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  1. Got em today and am blown away so far with music...... Sounds like Dave Matthews voice is in the middle of my head..... WOW.....
  2. As promised in another thread, I went to my small beach with the Deus 2 to try out settings that @ColonelDan posted. While I had similar results with simply using Beach Sensitive and Beach programs, I was intrigued by the tweaks. Another beautiful day, I was only at this spot for 3 hours, it's my 13th wedding anniversary. My wife insisted I go as long as I spent the rest of the day doing what she wanted to. Who could say no? 😀 I quickly set up Beach Sensitive using the settings from this thread: Off I went. I used Reactivity 1.5 and everything else as mentioned. I don't move very fast, but wanted a bit quicker response. Typically if a target, especially in the water, is much deeper than 12" I don't want to leave a crater so I pass on it. Faint signals are usually deep. I try to refill holes when people are there in the water. First thing I noticed was that when I encountered large shallow iron, the BH-01 headphones just about jumped off my head, the sensation was almost painful, so I turned audio volume down to 8. I was also worried about blowing up the phones 😀 it happened a few more times so with the bone conduction headphones I'll have to figure out a better volume for iron. Otherwise, the bottle cap rejection was great, I scooped a few but knew what they were. This beach and the sand underwater out to about chest deep is pretty clear of targets, especially since I've been here. 😁 I got two other large sinkers and a nice croaker rig but left them for fishermen. I like the settings, even deep targets jump right out. Just have to do something about that iron blast 🤔 it shakes the headphones so much I fear damage. I really like square pitch audio and the BH-01 headphones. It's great having situational awareness and loud audio for targets, as I have long hoped to have with bone conduction. Hopefully a wireless pair will be developed eventually. I find the headphones comfortable, even like they're not there - both with wire in front or back. The audio is excellent when positioned properly. I'll probably leave the Deus 2 in permanent beach mode! The only target that jumped out for me today was a 2001 clad quarter, so again not a total skunk. Solid 95. I'm going to let this place alone for a while, probably until after 4 July. I've got other water hunts coming up, but by then here will be beach only because of the jellyfish. It was a great day to get out and hack around, and I took my wife and dog out all afternoon, we had a blast. 🤗 Here's a gratuitous butterfly photo: Thanks to ColonelDan for the settings! 👍
  3. Good morning DP forum. Now that the GPX6 has been out for awhile and I'm sure people have had time to play with various boosters, I'm wondering what the consensus is. The easy question, do you think they are worth it? Do they make enough of a difference to bother with the extra attachments and cables - even if they are kept to a minimum? 5% improvement? 20% improvement? Have you done any specific testing over un-dug targets with and without booster? Interested to hear your thoughts and, if you continued to use a booster, what are you using and how have you set it up? Are you using speakers or wired headphones to the booster? The reason I ask is that I am considering purchasing a booster, but my gut feel is that it is not going to make enough of a difference to be worth it. My current set-up of AS70 BT LL receiver attached to my shirt and then plugged into either some ear buds or a speaker provides good clarity audio. Perhaps a booster allows lower detector volume and a smoother threshold for the same sensitivity setting? Or improved signal response? Really interested to hear the responses. And JP, Doc and Phase Tech - please don't sit on the side lines just because you manufacture/sell them - would love to hear your views too 👍 Cheers, N.E.
  4. Anyone figured out a good way to make the headphones more insulated to wind noises? I just used them for the first time (I've been toughing it out with the speaker until now, I hate headphones), winds 30-40mph, and it almost wasn't much better than just using the speaker, I could still barely hear the detector through the headphones. It's like they need some earmuffs to go over them to dampen the wind or something.
  5. What does anyone like for Tarsacci Headphones for wading? It would seem simple connection waterproofing of stock headphones would be enough for general purpose, but not available. Sent a message to Dimitar asking if he did these, no answer. Taking that as a no, is there a cost effective way to waterproof the connection? Electrical tape comes to mind. Is a very small mind. Any thoughts?
  6. Haven't been posting much, been very busy on a few home projects. A few weeks ago I was browsing Amazon and others for Aptx-LL headphones and came upon these: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B085DKHY5K Falwedi Active Noise Cancelling Headphones. They are over ear, and only $39.95, but broke as I am waiting for Social Security, I was thrilled to get them for $29.95 that day. 🤣 Whenever I find something like this, I always search the reviews and questions for "broke" or "broken", I was shocked to find only 4 of over 1700 mentions. Not bad! I also search for "Equinox", not trusting the "bathroom lawyers". There was one mention among all the other reviews confidently stating they were not Aptx-LL. So, I took a chance. They arrived in this snazzy case with cords and stuff. Here are the details: Excellent padding on the earmuffs and headband, if you get uncomfortable with these consider a head transplant. 😀 They seal solidly over the ears for folks that want the world shut out, and you can turn on noise cancelling independently, which reduces the level a bit. When I write that these are loud, I mean it - LOUD. You may have to turn the Equinox output volume down if you have these full blast. YMMV. They have metal backing for the plastic adjusters. I think the Achilles' heel is the swivel joint, some electrical tape wrapped around that always prevents breakage for me. You can use them at any level you want, the USB C fast charging input charges them up for 40 (!) hours of use. No distortion, and low tones are bassy. All in all these headphones are going to be my new favorite for cold weather hunting, they pair faster and more reliably than any other headphones I have. Turn them on first, wait for the "pairing" prompt, then turn the Equinox on. Bam. Zoom the pic to see the B+.
  7. Hello, I am looking for a solution on how to vibrate the Equinox 600/800 detector for a deaf person who will use it underwater. As you know, a deaf person wears hearing aids that are not waterproof and cannot be immersed under water, and in these headphones he is not able to hear the signals, too much hearing loss is about 95dB. I did a few attempts with a small amplifier and vibration motor from an old cell phone, but there are problems: - after connecting the system to the Nox800 on the cable, the motor makes a slight buzzing noise but does not react to the metal signal in the coil, - after connecting the system to the WM08 wireless module, the vibration works great on signals, but unfortunately after the detector is submerged under water, it loses the wireless connection. - if I connect the headphone (computer) cable to the Noxa800 and at the end of the handset (the signal is heard in the headphones) I cut the cable and solder it to the system, vibration works great on the signals. Why is it that the vibration does not work directly on the cable and it works through the headphone cable? Is there anyone on the forum who will cover this topic? One more thing. The deaf person uses an induction loop instead of headphones, which works with the hearing aid above the water and on the ground. This loop connected to the detector via the cable is perfect, but when it is connected to the WM08, a buzzing can be heard in the background. How to do it to eliminate interference?
  8. I picked up a couple of sets of ear buds to try with the Legend because in the summer in Arizona it is way to hot to wear over the ear headphones, picked up a couple decent pairs to try 1 pair made by TOZO they work flawlessly connected rite up as soon as i turned the Legends Bluetooth on in a matter of 2 seconds the second pair was a set of bone conduction made by a different company called Dunspin they were equally as fast connecting to the Legend, both pairs have no lag from what I can tell and sound really clear when detecting just wanted to post this up to give people options picked both up on Amazon
  9. Curious if the Legend is compatible with the Pulse Dive pointer and maybe the Green headphones. Anyone know?
  10. I just received a new Vanquish 540 pro pack today. I was hoping to keep it simple for the wife to use. Currently she uses a Whites Classic ID with the Garrett Z-link module and headphones. The Garrett headphones are flawless. Doesn't matter what you turn on first and they connect quickly. The Vanquish with the ML80's seems to be a bit touchy IMO. If you turn the headphones on first and then the detector it seems to work ok. The problem I keep having is I keep hitting the blue tooth button instead of the button for the different programs. Then when I press the button to turn the blue tooth back on it takes longer to connect than it initially did. They shouldn't have placed that button so close and made it the same size as the programs button. I know on the Equinox it's on the side somewhere. Mind you, I just got this detector a few hours ago so I will probably get use to hitting the correct button once I use it some. I'm tempted to somehow cover that button where it can't be pushed so easily. Anyone else had this issue and come up with a solution? The Garrett's also have auto off if you don't use them for an extended period of time. What about the ML80's? Will they just stay on until the battery drains? I don't see anything in the manual about that. Thanks for your comments. Harold
  11. Below is an example of the device I'm referring to. Will this work if placed between the detector and the headphones or does it only work if placed in front of an amplifier? By 'work' I mean does it attenuate lower frequencies without much effect on the higher frequencies?
  12. i am done with fones with dangling wires that get caught up
  13. I scored a Simplex with wireless headphones over the weekend and one of the things I do when I get something technological that unnecessarily uses or attempts to use proprietary connections for common accessories is I immediately begin thinking about how to adapt it to what I already have for use. I did this for example when there were not yet waterproof headphones available for the Equinox. Then it hit me. The CTX-3030 uses the same 8 pin mini din for its waterproof headphones as Nokta Makro is now using, so I already have a $160 pair of Grey Ghost underwater headphones with 8 pin connector. But making an adapter for the equinox is not apples to apples when contemplating whether to plug those Grey Ghosts in the Simplex. With the equinox it was a simple threaded 1/8 jack adapter conversion and the port on the equinox is exclusively audio, so nothing to mess up. The Simplex has a bit more going on with its headphone port, which can also connect to power, and updates I believe as I sit here. Also who is to say the audio connections are on the exact same pins. The pattern could theoretically be different, I think. So I’m wondering if any other CTX/Nokta-Makro owners have noticed this and tried it already? It’s really more of a technical and annoyance issue with me than saving $109 for the proprietary set. By now, headphones, chargers etc should all be pretty standard absent something really special going on, but that is in part how companies make more money (and e-waste)selling you things you already bought and wouldn’t need to buy again if they didn’t go out of their way to make it incompatible with others or standard accessory connections. I don’t hate the players. I don’t even hate the game. It’s kind of a challenge to find a way to overcome it where it’s safe to do so.
  14. I have a set of Apple AirPods that I can’t get to pair to the Equinox. Has anyone been able to try this successfully?
  15. Hi! Hope y'all doing great! So, today i got a package from the USA! I was recommended to get this kit! Can't wait to try it on my GPX 5000!!! Anyone here runs one of these? Best regards
  16. Hello all, new here from the Pacific Northwest. I have high frequency hearing loss and was wondering if anyone knows if detectors can sync up with hearing aids. Also, am curious on recommendations for a good entry level machine for multi-purpose detecting in my part of the country. Thanks. thought I would try this again now that I am retired. Last detected about 30 years ago.
  17. Hello. im looking for a good setup for filming hunts and first person video shots of me working . What Camera/mic setup are you currently using ? How is your setup configured? Wat mic setup? Best Things not to buy or waste your time trying? Thanks Gary
  18. Need to rewire the rotten cable on my original excal II headphones. Just added a CTX endcap to my excal and bought a set of Tony E's phones with CTX connector. Want to fix the yellow Koss phones as a backup with a CTX plug. If you have Red and Black wires coming off of the PCB, how do I make the splice at the phones cable that has Red,Black,Yellow and White. It appears that the Black and Yellow are paired and the Red and White are paired. Any help would be appreciated.
  19. Hi Jeff. Did you have some testing time with your new Spectra? How do you like the SpectraSound WHP? I do like them a lot since I use them.
  20. I've read some things here that confused me, and I checked them out today, finding the source of the confusion. Sunray makes two sets of Pro Gold headphones: the 'Originals' and the 'CTX version'. I have the former. I've read that you need the CTX version if you want to use them with the Equinox. (As always, maybe I didn't read the fine print.) When I plug my 'Originals' (via a 1/4" female to 3.5 mm male adapter) into the back side of the control module it's as if they aren't connected at all. Nothing comes through the headphones and the Equinox speaker emits its normal sounds. Presumably this is what has been reported here. However, using the WM-08 wireless module (connected to the headphones with the same adapter) the speaker is bypassed and the sound in the headphones is loud and clear. In fact it is noticeably louder than with the Garrett MS-2 headphones. Although I didn't check my White's ProStars, in the past they performed similarly to the MS-2's. The sound quality doesn't seem quite as clean but the Pro Golds certainly have enough sound quality to work well in the field. I wonder if the volume difference has to do with impedence matching. Anyway, bottom line is don't throw out your Original Pro Golds if you have converted to an Equinox user.
  21. I use a low latency Avantree Torus wireless Bluetooth collar headphone with my Equinox and wanted the same option for my Garrett 24k. This Bluetooth transmitter works well with my 24k and is also rated as low latency, so there’s very little lag time between swinging over a target and hearing the target tones. Use stick-on Velcro to hold it onto the back side of the arm cuff and run the cable into the audio input/output port on the detector. You will need a 1/8” female to 1/4” male plug adapter to connect the two. A right angle adapter helps make for a lower cord profile into the detector’s audio output plug. The manufacturer says it lasts up to 14 hours, mine is new and I haven’t used it over eight hours yet. It seems to work well, causes no interference and delivers nice audio. I’ll post a better review after a few days of harder field testing. It may be a good option to use for wireless Bluetooth audio with other detectors as well. Edits: not water proof so use a baggie cover. A right-angle adapter makes it nicer as the cord won’t stick out the back so far (as shown in new photos) Giveet Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07198BBZN?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share CERRXIAN Right Angle 1/4 Male to 1/8 Female Adapter: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N5LWJWQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_i_QP59Q3BYB1T42CSRZGGV
  22. The Minelab ML-80 headphone is made by another company and sold under other brand names. The Miccus Stealth SR-71 has been a popular alternative. Unfortunately an update has possibly made the latest version of these headphones incompatible with the Minelab Equinox. From this ad: "IMPORTANT NOTE FOR METAL DETECTOR USE: The current SR-71 Bluetooth 5.0 release DOES NOT work with metal detecting equipment. The reviews are citing earlier 4.2 versions of the headphones." This also for the Miccus website: "Are different brands of Bluetooth products compatible? Yes. Bluetooth manufacturers are required to make their Bluetooth products compatible with all other Bluetooth devices; failure to meet this requirement means products cannot legally display the Bluetooth logo. Just because a device is Bluetooth enabled, however, does not mean it supports the A2DP stereo music profile. All Miccus Bluetooth products support A2DP and will only work with other Bluetooth devices that support the A2DP profile as well."
  23. So I did a little more experimenting with the WM08 and various wired headphones I have around the house and I am noticing a little difference in latency VS Bluetooth, specially with pinpointing as suggested in responses to my previously posted WM08 question. I also noticed quite a difference in sound of different headphones when used with the WM08 too. I've been looking into some of your suggested headphones, such as Gray Ghost, Sunray Gold, Killer Bee, etc., as well as looking at older posts regarding headphones for use with the Equinox. This leads me to ask a question to those of you who prefer wired phones with your Nox. What full over-the-ear wired headphones do you prefer with your Equinox and why? TIA for your help.
  24. Refer to page 48 in Minelab Equinox Manual: Am I missing something or is the instruction wrong or a type-o? Manual states: "The non-ferrous setting can not be a higher number than the ferrous setting." Should it not read: "The non-ferrous setting can not be a lower number than the ferrous setting." Of course it may have 'flew over my head' . . . I've spend some time attempting to clarify the statement but it still appears like a type-o. What's the verdict? While on this subject: Are t1(50Hz) and (t2)500Hz fixed in terms of pitch or frequency? I would think they are permeably set. Just curious. Thanks, Billy
  25. I've been hunting in primarily Park 2 with 50 Tones and no discrimination (all metal) on land for the last year or so and feel I have learned to hear some nuances as to target sizes and shapes with that. I previously hunted in the stock Park 1 with 5 Tones and felt I wasn't hearing all the information that was coming in from the targets. I usualy go to the East Coast of Florida one or two times a year and use the stock Beach 1 or Beach 2 programs which are 5 Tones. I was reading some discussions where different tones were discussed and someone mentioned they could hear nuances of target responses in 2 Tones and that confused me. Isn't 2 Tones sort of a dig everything not ferrous sort of scenario? Is there more information in the 2nd Tone that I'm not hearing? I've only ever used 2 Tones playing around with the stock Field 1 so I haven't used it enough to find out much about it. So do you beach hunters use 2 Tones, 5 Tones, or 50 Tones and which works better for you? Thanks in Advance!
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