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Found 112 results

  1. Just bought a used TDI Sl from eBay. When the ground balance is off the machine is stable and smooth. The second I turn it on the machine goes crazy. I got a good deal on it. Do I send it back or do I send it in to Whites for repairs? Thoughts?
  2. I did both of Reg Sniff's suggested mods to my 2013 model TDI SL. I also use a 16v battery pack. I was testing it yesterday on pieces of nickel. I buried a 1 gram piece at 6", and a 1.84 gram piece at 10". The TDI saw both with the 7.5"DF coil, and the 8 x6 NF Sadie coil. The 12"DF coil could only see the 1 grammer....same for the Super Pulse 14" 350. The signal on the 1.84 grammer was faint, but repeatable. I'd definitely have dug it in the field. The signal on the 1 grammer was strong with both the Sadie, and the 7.5DF. Could have easily been deeper. Jim
  3. Seriously....? https://www.metaldetector.com/whites-tdi-beachhunter-extreme-pulse-waterproof-metal-detector
  4. Just thought I'd post this............. I now run a 14.8v pack (4 x 18650 cells in series) which gives me a 7 hour run time. My previous version used loose cells in a holder but I wasn't happy with that. I made up a battery lead that connects directly to the battery compartment contacts with small brass "screw terminal" connectors soldered with 22AWG wire. A bit fiddly to hook up (long and narrow screw driver needed to tighten the two terminal screws) but very secure and + - leads well apart to avoid a short. I may put in place a rubber divider that further separates the +- battery contacts but the screw connectors are quite secure. The battery pack fits in snugly and does not move around at all. I deliberately made the wire lead long enough so the battery can be unplugged with the excess lead bundled inside the battery compartment. Tony
  5. Is it true that some Minelab coils will work on Whites TDI?
  6. This mod has been done at the factory on all SL's made since 2015. So, only applies to earlier models (mine is 2013). It consists of removing the diodes D20, and D21, and capacitor C56. You also have to install a jumper across two of the three diode leads on D21. I'll post a pic showing what I did. The effects of this mod are much more subtle than the sweep speed mod. Maybe a 5-8% gain in sensitivity in the air test on the 1 grain gold bar. But, still some gain, though I had to be paying attention to hear it. This mod should not be undertaken unless you have some serious soldering skills. The components are REALLY tiny....like 1/8" wide, or maybe 3/16" at the very most. Getting the jumper in place is tough...took me 15 minutes of fooling around to get it soldered in. The mod pushed my air test distance on the 1 grainer to 3 1/4", without headphones. Might have done a bit better using the hp's. there is also a slight increase in ground noise to contend with, but nothing that really bothered me. In really ugly ground, it may be worse. We'll see. In the pic, the red triangles are where the diodes were. On D21, you can see the jumper under the lowest leg of the triangle. That jumper is 3/16" long. The straight red line, on the right, is where C56 was located.
  7. Hi folks, so I've ordered myself a TDI SL and spent a few hrs on line trying to find anyone that ships the RnB innovations 14.4v battery to Australia which proved to be an impossible task. So I went on to try and find the highest capacity longest lasting AA batteries for the dry pack and came across the Kentli 1.5v 3000mWh rechargable lithium polimer batteries. I have to say it looks like a brilliant idea but some of the reviews I seen aren't all that great. Now being aware that a lot of reviews are probably BS of one kind or another I have to ask who here has heard of or tried these? The idea of getting a constant 12v in the machine is appealing. Would be good to see some of you electrical gurus out there put them to the test?
  8. Is there anywhere on this site that has the research or post made from Reg Sniff pertaining to TDI depth in relation to battery voltage? I remember somewhere that stated the reason the original TDI had greater depth capabilities was the increased voltage of the batteries not necessarily the model number. It also had information in relations to voltage limits/performance issues. Just thought I'd ask.
  9. Bit the bullet and did the sweep speed mod this morning. Made a huge difference in the acceptable SS. I ran the 1 grain gold bar past the 8 x 6 Sadie coil before doing the mod, and there was a relatively slow, specific sweep speed that gave the best signal. Too fast, and the signal completely disappeared. After the mod, the SS made almost no difference. Fast, slow, the signal was steady. No change in indicated depth in the air test. Threshold was still smooth. I'll post a video of the before/after tests later on. I changed the filter caps (C20, 21) from .47ufd, to ,22ufd. A friend in Florida, who is a civilian tech working for the Navy, was kind enough to send me a few matched pairs of the caps. Without his encouragement, and help, I probably never would have tackled this. Now I'm really glad I did. One tool I'm glad I had was my fly-tying magnifying light. My eyes don't focus like they did when I was young, and that magnification allowed me to see the soldered spots, to be sure I had done a thorough job. Jim
  10. I know that most of you guys are not using TDIBH for underwater hunt. TDI is actually horrible for this task 'couse it floats. Youare really suffer to hold it under water.... Horrible, you have to spent a lot of energy to sink down the detector. Somebody uses the coil weight, but in my opinion it is not so good solution as it provokes extra wear on the washers and makes the coil not so hydrodynamic.... My solution is to use lead shots in the 3d printed plastic case as a weight. It works great. The weight is just clipped on the shaft and that's it. No modifications whatsoever are needed. If you hunt on the dry send, just take a weight off. Here are some pictures:
  11. At one time I bookmarked or downloaded photo and text instructions on modifying the TDI/SPP to effectively turn it into a TDI/SL. I can't seem to find it. Anyone here know the link(s)?
  12. Hello, I'm looking at penetration through schist / slate type bedrock and quartz vein medium mineralized on a 70 deg vert plane, so the end grain is detectable. Fair amount of fracturing from the use of explosives I believe leaving hairline to 1/32 cracking here and there and some larger along the rock wall with 60 or so years of CA. High Sierra weathering on it. . But I'm also looking at what the penetration depth would be for the same material in solid condition further in from the rock face. Anyone have any experience with these conditions? Target is a leafy up to .5 mm thick ribbons and crystalized pockets of gold in, umm, not sure what they're called but they look like flattened bubbles in the quartz coated with crystalized gold inside, the only visible "bubble" is .70" w x 1.7" or so deep, at least according to my fillet knife. Anyone?
  13. Well I sat down and re-visited the 4 x 18650 batteries for the TDI Beach Hunter and managed a successful battery boost.....It's a snug fit but went in better than expected. Now someone probably has another version but here is my Ghetto version ! I needed to remove most of the White's battery holder to reduce the overall height otherwise the 18650 holder would sit on the floor of the White's holder. All that's really needed is the end part to make the electrical contact. The two outer batteries are quite secure inside the detector as they snug up against the battery compartment housing. 1. Cut down AA White's battery holder 2. Trimmed down 18650 battery holder 3. Removal of two small plastic tabs from the "roof" of the detector's battery compartment (easy and very neat) 4. Bit of hot glue to bring the two holders together but doesn't need to be super strong. 5. Soldering of 18650 leads to contacts on the White's battery holder And for the record.........the depth increase on my gold ring is a solid 1.5" to 2" over the standard 12v pack. Range has jumped from 14" to 16" with GB off and everything else at max.
  14. I finally had time to do some testing on the SL, regarding the Ground balance. Here's the result: TDI SL GB TEST 350 Super Pulse coil. battery voltage at start of test = 16.0v Freq. max., Switch in "ALL", Gain MAX, Pulse delay MIN. 1979 US nickel Sweeping side-to-side. The test setup was having the detector vertical, with the coil on top of a 5 gallon bucket to minimize the ground effects. I taped a yardstick to the shaft. I did NOT use headphones, but did repeatedly sweep the nickel to try and get honest results. GB off 13" GB on: 2 14 1/2" 3 15 1/2" 4 15 1/2" 5 15 1/2" 6 14 1/2" 7 to 11 15 1/2" Freq. set to minimum GB off same GB on: 2 14 3/4" 3 14 1/2 4 14 1/2" 5 14 1/2" 6 thru 11 15" Switch to 12"DF coil GB off 17" GB on: 2-5 17" 6-11 16" 12DF with 1 grain gold bar GB off 3 1/4" GB on: 2-11 3 3/4" Both coils with 6 gram men's gold ring: Both coils detected this very close to the same as they did with the nickel. But, turning the GB on and off had very little effect on the depth. It's apparent to me that on some items, my detector is definitely better with the GB on, but set to 2, or minimum. But on larger gold, the GB has little effect. But what effect there is favors having the GB on, but set to minimum. There was only one instance where having the GB off was an improvement. I also tested my NF Sadie 8 x 6, and was surprised to see it was LESS sensitive to the 1 grain gold bar, than the 12"DF. The Sadie struggled to make 3". For me the best coil is the 12"DF, where it can be used. Where it's too cumbersome, I'll go to the Sadie. The Sadie was better than the 7 1/2"DF, and the MJ 5 x 9. I sorta wish I hadn't sold the 7 1/2"DF...I'd like to test it more. I also tested a 1" thick x 4" diameter hunk of aluminum, with a 1 1/4" hole through the center. Neither coil could detect it near as well as they did the nickel. Jim
  15. I have never experienced this on any version of the TDI. The “ground balance off” mode should be the pure unfiltered signal. Engaging the ground balance engages a filter which reduces the air test results in a properly functioning TDI. The only reason the TDI has the ability to turn off the ground balance is to get this extra depth back, as has been highlighted in numerous online posts and videos. The manual says air test depth increases with the ground balance shut off. What you are saying simply makes no sense from a pure electronics standpoint and how the ground balance functions. If a TDI loses depth in air tests when the ground balance is shut off then in my opinion it is not working properly.
  16. Have been reading past treads from Steve H., Reg Snift, and others concerning modification that could be added to the TDI, TDI PRO, and TDI SL. One was a Li ion battery pack to up the voltage. I can do that. Another was to change a couple caps (c20 and c21) to .22 mf and change a couple op amps. Sounded like Reg would do some for a price. Then sounded like Reid Mann in Virginia would do them. Then the VP from Whites came on the forum asking for feedback. I forget his name but think he just retired , anyway, his final answer sounded like he would have this mod. incorporated into the new TDI SL future production. This was a year or two back. Now my question, Do you know if this mod. has been installed in the new TDI SL that fedex is supposed to deliver to me tomorrow? If not since I'm a retired electronic tech. I could install myself if Reg had given a little more information. If no one has or are willing to give out, do you know anyone that installs the mod. for a price? Thanks, Joe
  17. Has anyone else that’s using the supplied hip/chest mount pouch had issues with it splitting. My first one started within days and Whites sent me a replacement. First time out yesterday with the new one and it’s spliitting by the netting. Its not the design or the stitching, it’s the poor quality material used. They really should’ve used terylene or something stronger
  18. G’day all, can i have the pros and cons on this unit for gold in highly mineralised ground of Aus please? Thanks.
  19. I just purchased a TDI SL special edition. The unit came with the Miner John 8x12". It seems to do OK at the beach but leaves me wondering if another coil could do better. Not overly concerned about finding all the tiny bits. Also I find the walking pace when using the 12" mono, for complete coverage, is a challenge for me on the beach.
  20. i ordered some 3.7v battery's my question is the Balance boards .. will this board work fine for me https://www.banggood.com/3Pcs-4S-30A-14_8V-Li-ion-Lithium-18650-Battery-BMS-Packs-PCB-Protection-Board-Balance-p-1191042.html?gmcCountry=US&currency=USD&createTmp=1&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIkP3vjbbD4AIVwdHACh0vjQInEAEYASABEgJZ_vD_BwE&cur_warehouse=CN also these are the batterys im getting 18650 battery Rechargeable High Drain Battery Voltage: 3.7V Storage Voltage: 3.7-3.9V Charging Cut-off Voltage: 4.2V Discharge Cut-off Voltage: 2.5V Capacity: 4000mAh Size: 18.0*65.0mm Weight: 50g Battery top: Flat top
  21. Just thought I'd share the settings I use when I'm out hunting for gold in Australia. First setting: General gold detecting Set pulse delay to 10' Ground balance in ALL as best as you can' between the high and low tone. Flick into LOW and sweep the coil if your getting ground noises which I generally do just turn the GB up half a notch' so from 9 go to 9.5, if need be you can go a full notch without any huge loss on depth or sensitivity' this should now allow you to use full gain. Dig all high tone responces and listen carefully. Just note that running Low you will only find gold up to about 7-10grams If you still continue to get strange sounds that you can't ignore by advancing the GB setting, try the the GB process all over again but at 12 pulse delay. Second setting: large deep items When Using HIGH set pulse delay at 15-20' ground balance in ALL as best as possible' it will actually be a lot smoother because of the pulse delay setting' flick into HIGH, to remove any ground noise you now "reduce" the GB setting a little say from 6 go to 5. In High you will only detect targets the machine thinks are high conductive and any gold over about 7 grams, don't be concerned about loosing small gold you won't detect it anyway so in this setting run big coils and Use full Gain if possible. Dig all repeatable low tone responces if it turns out to be ground noise reduce the GB setting more up to about 2 notches from the original GB setting or do the GB process again but at a higher pulse delay. This setting will go deep expect big holes. Set the frequency correctly if you can't, use the machine away from EMI but generally the TDI doesn't suffer that bad. Iv found heaps of gold with the first setting so it does work well' but I'm yet to find a massive nugget with the second setting but the deep items I'm digging up shows one will be gold hopefully soon. Hope it helps.
  22. I have had my TDI BH for 2 months now and was wondering if a mono coil would get more depth and less sensitivity to small targets namely lead bullets than the stock Dual Field. Where I hunt there are a lot and they sound good but fall through the holes in my scoop { 10 mm}
  23. I enjoy the DetectorComparison videos, he does a good job. Some not new but solid tips at the end of the video.
  24. ...is that you can chest or hip mount the control box using the included pouch. The TDI BeachHunter is already the lightest weight waterproof ground balancing pulse induction (GBPI) detector on the market at 5.2 lbs. It is also the only GBPI model that comes ready to hip or chest mount. If you chest or hip mount the control box all you are swinging is the rod and coil at about 2 lbs. Nice! Note that the coil on the TDI BeachHunter is hardwired to the control box. Use care not to bend and stress the connection point to the control box as it could lead to premature failure of the coil cable. More about TDI BeachHunter White's TDI BeachHunter with control box in hip mount / chest mount pouch
  25. Version 621-0527


    White's TDI Pro Owner's Manual, 1.67 MB pdf file, 38 pages White's TDI Pro Data & Reviews White's Metal Detector Forum
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