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  1. Due to deeply sanded in beaches started hunting off beach. These places are very trashy so the smaller coil. These targets were shallow and bedded down with plenty of rusty crown caps. Some change and a Silver ring minus the stone. Hunted in Disc whole time. Believe me it was this kind of hunt or the couch. Fun little over a hour hunt.
  2. The snow is piling up in Western Pennsylvania and I am dreaming of my next beach trip. I really wish I was in New England tonight getting ready to hit the beach on Tuesday and Wednesday. The following picture are the rings that I found on my last week of April trip to the beach. The top ring is a stainless steel ring and the markings are the Viking alphabet. Middle rings right to left are .925 silver ring, 14k gold ring and a 14k gold ring. Bottom rings right to left are 14k gold band and a .925 silver ring with fake stones. Hopefully the beach will be fantastic for you guys next week and I hope you kill it.
  3. On a beach sanded in due to replenishing. Mixed in with shells , bits of alum. Tabs etc. Banged in at a solid +06. Unmarked, stamped with Purdia on the inside. Shiny gold but slightly scored (maybe by being run threw the shell shaker). Anyway yellow underneath the gores. I'll have it tested when I get home in March. Maybe someone else found a ring by this company and can shed some light. Found on the Gulf Coast of Florida.
  4. Making the most of the very low tides we've been having, I had a looksee at the back of the stinger nets at Horseshoe Bay.. These nets usually float about 2 meters above the seabed but yesterday I could walk around the back of them.. I found 6 rings, amongst them was an 18ct gold/palladium wedding ring.. Finding the ring made me remember a Facebook message I received from a gentleman called Lachlan, who had seen a post on the Facebook page of my local metal detecting club in Townsville.. He first contacted me on 27/09/2021.. About three months ago! Anyway, here's his response to finding his wife's ring! (I left out a message which gave his address).. Lachlan Hi, someone sent me a screenshot of your post regarding Sunday markets, are you still on the island? I lost my wedding ring on the beach or in the water. G'day Lachlan.. yesterday I found a gold wedding ring at the back of the stinger net at Horseshoe.. did yours have an inscription of any kind? Lachlan It said You're my treasure. that's the one! Lachlan Holy fuck Lachlan When can i get it mate? are you on the island? Lachlan No, unfortunately I'm in Townsville Lachlan Mate you've just made my whole week I can send it to you.. be cheaper than catching a ferry.. Lachlan I like that idea. I like the idea of addressing it to my wife even better good move! Lachlan I'll be on the Island in a couple of weeks, I'd like to buy you a carton or something I'll send it on Monday.. glad you got the ring back.. a carton would be great! Lachlan What do you drink mate? Great Northern.. Lachlan Sounds good. You're a legend mate! This is a picture of the ring taken by the world famous ring-designer dude who creates them..
  5. I happen to see a post from a young lady on vacation looking for a lost ring yesterday. One of the local guys was going to look so I contacted him and said I’d look too. He was a little under the weather so I ended up getting there first. I got lucky and found it pretty fast about a foot above the wave line. I wasn’t going to go and let some of the others find it…. But the tide chart said real high was tomorrow. So I did the right thing. 5 others showed up for the party 😂. I’ve got to start finding keeper 😂
  6. I have found the usual conflicting info that you find for Latin American countries. Any one have direct knowledge or experience metal detecting beaches in Belize or Roatan? I did find someone who was selling a pair of old dive detectors that were in the house he purchased in Belize, but who knows if they just used them off shore.
  7. Finally got to do some gold testing on a couple of rings I found, a small ring on a hill behind my house, and a wave ring I got beach hunting. My wife is happy. 😀 The ring I found on the hill, on the left, tested out at 10k. 10k solution on left and 14k on right. Here is the test for the wave ring, 18k on the right and 22k on the left. The hill ring may have had a stone or maybe is an earring. It has a dark spot where something appears to have been attached. The wave ring was a 1 ID, and the other was a 5. Glad I have proof I've found gold with my Equinox 600. 😎
  8. Yesterday, I went to a park in an older community 20-minutes north of where I live. I found 2 quarters, 6 dimes, 2 pennies and a Hot Wheels. For me, this is a respectable haul. On my way home, I spotted a grocery store and stopped to pick up a few items. When I returned to my car, I saw this lying on the asphalt a few inches from my front wheel: It’s marked.925, is 20” long, and weighs a smidge under 25 grams. My question is, does the International Brotherhood of Metal Detectorists’ Code of Conduct allow me to claim bragging rights for this as a legitimate “find”? After all, I hadn’t yet returned home, and wouldn’t have been in that particular parking lot on that day and time if not for going detecting. But my detector was in the trunk. Part of me wants credit for travel time, like any plumber or electrician. But part of me feels like this is cheating! (BTW, inspired by all the Good Samaritans on this forum, I left a “Did You Lose Something?” note on the grocery store bulletin board instead of just pocketing it.)
  9. Sunday is my day to get out and detect and today I hit a permission that I’ve been going to for the last 3 or 4 sundays. This site has a 1890s house on it that’s about to get torn down. Up until last Sunday I’ve gotten three silver dimes, an IHP, a small 18k bracelet and around 15 wheats. Last Sunday I got a 1903 barber dime and a few wheats. Today I only got 1 wheat and a 1960 memorial, but I did get an interesting little sterling. I’m sure it’s some kind of military something or other. The place where I work is an old summer camp from 1928. Some days I’ll go in early and detect, but I’ve been over and over most of the high probability areas that might yield an old coin. Friday I hit an area where they used to have a camp fire. Found a little clad, but on the way back to the car right next to a parking area I got a nice sounding 30 that was pretty shallow. I thought for sure it would be a clad quarter, but out came a slick, no date SLQ! That made my day and put me at 52 fty
  10. I found this one to be an odd ring. It appeared at first to me to be one of those wave rings. But I’m lucky I can see up close pretty well. First guess also….. SS. It’s marked 750 Denmark and tested 18K. Weight was 5.6 grams. I’m hoping there wasn’t a second part to it … but clearly there could be. I’m also hoping the other one wasn’t the one with a 3 C diamond 😂. Deep ring with a lot of pushed in sand over it. Waist deep. So it looks like some sand is moving. My buddy Joe grabbed a nice delicate 14k ID bracelet he didn’t think was real. 2 people in and out of the water. I could get out fairly deep….. but from waist out to neck …. No heavies.
  11. I decided to get the old map out and find some farm houses that have long since disappeared. Took a little while at each one to locate where the house was but I got a couple good finds. My first artillery eagle button and a sterling US Navy ring.
  12. Tonight while metal detecting at a local sports complex I found this. This find is no doubt one of my best ever. Now I just need to track down the owner. This pendant came from a small town. I hope this increases my odds finding it's owner. Hopefully I can make someone's Christmas just that much more special this year. I was able to clean it up pretty good. From the depth I dug it, I'm guessing it has been lost for at least 5 years.
  13. Found this today in the grass at a Park. I was using my Equinox 800. This is the best thing that I have ever found metal detecting. It weighs 43.5 grams and is marked 18K.
  14. Scored a couple keepers Tuesday's 3 hour hunt. Two 10k golds, just a little over 14.5 grams total and 4 more silvers for the pile. Water was a chilly 54F but the Sun was shining so it made for a Great day in the water. Going to be a interesting day Friday, super low tide all day.. Do I go recon a 2019 Hot spot (sanded in last trip there) or go back to the "Now" Hot spot?
  15. Out for the first time in a couple weeks, Water was calm but up and it was good to get wet! After the big flood tides a week ago It was interesting to see the result. Not great but was able to score a couple keepers. One 14k Cameo ring and 4 Silvers.
  16. Rang in a solid 28, so I had a good idea it was going to be a ring. The field has a TON of trash that rings up in the 20's... mostly buried aluminum can pieces and random car parts. There are large power lines that cause interference with the wireless module which causes it to drop out a lot if I am walking in a certain direction. If I turn around, the issue goes away. Equinox 15", all metal, Park 1, 7 recovery
  17. This may be the strangest piece of gold "jewelry" that I have found. The "medal" is stamped "9k" on one side. The other side has a name and blood type. The chain clasp is stamped "18ct" and it took me about 30 minutes to untangle the knots in the chain. When I was done I was happy to have a completely intact and beautiful neck chain but I noticed a very small piece of what looked like fabric stuck in a couple of adjacent links. I used fingernail clippers to carefully clip off the fabric before realizing that it was a piece of thread used to replace a broken link - Doh! It's a delicate chain but weighs a respectable 2.4 grams. The medal itself is odd and a bit ugly on its own. I wonder if there was more to it at one time?
  18. The guys really cleaned the beach this Summer so it a matter of slow hunting for moved targets. This is photos of my last two hunts. I’ve not hunted a lot … been picking and choosing my days waiting on the winds to change. Couple of smalls….. angle is 8.8 grams of 10k and the crazy looking girl is 2.8 grams of 14k. Waters filling down it’s about 70 so there have been fewer people in the water. Getting some good low tides. Thou there are advantages to hunting high tides. Puts you in places you wouldn’t hunt and it seems salt water activates the target better. This time of the year thou beach rotation should be considered… you have to find those target concentrations that been push or pulled all winter and buried. Big shoutout to SteveG on his shaft. I really like it. I’ve gotten NO movement at those locks or wear. I’v been surprised that I’ve not had to change the coil rubbers yet the coil has stayed tight. Thumbs up Steve. Note that Buffalo nickel. Someone has been dropping them along the beach. They are not common and have not been there long. I’m wondering if maybe it was someone wish along with their ashes. We get a lot of that here.
  19. I found kind of an older park I hadn't been to before and did a couple of hunts two days in a row. I was using my Equinox, 10x5" coil, Park=2, Sensitivity=20, FE2=0, Recovery=6, Horseshoe=On, Discrimination=Mental. The first day I was passing on obvious iron and trash. I found a 1964 Memorial penny, so I thought there might be hope. The first day no silver, but I did find what I thought might be a gold ring, but now I'm not so sure. It has a weird stamp so I think it might be plated. The second day, same settings, but I hit the woods across from the park and dug everything that sounded good. That acounts for the older looking junk. Then I went back to the sports field in the park and got a pretty good 12 with a little iron sounds about 6 inches down. I thought it could be a deep nickel, but when I brought the target up, it was another ring. There were a bunch of people in the park by this time so I quietly slipped the ring in my pouch and moved on. This time I thought I had silver for sure, but when I got home and cleaned it up a little I found out I was wrong again... it turned out to be 10K White Gold! 4.8 grams. So I'm still chasing the Silver Unicoin, but I'm sure happy about a little gold. Day 1 Day 2
  20. I took the Impulse AQ out yesterday to hit some areas of the beach with a negative tide. Although I didn't uncover any deep old gold, I did uncover this silver ring in the third scoop down. (maybe it was that deep or maybe my pinpoint was off) There are no hallmarks but it has the correct patina for a silver ring that had been in the saltwater a long time. I tested it with 18K acid and it turned the line blue. I also fired up my Equinox 800 and it hit loud and proud at 38. The ring is size 13 1/4 and weighs 33.1 grams. It has a Tortoise shell type inlays around it. This the second "big boy" silver ring that I have found with the Impulse this year. But this one is by far the biggest by weight. This is another reason that I love metal detecting, getting to share "unusual" finds with others. I would gladly hand this one back to its owner if confronted. LOL Enjoy the pics and HH!!! Joe
  21. Back out again yesterday, 3 hours. 2 gold bands and 3 silver coins. One of the gold bands is fairly old, guessing from the Hallmark/Fineness mark ... * X * (10k) late 1800's. I went back where I had found the gold Sunday when using the Excalibur but this trip I took the Fisher "AQ" PI. The "AQ" is a killer on deep gold rings. Both rings about 14 inches down, one I said.. this is trash.. signal had a Faint "Quick" ramp up, down, then quick back up.. semi broken signal. Like a short bobby pin?.. In all metal. Machine was super silent and smooth the full hunt.. Delay was 10.. Volume just short of full (9) .. sensitivity cranked up (9) ...ATS 4.5 and all metal ..dig all. Ring one is 14k 4.28grams, Second older gold is 1.6 grams 10k Also remember I have a audio cut off for the volume on the handle, that's the reason the audio can not be heard when I run the coil over the target in the sifter. I can hear it for it so loud it bleeds thru the switch faintly. I love this machine!!
  22. While at a local park, this rang in a 31 on the Equinox in Park 1, so I knew it was either a silver ring or a couple quarters stacked. Anyone able to identify the maker's mark or tell me anything about it? Thanks for the help! I believe this is the first silver ring the Coiltek has found.
  23. Back in August I found a hefty silver chain bracelet that had a "925" stamp on the clasp but no other markings. I kind of forgot about it until recently when I saw my wife's silver Tiffany bracelet on the table and thought that the 2 looked kind of similar. I cleaned up my bracelet and compared them to one another. Both have seamless soldered links. They also have the same design clasps with "925" stamped on them. The only part with the Tiffany logo on my wife's bracelet is on the "Return to Tiffany & Co." heart pendant which my find doesn't have. I'm calling it a Tiffany but my wife seems skeptical. Here is a picture:
  24. Sometimes conditions are not right at my primary beach so I have to find another place to detect. That was the case when it came to one of my detecting sessions. There really wasn't much to find until I got a response with my 15/800 of 6-7. I like digging the low tones on stuff like that but after I took off a little sand the number came down to a 1. I was in wet sand but it could also be the inside of a bottle cap but then I saw a glistening in the bottom of the scoop! I rinsed it off and voila ... GOLD. (19.7g to be precise) The Kennedy half is a 1971. The year I graduated high school. Here were the other finds for the session. I was just sucking air (NO2) until I found the gold. As you can see I was sucking a lot of gas without that Gold find which changed the night. These finds are from a couple of other sessions. This session had an interesting unmarked silver ring and an unmarked bracelet which I hope is gold but it has no marks I've see so far.
  25. I've been so busy that I almost for to post this... a week or two ago, I took the Nox with my 10x5" coil to an older park in my area which has been there since before WWII. I ran Park 2, 50 tones, FE2=6, Recovery at 6, and was able to run Sensitivity at 21-22. The park was surprisingly clean and most of the targets were fairly deep at 5-8" or so with some deeper. I was hoping to score a silver rosie or maybe a merc but all I was getting was more modern clad and a taunting from a 1965 Washington quarter. I moved toward the middle of the park and found a few copper memorial pennies when I hit a real nice sounding target. I thought it might be a wheatie or something but out popped this odd copper looking round thingie. I thought might be an older button as it was pretty heavy for its size. I was later told it is a hem weight. I'm not familiar with those and have no idea of its age. I decided to move towards the baseball field which has been there longer than the park has and then it happened. I got a nice high 28 tone at about 4" and the turf gave up a nice Silver ring with stones that I figured were CZs. I tested them when I got home and low and behold they all tested diamond. The ring is stamped 925 Mex and weighs 6.96 grams. So I didn't find any silver coins, but that ring will do just fine. 😎
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