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  1. Got out this morning for a 3+ hour all water hunt. Targets were few and far between but the 14K, 9.4 gram gold ring couldn't hide from the AQ. All settings were at preset except the delay which I ran around 10. I hunt in all metal and some of the iron was questionable with double blips but I dig it all anyway. The ring was down a couple of deep scoops but was very loud and repeatable. The open .925 silver earring gave a broken signal. Thanks for looking. Bob K
  2. Went to a local park today after work. Only had a couple of hours to detect and test out my new home made arm cuff. I wasn't a big fan of the plastic, and it was a little too wide and flexy for me. At this point I only have about 5 hours on the 800. The first hour today netted me a handful of clad and some misc. corroded zinc. The next hour was the same thing clad and junk. With only 15 minutes to chicken parm, I got a really nice 28-29, not expecting anything great, I proceeded to find out what it was. For a split second I thought it was another odd piece of stainless, But I quickly saw Tiffa
  3. surface find in the leaf litter a nice silver earing
  4. It's one of those days that I had to go to Plan B. Last minute plans for some detecting with a friend at an old ghost town fell thru. So, I decided to play catch up on some shallow water ring hunting I missed out on last year due to moving. The last several years, I've been scouting places to hunt for lost Jewelry, specifically, rings. Taking a page out of Mike Hillis' post on Inland Jewelry Hunting Tips here on detector prospector, I've been making changes. Some great info there. The last few years it has been paying off for me. Compared to previous years, my ring count is way up.Arriving
  5. Had a couple hours while my wife was shopping today, so went to a sports field to hunt for jewelry. Glad I did, early in the hunt got a solid 15 on the Equinox at about 6". Texas turf is getting pretty hard packed by this time of year, so digging was tough, especially working to leave the field the way I found it. Out popped 14k class ring. I was happy to see a name on the inside, and with a little research located the owner. Unfortunately, since passed away, but I will try to reach out to the family to return it. My first gold of the year, and my first class ring. Separate sig
  6. Yesterday I went on a detect and didn't get much until a little area on the beach where I found a chain. It didn't have a definitive sound but it looked like it could be silver (it's not). This made me check the area more thoroughly as I had nothing else going. I came up with another chain which is a bit of odd construction. This one would be a bracelet. And then as I was exiting this little area I got yet another chain but this one is rusting quickly. This is chain #2 During the mile back to the car I thought about how the ocean can be very fickle. No coins aroun
  7. Did pretty good using the AQ Ltd last month in the wet sand low tide slopes...1 gold per hunt on 3 different hunts! spending a lot of time hunting in "Tones" mode. I love how this machine screams over gold! Almost like it's telling you "You better dig this damn target right now If you know what's good for you!!!" 😄 The total weight for all 3 gold is 17 grams and all are 14k. The stones & pearl account for some of the weight of course so total gold weight is probably more like 14-15 grams maybe? just a guess.. Working on April now 😉
  8. Went early today to the larger beach. Another beautiful day, even the water was tolerable. Low tide is strange here, you go from having about 50 feet of beach to over 200. It's difficult to read but thanks to advice I've been getting from y'all I did great, at least for me and the 4 hours I was out. I searched along the tidal pools for a while, walked about a mile. Didn't find much of anything, not even an iron grunt until I found a couple of coins and this metal anvil. I assume it's for making jewelry. Shown with the ring I dug yesterday for size: Ran into a guy swinging an Equinox
  9. Another beautiful day here, what a week so far. Every day is getting warmer. Today I put my water shoes on, got my CooB scoop and Limbsaver detector sling and hit the beach early with the Equinox. I went to the fishing beach again because I really haven't done all this and it was better to try it out in a place with fewer people. The main beach is loaded by 9 AM. Hit those odd piles in the sand again, found nothing but crusty Zincolns so I moved down to the water. That area must be a place where detectorists dump junk coins or something. 🤔 Wasn't disappointed for long, one quarter, m
  10. This morning I found a silver Queen Victoria six-pence (1900) in the same hole as this little beauty! I thought at first it might be a pull-tap but Foxy Noxy kept reading a solid 13 instead of flicking between 12/13/14.. am glad I had another dig..
  11. The last couple of days we've had a hard wind blowing in the afternoon. It is not deep energy like swells but it does stir up the bottom a bit depending upon the tide. The first trip I didn't find much but the knife and a couple of cheap rings. At least that is what I thought. These are the finds from the first day. This was the 'cheap' ring upon closer examination. This was the depth of the knife. It was right at 20 inches. These were today's finds in nearly the same area. At the beginning of the hunt was this better knife. It w
  12. I haven't had a lot of time to post lately because work has been picking up, so I added some pictures of my favorite of my better finds. So in my town there was a water main break last Friday and it shut down one of the main thoroughfare through town. I took the detour Saturday, and realized it took me past a park I had only detected once with the simplex. I hated this park because of intense emi, and few signals. There is no baseball backstop, no playground, no soccer goal, but every time I've driven past or stopped to watch, there has been someone throwing a ball for their dog.
  13. And I think this is it. The area is only 20 feet x 40 feet that has been giving targets and its like there is a line that you cross and all goes quiet. I detected in all directions and with this being soft sand I was able to scrub the sand so could see where I had detected and not missed much. I will just have to keep an eye on it for now for any more changes. This little area has treated me well!! Good Luck to All
  14. I took my son down to a beach between rain showers today. When we got there I saw the beach was favorable for a hunt so when I took him home I turned around and went back. Well, not exactly. I went back and I forgot my scoop and rain coat so I had to go back again! There weren't a lot of targets but I did get a couple of quarters and some indicators but I couldn't really find a pattern/line. I knew I didn't have much time and I was a bit impatient with my 800/15 so I stepped up the pace and said I only want 'good' targets on my way to a beach area that has given me good success in the
  15. Its been a few days since I found gold but today I got an 8.6g/14k loner. It was my only piece of jewelry on a stingy beach. These are hunts from two previous days just trying to break the skunk.
  16. I got up early this morning to hit the beach. To my dismay the targets were few and far between. The wave energy and tides made for a pillowy sand but all the targets are still in the water somewhere. I walked about 4 miles for these few things. At about the half mile mark I did find a target that I said to myself made the trip worth it. It was still mostly dark when I found it but it was not that heavy. Later about the 2 mile mark I found the silver ring with the garnet/ruby on it. I helped a cormorant get put into a bird box about the 2.5 mile mark after I saved it from the dogs.
  17. Last weekend I posted about a silver earring back I found in this park area I have been working that has yielded a couple good finds. This weekend I found this gold earring. Not too heavy, hollow, but 14k on the stud and came out nice and shinny. I’ve gridded this area in both directions with the 11”, Park 1 and Park 2. Going over it now in Park 2 again with the 6” and working the lower numbers. This gold earring was a 2-3 VDI, mostly 3. So I’ve proved to myself that with good patience and putting in the time I can find small jewelry at parks. But, is it worth it? So much
  18. I have ever dug. Being a nice day Friday I went to a beach that I had a 15 minute walk to get where I wanted to hunt. Being a nice day many people were walking the beach, So not having to dodge them or answer questions I went into the water thigh deep and walked down the beach detector on and just pushing it straight not swinging. 5 minutes in I get a signal stop back up locate it 2nd scoop up comes this 8.8 gram 14K Band. It just goes to show that Gold is where you find it. Finished out the hunt with some clad and lead sinkers.
  19. Found this 10K ring a few days ago with what I think are garnets with 2 tiny diamonds. 3.4 grams. Not many targets in the wet sand but this was not a recent drop and about 8 - 10 inches in depth. It was found in a low spot on the beach while gridding, using the Nox 800.
  20. I got out 3 times and was able to snag some decent targets. This hunt was done at the rocky beach I frequent during winter. There were lots of targets, more than I could dig in one hunt. I got about $8 in clad. The first row is all the good jewelry, one small 14k (.73g), and the rest Silver. The second row of rings are all junkers. This second hunt netted about $12 in clad and a small/light broken 14k pendant. The last hunt wasn’t all that great but I somehow managed to get a gold tooth that weighs 3.6g. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Hunting.
  21. Hit my favorite beach today and was not disappointed a 1932 collage ring 10k and a signet OB 10k The best of all the coins were 5 Wheats. 2 silver religious items. a Pewter Cross, The shiny silver dot is a Mercury thermometer and it works.
  22. Hello all, I found this yesterday on an extremely trashy beach amongst old demolition debris used as erosion control! It is amazingly intact except for the little safety chain! It's my best jewelry find ever, and first silver of the year! I'm trying to date it, but I will probably have to take it to an antique jeweler for something more definitive, and a more thorough cleaning! So far, it seems to be of Italian or German origin; 80% silver! Going by the 800 mark!👍👍 **After cleaning with silver polish!
  23. I hunted an inland reservoir about four months ago, just as they were letting the water level down for the winter. I ,of course got there maybe way too early in the season to find the stuff out deeper but intended to go back later. This is a 120 mile round trip flyer so I don't hunt it often and have to rely on the locals (inland detecting club) to post about it's level during the year. Well a guy did such a post two weeks ago and showed the water level down significantly. Just what I was waiting for, even if the locals were going to get there first, thought I might hit it anyway. Had to
  24. Had about an hour to hunt this morning before a Dr appointment and made the most of it. LOL The ring is 14K and weighs 16.3g. It rang up a very loud and solid 11 on the Equinox. You gotta love unique rings!!!
  25. Temp warmed up along with a low tide during the day.
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