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  1. No nerves struck here...did not seen the other posts on the tesoros.. I mostly skim through some of these topics so my bad for not reading everything...it's all good as long as were having fun with the detectors we own..my point to Calabash was that the AT series works just fine for many users...maybe the topic should have been titled Three reasons why not to buy a Garret At Pro for Relic hunting" In my opinion the Nox and Deus are superior and I am a user of both... It leaves me wondering with whom his beef really is directed to? Hoover boys? strick
  2. Sorry to hear this and best of luck to you getting them caught.. hopefully the sheriff is being very helpful..and can track them down..flea markets are places where stolen tools end up so if you know anyone in that area maybe they can go check for you. Had about 3K worth of tools stolen years ago...by you guessed it... meth heads... strick
  3. I think your right about the round disk with the slots on either side I found a couple at the spot we went to...nice hunt..interesting stuff strick
  4. Adding a couple more twists to an unidentified 2000 year old object so it fits on your finger should not hurt the value...If you get it back I vote ring... strick
  5. I'll bet the guys that detected before you were just were just digging the high tones and left all the nickels? I remember when I first started detecting (not long ago) I kept wondering why I was not finding nickels lol...did you find any rings in that spot? strick
  6. Cant beat those old 1950's vintage black and white photos..lol Are you sure the Jeep is not a bit jealous of the new Honda side by side? might want to do a few more tests before you jump to a diagnosis....just saying strick
  7. It's really a once in a life time find when you think about it...I'd go so far as to say it's potentially a family heirloom and it will never mean as much to any one else as it does to you..Here's to hoping you get it back since you are the one that has invested all the time and money go half way around the world and find it in the first place. strick
  8. Thanks for the update...habe not had time to look at the other forums lately Strick
  9. What ever about Tesoros.... I thought were talking about the AT pro and the Nox in stock configs...So next your gonna tell me that turning your sensitivity way down on the Nox with that big stock coil is going to work better then the AT pro with the sensitivity turned up?... next to metal structures? ...Please strick
  10. Beach and coin the Nox wins thats for sure...happy hunting fellas strick
  11. I see no point in bashing another mans detector...do I own a Garret? hell no...do they work just fine? hell yes...I got on you on the Dankowskis form for a similar post...you are a relic hunter...Is everyone else that uses a metal detector a relic hunter? I got a test for you...go to a tot lot and try your Nox 800 with the stock coil around the monkey bars and under the swings and see how much it falses..then try the Garret with the stock coil and see which gives you less of a head ache...then go in a soccer field and try detecting 1 foot away from a fence and see which machine works better...no fair putting the small coil on the nox...were talking stock straight out of the box...not everyone has the money to buy 8 different detectors and 3 coils for each one...like you and I do...Just saying...and I really do like most of your videos Happy hunting. strick
  12. Nice to see a surfer convert over..your knowledge of the tides and surf will help no doubt... wishing you many treasures.... just show us and all is good! strick
  13. The one I linked on e bay fits the Detect ed shaft perfectly..its a little on the heavy side but it helps to balance out the nose heavy Nox strick
  14. I did not know you could return a minelab metal detector for money back? you must have a very nice dealer to take back a used machine ? Minelab does not state in their warranty that they refund money back...sorry to hear it did not click well with you as it's one of my favorite machines. https://www.minelab.com/usa/support/product-warranty/warranty-conditions strick
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