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  1. A few guys up in Sonora California have been on a roll finding some really good stuff recently found a jar half full of Mercury dimes
  2. Yep more junk ,still waiting for the good stuff .I need to hit some older sights . Gentleman with Sonora metal detectors found a $20 gold piece now that's nice
  3. Still looking,will buy outright,thanks
  4. Cleaned up real good .less than an inch deep.
  5. 14k at a baseball field .found three junk rings since then .you have to dig the junk to get the good stuff.
  6. Looking for a small coil for a gold bug 2 .I have a new 10 to trade when it gets back from fisher .It got cought in a car door . Luckily it was just the end of the coil where Connects to the box ,that's being repaired