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  1. Some nice looking gold you got there!👍
  2. IdahoPeg

    Went For A Wobble Again

    Glad you got out for a hunt! Nice little nuggie!👍😊
  3. IdahoPeg

    End Of The Season At The Cabin

    Soooo glad the red tide is gone from our coast! Hope the lagoon is better too...I like to standup paddleboard when I’m not detecting, or biking, or beachcombing, or jogging etc etc....can’t wait to get down there! 😄 There’s more than a foot of snow up at my cabin now....one more appt this next week, then I’m outta here! Bye bye❄️🌨, Hello 🐬☀️🏖
  4. What a nice snack that “cookie” is!😄 Congrats on a great find!
  5. IdahoPeg

    End Of The Season At The Cabin

    Thanks for the kind words Gerry, and thank YOU for getting me started in this great hobby of ours! Yeah, come on down to FL....treasure or jewelry, I know you’ll find it!😄
  6. IdahoPeg

    Summer Goodies!

    Very nice haul there! Glad you could enjoy some “golden” times with your son! 🙂
  7. IdahoPeg

    Quick Late Arvo 2 Hour Detect

    That was a nice surprise I bet! And dang, you just live in the most beautiful place!😊
  8. IdahoPeg

    End Of The Season At The Cabin

    Jim, thanks for the fascinating info on the Coywolf....possibly what my guy is? Either way, cool looking canine....and you should’ve seen how he was was eyeing my pup! She was like Velcro on me as we were walking by, smart little girl. I’d be tickled pink to even find a silver piece of eight....maybe this year! Thanks😊
  9. IdahoPeg

    End Of The Season At The Cabin

    Definitely! Any canine is at risk....that’s why I’m pretty sure this is a coyote, as I hear them a lot here, wolves very rarely. Some folks say large dogs and wild wolves have bred, though I’ve only seen dogs getting killed by them. But who knows? Maybe love is blind and this one I’ve seen is a mix!
  10. IdahoPeg

    End Of The Season At The Cabin

    Yes, he does look a lot like a wolf, however I heard barking and yipping before I saw him...definitely sounded like a coyote. I used to see quite a few wolves at my previous cabin which was in more remote higher country....and this yote does resemble them, had me confused a bit.
  11. IdahoPeg

    End Of The Season At The Cabin

    Thanks for the nice comments guys!😊 kiwijw...yes, it got up to 40*F that afternoon...still able to move some loose ground. phrunt...yep, life is pretty darn good! Had a plan: wanted a place in the hills and one at the beach when I retired...stuck with it, and it worked out! Considered Arizona for the winter, but since LUNK goes there every year, knew there’d be no gold left for me to find lol😄
  12. Well we’ve had some snow and cold temps up at the cabin....here’s my thermometer for my morning walk the other day: Hadn’t made it to my little claim in well over a month, so decided to give it one more visit when it warmed up in the afternoon. Roamed over the handstackings and found a promising spot to clear and detect a bit: Nice little nuggies found both near the surface, and some better ones in some depressions in the bedrock...here they are in the canister cap. Was afraid with my cold hands I’d knock them off the Monster’s coil if I displayed them spread out! : Did a final weigh-in of the gold found on the claim....used the Monster mainly, and some drywashing till it started to crap out on me mid season(a big shout out to Chet for fixing it better than new for next year!) My goal was to just find enough to at least pay for my claim fees and corner posts....ended up with 12.85grams, so did a bit better than that lol! Here’s the pic of it all....looks like a tiny micro version of Lunk’s killer Rye Patch finds that he posted about recently😄 It was great fun to have my own special place to play this summer....looking forward to continuing moving rock etc on the claim next year! I am so grateful that I have my cabin in the hills and pines, and am able to enjoy the wilderness and the critters in it. Here’s a couple recent pics taken while on my walks...not the best quality on my phone, though I think you can make out Mrs Moose(Mr had stepped out of view by the time I took pic), and a huge coyote that hung around for a couple weeks. I’ll be heading to FL for the winter soon....so will be switching to beach hunting....wish me luck! 🙂
  13. IdahoPeg

    Twelve Days At Rye Patch

    Wow, great job Lunk! I think you dethroned Lucky Lundy as King of the Patch this season lol!
  14. IdahoPeg

    Wobbly But Still Got Gold

    Woo hoo! Glad you got out to play and found some nuggies to boot!👍😊
  15. IdahoPeg

    Very Quick Afternoon Detect

    Those are some nice pieces! Great detecting!