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  1. I was on my way back from a detecting trip near Winnemucca. I stopped in at Armadillo in Grants Pass, Oregon and saw this hanging on the wall. Apparently, there are only three in existence. This one belongs to Sam. From what I understand, she received this for being the top salesperson in the company with this model. I think this would have been a way better color than the original black!
  2. In a previous post few years ago, I read where a forum member I think it was REG was stating he had given Whites the information on how to do several modifications to improve performance. I think this was about Dec. 11, 2016 1. build battery pack using Panasonic 3400mah. 2. modify filters to allow for faster swing speed. (reduce value of c20 and c21 from 0.47uf to 0.22uf). and a few other changes. After that said, the TDI SL I just purchased shows it is a 2015 model. Am I correct in thinking these mods. were not done at factory? I am going to open up my unit and check c20 and c21. Also I purchased a Minelab Commander 15"x12" mono coil to try on my TDI SL. for Saltwater beach moderate mineralization. Will this improve performance better than stock coils or should I look at better options for the coil choice. I was hoping to also use for relic hunting at some old camp sites. After speaking with Jim, I have ordered the Panasonic 3400mah batteries to build my upgrade pack, and if need be will try to mod myself. I am new to this forum, have been hunting since 1994 or 1995. got away from detecting for a while then came back to my senses, forgot the motto you work to live not live to work lol. I have learned more from reading the forums that I have ever learned by my mistakes. I hope I can contribute something to this forum and pay forward for all of the ones that have helped me!
  3. On the TDI Pro the upper handle was a bolt on assembly with separate part numbers The prototype models has a straight shaft, and the production models an S shaft. In either case you could remove the handle via four bolts to hip or chest mount the control box. Since the production models went S shaft, there were aftermarket straight shafts. Here is the Anderson aftermarket straight shaft for the TDI Pro: https://www.seriousdetecting.com/product/anderson-whites-tdi-metal-detector-black-carbon-fiber-shaft/ Does anyone have any part numbers for the original TDI upper handle? The SL models the handle does not normally separate (attaches from inside the control box) and so only White’s or White’s dealers would have access to the part number for the upper straight shaft or S shaft. The straight middle shaft 500-0288-1 or S shaft 802-5213 is standard on many whites detectors, and there is a “tall man” version 500-0240-1 of the S shaft. Does anyone know or have access to part numbers for the handle on the TDI SL, either straight or S shaft? The TDI Beachunter uses a removable shaft that can probably be retrofitted to the SL models with some drilling. This appears to be the White’s Diver Rod Kit, part # 802-5195-1, with straight middle shaft 500-0288-1 added, and may retrofit to the SL with some drilling. White’s Diver Rod Kit One of the best deals going in a rod assembly for years has been the Whites Space Saver Rod Kit for Classics and Early Goldmaster models, part number 802-5236. This may also retrofit the the SL and is in any case a good way to get some Whites Rod parts cheap. While they last. White’s Space Saver Rod Kit If anyone has any information they can add about any TDI model rod or shaft parts, now would be a great time to archive it while it’s still halfway easy to track down.
  4. this machine is new have used it for about a month never droped it or abused it , this is what is happeneing when i turn it on ,it starts overloading and moaning but only in the All or high position if i turn to low its a quite as a mouse turn it to all and it starts moaning and will not stop , any ideas?
  5. Started like a boring session this morning... Everything ready to do another underwater footage of mine but as usual, almost nothing can be done right as we want. Camera's battery dried up after 3 hours...Coins and garbage at some serious depth with the Tdi...After five hours, leaving the beach really destroyed, the last signal heard with died battery on the machine was the wedding band buried in few sand but too old to be a fresh drop.🤔...Clueless find even today.. So this is the only picture to show...
  6. I squeezed in few minutes a 4 hours session of today... Enjoy with me the two rings I found...
  7. I'm so bored of my 12" dual field coil on my TDI bH that I now want to change the coil with an 8" mono. I know this can be a stupid question, but I try to ask... Can a Garrett Sea Hunter coil be adapted on the TDI? I need an open design coil to hunt underwater... The only other option is a Detech closed 8" mono...Which will float even more than now cause of the tdi control box balloon like buoyancy... Shoot your answers please mates!!!
  8. was amazed at how the TDI could get this nickle thru this iron wire
  9. The passing of a friend unfortunately has led to me taking ownership of a modified Tdi Pro. My machine is mounted on an Anderson shaft and is factory spec. My old mate had his machine modified to smooth out the threshold and to add some sensitivity. The specifics related to the modifications are not known by me, other than that they were conducted by 'Luke'..Oz Digger.. This happened some time ago. So the modified machine is probably not a keeper, I don't want two Tdi Pro machines.. The opportunity to do a comparison cannot and should not be ignored. My intention is to focus on small gold performance, the threshold smoothness, the ability to use gain, basic performance and handling characteristics under different circumstances. The machines will use the same fully charged battery pack, same coil, same targets, same test location and conditions on the same day etc. Trying to minimise external variations. I'll start with the usual useless air test. Later I'll follow up with in ground testing on the actual goldfields in mineralized soil. Test coils will be with a small coil and a large coil. Targets will be gold only. The 1 grain ingot, the half gram gold coin, a half sovereign gold coin. Some real small sub gram nuggets to see how small we can go.. There is a process involved so I'll take my time and do it right. Any specific questions or suggestions, speak now or forever hold you peace.. I'm only doing this once. Once it sold it will be too late to revisit.. All the best.
  10. I've always had trouble getting the GB and Threshold exactly right on my TDI SL. After seeing Karelian's thread on the vernier knob, I decided to see what I could come up with. The problem with the control the guy suggested to him was that it had limited movement. Ideally, you want the vernier to turn as many turns as need to move the potentiometer through it's full range of travel. After hours of searching I found what I needed. A solid brass and stainless vernier with a 1:6 ratio. One full turn moves the GB pot about 1 1/2 numbers. I can now easily get the GB to that "just quiet" point, and it stays put. No more tree branches, or coat sleeves inadvertently moving the controls. I can easily set the Threshold to the very edge of my hearing, and as the batteries discharge and the Threshold creeps up, I can make a tiny adjustment and it's back on the money. As far as immediate and stark difference, this is the best mod I've done. It took me several hours to machine the bases, but the way I made it requires no physical mods to the machine. Remove the pot nuts, put the base on and replace the nut. I had to make shims for the pot shafts, as the verniers are made to fit a 1/4" shaft, and the shafts on the pots Whites used are .234". Had to make some very thin-walled round shims to glue inside the vernier sockets. I'm planning on selling these kits fort $150 for both controls, or $75 for a single. If anybody is interested, you can PM me here. Now I'm really looking forward to our Nevada trip in June! My SL is about as good as an SL will ever be. It's going to be interesting.
  11. This coil is being advertised at quite a few dealers now for $179.95. Which is great, available now for existing TDI owners. I had to chuckle though. They all are advertising it as “Whites 7.5″ x 12″ TDI HI-Q Dual Field Coil for MX Series Metal Detector” Makes me wonder sometimes if I am the only one that notices stuff like this.
  12. I recently tried out my TDIBH on some fairly mineralised ground and it was a disaster......no setting of the GB or Gain would calm the machine down. My question is what sort of coil might work well......Mono....DD....concentric......and what size? The stock 12” Dual Field is sensational on the beach but that’s all it’s good for. I’d like to try a large DD to see if it could tame the bad ground...but the single turn GB may still not be enough? Love to hear from the experts Thanks Tony
  13. So what would I dream White's would add and change on the Tdi Sl. Interesting to see what direction others would like White's to go in. Not asking them to reinvent the whole system, just significant tweeks to breath new life into the Tdi machines. 1.Keep the light weight body. A well balanced detector that is super light and easy to swing all day. 2. Replace the mounting setup, like the old Tdi Pro, please use screws so I can hip mount the detector quickly and easily. 3. Keep using the same battery system, just upgrade to a 16 volt rechargeable, or 4 x 18650 system. Extra voltage matched with upgraded components etc Push the boundaries.. 4. Retain the compatibility with MInelab coilts etc. 5. Upgrade the ground balance please, fine and course.. or a ten turn.... makes a big difference. 6. Yes I admit this sounds like a Tdi Pro in a smaller, lighter and better balanced rig. Only dreaming but far from impossible. Nothing mentioned here that has not been done by owners in the past as modifications of existing White's machines. I can live without hipmount on such a light and well balanced machine, I've already pushed the battery system to max, at 16 volts. I'll keep a lazy eye out for a solution to the ground balance knob, I've seen a two tier knob etc. Just dreaming.
  14. When circumstance allow, I like to go prospecting in Victoria's 'Golden Triangle', one of Australia's nugget hot spots. I use my beach machines, a Tdi Pro and a Tdi Sl Limited Edition. The Pro can be used for prospecting without any real issues, the Tdi Sl is more challenging in this environment. I'm going to focus on my experiences in hot ground, infested with ironstone, hot rocks and heavy mineralization. Not going to focus on depth, power or anything other than what it takes to get the machine to operate smoothly with the correct ground balance. The Pro machine has a hugh advantage, simply by vitue of that course and fine ground balance adjustments but this post is mostly about the Tdi SL. The single turn ground balance on the SL is a pain, it takes a bit of time to get it just right. When the ground is hot the SL requires me to use a smaller coil, mono being the best. Mono coils in my experience are quieter, more stable and much easier to ground balance. Larger folded mono coils, duel field coils and the newer and hotter spiral wound coils all suffer when the ground is very hot, they are noisy and difficult to ground balance with a Tdi Sl. The Tdi Sl with the stock 12 x 7 Miner John folded mono can be balanced but it will transmit more ground noise and be more difficult to ground balance when compared to using a smaller mono coil. Forgive me but I'm going to repeat myself a few times in this post. The smaller the coil the quieter the Tdi Sl will be and easier to ground balance, the reduced 'foot print' helps a lot. The very small 6 x 4 mini Jimmy coil is amazing in its ability to run smoothly and easily ground balance, but is too small to be practical most of the time. In comparison I can use larger mono coils on the Tdi Pro without issue, it has superior ground balancing ability on the goldfields. A Tdi Pro mounted with a 8x6 mono 'Sadie' is my standard setup. The Detech 15 x 10 or Digger 14 x 8 also see some use as does the new to me Detech 8 inch mono when using the Pro. So whilst the Tdi Sl likes the smaller mono coils on the goldfields the larger coils are not an option. Yes the ultimate Tdi Sl setup is a small mono coil and an upgraded 16v battery pack for prospecting. Super light weight and beautifully balanced, respectable performance and versatile. Fun to use for all, kids and older family enjoy the light weight and balance. Allow me to deviate for a moment. Tie me to an ants nest and smother me in honey for stating the obvious. Serious prospectors are better served by more specialised Minelab machines... they are superb. For me versatility is key at the moment and I feel better served by my White's Tdi Pro on the beach, that stealthy little Tdi Sl 'urban PI' is also a pleasure to use. When I invest in an expensive 4x4 and trailer some time in the future, then I'll make room for the more specialised gold machine. Hopefully by then Minelab with have a light weight and well balanced SDC type PI in a Tdi Sl style body. Maybe White's will surprise us all. Fisher is coming to the party also. I need PI peformance and light weight, good balance and sane pricing.. more options arriving as time goes on. Again my one piece of advice to anyone wanting to prospect using a Tdi SL in 'hot' ground, particularly in Australia, is this.. Use a small mono coil. Small duelfield coils like the older Jimmy, 7.5 duelfield, Miner John 7x5 folded mono or 6 inch folded mono coils, are all OK most of the time.. The Razorback 10 x 6 mono is great, the Coiltek Tdi series 6 inch mono is great, The Sadie is great. Keep it small and stick with mono and you should do well in all types of ground. The larger coils work well with the Tdi Sl in moderate soils and the beach. But when the ground goes bad it does pay to swap out for a small mono. Again this is my experience in hot Australian ground. Hot is hot and I suspect many international Tdi Sl users have the same experience in difficult ground. Not looking to pick any fights but this is my experience with the Tdi Sl. Go small, go mono and boost the battery pack. All the best.
  15. Just thought I'd post this............. I now run a 14.8v pack (4 x 18650 cells in series) which gives me a 7 hour run time. My previous version used loose cells in a holder but I wasn't happy with that. I made up a battery lead that connects directly to the battery compartment contacts with small brass "screw terminal" connectors soldered with 22AWG wire. A bit fiddly to hook up (long and narrow screw driver needed to tighten the two terminal screws) but very secure and + - leads well apart to avoid a short. I may put in place a rubber divider that further separates the +- battery contacts but the screw connectors are quite secure. The battery pack fits in snugly and does not move around at all. I deliberately made the wire lead long enough so the battery can be unplugged with the excess lead bundled inside the battery compartment. Tony
  16. Hi I have a question regarding all the talk regarding ramping up the amps volts etc on the tdi sl wouldn't good batteries like 8 x energizer lithium batteries add up to 14 volts rather than trying to squeeze an extra battery in there or striping the guts out of the battery pack to put in 4 18500? What about 4 x 14500 which for memory are the same width maybe a tad longer they add up to 15 volts plus I'm not sure any thoughts
  17. Hey All, Measured White's TDI SL factory battery packs and discovered the following differences. NiMh Battery - HD #802-5321, 2200 mAh. After full a charge, one day later..........................................10.99 VDC AA Battery Holder - #802-7150, 8 cell. With Nuon Industrial Alkaline from White's Factory............12.94 VDC With Member's Mark Alkaline from Sam's Club...................12.96 VDC With Energizer Ultimate Lithium...........................................14.46 VDC Was very surprised that with Alkaline batteries, the tested voltage was higher than with the NiMh battery pack. Also, the NiMh battery pack seems to drop about 0.05 VDC a day. But the clear winner are the Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries at 14.46 VDC! Stay Safe!
  18. Hi All, Has anyone tried the Coiltek 17x11 Mono on the White's TDI SL? Would really appreciate any feedback on it's performance. Also, the Coiltek 14" round for the TDI? If positive, I'll order one and report my findings in a couple of weeks. Maybe the battery mod later... Also checking on the SteelPHASE SP01 to enhance the audio...they said it would help. https://www.coiltek.com.au/coils/whites-tdi/17-x-11-whites-tdi-mono/ Much appreciated, LStart
  19. I'm killing myself trying to determine the best rout to go with PI detector. I just moved to Tennessee and with red clay mineralized soil would the White's TDI SL be a good choice or the Garrett ATX? I am new to PI detecting and thinking the TDI would be a good beginner's but should I jump all in with the ATX? I've heard the TDI is under powered but the ATX has a steep learning curve. Your input is welcome!!!!
  20. Does anyone have experience using the TDI Beach Hunter for relic hunting. Civil war sites, old homesteads, etc. If so what settings, techniques do you use?
  21. Really grateful to get out and hunt yesterday. Dug quite a bit of aluminum shards, beer tabs and an occasional nail. I still get fooled by those pesky nails but that's part of the challenge. I was almost 100% sure the coins were such before digging. How you might be asking. I kept raising the coil until it "audio" was almost gone and then I'd rotate around the target, listening for any irregular audio sounds. The ring turned out to be 18K gold filled but at least it's a ring. Today I was using the Super Pulse 350 and I also included a photo of my settings. One important note, this is not a modern school but an old school where coal was burnt to provide heat for many decades and the waste was spread out on the property.
  22. Read earlier threads, mostly about the coil. Does anyone have experience with this pulse detector and do they find it to be an excellent detector for prospecting the desert? Would love to hear opinions from users. Not a lot of reviews out there.
  23. The Rain can't stop Jeff and Gary (Two Toe's ) as they head to the Hills in search of those elusive Gold Nuggets. Jeff has his White's Gold Master V-Sat (VLF) Metal Detector and Gary has his White's TDI (Pulse Induction) Detector see which one finds the most and biggest Gold in the California Mother lode. Clear that Bedrock and check those Crevice's there might be Gold Nuggets hidden in there !!!! SG 018 Thanks for watching !!! Jeff
  24. Gidday guys, i had just bought the new whites tdi sl, i paired it up with the 8" detech coil. These are my first finds with it, i found them within 30 minutes after turning the unit on for the first time. No hot rock found and no ground noise to be heard, first signal to be found was this specie, a nice sweet solid signal, after i moved the litter i scraped away 2 inches to find it, the picture of the larger gold here is what was inside, a 0.61g nugget. Found a few iron target and $2.00, there signals were loud, the iron was very obvious, the coin was a very nice signal, i then found this 0.26g piece, moved the litter and scraped away 4 inches b4 i found it in the hole. The Detech coil runs very quiet and smooth, on this ground, i balanced out at 9 1/2, the gain seemed very happy on 5, all other setting were default. My mate had his gpx4500 running the NF Sadie coil, over the same ground, he was finding all the hot rocks and ground noise, of course he balanced it all out but as he went forward he had to keep balancing out, me, i kept all the tdi settings the same and only ever balanced the once on start up. Its a very quiet and smooth running machine which really impressed my mate with the gpx, i am sorry i dont have a video, i did not prepare myself for the what ifs, next time, i just bought a go pro, so footage of this setup in operation will follow on my next day out. For a budget pi machine under $2000.00 that is a proven gold grabber, i highly recommend this unit with the detech mono.
  25. Another hunt using the White's TDI. This might not look like much but these items came from a small area, maybe 20 x 20 that had been extensively hunted with two other machines. But keep in mind this area is also littered with coal waste and iron. None of these finds were surface finds, the nickel was about 4" deep and the knife around 5. I know without any doubts I had hunted this area clean with my other machine. But I can say, using the other machine I tend to listen and look for the constant, locked in audio and VID's. And I might add one more thing, the coal waste and iron tends to pull down the ID's of the other machines once the depth gets more than 4", which would explain the finds.
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