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  1. That was the first Manticore he was using, Redneck. After he got his own, he posted a video saying that both Minelab and XP sent him the detectors he is using and without obligation. It's on Youtube if you care to search for it. Here is the video. Start watching at about the 1:20 time.
  2. I'm going to post this new video from Iffy Signals here. He takes the Manticore and the Deus II into a relic site and runs both detectors over somewhat good targets before digging. I think Iffy gives a much much better comparison of what's going on with both machines in the iron. Very good video IMHO.
  3. Longbow62, I noticed the TID numbers were red in addition to the red line under the number for iron. I think there are a few versions Minelab is testing to update the Manticore software. I read a post that said NASA-Tom was testing a version that is two or three version numbers ahead of the version shipping with the detector. Maybe Simon is right in that Minelab is holding up Manticore production until they get some newly found bugs worked out of the software. I'm sure they are upset about the videos CD is putting out about the Manticore. Especially after they apparently (according to CD) sent him a free one for testing.
  4. This first video is a sort of strange Minelab video for the Russian Market. I guess Minelab is trying to keep the mystique alive. An English translation is CC on the video. The second video is from Iffy Signals testing the Manticore over an iron nail. The interesting part of this video is the brief glance (at about the 45 second mark) of what Iffy is wearing! Is that a skirt, a kilt or some very strange pants Iffy has on? And the last video is from my favorite NYC detectorist and Youtube videologist (is that a word?) talking about the advantages of the Manticore and the XP Deus II. He makes some very good points that will help many on the fence about which they should buy. It really comes down to what is important to YOU at this point in the knowledge of the Manticore.
  5. To help us figure out what effects the tones and signals we get in the field from our metal detectors, I present this brief video on the science that experiments with target surface area, orientation and topography. Fascinating stuff. If I put this in an inappropriate forum, Steve, please feel free to move it. Thank you.
  6. That's an easy decision, pikens. Becasue, the Z-Lynk IS Garrett's device. Make sure you get the package with the transmitter and receiver. They are about $140US at various dealers.
  7. I thought I read they were out of customs and going to dealers. Maybe that was the EU.
  8. I would wear one of those umbrella hats if they didn't look so stupid.
  9. That make sense. I've ordered several options just to see what connects and has good sound and will work on the Manticore. I also want something that is open-ear so I can hear my surroundings and also so a gallon of sweat doesn't pour from my ears in the summer. Sorry, Chase. That was me typing while you were writing a post, too.
  10. The Quest equivalent of the Z-Lynk is only $100 for the transmitter and receiver suggested by Jeff. You will also need a 3.5mm to 1/4" adapter unless you are using phones with a 1/4" plug. I'm not sure what tech they are using to transmit but it is probably proprietary. The only downside it that now you have two more devices with batteries that need charged at about 10 hours. Some day when I finally get a Manticore I'll give it a try and see if it works OK.
  11. They found the ship and the gold and didn't even know it. End of Season 1.
  12. Watched a few episodes. It is pretty funny. One guy dug up a WW2 German bomb that blew up his leg. LOL
  13. "That balance of sweetness and sly humor is what makes the quiet loveliness of Detectorists such a Peak TV treasure." Pullleeezzzeeee!
  14. We are in Minelab "Hell", dsb. Some here have been there before and are now resolved to just live with it. I haven't and I'm not. I feel like a SouthWest passenger who has been stranded in Backwater, Minnesota in a blizzard.
  15. Mythical Manticore is right!!! I don't know what their problem is. It could be hardware (I hope not) or software or even something else. But, I feel better if I can vent -- especially since I've already paid months ago. I was supposed to get one elsewhere last week but the east coast snow storm has that shipment sitting in Ohio the last I heard. And MORE WAITING!
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