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  1. strick

    The $80,000 Nugget

    That is a nugget shield... lol some day I hope to need one!
  2. strick

    Recent Silver

    Nice Norm Looks like the CTX is treating you well. Nice work sniffing out that old silver. Lisa and I were at Bucks lake with our Kayaks earlier this week. strick
  3. strick

    Gold I (almost) Ignored

    7000 does the same thing over here in the Sierras on big roots. After a while you get the feel of it. Especially after you have spent 30 minutes digging everything out from under a couple of them... strick
  4. strick

    The Chisana Story

    Great Story...I think you still need to write that book.. Digital stuff seems to get lost over time. The book will always be there. strick
  5. strick

    The Chisana Story

    Great story Steve. Those fish packing plants were a great place to meet girls. Is that were dad met mom? When I used to fish on a gill netter for sockeye during the summers there where college girls all over the packing plants lol My dad also was a pilot and I think his favorite plane to fly was the super cub. Looking forward to more...seems to be gold everywhere! strick
  6. I think he knows what gold sounds like and is ignoring some of the pellets. Don't get me wrong...when I say " what gold sounds like" because it's every man for themselves when skipping targets in gold country...lol Also as eluded to the diff settings on the 7000. Holding your coil slightly higher above the ground in pellet rich country will help ignore them. I've found plenty of pellets with my GPZ strick
  7. That is one amazing ring...Heart stopper for sure. Congrats to the detectorist.. strick
  8. I ordered one. Looking forward to learning a thing or two. strick
  9. Thanks for the report Lunk. Just got mine in the other day. I'll be trying it soon in the parks and relic areas. strick
  10. You could give Gerry a call. He probably has a wait list but he does move lots of equipment. strick
  11. Nice work JW how about Papa bear, Mama bear and Baby bear strick
  12. Nice work Simon. While there is nothing really like digging a nice chunky gold nugget I'd say the next best thing is finding lost gold jewelry. You are right in assuming that rinds will hit more solid then trash...except the ones with broken bands, weird shapes etc lol. There will be some nice gold you will pass up below the 7 range. Jewelry hunting....What it amounts to is basically a crap shoot of sorts... However the one thing that always holds true The more you dig the more you find strick
  13. Very interesting ring. Thanks for sharing. strick
  14. strick

    Found My 3rd Half Dollar Ever Today!

    Your on a roll...great finds strick
  15. Nice nugget with very fine particles of gold I'd name it the "sand nugget" clean with a tooth brush and and call it good. You've been busy Gerry I cant keep up with all your finds strick