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  1. Yes, I do have plans to get back into it this fall, all the equipment is being looked at to see if it works ok, we're probably going to beach detect until then 🙂
  2. Hello, recently I've been given some of my Uncle's things that he used while prospecting in California from the 1970's until about 1995 in the motherlode area, I only panned as a child and observed stream dregding so this is all new to me. I received an E-Z Pickins dry vac back pack. It's missing a few things so it needs work, but it has a manual of 27 pages in fairly decent shape. If anyone wants a copy I'm willing to make them one cost of materials and a small processing fee for my time. I have a copy of Dry Washing for Gold thats 81 pages if anyone is searching for that publication. Thank you.
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