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  1. Sounds like you're already screwed Paul because July 5th is this coming Tuesday not Sunday lol Strick
  2. And to think I had my dog castrated...if only I had known https://animalfair.com/2016/05/14/glance-history-dog-license-tags/ Strick
  3. It may take a bit Tom ....The finder of the tag has been busy starting a used RV repair and install business. From what I understand he does great work once he gets everything level... strick
  4. Great find and you have given me a great idea...I have a huge skeleton key with the handle end broken off...and some coins to spare...a fun project. strick
  5. Nice work 350....those old medallions are cool...back in the day the worlds fairs were a big deal... they didn’t have Netflix stirck
  6. Got to spend a couple days up in the high country with some great folks a few weeks ago. Here’s a few relics. The best relic find of the trip was a late 1890’s dog license tag...wish I took a picture of it...maybe the gentleman who found it will chime in with a photo or send me a picture to post? We got chased out by a storm that came through...the one that flooded Yellowstone...the highlight of the trip was getting to sit down and chat with our fearless leader Steve H who wandered into camp one morning. Good times.. Strick
  7. Tony makes great headphones finally had a chance to try out the ones for the Deus 2 he built for me on a water hunt today. Also have a pair for the Nox. He builds them ready to go for water hunting. Strick
  8. That’s what I’m thinking...I have found gold with it but it needs to be looked at. Thanks Steve strick
  9. Thanks for the offer Gerry.. I loaned this machine out for several months 3-4 serious prospectors had the chance to play with it none of them really liked it....Thinking of just sending it to Minelab for evaluation...I only get out a few times a year to the gold country...So lack of user time to find faults is on me...yes the coil cord is plugged in solid...first thing I made sure of...I’ll pm or call you if I need to. strick
  10. Nice work skate...better in her hands then some greedy pirate 😁 strick
  11. I was unable to use my 6k couple weeks ago in a remote area. I could not get it to shut up despite multiple noise cancels and even a re boot...I tried to use it at its lowest setting.. still arcing squirrely...very disappointing...I’ll be calling Minelab so they can check out the coil to see if there is anything wrong with it....my Xp Deus works fine however... strick
  12. Glad you got it sorted out. We went on a camping trip couple years ago asked over the phone if I could detect while there the lady said absolutely...well first thing I did was head to the ball field and within 15 min a guy comes up and tells me can’t do that there...the guy was the husband of the lady (both were camp hosts) told him his wife said it was ok already 😂 he stood his ground but did let me detect out back behind some older buildings and of course in the water at the lake. We got along fine I’d show him what I found each day.. strick
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