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  1. I am going to cash in my gold this year. I did make a post earlier this year about that speed controller. https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=10160371624754476&set=pcb.564350418915544
  2. Electrolyssis mmmmm. That's taking this up to a totally different level. I haven't heard of that. I will research that. I think, at this point, my final concentrates with go through a miller table and blue bowl, back-panned and weighed. Done! I want to start making coin rings again, another hobby I have.
  3. Here's my set-up tonite. I substituted my blue bucket sluice for the felt, thus adding a third level to my final clean-up system. The bucket sluice was set at 3 degrees, and my whole system ran using a 1,100 GPH bilge pump, variable speed set at 62 (max setting is 100). I was surprised at how the bucket sluice retained some of the tiniest specs of gold. Here's what the bucket sluice caught.
  4. I always like experimenting with different ways of doing things. Using felt cuts down on my concentrates while still getting gold. I thought of using sandpaper too at one time. It's nice to hear that it worked well for you.
  5. Ran about a gallons worth of reclassified -50 mesh today. I had some felt laying around, and put a piece on my upper two piggy-backed micro cleanup sluices. I removed the felt piece and did a clean-up to see how well it caught the -50 mesh gold. Here's the gold that the felt caught after running a gallon's worth of -50 mesh, which were previously run twicw at about 10 mesh. I also have about 1/4 cup of remaining concentrates saved from the micro-riffles. I am going to add more felt for my next run, as it leaves me with less concentrates to run over my miller table.
  6. I started re-running some of my saved concentrates. Today was the half gallon ice cream pail of concentrates from back-panning my final run off my mico VDR clean-up mini-sluice. Next will be about 1- 1/2 5 gallon buckets, which first have to be re-screened down to - 50 mesh. I have about 2/3 already reclassified down to that. Finally will be the magnetic sands I removed prior to back-panning. Then I will get a weight, add the gold to my total gold from this year and weight it.
  7. You sure are blessed, living where you do. Probably about a 6 hour drive south to get the Montana Border. You bring up a good point, as to keep everything in one place. I went out once and forgot my motor to run my pump. Anyhow, a beautiful place you have. Thanks for sharing. 👍
  8. This is probaby my last hunt on the North Saskatchewan River for this year. The forcast temperatures tomorrow night are -14°C / 7°F so the river will surely freeze over. It's been a great year. I still have to re-screen my concentrations from this year down to -50 mesh and re-run them down my double micro sluice, then my miller table. Below is my gold from today's dig.
  9. It is a nice area. I may hit it with my metal detector if it becomes too frozen. That would be cool.....a couple of guys get togethet, miles apart because of a prospecting forum.
  10. Well, it's not too difficult. Winter underwear, snowmobile boots, good breakfast and patience.
  11. I just had to squeeze another prospecting trip this late in November. Why? Because I can. Got some of that shiny today. Here's what 2 hours of work got me. Here's a short video of todays dig. https://youtu.be/nF0BQ-RF88E
  12. A coin show comes to Edmonton 2 x a year, so I usually buy my gold from there, as you can do a little bartering.
  13. Here's my annual gold coin I bought. Each year, using my metal detecting modern coin totals, I buy a gold coin. Been doing this for over 20 years. This year, I also bought a one ounce siver bullet replica. I figure that I must be close to $80.00 in coins found. Back to the bank security box. My kids get my gold coins when my days are done.
  14. At 3 amp/hr, I get about 20 hours run time with my California Mini highbanker powered with my 60Amp/Hr 12 volt lithium ion battery. If it's cold outside, I add a hot pack hand warmer inside the backpack which I carry it around in to keep it warm..
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