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  1. Outstanding....bringing any gold home is a successful trip but spending time out in that desert and soaking it all in with friends is the real treasure... Strick
  2. I live in the bay area and have been hunting a few spots lately near busy roads and power lines...last couple weeks i've been hunting in a strip of dirt that has regular telephone pole power lines right over me ....a chain link fence 3 feet away and then 20 feet away on the other side of the fence High voltage power lines. Like Mark does I do the noise cancel with coil on the ground and then reduce the sensitivity. I've been able to run it at 18 no problem...I've learned to put up with chatter if I want to hunt these some of these small areas...another thing I figure is that most detectorists will shy away from hard to hunt areas and I'll find stuff here.
  3. Welcome to the forum..A bit down hill from you. My brother works for a crane company that services all of the PGE plants in the sierras. strick
  4. How far down have you reduced the gain?
  5. Nice looking pick...I just bought a new Apex Badger with a 36" handle. I'll probably cut it down to 30" I lost my Hodan pick on my last trip out...it was my favorite Relic pick...I use the Apex's for gold hunting. Your picks look to be well made...I wish someone made the Hodan style as they are well liked by many people even prospectors as they are very light weight. strick
  6. Sounds like you guys are hurting back east....I hunt where the treasure is and very seldom get bothered by anybody...maybe its because they think I'm just a poor old man out trying to have a little fun? strick
  7. A sure sign that things are going to go well for you in OZ ! strick
  8. Some will say they dig too many nails with the Nox.... I'm not one of them strick
  9. Unbalanced? so now minelab engineers are required to make a metal detector that is balanced upside down and right side up.... lol. Blaming a metal detector because you fell and broke it....He'd be a great client to try and keep happy...I'll stop before I say something I'm not supposed to.. strick
  10. They make a hell of a pin pointer....when it works strick
  11. Killer coin Norm Congrats! strick
  12. Nice Nuggets you got there Simon...It looks like you are hunting tailing piles? If so do you have any idea how the old timers might have missed nuggets of that size? Do you know what methods they might have been using at that area ? strick
  13. Cheaper to cut and splice then to buy a whole new gold detector with insufficient coil selection...just sayin Strick
  14. Awesome detecting there...thanks for posting again! Strick
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