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  1. Not worth much already looked it up... coins are few and far between as usual..keep swinging.. Strick
  2. The wife and I spent a night at a small town beach area back in mid Feb...we brought our detectors just for fun...not my first pick as it's cold and windy most of the time with not many people but my wife likes these areas north of Petaluma as she grew up in that area...Lisa was learning her new Nox 800...she found a few coins and lots of trash...I got lucky as I did not expect to find a gold ring...at first I thought it was 10K but it acid tests 14K like it's stamped....not the prettiest ring but gold is gold....the little one is silver.... some lady and her 5 year old daughter were on their hands and knees watching as I sifted it out of the sand...they were as surprised as I was.. strick
  3. Nothing great to report...been doing very little detecting...made it up to the foot hills a couple times searching for that gold coin but it was not to be...raining and windy here in N. Calif this morning.. The Henry Clay pendant is kinda cool learn something new every day with this hobby. Stay safe out there! strick https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Clay
  4. Thats the first I've heard of the hair ring...thanks for educating me! strick
  5. Used the 15 up in the foot hills a few weeks ago and it is fast and covers some ground...as with most of my bigger coils they are the least used but I'm going to start using this one more often. Nice work! strick
  6. Nice hunt..I really like your photos of the un dug nuggets! strick
  7. Nice going...long live the queen...Looking forward to more of your posts strick
  8. I've found lots of diamond stud earnings with my ctx that you sold me..they hit good...however none of them were real diamonds ๐Ÿ˜ƒ strick
  9. Nice work...seen the post first on the the FB forum...Got the chance to hunt with Brian once..he knows his stuff..maybe a vid coming out on this find? strick
  10. Nice save..and what are those magical looking gloves you are using lol strick
  11. Nice looking coin..hard to find those half dollars...heck I'm happy when I find a Kennedy half! strick
  12. You could have said the silver one was real and I would have believed you ๐Ÿ™‚ nice when you can pull out three rings on one hunt. strick
  13. This is going to be something to follow for sure....a thred where I can actually learn something about how to find gold..thank you JP. strick
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