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  1. Thanks for the information. I appreciate that! My former detectors ground balanced 70- 80 around here. If I ever get up towards Culpeper, I'll be sure to run the gold modes. I've been watching that fellow on you tube that has the Skill School channel.
  2. Thanks, looking forward to to trying in a few of my relic spots!
  3. I got the 9" round coil coming with the Orx.
  4. Hey fellas...new to this forum, but frequent some of the others. Thought I'd check this one out. I have the Orx headed my way. Maybe get some ideas on some good settings for Civil War hunting? I hunt mostly in Central Va...soil conditions where I hunt is usually not so bad. Plenty of time to learn the detector for now until the fall of the year...my time to hunt. Thanks for any ideas and good luck hunting.
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