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  1. What an amazing haul for a day! Even for a week....a month....a year, if you’re me lol!😂 Congrats!
  2. That’s great Robin got a gold fix, and a quick getaway to the high desert! Re your no-scoop retrieval, I’d crap if a scorpion(or any creepy-crawly) were there when I opened my hand!😄
  3. Very nice piece of gold in some beautiful country! Glad you and your wife were able to get away.
  4. Same here! I drag it along on trips Incase my 7000 craps out. And I have used it in extremely rugged terrain where the 7000 is a pain. Also had luck w 2300 on drywasher piles/dig piles getting small pickers. Toyed w the thought of selling mine recently, but for all these reasons decided to hang on to it!
  5. I get to be the designated report writer on our outings lol. He used one of his smaller Russian coils which I think picked up targets better than my stock. Though Chet had some skunk days, he ended up with some nice gold too! Chet, chime in, if anything to add!🙂
  6. Oh, I’ve had my share of good times lol 😉😄
  7. Hi Gerry! The big flat one is Lucky Lundy’s....mine were the 7 on top and his were the 7 on bottom of the bottle. And NO WAY do I drink whiskey lol, that was his too! Those days are long gone for me....I’m more a merlot or Pinot noir kind of gal after dinner😄 Hunted 4 or 5 different locations so the gold would have some differences.
  8. Wow, amazing gold haul! Looking forward to watching the videos...thanks for posting them. And congrats on your retirement...I too retired early, and have never regretted it! 👍😊
  9. Just got back from 8+ days in the high desert....the weather was perfect and the quiet, wide open spaces were soul rejuvenating. Met up with Chet and Brian....we were working on a skunk our first day when Lucky Lundy texted Brian, so we went and joined him on a hunt. And true to his name, his luck rubbed off on all of us...by late afternoon we all had some gold. By the next day, Rick and I both had Lucky 7s lol.... Unfortunately, his favorite beverage was gone and all I had to offer Lucky Lundy was my homemade lentil soup or organic tofu/veggie stir fry, so he left us for
  10. There’s that smile! Great running into you....Happy Hunting!
  11. How amazing! That would get me all fired up, for sure!😄 Congratulations!👍
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