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  1. Thanks Steve. Somehow I knew in my mind that the technology they are describing sounded too good to be true. I read a lot of your older posts on the SDC2300 vs the ATX. I don't want to resurrect an old discussion, but I do have one question as I am new to pulse induction detectors. I have mostly been using VLF detectors. On most of the videos I see for the SDC vs the ATX, I noticed both detectors have continuous tones and basically change tones once a target is detected. Is there a way to squelch out the continuous tones so it doesn't get too annoying (perhaps I will get used to it). I noticed it more with the SDC 2300 compared to the ATX on most of the videos I've seen. I am still likely going to go for the SDC 2300, but the battle in my mind goes on in terms of whether the ATX would be the one I should buy as it seems like a very capable model. Now I am thinking of buying both so the conflict in my mind goes away 😆
  2. Hi, I am new to the forum. Anyone have any experience with this brand of detectors ? https://uigdetectors.com/en/gold-and-metal-detectors I am thinking of buying a Minelab SDC 2300, but in my internet search last night, I came across this brand I have never heard of called UIG detectors. Looks like they have some interesting looking detector technology. Before I drop money on an SDC 2300, I want to make sure I consider the competition as there may be other reliable and fun technology to experiment with.
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