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  1. IdahoPeg

    The Chisana Story

    Wow. What a trip.....thanks for taking us along on the great Alaska adventure!
  2. IdahoPeg

    The Chisana Story

    Thoroughly enjoying your pictures and narrative! Thank you for taking the time to share these memories!😊
  3. IdahoPeg

    First Nugget With My New 5000

    Congrats! Great detecting👍
  4. IdahoPeg

    Monster Weekend

    I’d call that a GREAT weekend! Thanks for sharing!
  5. IdahoPeg

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    You’ve had a heck of an adventure! Thanks for taking us along. 😀⛏
  6. IdahoPeg

    Rye Patch Trip

    Yes, you are the God of Rye Patch! What a great haul for such a short time....I spent a week there early this summer, and didn’t even find half that much! Great job Rick!
  7. What a really cool adventure! Love it.....exercise, solitude, scenery, and some great gold! Definitely like your camping there idea! 👍⛏😊
  8. IdahoPeg

    The Chisana Story

    That is some serious gold on that Bonanza bench!👍
  9. IdahoPeg

    Peg And Zed’s Big Adventure

    I have so many of these blue scrub pants from working at the VA hospital, I’ll probably be wearing them when I croak! 🤣
  10. IdahoPeg

    The $80,000 Nugget

    He says “amazing feeling of joy” uncovering any nugget....how true! Amplify it a zillion times if you found a whopper I bet!
  11. IdahoPeg

    The $80,000 Nugget

    Dang, could you imagine what that would be like? To find something so awesome? Incredible!
  12. IdahoPeg

    Peg And Zed’s Big Adventure

    Hi Mitchel....re the rig, yep it’s nice to be comfy in the boonies!😁
  13. IdahoPeg

    Peg And Zed’s Big Adventure

    Steve, that’s right! I remember you used that pic in an article, and yes, I do remember meeting you but you were surrounded by your fan club so couldn’t chat much lol!
  14. IdahoPeg

    Peg And Zed’s Big Adventure

    Yes, it does look bigger, but it’s very porous “sponge” gold. If solid, would’ve been twice the weight I think.
  15. IdahoPeg

    Short Day Out

    Cool find! Interesting how the nickels found their way there too.