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  1. (Update... im not taking the ctx3030 and instead I’m buying a equinox800 and practice with that and take it to the digstock event. there has been some very good advice offered I the comments... things that as a newbie I wouldn’t have considered.) I’m recently retired and decided to start some new hobbies, metal detecting is one of them. i bought a CTX3030 used at a great price from the president of the Ohio Detectorist association. It included the stock coil and a 17 inch. I’m still learning how to use it and so I basically dig every signal I get. my question is this... I’m going to travel to Chazy NY for DigStock 2020 and will be hunting relics and coins... in open fields. should I use the CTX3030 or should I also invest in a Garrett ATX and deepseeker for this event or should I take both? thoughts? ~Django
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