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  1. My cleaning regime after an ocean detecting session is meticulous but I got a little careless when I got home. i always rinse the unit really well at the beach showers and always look for signs of water ingress immediately afterwards and everything checked out fine. When I get home, everything is submerged in a long plastic tub full of warm fresh water where it soaks for about 15 minutes. I also add some mild liquid soap to help get all the salt out of every knock and cranny. I normally add the soap to the bottom of the tub and then blast the water in to get it mixed up......and THEN I place the detector in. Well today, I got careless and placed the detector into the bottom of the tub first and then for some unknown reason, proceeded to fill the tub with heavy water pressure.........yep........the force of the water got past the orange gasket and forced itself into the detector body. Luckily I noticed it straight away and no damage was done at all. I did have to disassemble the whole unit and dried it all out completely. Not too much water got in as you can see in the third photo. The biggest hassle is getting the gasket back on and securing the 8 screws evenly otherwise the gasket can bulge out in a few places. Lesson learnt........go easy with the water pressure when using the snap on hose connector. I’ve only made this mistake once and didn’t get away with it. Anyhow, now you all get to see a disassembled TDIBH. Interestingly, the battery compartment is completely separate from the electronics top half. As far as a waterproofness weakness.....it is the orange gasket but only from high dynamic water pressure. Tony
  2. Something to watch out for. Extra desiccant pouches in the case my not be a bad idea, along with changing them regularly. http://www.treasurenet.com/forums/white-s/612770-tdi-beach-hunter-already-going-back-repairs.html
  3. How good would the TDI SL work for sniffing out coins around old foundations that have a lot of iron but low to moderate aluminum? I have been looking at various coil and detector options out there for the vlfs whether a new machine or for the machines I have and have a feeling they aren't going do do anything significant performance wise. Trouble is some of the old coins I suspect are in the areas are near foundations and where land was disturbed when the buildings were constructed. Conditions have heavy brush so a smaller coil is needed to sniff around and tons of iron that mask out even my little concentric. Smaller coils aren't going to hit the depths I want to get to 12"+ on small silver. Aluminum that is there is fairly shallow and not a big deal. I dig all the ring tabs as they have the same signal and vdi as flying eagles here. Can's I can identify with my eardrums 🙂
  4. All-new patented 8"×12″ Dual Field coil for improved depth and sensitivity. Bonus 7.5″ Dual Field concentric coil for a limited time! To hunt all day, you need a lightweight detector that still provides high performance. The TDI SL Metal Detector has pulse induction power that provides unbeatable depth and sensitivity and is designed specifically for prospecting and identifying relics. Special prospecting features make life easier, such full-control ground balance that filters out the iron mineralization of hot rocks, black sand, and other tough grounds. This compact detector weighs only 3.5 pounds with its waterproof 7.5" x 12” High-Q Search Coil, which offers deep detection depth. Other accessory coils are also available. The rechargeable NIMH battery lasts up to 6 hours, and a backup AA battery back will power all-day exploration. Owner's Manual (for TDI SL series, none specific to High-Q) White's TDI SL High-Q Camo metal detector White's TDI SL High Q Technical Specifications* Internet Price TDI SL High Q $1099 (available in both tan or camo colors) Technology Ground Balancing Pulse Induction (GBPI) Frequency 3250 - 3370 Pulses Per Second Autotune Mode(s) Slow Motion Ground Rejection Manual, one turn control Soil Adjust Ground Balance On or Off (two position switch) Discrimination Conductivity switch*, 10 - 25 Pulse Delay Volume Control No Threshold Control One turn control Tone Adjust No Audio Boost No Frequency Offset One turn control Pinpoint Mode No Audio Output Speaker, 1/4" headphone socket Hip Mount No Standard Coil(s) 7.5" x 12" High Q plus bonus 7.5" round Dual Field (Limited Time only) Optional Search Coils Over 100 accessory coils available by White's and others Battery Rechargeable NiMH & AA Operating Time Up to 6 hours Weight 3.5 pounds Additional Technology The TDI was designed specifically to be able to use Minelab SD/GP compatible coils. However, performance can vary and the pulse delay may have to be advanced to compensate for coil differences that result in overload readings. Notes *The TDI is unique in that it can suppress audio responses into two different classes. Targets have a high tone or low tone audio depending on how the target relates to the ground balance setting. In general high conductive targets give a low tone and low conductive targets a high tone. The TDI can be set to allow for one response or the other. See White's TDI Coin Settings for more details on this control. *Notes on Technical Specifications - Detailed notes about the specifications listed in this chart. White's TDI SL High-Q Tan metal detector White's 7.5" x 12" High-Q coil for TDI series White's 7.5" round Dual Field coil for TDI series
  5. ...is that you can chest or hip mount the control box using the included pouch. The BeachHunter TDI is already the lightest weight waterproof ground balancing pulse induction (GBPI) detector on the market at 5.2 lbs. It is also the only GBPI model that comes ready to hip or chest mount. If you chest or hip mount the control box all you are swinging is the rod and coil at about 2 lbs. Nice! Note that the coil on the BeachHunter TDI is hardwired to the control box. Use care not to bend and stress the connection point to the control box as it could lead to premature failure of the coil cable. More about White's BeachHunter TDI White's TDI BeachHunter with control box in hip mount / chest mount pouch
  6. I’ve recently had a few emails regarding my TDIBH so I thought I’d hammer out a response. I’m going to try and summarise with some dot points; I have close to 500 hours on this machine and run the 14.8v (nominal voltage) Lithium battery pack. Details in my earlier posts. The detector has found me quite a lot of big and deep gold. I don’t use it much in the water as conditions down here are generally quite rough. The 12” coil is physically too big in waves and white water. Also, digging 18” targets when you are being swept around by waves and swell is almost impossible even with 30 pounds of lead. The detector is now mainly used on the lower beach and low tide areas. I have had no issues running the 14.8v pack. I charge overnight and let the voltage settle down before using the next day as this avoids the off the charger voltage of 16.8v. My run time is about 6 hours before I swap out for a fresh pack. I have had no condensation issues within the detector. I do have a large silica gel pack in the battery compartment. The detector is quieter than other PI’s with the low delays when used in the shallow water and saturated hard pan. The SAT is very good in keeping things quiet even at low delay settings. Maybe it is the new Flux Capacitor that White’s now use 😉 I have several layers of yellow Plasti Dip on my coil to keep it well protected on the coarse shells and exposed reef areas. My ultimate power setting is minimum Delay and maximum Gain, threshold a fraction below audible with volume up high. Frequency is usually at the 12 o’clock position. I have only ever needed to change this once. My deepest ever finds have come from this machine. GB is always OFF unless I hit a rare patch of black sands. You need a BIG and STURDY scoop..............Tony
  7. Does anyone know any information on the new coil for the TDI SL and if the coil will be available separately? TDI SL is now ... TDI Hi-Q A new high performance coil design for added depth - in two options TAN Part Number: 800-0334-Hi-Q CAMO 800-0334-Camo MSRP: $1199.95 MAP: $1099.00
  8. I see so many people wanting to up the voltage. I know by doing so also improves sensitivity and overall performance. Maybe someone can tell me why didn’t White’s do the same. My thinking is less load on the electronics makes the detector last longer. At the same time the detector will have a better chance of making it through the warranty . Here’s another can of worms I’ve opened up. Chuck
  9. Just bought a used TDI Sl from eBay. When the ground balance is off the machine is stable and smooth. The second I turn it on the machine goes crazy. I got a good deal on it. Do I send it back or do I send it in to Whites for repairs? Thoughts?
  10. I was just wondering if anyone had used that coil? I have the SPP and I have the large DF plus others but inquiring mind wanted to know about it . At a price they asking it would be in my interest to ask here first. You may ask do I need it and that answer is no ! I’m like a kid in the candy store are a toy store. I Want ! Chuck
  11. I was looking for battery tray design for my Tdi SL which would allow 4 x 18650 batteries. As luck would have it on the local Prospecting Australia website XLOOX posted a simple mod for a Whites factory battery tray. I don't know how to post links so the full description is to be found in the Prospecting Australia site. Simple cut out the guts of the tray, leaving the original battery connectors with mods on one end and a copper connector on the other. I can fit Panasonic NCR18650B cells, without nipples but with protection. They just fit snuggly. The only issue is closing the lid, you need to cut a channel under the batteries into the base of the tray to allow for this. I'll cover this with a thin carbon fibre sheet and look at using a thinner sheet for the cover also. I will also add something to secure the batteries in position. Just waiting for the postman to deliver my carbon fibre sheet before finishing my own version of XLOOX's design. What I like most is that this is simple and cheap. Must confess I am aware of many different designs, since there have been no reports of smoking Tdi Sl machines I have finally decided to give it a go. All the best, Karelian
  12. Just thought I'd post this............. I now run a 14.8v pack (4 x 18650 cells in series) which gives me a 7 hour run time. My previous version used loose cells in a holder but I wasn't happy with that. I made up a battery lead that connects directly to the battery compartment contacts with small brass "screw terminal" connectors soldered with 22AWG wire. A bit fiddly to hook up (long and narrow screw driver needed to tighten the two terminal screws) but very secure and + - leads well apart to avoid a short. I may put in place a rubber divider that further separates the +- battery contacts but the screw connectors are quite secure. The battery pack fits in snugly and does not move around at all. I deliberately made the wire lead long enough so the battery can be unplugged with the excess lead bundled inside the battery compartment. Tony
  13. I did a coil test some time ago using a Tdi Pro OZ, quite a variety of coils involved. Just a bit of information not wanting it to go to waste. The test area was located in the middle of the Golden Triangle in Victoria, Australia. Looking at the images the test site is located on a area that produced large nuggets. Heavily mineralized to give the depth tests some authenticity. Targets were varied as were the coils tested. The Tdi Pro was ground balanced, gain was at 5, conductivity was in ALL, pulse delay was 10. Frequency was set in the middle and the audio was boosted by a Nokia MD-11 external speaker. Only clear repeatable signals were recorded. All targets were buried in the ground sideway from a miners hole, so as not disturb the soil on the surface or above the target. Only the 1 grain ingot and one 0.5 gram gold coin were buried from the surface disturbing the ground. Not sure how useful this is for Tdi SL users, deduct 10% maybe.. Just gives a sense of what is realistic is this one location at that one time with the Pro with the variety of coils available back then. All the best, Karelian
  14. White's for the past couple years, I was told, has been working on an up graded battery pack for the TDI SL which will allow it to operate at to 14 volts or more. There is plenty of "home made" stuff out there that seems to work very well but I keep waiting for a factory product that should have been out by now. I'm just a breath away from buying a reputable model from a guy making /selling them on eBay. Has anyone heard anything concerning this matter from White's? They sure can make it tough to be a loyal customer.
  15. River Detecting for Gold Nuggets See who gets the Biggest Nugget Gold Prospector's Jeff ( Smithsgold ) and Gary ( Two Toes ) Head to the Hills in search of rare Gold Nuggets. Watch and see who gets the most Gold and the Biggest Nugget. SG 010
  16. So there is a used Whites TDI pulsescan detector in my area for sale for $675. It is not an SL so im guessing its an older version. Is there any benefits to owning this detector along with a GPX4800? The price seems good and its close by. Ive also thought i heard that the older TDI were more powerful. I also believe it can use most GPX coils correct? I dont really need it but it seems like a great price for a PI detector.
  17. Is there anywhere on this site that has the research or post made from Reg Sniff pertaining to TDI depth in relation to battery voltage? I remember somewhere that stated the reason the original TDI had greater depth capabilities was the increased voltage of the batteries not necessarily the model number. It also had information in relations to voltage limits/performance issues. Just thought I'd ask.
  18. Have been reading past treads from Steve H., Reg Snift, and others concerning modification that could be added to the TDI, TDI PRO, and TDI SL. One was a Li ion battery pack to up the voltage. I can do that. Another was to change a couple caps (c20 and c21) to .22 mf and change a couple op amps. Sounded like Reg would do some for a price. Then sounded like Reid Mann in Virginia would do them. Then the VP from Whites came on the forum asking for feedback. I forget his name but think he just retired , anyway, his final answer sounded like he would have this mod. incorporated into the new TDI SL future production. This was a year or two back. Now my question, Do you know if this mod. has been installed in the new TDI SL that fedex is supposed to deliver to me tomorrow? If not since I'm a retired electronic tech. I could install myself if Reg had given a little more information. If no one has or are willing to give out, do you know anyone that installs the mod. for a price? Thanks, Joe
  19. Hi! after a year of snorkeling with TDI BH I concluded that I can clearly note the sensitivity goes down ones the voltage of my battery pack goes down. Other conclusion was that even at 12.6V the TDI BH is noisy underwater at maximum settings: it reacts to the waves. Thus at the moment I really prefer to have just a stabilized battery pack. For my experiment I took a couple of 21700 5aH Li-Ion cells and a dc-dc booster board. the plan is to get "one hunt" battery pack.
  20. I did both of Reg Sniff's suggested mods to my 2013 model TDI SL. I also use a 16v battery pack. I was testing it yesterday on pieces of nickel. I buried a 1 gram piece at 6", and a 1.84 gram piece at 10". The TDI saw both with the 7.5"DF coil, and the 8 x6 NF Sadie coil. The 12"DF coil could only see the 1 grammer....same for the Super Pulse 14" 350. The signal on the 1.84 grammer was faint, but repeatable. I'd definitely have dug it in the field. The signal on the 1 grammer was strong with both the Sadie, and the 7.5DF. Could have easily been deeper. Jim
  21. Seriously....? https://www.metaldetector.com/whites-tdi-beachhunter-extreme-pulse-waterproof-metal-detector
  22. Is it true that some Minelab coils will work on Whites TDI?
  23. This mod has been done at the factory on all SL's made since 2015. So, only applies to earlier models (mine is 2013). It consists of removing the diodes D20, and D21, and capacitor C56. You also have to install a jumper across two of the three diode leads on D21. I'll post a pic showing what I did. The effects of this mod are much more subtle than the sweep speed mod. Maybe a 5-8% gain in sensitivity in the air test on the 1 grain gold bar. But, still some gain, though I had to be paying attention to hear it. This mod should not be undertaken unless you have some serious soldering skills. The components are REALLY tiny....like 1/8" wide, or maybe 3/16" at the very most. Getting the jumper in place is tough...took me 15 minutes of fooling around to get it soldered in. The mod pushed my air test distance on the 1 grainer to 3 1/4", without headphones. Might have done a bit better using the hp's. there is also a slight increase in ground noise to contend with, but nothing that really bothered me. In really ugly ground, it may be worse. We'll see. In the pic, the red triangles are where the diodes were. On D21, you can see the jumper under the lowest leg of the triangle. That jumper is 3/16" long. The straight red line, on the right, is where C56 was located.
  24. Hi folks, so I've ordered myself a TDI SL and spent a few hrs on line trying to find anyone that ships the RnB innovations 14.4v battery to Australia which proved to be an impossible task. So I went on to try and find the highest capacity longest lasting AA batteries for the dry pack and came across the Kentli 1.5v 3000mWh rechargable lithium polimer batteries. I have to say it looks like a brilliant idea but some of the reviews I seen aren't all that great. Now being aware that a lot of reviews are probably BS of one kind or another I have to ask who here has heard of or tried these? The idea of getting a constant 12v in the machine is appealing. Would be good to see some of you electrical gurus out there put them to the test?
  25. Bit the bullet and did the sweep speed mod this morning. Made a huge difference in the acceptable SS. I ran the 1 grain gold bar past the 8 x 6 Sadie coil before doing the mod, and there was a relatively slow, specific sweep speed that gave the best signal. Too fast, and the signal completely disappeared. After the mod, the SS made almost no difference. Fast, slow, the signal was steady. No change in indicated depth in the air test. Threshold was still smooth. I'll post a video of the before/after tests later on. I changed the filter caps (C20, 21) from .47ufd, to ,22ufd. A friend in Florida, who is a civilian tech working for the Navy, was kind enough to send me a few matched pairs of the caps. Without his encouragement, and help, I probably never would have tackled this. Now I'm really glad I did. One tool I'm glad I had was my fly-tying magnifying light. My eyes don't focus like they did when I was young, and that magnification allowed me to see the soldered spots, to be sure I had done a thorough job. Jim
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