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  1. Last year I bought 2 new pairs of Detector Pro Gray Ghost NDT from my local dealer and early this year 1 more pair . I buy them like that to keep me ahead in case they stop making them with all the new machines coming out with their own phones. When I tried 1 early last Month I found that the tones had changed . In the past I have praised these headphones as being brilliant for all Minelab machines , being able to simulate the exact tones the machines make without headphones. When I discovered this I have now decided to take them back to the shop and in the mean time I bought 2 pair
  2. Minelab has come out with a new more robust aptx ll headphones designed for their new gpx 6000 gold detector. I contacted them to see if these will work with the equinox and they will.
  3. I am trying to put a new connection onto my ls pelso headphones, the original connector was only chrome plated, it rusted and somehow got bent. The connector I want to use is a 90deg gold plated one that I have from another crappy pair of earbuds I got on ebay. I thought they'd have the same wires but after cutting them open they are different. The Lspelsos have a red wire and a white wire. Thr Earbud connector has a red white and yellow wire. After connecting the reds to the whites and plugging it in to the equinox there was no sound Can anyone offer any advi
  4. Are the green wireless headphones that come with the simplex worth getting or should I use my Bluetooth ? What are you guys using?
  5. Has anyone found a pair of headphones that are just like the ones furnished with the 800 (bluetooth, aptx-LL, over ear, not earbuds) but are waterproof/resistant and have a higher quality audio for metal detectors? I am not super happy with the stock ones because I can't wear in the rain and audio is pretty sub-par in my opinion.
  6. I recently posted this to another forum and thought it might help benefit others and maybe generate some interesting discussion here. A booster can only amplify whatever the detector audio delivers no matter what anyone try’s to tell you. The inbuilt booster speaker system in the Minelab GPX 4500, GPX 5000 is too coarse for effective use via the Target Volume control, this same control is also used on the GPZ 7000 in conjunction with the WM12 and is also too coarse! I originally popularised the booster speaker concept when developing a series of instructional videos, looking for a w
  7. The GPX 6000 comes with a new Minelab ML 100 wireless headphone. Like the older ML 80 that comes with Equinox, these can also be plugged into the detector directly if the charge runs out, or if you want no lag at all - go wired! The big difference appears to be a more robust metal yoke design, along with a much larger padded ear muff. It also appears to have the same waterproof 1/8" adapter as is used with Equinox, but this time supplied with the detector. 👍🏼 New Minelab wireless headphones for GPX 6000 (and Equinox?) New Minelab wireless headphone oversized ear muffs Mi
  8. I’ve been reading up on Equinox waterproof headphones as I will finally have the opportunity to try it at the beach in the next few months. I plan to wade with it for the most part but the unit might get dunked some as I’m still within warranty and want to make sure I don’t have a leaky one... I’ll have a Seahunter as backup or if I ever want to snorkel with it for extended periods. Probably will only do this a couple times a year in the near future. I’ve read good things about the Pelsos as a waterproof above water with the occasional dunk, $50 bucks less new. I’ve read
  9. I picked up a set of MS-3 Z-link headphones and used them a few times with no problem. Today I was hunting and the volume dropped to almost nothing. I thought it was my machine, so I disconnected it, good volume from the machine. I have another Z-link, so I tried using the other transmitter, now the volume is almost completely gone. Tried the other transmitter and same problem. Ok, I thought the transmitters are bad. I connected a set of phones to the receiver and paired up the transmitters and both work fine. The phones were purchased last April 2020, but, not by me. Will Garrett honor th
  10. Hey y'all, The last couple of days I've been out bashing the farm with my new Equinox 600 instead of my ACE 400. First day I went through my yard again, and was surprised I didn't find anything new save for one button where I first started using the ACE. Yesterday and today I searched the farm where I've been scoring a lot of 1700's stuff, but it has sort of dried up as I've gone inland. Found a nice 1917 buffalo nickel, and a 1981 memorial, but mostly beer cans and buckshot. Think I may have found part of a lead token. I also went over to one of the other fields to see if I cou
  11. Have been looking around for some wireless bone conducting headphones. Seems like they'd be good to keep the ears comfortable, especially in warmer months. Anyone seen or used aptX LL models? Got some aftershokz air for a buddy a while back and he loves them but not aptX LL from what I could tell.
  12. This almost seems like a stupid question but I have to ask. Does anyone wear their Hearing Aids with Headphones? Thanks! Walt
  13. Will these work with the Equinox? https://electronics.woot.com/offers/cowin-se7max-noise-cancelling-headphones-2?utm_campaign=AmazonOffer+-+20201210+-+Electronics+-+3199300&utm_source=Amazon&utm_medium=email&ref_=pe_3199300_560707510
  14. Hi all. Over the last couple of days I've had a complete nightmare trying to pair my ML80 headphones to my Nox 800. So much so that yesterday I had to detect just using the speaker. Had a fairly good day though so it wasn't all bad! Anyway I didn't want to resurrect the two and a half year old thread below and thought I'd post a solution I found today whilst trying to get the damn things to connect. So, after trying all the solutions in the thread below, reading the manual, factory resetting everything and watching various Youtube vids I still couldn't get them to connect to the dete
  15. The Minelab ML-80 headphone is made by another company and sold under other brand names. The Miccus Stealth SR-71 has been a popular alternative. Unfortunately an update has possibly made the latest version of these headphones incompatible with the Minelab Equinox. From this ad: "IMPORTANT NOTE FOR METAL DETECTOR USE: The current SR-71 Bluetooth 5.0 release DOES NOT work with metal detecting equipment. The reviews are citing earlier 4.2 versions of the headphones." This also for the Miccus website: "Are different brands of Bluetooth products compatible? Yes. Bluetooth manufactur
  16. Newbie here,how do I connect the Garrett Z-Lynk to the Equinox 600? Doesn't the WT-1 box of the Z Lynk have to be physically connected to the 600 via adapter cord? I didn't see any such cord on the Minelab site. I just bought this 600 havn't even used it yet but fter reading post from different sources, I think I'm going to hate this thing.
  17. Is there now marketed or has there ever been available a detector which inverts the audio volume scale? Many applications produce better finds from the weaker signals, either because those items are smaller (e.g. micro jewelry) or deeper (e.g. old coins and nuggets). Having to listen through the din of trash to hear the weak signals for most detectors is mentally fatiguing. I wouldn't be surprised if this is/was possible with analog electronics, but seems like a task that digital processing could handle easily(?).
  18. Anyone have input on which of these is better? Plan to do some detecting snorkeling in maybe 6ft of water in Mexico in a couple weeks. Using a Nox 800
  19. Actually Fisher phones are some of the most copied Headphones ever made the oneS that come with the AQ are actually better than Gray ghost in my opinion .....I designed the Timberwolfs and Hurricanes....the drivers piezo that my friend Beechnut uses I used back in the early 90’s onmypersonal Cuda and one very similar on the production Baracuda ....the only difference in the land phones fisher sold had a clipper circuit built into them to protect youR hearing which a lot of copiers including me left out and just used a variable resistor pot on each ear to dial them in ......I have not pul
  20. I love my Minelab wireless headphones for land and beach use with my Nox, but on hot days, they add substantially to my sweat factor. I was wondering if low latency wireless earbuds might be a cooler solution. Has anyone used those and have any recommendations for good quality buds that would work with the Nox? Thanks in advance for any help.
  21. I know you can't take and sP01 in the water but could it be used to any advantage with the AQ? What are your thoughts. I'll ask Pat what he thinks. Mitchel I added this from the manual. Volume Control The Volume control adjusts the loudness of all audio responses. There is a trade-off between a setting high enough to hear a faint deep target, but not so high that a strong shallow target hurts your ears. It is good practice to lower the Volume before turning on the detector, especially if you are already wearing the headphones. Threshold Control The Thre
  22. Just got a set of these shipped in 3 days from Hungary. Perfect impedance match for the N/M detectors--incredible sound. Very clean and sharp --brings my accuracy up a lot. They are so loud they need to be run at 8. I worked with the manufaturer to improve his strain relief system (see the Heyco)--very nice set of phones for these machines. cjc
  23. So I have the Multi Kruzer and the Gold Racer, both use the same green wireless headphones. In the manual says I need a wireless module to connect the headphones to the Gold Kruzer. Problem is the case I have doesn't have a port on the side to plug a wireless module. There is no information on where to buy a module from Nokta for the Racer 2 and Gold Racer. I thought maybe they updated stuff and built in the wireless module but the headphones won't pair up to the Gold Racer. Did they just change the case so these machines can't use wireless headphones, discontinue the module and not updat
  24. I am using the Trond Wireless Transmitter and Receiver and wireless headphones with my GPZ 7000 and am liking it. I have it plugged into my WM 12 and have had no issues. I had a friend try the set up, the only difference on the set up was he had it direct to the headphone jack. He said there was so much EMI, couldn't use it. Does anyone else use this set up and are there any issues? Norm
  25. As has become common with all modern detector manufacturers, Garrett has a proprietery audio transmitter/receiver system called Z-Lynk. The typical application is a transmitter internal to the detector's control pod and a proprietary (MS-3) headphone. What I'm wondering is if the standalone Z-lynk receiver is compatible with their detectors that have the built-in transmitters. This would be analogous to the Minelab Equiunox WM08 module which allows the user to attach his/her favorite headphones instead of being 'stuck with' the proprietary ML80 headphones. I do see that Garrett sells t
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