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  1. Karelian hello where did you get those great looking arm cup pads they look very comfortable thanks joe klecz
  2. Jim 58,69 caliber Minnie balls (3 ringers) Connecticut cost size button & vest size eagle button very common targets and a war period cut nail for good measure now in the field with the big box stock coil think it’s 12-13 inch I can dig those 58cal 10-12 inches 69cal 14-16 inch big bullet ,, buttons up to about 10 MAYBE 12 inches there again the new HI-Q will never see it with the TDI Sl in hot soil with stock power or even a slight upgrade
  3. Kac air test were done with both the big box and the sl using the same relics for targets the big box knocked the sl out of the park ,, no EMI gain turned up what ever I could do to make the new sl perform like a champ ,, I like the color and really enjoy the lighter weight but the results aren’t there besides it’s raining and can’t get it dirty it needs to be in brand new unused condition in order to send it back
  4. If it can’t pass an air test with decent results, it sure won’t penetrate earth
  5. Was here with the with the 7.5 and Hi-Q coils , it leaves tomorrow,, absolutely no comparison to the big box TDI ,, and the HI-Q isn’t any better at air tests than the 7.5 coil,, Whites says it’s for relics as well as gold (HI-Q) maybe gold,, not relics having pursued relics for the past 35 years this combo isn’t it ,, I’ll stick with the big box and the standard spider coil,,, or use my other pulse the M/L GPX5000 ,, and as someone else had written ,, we shouldn’t have to buy or make higher voltage batteries to gain depth ,, don’t get me wrong I love my Whites detectors owning1, Big Box
  6. Have a mine lab gpx 5000 and ordered a whites tdi sl for a backup unit a friend told me the gpx coils will work on the tdi?? But it’s not here yet to see if they will even plug in to the whites , so what’s the truth ??? Thanks
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