequency if needed. I don't go near beach or salt water. The Manticore is nice but I don't need all that bling. Just need a light machine. Hate to ask this seemingly stupid noob question but I would like some simple input. Don't need any complicated answers. Thanks John DeMarco
  16. I have moved most all posts regarding the older X-Terra models to the new forum here. The main reason for this forum though is the X-Terra Pro breathing new life into the old name. Enjoy!
  17. My review on the Minelab Xterra Pro. I rate this machine a 5 out of 5 but it does have a couple problems that I have noticed. The VDI is all over the place and not at all stable. BUT., With a little tinkering, I was able to make the machine quite stable. One thing for sure, this is a very sensitive machine. What I have discovered is to turn the sensitivity down, but not so far down that you are loosing deep targets. I find that in most cases I run mine at around 14 to 17. The second thing to do to get the VDI more stable is to Check and set the (AU) Freq now and then or anytime you make a change. Also, do a manual ground balance even with ground tracking now and then. If the VDI starts to jump around then experiment with these menu items. The other thing I do not like about the exterra pro is that there is little or no bottle cap rejection. This is where you really need to pay close attention to your tones. One thing to do is swing the detector over the object and back it off so the target is at the edge of the coil. A bottle cap will start to sound trashy. Move the coil swing in cross way, try both directions. I really love this machine... Its perfect for beginners and pros alike. My second day at the beach, I found a $2400.00 dollar 18K Cuban gold chain. The day after, a 10k gold ring. Just a small one but it was gold. Get to know this machine. I have it down fairly well but I think in about 300 more hours, I should have it mastered. So over all... I give the Minelab Xterra Pro 5 stars out of 5 100% The build quality is great and well balanced. May you all find great treasures. Sincerely., Digging 4 Gold!
  18. A lot remains to be seen of the new X-Terra Pro vs. the established Simplex, but on paper and in theory $269 for a waterproof switchable frequency unit may leave Simplex in the rear view mirror. If it punches above its weight it may even compete nicely with the likes of the Anfibio. These companies seem keen to battle it out, continuing to raise the bottom of metal detectors up to what once would’ve been not that long ago considered mid to upper level performance and options. I’m sure Nokta is now wondering what consumers are thinking about where the Simplex line fits in. What say you? One thing I can say is there’s still an advantage to having a detector and coil tuned to one specific frequency, but can that overcome all the versatility of the new X-Terra?
  19. I very recently witnessed an air test comparison on small gold with the X-Terra Pro against both an Equinox 800 & 900, a Manticore, an Axiom, and a 6000 & 7000. Let’s just say I don’t think the Pro will stay on shelves once the word is out. The $270 detector gobsmacked several people. Sure, “in the ground, with mineralization, blah, blah, blah.” The truth is out there.
  20. On Saturday night i went to the beach for 3 hours from 9pm and as the weather was very warm i hoped there would be something to find. The coinage was a bit sparse as only had £12.10p and a 1 Euro coin. But i had 3 Junk rings and my first Gold for the year and first with the Terra Pro. It wasn't deep but was near the waters edge and came in somewhere in the 50's It is a 22k 4.4g band . Nothing like finding Gold. I may well be back there on Monday evening . May well be with the Terra Pro again or the Legend.
  21. Hello everyone, Xp Orx or Minelab X Terra Pro, which do you prefer and why? Thank you in advance for your help.
  22. Last night after work I went to the beach with my Terra Pro to search the dry beach. My beaches are fairly trashy and full of all types of metals and targets. The machine worked well and I don't have anything to report on water use. It found me as much as I think any other machine would have found me if i used another machine. I found its first Silver ring and a junk ring, 1 small foreign coin and £9.33p in spendable coins. If there is anything at all that i can criticize it would be the inability to knock out crown caps. (The one in the picture) They constantly come in at a high number and as the Terra and the 900 and the Manticore by the looks of it aren't the most stable on numbers , it would be an absolute dream come true if Minelab would just do something about that one thing. Then the new Terra will turn into a proper Terra'ist of beach detecting. My next hunt will be in the week if i can but not so sure which machine to use. 800 , Legend or the Terra again ? I think without looking the tides are a bit longer then. Could do with the sand showing.
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