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  1. Thanks Karelian. I took the 7.5 DF out for a quick go. It seemed more stable than the new high q coil. Though that was to be expected with the size I guess. If you are up in Bendigo and want to catch up, Let me know. Given your experience it will be good to know what you think of the coil.
  2. Hi Karelian, On some ground it was a bit noisy on 10. Minor adjustment makes a big difference! I re gb anytime I change it. I might try the 7.5 DF that came with it for comparison.
  3. Hi All, Well my first day detecting today. 3 hours on the TDI SL with High Q coil. I was detecting just south of Bendigo Vic. The machine was nice and steady. I ran it with sensitivity a smidge under half, pulse delay between 10 and 12, all metal mode, GB between 6 and 7. I found 8 x 22 cases, 3 x lead shot, 3 x rung pulls. I found then between 1 and 4 inches. The lead shot was in hard clay at 4 inches. I'm my noob opinion, the machine was great and easy to use. Hopeful to find some good soon..
  4. Hi Karelian. Thank you. I'll let you know how it goes. I live in Bendigo, so I will be giving it a run all around. Fingers crossed!
  5. Have gone with the TDI with High Q coil. Keen to see how it handles the Vic Goldfields. Otherwise 8 inch mono it will be!
  6. Great thanks Steve! Great to have such knowledgeable people to help noobs like me.. Now I need to decide.. TDI SL or give the QED a go?
  7. Hi All, I'm new here. How does the TDI BeachHunter compare to the TDI SL? I'm in Vic, and am buying my first detector. I want a detector for the goldfields and occasionally the beach. TIA
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