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  1. Wow, thanks guys for the great feedback. I'll order that book from goldseeker. It is good to know that there are active detectorists outside of the Nevada, Arizona, Canada, or northern California areas. With some of these tips I'm sure it will help me find my first nuggie or picker. I'm excited for the snow to melt so I can get into the streams in the gold districts of Wallace(north) or Pierce(south). I still have lots of questions, but this has given me encouragement and some new approaches to try. I'm thinking I can use some of the documentation to pinpoint my search further.
  2. I live in Northern Idaho (Moscow) and bought a gold monster 1000. I can't really complain that it is hard to find gold, as I was warned by the Chris Ralph Fists Full of Gold book to not invest in a metal detector right away without prospecting experience. Frankly it was a bit of an impulse buy as the activity just looked like so much fun, and I read books you can detect outside of the desert I really want to make it work. I haven't had any luck so far despite being out roughly ten times. Went out for the first time this season to a placer mine dump. This time of year there is still snow i
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