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  1. Great detecting...your skill and patience were rewarded with a bit of the good stuff! Love those wild and vast deserted landscapes!
  2. I also take time daily to feel gratitude and say a silent “thank-you”…..on my morning walks at the cabin, or while biking along the ocean here in Florida. As I get older life is so much more precious, and I appreciate and feel a connection to Nature more and more. I’m so grateful I can enjoy the outdoors, being active, and our wonderful hobby. Happy Thanksgiving!
  3. Sorry to hear that! Yes, quality control was pretty nonexistent on this release. I mentioned in an earlier post, that out of the 4 of us who meet up to detect, 2 of us had faulty detectors out of the box...a 50% crap rate! Thank goodness my replacement seems ok. Good luck.
  4. Thanks for the heads up on these videos…I’ve not seen her before. Great detectorist!
  5. My initial 6000 would power off when I set it down to dig a target, likely a loose connection with the battery pack? Minelab sent me a new machine which works fine. There’s 4 of us with 6000s who meet up in Nevada, and on the last outing Tom’s machine was just crazy sounding out of the box and had to be sent back. That’s a 50% crap rate in our little group! I do wish Minelab would put a little more effort into quality control too.
  6. Nice little nuggies! I’m going to have to detect in Wyoming some time…I drive through it a lot on cross country trips and love the openness and wildness. Gerry, I just got back from another Nevada trip using the 6000 I got from you, and yes, I love the machine now! Here’s almost 6 g from previously hammered patches I hit with the 6 this time. 😊
  7. Love this time of year. Beautiful gold and scenery you have there.😊
  8. Nice gold Rick! Just missed you...I was in northern Nv this past week and hit Rye Patch one day. And yes, one of your old patches gave me a couple little ones too!😄
  9. Hope your wife has a speedy recovery! Do you know if she had the minimally invasive anterior approach? I’m researching lots before I decide who&what&where on my hip…don’t want no old lady hip!😆
  10. I’ve been thinking about trying that AKAU, just might have to now! Say, was he using the Equinox 800? Steve, is that what you’d recommend for up there? Thx!
  11. Good advice for me Steve, as I WILL make it to Alaska in the next couple years I hope! Yikes, those bites remind me of the fire ants in Florida…they also fester and last a couple weeks or so!
  12. Great, now I’ll be all freaked out here in the US!😂😧😂
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