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  1. I like to raz him a bit once in a while... I've spent some $ with him so I figure I've earned it lol...he's a strait shooter and will get you set up. strick
  2. The 6000 can easily pick out gold the size #8 bird shot at 2-3 inches deep... In my opinion the 7000 can as well but it sucks for this type of gold as it will tune out the gold or it double blips on it...its not a clear response like the 6000. Were talking stock coils here...The 6000 is a plug and play type detector. gold the size of #9 birdshot is dig-able as well but listen carefully lol The gpx 6000 is an amazing machine in it's capability of finding small sized gold...I liken it to a long range sniper rifle with carefully hand loaded rounds. But ask yourself before you buy... do you really want to find gold the size of fly poop? strick
  3. 😊 Have we ever seen a photo of Gerry with his mouth closed? strick
  4. He just put out a video comparing the deus 2 to the Excalibur and he keeps calling the excalibur a 6 inch coil. It’s an 8 inch coil.... far as I know minelab never made a 6 inch coil for the Excalibur. He’s making so many videos he don’t know what sized coils he has on the detectors. Strick
  5. Nice find...I hear the marines are required to take it apart clean it and put it back together blindfolded in under 5 minutes 🙂 strick
  6. Nice work fellas and thanks for sharing. Do you guys ever find those button hooks? Just curious I got one the other day and did not realize what it was as I had not found one before. strick
  7. My buddy has a mdt 8000 I got to play with it a little in our test garden. It out performed the equinox and Deus 1 easily on depth however the tones or lack there of I should say were a no go for me. I just could not get used to that high pitch “ting” sound it made..Looked to be a well built machine.... Strick
  8. yep I have one of these and it's my favorite ..make sure you get a carbon fiber handle strick
  9. I've been doing that a while now and it has not seemed to hurt business much if any.. 😊 On this new Deus I'm gonna wait a bit till I see some more testing out west here...probably end up getting one... like a dummy I need another detector like a hole in my head. But the Deus is such a pleasure to swing with the 9" coil I'll have to have one especially if it performs better then the Deus 1 I'm not getting on any lists.... when they become easily available then I'll make the move. Besides might be some software bugs to work out on the early ones ? strick
  10. It’s really surprising how a #9 birdshot sized piece of gold a couple inches deep rings loud and clear...it makes you thing it’s something bigger...the 6000 does what it’s supposed to do. Strick
  11. Nice I’ll bet that’s what General Custers last stand looked like! strick
  12. No reset here either...plug and play....last Saturdays hunt with the 10x5...although I packed in my 11" coil and Deus in my day pack I never took off the 10x5....not one coin 😞 strick
  13. Nice work.... theres more in there! I have one of those buttons with the wings (military) somewhere. strick
  14. So I went out and just tested the 10x5 against the 11. first ran over everything with the 11 twice...first in field 2 and then back again in Park 1... then put on the the 10x5 and repeated doing the same. There are 6 stations all with a coin and a nail or nails all from 7 to 9 inches deep. Couple targets have 3 nails near it and one target has 4 nails surrounding it. Like I said earlier I have no way of knowing what has changed due to all the critters underground but my conclusion is that the 10x5 hit everything the 11 did but did it better due to the separation ability. I'm surprised about this as I figured some targets would be too deep for it to hear. Everything sounded better in Park one then in Field 2 Settings: Park 1 Sensitivity 22 ground balance manual FE 0 FE2 0 Recovery 5 Wide open Horse shoe which is how I usually like to hunt strick
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