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  1. A bit of a weird one this morning.. a 1949 3-pence made into a pin.. maybe a hat pin or earing.. it's my first find with the Deus II at a place I call the 'silver mine'.. this spot continues to surprise me with not just its old silver coins but also gold jewellery.. I like this little pin, someone did a good job soldering the post to it..
  2. Today was the kind of day you hope for detecting. Breezy and in the 70s this morning, never got above 82. There is a pond in the remote area of this park next to the farmhouse site. I wanted to hunt this area again with the Equinox and the 10x5 coil that I didn't have last year. This small spot produced a bunch of modern coins in the fire pit, one of them was melted somewhat, but it I think it's negotiable. This spot must have been a target area, there are hundreds of bullets here, all giving a a 15-17 or 19-21 ID. 😡 Had to restrict myself to 23 and above here. Next I went to this spot east of the farmhouse, I found an Indian head or two and a large cent (smooth) here last year. I dug one IHP, a bunch of newer coins, and a very old medal in 3 pieces, all joined by rings that fell off - they were rust. After finishing up that field I hit the tent campsites which are all empty. Hoped I'd find some jewelry and ended up with a sterling wave toe ring and a bunch of modern coins - they just kept popping. πŸ₯³ Here's the loot, 29 coins, I thought the IHP was an 1867 but it may be a 1907. Again I got at least 1 of everything, and a 1975 Canadian penny. Zincolns on the bottom. $3.00 in spendy change, the IHP goes on display. Also got a rose bush tag. I never knew they had serial numbers. πŸ˜€ The medal on the right is 3 pieces, the bottom piece is turned upside down to display "1667" I think. It had something on the other side as well, looks like maybe a cannon. Each piece has some sort of scene cast on both sides, but they have so much bronze disease it's going to take some work and maybe some chemicals. It was 10"+ down, and each piece was a 25 ID. Here's the IHP: Your guess is as good as mine. 😡 Last is the toe ring, it's really small. Matches other wave rings I've found. It doesn't have a hallmark, that's the reason for the question mark on the title but I'm pretty sure it's sterling. I think the Equinox is king here, but I'll try the Deus again, I've extended my stay 3 more days. πŸ™‚ I'm also going to give a third detector a go... πŸ€”
  3. Everything on the digger came out of the same hole while detecting on a local football field today. The Deus II somehow detected the chain, which I thought was gold at first. The signal was strange, but it was mixed with enough high tones to get me to dig. The chain was spread out in a straight line in the soil, so that may have been the reason it sounded good enough to dig. I have been over this area before with the Equinox 15" coil.
  4. Last night I got this very strong feeling that I should go hunt a local beach. Memorial Day weekend is over, and most people have left this area. There is a very small beach near me, it's only about 200 feet long but it's public. I was here last fall and cleaned out most of the junk. Today started out pretty cool but it's going up in the 90s. I got out early hoping no one would be there, and no one was. Got out on the beach and almost immediately got a 13/14 on the Equinox (I didn't want to take time dressing up the Deus 2), and dug my first gold ring, this band with Roman numerals: guess it's a custom date ring or something. I see them for sale for about $350. I swung back over the hole, and got another 13/14, couldn't believe it. I dug a few more inches down (they were 6-8" deep) and got another one! It's a 14k Keepsake, probably from Walmart. No matter, it's gold. Got a total of 5 grams: Covered the whole beach, including the water to about knee deep. Saw some young jellyfish in there so I didn't venture out too far. Got a couple of toy cars, a Matchbox and a Hot Wheels. Here's the trash: I managed to wipe this place out in the 3 hours I was there. πŸ˜€ people started showing up so I left. Settings: Beach 1 Sensitivity 24 on the dry, Beach 2 sensitivity 22 in the water. I found nothing in the water but the sinker and a rusty nail. Follow your hunches, y'all... 🀣
  5. Was going to go to McCullough park this morning but got behind a school bus ,it was stopping every 10 ft and picking up more kids, so I made a U turn and went in the opposite direction. hit a Tot lot and found 35 cents and moved on to another location, and amidst so much trash up comes what i thought was a junk ring , but later i held it and it was heavy, unlike the junk rings, but i could not read it so when i got home sure it reads 14K and it weighs 6 grams white Gold its was reading in coin fast on my ORX 53.54 . and in coin deep 56-57- right where a lot of heavy foils and slaws read, its been well over 15 years since my last Gold ring find
  6. Today I picked up my new GPX 6000, well in a way I had it delivered, my dealer was coming down to Queenstown from Christchurch about 7 or so hours away as he's going looking for some gold this weekend so he brought it down with him to give to me so it was great not having to get it shipped, he's an awesome guy, always beyond helpful. As I was in the area of a gold prospecting spot I fired up my GPZ and went on a gold hunt, I've done this area a lot and seeing JW lives right near it he's been there a zillion times so I didn't have much hope for myself but it's hard to resist when I'm right there anyway. The new toy, I'll probably take it out this weekend to the spot I just found the 4 grammer with the GPZ last week, although I really want to hit the spot I found the 4 gram nugget with a bigger coil to get more depth, I found it using my 8" so I want to run the 15" Concentric coil over it just in case there is anymore big ones lurking nearby that are even deeper than the 8" can reach. I might take both detectors, it's good to have a backup with the GPX anyway with the reliability issues it seems to have, especially for it's maiden voyage. JW's GPX 6000 coil is still at the service agent waiting to be replaced, I doubt he'll have it back by the weekend. The spot I wanted to detect had people around and I don't like detecting near people so I wandered far further away which isn't ideal with my sore foot but I'd rather walk than detect near people. I was following the path and saw some good looking bedrock that I've never detected before so I fired up my detector and started detecting, and right at the path I found a target, it was almost certain to be junk but seeing I'd only just started detecting I wasn't yet too lazy to dig it πŸ™‚ Fortunately it was worth my time digging it, I found a silver ring. You'll see the walking track, it's right at it. A hiker or person riding a bike must have lost it I guess. I did have to dig for it, it wasn't a surface find but it was shallow as there was bedrock almost straight away. You'll see the white looking bits where my pick hit the bedrock, it's lucky I didn't damage the ring. Because it says stolen on it I was able to google it pretty easy, it's a local designer ring from a NZ brand called Stolen Girlfriends Club. Unfortunately no gold, I kinda went to the spot already defeated though, I didn't expect to find any but at least it wasn't a skunk.
  7. Ok, here is what I know for sure. The black keys are inlaid. It has a rim on one side and somewhat beveled on the other side. It rings up 13 on the Equinox. It is size 7. It weighs 8.5 grams. It acid test 14k. (it test negative on 18K acid) It does not have any hallmark. It is just an odd duck. I think that I need to take it to a jewelry store before I add it to my gold box. Has anyone seen one like this?
  8. I know Steve H gets a kick out of all the chains I find. Here ya go. From this last season. Actually, my conditions to find chains were not that good. 4 on the bottom are gold, 22 on top are silver. All Nox finds. Thanks for looking!
  9. I didn’t have a lot of time this morning and it’s going to rain tomorrow so I stayed close to home and hit my only old house permission. This is the same place where I detected under the floor of the old house. There’s around 3 acres at this site and I’m making my way to the areas farther from the house. Today I used the D2 in program 3 except I switched to pitch and lowered the reactivity to 2.5. I set disc at 8.5 and sensitivity to 95 and audio response to 5. Oh, I also used the x/y screen for the first time. My goal was to dig all good sounding targets. About an hour in I got a really nice sounding, solid 66 with a nice straight line on the graph. About four inches down I see yellow and out pops a small 14k wedding band. It fits my pinkie perfectly lol! After that I tried and tried to find a coin, but didn’t find a single one.
  10. Love me or hate me, I belong to The Ringfinders and I got a call last night to rescue a men's gold wedding band from the surf up in Santa Barbara. My customer had just applied sunscreen and waded out into the surf, brought his hands up and you can figure out the rest. Off came the ring. I had one chance to get out there early enough to hopefully locate it in the wet and not have to fight the shore break so I got left this morning at 4:30 and headed to the beach. He had mentioned that he thought he was near an area of rocks and guess what, there were large rocks everywhere so I stood there in the dawn and made a decision to search an area I thought made sense. This beach was hopping with iron, targets were everywhere but because of the oncoming tide I decided I would only did solid tones 62-86. After about my 5th pass in my grid I got a LOUD 72 and I mean LOUD. It was screaming "here I am, please dig me" and two scoops later I had the ring. When I met with the owner to return it he shared that even though it was a simple band it was made in the exact image of his father's wedding ring so it was more than just a ring for him. Some of the best moments I've ever had detecting have included giving things back to the original owner and this one was the same. To see a grown man crying for joy that he got his ring back is a feeling that can't be adequately described but it's good. I hope your weekend was at least half as good as mine because if it was, it was great.
  11. Got out early for one more day. Today I really wanted to find gold, I was glad the tide was with me. Beautiful day today, best one since we got here. Today I brought the Equinox to wrap it up. The tide was really low, almost to the end of the pier. There was no water, just a sheen over the sand. I zigzagged the flats hoping to find anything, this place really gets hit a lot because it is one of Georgia's few beaches. Day before I came to this beach the first time a YouTuber got a gold ring. Got a quarter way out and a couple of pennies, but kept on. Each day I can only hunt 4 or 5 hours. In order to find anything here you have to cover a lot of ground. There were 2 other detectorists out there, I watched them to see where they found stuff, looking for the "lines". I got two quarters in the same hole, really crazy tones but enough 30/31 to dig it. Searched the hotel side for a bit, really didn't find much, so I went over to the other side. Long story short, here's the take, not very much. Only got a dollar in change, a brass bushing, and a piece of broken jewelry with a little sparkle in it in the shape of a "1". They could be diamond chips but they will be hard to test. It could be a gold setting, it ID'd about 5-7. One of the other guys detecting said he found next to nothing, I probably did a bit better, but I bid goodbye to this beach for another year. πŸ™‚ Trash was minimal, I don't get much with the Equinox. However, would I bring the Equinox to this beach again? The answer is no. There was so much EMI near the pier and in front of the hotel I couldn't even find a single frequency that worked without lowering sensitivity to 20. Ended up running Beach 1 most of the time, and had to keep noise cancelling. I found I could raise sensitivity a bit when I was far away from the pier. The Deus was so quiet out here it will be the obvious choice around hotels. The Equinox located stuff as deep as the Deus, but the noise was horrendous. I did pretty well here but it's no campground. πŸ˜€
  12. Penny signal right? How about 10.65 grams of 18k, three scoops to retrieve. Dig those penny signals! Cliff
  13. I offered to help find a ring …. which I didn’t find. But you get that when people THINK they know where they lost it. It was dry sand so I moved on out in the water. I picked up some tiny targets… high conductors just to show even in the salt water the machine does well. The one chunkier is 10.5 grams the other who’s stones are junk is 2 grams both 14k. The odd piece is the one with 24 on it. It has a CB on the back and both test strong for 14k. I use an earth magnet to test for SS…. NADA so I’m not certain what it is….. oh well. 6 hours in the water …. Pure fun. By the way those tiny targets take effort when ya have a scoop with 1/2 holes. Again a learned skill.
  14. I received the 11" Deus II on Tuesday, and I have used it about 6 hours so far. We are slowly becoming friends. Still trying to figure out the sounds and TID of targets. I have not done any update yet. At the local ball field again today with high hopes of gold. I dug a good amount of aluminum, so there is less for next time. The silver ring was likely passed over by the 15x12" Equinox coil in the past, but the bracelet was a recent drop. Ring was about an 88 and bracelet was a 52.
  15. Hit the beach again today, sorry @Valens Legacy, I took the Deus 2 again. I had a chat with my mentor last night and wanted to try some tweaks. Got out early, nobody there, blah blah. πŸ˜€ It wasn't a great morning, but it wasn't too windy either. This is the other side of the pier toward the two hotels. I hunted that side for a couple of hours, really didn't find much but a few pennies and a couple of bullets. Don't know how they got there, they were all .30 caliber and in the same place. I dug two and quit. One thing I've observed is hotel beach is a bit different than general parking beach. πŸ€” I found more snack junk and foil and bottle caps at the hotel beach. Went back on the other side of the pier and did a little better. I wasn't using salt sensitivity right, I thought turning it down made it less sensitive, apparently it's the opposite. πŸ€ͺ Cranked it up to 9 and got busy. After the first rusty bottle cap I also cranked bottle cap reject to 5. It seemed like I was hitting better targets, but I also got curious and dug odd signals. The trash is kinda wild: I sight picked almost all of the bottle caps, but those huge beer jug caps are a 91. 😡 The yellow box is a Mario Brothers Coin candy box, it was such a strange tone I had to dig it. Still had the candy wrapped up in it. The two big bullets are under the sinker, and that's a really old copper ship spike. I would have hated to be on the beach when someone fired all that ammo there! Maybe it was from a replenishment place that is a rifle range. πŸ€” Got some more ship copper, very common on these beaches, and the usual stuff. Beach take today: $1.63 in clad and Zincolns, most of it seemed like fresh drops. Two earrings, both .925 silver with stones, a worthless American Eagle snap, and a Saint Anthony medal. Saint Anthony is ironically patron saint for the recovery of lost items πŸ™„ it's aluminum. I was glad to get more silver, one of the earrings is again gold plated: But clearly says 925 on the stud. The other was a shocker, got this unrecognizable loop of crud when I dug it, but it's silver with stones and you can only put it on one way to make them all show. Women have it rough πŸ˜€ It's really ratty but clearly says 925 again. Must have been there for a long time. Most interesting thing was the arrival of a somewhat notable YouTuber when I was about done. I guess detectorists are a competitive lot, none of the three I saw today really wanted to talk or have me in their spot. 😁 Despite them I did okay. Hope they found something!
  16. Beautiful but cold day on the island, never got out of the 60s. The sun is so bright it warms you up, but the wind keeps you from getting too warm. It was blowing from the east, about 15mph with gusts to 20. Today I brought the Deus 2 again. I set up my usual beach program, and finally got around to saving it. πŸ˜€ I know I'm going to lose it on upgrade, but I will write it down. It isn't a big departure from Beach, just some raised or lowered extremes and bottle cap reject. This morning I went to the big beach, a place a lot of YouTube detecting videos are made. It gets hit the hardest of all. Got there early, almost no one was out. Low tide was 1 hour earlier, I tried to hit the deep spots on the other side of that pier, there's about a half mile of beach to the right, and about 2 miles to the left. I thought I'd see what happened when people came out, the wind was onshore and cold but I didn't think it would deter many. I took this picture after searching the lower tidal area about 2 hours later. Only found a couple of coins, so I went higher to where high tide is, and hunted the reeds and sea grass pushed up on shore (thanks @Joe D.) Did a little better there. At about 10 the beach started filling up, by then I was on the towel and tent line, and digging coins a lot. Nickels were 60 or 61 solid ID, pull tabs 63 or 64, so I got nickels without digging tabs. πŸ˜… This I really like about the Deus 2. At one point I got a strange sounding 42, it was kinda broken up unlike the foil and other junk I was finding. I dug a scoop and a small chain fell out! It was gold. I excitedly looked it over and quickly stuck it in my bag. I can't say I wouldn't have found it with the Equinox, but I wonder πŸ€” Here's the booty, much better than yesterday. I had to get back to the campground to grill some tuna. πŸ˜€ Got $1.50 in quarters, 2 Maya Angelous. 3 of them were in the same hole. 4 nickels, oldest was a 1975. It was in better shape than the others. 4 dimes, 4 memorials, and 6 Zincolns. One of the Zincolns had a cross stamped through it. Got a zinc frog ring and a lightning bolt earring. Also got my wife a cute bunny ring. 😁 Here's the junk, couple of vaping devices and the typical beach crap: Almost all the bottle caps were sight picked, the rusty ones got me. Maybe I need to turn up reject a bit. πŸ˜€ I dug the hairpins to see what a blank ID loud tone was. When I got back I looked over the gold chain with a loupe, it is complete and had a tag that sadly said "925 Italy" with an L and triangle. Looked it up and it is gold plated sterling. My wife still likes it. πŸ™‚ At least I got some silver, and a chain to boot! I've read many times how the Equinox seems to miss them. I'll find out tomorrow (or not) when I return to head up the other way, the tide is in my favor again. πŸ‘ Going to use the Equinox here. Most interesting thing I saw today was this sign on the beach, maybe it's true, maybe it's to keep people out of the dunes πŸ˜€ at least I didn't dig one of them. https://www.wtoc.com/story/38945488/tybee-island-warns-beach-goers-of-venomous-snakes-to-keep-them-off-dunes/
  17. Day 4 is in the bag. πŸ˜€ Went to the beach I hunted yesterday, this time with the Equinox and 10x5, and at low tide. I guess spring break is over, the morning was rainy and cloudy but it cleared up and there weren't many people at the beach. When I say tide, I mean tide. I told y'all about this last year, the tide goes out 10 feet. It's like a pool being emptied and filled! This is ground zero, see how high the beach is? It's above my head, and goes more than 3 feet higher than that. I'm 6'1". Yikes. The water is about 75 to 100 yards away from this edge. When the tide comes in, all this is underwater, 10 to 15 feet. Hacked around the flat for a while, checking that edge for any heavy stuff that went down there. Nothing but a few sinkers and coins close to the water, I searched everywhere. I was just about to quit, and went up on the hill about chest height to high tide, and then the targets started coming. Here's the haul, not very impressive. One big costume hoop, an odd copper earring with a greenish stone, 3 quarters, one memorial, what I think is a gold plated electrical connector, a big copper scary hoodoo earring, and 3 tiny things. This is where it gets interesting, the small metal thing with the loop next to the penny was over 12" down, and ID'd as a 12/13. It took forever to dig it out. I'm gonna go out on a limb here. 😬 Anyone that claims the 10x5 doesn't find deep targets is as wet as my shoes were. πŸ˜€ A tiny object like that is clear proof. 😎 It is small, thin, and not really great metal. The coil hit it like a brick. The next thing is my favorite find of the day, a broken earring. Again tiny, may be gold, may have real diamonds, I'm gonna test it. It was 3 big scoops down in hard packed and drained sand. It was a 14/15. That big copper earring with the moon and eye kinda creeps me, it has runes and stuff. πŸ˜€ It was also extremely deep, was a 20/21. While I was hunting a guy came up to me and asked if I wanted a mission - to find his friend's stainless steel wallet that he lost when they were fishing, a big cargo ship came by and swamped the beach, you better run when that 5-10 foot wave comes in! πŸ€ͺ I may look for it tomorrow. Here's the trash, turned on F2=3 to cancel out those dang bottle caps, three too late. 😡
  18. Went out for another two hours this morning with the Equinox and the 10x5 coil. I went to another BB court that has some grass in the inside of the fence enclosure. While there were some coins close up to the chain link fence, the 10K football helmet (which I though was junk at the time) and the daughter pendant were in the small dried oak leaves behind one of the hoops and the shallow dirt under the front of a bench, respectively. Park 1, 7 recovery speed, 17 sensitivity, all metal, 50 tones
  19. Out for two hours this morning with the Equinox and the 10x5 coil trying to uncover what is missed by others who use lesser machines and bigger coils. I concentrated around a BB court right up close to the fence. The cobra was found away from the fence in a grassy area in the shade. If you want to get close to fences, get this coil. I took a pic of one target that was about 2 inches from the fence with the chain link fence bowed out over the target. The coil had less issues getting that close to the fence than the Garrett pinpointer. The bracelet was found in the mulch on the playground area. Most of the change was found up tight to the court. Park 1, 7 recovery speed, 15 sensitivity, all metal, 50 tones
  20. Went back to the same beach as yesterday to try out the D2. Walked the entire beach using Beach program with sensitivity at 97, Reactivity 1.5, and bottle cap reject at 3. Changed it to that from 0 after the first one. πŸ˜€ Nice path out to the beach, there was no wind and the mosquitoes were everywhere. This place is also famous for sand gnats that also are everywhere when the wind is calm. The wind and waves really eroded the beach yesterday, figured I might find stuff I missed with the Equinox, but I have to say my 600 with the 10x5 are one heckuva combo. I will give the Deus 2 a nod for depth, most of the coins I dug were 8" to foot down. However, I had already got most of the good stuff yesterday. I'm sure this place gets hit hard. Here's all I got, a couple of zipper pulls, one a Michael Kors gold plated pull (my wife told me how expensive those bags are), two nickels, two dimes. One dime was a 1967 and extremely deep. Also got one good Zincoln and a memorial, 32 cents, woohoo. πŸ‘ I searched way up the beach to a point where I could see the lighthouse and found the hairpin. I think it's silverplate with CZs, but I'll test the stones. Tomorrow if the weather permits I'll go to the bigger North Beach where there should be a lot more stuff. Here's the junk, no fishermen to give my sinkers to. πŸ™„
  21. At the beach! πŸ₯³ Today was reasonably warm but got pretty rank despite the location. It was windless at 7AM, but the wind came up, 25 mph with gusts to 35. First photo is looking out toward the river and ocean, second is looking back inland. The sand was blowing, it was like being sandblasted. 😡 Got out twice today, my wife was tired from the long drive, and after what I found the first time she wanted me to go out again.πŸ˜€ I think she just wanted to take a nap, the wind was cold despite the temperature being in the 70s. When I first got there the tide was going out, only about a 6' tide today, but it got pretty low. I hunted around until I found the coin line, and then found where jewelry was sinking, about knee deep to the high tide, maybe lower. here's the first run haul, 3 rings I found in one spot, a gold plated copper bracelet, a gold plated copper leaf earring, and .78 in clad. I was surprised to find the infinity ring was .925! My wife took that one πŸ™„ Here's the trash, not too bad and pretty much what I usually get in 3 hours with the Equinox and 10x5. The Matchbox car was about a foot down, gave me a 30/31. πŸ˜€ I found a few of those bullet shaped pieces of lead all in one area, 3 different sizes. I was using F2=0 so the bottle caps got past me. I dug some sinkers and gave them to a fisherman. Took some gratuitous Island pics between hunts, I had some stuff to do. Second hunt was late afternoon for two hours, the wind was blowing the sand even more. Lots of large ships going up and down the river made surf hunting out of the question because of the huge wakes, but they were fun to watch. πŸ˜€ Got .61 more in clad, and a really cool shark tooth earring that may be silver. It was throwing 15-20s and was about 10" down in the saturated sand. Took a long time to find it. Trash to finds was a little higher, I was much higher on the beach along the towel line. Found some more of those strange lead points. Going to take the Deus 2 out tomorrow to this place to see if I can find anything else. πŸ™‚ This is mostly a fishing spot that the sun sets on, so locals spend the afternoons here. There was one other detectorist out there with I think a Garrett AT, but it didn't look like he found much. He didn't stay long. Long tale but a great start!
  22. Not known for very purdy stuff here. But did manage to snag this with the Equinox. VERY quality setting. Marked 10KR [rose gold] Hope these are all diamonds!!!
  23. I always get misty eyed when one of these are in the scoop...πŸ‘ Two days ago, wet sand. On the slope, water contact. Equinox. Stamped 10K MEX.
  24. For years when ever I brought back a Earing I've found , my wife always asks " Where's the other one?". Well about 5 years ago detecting on a Delaware beach heading for quitting time. Got this really nice hit. Couldn't believe it. A set of intertwined Silver earings. So told my wife ( waiting on the Boardwalk ) "Hey, I got ya a nice earing". Where's the other one, she asks? Not so fast, my Queen! Picture tells the rest of the story.
  25. Got out yesterday with my new Legend .Cold day , and windy too .Only a couple of people with their dogs ,in a very large park .Great signal at consistent 17 .Bracelet is stamped 875 which I believe is 21k gold .Each alternate heart has 6 small diamonds so 48 in total.Thanks for looking .
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