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  1. Great idea in my opinion...you can never have too many digging tools ...I can see myself using one when my hand gets fatigued from using the lesche and vice a versa..I guess you dont really know how you will like it until you try it. Thinking you could clean up where the handle is welded to the blade so it tapers to the blade and also incorporate a rubber finger grip on the handle somehow? anything that could make it look and feel better would make it sell better. strick
  2. Great story Steve...Like the others have said we really appreciate hearing your adventures. One of the great things about this hobby is being able to mix it up with hunting for different things That Ax head is a treasure hunters dream for sure...some of the things that would be going through my mind...what did the person look like who forged it? was it the same person who used it? How many people did he kill with it? was he killed in battle using it? just a few things I would be thinking about. Also I was wondering Is that something you would even try to clean up at all ? strick
  3. Geez what a difference a week makes...just drove through that area a week ago (not detecting) and it was sunny and warm...hope your not swing a 7000 over there with that new moisture and the salt it played havoc with me several years ago. strick
  4. What he said.... that second cap looked to be aluminum...could not see the first one as you did not show it close up...I have not down loaded the new firm ware yet as I have not been detecting much in the last several weeks but looking at your first video is encouraging as we have zillions of pop beer caps here in the states and in particular here in calif were Corona beer is very popular with the residents. Curious what the half ring ID was? and what is that coin thingy with the sail boat ? I'm surprised you are not pulling any gold rings or chains out of this field since you are getting a lot of silver there is sure to be GOLD there..maybe time to start using Park 2 or Field 2 ? and dig those low ID targets...one of problems I have with the Nox is it hits so well on copper and silver coins it's easy to become focused on those targets.. here is a good video on digging targets on edge although he is using the CTX the principal is the same with the DD coil as far as I'm aware. Keep at it as you have all of us watching you strick
  5. Looks to be cheaper then a hearing aid strick
  6. This is probably one of the best one liners ever Simon! Hope you haven't over worked yourself finding all these silvers and now what looks like a genuine gold coin! Your lucky a detecting club has not flocked all its members to your spot by now...over here in the states spots like yours are non existent... I think you have found The Field of Dreams over there...nice work I was wondering how you were coming along... strick
  7. No nerves struck here...did not seen the other posts on the tesoros.. I mostly skim through some of these topics so my bad for not reading everything...it's all good as long as were having fun with the detectors we own..my point to Calabash was that the AT series works just fine for many users...maybe the topic should have been titled Three reasons why not to buy a Garret At Pro for Relic hunting" In my opinion the Nox and Deus are superior and I am a user of both... It leaves me wondering with whom his beef really is directed to? Hoover boys? strick
  8. Sorry to hear this and best of luck to you getting them caught.. hopefully the sheriff is being very helpful..and can track them down..flea markets are places where stolen tools end up so if you know anyone in that area maybe they can go check for you. Had about 3K worth of tools stolen years ago...by you guessed it... meth heads... strick
  9. I think your right about the round disk with the slots on either side I found a couple at the spot we went to...nice hunt..interesting stuff strick
  10. Adding a couple more twists to an unidentified 2000 year old object so it fits on your finger should not hurt the value...If you get it back I vote ring... strick
  11. I'll bet the guys that detected before you were just were just digging the high tones and left all the nickels? I remember when I first started detecting (not long ago) I kept wondering why I was not finding nickels lol...did you find any rings in that spot? strick
  12. Cant beat those old 1950's vintage black and white photos..lol Are you sure the Jeep is not a bit jealous of the new Honda side by side? might want to do a few more tests before you jump to a diagnosis....just saying strick
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