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  1. Have yet to even take out the WM08 out of the little plastic bag it came in...I like to keep things simple so I use the blue tooth headphones most of the time but will use water proof headphones wired to the detector when water hunting of course. vary rarely do I sense the lag in response time with the blue tooth but it does happen occasionally. strick
  2. 3 now but you have to hunt where they are...you live in Boise Idaho I live in the SF Bay area...it would be like trying to hunt for polar bears in Mexico 😃 strick
  3. Possibly a gold coin that was in a fire like others have said...got a couple silver coins that look very similar...just acid test it and you will know...the first pic almost looks like the outline of a profile if you use your imagination 😃 strick
  4. I keep hearing this about the Nox and I just dont see where its coming from? I have used the S#@t out of my machine and have yet to break anything on it associated with the coils or any of it's connections...I bump it bang it etc...not on purpose of course but it happens occasionally Now my garret carrots I've had problems with breaking but it's my fault most likely as I have a habit of dropping them on the ground as i fumble for my digging tool. strick
  5. I never said anything about tearing anyone down.... just not putting up with certain types of behavior...this can be dealt with in many ways....such as simply not responding to someone...not returning a phone call, deleting their account, or firing them as a client...no need to get nasty with people...no need to even give them an explanation as to (Why?) my preference is just to ignore sometimes....some of us are way to busy to put up with some stuff. People can be manipulative and conniving... being in business for myself for most of my 57 years has given me some perspective. Sorry but sensit
  6. I've been gone a couple days and I don't even know what brought on this topic.... but I'm all in!! I made up my mind last year that I was not going to be putting up with BS people any more... trying to make everyone happy is the fastest way to the end... fire at will strick
  7. looks like he has it set up off the back of the atv...either way it looks like an accident waiting to happen... strick
  8. Seems like there was a misunderstanding or something? I dont see why the dealer would have sent you just the acid washed nugget without an explanation...adjustment needed... strick
  9. I dont have the problem but my wife had bad eczema and I'l talking bad...it went away after about two years dietary and supplements doctors wanted to put her on some serious meds (chemotherapy type stuff) and pred... but she just dealt with it instead...she had cracks that started on her hands and eventually went to her heels.... the ones on her heels were really bad..I felt so sorry for her... she used to put Cera V ointment and socks or saran wrap on her feet at night..she said this stuff really works... strick
  10. Thanks for that info as I'd never heard of it before...where does it come from? strick
  11. https://www.amazon.com/Silver-Economy-Stone-Basic-Instructions/dp/B000VAZB8K/ref=asc_df_B000VAZB8K/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=309755257116&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=3087066822478829008&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=t&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9031984&hvtargid=pla-406644705295&psc=1 One of these an an you will know in 2 minutes. Nice score! Strick
  12. Personally I don't care about competitions of any sorts...but thats just me... I'll continue to post cool finds without any expectations wishes or dreams....also I think it's a bad idea to involve money even when its a donation to a charity...people can donate on their own and there are plenty or us who donate to diff organizations not fully knowing how the money is used... I'd rather see you use the money you generate on this site as you see fit... hopefully to better the site in some way or other...also if you use the "like" system to vote would you not have to give us unlimited likes becau
  13. You are braver then me..I hate Snakes! .... and thats snake country if I ever seen it...are these a lethal variety....like you got to make out your will two weeks in advance of being bitten lol strick
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