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  1. I hunt my saltwater beaches in the Beach 2 mode with the factory settings for wet and water hunting as well as the dry sand. We really don't have much iron around the beach and it's also not trashy. I am going to experiment with lowering the recovery speed and iron bias just to see what difference in depth/detection it makes. Do any of you adjust RS and IB down in Beach modes and if you do, what differences have you noted?
  2. Has anyone found a pair of headphones that are just like the ones furnished with the 800 (bluetooth, aptx-LL, over ear, not earbuds) but are waterproof/resistant and have a higher quality audio for metal detectors? I am not super happy with the stock ones because I can't wear in the rain and audio is pretty sub-par in my opinion.
  3. I am curious to hear from other 800 users on this one. I have detected many different sites in three different towns. Most are old public places with a good bit of activity throughout the years. My issue is this: almost without exception, when I am hunting, there is an overwhelming amount of target signals coming through on almost every swing and it is frustrating to try and discern a good solid repeatable target to dig. I have ground balanced and kept the sensitivity down enough to cut out any EMI as needed. I run in park 1 typically. Also, when I have the horseshoe on, I have a hard time fi
  4. Thanks for that Rich. I have been leaning more toward the volume tweaks after all the input from everyone regarding notching. I found an 1822 large cent on one of my permissions that also has lots of modern aluminum trash. There are so many goodies that may ring up in the other numbers I may have notched out, ie gold coins, trimes and IHPs.
  5. I totally understand what you're saying. Since I have owned my Nox, and I am still very green, I have been trying to understand the "language" it is trying to communicate to me. Just when I think I am becoming fluent, it seems to send me a curve ball. I feel an overwhelming sensory overload in some of the places I am detecting and am trying to somewhat tame the signals by notching. I'm sure as time goes by, I will take on the full spectrum of accepted targets. Just wanted some more seasoned professionals opinions about notching. This is becoming an adventure! Thanks for any input!
  6. I have a couple of old parks/homesites that I hunt that I know have silver and old copper left in them. My problem is, there are innumerable little pieces of trash mixed in with the good stuff., mostly foil and modern trash. I am thinking of notching out the known nasties to help make the good signals pop. Specifically -9 through 11 keeping 12,13,14 (I want old and new nickels) notching out 15,16,17,18 and keeping 19 through 40. I know some aluminum will ring up in the nickel range but I am just trying to eliminate the overwhelming amount of signals. Thoughts?
  7. I'm always wanting to tweak my Equinox 800 settings to maximize searching for old, deep coins. Would love to hear from the experts here about their favorite. Specifically tones, FE/FE2, frequency etc.
  8. Saw that this is an older thread but I have to agree 100 per cent. I just spoke to Steve Yesterday to order a rod/counterweight system. He is awesome to deal with and extremely knowledgeable. Great experience!
  9. Thanks phrunt, I'm not new to metal detecting, just new to the Equinox 800. I welcome any advice from anyone who is willing to share. I've watched lots of YouTube videos and read a lot on different forums, but please chime in if you know of anything that might sharpen my hunting skills. Thanks!
  10. I recently did a custom coin shooting program I really like searching for deep silver: park 1, multi frequency, 50 tones, Fe at 0 Fe2 at 0, recovery at 1, -9 through 11 notched out keeping 12 and 13, notch out through 17 keeping 18 through 40. I hit a clad dime today at 8 inches and realized I was running my sensitivity at 16 because of EMI! BTW, always run sensitivity as high as possible and ground balance before hunt. I am really starting to learn my Nox and am loving the versatility and depth as well as target separation. Let's hear your settings....
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