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  1. IdahoPeg

    Headed For The Land Down Under

    Good for you! Have an amazing trip!
  2. IdahoPeg

    Equinox 800 Arizona Gold

    Thanks for sharing your gold hunt experience with the Nox....I’ve been using the Gold Monster exclusively when in Idaho, but will have to give the 800 a try!
  3. Wow! Must feel amazing to find such a cool bit of history! Congratulations.
  4. IdahoPeg

    First Spanish Silver Of The Year

    Wow, what cool finds! Congrats! 👍
  5. What a productive 2 hours! It would take 2-3 days or more to find that much stuff on our beaches! However, I do have quite a collection of lead fishing weights lol. Too new at beach detecting to figure out your clue though🤔
  6. IdahoPeg

    GPZ Worth It In Virginia?

    Have you found any small gold with the GM1000 or Equinox, ie near bedrock or along benches etc? Not sure if I’d fork out the $ for a gpz in Virginia.....have you tried different coils on the 4800?
  7. Really enjoy your stories and pictures...thanks so much for sharing! What a great place you get to play in.....scenery, solitude, AND gold! 😊
  8. IdahoPeg

    Equinox On The Treasure Coast

    Yeah, we’re only open 10am-4pm.....I’m there most Sat and Tues afternoons. Terry is a great guy....very happy to share his knowledge and show his finds.
  9. IdahoPeg

    Equinox On The Treasure Coast

    The detecting has been so poor along the beaches, I’ve only gone out a couple times since getting here last month. I volunteer at the McLarty Treasure Museum and the last nice find we heard about was down in Ft Pierce in early June after a storm....a beautiful gold and emerald Spanish Treasure ring was detected...we have a picture in our “finds” book. I use the Nox 600 pretty much in Beach 1 default settings, 50 tones, but am still a Newbie with it so not much help! The TCAS Hunt was fun last year so might go this year too....do you guys know Terry Shannon? He’s a friend of mine here who is a local detecting legend...check out his YouTube videos to get you primed for your visit here! 🙂
  10. IdahoPeg

    2nd Year On My Monster 1000

    Very nice! And you are doing fantastic considering only your second year at it! 👍⛏😊
  11. IdahoPeg

    Ten Months Of Fun!!

    That’s an amazing 10 months of fun you’ve got there! Congrats!
  12. IdahoPeg

    Last Gold Of 2018

    Nice way to end the year! Happy New Year to you too!
  13. IdahoPeg

    New Member From Australia

    Howdy! Welcome to the forum! 🙂
  14. Some nice looking gold you got there!👍