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  1. I figured this forum is busy and a great place to throw this out. It sells for $99.00, and the science behind it sounds reasonable. Screening your material and controlling the water flow should allow the user to tweak it up to a functional level. It's been out for about 5 years, yet has few videos, many good comments, but some not so good ones. I only have lots of flour gold where I live, and am looking for an affordable' simple tool to reduce my concentrates at the end of my season, to then run them through a second time, then through my miller table. Below is a link to the product: Any comments would greatly be appreciated. John-Edmonton
  2. I live in Edmonton, Alberta. Been metal detecting for years.....I dabbled in prospecting over 20 years ago and got the bug this year. I am running a highbanker in the North Saskatchewan River, which flows through Edmonton. Only flour gold present. I am spoiled! A 5 minute drive, and I can set up my equipment and dig. No claims, no dredging but 5 year ($50.00) mining licence required. I enjoy the many surprises coming out of the river.....petrified wood, petrified dino. bones and the odd relic or coin. The exercise and fresh air are the other rewards. Below are my most recent finds from last week. We got an early snow, but went out anyway! Below is a pic......the ring I found metal detecting (14.2grams.)
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