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  1. I am not a headphone guy , dont like wearing them dont like the fact that i cant hear whats going on around me , but i tried out the wireless headphone on the ORX, and was amazed at how nice they are and simple and yet i can hear my suroundings and i dont get all sweaty, and the sound is great , and if you really want a cool sound keep the speeker on and the headphones it sounds like suround sound stereo sound . you hear the lows clearly , and hear i figured they may have been a cheep joke, but now that i have used them i give them a A+
  2. This almost seems like a stupid question but I have to ask. Does anyone wear their Hearing Aids with Headphones? Thanks! Walt
  3. In all the research I've done so far, the 2 waterproof headphones that get mentioned the most as the "best" options for underwater with the Equinox are the Patriot Headphones (http://metaldetecting.com/en/patriot-equinox-water-weq) and the Tony Eisenhower's Headphones. Has anyone actually used both and can accurately compare the 2 models? I'm talking in terms of volume underwater and comfort.
  4. I have a set of Apple AirPods that I can’t get to pair to the Equinox. Has anyone been able to try this successfully?
  5. The headphone cable on the AQ underwater headphones is over 6 feet long. But it is coiled up so tightly it pulls on and stresses the cable near to where it connects to the detector. Now certainly a good preventative measure is to use a tie wrap to attach the cable to the rod under the elbow as a strain relief. I'm a little lazier though and want my headphones to not be pulling that hard in the first place. The cable should hang with a bit of a slack in it before it gets to the detector, instead of pulling sharply upward. So this is an oldtimers trick to relax the cable on new headphones. Just tie them up and let them hang. You usually do not have to worry about them getting too long. In fact, you may have to do it again later as the try to go back to the original coiled configuration. But I get mine to where I want them, and worry a lot less about stressing the connector down the road.
  6. Hey guys, I've been using my Nox 800 underwater (salt water) for some days now (7 underwater hunts total, about 2 hours each), and thought I could share some first results, plus give a nice and cheap alternative to the minelab yellow headphones for underwater use if anyone interested. My first ever snorkel-dive with Nox in my usual pebble beach was by using just the speaker (no headphones) with my head submerged, and as expected, I soon realized that this wasn't enough...even with my head underwater was very difficult to hear through the speaker due to extremely low volume even in calm sea...(however, as already posted in my first topic in the forum, I was still able to get my first whote gold ring with Nox using just the speaker 🙂). Anyway, in my second hunt I bought the Minelab's yellows, but to my experience with them, again I wasn't able to hear the signals good enough underwater due to their low vol especially after some minutes underwater when the soft earpads and the space between was geting full of water. Furthermore, the yellows are huge headphones and I need to be more descret in my beaches this time of year. In my last hunts however, I tried something different and wanted to share my experience...I bought a pair of 100% waterproof and submersible swimming in-ear headphones especially designed for swimming and watersports that had some quite good reviews from athletes around... the product is the "H2O Surge+ waterpoof headphones" (company is "H2O") and bought them for $40 through Amazon...(arrived from amazon UK). Well guys, in my last underwater hunts with them, my experience is tremendously good....their sound quality underwater and their volume is honestly out of this world, and I'm not kidding...especially when comparing to Minelab's yellows. Volume is high enough to hear even the tinniest faint signal and you feel the tone inside your ear like hell... their earplugs completelly seal the external sounds also, and their sound-tones & bass quality is very immpresive for such a small pair of headphones. These small earbuds come with a 3.6ft straight cord so at least for me were comfortable enough while snorkelling and still able to leave the Nox in the bottom (chest depth max) while relaxing in the surface with my mask waiting for the "recovery fog" to leave. Their speakers are 100% waterpoof (IPX8 rating) and can be submerged to 3.5m depth no prob. The company states that maybe sometimes they need equalization (blowing air inside them) but sinnce now I didn't need it. However the cord is thin so you mast be carefull not to stretch it, and if you feel to you can make an easy mod to seal the hole-plug of the Nox where they are inserted (I made a simple yet effective mod by drilling a small hall to the original plastic protective threaded plug of the nox, and used 2 perfect fit o-rings inside to seal the 3.5mm jack connection while screwing the plastic plug...you already know that the nox is waterproof in that point also, but better safe than sorry and made the extra mile to seal it better). As already stated, the H2O earbuds are designed for athletes (especially designed for swimming and watersports) and come 5 sets of earplugs to fit perfectly in every ear...in my ears they fit so nice and they completely seal external sounds and water from my ear canal. Don't wanna say much more about them, and waiting to see how they handle overtime, but as for now I'm totally impressed with them and their volume and sound quality, and my finds went immediatelly up. Furthermore, In fear of flooding the Nox in the future as many other members experienced, and in order to make it more usable underwater while snorkelling, I made some extra mods. I totally water-sealed the machine by: a) using silicon paste inside the battery compartment inside the handle (removable if needed but should be a pain to remove)...b) used marine epoxy paste to seal the control box and screen perimeter where the plastic parts join together, and also sealed the point that the control pad meets the handle (critical point there).... c) completelly sealed and eliminated the external speaker (will never use it anyway)...d) made a custom shaft by modifying the original lower shaft to shorten it and also drilled a small drain hole near the bottom...I know I may void the warranty with my mods, but took the risk and now I'm using the machine underwater with piece of mind. Results: As already said, I have used my Nox underwater for 7 hunts till now...about 2 hours each. Attached some photos of the finds. In these +/- 14 hours I have: - 4 gold rings: All are solid gold (14k & 9k the smallest one), except the large and heavy one wich is bi-metal silver with 14k gold piece on top. (ps. the top white 14k gold ring with small diamonds is the one I posted some days ago) - 1 crusifix (silver with gold Christ) - Almost €22 in change - 82(!) old clad coins (all are pre-euro drachmas..no worth unfortunatelly, but yeap 82 of them in these 14 hours) - Good amount of lead sinkers (including some huge ones) - 2 spoons, 3 keys, a jank pin jewel piece, a junk watch, and a live HXP-95 military cartridge (strange to find it underwater though..!) - Aluminum junk: MINIMUM!..we're talking almost no junk comparing to dry hunt!!! I think I gonna love this underwater thing!!!!! 😄 Ps. My Nox settings if someone's interested are: Beach 2, Recovery @5, Iron Bias F2@0 , 2 tones only (pitch 1 for iron / pitch 23 for non-fe), notch only -9 to -7 to avoid ground/ceramic rocks underwater (all other is open and able to hear iron from -6 to 0 in low vol pitch 1), tone break @0, sensitivity @17, GB manual by pumping sideways (have uneven bottom), no threshold. That's all 🙂 Happy hunting everyone! Argyris
  7. Before the sun broke out in full force today I did a quick run about 1 1/2 hours to test out the Nokta waterproof headphones on my Multi Kruzer. Ran it at 19khz looking for small jewelry, found 2 1/2 earings, cruddier one might be gold brighter one is plated. This pond is brutal with iron as you can see the black chia pet looking thing on the side. It is a hard drive magnet I stick in my scoop to catch nails and bobby pins. You can see some of the rocks that also stick to it. My GB was low to mid 90's so ended up using Gen Mode in the quieter areas and 3 tone for the most part. Headphones are little better on audio than my Garrett waterproof ones, audio sounds similar, maybe bit less tinny but you do need to kick up the volume. I usually run the machine on 3 but use 10 on these. Vibrate mode proved to be useless because of all the iron in the ground there as it just constantly runs. Bottom line if you got a Kruzer or Amphibio, well worth the investment if you plan on splashing around.
  8. Is this something anyone has information on how to do. I suspect i require a bluetooth Module ,low latency. If possible and so any prefereed Supplier here in OZ. Thanks Ash
  9. I recently posted this to another forum and thought it might help benefit others and maybe generate some interesting discussion here. A booster can only amplify whatever the detector audio delivers no matter what anyone try’s to tell you. The inbuilt booster speaker system in the Minelab GPX 4500, GPX 5000 is too coarse for effective use via the Target Volume control, this same control is also used on the GPZ 7000 in conjunction with the WM12 and is also too coarse! I originally popularised the booster speaker concept when developing a series of instructional videos, looking for a way to obtain good audio that allowed ambient noise of a goldfields environment to also come through so viewers could experience as close as possible the way a detector sounds when in use. In conjunction with this I also discovered the benefits of removing the immediate audio from your ears and placing it further away allowing faint signals to come through (similar to a Television sounding loud in the kitchen compared to being right in front of it). Our ears are designed to collect sound, especially sound that is further away, our ears are also more sensitive to variation in pitch similar to our eyes are to movement so being able to hear the threshold at all times as a reference point is very important, but not at the expense of those around you and small target signals. The aim with a booster speaker is to lift up the overall volume of faint deep targets without drowning everything else out, as such in less trashy sites a higher volume can be used in conjunction with the correct threshold level. You need to set the volume to compliment the threshold, which needs to be smooth and stable, if someone can hear your threshold miles away you’re doing it all wrong and negating any advantage as well as driving other operators around you nuts. Best way to go is to set the detectors settings to be smooth and stable, I tend to use conservative Sensitivity/Gain settings along with Volume and Threshold. The Target Volume needs to be kept low to allow the booster to drive the audio without causing distortion, this is especially important on the GPZ 7000. If your detector Target Volume is set to aggressively the booster is then going to amplify that aggressive distorted audio. The threshold needs to be smooth to the ear to start with, if it stutters the amplifier will exacerbate that, if it is too loud it will drown the audio as you boost it. The B&Z booster is best used for single or twin speakers, it has a very good range of amplification with hardly any distortion. This is especially important because you need to use the booster to adjust the overall audio to suit the ambient noise conditions, in quiet conditions you lower the booster volume so the threshold is not dominating, if its windy then you increase the volume so the threshold can be clearly heard. The B&Z booster runs on 2 x AAA alkaline batteries which should last up to 3 weeks at 6 to 8 hours per day, it is in a plastic housing to cut down on any excess metal on your body. The B&Z can be used with headphones, to do so the volume of the detector needs to be lowered so the booster volume can be lifted above 2 1/2 to 3 to avoid noise and hiss from the potentiometer, with the GPX and GPZ machines this can be as low as 6 or even lower if required depending on the sensitivity of the headphones being used. Higher tones tend to require less volume, lower tones more, lower tones (30 and down on Minelab PIs and ZVT) are generally better heard through headphones rather than speakers, this is due to all the natural low frequency noises heard in natural ambient environments, Noise cancelling headphones really compliment low frequency Tones. The audio of the Minelab GPX and GPZ machines is converted to analogue via the speakers, boosted speakers tend to iron out the steppy digital nature of the Minelab audio, this helps a lot with running less noise floor filtering through the Stabilizer or Audio Smoothing controls, which is were all the edge of detection depth performance lays. The B&Z only ever magnifies the pure audio of the detector with no colouring of the audio through filtering, you only ever hear the “pure” audio intended by the designer of the metal detector. Call me a purist but that’s the way I prefer to hear my detector. Hope this helps JP
  10. I will be using my Impulse with the battery end well out of the water while shallow wading or on the beach, etc. I wanted to get away from wired phones and save the waterproof phones for when I actually need to submerge the machine. No sense putting any more wear and tear on the cable than I need to. So I found a source of relatively inexpensive M8 pigtails and cables, AutomationDirect. Never ordered from them before, but it was easy and cables arrived in two days. I got two pigtails for the headphone 5-pin connector, one straight, and one 90 degree. And I ordered a couple longer 4-pin cables for the power connection, to work with a high capacity power pack I have on order. More on that later when it arrives. I decided to use the 90 degree cable to make an adapter for my new TaoTronics transmitter/receiver box so I can use my Minelab phones, which I like, with all my detectors. There is also a less expensive transmitter only version. M8 5 pin 90 degree pigtail I dug through my pile of adapters and found a spare mono 1/8" extension cable and cut it off, saving the female end for this project. The TaoTronics comes with a RCA to 1/8” female cable that would also probably work for this. I hooked up the 90 degree cable and powered up the Impulse. I randomly hooked up the two wires from the 1/8" socket to the five while having some stereo earbuds plugged in, and found that the brown and gray wires gave me audio in both ears. According to the chart below brown is #1 and gray is #5. I wanted to make very sure there was audio in both ears using the mono socket but with stereo phones plugged in, so good to go there. I cut the cable down short, spliced and covered with shrink tube, and wrapped a little electrical tape on to add some beef. Not pretty but it will work - a typical Herschbach job. I bent the cable under the armrest, and added a stick on square of Velcro to back of the TaoTronics transmitter and the leg stand. I'll add more squares to my other detectors so I can move this transmitter around to whatever I am using. A little tie wrap secures things. Fired it up, paired easily with my Equinox 800 headphones, better audio than the Fisher phones, and frankly the Equinox phones are not the best in that regard. Cheap, super easy... I'm quite pleased with this. I can of course use 1/8" type wired phones or ear buds if I want. I'll make another adapter with the straight connector but go to 1/4" with it, so I can use my Sun Ray Pro Gold headphones without an extra adapter. I'll probably make that cable a little longer than this one, which I wanted as short as possible. If you got the TaoTronics transmitter only box for $20 and this cable for $8.50... well, this is pretty cheap and easy, and will work with a huge number of headphone options. Ironically my new Tarsacci MDT 8000 comes with am M8 to 1/8" adapter with one little problem. Fisher uses a 4-pin connector for the power/headphone combo cable, but then for some reason they use a 5-pin M8 for the headphone only connector. The MDT 8000 headphone adapter is of course 4-pin. I swear they must all have secret meetings to make sure nothing from one detector ever works with another. Click or double click photo for high res version. AutomationDirect M8 Cable Specs pdf
  11. With eager anticipation I assume many of the early adopters are currently using the Equinox and as such are addicted to wireless headphones. Recent posts on Bluetooth transmitters by Chase and others have tried the Trond and Tautronics and seem to have more success with the Trond. Which direction are you guys headed on Bluetooth transmitters for the Impulse? Tim
  12. Last year I bought 2 new pairs of Detector Pro Gray Ghost NDT from my local dealer and early this year 1 more pair . I buy them like that to keep me ahead in case they stop making them with all the new machines coming out with their own phones. When I tried 1 early last Month I found that the tones had changed . In the past I have praised these headphones as being brilliant for all Minelab machines , being able to simulate the exact tones the machines make without headphones. When I discovered this I have now decided to take them back to the shop and in the mean time I bought 2 pairs of Nugget Buster NDT . When they came I checked them and to my horror they have the same dumbed down muffled speakers too. 1 of the sets were faulty anyway so I sent them both back. Maybe Detector Pro doesn't understand the issues with Minelab machines and their tones / sounds . But if you have a detector that has fluty tones and you have no choice but to buy bass toned headphones that sound nothing like the tones on the machines speaker then whats the point having that machine ? Garrett I feel makes good headphones that suit their machines . XP make great headphones (not WS5 ) that suit their machines. I am sure other makers put in headphones that go well with their machines. Minelab are renowned for making great sounding machines then totally letting them and themselves down with bass toned headphones that for many of us have trouble hearing the targets if low Bass toned . I used sound to pick out targets and only look at the numbers if not sure . With the newer Gray Ghosts / Nugget Busters I am stuck and always having to check target numbers . When doing beaches that are trashy to the hilt it is important that we are given the best headphones that simulate the exact tones the machine makes . Anything else is cheap rubbish . We saw that with the Koss phones on the Explorer's and ET and CTX , we have seen it with the cheap but high priced with Minelab Logo headphones on the Nox . When using my last remaining higher toned Gray Ghost NDT phones I get the targets nice and sharp. The newer types are like listening through a damned pillow. If Minelab or Detector Pro etc are worried about Health & Safety and damaging hearing of people then put volume controls on them , which I will add Detector Pro does. All other Detector Pro headphones that I have checked are low toned except maybe ? as I the past the Black Widows . At least I hope they are the same as they used to be . The headphones issue is one of the reasons I have gone to Garrett for my next machine. If Minelab let the side down again I will not buy a Minelab in future . The right Headphones are vital pieces of kit and if you are going to have a machine that has fluty or whistle tones then the Headphones that come with them MUST have the same tones . It can affect a detectorist opinion of a machine and his / her ability to use or understand and hear deep targets . Wake up Minelab on this important issue . STOP giving us rubbish Headphones that don't do the job . Your machines are great most of the time . Your Headphones or copies of others are just plain pants. I am not getting at Detector Pro or at Minelab though it sounds it . Detector Pro doesn't know any better I think . But Minelab damned well should . Rant over , for now !
  13. My question is not a substitute for the WM08 , what I would like to do its match it with a non ML Transmitter, is anything available? Background: Wifes 2300 did not come with Bluetooth Headphones like the Nox or a better, the Z's WM12 speaker with Headphone jack. I have set up an ebay Bluetooth Transmitter on the 2300 and a ebay Bluetooth receiver connected to the dealer supplied amplifier carried in her back pack to drive a speaker on her shoulder. The Transmitter and Receiver are the Bluetooth V2.1 + EDR which I understand is faster with less latency that the Bluetooth V4 or V5 but use more power than the V4 or V5 versions, so am not sure whether a charge on these small units will last a day. So am wondering if anybody has come across a transmitter than will drive the WMO8 so can use it on the 2300 ( ie with a longer detecting use) My Transmitter and receiver is similar to the item below https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Mini-3-5MM-Bluetooth-Transmitter-Stereo-Audio-Music-Adapter-For-TV-Phone-PC-AU/264413046661?_trkparms=aid%3D1110001%26algo%3DSPLICE.SIM%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20190606144518%26meid%3D633c1a5c76af41c7ad83ca088d9075bc%26pid%3D101072%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D12%26sd%3D303247817326%26itm%3D264413046661%26pmt%3D1%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2546172&_trksid=p2546172.c101072.m2109 Peter
  14. Hi guys, I've just received my Simplex+ 2.77 (coming from a Teknetics T2). I connected my wired headphones and immediately noticed that volume is very poor. At L1 level I can't hear anything; at L2 a little bit more... and so on... To have a decent volume I have to rise to max (H4), just to operate in a quite environment. Wrong headhones? Keep in mind that: I use a jack adapter (6.3 to 3.5) Headphone are some Philips wired model (nothing special) They have no volume control All cables are well plugged in Simplex speaker plays loud as expected I tried with other headphones (no brand) but no joy Same headphones play loud with my old Teknetics Simplex battery is near full Any help will be appreciated.
  15. https://www.amazon.com/TaoTronics-Bluetooth-Transmitter-Receiver-Simultaneously/ (From the ad:) APTx LL, 10 hour run-time. Looks like you could pair 2 of these together for a build-your-own (Garrett) Z-link. What am I missing?
  16. Thread split from here ................................................................ You mention the Garrett headphones -- specifically the ClearSound model mating well with the MDT in terms of good audio. Those are on-ear type and a lot of detectorists prefer over-ear. Have you tried their MS-2 model, which is only $10 more? I wonder if they use the same speakers or if Garrett just buys various 3rd party headphones and puts their logo on them, in which case probably not. I have some MS-2's and for the price ($30-$35 including shipping in USA) they are quite good, IMO. I still prefer Sunray Pro Golds (standard version and Minelab compatible version) because for one thing they fit tighter and thus block out ambient noise better. On the downside they cost about $100 more.
  17. Reviewing Tony Eisenhower's Headphones for the Equinox A buddy of mine—Drew in British Columbia Canada was kind enough to let me try a set of Tony Eisenhower Headphones for the Equinox for a couple of weeks. Out of the box I could see that these were a very well thought out high quality set of phones. The plug itself was really good quality and featured a “pigtail” type strain relief going up the cable—something I’ve never seen on this size / style of plug. There was also an added “Velcro” strain relief on the cord to attach to the detector wand. This prevents any accidental yanks from reaching the plug. With this in place the cable was the perfect length. Having just rewired one of these for the fifth time on a set of aftermarket phones and struggling to strip and solder the tiny leads—this bit of detail was a good sign. This hardware was rock solid. The phones feature an arch array that’s geared for right handers but they fit almost as well “backwards.” From looking at the assembly it would only take a minute to reverse them, to left handed. It was when I turned them on that the quality became apparent. They had a nice, clean “muted but loud” sound that was pleasant and as I began to run though the various types of Equinox audio—nice in all ranges. When I went to “50 Tones some of these really stood out—the mid gold range. I also found that the response range was so much better than the stock phones that they seemed to actually give the detector more depth in my tests. One of the first things I do with a new machine is to learn to hear the “faint ones” and with Tony’s phones seemed to really enhance the EQ’s faint range. I made a note to do some more testing before venturing onto the beach with them. In the water the signal was audible underwater although the low tones could have been louder this is more to do with the machine. In corresponding with Tony I asked him what kind of speakers he used and was told: “Mine are 800 ohm, 2” piezos mounted to custom phenolic boards and potted in self levelling silicone to make them fully waterproof.” I genuinely had the sense that these changed the audio characteristics of the Equinox dramatically—letting it reach deeper. Tony added his trademark line “…I like ‘em” So do I.
  18. Currently using an SP01 and matching twin Speakers, volume on the Z is 8 volume on Sp01 around 7.5 if not using the Sp01 Volume on the Z is 11, with these settings and my hearing am not sure am getting the benefit of the Sp01, so as above would appreciate comments on twin WM12's ( Speakers are high on the Z Harness along with the WM12, the SP01 in the Z Harness backpack) Will look at setting up the SP01 and the Twin Speakers on Margaret's 2300 with a Transmitter/Receiver driving the Sp01. Thanks Peter
  19. Looking for some spare backup phones? Check these out...... https://forums.tarsaccisales.com/forum/1/garrett-headphones-great-performance-great-price
  20. I need to get a quality pair of waterproof headphones for the Nox. My question is, what kind of sound do the piezo's give compared to speakers? I doubt I'll spend much time, if any, under water. Tony's phones are my first pick if I get piezos, LS Pelso if I go with speakers. Thanks.
  21. I have often wondered if the detector itself is more sensitive than the speakers that it has and even though the signal is there we don`t hear it. Perhaps a speaker with some kind of a meter that would indicate we are passing over a target even though the speaker is silent I`m sure there are meters that could indicate the presence of such signals, perhaps big gold at more depth?
  22. Still have not bought the 800 but I am close. A question--it appears to me from the pictures I have seen that the so called wireless headphones plug into a little box (receiver?) that you hang on your belt. Is that the case? If so I do not call that wireless. I think one would be better off with a low latency transmitter plugged into the audio output and velcroed to the machine that is paired to a set of Bluetooth headphones for a truly wireless set up. Anyway, for those of you that own the 800 what is the deal with the little box? Thanks PS Upon reflection, maybe the cord, that is shown in the pictures, next to the little box is to recharge it?
  23. Im adding Bluetooth to my E-trac I found these earbuds. I want some that had volume control https://avantree.com/dual-driver-bluetooth-earbuds-avantree-as20l What do you think? And Yes I picked out the this TX https://www.taotronics.com/products/tt-ba07-bluetooth-transmitter-receiver
  24. Got my new steelPHASE 01 enhancer from Rob's today.... Let's try and see if it helps the 4500 find elusive gold.... Anyone using these ?
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