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  1. Another great save Norm...I still have my CTX I'll use it in bottle cap infested areas at parks...it is slow compared to the nox and I'm waiting minelab to come up with a faster version..the CTX was my right hand detector for a long time. Lisa and I are trying to figure out when we can make it up north... strick
  2. Really really nice...and all in one month...makes me get the itch to get out real bad...thanks for sharing strick
  3. I think I remember seeing a picture but I could be wrong...might have been some staged picture a few years ago. I never really followed it much strick
  4. I'd like to see what the clip on coil joint protector looks like as well as the lithium batteries and if they are available for purchase...the arm rest on ours has already been modified and added a swing arm as well...My wife loves the machine as do I but the 7000 is the go to for me as many of you have stated...it is a great little machine and the fold up compact design is great for those of us that want to be able to place it in a back pack etc... it's ability to ignore hot rocks is priceless in some areas....I give it a thumbs up for small gold recovery. strick
  5. I remember when you used to dig just BB's.... way to persevere Simon! strick
  6. Thats a hella of a nice ring Norm! strick
  7. Italians love their gold...I'm half Sicilian and my grandfather brought lots of gold jewelry over...I'd love to go for a hunt over there some day..Nice finds strick
  8. Nice photo journal! those kids look like they could be related...My kids are grown and gone now so I let my dog lead me around and it pays off sometimes...Nice Find! strick
  9. It sure makes all that digging worth while that for sure...congrtas! strick
  10. That ground looks soft...almost like beach detecting lol strick
  11. Free donor cord for those using the X coils... strick
  12. Hey Jim he got bit on the muzzle..snake was only about 15 inches long..happened right next to me it was in a hallow log..the dog is always hunting and is really fond of lizards for some reason ...I thought he was after another lizard...he has 3 or so rattle snake vaccines...however he still swelled up and got lethargic really fast (he's only 18 pounds)...2.5 hour ride back home and he was looking more alert. We we gave him antivenin but he was looking better after some Benadryl so the antivenin may have un necessary.. would love to visit you over there some day clark...but in the mean time please keep sending those gold pics 😄 strick
  13. Siberia? I find that landscape so interesting...that there is gold there... strick
  14. Love that nugget Clark! once again its nice to see you are finding your way around down there...I guess you got to watch out for snakes wherever you go this time of year so be careful...I dont remember if I told you that Buddy got smacked by a rattler last year..messed him up for a couple days but he pulled through just fine...hope he learned his lesson...we were working couple days ago and I usually tie him to the truck...big 5 foot gopher snake comes strolling along and he did not see it till I moved it off into a gully (the women were freaking out) ...after seeing that he put himself as far away as he could from where the snake was...lol strick
  15. Nice going Clark...glad to see you are learning your way around over there! strick
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