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  1. I absolutely love the extra ground coverage it gives me. Still playing with the settings, today it was running smooth at 18 sensitivity/4 recovery speed underwater and 23 sensitivity/4 recovery speed in the wet sand. After scoring 3 .925 peices doing up and downs on the shore line (found a rusty screw line not a coin line lol), I decided to continue them into the water. Low tide was half an hour away and dawn was slowly approaching. About 10 feet in, on my first line into the water, BAM! Solid 9, 2-4 inches down. The excitement start flowing through my veins. First sco
  2. I had about an hour before we were going fishing for fish this morning, so what better to do than to dirt fish? I was trying out a new set of aptX LL BT earbuds that were ordered for when the other ones start to fail. They paired fine, but they certainly were not fast. If I'm running 7 recovery, I don't want them to sound like a 3 recovery. I disconnected them and continued to hunt. About 5 minutes into no earbuds, I got a strong 11 ID. Not knowing what it really sounds like, having taken the earbuds out, I decided to dig as it seemed like a robust signal. The Carrot was able to hit the object
  3. But luckily a gold one, 14k. I got up today for an early low tide hunt. I got to the beach at 1am and started my hunt with a buddy. An hour plus into the hunt and all we had was just aluminum and a couple of pennies even though we were covering from the mid upper slope to the waters edge of a negative tide. Since things weren’t looking good I decided to just cover a 10 foot wide section crossing between the damp and wet sand. About and hour later I dug this 14k beauty with real diamonds. I gridded that area and found nothing else in that section. The rest of the hunt was uneventful but my mis
  4. I’d done this post sooner but I’m really under the weather. Anyway, me and Cliff hit the beach Sunday at 4am... why because I forgot to set my clock back. Cliff had his AQ and we wanted to do some testing... but we forgot the targets. So we did do some found target comparison. It reminded me why I don’t do a lot of wet sand hunting. Deep hole and a lot of them wit us concentrating on whisper/weak targets. Cliff did his 5 hours and had one of those days.... he broke his SunSpot scoop. After he left I did another 3 hours. There hasn’t been a lot of targets out there but I managed the
  5. I haven't been able to get out very much due to work and this COVID thing, but the few times I was able to get out were productive. I hadn't used my EuroTek Pro in a long while so I broke it out and found this nice little 10K gold bracelet in school playground a few weeks back. While getting re-acquainted with my new Tek Omega 8500 I found a couple of silver rings. Been going nuts so while I was bench testing last night I decided to throw up a picture. Maybe it will encourage some one to get out and find something. HH Mike
  6. ...hits a big silver chain in his first beach hunt! In baseball a batter has hit for the cycle when they get a single, double, triple and home-run all in one game. I sort of hit for the cycle on a recent hunt by finding an earring, ring, bracelet and neck chain (all sterling silver).However, on the previous day I took a friend along for his first real beach hunt and set him up with my old Whites Pro PI. That day I found 5 rings, all junk save one small silver but my friend scooped out a 26 gram, badly tarnished, sterling silver chain which I took home to clean for him. He hasn't seen it yet bu
  7. Well, my lake hunting days are coming to end due to a move to Hamilton TX very soon. Had a very good day hunting at the waterline as the lake level continues to drop. Ended up with 5 rings, 3 silver, 1 10k class ring and a junk toe ring. 2 of the silver rings are James Avery's. I'll begin to track down the owner of the class ring. I can't make out the year as it's almost completely worn off. But, maybe the school can fill in the blanks. The bigger silver ring hit at 32-34...the other 2, solid 26...the 10k gold ring locked on at 14
  8. Spent a nice day at the beach chasing the tide out. Only found about 8 coins but 3 rings (1 gold, 2 silver), a thin silver chain with silver name tags and a large copper bracelet. When I tried to untangle the silver chain it broke in a couple of places and when cleaning the bracelet I knocked out some mother of pearl inlay. The gold band is stamped 14K and weighs 4 grams. Not the biggest ring but a beautiful sight lying in the wet sand. The bracelet is stamped "Mexico cobre". Cobre is Spanish for copper. Not valuable but a different and fun find. GL&H
  9. I wasn't able to take advantage of the great beach conditions this past weekend but I hunted yesterday to see if there were any stragglers left behind. There weren't a whole lot of good targets but I did find about $1.50 in clad, 2 rings, 2 cheap chains and a fair amount a lightweight trash. One of the rings was stainless steel but the other was a hefty sterling silver ring of 14+ grams. Pretty sure that this ring had been there a while because of the tarnish and it was a little bent from tumbling in the rocks, I presume. http://metaldetectingforum.com/picture.php?albumid=832&pictureid=8
  10. After my success at the beach the night before I was ready for another 'bite' of it. Conditions were almost the same with all new sand and targets minus a few I found the day before! haha Now that I knew targets should still be there again I went with the tide down as far as I could go until near the hard pack. As you can see it was another productive hunt. This time someone showed up and 'infringed' on my hunting style but I adapted. I still got 47 quarters, 55 dimes, 19 nickels and 28 pennies in addition to a couple of the most unique finds for me ever. I was on a slow grid to get
  11. Big day at the lake today. I found the cross first then all the pieces to the chain scattered out in an area about 4'x8'. The cross read in the low 20's, the pieces hit 6-8. Went to another spot, found the stud earring, then the silver ring and finally the 14k ring. All found in the dry beach area with Nox 800. The 14k ring hit at a solid 10. Running Park 2 Recovery 6 Iron Bias F2 0 Sensitivity 23 GB 0
  12. Had a real nice Low Monday, Neg .9 ..........the hardest thing. Deciding which beach to hit. Narrowed down to 3, the one I chose is not "AQ" friendly, and at this point I still don't feel safe walking into this spot with a PI...For many reasons. Excalibur was perfect, hunting in PP, using the push button to check targets in Disc, Very fast and efficient. I've been using the "AQ' most of Oct, doing a lot of different testing and forgot how much I love the Excalibur also. Seems I had started feeling if I took the Excalibur I was missing targets. But after Mondays blowout I see it's still a
  13. Found this 14K with diamond 2 days ago. Never expected to see that in the scoop and only 45 minutes into the hunt. Not many targets and all were light weight.
  14. Five Golden Rings in the month of May with the Equinox 600 in Park 2 with no special settings or tweaks. The Nox sounds really nice on gold targets just like other quality detectors and the numbers are very solid. I only wish they could have all been diamonds and 14K. Why am I complaining........they're gold!!!! Everybody here in the USA stay safe and be careful out there. Jeff
  15. I don't have words to describe what the last couple months have been. I just know that finally I hitted this morning one ring over a wine red clay, after two days In a new spot, freediving with heck of rough water yesterday and quitted for real unacceptable danger. I fighted against the monkey since last August end and finally won this morning... I don't care the weight and the numbers, I just want to enjoy the shine again as a therapy. I hug You all.
  16. I'm pretty much a blind squirrel when it comes to the beach hunting thing. This trip totaled about 6 hours over the course of 3 days. Thanks to all you beach members, I've managed to pick up on a few things. I was in the dig it all mode, being not that confident in my sand skills. Did I mention that I hate bottle caps? They sound even better in the sand!!! I was mostly hunting the wet/dry edge and was just enjoying the early morning sunrise. This day I was on a tear of sinkers and caps. Still having fun being away from work though. At 9:00 am my wife came down and joined me for a before break
  17. i was showing a co-worker a minelab Go-Find 22. he knows nothing about detectors and was interested in how they work. i was explaining the difference between the four symbols on the display when a lengthy conversation ensued about detectors in general. he was amazed to hear about all the things they can find and have found for people and the technology inside the machines. suddenly he declares, "hey, if you know all this stuff can you tell if something is actually gold? i bought a used car and found something stuck in the floor boards. give me 2 mins and i'll run and grab it." now, this co-wor
  18. As you rotate the ring you see it is "silver" on one side and "gold"(ish) at 180 degrees. At 90 degree it is a transition from silver to gold. Kinda cool actually. I have never seen one like it. It has a makers mark inside as well as Tungsten and China. It rang up at 18 on the Equinox.
  19. Hi everyone 😎 Hope y’all are doing well, This wasn't the best year personally and as such, I only got to hunt a couple weeks( one hour in early morning and sometime one hour in night) Here’s pics and thank you for reading and looking at my post🙂 Well, many scientists are confused about the secret and source of geomagnetism. there're many planets much larger than the earth, but they have no magnetic field at all. So, what's the secret behind geomagnetism? about 300 years ago, the queen of England's physician; William Gilbert, said something out of mere geussing, he s
  20. It's been a long dry spell since doing well this spring on the gold. Today I was out with the Nox 15" coil at a local park. This rang up a solid 11-12 in Park 1. Can't find one like it with a movable head.
  21. Hurricane Marie generated some good swells and moved sand at several southern California beaches. I got gold at 2 of the 4 beaches I hunted but not as many targets as I would have expected from the size of some of the cuts. I see that a couple of other forum members also did well from Marie which was an unexpected but welcome surprise. After finding a few dollars in clad and a small, 1.8 gram 14K gold ring at the first beach I hunted, I tried a couple other beaches that didn't yield much before driving to beach #4. This beach had a nice deep cut but, again, not nearly as many targets as a
  22. Last night I went to a beach that yielded a lot of targets. On my 6 hour hunt from 8 PM to 2 AM I got 51 quarters, 40 dimes and nickels, 54 pennies (one wheat), 2 silver rings and one 10k gold ring. There should have been more rings! The trash was another 50 pieces or so. When you figure it is 4-5 scoops per target (1000 total) then it adds up to a stiff back in the morning. I found the gold ring 2/3rds of the way through the session about the time the fog started rolling in which made for an enjoyable sight as it covered up the normal lights but there was still a mostly full moon abo
  23. Got out while the water is still warm enough in the ocean for a wet suit, out at chest to chin deep was a slight slope/hole which held old targets. all targets were weak signals except for the new clad on top. Best of it was a 9K signet ring from Chester England. With all the stamps on the inside small portion of the ring there are 2 more on the large portion of the ring witch is solid not hollow. The small dark coin is a Merc. the other ring is Brass.
  24. Today 3 Hours and 23 Minutes. tides were low so I went deep...signals were far and few between for over a hour. Decided to move in a few cuts and things picked up. Plenty of coins which are a good sign. Most signals were in the 12 to 14 inch range in a hard shell, sand , clay mix. All gave good signals and I was kind of surprised how deep some were. No faints today.. other then the few I found hunting out deep. Settings volume 8, all metal, delay 11, sensitivity 6, threshold 4 to 5. ATS 6.... Todays treasure ...one 10k....one 14k..2 silver dimes. Batteries coming along, taking each
  25. This is a very unique looking ring. Obviously it is hand made. Tightly wrapped silver wire with 14K gold wire securing the 4 amethyst stones. Not for everyone but it was for someone. LOL It rang up 23-25 on the Equinox. I am not sure what the core material is but it appears to be dark in color and has a piece on both sides. Anyway, just wanted to share this one. Pretty cool. Also dug a couple of 10K pendants and a really nice .925 ring with CZs all around it and a large center stone. Thanks for looking!
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