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  1. Holy crap! look at that monster. I would probably faint if I found that. Great find!
  2. That is just insane! I would love to hear what the complaining is all about because I agree, I dont see how it can get any better. Its nice and crystal clear to me. Maybe they got a faulty machine lol. Aside from the humor. The IDs are awesome. Besides, the IDs are an additional feature of newer machines! I remember when I was little I would detect and have just 1 tone to play with, no screen or anything. I think I did end up getting better machines that gave me more features when I was little but I had no idea what I was doing and just dug everything up. But now to be able to accurately guess what you are about to dig up based on a tID just increases the pleasures of the hobby.
  3. I recently purchased the Nox 600. I will say I did a ton of research however my research did not go into the Whites so I guess I wouldnt be able to tell you which may be better in comparison however, everything you mentioned that you are looking for, the Nox 600 wont have a problem doing. If money isnt a problem, my first thought is, get the fully waterproof machine in case you ever do need/want to go completely under water. The 600 has been extremely easy to just start up and go. The first time I took it out, I was able to dig up some change as well as trash of course at the park without much trouble, but my point is, its very easy to use the machine. You will still want to read through the manual and learn some tips about the machine, but as a newb myself, I assume anyone would want to do that no matter how easy the machine is to use because the more you know the better. One of my favorite things about this machine though is the ease of use. I literally power it on, choose the mode I want to detect in, do the EMI balance, and the ground balance which takes no more than 30 seconds, and then go. Also the ID numbers are easy to get comfortable with pretty fast. I have identified at least 90% if not more, of the coins my machine has found before digging them up. In all honesty, I couldnt be happier with the machine and dont believe anyone would be upset with it.
  4. This was very informative and makes a lot of sense. Thank you for that. I will make sure to turn sensitivity way down next time and try again but in park 1. Thank you!!
  5. No worries about that. Good information. This makes sense. A good learning lesson about the different modes for sure! quite impressive honestly. Thanks for the input. I will try again!
  6. Yeah I have also noticed that signals would be pretty consistent within a 2 foot range of any of the actual playground equipment, also the cement outline of the playground. Whenever the coil was about 6" away from the cement outline of the playground there was always a signal. Must be something under there around the cement! I did have my sensitivity down to 16 I think for EMI, didnt think of going even lower. I will keep that in mind. Thank you for your response.
  7. Gotcha, that makes sense. I didnt even think about cancelling out some of the IDs I guess because so many numbers pop up then leave so quickly that it didnt come to mind. Thanks for the advice I will try again. I was in Park 2 due to remembering "use park 2 in more dense trashed areas" so I just thought "oh this must be perfect for a playground that has foil everywhere" haha it makes sense to use Park 1 now! Thank you for your input
  8. Today I visited my second playground Since getting the NOX 600. I’m getting comfortable with the machine. After reading quite a bit of the Minelab Essentials gaining new knowledge about the machine I was excited to jump back out today. I decided to hit a playground with the 1 hour that I had. This is the second play ground I have hit as of recently, both were similar, had the wood chips everywhere. The first time, it was extremely difficult! This second time has been just as difficult even after all the new tips I’ve learned. What happened is there were so many weak and choppy signals, practically every where. I assume this is due to trash being littered everywhere since you know, kids are there a lot and kids tend to litter more often. It was strange that I checked half of the playground in an hour and I got not 1 good signal though. I was on Park 2 since assuming it’s more dense with trash and I wanted to be stronger for gold jewelry, Sensitivity had to be at about 16 due to bad EMI. I made sure to auto balance and ground balance. Is there anything else I should have done to help myself? The signals I would get would be extremely weak or it sounded as if there were targets everywhere so when I’d find one that I thought was decent I would try to pinpoint the target however when I was in pinpoint mode, it would give me 100% strong signals on an half of a sweep like 2 feet long. This made pin pointing very difficult so I wasn’t sure if it was falsing or if this is just the nature of wood chipped playgrounds. This happened in my first playground a couple weeks ago as well. I just chalked it up as a very trashy area. also I would lose signals after finding them. A 13 4” down would pop up for a moment then I am no longer finding that signal and instead am finding a 26 2” deep, nearby, and then that would be gone and nothing appears which was a bit confusing. This is an example of what has happened non stop with different target IDs and depths fairly consistently. i assume this is what it’s like to run into a difficult spot for newbs such as myself so I wanted to ask, is this a common occurrence for a playground? Are they more difficult due to extremely tough signals? Are there any tips for detecting in playgrounds that I may find useful and others that are having the same trouble? Also I’m extremely sorry if there is another topic that covers the information that I’m asking for.
  9. Oh okay. That’s good to know regarding iron bias. Still not sure what it is but have read up on it. Sponge is still a bit to full to soak in more. I will continue to look into the Minelab Essentials. I will also read that article. Thank you!!
  10. Thanks for the feedback, and yeah, when I was younger detecting I would dig every signal, now that I’m older and are understanding what these machines can do, I guess I took the screen IDs as a way to figure out how to skip more and so I tried, but yeah now I understand that a number in the lower range should still be dug up if it’s hitting pull tab numbers. So that’s good to know. Thanks!
  11. Awesome info. I was actually at a lake the other weekend (my first weekend out, with the 600) and the lake was a bit low so there was a lot of sandy/mini pebble beach area available. since I was new I of course did by best to learn the machine in a way to ignore pull tabs. I did end up pulling like 10 pull tabs out that looked to be much older and they were everywhere. This as a new detectorist made me think 'ah nothing but trash here' I still kept hunting and found coins and actually called a nickel out because it stayed on 12 more than the pull tabs did, in fact I think the pull tabs fluctuated from 13-16 and the nickel presented itself mostly on 12, and would sometimes move to 13 so I called it a nickel and it was a nickel. this caused me to ignore 13s-16s more but I didnt realize that seeing all those pull tabs was a good sign that those beaches were not hit as often, or in a very long time. Planning a trip to go back very soon because of this new insight I have learned. Thanks for the info!
  12. Yeah you are right that its in the manual but I guess for a newb like me it would have been nice to see it written out lol. But thanks to other knowledgeable people I was still able to confirm it! I will check out the Minelab Equinox Essential Information! Thank you.
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