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    Gowld and lots of it!
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    Garrett AT Gold, Gold Bug2, Keen 140s Dry Washer, sluice box, pick and shovel. Suzuki 400 King Quad 4x4.
  1. Hey buddy! Yes definitely! I went out last weekend and found a .25 gram. Tough detecting but a great time. Good talking to you last week. Feel free to reach out anytime and I'll do the same.
  2. Hahaha BGN! Love it! I found a LGN last weekend. The big one is still waiting for us!
  3. Well where to start...I started about 9 years ago with a X-terra 705 because after research it seemed like a great machine for coins and relics as well as gold. I live by about 5 miles from the beaches of Southern California so off I went. First day out, found a diamond ring! Woooo I'm hooked! Since then I spend many hours on the sand finding hundreds of coins and only a few more pay rings. Still having a great time. I soon moved on to the gold fields of the El Paso mountains. It took about 10 trips out before I found my fist nugget. It was a nice 1 gram chunk of pay! I was elated to say
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