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  1. Or you could be a horse Vet...the horse kicks you and then the check bounces strick
  2. Yep I'll look them up first then if not worth anything they get cleaned...Cabin Fever has the best method for cleaning coins I've seen. His Indians are amazing looking. I wonder what kind of camera he is using to get those nice close ups? Inquiring minds want to know strick
  3. As always your stories are great to read....they are inspirational and educational as well. Makes me want to go search for gold. strick
  4. strick

    1906 Barber Beauty With My 800

    I think the Barbers are one of the prettiest designs minted. Nice work! I still have yet to find a Barber quarter. found lots of dimes and one half dollar barber that was in rough shape. strick
  5. strick

    2019 Goals

    My goal is to just get out and detect more this year. Last year ended up with lots of projects I wanted to get done...now there almost done. Another thing that I need to start doing is more intensive researching for relic spots. I've been meaning to try some water hunting in areas only accessible by boat. I got my boat ready last year but then never took it out. Another thing is to spend more time learning the Nox. happy hunting strick
  6. strick

    A Bucket Lister With The Nox 800!!

    That's a dam nice coin! Congrats Strick
  7. strick

    Discriminator Or Detector?

    Nice finds. I don't think the Nox is even close to the CTX as far as cherry picking goes. If I were going to a trashy park the CTX is still my first choice. Beach, relic, and gold areas then the Nox gets used. strick
  8. strick

    A Gold Coin Story

    I hope not I've only been detecting since 2014 but I know how lucky I have been these few years with some of my finds. Being the OCD type the "Beep and Dig" is working well....... helping me to unwind after a days work dealing with other mens hysterical wives and their sometimes spoiled horses. I like your videos and have watched them all. Merton is down playing it a bit. He actually dug more then I did it seemed but I just got lucky and found the patch. I will note that my detecting buddy is looking into getting a new detector...one who's name starts with a M and ends with a B. Hunting with friends is more fun then hunting alone no matter what were looking for. Good luck out there fellas! strick
  9. strick

    Diggin Pouches

    The relic elite is gonna be hard to beat. My pockets are not big enough for all the junk I dig pop cans etc can fill you up real fast. strick
  10. strick

    Diggin Pouches

    I can vouch for that pouch strick
  11. strick

    I Guess I‘m In.. Kind Of Logbook

    Nice find! pretty diamond...goes to show you never know. You could have just left for another spot and never found it. Congrats strick
  12. strick

    Equinox Up Date

    Coin spills often sound like a mixture of coins highs...mixed with mid tones over lapping etc.... Dig and you shall receive! or pass it up and let the next guy find it! strick
  13. strick

    Show Us Your Favorite Ring Find From 2018

    "Thank you Gerry, I used your gold ring settings for the xterra 705 and found my first gold ring with a detector in 2017 park hunting in Missoula Mt." Hey I watched that video as well! congrats on the gold strick
  14. Wow that dog tag is fabulous. I'll bet you were jumping up and down when that popped out of the ground! strick
  15. You did good. The wife has first right of refusal over here as well. I love finding those old pocket watches. Is it fully intact? You also got a lot of Buffs and those are particularly hard to find as are the Indians. I'm surprised you dug less pull tabs then the previous year even though you got out more. Keeping records a good thing I wish I had the drive to do it. I have a buddy who has keep a record of every duck he has shot for the past 20 years! strick