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  1. No, not this year Mitchel...did that a couple seasons ago on way to Florida. No diamonds for me tho lol. I did find a cool quartz cluster in Arkansas that trip. This year on the way back, I’m planning a topaz dig in Utah when they blast the mountain for fresh material. Should be fun!
  2. Thanks so much Steve! I’m going to have some of the better teeth wire-wrapped/made into pendants for family/friends...if you want any, let me know!😊
  3. Thanks! I guess when the teeth were lost and buried by sediment millions of years ago, through time and pressure, some sort of mineralization takes place...so the teeth are preserved. Cool stuff!
  4. Thanks! Yep, made my own sifter: 3/4” pvc, 1/4” wire mesh/hardware cloth, noodles and zip ties. Works great!
  5. Wow, that’s terrible re your friend! The key is to don’t go during mating season(pretty much from now through June or so), and avoid going near the baby ones that are often on the banks...momma will protect them! I’m around gators quite a bit in a wildlife preserve area where I walk almost daily, so I’ve learned to read their body language etc. But like with any wild animal, definitely need to give them their space and respect them!
  6. I went over twice....2 days in a creek when the river was too high, then 2 more days in the Peace River 3 wks later. The tabletop finds were from that 2nd trip. I really hope to find some bigger Megs next season, as I’m heading back west in a week.
  7. Last month I started to get a bit bored with my usual Snowbird gig of bicycling, paddle boarding, beachcombing, etc, so I decided to check out some creeks and the Peace River about 3 hrs west of me. This area was covered by shallow seas millions of years ago, and more recently saw the Ice Ages....so a cool mix of fossils can be found. Here is one of the creeks I hunted(cue the banjo music from “Deliverance” lol): So you kayak and/or wade in water of various depths looking for gravels in the bottom, then you dig and sift. All this is done in Gator and snake habitat, so one must stay
  8. You did awesome “for the short dirt recon trip”, as per your usual lol 😄. I’ll be heading out there next month after I get back from Florida...can’t wait to get in the wide open spaces again!
  9. Wow, perfect timing for lots of great ideas for me! I need to build a sifter to use fossil and shark tooth hunting in the Peace River on the west side of Florida. Hope to find a Meg tooth(a Bucket Lister)😊
  10. Mitchel- I’m in Melbourne Bch...planning my 1st trip over to the Peace River and Venice Bch to hunt for sharks teeth soon. Wow, 5” is a whopper! I’d love to find a Meg tooth for sure! Haven’t researched the phosphate pits...will do. Peg
  11. My friend Terry Shannon, our local detecting Legend here on the Treasure Coast, has taken Luke out detecting...he spearheaded getting this fundraiser going I think. I’ll be donating...it’d be awesome to get Luke a way to get on the beach more. 😊👍
  12. What an incredibly awesome find....so crazy and unique! Congrats to Travis! Names? Hmmm...Golden Taffy? Folds of Bliss? Golden Shrapnel?
  13. An Asian friend of mine says it’s Chinese, but not sure what it says other than “1” on first pic side.
  14. You’ll be good as new before you know it! Get well, then get gold!
  15. I saw that on the Treasure Beaches Blog...so you found it?!! Awesome piece of nautical history here...congrats!
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