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  1. I've been playing around with running 5Khz just to see if maybe I'd get a hit on some deep copper or silver in an old zoo that's finally playing out. The first time I did this I got 5-6 nice repeatable hits in a spot that I have beat to death with the CTX. All targets were deep and hitting in the mid 20's, every one was a ring tab. I had my disc set from -9 to +18, which made didn't make sense that I was getting a hit on the tab. Every one of them that I checked out of the hole would not register a positive signal. The second time I tried the same setup, 5 Khz, same disc settings, I decided to test the hits in multi IQ, nothing, not a peep. When I went back to 5Khz, there they were, loud and clear, same targets, ring tabs. I was thinking to myself, that, possibly, I might get a hit on some deep nickles running 5Khz without having to listen to all the mid tones. Well, today, I do the same thing, only this time, I had just made a pass with the CTX over this spot and didn't get a good repeatable signal. Low and behold, I get a solid 28-32 both ways and dig a 6" plug and out pops a nickle 🙂 At first I'm thinking its a war nickle due to the high numbers, but, nope, just a plain Jefferson. I pass the coil over it, nothing, not a peep, notta. Any idea's as to what's going on here, I don't think it's a bad thing, just a bit weird I thought.
  2. I'm more of a coin guy, but, I've been wanting to hit this spot because my buddy has taken out a couple of Dragoon buttons. I met up with a couple of guys today for a relic hunt at a fort that was occupied from the early 1850's to the early 1860's, unfortunately one guy had to cut his hunt short due to a plumbing problem. He did manage to score a couple of nice relics before he had to head out. I started out using the CTX, but, due to the excessive amount of iron, I ended up using the Equinox which performed wonderfully. This was my first time to hunt here, so, I wasn't sure what to expect, but, it turned out better than I thought. Ended up with a nice assortment of finds, the better ones were the Eagle button and the medallion thing with the guys face on it. Not sure, but, we think it may have had a ribbon attached through the eyelets on each side. I believe next time I'm back, I'll use the 6" coil on the Eqhinox to try and work through the iron a little easier than the 11" I'm also going to take a magnet, some of the bits of wire and iron were almost too small for me to see without my glasses. I was amazed at how well the 800 hit the small items among the iron debris. 90% of the targets hit between 10 and 15, a couple rang higher, the brass rivets and the 3 ringer hit between 18-22. The thing with the guy on it hit at 10-11 solid. My setting were as follows: Park 2 2-tones Tone break at +8 thru 40 Sensitivity 22 Recover 7 Iron bias 0 Ground balance 0 No disc used ran it wide open
  3. Is it possible for saltwater, or any water, or beach sand to get between the screen protector and the display when the Equinox is used submerged?
  4. Happy New Year! This is a follow up of my previous post about finding a couple Mercury dimes in a row with the Equinox. There is important information there about ground conditions and so if you have not read it already now would be a good time. I was stuck in a race against time because I got a final hardware/pre-production version of Equinox just before freeze-up hit here in Reno. Prior to that I spent very little time having fun detecting - it was all development type work. Once I got the "close to final version" of the hardware I suddenly realized if I wanted to go detecting with Equinox I had better get with the program before the ground froze. With time running out what you are looking at is the results of less than a dozen outings to local parks, maybe 3-4 hours at a time average. The ground actually froze a few weeks ago and so I saved this post just to have something to show during a period of time that I figured I would be out of action. I am not trying to prove anything per se here, but what I saw convinced me Equinox has that little bit something extra I have been looking for in a coin detector. It is not purely a depth thing but a combination of depth and speed that seems to pull silver out of places where I had not been having much luck for three years with quite a few VLF detectors. Anyway, I figure everyone is starved for somebody to post something of a positive nature and this is my New Year's gift to you all. Click for larger version. I wish now I had kept the trash to show because I was cherry picking targets, and that being the case there was very little trash dug for this pile of coins. Way more coins than trash. I mostly just targeted the copper penny/silver range to maximize my time but did go after some nickel signals. As far as I know the target id numbers are locked in now, so I will mention a couple. Nickels hit hard at 16 and for copper/silver I was digging anything that gave me a 28 or higher. Corroded copper, Indian Head pennies, and zinc pennies will generally hit lower than that in the 24 - 27 range but like I say I was cherry picking. (Jan 2018 edit: the numbers have changed - nickels now at 13 and copper pennies/dimes at 25 and higher.) So we have a large pile of recent vintage coins. Junk jewelry and keys in upper right. There are 52 "Wheatback" pennies or wheaties as people call them. We all love wheaties, not because they are worth much these days since so many are in poor condition, but because if you are finding wheatback pennies then silver can't be far away. The oldest coins in this batch are in there though - 1911, 1913, and 1918 pennies. My favorite was a 1930 penny found at less than 2 inches next to a picnic table where each swing revealed a couple dozen targets. Literally a carpet of trash. There is stuff hiding in trash and not all that deep at times. A nice little squeak revealed this particular penny in the midst of the dense trash. The silver though is what grabbed my attention. One of the first places I went was smack in the middle of a picnic table type location that by all rights should have been hunted clean of silver ages ago, and I kind of thought it was using the machines I tried there before. So when a 1936 Quarter popped out almost immediately I was surprised. Every outing I was digging quite a few wheatback pennies, and on nearly every outing a silver coin or two showed up. The 1916 S Barber dime also showed up early, only the second one I have ever dug, so I was pretty thrilled with that. It also was a learning experience because I also found a 1916 S Mercury dime. Until now I had no idea both series were minted in 1916. The one that really blew me away was the 1945 S Walking Liberty Half Dollar in excellent condition. Again, right in the middle of a picnic area. I got a nice high tone and not all that deep up comes a round lump of clay with a white ring showing around the edge. I thought it was a bottle cap, and so gave the lump a twist and the half dollar popped out. The coin is really in great shape and much to my annoyance I seem to have put a small scrape in the middle of the coin when I twisted the lump of dirt off. Just a great coin though with halves being a rare find these days. What puzzled me is why it was there less than 8" deep in a location that has no doubt seen hundreds of detectors if not more over the last few decades. I hit that immediate spot hard of course, and it developed that there must have been an old pipe there that had corroded away to nothing. There was a linear zone that wanted to produce quite a few high tone ferrous wrap signals, which tend to hit around 39 very consistently, well above the 28 - 36 range where copper and silver normally hits. I suspect others have detected that half dollar before but wrote it off as a false signal or maybe it was just ferrous masking. Whatever it was, Equinox found it easily. That is what is weird about this machine. I will be shocked if people do not end up making similar reports where you are just shaking your head and thinking "but that coin should not have been there"! Obviously I found a few more Mercury dimes and some Roosevelt silvers. There is a 1942 P "War Nickel" from when they made nickels with a high silver content since nickel was a strategic metal during WW2. And a 1920 Buffalo nickel. They both hit hard at 16, which is surprising given the difference in composition. Some nickels hit at 15 or 17 but the vast majority are real tight at 16. Equinox is going to be a cherry pickers dream. (Jan 2018 edit: the numbers have changed - nickels now at 13 and copper pennies/dimes at 25 and higher.) Anyway, there it is for whatever it is worth. No doubt a few people are thinking "big deal" and that would not surprise me. The only reason I am impressed is the number of hours I have spent with quite a few of the latest and greatest in these same locations, and nothing like this was happening. The main thing I want to communicate is I was not doing anything special, like chasing lots of iffy signals. These with few exceptions were all nice solid, clean signals. Obviously pushing the edge of what the machine will do in this ground, but good signals nonetheless. Anyone that detects a lot gets quite familiar with their ground and what detectors can do in that ground. We all miss targets, and nearly any ground will give up some good targets to a determined detectorist. The thing is I was no less determined with those other detector models. I only look to prove things to myself, and this little bit of detecting over a couple week span is what convinced me that there is more going on with Equinox than meets the eye. I really am looking forward to others getting these detectors and reporting in because if they give Equinox a chance, I am convinced others are going to have similar experiences. Just remember that Equinox can't make coins appear where none are left to be found. If they are there however, Equinox is going to be the machine I grab from now on to find them. When a detector puts silver in my pocket as easily as happened with me and Equinox, I can't help liking the machine. My goal for 2018 is to find my first gold coin, and to find it with the Minelab Equinox! This post has been promoted to an article
  5. OK, I need to post this video and maybe it has already been shared? If so please delete my post. Many newer EQ owners out there now and some of the great info and posts are pretty deep. One of the most ocurring phone calls and emails I get from new 800 customers is on how to sync the wireless headphones to the detector. Here is a video that makes it so simple. Hats off to this young gun Matty for a fine, easy, short informative video.
  6. I am going to put some videos done by different purchasers here for folks to watch. Just be mindful of the model being shown in videos. Good Equinox assembly video
  7. I really needed the Equinox on a collapsible shaft so that I can put it in my backpack or stow it on the Rokon for riding cross country. I already had the Golden Mask shaft that I had modified for the Deus, so I started tinkering. The original Equinox shaft has a smaller diameter than the Golden Mask, so the shaft mounts will not mate up directly. I took the dremel tool and relieved the areas around the screw holes just enough to get the Nox handle brain/screen section to snug up to the Mask shaft. I removed the original Mask handle and fitted the Nox in the same location. (Mask handle is bolted and glued to the shaft, it takes some work to get them apart.) I then used longer NOX sized metric bolts (shown below) snugged them into the NOX handle around the Mask shaft. Its a very tight fit so the bolts end up a little bent. I then cut the heads off the bolts to make them more or less studs. I cut and drilled a hose clamp band, fitted it over the studs, then pulled them down tight over the shaft with a nut and washer combination. I added a little black paint and the whole thing is really stable. I'll had a little black Duct tape to the whole mess so that it doesn't hang up on my shirt or pants. It collapses to 24 inches and fully extends to about 50 inches. The Golden Mask shafts are all carbon fiber so corrosion, weight and shaft wobble are not a problem. I gave it a test run this morning was quite impressed. For whatever reason I can not explain, my bump falsing was cut by about half. That was the first thing I noticed so I went through all the set up functions to make sure I hadn't accidentally changed something like Sens or Recovery. Nope, all my same settings, but now a noticeable reduction in bump sensitivity. I don't know how, but I'm liking it a whole lot better now.
  8. This is a little premature perhaps since we are still waiting to see any accessory coils at all for the Equinox detectors. First up will be the 6" round DD followed by the 12" x 15" DD coil. What next? I think the Equinox has genuine potential as a gold nugget detector, but that the open spoke coil designs slated so far are not optimal for that purpose. Plus, some relic hunters etc. want something narrower than the stock 11" coil but do not want to give up the ground coverage as much as the 6" round coil does. Minelab has a couple molds for elliptical coils. There is the 5" x 10" DD coil for the X-Terra but that coil is not fully waterproof and too buoyant for water use even if it was. The better option in my opinion is the newer 6" x 10" coil made for the Gold Monster. The Minelab Gold Monster uses the exact same lower rod/yoke size as the Equinox, meaning the coil, coil bolt, and even the coil connector are already the proper size to fit perfectly to the Equinox. Here is my Gold Monster 6" x 10" DD coil mounted to my Equinox 800. As I said, a perfect fit. The Equinox version might weigh more due to more windings required for Multi-IQ but the coil as is weighs less than the 11" coil. My Equinox with this coil mounted weighs 2 lbs 13 oz or 2.81 lbs, slightly less than the 2.96 lbs with 11" coil. It does make for a little better balance. For nugget detecting in particular a solid bottom coil helps prevent snagging on rocks and stubble. I imagine the farm field hunters would love the coil for similar reasons. Anyway, I have no hints that this will happen but I am going to be referring to this thread over and over until it does. With a mold in hand half the work is done, and with the extreme popularity of Equinox no good excuse for this not happening. I personally think it is a requirement for Equinox to be all it can be as a prospecting detector and for many other uses also. Nope, not going to turn it on to see what happens!! Anyone who thinks this is a good idea and wants to aid in the lobbying effort has my express permission to use these photos in posts on other forums, etc. The direct link to the first photo is http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/uploads/monthly_2018_04/minelab-equinox-with-6-x-10-dd-coil.thumb.jpg.07f2d166da68ca4c6e39bf21759c7c4f.jpg Click photos for larger versions....
  9. At the moment my life is pretty restricted, my wife went back home to Australia to see her family in Brisbane and to attend her brothers Wedding down in Canberra. I didn't want to go, it's far too hot for me there this time of year which is fortunate as I avoided a big dust storm that covered Sydney and Canberra.... My 7yr old daughter has taken after me and cant stand the heat either so she decided to stay home with me. I was eager for a detect, I'm desperate to try out my new SP01 Audio enhancer for my GPX but going gold prospecting wasn't going to happen with my daughter tagging along, she wouldn't have the patience for that so I suggested to her we go up a nearby ski field for an hour or two and get some coins for her money box, to her this was a great plan. We have an agreement if I find coins metal detecting and they're current currency she gets them to put in her money box. So off we went up to the ski field, the area I was hoping to detect was closed off as they're replacing that particular lift with a new Gondola lift and the builders were there doing some work so it looks like I've missed out on detecting that lift, they'd done ground works there already. I was quite annoyed as it was one of the last spots left for me to do, except for the far away lift, and it's just not very popular compared to the others as the route down is very tricky and has very skinny bits through a gully which snowboards struggle to do. I didn't have much hope for this lift, whenever we use it there is never a queue and sometimes you can be the only person coming down. The view down to Queenstown area from the mountain with the lake mostly obscured by the hills in front of it. Ended up having to detect the far away lift I wasn't overly confident on. The weather wasn't ideal and it rained a good portion of the hour or so we were up there, my daughter just sat under the cover of the lift and read a book on her kindle while I got to work. Every lift has a dirty great big red power box with 11,000 volts charging through it, and even though the ski fields are closed for the season these things are juiced up to the max, a loud humming noise coming out of them, quite loud when you're up close to them. These boxes cause havoc for the Equinox, especially with the 12x15" coil, the 6" handles them quite well, and it gets progressively worse the bigger the coil. I really wanted to test out the bigger coil so I left it on and just lowered my sensitivity to 14 which made the detector go back to it's usual quiet self. The usual gold coins were popping up, if you've got a good set of eyeballs you'll see them still in the holes in the photos. Some were still quite deep, 10 or so inches even with my lower sensitivity I'd finished detecting around the gates area that checks your pass before you can go on the lift, this area is often good to detect on lifts as people sometimes have to get the pass out of their pocket if the wireless pass system won't read their pass so they pull it out of their pocket to wave it in front of it, often doing this things can be dropped and they sink straight into the snow. Got about $8 here, nothing too great but still a bit of fun. Then I moved to the point where you first sit down on the lift and it takes off taking you up the hillside, this area is usually the best to detect as when people sit down on the lift and it takes off at speed things can fall out of pockets and people also sometimes pull off their gloves once on the lift so they can use their phone as a camera to film the ride, this is when rings can drop off being hooked onto the gloves. And that's exactly what happened, I found a ring, it appears to be silver with 7 diamonds. I don't know what's with me, the Equinox and silver rings, I just keep finding them, I've only ever found one gold ring. Other than that was just a few more coins in the takeoff area You'll see my daughter in the background sitting under the lift reading her book, very patient to let me detect away 🙂 she was quick to run over and collect everything I found of course knowing all the money was hers. Any my total for the hour and a bit I was there before the rain just got too heavy $11.50 in modern NZ coinage, 2 Australian 5 cents and 2 chinese coins. The Ring and a funny musical thing, you turn the handle and it plays music, At first I thought it was junk and just put it in my junk pocket as I take all junk away so I don't have to detect it next year. When I got home and was going through all the stuff I cleaned it up under the tap and worked out what it is. It's pretty cool, you spin the handle around and it plays you are my sunshine, my only sunshine's music. The other two things the pyramid and round thing are my worst enemies on the ski field when searching for coins, they both come up a solid 21/22 the same as our gold coins, they're little things people attach to their snowboard so they can scrape the snow off their boots, they usually have a clump of 20 or so stuck to the board but they seem to fall off a lot. It cleaned up nice. A fun way to spend a bit of an afternoon 🙂 Happy to get another ring to add to the collection, my wife will probably want this one when she gets home, although she's meant to fly from Canberra to Sydney, then Sydney to Queenstown on Monday, with this dust storm in action that may well not take place.
  10. I looked all through the Equinox tips here and didn't find anything that addresses this. I was detecting using wireless bluetooth earbuds that have worked fine for months. I walked out of range for a few minutes and when I came back the detector was running, the headphone symbol was showing on the control panel but there was no sound coming to the earbuds. I turned the detector off, turned the headphones off. Then turned the detector back on, the detector was working I could hear it, then turned the earbuds back on, the headphone symbol showed, the sound disappeared from the Equinox speaker but would not come through on the earbuds and it was the same thing when I repeated the sequence with wireless headphones that came with the detector. I also did resets on the headphones, re-paired with the detector - but the same thing happened. Any advice/help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  11. I have had a 600 for over a year now. There is much to like about the detector; however, the ergonomics are something of a problem. Unlike all my other detectors, I must use the Equinox arm strap, otherwise my arm will not stay within the arm cuff while swinging the detector. My original plan was to try to turn the middle rod into an S rod. I wasn't sure I could do this with just bending, or, if it would be smarter to attach a separate S section either mechanically, via welding, or even via epoxy. Since then, I have acquired two additional middle rods, one for each coil. This would now mean three times the work if I alter the middle rod. The other day I was looking at my AKA Signum MFD. It has the older style plastic housing. Rather than being a straight rod, or an S rod, it is more of a V setup. This got me thinking that if I bend the upper rod of the Equinox so that the arm cuff is higher, (similar to a hockey stick) this may solve the ergonomic problem, or, at least let me get rid of the arm strap. Has anyone tried bending their Equinox shaft? Will a simple conduit bender be sufficient to do the job?
  12. Dear fellow hunters, I am running my new Nox 800 for about 2 months now. Trying to go out nearly every day for 2-4 hours. I did find some nice coins and other cool stuff and some not so cool stuff. Learning the detector is fun. I found a several times when being in AUTO ground tracking the machine got a little loud/unstable. When I looked up the ground tracking it was telling me a number in the 90ies. Switching off AUTO and do manual tracking (pumping the coil) the machine went quiet at 12. I was expecting the AUTO ground tracking to be "up to date". Did you make similar experiences?
  13. As far as I know the first person to do a conversion of the Equinox to the Golden Mask telescoping rod was our very own Condor on this forum. Now, what I really want is this nifty adapter made for just this purpose. The Golden Mask upper rod is too large in diameter (must contain telescoping sections) and so an adapter is the best solution, but the one in the link does not appear to be easily available in the U.S. I am customer #1 for whoever out there makes this available for sale in the U.S. Being stuck with frozen ground I decided to get started with a modification of what Condor did. I cut two clamps in half. I also cut the mounting bolts in half (Condor used studs) and used the shortened versions to attach the clamp sections in place. I did not modify the unit in any way and it could be returned to original if I choose though I would need new bolts. Condor ground his Equinox down a bit for a better fit. Mine seems sturdy enough so I am leaving as is in hope that someday I will get the proper adapters to use. This machine is intended to stuff in a rucksack and for initial purposes I went as light and compact as possible using the 6" coil. Obviously the stock coil adds weight/bulk - see Condor's post. The photos say it best. New Minelab MicroNox at 2 lbs 8.6 ounces (2.5 lbs) that collapses to a cool 24" without disassembly. And extends farther than the coil cable will allow. Feels like a feather on my arm - I like it! The Equinox used here is older and will never be submerged and so it gets dedicated as a rucksack unit. Another Equinox will be rigged with the 15" coil on a balanced rod assembly. To do it right I should get one of Steve's new rods and I may yet in a few months. For now I think I will use an old Minelab GP fiberglass rod assembly I still have, one of Otto's old rods. And a third will stay with stock rod and coil for general use. Three Equinox may seem like going overboard but I hate reconfiguring detectors and for what I sold my GPX 7000 for I can get a few more and still have money left over!! Basically I am getting rid of everything else and rewarding myself with anything I want as regards Equinox. Golden Mask telescoping rod stripped of pistol grip handle Clamp sections bolted to handle using original screws cut to half length View showing how rough this all is and why you may not want to do it. Note bolt heads touching shaft on right - I may pad 24" collapsed, 2 lbs 8.6 ounces on postal scales And in the sun! Minelab MicroNox ready for use!
  14. Today is my 50th anniversary. My Equinox 800 is my wife’s gift to me. Tomorrow we brave the snow and head to Lake Tahoe to celebrate. As I get prepared for my first hunt, I have been repeatedly reminded to stick to the default modes. I plan to do just that. However, my technical side has a curiosity of its own. It is my understanding that the power of the transmitted field is fixed by battery voltage. Beside changing frequency from Multi to individual frequencies, which settings impact coil transmission properties? On the reception side, which settings impact signal reception qualities? Do any settings impact both transmission and reception? Do any settings work together in the normal course of tuning and balancing for ground and trash conditions? For example, does a change in "Recovery Speed" setting change equally both the number of transmissions and receptions or is processing done only on the reception side? Sensitivity? Iron bias? What I am unable to find in documentation is a basic guide to all settings affecting transmission only; receiver only; both. I am enjoying the reading, but there are a lot of places for information to hide. So I apologize if this information is easily found by most, but since I may be near information saturation, I could have easily skimmed by it. Thanks, Curtis
  15. ..it finally arrived - happy like a little boy Will probably hit the beach with my son for some first tests this evening
  16. I’m looking for input about these three machines on what you like vs dislike on each of these detectors. Me, personally since I do not own or even seen any of these detectors will even give my own likes vs dislikes. GM1000 - I like how it is a very hot machine capable of finding small stuff and how I hear it is a turn on and go detector with only a ferrous/nonferrous indicator. I don’t know how it reacts to hot rocks or if there is away you can avoid them. The best part about these three is I hear it’s the simplest to use(thinking about my dad who is interested but doesn’t have the patience to learn machines if he ever wants to use one of mine) Equinox - again I like how it is hot on small gold and even more with the new 6” coil. I hear it’s water proof? I don’t know how complicated it can be to learn this machine or if it can read the ground for search a good spot to run a sluice. Whites 24k - pretty much if it is hot on small gold I like the idea. What I really like about this machine is it’s ability to track black sand for a possible prospect. I like the option to cancel out the iron on both the low reading numbers and the high reading numbers. I’m thinking this might be a little complicated for a newbie with all the functions but I really like the controls the machine has. Bottom line is I am trying to decide which new detector I am gonna buy next year and want to hear your likes and dislikes about each of these machines. Minelab Gold Monster 1000 Information page White's Goldmaster 24K Information page Minelab Equinox 800 Information page Minelab Gold Monster 1000 vs White's Goldmaster 24K vs Minelab Equinox
  17. Hi everyone, New here based in the UK about to start this hobby. Looking at getting the equinox 600 or 800 for its underwater capabilities. One question I have which I have struggled to find an answer to... How do the waterproof seals handle the pressure on air travel? Is there a pressure release valve? Also is it recommend to detach the control box and take on carry on luggage? Thanks in advance and looking forward to being part of this community Bruce
  18. I've only had my 800 for about a week, so I made some simple ID cards using Steve's graphic, to get familiar with the machine. I have extras, and with Steve's permission, I'm offering 1 to the first 50 interested. These are simple, pocket size, laminated cards, with large bold font. Target IDs on the front, detector settings menu on the back. Edit 2/19/19 by Steve Herschbach. The offer to mail you one of these free is long past. Just download the pdf, print, and laminate your own. idcardfinal.pdf
  19. Related question Steve, noticed the OP was on the beach. I was speaking with Minelab repair tech trying to troubleshoot chatty NOX 800 on my Florida Beaches and he mentioned Minelab had disabled the ability to auto or manual ground balance in Beach 1 or 2. The controls still work and it looks like it is doing it but the setting is locked by ML? Can you comment on this for beach mode? Best regards
  20. Coming from Tesoros I have picked up a NOX 600. I am use to setting threshold to a barely audible hum. Then setting discrimination. The quieter the threshold hum, the better discrimination works. Or so it seems. So what exactly then does setting threshold do on the NOX? According to the manual; it is used to notch out an item, like a nickel or penny. Can someone please explain the differences. And also explain that if I set the threshold on the NOX to a barely noticed hum what are the consequences? Thanks Terry
  21. I finally took the plunge and bought a 6-inch coil for my Equinox 600. Friday I had a chance to hit a park before work that has been thourougy searched many times. Second target of the day was a dateless SLQ! AWESOME! I also managed to pull a ‘53 wheatie before I had to start my workday. Today I had more time to spend with my new toy. And, it paid off. I visited three sites, all places with concentrations of ground trash, trees, boulders, etc. I ended the day with six wheaties, ranging from 1921 to 1957, a 1912 s Barber dime, and a junk pendant - plus $1.35 in clad. This coil ROCKS! Glad to have it in my arsenal. It won’t be my everyday coil, but it definitely will be well used.
  22. Here is a photo of the finds that I had mentioned in a previous post. Nearly all of these finds were found on one small ridge that we had come to think of as being hunted out (using a variety of non-minelab detectors). Thanks for looking, MT
  23. I think it would be a good idea to have a thread just for after maket Bluetooth headphones for the Equinox as there must be many many different ones out there if people could give their views on what they have bought and what improvement they have over the ML80's. I have bought these https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01A0EAYDI/ref=pe_3187911_189395841_TE_dp_1 advantage over ML80's much better low tones (no boom sound) better overall tones (tighter) they are super comfortable and have much larger ear muffs the head band fit is great if you have a larger head they are slightly lower in volume but not by much than the ML80's.
  24. I wanted to update some of you who do not take your handles apart. I mean the handle grip that has the control pod attached. If you detect in salt water like I do, then you'll end up with fine sand particles between the upper and lower handle pieces at the mold seams. This is expected so don't freak out and it is still 100% waterproof. But what you may not realize is the salt in there is not good for it and needs to be rinsed/washed. I personally take mine apart after each trip I do, as I know how corrosive salt is to metal. Good luck on your next hunt.
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