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  1. Gold is soft when you scratch it. Stainless is hard when you scratch it. Nice ring either way good find. Strick
  2. Do you have a scratch tester? If it is platinum the solution will not dissolve the scratch... if it's stainless steel Or if it's gold it will disolve the scratch. Strick
  3. If you are trying to equate a specific alloy...Stainless, Silver, Gold Platinum, Alluminum white gold, or what ever it may be with the VDI of your machine you are wasting your time and simply fooling yourself. It don't work that way. strick
  4. GB Amateur- thanks for the leg work. Your research and knowledge is invaluable to us here on this forum. Oh and dont let me leave out your enthuasium 😊 Deus Fan boy- The XP Deus is hard to beat in the a trashy relic environment. Your expertise with this machine make the two of you an un beatable pair....which is why I do my best to hunt out a spot before I take you there 😁 and yet you still are able to pull good finds from all these hard hit areas. I still remember your remarkable words of wisdom.... "Nails are your friend" Till the next hunt... Strick
  5. Congrats on a great find! I keep thinking one of these days! strick
  6. LOL I saw the face too and thought maybe it had a double meaning...guess I'm still confused after finding that sun god thingy..try Field 2, Iron bias 0, recovery speed 5, manual ground balance and run the sens as high as you can.. strick
  7. I love seeing pictures of the old miners at work. It would be nice to have a few hanging on my wall in my office. strick
  8. Quick story...couple weeks ago I was in a parking lot walking back to my truck..I hear someone call out my name and look up to see a somewhat familiar face..she was a past client of mine...I kinda remembered her....she explained that she felt bad because she owed me a lot of money..I said how much? she could not remember...so I looked her up on my computer and she owed $166... FROM 2008....I said well thats not too bad I have others that owe far more then you. Said she wanted to make good on it as I did not deserve to be stiffed. I told her to just send me a check or she could pay via pay pal...within an hour the money was in my pay pal account. She really made my day and I was thinking there are still good people out there. I hope Moe does the same. strick
  9. Thanks Cal...im sure the buckel is off a halter...the rectangular thing is a small pad lock. It has writing on it but hard to discern...will tumble it. I have found a couple scale weights in the past. All the stuff in that picture includind the quarter were found close to where i live. Now if i can only figure out the sun god thing. Probably not very old as im finding lots of modern clad in this spot. Strick
  10. Up in the foot hills there are some areas where the ground varies every 5 feet and the machine needed to be re manual ground balanced every 5 feet! so I gave up and switched to tracking and the machine ran better. Not perfect but better. In the ground down here in the bay area I do a manual ground balance as needed and the machine runs nice and smooth. When I get into a bunch of nails sometimes it's hard to find a clear spot to to a manual ground balance so I'll try the turn on and go method and just forget about ground balance.......sometimes ignorance is bliss as they say strick
  11. Clark thats good advice and I think I'll take it since I'm on a streak right now. Funny thing is I don't consider myself lucky. My mom on the other hand is always winning at bingo.... seems like every other week she's taking home over 1k in winnings lol. Me I don't gamble....even if theres a fifty/fifty chance I usually come out on the short end of the stick. I've always had the "hard work gets rewarded" type of attitude. When I told Lisa what the coin appeared to be she got a serious look on her face said I deserved it lol. Now if you believe all that I got an Island out in the middle of the desert I'll sell you. My Gold fox is supposed to be here tomorrow strick
  12. Gerry- me thinks Wade needs a GPZ...but what do I know
  13. Interesting looking coin with that butterfly. Too bad theres no gold in the river...i would be down there with my fly rod. I had to run the nox at a sens of about 17 the other day as i was in a metropolitan area cars everywhere and powerlines 20 feet away. My ctx does not suffer as badley from the emi but its not as effective in a high trash environment as the nox. Its great your discovering the different naunces with the different detectors. A guy with a Garret Ace found a 1854 silver quarter just the other day in an area that has been pounded to death with the ctx, xp deus and nox... you got me wondering what coil he was using lol Strick
  14. Thanks fellas. Once i looked it up i just wrapped it in tissue did not even rinse off the dirt so i guess ill send it in to be cleaned and graded by pcgs. Never did this before so its all very interesting and fun. I hear if you join then you get something like 2-3 free evaluations....
  15. Between work and projects I've managed to get out on a few hunts. I bought my buddy an equinox 800 since he has been kind enough to let me run all around his ranches as if I own them myself. He has showed some interest in detecting...he thinks he's going to find a 1 pound gold nugget . After spending some time showing him how it works...I'd mark a target and then have him go over it and then dig it...he started to get the hang of it. So on our second outing he goes and finds a 1855 seated quarter (like Deathrays) but not in nearly as good condition. He was stoked and I wish i had brought my camera with me so I could get a pic of him smiling and holding the coin. Been hitting some other locations near where I live. Old homesites and street tear outs. Day before yesterday was a quick but pleasant hunt. Dug the standing liberty and put it in my pocket so it would not get banged up in the pouch. I never look at items much in the field but wait till I get home. I was glad I put this coin in my pocket. I'm going to have to get it looked at just to make sure but I think it's the real deal. If anyone knows what the sun god thing was? kinda cool digging it and have that smiling back. HH to you all strick
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