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  1. Thanks phrunt. I'll just have to use them with my phone, tablet pc and tv. Still can't understand why they won't even connect. Cheers
  2. Hi all, and thanks for letting me join. I know this has been asked previously but I was recommended (by another forum user) to get a pair of AptxLL Qualcomm headphones to use with my 600. The ones I went for were August EP640 4.1, which is the same ones the user said works perfectly for. Ok, charged them up, switched on 600, switched on headphones to search for BT. No joy, tired it every way but alas, no luck. Two strange things, I can connect a pair of crappy standard headphones in a few seconds to the 600 but the lag and sound is so crappy it's a non-runner. I can also connect my EP640s to my phone , laptop and tablet in seconds. But not my 600. I sent him a message to ask what his experience with them was, he replied that he couldn't understand as his connected easily. Help! Has anyone any answers/tips/reasons? Many thanks in advance. (Paddyspurs)
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