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  1. You’re having a great year so far! Congrats!
  2. Thanks for a fun, interesting, and especially informative post re the Nox! 👍
  3. Some incredible finds! And cute little helper too 😊
  4. Awesome finds for a park! You did your homework and some great detecting, I’m sure!
  5. Thanks for sharing your gold hunt experience with the Nox....I’ve been using the Gold Monster exclusively when in Idaho, but will have to give the 800 a try!
  6. Wow! Must feel amazing to find such a cool bit of history! Congratulations.
  7. What a productive 2 hours! It would take 2-3 days or more to find that much stuff on our beaches! However, I do have quite a collection of lead fishing weights lol. Too new at beach detecting to figure out your clue though🤔
  8. Have you found any small gold with the GM1000 or Equinox, ie near bedrock or along benches etc? Not sure if I’d fork out the $ for a gpz in Virginia.....have you tried different coils on the 4800?
  9. Really enjoy your stories and pictures...thanks so much for sharing! What a great place you get to play in.....scenery, solitude, AND gold! 😊
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