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  1. I did a coil test some time ago using a Tdi Pro OZ, quite a variety of coils involved. Just a bit of information not wanting it to go to waste. The test area was located in the middle of the Golden Triangle in Victoria, Australia. Looking at the images the test site is located on a area that produced large nuggets. Heavily mineralized to give the depth tests some authenticity. Targets were varied as were the coils tested. The Tdi Pro was ground balanced, gain was at 5, conductivity was in ALL, pulse delay was 10. Frequency was set in the middle and the audio was boosted by a Nokia MD-11 external speaker. Only clear repeatable signals were recorded. All targets were buried in the ground sideway from a miners hole, so as not disturb the soil on the surface or above the target. Only the 1 grain ingot and one 0.5 gram gold coin were buried from the surface disturbing the ground. Not sure how useful this is for Tdi SL users, deduct 10% maybe.. Just gives a sense of what is realistic is this one location at that one time with the Pro with the variety of coils available back then. All the best, Karelian
  2. Hi friends Im new member of this forum I want to buy whites tdi I know that i can use gpx coils for whites tdi for more depth, one of my friend had whites tdi he told me that its better than gpx5000, and has more depth sense than gpx 5000 He used 20" nugget finder for tdi 1.Which one is better? Gpx5000 or whites tdi? 2.Whats diffrents between these 3? "Whites tdi sl" or "whites tdi pro" or "whites spp" 3.Which one should i buy? 4.Where can i buy? Online shop or who sell Please anwer my questions and help me to buy Thank you very much
  3. Hi, Someone who has the TDI Beach Hunter could tell me the value (color code and %) of the resistors behind the Gain and Volume potentiometer, and a photo of each please? Thanks.
  4. Hi, my name is Alexander for reunion island. I am using a white's tdi beach hunter for a few weeks already. Very like it, my island is very mineralized, volcanic island and the tdi is working fine on it. This morning when I was diving with it about 2 meters deep, the sound change and it start to decrease. A few minutes later, I had no sound anymore, except a small creepy sound. I had to get out of water, 💦 and after a few minutes it start working again but when I am touching the volume know It's wet ✋ hands, the sounds change. Each time I touch it even lightly, just by contact, the sound change. It seems to me. That the potentiometer knob is dead. Is anyone of you can help me and tell me where I can find this can of potentiometer with his seal ? I do have the picture for it. Thanks to all of you for your kindness ❤️😊. I am very sorry for my English, I am a french speaker, English is not my best.
  5. Hello, I'm new to this site, so bear with me if this question has been beat to death. I have a TDI Beach Hunter and I want to upgrade the battery pack, since the Whites packs are more or less extinct now. I was hoping to use the 3.7 V batteries (X3), but with how many mAh? I want to find one of these as well (see picture). Thank you very much! and happy hunting!
  6. hello, can you tell me if a coil for a minelab gpx that can be adapted on a white's tdi beach. A large diameter like 21*17 inches or an 18 inch concentric disc for example. With a large disc we can achieve the depth performance of a fisher impulse aq, thank you all.
  7. Have a mine lab gpx 5000 and ordered a whites tdi sl for a backup unit a friend told me the gpx coils will work on the tdi?? But it’s not here yet to see if they will even plug in to the whites , so what’s the truth ??? Thanks
  8. hi... so... i have a whites spp, and i know that the board is the same of the whites tdi sl. i have a oportunity to buy one whites tdi sl for 1000€, does it worth change from the whites spp to the whites tdi sl? i want to use the detector to find coins, objects, hoards, etc. thanks
  9. Well that turbo charged gain mod Jim in Idaho wanted me to try out worked very well with giving me that extra depth I need to get those stubborn deep targets. I should have kept digging I think I could have made it to the Australian gold fields by the evening. 😂 Figured I’d give everyone a good laugh when I ran across that hole on the beach earlier today. Nice to poke a little fun!
  10. I have a Pulse Scan TDI and would like to know on the connector that plugs in the machine, what is the positive (+) end of the plug, the ring (outside) or is it the center? Lastly, does anyone where I can get an electronic schematic for the TDI? Thank you, TC-AZ
  11. Hi All, I'm new here. How does the TDI BeachHunter compare to the TDI SL? I'm in Vic, and am buying my first detector. I want a detector for the goldfields and occasionally the beach. TIA
  12. Would like to know if any of you used this coil on a big box TDI? Trying to get some opinions and/or feedback. I heard that White's put it out for users who hunt for gold in Africa. How does it rate toward other TDI coils in comparison is my main concern? I just purchased a big box TDI and waiting for it at the end of week. Can hardly wait to use it! Would it be advantageous to get one or would I be stuck with a "lemon"? TC-AZ
  13. I know there were a few greats in this field a while back Reg being one of them (RIP). But im looking for any info in the whites TDI mods and mabye some instructions. I have a big box I know a bit about the batery but more information would be appreciated. I really would like the stability mod or any others that you could give me. Thanks
  14. Hello everyone — sorry I haven’t posted anything in the past when I originally signed up years ago. Maybe I did cannot remember. Unfortunately I have been fighting pancreatic & liver cancer for awhile, but I did have the Whipple procedure and it looks like the docs got it. I am in recovery mode now. They say I am part of a 1 percent club. Just started detecting again and trying to get back into swing of things with the forums n such. I will say it is great to detect again. Very glad to see everyone is keeping the TDI mods alive. I know Jim in Idaho — of course I haven’t talked to him in awhile unfortunately. I mainly use my TDI SL’s on the beach’s here in Florida (have 3). So if anyone is interested in performance of the machine with mods on the beaches just ask. The mods are not just for the prospecting side. If you have thought about the mods and haven’t done them — do them! They are not that hard to do on the SL. I might even have some extra matched caps if people can’t find what they need. I hope everyone is doing well in this crazy world and looking forward to posting. R/PI-Man (Gary)
  15. A year full of distractions, so yes I kind of did forget about this project. All parts had been ordered and arrived in good time. Assembly to follow in the next few days... with photographs and a performance test on the modified Pro I still have.. I'll take it steady and do it right, get the soldering tidy and follow the plan..
  16. A couple of recent posts referred to the whites TDI – so I thought I'd pass along the following. Last week I purchased a secondhand TDI from a guy who had sent it in to have Reg Sniff's noise reduction mod done - along with replacement of the op-amp. I had a TDI previously and the difference between that one and this one is like night and day. My old one had a warbly threshold that drove me nuts and made it very difficult to use the sensitivity higher than about 2/3 of full. My house is EMI hell, the neighborhood has underground utility service and the transformers sit on the ground. Even mildmannered VLF's like Whites Classics go nuts here at full sensitivity. This TDI has a silky smooth threshold with just an occasional blip at full sensitivity (12). It also air tests 17" on a nickle with the standard 12" DP coil! That's 4" more than I ever got with my old TDI here at the house with the same coil. I have been playing with the silver coin hunter trick with the high conductor mode selected and the GB offset to kill all ferrous. It really works - with the GB on 4, I hear no iron - and a quarter that I buried down 8" about 5 years ago gets a good signal with 2-3" air gap even using a 10" elliptical Coiltec mono. Now I need to find a dead Bigfoot coil and build a mono PI "Bigfoot". The mods were $125. Reg could probably furnish current details.
  17. Hi, there. I was using my TDI BH for almost two years now. It worked great till the las week then I noticed an important sensitivity drop. In other words, the detector switches on and work as usual, but no matter what I do, I am getting less depth on my targets. Just to give you some numbers. My test target is a nickel coin which I was detecting from 27 cm a least (10us, gain full, gb off). Now, under the same conditions I can detect the same coin at 10-12 cm only. It is not the matter of the battery, as I have tested it with different batteries I have laying around. The TDI have a couple if weeks warranty left, but I have some doubts about my dealer's possibilities. On top of that the type of the fail is rare. Looks like the detector work as it should if not the lower detecting depth. For the person who is not familiar with TDI BH, this type of defect could be not so obvious. Any ideas what could be the reason? Thanks.
  18. Does anyone have a copy of a circuit board diagram or a have a circuit board replacement for a TDI Beach Hunter? Does anyone repair Whites detectors? My control box leaked while water hunting in Fort Lauderdale and no longer works. It fried some components but I'm hoping it can be repaired. Thanks David
  19. Hi, so... i bought a secondhand whites spp, i'm still waiting for it to arrive at my house. i was looking to buy a extra coil. i have got a xp deus 2, and i'm looking for a deeper detector, the dream was minelab gpx, but too expensive... I read some reviews of this machine, and it seemed like a good choice. i'm from europe, so almost every coil that I read were good, I just can't find them here in Europe. i have two options, or a minelab coil, or a detech coil. i was looking at the detech coils, and i found this "DETECH 18" MONOLOOP CLOSED DESIGN SEARCH COIL FOR MINELAB GPX, GP, SD SERIES GOLD DETECTORS WITH COIL COVER PROTECTOR INCLUDED", so... will this coil work great at this detector? have anyone tried it? is it stable? this coil is compatible with "This Detech 18″ Monoloop Closed Design Search Coil for is for use with Minelab GPX, GP, SD and White's TDI/TDI Pro/TDI SL Series Metal Detectors." so... is this coil a good option? or which coil do you recomend between detech or minelab compatible with this detector? thanks
  20. Hi I have a question regarding all the talk regarding ramping up the amps volts etc on the tdi sl wouldn't good batteries like 8 x energizer lithium batteries add up to 14 volts rather than trying to squeeze an extra battery in there or striping the guts out of the battery pack to put in 4 18500? What about 4 x 14500 which for memory are the same width maybe a tad longer they add up to 15 volts plus I'm not sure any thoughts
  21. Have been reading past treads from Steve H., Reg Snift, and others concerning modification that could be added to the TDI, TDI PRO, and TDI SL. One was a Li ion battery pack to up the voltage. I can do that. Another was to change a couple caps (c20 and c21) to .22 mf and change a couple op amps. Sounded like Reg would do some for a price. Then sounded like Reid Mann in Virginia would do them. Then the VP from Whites came on the forum asking for feedback. I forget his name but think he just retired , anyway, his final answer sounded like he would have this mod. incorporated into the new TDI SL future production. This was a year or two back. Now my question, Do you know if this mod. has been installed in the new TDI SL that fedex is supposed to deliver to me tomorrow? If not since I'm a retired electronic tech. I could install myself if Reg had given a little more information. If no one has or are willing to give out, do you know anyone that installs the mod. for a price? Thanks, Joe
  22. Hi I'm looking to see if anyone still mods TDIs I have a original big box model I was wondering if I could get some instruction links so I could do it myself becuse it's probably hard to find someone that mods them now a day.
  23. Hi, Having recovered a Whites TDI motherboard (not SL) and having a coil. I would like to reconnect it with potentiometers and switches. Does anyone have photos showing the wiring/colors of the switches and potentiometers on the plate and the values/types of the potentiometers (B100k etc.) and switches? Thanks. David
  24. I'm curious as to the history of production and sale of the various TDI models. I know the original was called "Pulse Scan TDI" and had the large control box. Eventually that was replaced with the TDI Pro (also with large box). The SL came after the original (but after the Pro??) and its offspring were housed in a smaller, lighter housing but also used less battery power and thus didn't punch as deep. How long was each in production/distribution? And if you care to go even further, what were the prices? I think both big box units retailed ~$1600 initially and the SL more like $1300 when released, but those prices evolved. Also, did White's have MAP prices on these that differed from retail?
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