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  1. Thank you all for your thoughts and interst. I agree that the green is organic. This rock was not green when I first found it. It has been sitting in a garden for the last 10 years. Crystals facing down. I am a novist rock hunter as I always look at rocks in my daily adventures. On this day years ago I was on my way to pick raspberries when... I found this rock in a wooded edge of property. just off the trail, I see a small roundered area with no vegetation growing in it, about a 4ft. around area diveted in words. It looked like a rock was dropped from the sky. Right there in
  2. I found this rock years ago and had to hold on to it until I knew more about it. At first sight, I thought this rock was a turtle shell stuck in dried mud. Has crystallized breads on it and they can't be scratched with a utility knife. Vary heavy, the size of a vollyball. Not magnetic. Just wondering if anyone has seen or knows of rocks like this one?
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