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  1. I have asked some and received their ideas and suggestions if you are running wireless which transmitter and headphones are you using. What kind of run time are you getting out of the ones you chose ? Sound Quality? I can get the Z-Link or the Minelab sets up but thought someone might have a really good setup they have ran across Thanks Jim
  2. Has anyone tried them with a metal detector? I came across an article which displayed some Bose audio sunglasses. The concept was not something I had really considered but when you read about them they are built for athletes that need to be aware of their surroundings to avoid accidents. We detect in areas where we need to avoid accidents and critters also so hearing outside of headphones is beneficial. This would also have the potential of eliminating hot and or uncomfortable headphones for me in the desert. I don't think they could work well at the beach with crashing waves. Ma
  3. Got em today and am blown away so far with music...... Sounds like Dave Matthews voice is in the middle of my head..... WOW.....
  4. The Minelab ML-80 headphone is made by another company and sold under other brand names. The Miccus Stealth SR-71 has been a popular alternative. Unfortunately an update has possibly made the latest version of these headphones incompatible with the Minelab Equinox. From this ad: "IMPORTANT NOTE FOR METAL DETECTOR USE: The current SR-71 Bluetooth 5.0 release DOES NOT work with metal detecting equipment. The reviews are citing earlier 4.2 versions of the headphones." This also for the Miccus website: "Are different brands of Bluetooth products compatible? Yes. Bluetooth manufactur
  5. E-mailed Centerville Electronics about Whites replaceable covers for ear muffs. No reply. Does any one know where i can get covers from .I am in Australia. Regards.
  6. Dear Valued Members,We are adding 2 new headphones to our line-up.1)NOKTA MAKRO KOSS HEADPHONES W/WATERPROOF CONNECTORCompatible with all waterproof Nokta Makro Detectors – Kruzer/Anfibio/SimplexAllows the user to submerge the whole detector in water for shallow underwater hunting.(The headphones are not waterproof).2)NOKTA MAKRO KOSS HEADPHONES W/6.3mm JACK – for land useBOTH HEADPHONES HAVE IN-LINE VOLUME CONTROL, ADJUSTABLE HEADBAND and SPIRAL CABLE.
  7. Last week, I attempted to power on the ML 80 headphones I use with the Equinox 800. I purchased these new in March 2019. They would not power on. I charged them: the 3 red LEDs flash for about 10 minutes and then turn off, as if headphones were charged. But, the headphones still will not power on. I attempted to contact my dealer and ML, but neither have yet responded. Does anybody have any novel ideas to try, or troubleshooting, remedies? I would greatly appreciate the help! Thanks,
  8. Over the years we've touched on the difference between High Impedance vs. Low Impedance headphones. Historically, the headphones designed for detecting have been High Impedance, and all were equipped with 1/4 inch headphone plug. Everyone developed a preference for their brand because of the way they fit and sound. These days more detectors are set up for the 1/8 inch headphone plugs and a few detecting headphones have offered that choice. The technology is clearly moving away from all wired headphones in favor of wireless. The market is really directed at music and communication devices
  9. We detectorists are accustomed to dealing with nature (wind noise) and human nature (traffic noise) while detecting. In a significant section of the USA, some of us get an added bonus (err, annoyance?) a few times in our lives. I assume most of you aren't aware of this 17 year occurrence of cicadas known as Brood X. Here from Wikipedia are the states most impacted: The brood's next major emergence will take place during 2021 in these 15 states: Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virgin
  10. I was one of the first to get an 800 in the United States. I got on Bill's waiting list several months before the release. Since then I've had to replace the control unit because of a broken switch. Everything has worked well and I've found lots of good targets. Along the way I bought a pair of Avantree headphones and they work fine but I prefer the Minelabs. Today I put them on the USB charger. I've had to fiddle with several different power cords the last few months but eventually I get the red charging lights to come on and that was the same today. When I picked them and the char
  11. Hi All I was just wondering if there’s a way to use other Wireless Bluetooth headphones/ Earbuds instead of the one’s that came with the detector?. Just asking as my ears can get quite sweaty with the over ear headphones on during summer months and it’d be great if I could use another option. As I’m sure many others I’m guessing would be in the same vote as myself. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  12. I'm repairing a pair of SunRay Pro gold headphones & discovered a bad speaker. Does anyone know of a source of parts or where I can get a derelict or throw-away set of phones for the parts?
  13. I plan on using my nox 600 in the water as well as on land. I also plan on ordering some Tony Eisenhower waterproof headphones. Do those of you who have those headphones use them as general use for both land and water, or just in the water? I ask because I’m not thrilled with the cheepo headphones that came with my Equinox 600 and would like to have one pair of good general use headphones.
  14. Something to watch out for.... Went to charge my headphones recently but couldn't get the status LED lights to show red charging , no matter what I tried just couldn't get a light. Changed cords and chargers but to no avail. About to ring my dealer about a replacement, with thoughts of "Knowing my luck ,I bet you don't have stock etc etc " when.......upon reading the manual pg 56... I realized that I was looking at the lefthand earpiece status LEDs and not the righthand Status LEDs. .. Duh!! . The righthand earpiece LEDS are the only ones "activated". Both earpi
  15. Hello to all i decided to upgrade a bit my case for the wireless transmitter on my Tarsacci it was previously store at the back of the control box stuck with some velcro,inside a tiny pouch/zip bag So this is what i did. I took a 18650 case holder,melted with a solder the edge to pass the cable. I found a piece of rubber with some sticky tape on it and sculpted it with a knife.I think a chair sticky slider could but i didnt have any.This to be able to switch on and off in the box Managed to squeeze the excess of wire behind in the box. Tested all working
  16. Hi. Just received the mdt 8000. Would love to hook up the garret z link. Which adapter do you all use if you use the wireless with the tarsacci? And, any suggestions for the settings in red dirt?? Thanks in advance!
  17. I’ve been reading up on Equinox waterproof headphones as I will finally have the opportunity to try it at the beach in the next few months. I plan to wade with it for the most part but the unit might get dunked some as I’m still within warranty and want to make sure I don’t have a leaky one... I’ll have a Seahunter as backup or if I ever want to snorkel with it for extended periods. Probably will only do this a couple times a year in the near future. I’ve read good things about the Pelsos as a waterproof above water with the occasional dunk, $50 bucks less new. I’ve read
  18. Just got a set of these shipped in 3 days from Hungary. Perfect impedance match for the N/M detectors--incredible sound. Very clean and sharp --brings my accuracy up a lot. They are so loud they need to be run at 8. I worked with the manufaturer to improve his strain relief system (see the Heyco)--very nice set of phones for these machines. cjc
  19. I'm going to try out the new Tek weatherproof headphones with the 8500 They are really designed for use with the armrest headphone jack models like the T2 and F75 but I have an extension cord that allows me to use them with the 8500 These are very nice weather proof Koss models made for 1st Texas. I've had them awhile and I've used them with my F75, Impact and Gold Kruzer, V3 and Etrac. Audio wise I find them to be on par with the White's Prostars. I don't have any problem recommending them and they are reasonably priced. HH Mike https://www.tekneticsdirect.com/pr
  20. I recently posted this to another forum and thought it might help benefit others and maybe generate some interesting discussion here. A booster can only amplify whatever the detector audio delivers no matter what anyone try’s to tell you. The inbuilt booster speaker system in the Minelab GPX 4500, GPX 5000 is too coarse for effective use via the Target Volume control, this same control is also used on the GPZ 7000 in conjunction with the WM12 and is also too coarse! I originally popularised the booster speaker concept when developing a series of instructional videos, looking for a w
  21. If it comes with waterproof headphones, why would I want those? I'll probably want to go wireless. Even if I did decide to go in the water, why can't I use what I have or choose what I want?
  22. Hi all, My husband and I like to go metal detecting together, but with the one detector - 1 finds the spot the other digs. We would like to be able to connect 2 headphones to the Equinox 600. I see I could get a WM08 to pair one set of headphones to the device. And if we wanted two bluetooth devices, I believe we would have to have two modules. But in addition to the paired wireless set can we plug a second set in to the same module, so the person with the detector has a wired connection and the second person has a wireless one , only needing one module? Thanks in advance. Michell
  23. Last year I bought 2 new pairs of Detector Pro Gray Ghost NDT from my local dealer and early this year 1 more pair . I buy them like that to keep me ahead in case they stop making them with all the new machines coming out with their own phones. When I tried 1 early last Month I found that the tones had changed . In the past I have praised these headphones as being brilliant for all Minelab machines , being able to simulate the exact tones the machines make without headphones. When I discovered this I have now decided to take them back to the shop and in the mean time I bought 2 pair
  24. Minelab has come out with a new more robust aptx ll headphones designed for their new gpx 6000 gold detector. I contacted them to see if these will work with the equinox and they will.
  25. I am trying to put a new connection onto my ls pelso headphones, the original connector was only chrome plated, it rusted and somehow got bent. The connector I want to use is a 90deg gold plated one that I have from another crappy pair of earbuds I got on ebay. I thought they'd have the same wires but after cutting them open they are different. The Lspelsos have a red wire and a white wire. Thr Earbud connector has a red white and yellow wire. After connecting the reds to the whites and plugging it in to the equinox there was no sound Can anyone offer any advi
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