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  1. I also had a water hunt kill one my 3030's but it was not due to to the leaky o ring..the head/control box is what went out. repaired under warranty. I've been using the Grey seals even with my newer machine. No problems yet but I would not trust the machine for extended deep water hunts. I change the gasket the beginning of every summer. Don't be afraid to use it in the water especially if its under warranty your gonna want to know if you got a leaker! strick
  2. Were going to have to start calling you superman with all that digging...and looks like your living up to your name as well At least you can get lucky once in a while and I think some might be heading your way...I was at a small swimming hole last week digging like a mad man anything that made the slightest peep on my excal when I got a nice high tone... I lifted my scoop out of the water and there dangling out of the scoop is a nice women's thin 14 k gold chain! I said myself wait a minute those don't make high tones and thats when I seen the dime in the scoop 😄 strick
  3. Yea I can dump out about 2 tablespoons of black sand from my coil cover regularly at the end of some of my beach hunts here on the delta and no problems with the machine acting up. Hope it's fixed as well. strick
  4. That and the Z search is only slightly different in terms of size than the original stock coil. Nugget Finder was not targeting the US market with this coil and my feeling is that anyone that bought it here in the US did so out of desperation for something different for the Z...they say it performs better then the stock coil so maybe that was enough justification to purchase...I'm still waiting patiently for a better coil selection for the Z (Coiltek you listening?) but have the 6K to play with till then...may have to go Russian eventually... strick
  5. The only thing that will make your CTX go nuts like that besides it being broken is underground electrical wires. I had a coil go out on my first CTX and it did not act in the way you are describing it just quit working. But anything is possible. strick
  6. But....how do we know that is the real Gerry...my guess is they are probably using a fake Gerry as well ? just sayin strick
  7. I would say theres not much of a market for it.. Most people are not going to buy a beach machine that every-time it beeps it could be a nail...only a few of us crazies will do such a thing when were desperate for a target. strick
  8. Glad to hear about the difficulty there as I noticed it with mine as well the coil cable is really thick and the threds on the plug are small...so maybe after a while things will loosen up some...got the case that Steve recommended in and fit the detector just right. strick
  9. Thanks now I got another song stuck in my head 😀 strick
  10. Thats one of the prettiest gold rings posted here in a ling time...great finds strick
  11. Karelin who makes that pick holder? strick
  12. That makes me want to live closer to the beach. I got a high surf alert for Pismo couple days ago but it's 4 hours south of me. Nice haul Mitchel loving that big honker 10k ring strick
  13. Phrunt I dare you to go find a 100 of these 🙂 perfect right angle...looks like a little chair, I seen it laying on the ground and I just had to have it lol ....maybe it was a primitive bottle opener before there were bottles... now thats forward thinking...or a door stop from the colonial era...let your imagination run wild... I guess thats why some people are called rock hounds strick
  14. Theres that one youtube dude in Texas that kills it all the time Kevin or something? Big state lots of small towns..good luck tomorrow! strick
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