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  1. i have that already taken care of, i bring home material from the claim then run it through the sluice which is all set up in my garage. i can do it in the field, but my pump (in my garage) is electric, so i would have to reload the water manually into the water supply tank each time to run material (don't even wanna think about how much an extension out to the claim my house would cost ::cringe::) i tried that before i got the 500 GPH pump(which i got today), it was not a fun experience that i wish to go through again. the GSSN claim is close enough that i can go every weekend for more material.
  2. just picked up a 24 inch gold buddy sluice this past saturday, today i got a 500 GPH pump for it. i joined the GSSN couple of weeks ago, i been going out to the closest claim they have, been getting lots of hands on panning, but the sluice is really speeding things up. no shiny stuff yet, but am still looking. got some gold from a couple of bags of paydirt, but that is like fishing in a barrel that is full of hungry fish. when i can find some gold from the claim, then i will have earned it.
  3. to date, almost all of the shiny stuff i have found, in comparison would make a snowflake look huge, but gold is gold. i picked up a gold claw pan and it was worked wonders on the material i have been working with, doubt i will go back to round pan.
  4. just recently got into gold panning, bought 2 bags of paydirt and got a bad bite from the gold fever bug. joined the GSSN, already been out to one of their local claims. guessed i am hooked on the shiny stuff.
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