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  1. Mitchel, you guys did great! Congrats! And yes, we’ve all heard Chet’s stories! (Inside joke for those of us who go on lots of outings with him....just teasing, Chet!)
  2. Congrats on a great season! That big one is amazing!
  3. Wow, nice! Thanks for sharing...I have the 600 but like to use my Gold Monster on the tiny gold in my area...need to experiment more. That hillside seems like a nice place to try the drywasher too,
  4. I’m planning on stopping there later this fall on my annual drive from Idaho to Florida...weather permitting etc. I always try to find something different to see or do on these trips...one of my favorites, a “bucket-lister” for me, was to dig for Trilobite fossils in Delta, Utah. Very cool!
  5. Wow, that’s some nice big gold! Congrats!
  6. Gerry- yes, I’ll have to get you up here to check out my stomping grounds and break in that 800!
  7. Yes...this is a great forum run by a class act! 👍😊
  8. Hi JW! Last season I traded my old GP3500(great detector!)for a new Nox 800 and some odds and ends from Gerry. I am VERY embarrassed to say it hasn’t even gotten out of the box yet! I use my 600 on the Florida beaches and just love the ease of the Monster dinking around on my claim here in Idaho. But I’ll get it out eventually....it does get the little bits too! 😄
  9. I too was a diehard GB2 fan when I got my Monster from Gerry when they came out....now the poor Bug sits lonely in the shed while the Monster gets out to play! Great little detector.....and a VERY nice collection of nuggets you got there!
  10. Madtuna: what the hell is the bait for? So sorry for your losses? Steve: oh yeah, it’s so tough when their time is up...took me a year and a half to get over putting my beloved toy poodle down when she had endstage cancer. But then saw Lila at the humane society and she filled the void?
  11. Lila B. McNaughty loves to hang at the claim....protects me from all the chipmunks and squirrels ?
  12. Enjoyable story...sounds like a good time!
  13. Great pictures and story! There are some weird-ass critters there, that’s for sure!? p.s. and I didn’t mean you guys lol?
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