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  1. Nice little nuggies! I’m going to have to detect in Wyoming some time…I drive through it a lot on cross country trips and love the openness and wildness. Gerry, I just got back from another Nevada trip using the 6000 I got from you, and yes, I love the machine now! Here’s almost 6 g from previously hammered patches I hit with the 6 this time. 😊
  2. Love this time of year. Beautiful gold and scenery you have there.😊
  3. Nice gold Rick! Just missed you...I was in northern Nv this past week and hit Rye Patch one day. And yes, one of your old patches gave me a couple little ones too!😄
  4. Hope your wife has a speedy recovery! Do you know if she had the minimally invasive anterior approach? I’m researching lots before I decide who&what&where on my hip…don’t want no old lady hip!😆
  5. I’ve been thinking about trying that AKAU, just might have to now! Say, was he using the Equinox 800? Steve, is that what you’d recommend for up there? Thx!
  6. Good advice for me Steve, as I WILL make it to Alaska in the next couple years I hope! Yikes, those bites remind me of the fire ants in Florida…they also fester and last a couple weeks or so!
  7. Great, now I’ll be all freaked out here in the US!😂😧😂
  8. Thanks for all the replies! Damn, you can bet I’d be covered in that horse balm stuff, netting, deet etc etc…..crazy conditions you guys prospect in! Yeah, I wondered if the film crew instructed them to remove netting for the footage….they all couldn’t be THAT clueless, could they?? Lol RedDirtDigger- that is some awesome gold you got there! Someday I’ll have to make it over there to look for something other than the fly-poo I find here😂 Trent- were you on the show? Cool! Tony- 118 Fahrenheit, wow! Now that is HOT! Yep, you Aussies are a hearty lot!👍
  9. I’m watching Aussie Gold Hunters right now. With the flies being so bad, all the miners look like they have Tourette’s or a severe twitching disorder, with all the arm flapping and hand waving! Question: why don’t they just wear light netting over their hats and faces? Just curious…I certainly would!
  10. Great write up, and I love the pulltab towel…what a hoot! Definitely get our share of them on the beaches. Its wonderful that Forum members can visit and host each other on outings…cool!👍
  11. Sorry about stuff you folks are dealing with, Strick. Yep, your pup sure is a cutie too!
  12. Joe- coming up on my 6th season snowbirding in FL, but it’s funny you brought it up because I’ve decided to sell my place there! I’ll still visit, but I want more flexibility in the winters….to enjoy the snow and wildlife up at my Idaho place, to explore and detect the desert SW from my toy hauler trailer while I’m still young enough to do it, and to visit other areas of FL(fossil hunting) as well other tropical climes! Decided life is too short to be tied down to Melbourne Beach for 6 mos…plus I’ve already found my Spanish coin from the 1715 Fleet, so can check that off my list 😄👍
  13. Dang, is it September already? I didn’t even work my little Claim this season! All the easy gold has been gone for a couple years now, and since I’m looking at a Hip Replacement in the near future (old car wreck injury), it wasn’t worth the flare ups that come from hauling rocks, swinging a pick, and shoveling to get at the remaining gold. So I’ve focused on fitness and biking the hills this summer, with a couple fun detecting trips to Nv to keep me in the game….but the next trip isn’t for a couple weeks and I need a Gold Fix! So I decided that after my early morning walk, it would be time to go play with the Gold Monster😊 It was a brisk start to the day! My hummingbird feeder was starting to freeze; most have left, but I leave it out for the stragglers. While on my walk and planning where I’d go with the Monster, I couldn’t help but admire the beautiful sunrise….unfortunately due to the awful California wildfires😥. Then I saw the neighborhood Mama Moose….her Baby was with her, but I didn’t catch the young one in the pic. I sure do love my morning walks up here! Once it warmed up a bit, the Pup and I headed out in the side x side to an area I’ve hit quite a bit before with the Monster, but I was sure it could squeak out a couple more. Lila, of course, wanted to drive😄. I worked real slow, and sure enough, was able to find some little bits. And LITTLE being the key word here…check out this tiny speck. Unbelievable that a detector can pick this up! Here’s one of the larger bits found…can actually pose it on the detector lol! All the while, my little Pup was protecting me from the chipmunks scurrying amongst the Old Timer’s rock piles…what a cutie 🥰 We spent several hours enjoying the late summer sun, the gentle babbling of the nearby creek, the breeze in the pines, and the solitude and contentment only Nature can bring. And I ended up with enough bits to actually weigh…what a great day!👍😊
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