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  1. That cracked me up.....love it lol! But I seriously might have to consider getting one of those coils.
  2. What a cool hunt! You guys are playing up in my neck of the woods 🙂
  3. Been back from wintering in Florida for over a month, and the weather finally got nice so headed to northern Nevada to meet up with some friends and nugget hunt. I got there a day before the others, so took off on the quad to look for new spots. Love the freedom the atv gives me out there, and the scenery is great! I explored some higher ravines and washes, and actually got a nice little .68g nugget a couple inches down at the edge of a wash. Unfortunately, after quite a few hours hitting the area pretty hard, that was the lone piece. We looked for new patches about 60-70% of the next week, and hit a couple old ones the rest of the time. Lots of skunked days. I did get 3 more pieces at a pounded patch, and another while detecting an alluvial fan off the mountains for the first time....Chet got one there too, but the gold was so scattered and random...no patches to be found. While wandering around I noticed this little guy....he wasn’t shy at all, jumped from rock to bush, and waited patiently for me to turn my phone on to get his pic. Here’s my take for the trip....much smaller than usual for my Nevada outings. Very tough hunting, but a great time anyway. Enjoyed some delicious meals with the guys(Tom is an incredible camp chef!), Chet had repaired and souped up my dry washer over the winter so it’s ready for action up at the cabin, and George found some amazing crystals and gave me a couple cool ones. Brian even made a cameo appearance, and as usual found some nice gold in a short time! So the sun sets on another detecting adventure....can’t wait for the next one!
  4. I’d call that a heck of a good start of your season! Nice job!
  5. Wow you did great with the Nox considering the ground conditions...congrats!
  6. Love that crystalline piece! And those coils sure are doing great for you. Nice job!
  7. You’re having a great year so far! Congrats!
  8. Thanks for a fun, interesting, and especially informative post re the Nox! 👍
  9. Some incredible finds! And cute little helper too 😊
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