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  1. Thats why we go.... nice find congrats! strick
  2. Nice ring what ever the stones are...curious about the settings you prefer for the Nox...I like to hunt jewelry as well strick
  3. Bass boat in drive way here...It would be nice to be all stocked up on diff gold detectors but having the 7000 and the 2300 seems enough for me at the moment..plus I really need to examine my hunting style after my last gold hunt 3 months ago. Buddy took me to a new spot and gave me the pointy finger and proclaimed "they got gold down there" so down there I went...second target close to 2 gram nugget...thought this is too easy and I was right...trash every 14 inches not fun with the 7000...up the raving was even worse...kinda like going duck hunting with a 300 Win Magnum...If I were to go back
  4. I just bought a pair but they have the 1/4 plug with no adapter. I have a 1/4 to 1/8 adapter laying around somewhere..This is my third pair of sunrays they are my favorite and use them when hunting with the CTX and 7000 I think they are the most comfortable headphones I have. Also have killer bees and one pair of grey ghosts water proof. strick
  5. Nice work Clark.. How does that coil feel to you? seems most people like it. glad to see your getting out there... strick
  6. Lots of knowledgable people post there don't know why it was never up dated...
  7. Hey Phrunt I'll put on high heels a wig and even some lipstick if you take me to that ball field you been hunting lol 😍 strick
  8. That is a nice ring...the kind my wife would take from me immediately lol strick
  9. cool thimble thanks for sharing...now I gotta go look inside the one my wife found. 🙂 strick
  10. That is a nice save..I only ever remember finding one butterfly broach and most of one wing was broke off...this one looks old to me but who knows..Might be worth taking it to a jeweler to identify and have touched up? strick
  11. She is gorgeous..The Deus is a great little guy to hunt with..once you understand French. strick
  12. That looks like the land of pharaohs Rick....and we know how much gold they had...good luck out there! strick
  13. I dont think so...lots of good probiotics in a cows stomach. Used to look at them swimming around under the microscope! strick To the OP...your gonna want the training!
  14. Nice watch and thanks for the report. Do you guys have much black sand over there? I've got a couple beaches that I hunt with lots of it but the nox still does well...I have been kicking myself for not ordering this coil when they first came out because now I want one and there are none lol strick
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