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  1. Hi, I am new to this site and looking at purchasing a metal detector for my husband for Christmas. He has always wanted one and really likes the Minelab (not sure why), I was looking a at the 600, though reading about the 800 it has extra features. As this is his first, and I know he will use it. Which one would everyone recommend and as a beginner would these be suitable? Thanks so much! Annie THANKYOU so much to everyone, I have read all the comments and must say this is an amazing group and so helpful. I defiantly think I will be getting him the 800 and letting him kn
  2. Hello all, I went back to the lake where i found a 1935 Walking Liberty Half, at the beginning of the year! I believe that coin was a fluke find, as none of my other coins found there even come close to that date range! Today, i went to another shallow water area where jet ski's tend to hang out, while people rest, or work on them! I had no expections of this spot, other than it has been on my "to detect" mental list for awhile! I was there about 3 hours, and only worked about a 5x20 foot area against the shore, but the targets were layered and plentiful! I unfortunat
  3. Hi, just though this was worth sharing as it turned out so well. A number of things happened to bring this together - the biggest one being having just bought an Equinox my neighbours changing their curtains for blinds. I ended up with 3x6ft lengths of wood curtain pole. I also (long story) smashed my right hand up some years ago in a bike crash - straight stem won't work for me. I had read the threads (various threads on straight vs S) and puzzled over the alloy pipe bending method. But then I already have a Mars universal shaft and took a closer look at this. After reading the thread on
  4. I decided to see if I could balance out the Nox without too much time or $ involved. So far I'm at $7 and we'll see if this will even pan out. First, I moved my control box forward 11/2" moved my armrest forward as far as possible and added some ballast at the very back. I used 9 3/4" washers, with a piece of 3/4 round stock in the center as a bushing. I ran a 1/4" hole thru the bushing and mounted it in the last armrest hole. I'll see if the extra weight is worth trying to balance the machine just a little bit more tomorrow when I take it for spin.
  5. Unfortunately this story isn't about an interesting find. I haven't had many of those this summer but autumn weather (cool temps, cloudy skies, and many fewer park visitors!) are opening up so maybe I can break the bad streak there. I was in my favorite park where I've been searching most of this pandemic year. I've saved some of the parts which are most frequented by park visitors and thus the most difficult to exercise social distancing. (Most wear masks, but not all, and I don't like to detect with a mask on so I just do my best to stay far away from people, which works.) There
  6. A question on another forum sparked my attention so I pulled out a few of mine to see how they rang up on the Equinox 800. The coins were laid separately on the ground so this was nothing more than an air test in Field 1. Coin Date VDI $0.50 1860 3 (California Gold fractional coin) $2.50 1925 15 $5.00 1881 18 $10.00 1888 21
  7. Hi ive recently brought a equinox800 and upon detecting in the grounds of an old house that has been built on an old mot and bailey. The hose I’m told is at least 1300 ive hit a signal of 15-19 on the screen, approximately 15ft from where the existing brook used to flow. (It still flows it just moved over the years) ive dug down to at least 18 inches into the river bed (the pebbles make this apparent) and the signal has grown to 32+ but I’m yet to find the source! the signal is strong but I’m doubtful the detector is reading true?! the deeper I go the stronger the reading,
  8. Newbie here,how do I connect the Garrett Z-Lynk to the Equinox 600? Doesn't the WT-1 box of the Z Lynk have to be physically connected to the 600 via adapter cord? I didn't see any such cord on the Minelab site. I just bought this 600 havn't even used it yet but fter reading post from different sources, I think I'm going to hate this thing.
  9. Steve, congrats on your Work with the EQ team.! That's awesome. I thought something big was coming when you put up most of your machines for sale. Question. Can the EQ handle be loosened on the shaft and repositioned ( slid up or down ) and tightened , to adjust for arm length? also can the batteries be accessed by taking the handle off the shaft? Keep dropping those subtle tips for us hungry wolves!
  10. Buy yourself a metal detecting flashlight holder $5, and a power bank with built in flashlight $5-$20. I personally prefer the larger waterproof solar power bank with dual LEDs. Great for night time surf hunts All available on eBay.
  11. I've been using the Equinox 800 for about two years now. It's by far my favorite detector. I have found that GB is pretty important in my ground for best results. In my ground in Park2 the GB number ranges from mid 40's to mid 60's. I would say mid 40's to mid 50's average. In Park2 in the test garden if you keep the machine on default GB 0 it will not hit deeply buried coins nearly as well as when properly GB'ed. Many times I have started detecting at a spot and forgotten to GB only to then remember after awhile, and once I do the Nox comes alive. I'm sure it matters how much your ground is m
  12. Hey all, I got up to Treasure Coast for a couple of hunts, to break in my new/used Equinox! I haven't had one for a few months, but i got back into it in a hurry! The area is always full of detectorists for any rare erosion event, and this past week was no different! The blue erosion bags are a main indicator of the level of erosion present! Normally they are covered by up to several feet of sand! The orange sand is the original sand we look for, when looking for the old stuff! Last friday was the better of the two days i was there! I found a few pieces of lead, iron, copper,
  13. My daughter had a friends party to go to this weekend, it's currently a long weekend not that it changes my life but it means a lot of people are off on adventures and doing small breaks, I figured seeing I was going to be right near the beach to pick my daughter up from the party I'd take my detector for a quick hunt. I only had a couple of hours and I didn't think I'd find much, although I think it's a nice beach it's not overly busy and as we are just in spring the hot beach weather isn't quite here yet, although today was 25 degrees celsius which is 77f in the old money so it was pretty w
  14. JW and I decided we'd go for a detect on Sunday, the weather was nice, albeit a bit hot for my liking but fortunately there was a breeze. I always have a VLF with me when I detect with my GPZ, mainly for recovery of targets if I'm struggling to find them in the hole however this time I'm glad I brought it. Usually lately I just take my Mini Monster, a GM1000 on a tiny shaft as it's only used as a pin pointer as no manufacturer has released a small gold prospecting pin pointer. This time was quite lucky, I bought the Nox along, it's on a Detect-ED shaft so shrinks down small enough to pu
  15. I have been wanting to do a little video like this for quite awhile but videos are definitely not my thing. Anyway, I have a contact in the storage unit auction business that lets me know when they win auctions with prospecting equipment. They recently won a unit that they are still going through that had two brand new Minelab Vanquish 540s, a basically new Tesoro Cibola and a brand new Garrett AT Pro. I bought three of them to do some testing and sell later or keep if I liked them. I sold the 540 already since I know what it can do. This short 4 minute attempt at a video is for target ID
  16. I keep hearing that a major advantage of the Equinox (and Vanquish) is that it allows users to make finds in locations that have already been pounded by earlier hunts. I believe this, but I want to know "how" this is happening. Let's use a hypothetical to illustrate my question. Let's say you have a park and most detectorists are using the Compadre, Ace, F2, F75+, AT series...or some other single frequency VLF machine. But you've got the Vanquish or Equinox and you're able to make "great finds" that the other people are missing. How does this happen? Is your Multi-IQ machine a
  17. I've been playing around with running 5Khz just to see if maybe I'd get a hit on some deep copper or silver in an old zoo that's finally playing out. The first time I did this I got 5-6 nice repeatable hits in a spot that I have beat to death with the CTX. All targets were deep and hitting in the mid 20's, every one was a ring tab. I had my disc set from -9 to +18, which made didn't make sense that I was getting a hit on the tab. Every one of them that I checked out of the hole would not register a positive signal. The second time I tried the same setup, 5 Khz, same disc settings, I decided to
  18. I was river hunting yesterday and came across a solid +1 in 4.5 ft of water. After spending half an hour digging down approx 2ft. into the gravel bar, the signal broke into 2 centers. I finally gave up because of depth of water and size of hole. Anyone else have an idea as to what is down there... the site is about 1/2 mile down stream from a bridge, and the river has been close to flood level all summer.
  19. I used the: Equinox 800 w/ 6" coil Park 2, Sensitivity 23, 2 tone, Iron Bias f2 0, Recovery 4 Xp Orx w/ 9" hf coil, 4 tone, Sensitivity 96, recovery 2 Gold Kruzer 4x7.5 coil, Deep mode, Sensitivity 80 I wanted to see how well these detectors did in no emi area at a low mineral sandy beach with a 0.89 gram 14k gold ring buried at a measured 9". I was very impressed with the results. The Equinox 800 w/ 6" coil and the XP Opx w/ 9" hf coil hit all the way around with the coil lifted 3"-4". The Gold Kruzer w/ 4x7.5 coil hit it one way w/ coil raised 2"-3". The other w
  20. I don't know which site these photos were taken from, I don't know if you have already seen them, I must say Ukrainian technicians are really good at modifying metal detectors, but my question is : why ML didn't think of such a thing ? Single keyboard for all commands, no mechanical keys that can break easily, all reach of your thumb finger, simple!
  21. These tips are based on my personal use of the Minelab Equinox 800 at a few locations in Nevada and California. That means you have to take this with a grain of salt for other locations as far as exact settings but the basic process is the same. I will probably update this in the future as I learn more, including hopefully any observations and tips people may provide on this thread. The Gold Mode is only available on the Equinox 800 and features a VCO boosted audio that is quite different than the other Equinox modes. It is very powerful, especially in Multi frequency, and will detec
  22. Hello I live in Las Vegas anybody have suggestions where I can go. I have a equinox 800 and I believe I have problems with it. Have not found any gold and getting frustrated with very little help from Minelab. Need ground I can test it out on tkk on se if there is a problem with it. any help would be appreciated
  23. It was election day in NZ yesterday and it was already well known we were going to have a landslide victory to the current government due to their Covid handling more than anything, it was the Covid election rather than a political one so rather than staying home seeing that on TV all day I decided to go for an afternoon hunt. Mitchel drove the other day 4 hours for one nugget, while I can't match that I was going to drive an hour for similar results only if I found a nugget it would likely be smaller than his 🙂 I was going back to a place right near JW's house mainly because it's the s
  24. I am needing an explanation why it is that my Nox doesn't hit on the target after I have popped the plug while all of my previous and less sophisticated detectors can and do without fault. Before asking the answer is yes. I have done all of the necessary start up procedures AND ran this through ALL levels of sensitivity and subsequent adjustments and parameters. I look forward to any viable answer that can be got or being directed to wherever this lies in a previous forum. Thx
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