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Found 217 results

  1. The Minelab ML-80 headphone is made by another company and sold under other brand names. The Miccus Stealth SR-71 has been a popular alternative. Unfortunately an update has possibly made the latest version of these headphones incompatible with the Minelab Equinox. From this ad: "IMPORTANT NOTE FOR METAL DETECTOR USE: The current SR-71 Bluetooth 5.0 release DOES NOT work with metal detecting equipment. The reviews are citing earlier 4.2 versions of the headphones." This also for the Miccus website: "Are different brands of Bluetooth products compatible? Yes. Bluetooth manufacturers are required to make their Bluetooth products compatible with all other Bluetooth devices; failure to meet this requirement means products cannot legally display the Bluetooth logo. Just because a device is Bluetooth enabled, however, does not mean it supports the A2DP stereo music profile. All Miccus Bluetooth products support A2DP and will only work with other Bluetooth devices that support the A2DP profile as well."
  2. I'm a former XP Deus user and have been searching around for aptX LL headphones similar to my old Deus WS4 wireless backphones so that I can wear sunhats. I purchased the 66 AUDIO BTS Pro's last week and was pretty disappointed after syncing them up to the Equinox 800 and no aptX LL!!! I contacted their tech support and didn't hear anything for a couple of days. I boxed them up to return to Amazon and just as I was heading out the door to the UPS Store I received an email from them saying "We will send over a manual firmware update in 1-2 days to resolve the aptX-LL issue." Two days later (today) I got the firmware update. The update went smoothly on my PC, I synced up to the Equinox 800 and aptX LL now works GREAT!!! I tested them out around my garden and they're awesome. If anyone needs the firmware update file without having to wait four days send me a PM. These headphones sound great, loud, are comfortable and have some pretty impressive specs with a 40 hour battery and 100 foot range. https://www.66audio.com/bts-pro https://www.amazon.com/66-AUDIO-Wireless-Bluetooth-Headphones/dp/B01M8M4R7K
  3. Hi All, I am a newbie and purchased a Garrett AT Max. I am having trouble pairing the MS-3 Z-Lynk Headphones to the AT Max. Am I missing something? Manual says push the 2 buttons with headphones on. Did this like 50 times.
  4. Just got a set of these shipped in 3 days from Hungary. Perfect impedance match for the N/M detectors--incredible sound. Very clean and sharp --brings my accuracy up a lot. They are so loud they need to be run at 8. I worked with the manufaturer to improve his strain relief system (see the Heyco)--very nice set of phones for these machines. cjc
  5. Dropped the headphones in salt water ;( Has anyone taken these apart ? Want to try to clean , also I assume [ always dangerous ] that this is not covered under warrantee ?
  6. On occasion, when connecting my Equinox to wireless headphones (either Minelab or SoundPeats), my machine will run the 15 second search with the WI-stream and then stops searching. The Bluetooth symbol does not appear. It just runs using the external speaker. Today, I was going to record this problem before sending it in for repair. Of course it is now working. So could it be possibly a problem with being on the beach? There is much more EMI where I am staying.
  7. hi all has anyone had trouble with pairing the 600 with aftermarket headphones i ordered a pair of low latency aptx bluetooth head phones which paired fine but just made a crackling sound so tried some cheaper ones i had in the house and none of them paired at all so went back to crawfords who tried the tronds on another 600 and the same again and tried pairing the other phones i took still would not pair on the shop 600 only phones that paired and worked fine were the mindlab ones so had to buy them so was wondering if anyone else has had this problem with after market headphones even tried a pair of £200 beats headphones from the guy across the road and again they paired but no sound just a faint crackling sound could be heard the guy in crawfords was very helpful and is going to contact minelab and ask them about it so if anyone has had this problem to i would like to hear from you regards andy
  8. New to forum my name is Joe I live in Texas this must be the gold state everyone is moving here I need some help with headphones. I need light weight. well built cover my ear so not to crush them with volume control and 1/4" angle plug Thanks Joe
  9. have a nox 600 and bought a set of GG NDT headphones. got a m/lab adapter but the GG's dont work with them but all my other 1/4 in plug ones do! where can i get the proper one
  10. Hello everyone , I am new to this community and I am looking forward to share my detecting experience as I get familiar with the site. I am interested to see if others are having difficulty with the low volume on the Simplex green wireless headphones . I am older and don’t think my hearing is that bad but I really struggle to hear the sounds with these headphones. I bought the Simplex as a detector that my friends can use if I have an extra guest on a hunt . I normally use a Deus and have no trouble hearing the soft tones on deep targets . Does anyone have any info on the Simplex phone volume ?
  11. I've been detecting for awhile now and have in the last couple of years started to use headphones, I always like to hear things around me. So my Question is who makes a quality single muff headphone ???? Or can you macgyver one, The headset can be designed for metal detecting or for audio use, I don't care, I Just want a good quality headphone. Any help would be much appreciated (cost is not an issue) durability is. Hopefully this is not a dead horse. I'm new to the site so I apologize if this has been discussed before.
  12. Does anyone have any recommendations for aftermarket aptX low latency headphones for the 800? I have hearing problems and I am not happy with the sound quality of the Minelab headphones. They have a mushy sound and I prefer a crisper sound. I have Killer B's that sound much better but I prefer not to deal with a wired connection Thanks!
  13. Got my new steelPHASE 01 enhancer from Rob's today.... Let's try and see if it helps the 4500 find elusive gold.... Anyone using these ?
  14. I haven’t been able to get away and hunt very much this year due to various reasons and last week I finally found a little free time so I headed to the hills for a few days of hanging out with Zed. In anticipation of getting away for a hunt I called Rob and had him send me one of those new SteelPHASE enhancer/filter’s and wow fastest shipping I’ve ever experienced, Rob must have jumped on a plane and stuffed it in my mail box, or could have just been overnight shipping anyway it was really fast. Gold was very scarce nails, tiny bits of rust, tacks and bird shot were a plenty the tiny piece of gold weighing in at a whopping 1.95 grains I did find this trip gave a clear indication down under around 3” of forrest mulch and soil, this is the smallest bit of gold I’ve found with the 7000 to date. I’d attribute finding this piece to the sP01 it made the zed a little more stable and tightened up the target response it was easier to tell the difference between ground noise and targets and I was digging some deep small bits of rusty nail and other itsy bits of trash. The sP01 was comfortable to carry too, I was a little concerned about adding another gadget to the mix with more cables to get in the way and after getting my enhancer I was thinking the cable used for connecting to the wm12 might be a little long. Wrong, everything was perfect and if not for the fact my detector was running great I could forget anything was different in my setup. With the sP01 clipped to my zed harness on the head phone shoulder side and the wm12 on the other shoulder the cable ran perfectly over the wm12 shoulder around my back and under the arm on the sP01 side. Once plugged in the cable never hung up or got in my way was comfortable, really great product engineering. I also bought a SpotX satellite device, so many (most) of the remote areas we go into alone have no cell service and help is a long way off. In short it’s good, but not great an evolving technology. In a nutshell it works although on its own schedule at least with non-emergency texts, most of mine were sent, some did not and I think there are limitations on how soon one text can be sent after another I’m still figuring the little quirks out something with traffic limitations and the system needing to reset...but, don’t ask cause I don’t know. The service has nine different rates based on 3 different plans, a basic, advanced and an unlimited service ranging from around $14 a month to $40 a month for the unlimited flex plan. The basic plan monthly payments gets you 12 texts a month, the advanced plan get you 100 texts a month plus more frequent satalite access and unlimited is well... the three tiers are repeated except when you pay the year up front you get all your available text limit for the year and they all are good for the entire year plus it’s a couple bucks cheaper, the three levels are again repeated as flex, this has slightly higher rates and no one year commitment you can start/stop as it fits all the plans come with an $100 activation fee. I chose the advanced with 1200 texts for the year. I also added rescue insurance, roadside assistance and replacement insurance for an additional $85, the rescue insurance provides $100K/$50K per occurrence, roadside 50miles towing free, off road ok and winching service available at the push of a button that also sends the tow service your gps and a map with your location pinpointed, you can also send the gps data and map with a text. All in all The device, tax, fee and service for the year set me back roughly $750, cheap insurance I think. There are also other tracking and social networking features, it’s actually a great device and gave me some comfort knowing if I needed I could get help and also it was great being able to send my wife a note and let her know everything was good.
  15. One of my good metal detecting friends now needs hearing aids but doesn't know if they will interfere with the electronics of the GPX 5000 or if it will interfere with with his hearing aids, any one have expedience with this? We will not be able to test this out until late February, any help will be appreciated.
  16. Just ordered these: and paired with one of these portable chargers (for example):: am wondering if it will work prospecting in the US Southwest desert. (If not it won't be the first time I've wasted $10, even this month.) I'll report back when they arrive, but given it's Christmas rush for shippers it may not be until after Christmas. Here's a link to a Google Search which shows several places to buy the above speakers. And just one choice of the USB charger/power-pack of many on the market.
  17. I will be taking the Simplex swimming this summer, and looked into some underwater headphones. N/M makes UW phones for the Kruzer and Anfibio, and they will also work on the Simplex. On some of the forums some of the owners of the N/M UW phones mentioned they are not loud enough. I ran into the same issue with the nox phones from Minelab. Too quiet for my 60 yr old ears. I ended up getting some LS Pelso phones and they had nice volume. But I sold them along with the nox last year. I checked with kellyco who is a distributor for Pelso, and they did not know if Pelso made the UW phones for The Simplex, Kruzer and Anfibio. I went on Ebay. and sure enough there was one set for the Simplex that the manufacturer in Hungary had listed. Cost $94 with one week shipping. Well they arrived today. I plugged them into the Simplex, turned it on, still had the volume in the machine cranked up to 4, swept a quarter past the coil, and my head almost exploded. 🤢!! I turned the volume down in the Simplex to 1, and the volume is just right for me now. If you need a louder set of UW phones, check out the Pelso brand. A nice snug fit, good quality as well. HH & Swimming.
  18. Does anyone know the thread size of the toggle switches in the detector pro phones? Grey Ghost, Black Widow. I want to order toggle boots for them. I called detector pro and they had no idea on thread size. I know this thread gets lots of eyes. If I get an answer and the mods want to move this to somewhere else, thanks. Dave
  19. I was wondering if someone has a 5.0 bluetooth transmitter that they've paired with the Nox to see if it is actually APTX LL or not. I have 3 models of the Taotronics TT-Ba07, 08 and 09, none give the + sign when paired to the machine. I'm not trying to use it with the Nox, but another machine. My Q-12 earbuds when paired have the + sign. I need a transmitter to use with the Q-12's for minimum lag. Any input or suggestions would be bigly appreciated.
  20. Looking for some affordable recommendations for water proof headphones. Mainly want them for the days when it is raining out. Thanks, Kirk
  21. I have been trying to contact Detectorrepair for information on the GG Amphibian headphones.....trying to find out if the ones they sell for the Excalibur are the version II’s. The stock photo shows the originals with the volume control. I am after the version II. I have tried emailing from Australia several times with no response. The company is https://detectorrepair.com If anyone could contact them on my behalf that would be very helpful. i want to order the GG Amphibians II.....comes with the potted plug. Thanks, Tony
  22. The Impulse AQ has a volume control. The headphones are not the ones Fisher has used for a long time on the 1280X and CZ-21. They look more like the DetectorPro Amphibian without external volume control than anything else I have seen. Should be a great fit, and hopefully we for once will get an underwater detector that has excess volume enough for underwater use. The headphones have a unique but easily obtainable three pin connector so aftermarket phones should be quick to follow. As will some kind of dongle to convert to 1/4” so we can use dry land headphones or wireless adapters. Fisher would be smart to make the dongle available themselves but we will see. Photos by Rick Kempf, click for larger views.
  23. Hey everybody. Since I have bought the Equinox 800 as all of you know it comes with the WM08 module. I really don't hear of anyone much using that module. Minelab claims it has 17ms latency. Supposedly the AptX LL headphones have around 40ms latency. Coming from a computer/networking background I do realize there is a difference between these numbers. But in the real world of using the Equinox has anyone ran the WM08 and found it to be noticeably "quicker" than the wireless headphones? I have only been out on 1 hunt so far with the Equinox 800 and was very pleased and used the headphones. The headphones are very nice, very comfy to wear and have good audio. However I have a pair of gray ghost headphones I use with my Teknetics T2SE and really like them. I have ordered the headphone adapter cable from Digger's Den (Thanks again Brian for having the best price) and plan to try out the WM08 with the trusty gray ghosts. I don't feel it is necessary to baby the gray ghosts vs I do feel the minelab wireless headphones need more care and gentle handling. So again I ask, has anyone else used the WM08 and found it to be better in some way? It seems it is a waste to not put the module to work. Call it ignorance, but I want the lowest latency possible.
  24. LS.PELSO Waterproof Headphones for the Minelab Equinox Colonel Dan 5 September 2018 I had an opportunity to test these new waterproof headphones for the Equinox and wanted to share my thoughts with those on this forum. Rest assured, I have no financial interest in these headphones and am under no obligation in any way to Kellyco, the retailer. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Upfront Disclaimer: I'm neither an engineer nor an employee of Kellyco, I'm just a guy who uses his detecting equipment like many of you. The internal technical details of how the equipment is manufactured and functions I leave to the experts. This independent review is strictly from the average Equinox user stand point and focuses on what detectorists like me look for in a good set of headphones. First Impression: Solid. My initial impression of the LS.PELSO headphones was how solidly constructed they were; no flimsy materials anywhere. The cable was especially impressive; first class quality all the way and long enough to ensure ease of use without placing any strain on the cable. Fit and Comfort: Very good. Sufficiently tight without unduly squeezing your head as some headphones I've tried. They're easily adjusted for proper fit and stay in place very well even under sweaty conditions. The ear pads are soft, comfortable and well fitting. Ambient noise reduction: Excellent. The LS.PELSO headphone base unit was originally designed for hearing protection/noise reduction and modified to include underwater speakers. Consequently, they reduce outside noise extremely well. The true test; I could easily hear faint signals of small deep targets with negligible distracting sounds from the environment. Tone Quality: Exceptional. The speakers provide outstanding tonal quality under all test conditions. Clear, crisp and distinct. These headphones don't use piezo technology but high quality underwater speakers...a big difference in my view! Faint Signals: Excellent. The combination of effective noise reduction and high quality tones produced by real speakers work hand in hand in producing those faint whispers where many good targets try to hide. With these headphones, I could pick up those small targets at depth well enough to certainly prompt me to dig them. Durability: Looking good. I obviously can't report on long term durability since I only had these a few days for testing and review purposes. Having said that, based solely on the observed quality of the materials and construction, I'm going to bet these will be more durable than many I've used. Waterproof: Absolutely. I think the best testimonial I could provide comes from a hunting buddy who had his set completely submerged for 30 minutes and they worked perfectly throughout. Speakers vs Piezo: I can't testify as to any detailed engineering specifications but I can and will say this; these are the first headphones I've ever had on my head where I had to turn the volume down on my detector. Although these headphones aren't equipped with an independent volume control, I never missed that feature. The volume control of my Equinox was more than sufficient for adjusting it to a comfortable level. When I first turned on my detector with these headphones attached, I was indoors and the Equinox volume was set at 25--they nearly blew my ears off. Outdoors, I was certainly able to adjust the volume sufficiently to insure those whispers were heard. On other headphones I've used with an independent volume control, I had to keep them at max level. As noted, these headphones utilize true underwater speakers and are thus far beyond any I've used which employ piezo technology. Conclusion: I'm sorry I had to give them back after testing but I will have a set of these. They're truly superior water proof headphones in my estimation and will become my “go to” set for the Equinox in and out of the water! Now you may ask, “Why would I need a set of waterproof headphones? I don't hunt in the water.” Have you ever been caught in a downpour? Ours is an outdoor sport and when it rains, I certainly don't want to risk my non-waterproof wireless Equinox headphones. These LS.PELSOs are just the ticket for both excellent performance and peace of mind but again, that's just the view from my foxhole... https://www.kellycodetectors.com/catalog/ls-pelso-underwater-headphones
  25. Came across this little gadget. It is a mini equalizer. I thought it might be good on machines like the Garretts that would allow adjustment on the base (iron audio) to tone it down. Has anyone tried one of these?
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