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  1. Thanks for the up date...I mostly hunt in Field 2 these days in most environments except salt water where I use the beach modes...I still will dig everything that hits solid and loud even 1's and 2's but I've learned to recognize the ground noise as you have done...thanks for your posts. strick
  2. I know a guy like that...he's always pulling the gold and I'm walking around half mumbling to myself...and cleaning the environment of lead shot. Maybe they are mostly digging the sweet sounding mellow tones? How many bb's did JW get compared to yours? curious strick
  3. Sounds like some might be trying to yank on your chain a bit Steve...I never got the impression that people were upset at you for editing some of the X coil debate... Most level headed people will realize that they over stepped and need a little spanking. Funny how when you routinely say on the forum No Personal Attacks and then two minutes later there is a personal attack... I would go Texan for sure on those ones lol... Nice Dog! strick
  4. Yep near or across the street from the courthouse...I'm sure Steve has been there...My wood shop teacher from high school lives in Reno half the year the other half he lives near me...he even told me about it so it's no big secret... Now that I think about it I'm wondering what my Ex did with her ring? strick
  5. I was thinking the same thing myself... but make sure you leave a price tag on each one so they don't get screwed and all your hard work is for naught strick
  6. The ole gold out of the rabbit hole trick! nice work fellas...agree with the others very scenic. strick
  7. Nice! she's a beauty...you gonna sell it? strick
  8. Hunting lakes and rivers I'm assuming thats what you are talking about? the depth a target sinks depends on the density of the soil under it in these areas. Soft mushy bottom obviously targets will sink beyond the detectors capabilities over time. However you have the advantage in these areas because there is no tide or wave action to bring sand in and cover the targets. I have good luck in fresh water rivers and lakes and I would not overlook these areas. Detecting salt water beaches when the beach has eroded is what most of us are looking for. Hunting after a big storm can sometimes provide great detecting opportunities but you need to be ready to drop everything and go when this happens. You dont need a storm to provide erosion however so look for places where the tide has been pounding away making a steep slope or a cut in the beach. Good luck! heres a guy that got on it... strick
  9. I'm gonna try and drown mine as I'm getting close to the end of my warranty strick
  10. So a guy can actually make money doing this stuff? I was 16 years old in 1979...that was the year I should have took up metal detecting...but hunting and fishing were the hot stuff back then..not to mention hormones getting in the way every now and then. I was surprised to see that Bounty Hunter has been around that long...I had no idea. Thanks for sharing the pictures as we all know you don't do that for obvious reasons. My favorite is the big lump by the 2nd watch...if only you had the modern cameras of today back then! strick
  11. I just talked to a fellow colleague yesterday...she is in a competitive business (small animal vet) and she said she used the google adds and could not be more happy with the way it turned out. Her phone is now ringing more often...I don't know much about advertising but if I ever had to I would start there. strick
  12. Nothing against Wallmart Fred but I think you and I would find our way around Home Depot much easier! strick
  13. Thanks I see you make the lower shaft as well. I'm using the minelab lower shafts on mine. did not see that you were selling the lower shafts. Bought it off an e bay vendor...Very happy with this set up.. Thanks! strick
  14. I have one of your shafts and it's great. With the large coil on it will sometimes want to twist a little...should I try tightening the clamp some? strick
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