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  1. Hiked into an area where I often go during the winter, as it usually (but not always) doesn't freeze over. Nice hike and travelled with a light load. I screened my gravel through my garrett 1/2" classifier. Two buckets dry and two were from the river gravel. Total of 4 buckets today. This is feeding the sluice wet material. The dry material is fed about 18" above the sluice to get the gold to punch through the water's surface tension to keep it from floating out the end. The days are getting longer. Not too long ago, the sun would have set at about 16:30. Here's the gold as per clean-up today. I run my concentrates through a kitchen sifter screen, down my 3" VDR clean-up sluice x 2 then backpan the rest.
  2. That rocker is a nice looking piece of working art. I built one a few years ago, that fits on top of a bucker to keep some strain off your back. I like to use it occasionally.
  3. I am blessed. There is gold bearing gravel close to home in all directions. I love the fresh air and exercise.
  4. I have had other standard highbankers.....mesh over minors moss. The plastic drop riffle units are so much lighter, actually retain less concentrates for cleaning, with a very good retention rate. My small er unit is so easy to transport, and I am going to hit the 70 year old number. Lige is better with it.
  5. Here's the totals for my flour gold from ARA GOLD. I also got $1,296.34 (Can.for my gold jewelry I sent in.
  6. Nice photos. Most of that snow will make it to gold containing waterways and spread it around.
  7. I carry the battery in my backpack and highbanker in a plastic sled. Very portable.
  8. This was on their website last week. https://www.facebook.com/Garrettmetaldetectorsusa/
  9. " I always wanted to know a rich man.haha The best!" A wife, 4 kids later and no more $$$.
  10. Got gold today......first prospecting gig for this year. I was out trying my new 8-mesh screen in my hopper. I was satisfied with the results. Here's a quick 2 minute video from today.
  11. Did some modifications to my California Mini. I removed the stock punch-plate and replaced it with 8 mesh stainless steel mesh. Because I am pretty well limited to flour gold, I don't need to classify any larger. I can now run my highbanker even slower, and probably run sand through my system, which I plan to do this year. I have already discovered places with gold in the sand, and that makes for easy digging. The nice thing about the mini, is that I can hike great distances, with my battery in my back pack, or in my new ice fishing sled, which can hold all of my equipment, and still float in the water. It just doesn't get any easier pulling your equipment in the water. It should be a good season this year. Lots of hiking will get me to new spots.
  12. Fantastic entertaining video. Perfect for this time of year. Thanks for the post!
  13. Well I plan on continuing looking for that gold. All things in in life are pointing me in that direction.
  14. I use this refinery. It's my third time. Fast service, honest and give a good return. https://www.aragold.com/
  15. Thanks Rick. Kinds sad to see it go. But, I would like to spend the $$$ while I am still alive.
  16. I sort of accidently spilled a little gold on the scale dumping bottle number 4 into the small beaker. I managed to save most of it and returned it to the beaker. Thanks for your comments. A great hobby for sure!
  17. I cashed out, called my poker hand, it's time! I sent my gold out to a refinery for cash. Going to a refinery eliminates the middle man, and you get a much better price for your gold. Included in my package was the gold jewelry I have found during my last several years using my Garrett metal detectors. It all adds up!
  18. Well, working on a ortho ward, we get a lot of incisions from surgery and also a lot of bed sores. A lot of the time, we use silver impregnated dressing of various kinds. Silver is very bacteriostatic and really shortens the healing time. I have also twice injected a solution containing gold to treat rheumatoid arthritis. Some people just don't get results from the NSAIDs, so gold injections is an other option. And finally, an old timer once told me about years ago on the farm, if a horse got an infection in one of his legs, they would put a quarter (they were all silver back then) in the wound after cleaning it out, wrap it up with dressings and remove the dressings weeks later, to find great improvement with the wound.
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