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  1. Gerry don't forget you are Santa for some of us... and watching Santa play with the toys before he hands them out to the kids is not a good look...just sayin lol strick
  2. if its the same as the ctx the target trace will show the target but the audio will be nulled out...this will allow you to hunt without having to interrogate every single beep as you do with the Nox... Bottle caps read 14-17 in my neck of the woods with the nox.... notch those numbers out and you will miss gold rings...Now for someone that mostly hunts coins silver coins esp its not that big of a deal as you are looking for the higher conductors except the nickels of course. strick
  3. Nice work there Chuck...I'm liking those steel cents the most...my mother has a bunch of old coins that I need to get out of the house before my sister moves in with her lol. I've seen some steel cents in the box... strick
  4. Nice haul there Brad...great to see your jiving with the Deus 2..I hate the stupid antenna and have only used it a few times submerged but found a couple gold with it and you are giving me inspiration to continue with it's underwater capabilities...I've found it is a deep machine as well. I love using it for dirt relic hunting which is why i bought it in the first place...Thanks for posting and how do you get your rings so shiny if you don't mind sharing lol. strick
  5. Im listening as I may ditch the TDI pro for the Axiom at some point...as I'm interested in trying it for beach hunting at some point but too many detectors right now and need to thin out the herd first... strick
  6. yep old razor holders from back in the day. I have a couple whole ones let me see if I can locate today. strick
  7. I’m only hard core for a little while then go back to cherry picker lol...but to be honest I can’t stand passing up targets....so many chains will read low as you know and they can be the heaviest gold prizes. And the zinc pennies....how do they sink so deep in the turf.? My ctx came back from the shop so I’ll be using that for more turf hunting although it’s not good for small chains it’s great for rings. Strick
  8. Thanks fellas I’m out of likes today lol...yes Cal I will dig ones with the Nox once in a while looking for those gold chains this one was a small silver instead. What was surprising was that fork came out of the ground in the condition you see there and it’s been there since the 1940’s ...that’s some good Stainless right there. Had a good hunt all around this morning and made my day.. strick
  9. I told the wife I was going on a quick hunt this morning and would be back by noon. Made it back by 11:30 instead lol. The goal was to combine a relic hunt at an old WW2 base near me and hit a park on the way home for jewerly...The WW2 base is nothing more than urban development with dirt that has been turned over but you can still find some cool stuff if you know where to look. Used the Deus 2 for about 1.5 hours then switched gears and hit a park on the way home. Targets were tough all around with most being beyond the reach of the garret carrot. Was very pleased to see the shiny gold ring pop out of the hole at the park. It was a solid 18 with the Nox in park 1 and weighs right at 6 grams 14K... I dug many zinc pennies today that read from 20 to 12 in various stages of decay. The tiny chain is silver and was a 1 on the Nox...the bigger chain plus crusifix is stainless. Dont forget to dig those zinc pennies fellas you never know what will turn up. HH and Thanksgiving. strick
  10. Your going to have to ask the engineers how they can make ferrous top and bottom and non ferrous in the middle. I’m thinking the principal is the same between the ctx and the manticore as that is the way I have been seeing in in the glances I've had at the videos. Your thinking that something in the middle would have a medium ferrous content right? One thing to remember is that there are many forms of iron alloys and the engineers have had to get very creative so as to help us not dig crap all the time. On a side note it seemed lots of people loved their etrac and never went on to the ctx presumably due to the price? This manticore is going to be a fine machine as long as it don’t leak...and it makes you wonder what they have going on to replace the ctx? The fun never ends. Strick
  11. These are most likely warranty parts for the Minelab 6000...😂 strick
  12. Yea it looks old...most women would wear a different style then a big chunky band theses days...probably a tuff horse ladys ring... Im at a conference in texas full of them right now lol. Good hunting there fir sure. Strick
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