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  1. There is no distance in the air and subsoil depth test.
  2. There is no distance in the air and subsoil depth test.
  3. I made a 45cm mono coil for TDI SL. inductance 300uh 3.5R. But the distance is the same as the original dual field coil. There is no change in distance. What could be the reason for this or what method should we do?
  4. Hi.There are many test points on the whites tdi sl. There is only 1 trimpot on the pcb. There is no information for test points. Can anyone help with this?
  5. Can you help me how will the tdi coil connection be?
  6. I am use gpx coil connector change gpx connector not same. Again damping resistor very hot. Damping resiator change 680R(2w)-----1K again very hotšŸ„µ
  7. I am made coil diameter 18cm 430uh wire 0.5mm resistance 2.5ohm but damping resistor 680R very hot.....
  8. Thank you very much. I am made coil 430uh 2R but dumping resistor very head
  9. I want to make a mono search coil for tdi sl. Can you help with the search coil values?
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