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  1. I took my son down to a beach between rain showers today. When we got there I saw the beach was favorable for a hunt so when I took him home I turned around and went back. Well, not exactly. I went back and I forgot my scoop and rain coat so I had to go back again! There weren't a lot of targets but I did get a couple of quarters and some indicators but I couldn't really find a pattern/line. I knew I didn't have much time and I was a bit impatient with my 800/15 so I stepped up the pace and said I only want 'good' targets on my way to a beach area that has given me good success in the
  2. Temp warmed up along with a low tide during the day.
  3. I got out 3 times and was able to snag some decent targets. This hunt was done at the rocky beach I frequent during winter. There were lots of targets, more than I could dig in one hunt. I got about $8 in clad. The first row is all the good jewelry, one small 14k (.73g), and the rest Silver. The second row of rings are all junkers. This second hunt netted about $12 in clad and a small/light broken 14k pendant. The last hunt wasn’t all that great but I somehow managed to get a gold tooth that weighs 3.6g. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Hunting.
  4. Went out today for another session,long walk and lots of digging .Not sure how many miles i did but a few nice weather again,with the nox and a spade ,lots of WW2 remains,and .......1 9ct Gold ring with 3 semi precious stones .Bullets registered 14/15/16 Bullet case around 20/ Fishing weight High 20s Gold ring 6/8 100% of the bullets tip were identified...... Was running at Reac 2 ,pinpointing at 4,signal are longer but thats fine with me Enjoy RR
  5. Been running A M. mostly here on the Gulf. So much I don't even think about it. Anyway today I met up with a good buddy on his second year with his Nox 600. Following a good ways behind I hit a few low negative items. No matter How hard I squinted I couldn't make them gold /silver. So I caught up to my pal, laid em on the sand. Hey check these with your Nox, see what ya think. He says , Can't hear a thing ! What? He's says he got nothing. Ole buddy was starting to get a little sick. Felt kinda bad. Thought a minute. I says , you in All Metal. No in disc.
  6. I haven't been out much lately due to some uncomfortable tendonitis but I made it down to a beach this afternoon for low tide. The beach was sanded in and I wasn't expecting to much from the Impulse but just needed to "get out" of the house mainly. I had the beach pretty much all to myself with just a couple of surfers and a few walkers. I was running AM and basically default settings and just enjoying the beach. I dug several bottle caps so I knew that finding something good would be a crap shoot. The Impulse was hitting the lobster trap pieces pretty hard and I was getting a double be
  7. From mid beach to the upper slope, not a lot targets but squeezed out a few keepers! Good luck out there! ☠️
  8. Got out for a couple of hours to get my detecting fix and quite the fix it was. The hunt started off slow as usual. I got to the beach and there was a Detectorist there already so I decided to start two towers away. I like to zig zag and try to find a patch to work instead of just picking a spot and start gridding. After a mile or so of walking I found the larger ring so decided to stay there. Within a few minutes I found my second gold ring and then the 3rd and fourth. I wanted to keep at it at that spot but it started to get crowded so I left. The 4 gold rings and earrings came from one sp
  9. On tip from my Xcal buddy, beat it up the shore to catch one just right. Using advice from this forum and another Tarasccii forum hunted in all metal. Actually best mode for sanded in beaches I found. Just before hunting the cut ,on the beach entry path. Dug a good signal (house key) About 10 yards later got a nice sounding target. Not all that deep. I'd guess 4 to 5 inchs. Took me four scoops cause kept slipping threw my scoop. I thought it was a junker but turned out 925 with Zirkcon stone. While working the cut didn't have time to check AL with Disc. Relied on tone
  10. Another good hunting day this month. I went out for a low tide stroll and as usual things start slow. The .925 silver which is actually copper came in about the second hour. The next one was the gold ring with some tiny Ruby’s (I think that’s what they are). This ring was a lucky find since all I had found around was light trash and I was getting ready to move one. The tungsten was my last and I called it quits after that. Thanks for looking and happy hunting.
  11. The recent high surf and good tides moved massive amounts of sand at some of my local beaches this week. On my first hunt the 40mph winds and blowing sand made it challenging to walk, let alone detect. My detector and scoop even acted like sails, catching the wind and twisting me around at times. On day 2 the winds had calmed down but the first 3 beaches I hunted didn't yield that many targets. However the 4th beach had a fresh 4'-6' cut running for hundreds of yards and below it I started to find plenty of targets in the wet sand. I saw 3 other people with detectors but on this day there
  12. I’ve been pretty busy this month and I’m not sure if I’ll be out there the rest of the month so I thought I’d post this. It’s a 5 gram 10k nugget ring I hit yesterday down about 6” I’d guess in waist deep water. That’s on my little finger so it’s not a big size. Beautiful day for hunting.... two hunter on the dry but just me getting wet. Real quiet in the water this year. Hit an area I knew this summer had pushed up some of our thick gray sand. I could hear a bit of chatter that smoothed to nothing as I ran into processed deep sand. Not much out deeper but this year we don’t have much of
  13. Well it has been a dry spell, but finally connected! Besides the gold stamp there is gcic4 stamped in the ring. Does this refer to the diamond? TIA
  14. I got out for a few hours for a low tide hunt. Things started of slow with not many targets. The first good target was the little yellow ring. Later the cross marked .925 but it’s magnetic. I walked a few miles and finally stumble upon the last two 14k rings, which were a couple feet apart from each other. I also managed to find two and a silver quarter. Good luck out there, HH.
  15. Got another piece of gold today with the Impulse AQ. The clasp and the chain part both test 10K. I ran it through the ultrasonic cleaner about 6 times and it still has green clinging to it. Oh well, it gives it character. LOL I worked a 4 to 6 foot cut in AM and pulled out 17 quarters, 17 dimes, 7 nickels, 12 cents, one .925 earring, one junk earring, three tent pegs, a bobby pin and just a few other pieces of trash. I knew that I was digging all of the coins except for the nickels and one of the cents. Tent pegs and bobby pins are still sounding good though. It was a good h
  16. Went to a rocky beach that I only visit during winter months and it paid off with a small 10k ring. I only spent a few hours digging since it’s a PITA with all the rocks. The ring broke while I was rubbing the sand off. Thanks for looking and HH.
  17. Out for two hours today to a local park around a fishing pond. I have fished there before, but caught nothing. I have also dirt-fished there and caught nothing but coins. There were a good number of dimes and nickels, so it has not been pounded too badly. I was detecting around the pond trying to hang where people would picnic and lounge. I got a strong 18, and I actually dug it! Usually it takes a lot to dig an 18 after digging so many crusty pennies at 18! This was definitely a stronger signal than a penny, so it was dug. The ring was only about 1-2" down, so either it has been passed
  18. It is not often you hear a target on a wave breaking beach and you look down and you see a ring but that is what happened today. I was working one of my normal beaches but today the wind was blowing offshore and the tide was ebbing with a relatively high low tide. This ring was in a steep section and probably would not have been there after the next wave. A trough is there and maybe worth a try when the tides become more defined. This is what it looked liked after it cleaned up. After I scooped it I wished I had taken a picture but the little waves would have moved it and I may have l
  19. I received my Equinox this past Saturday. Put it together did the update and took it for a walk in a park early Sunday afternoon. Within 10 minutes of turning it on I dug a massive gold ring. 10k 25.3 grams. UNBELIEVABLE! The internet says it's worth 630 dollars. Amazing. 2 thirds of the cost of the 800 was paid off in my 1st find. Anyone know what those strange markings are on the ring?
  20. My friend who had one of his worst years ever with his F75 finally took my advice and bought a Nox.He stopped by my house and showed me his gold ring which topped out at 25.3 grams at 10k with a weird design on it's fat head.You can see it on friendly metal detecting forum under eye popping finds and his name their Ramer.He might be a member here under relic ray but I don't know if he has posted anything yet.I have never seen a ring that heavy before found by a metal detector around here.
  21. First out for the year, found a spot that has cuts that are over my head. I know how they got there but best I hold on that for now. One thing for sure targets are every where, on the top shelf, down the slope, and in the bottom. Just have to wait for a better tide so I can hunt the whole bottom and not worry about sliding down the slope. Most targets are shallow. First gold was maybe 12 inch's? Going to be interesting to see how long this spots stays intact-ed. I knew something was up and one reason I took the Excalibur for I had no clue on what I would be walking into. I am debating on takin
  22. Was out to the local park on the football field. It just rained a couple days back, so the ground was moist. Usually these conditions mean that deep wheat pennies or silver is easier to get to. Today I hit a 33 in Park 1, recovery 4, 50 tone, and all metal. I thought there was a possibility of a silver quarter, but to my surprise there was a silver ring instead. Looks like it may be from the 1940s. It was resting on top of a clay layer under the sandy surface. I think there were 3 wheat pennies, but they are very crusted with sand.
  23. Out to some softball fields and surrounding grass patches for a few hours today. I was kind of cherry picking my way today because there were a lot of signals in the ground with the 15" on the Equinox running in Park 1, 7 recovery, 50 tones, and all metal. I was listening for high tones after I dug low numbers for the first half hour. There are many items in this ground that give over a 30 signal, so discernment is critical. The two aluminum tokens were not close to each other, but the dates are so close in time that it is uncanny. The ring is the heaviest silver that I have ever fou
  24. I got out for a night water hunter yesterday. I had hit a bunch of lead targets and the usual garbage. I did score a nice 10k ring at about 8 inches. It was easily heard with a short signature. I also hit a 14k gold chain and charm. My guess it was around 5 to 6 inches. It came up with the first scoop and the chain was exposed. It sounded like another lead fishing weight. Some of the fishing weights were over 12" and clearly can be heard. I just love this machine.
  25. Went out last night for a low tide wet sand hunt with the AQ. Got to the beach a little late, tide was already coming in so I was only able to hunt for about 2:30 hrs before the swells took over the slope. Pretty sanded in conditions but still managed a little clad and hit a surprise 2.2 gram 18k white gold diamond half band about 2 scoops down on the upper slope. Also pulled out a 1957D wheatie at some point. Took a pic of the settings I was running, I was in All-Metal for the entire hunt. Have I mentioned I'm a big fan of OBN's Big Battery? 😁
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