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  1. Steve, you bring up some good points. You have a background in prospecting, marketing, previous multiline detector sales and prospecting equipment. I have a medical background. (retiring May 28-freedom 69). You can sense and empathize what a customer base feels. You can also sense what current metal detector sellers are experiencing with lack of sales do to unknown Garrett release with market market confusion. I suspect you would automatically zero in on those areas, if not more. You also have a good sense of customer reaction with Garrett's ongoing teasers along with owning a business. That's good knowledge to carry with you. Of course, my medical background directs me to the anger I see in many of the responses to this current Teaser video. And, my natural reaction is to suggest people chill out! I can sense their anger/frustration. I have dealt with a lot angry people even though my background is primarily orthopedics. Metal detecting/prospecting to me is a wonderful hobby, a great release from life's other challenges. It's interesting how different people react to Garrett's current teaser video. However, at the end of the day, if it is a truly wonderful piece of technology that gives an advantage today over what is currently available at a reasonable price, people will buy it, regardless of the current reactions. If it doesn't live up to all the current suspense, it will really give Garrett black eye. Thanks for your response. It's always good to get someone else's point of view.
  2. It's been many years since I first purchased a Radio Shack detector. Anyhow, detector manufacturers have disappeared, some bought out by large conglomerates, new ones have come to market and some companies just keep going. I can't count the number of new metal detectors which I have seen come to market. There were some great winners and some losers. So, any new metal detector release just doesn't release my stress hormones anymore. You kind of build up a tolerance. You can only hear "deepest, best technology, new technology, find more, will make others obsolete so many times. Yet here we are. Yes, we have made some accomplishments even though only measured in inches. An extra inch is good, but not a new revolutionary technology. Just, sit back and look at all this hype as pure entertainment.
  3. And the 100 gold bucket challenge continues. Filled up another 4 buckets. Classifying from 7/16" down to 1/4" takes a little longer to fill up a bucket, but you get more gold per bucket. Hit the 40 bucket mark today. 60 more to go.🥱
  4. Well, pretty well everything known in the universe runs on cycles. Hot-cold, dark-light, summer-winter. No company can be #1 forever. Eventually, the top company gets bumped by someone else with something better. Garrett has been #1 in the past. It's time they step up to the plate in #1 position again. C'mon Garrett.....the whole world is watching.
  5. Is that an Ai composed photo, an "official Garrett trademarked/Copyrighted" pic or your photo creation talents? Or, do we keep on waiting and guessing.⛈️🌪️❄️⚡🌈
  6. Or....not called "Storm" at all. Garrett is due to throw out another piece of bait to keep the rain, winds, lightening in the forecast.
  7. Helps to prevent metal detecting fatigue, allowing more time in the field.
  8. It sure is.......until you put it into a small glass vial. "Where did it all go?"
  9. It takes about 15 minutes to fill a bucket screened and about 10-15 minutes to run it through my Geo highbanker drop riffle unit, which uses less water flow then + riffle units. But it captures even the tiniest microscopic gold.
  10. The fires are a couple of hundred miles north. The smoke was so bad last weekend that I opted to stay indoors. Last summer, I ventured out several times wearing a N95 mask.
  11. Hell yea! 😂 Hit a pay streak today finishing the day with another 8 buckets towards the 100 gold bucket challenge. Did one bucket using my Ity-Bity river sluice to see how much it would capture. I did very well. Here's what kind of day it was.
  12. Got another 4 gold buckets this afternoon. Takes me about 3 hours to screen and run 4 buckets, plus setup and takedown time. So, that's 12/100 buckets so far. Here's the location. Had to wear hip waders to get the gravel, as the river is a tad higher then usual. And, the rewards for another 4 buckets.
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