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  1. Nice work Simon. While there is nothing really like digging a nice chunky gold nugget I'd say the next best thing is finding lost gold jewelry. You are right in assuming that rinds will hit more solid then trash...except the ones with broken bands, weird shapes etc lol. There will be some nice gold you will pass up below the 7 range. Jewelry hunting....What it amounts to is basically a crap shoot of sorts... However the one thing that always holds true The more you dig the more you find strick
  2. Very interesting ring. Thanks for sharing. strick
  3. strick

    Found My 3rd Half Dollar Ever Today!

    Your on a roll...great finds strick
  4. Nice nugget with very fine particles of gold I'd name it the "sand nugget" clean with a tooth brush and and call it good. You've been busy Gerry I cant keep up with all your finds strick
  5. strick

    Home Coming For Steve H.

    Yep nows the time to be in Alaska thats for sure. June-August gorgeous country. worked on fishing boat there for 9 seasons. strick
  6. strick

    Amazing Find!

    Nice! Dollar coins sure are hard to come by. strick
  7. strick

    Software Update Under Progress

    Please elaborate... strick
  8. strick

    Construction Site Finds

    Thats a nice haul! love the watch...way to sniff them out...thats a lot of stuff. strick
  9. Nice chunky ring hopefully Jackpine is right ! Strick
  10. strick

    Adventure Awaits - Forum Absence

    Go get em Steve ! best of luck to you.. It's party time on detector prospector! J/K of course.... I think we can manage to behave ourselves while you are gone. strick
  11. strick

    Scooped This One Up This Morning

    Thats cool. I still have yet to find a class ring.. of course you have to hunt to actually find one lol and I've not been out in a while. I bought my son and his girl class rings for their graduation.. Knowing that people like you are out there to return them if they ever became lost is gratifying. strick
  12. strick

    The Forum Like Limit

    Only ran out a couple times....I like to hit the like on new members posts for encouragement. Everyone likes to be liked and I think 20 is more then enough. Now what about HaHa, Sad, Confused, and Thanks? How many of those do we get? strick
  13. strick

    New Deus X35 Search Coils

    The only thing I wish is that deus would make a Mac download available. I bought a Mac desk top a while ago due to problems with previous windows desk tops. strick
  14. A lot of the Florida boys use a hookah system for diving for warm water lobsters....Might be the way to go. Been thinking if getting certified for diving...one more thing on my list.... Good Hunting...from one Chuck to another! strick