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  1. Good job Brian way to sniff em out...I'd say that spot has more coming your way... strick
  2. Merton and I had a long discussion about private gold coins...he is very well read on the subject..this was on our way home after he had found the coin and before we knew exactly what it was...turns out it was one of those rare coins...I dont know what he going to do with it....went back there last weekend me and the wife and had a great time...found a real cool pendant.. strick
  3. It's such a sensitive machine it will pick up itty bitty pieces of frayed wire etc...the real challenge with it is recognizing deep targets from ground noise....good luck with your 7000 Simon it is a real metal detector... strick
  4. Funny you say that I just backed out of paying $4200 for a new aluminum boat trailer and bought a $700 dollar used one instead... But i would not have thought twice about buying that $68 dollar arm cuff lol strick
  5. What site did he post on? strick
  6. Nice I need to get one of those pirate flags!..Thought you used to use a Jet Ski? or was that for the summer time ๐Ÿ˜€ strick
  7. Wife brought in some spare change last weekend to the coin star...got home said guess how much? I said $80...she said nope $200 lol...did not seem that much to me..it adds up... strick
  8. You have always amazed me with your finds....thanks for the tips on the basket... strick
  9. Banner....errrr wait wrong website....well buddy all I have to say is that you earned that coin for sure patiently searching through nail beds all these years with that trusty Deus of yours...I've watched you hunt and you know what your doing thats for sure...like I said the kiss of death for me was when I proclaimed "it looks like I have the best find of the day with my buckle wreath" and there was still two hours left in the hunt..๐Ÿ˜Š Theres only one thing that can compare to finding a gold coin and thats watching your friend find one.....I've not been detecting in several months (another hobby taking up my spare time) but it was great to get out again...I found my first Cason city mint coin on the first hunt we went on...One of the things which make up the beauty of this hobby was that we were able to detect at 4 different locations from foot hills to water hunting and then urban side walk hunting... strick
  10. I remember once when I ran into another gold hunter up in the desert. I was using the 2300. He commented it would take forever to pay for the machine with the tiny gold it finds....I thought to myself if I wanted to make money I could have just stayed home. Leaving work to go detecting is like leaving the gold mine to go play in the dirt. In a serious prospectors mind I do see how that works however and I would certainly be thinking in those regards... if itโ€™s a business you have to. Its nice to have a hobby where you have fun and can find valuable items... My coin and relic machines have paid for them selves but my gold detectors have not...but I have had lots of fun with them thatโ€™s for sure. strick
  11. I was a doner on my honeymoon on Maui...Way before I got into detecting....i remember being very upset at loosing it..but it probably made some detectorist happy...so now I have good feelings about that ๐Ÿ˜ strick
  12. Nice work Ray...good to see your taking a break once in a while... strick
  13. I am always amazed about your knowledge of coins. Itโ€™s good you looked at it closely before tossing it into the clad pile. Cool find strick
  14. Great idea in my opinion...you can never have too many digging tools ...I can see myself using one when my hand gets fatigued from using the lesche and vice a versa..I guess you dont really know how you will like it until you try it. Thinking you could clean up where the handle is welded to the blade so it tapers to the blade and also incorporate a rubber finger grip on the handle somehow? anything that could make it look and feel better would make it sell better. strick
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