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  1. Cold Sunday. Got out early, it was 37 and windy. 😡 I had to dress warm, if my hands and feet get cold I'm done. Reynaud's Syndrome is a detectorist's nightmare. Went back to the farm I've found so much good stuff at this week, I usually don't hunt on the weekends but had a social cancellation and nothing to do. This area is fairly sheltered in some places, so I figured I could warm up there. Luckily there were no hunters. Turned out to be pretty good, my hands and feet didn't get too cold because it was sunny and I was moving around and digging. I don't think it ever got above 41, but I was ok. I wore electric heated socks and brought heated gloves, from experience the Equinox can't handle the EMI from the gloves' pulse heat. I hoped the Deus 2 would be better. It was. πŸ₯³ The socks didn't bother it at all, and I was able to tune out the gloves with one press of the frequency button. Ended up not needing either but it was nice to know! I don't think winter is going to be too warm. I was out there for 7 hours today, scouted around a lot. Wasn't finding much, but at random I got all this: Another half spectacle buckle, some small button bits including a lead one and a broken Tombac, and some farm/animal brass. Even got .27 in modern coins. πŸ˜€ That big D buckle was a 95. 🀬 Not that I minded getting a big buckle but the silver alternative would have been a bonus. πŸ€” The big half circle is some sort of old snap ring, and the curve with prongs I've never seen before. Extreme right is a fancy buckle fragment. I was detecting across the field to a different spot, and on the way got a solid 73, I thought "cool, another fancy button". Nope. Size 5.5 or 6 14K wedding band, a little over 6mm wide or 1/4 inch. It weighs 4.1g. I'm trying to find the maker's mark, could be a sideways W or M, or an "Epsilon". As usual it fits my wife's finger perfectly, she prefers white gold but never turns down a gift. This is the 4th gold ring I've found this year, two at a beach in one hole, one at a campground, and now this totally unexpected one in a farm. It might be old, it might be new. πŸ€ͺ Only a small handful of trash again: What a great week it's been! I might get out next week but the holidays are upon us.
  2. Well, I just got my Nokta Legend with extra 6in. coil 3 days ago. Today I hit a small park and started around an outdoor basketball court with the aim to find some jewelry. Day 3 detecting with the new machine turned out to be the charm! So far I have about 15 hours coin-shooting and looking for jewelry in parks and sports fields with the Legend, and I have to say it handles my highly-mineralized soil quite well with its SMF capabilities. Thankfully with my experience running 2 other SMF detectors the past few years, watching videos and reading the manual last week, I think I've gotten a solid handle of how to set up this machine. It might take a newcomer much longer to get to where I am, but the Legend is easy to use and even in the default modes and settings would work great for a less-experienced detectorist. Ring #1 was about 6ft. in the grass behind one of the basketball hoops. I thought a VDI# of 51 would mean it was a quarter, but imagine my surprise when this heavy, initialed with a "K" pinky ring turned up. I kid you not, it weighs exactly 1/2 oz. of sterling silver at 15.55 grams on the scale! Five minutes later, I knew I had another silver ring when I saw 6ft. over a VDI# of 55. I'd never seen an ID# that high in my previous outings, but being so close to a honker ring, it had to be another...and it was. A nicely styled, large man's ring. Its not a whopper like the other, but a respectable 7.23 grams. I attribute these two finds to 3 things, location, location, and the 6in. coil on the Legend that gave me the courage to dive into this zone heavy with trash, lol. In my short time out with the Legend, I'm really enjoying it a lot. Its a ton of fun to swing with the "dinky" coil, has great sensitivity to low conductors and works great in a variety of situations like in parks, fields, tot lots. Other detectors I've owned have struggled in my hot dirt, but the Legend handles it decently for the time being. Someday I still hope for technology that tames my dirt, but this newer crop of detectors with SMF are opening things up some. You still have to swing over the treasure though, and I'm glad I was able to get over these two beauties.
  3. Today on the way to the bank, I had to make a deposit because my pin pointer broke, so I need a new one so I stopped to look for Gold and instead found two silvers, the merc suprized me because i was not looking for silver , I had dug 17 dimes and one was silver and also found a nice sterling ring with what looks like a black onyx stone. I was hunting with my ORX in coin deep ,17.2 khz, 2 sweep speed, 7 disc, and 70 gain also found a 1937 dime
  4. This is something for everyone, for the people new to this hobby right up to the seasoned who may be on the fence about deciding whether to invest a small amount of money in @kac's Devil's Tongue Park Probe. Spent last weekend at one of my favorite campgrounds, but the remnants of Ian kept us ducking, I only got out twice in 4 days but wanted to re-check the tot lots and courts where I got quite a bit last time. Turns out I did a pretty good job. πŸ˜€ There was literally nothing in any of those spots I hunted but two fresh drops, a quarter and a dime. I didn't bring my Predator shovel with me, the first day I got there the ground was dry after about a month of no rain, and would have been both impossible and messy to dig. Instead I threw the Park Probe in with my gear and had my small poly hand digger, which is great for sand and pinpointing. I brought only the Equinox for a detector. I focused on an entertainment field with a trailer that becomes a stage. It's about 2 acres, and loaded with pull tabs and bottle caps. I wanted to see how many coins I could get with limited time and equipment. BTW the band was pretty good. πŸ˜€ I used the Park Probe for about 2-3 hours in two days, one dry and one after 2"+ rain fell. I found it easy to use in all conditions, and literally left no trace. Ended up with 42 coins, last year I pulled about 300 out of this campground, so I didn't expect even that many. Oldest was a 1967 dime, this place was established in the 1970s, so no silver. I think the oldest quarter ever from here was a 1965. 🀬 Also dug a key and a 1950s lipstick tube, which was strange to find here. Trash day 1: And day 2: Not much. Bottle caps were all sight picks. In digging all the pull tabs, I found after a while if I lifted the detector a bit and the signal disappeared, I should dig it, but I dug pull tabs anyway. That produced the cheap jewelry: The most interesting thing is the tiny owl, it's heavy and was a 5, but appears to be plated. All stones are fake. The two rings, one I suspect is from a doll, are aluminum with crystals. Both were pull tab signals that disappeared upon lifting the coil about 5". Gold will do the same thing as opposed to foil, it's a trick not a recommendation. The penny is there for scale, this stuff is all small which is the forte of the Equinox, although I've found the D2 is also no slouch. Everything was popped out with the Park Probe. I cannot emphasize enough how useful this tool is. Some of the coins were 6" down, about the depth mine can go. I love this tool. I strongly recommend giving it a shot of WD-40 every time you are done, this one has dug a lot of stuff now and still looks new. It's unobtrusive and should calm the fears of any grounds keeper. πŸ™‚ Thanks Kac! πŸ‘
  5. Back at the campground we were at last week, after getting set up for a festival I thought I'd hit the entertainment field before sundown. It's the small field with a trailer that becomes a stage, about 2 acres. I've had a hunch that there will be some good jewelry here, people dance and drink. About 20 minutes in after finding a small amount of trash, I got a pull tab (well half a pull tab) signal, a 6/7 that disappeared when I lifted the coil. It was right on top. I bent down with my pinpointer and saw a thin flash of gold, got this little guy: Sure looked like gold to me. I kept on until it was too dark to dig, I don't want to leave a mess here. Here's the trash: About what I'd expect to dig looking for jewelry. For an hour the take wasn't bad, I brought my shovel to get the deeper stuff. The ring has "10k" and some letters for a hallmark. I hope it's a ruby, my wife's birthstone. She loves it. Fits perfectly. Good start! The little oval thing was a solid 18, it says "Zildjian" on it. Probably a cymbal bag zipper pull. I'm using the Equinox 600 again with the 10x5, Park 1, 5 tones, F2=3 to push the bottle caps to iron, there are a lot of them.
  6. Camping season is at an end, I hunted the campground a couple more times before we left. Wasn't bad for 3 days. Ended up with 100 coins, a hot wheels car, some junk jewelry, a gold ring and a silver 1949-S Roosevelt dime, a key date coin, also my first silver Roosevelt ever. The strangest dig was chasing a 30 ID, I dug the plastic rooster before getting the coin. Thought someone did a ritual burial! πŸ˜€ Over $10 more in the change jar anyway, I'm going to get the ring cleaned and polished for my wife. Here's a gratuitous photo of the red white and blue sunrise in front of my house with a full moon. 😁
  7. Back from camping, I'll round up that trip soon but since Ian's remnants stayed around here with high winds and rain for 4 days, I had a thought that I should check my local beaches for stuff that may have been uncovered. It wasn't a total disappointment, yesterday I took an hour or two to go to the small beach. At least a foot of sand had been washed away and some of the riprap had been tumbled. The tide was very low due to the full moon. This place has given me gold rings, but I pretty much wiped out everything I could get a tone on. The last two times I visited I got nothing. I brought the Equinox and my composite trowel, and dug everything. That's all the trash I could get, I was surprised to find anything, all items below were at least 8" down. A dime, two nickels, and a copper ring with a crystal stone. Not bad for no expectations! πŸ˜€ Today I decided to go to the larger beach, the tide and wind were both low. No one was there when I got there, so I put my waders on and got to it. The river is still loaded with jellyfish! After a while an old couple showed up with Equinoxes and in waders. They zipped all over the place, leapfrogging me and checking every inch of the low tide line while I was in one space. They were a bit annoying but I guess they weren't too happy that I was there. πŸ˜€ They never really dunked their detectors, I was fully confident with my Deus 2 and the bone phones. I didn't get much trash. I threw it out, it was about twice what I got the day before. Just small bits of odd metal that are common at this beach. My finds weren't all that great, but one item is the blingiest piece of junk jewelry I've ever found: It's heavy, 18k gold plated, and has probably over 100 hand laid CZs in it. Here is a link to it: https://thegoldgods.com/products/yung-rich-nation-takeoff-limited-edition-piece The rest was just junk and modern coins. The huge heart is an earring and may have been plated as well: I think this is the last time I'll hunt a beach this year, give them time to fill up. πŸ˜€ Back to the fields!
  8. After my Job interview went south, I went metal detecting , and I have another offer to rake some leaves for extra cash , so I prayed that if i should do that leaf raking that God would give me a sighn and let me find a gold ring today, and I did. had to XP ORX set up in coin deep , 70 gain 6 disc and 2.5 sweep speed at 17.2khz and at the 1st spot i was hunting , I got the thinking I should take a break and then go to another spot I have been to many time but never found any rings . I found a big chunk of iron and after it was out i got a quarter Hit , other wise someone had dug the cladd out pretty good , I was finding lots of tabs and foil , thats a good sign a ring could in theory be in the ground , and I got a signal 62 on the meter and expecting a tab, up comes a nice Gold cladda ring , marked Ireland inside. and another mark i cant read its a bit worn , but its pretty clear its not bling or plated its small but still weighing in at 2.4 grams. In the last picture you can see the big iron bolt that i dug out and after that an old crusty quarter was heard , yes it was masked ,someone else had stripped all the clad so i was luckey to get that quarter , but it was clearly masked
  9. Most years, my family heads to Ocean City, NJ for a week in the summer. Due to father/husband duties, i usually get 2 or 3 mornings from about 5 to 7 am to try to morph from a dirt hunter to a beach hunter. I have had great success at finding modern coins and lead fishing weights, and the occasional junk jewelry item, but never had any luck in getting real gold. I have never gone into the water much, as most of my detectors haven't been waterproof. I took the equinox this year, and was determined to hunt in the shallows in front of the break line. First hurdle appeared before i even went out. I did a reset so that I could sync the wireless phones to it. I never use them for dirt, but i didnt want to damage my good headphones.....sigh...the button on the Equinox to pair them doesnt work. I almost always have had the little wireless box paired to it with my good headphones for dirt hunting. The button has always given me trouble from date of purchase, but usually 2 or 3 times, and it would work. I tried for an hour. no dice. So i hooked up the wireless phones with the 1/8th inch cable. I guess i will contact Minelab and see if they can repair the button now that I am home. Second hurdle...the screws for the handle for my scoop went missing, so it would just be harder to use...oh well. I only got out twice this trip. First time out, it was only 3 hours to high tide. I went as close to the breaks as i could, and it is a real challenge to me to swing the coil in that swirling water. I stuck to good signals only. I hunted for about 2.5 hours, and managed a stainless anxiety ring, and two sterling earrings, so not too bad. Second trip, I took my son along to help handle the scoop, and we got out right at low tide at 6am. Targets were extremely sparse, and the first was a junk mood ring. The second was really jumpy, but kept going high, and pulled the little portion of silver links..i think it is part of an earring. the third was the little silver heart earring. I was thinking we needed to push a little further out into the rougher water, so we really had to fight the waves a bit. It was only about 50 feet at this depth, and what a sweet signal. I found out that i really stink using a scoop right there. Took me at least 10 tries to get it in the scoop. I told Eli to just carry it up to the wet sand slope and we would figure out what it was up there. Really nice 22k men's wedding band. It's been a week now and i still smile. I now feel way better about all you folks who dig gold on the beach all the time, and am not quite so jealous πŸ™‚ We searched for just a couple more minutes, but nothing else showed up, so we ended on a pretty high note. If anyone recognizes the makers mark that would be awesome, but I will start looking through marks soon. Happy hunting, All
  10. When finding a Bling Ring, many are fake. This one I tested and blew me away. Did the couple get in a big argument and she tossed it into the lake? It's happened. The lake level is low right now, maybe she was swimming earlier this year and it fell off? How long has this beautiful ring been sitting at the bottom of the lake while nobody could see how much it wanted to sparkle and shine. Maybe it can be returned to the original person and if not, then hopefully a new owner will be happy to share and show it's diamond glow. Is this one of those Finders Keepers things? What would you do if you stumbled across this ring? I don't think there is a right or wrong answer here. If you found it and it means so much to you or you plan on giving it to your lady of love, then joy will once again shine on this ring and across a woman's face full of smiles. Love is a crazy and funny thing that many of us go through. This ring could just as easily been tossed into the lake for reason of someone breaking another persons heart. Either way outcome of this ring, I want it to shine and make someone happy, it deserves a 2nd chance. https://youtu.be/tM2OWltxC6Q
  11. It's been a while, but I finally got a chance to hunt a local campground, it's a really huge park with over 1000 campsites as of last year. I was here about a year ago and a lot changed, so I checked to see if it was ok to hunt it again, and the assistant GM gave me permission. The campground has 3 tot lots, a volleyball and bocce court that used to be a volleyball and tot lot, lots of Cornhole courts, a huge water park and three pools, and a lake with a beach. We only stayed 4 nights so I got out hunting twice a day. I used both the Deus 2 and Equinox about equally. Still can't really decide which one I like better, but the last morning I cleaned up everything I missed in all the tot lots and other sandy areas with the Deus 2 after tweaking it a bit. It was hitting coins a lot deeper. The beach and one of the tot lots were the most disappointing, I guess someone had hunted them out for the most part. Another lot produced so many nickels I knew the person hunting there had discriminated them out. Here's the total take: 173 coins, $14.65. 30 quarters, earliest date 1965 (the FU date), 52 dimes, again earliest 1965, 26 nickels, earliest 1951, 17 copper memorials, earliest 1959, and 48 Zincolns. Got two pretty nice Hot Wheels cars, I left a monster truck Hot wheel behind. Got some silver: The top 3 items are probably silver, for sure the toe ring is, it's marked 925. CZ earring stud, gold rose earring (no hallmarks) 3 junker rings, some Mickey Mouse bling and a couple of modern buttons. Bunch of small things all found by the Deus 2, and a cord ankle bracelet with copper decorations. I knew I wasn't going to find as much here as last year, I dug some outrageous amount of coins (about 300), but not too bad for 3 days worth of hunting! πŸ˜€ Here's a typical trash photo, one of the lots had a lot of stainless bolts, washers and other bits. About 5x this would be what I got over the span. One day I used @kac's Park Probe in a field and popped a bunch of coins and a couple cheap rings. One of them came out encircling the probe, no damage. That's a heck of a tool!
  12. I already posted my gold finds from Hurricane Kay but there were some interesting silver finds as well. The most valuable silver find was another silver Gucci "ghost" ring. I say another because I found a similar ring on August 1st. I also found a Tiffany ring and earring on back to back hunts at 2 different beaches. Maybe someone here has found an earring like this and is willing to sell? The 2 silver bracelets were found in the same area on different days. They are both from Taxco Mexico. Could the same person have lost both??? The last picture show a few more small silver items. The coin-like objects were probably earrings or other jewelry and the hoops or pins just wore/broke off over time. GL&HH!
  13. Hit my SoCal beach yesterday and found a good 8-9 inches of black sand below the storm cut. AQ to the rescue using volcanic mode, sensitivity 3, ATS 4, reject 7. Found a cute little 2.2 gram 14k white gold keeper at about 3-4 inches. 11 on pulse delay. Heading back out today to look for her big sister.
  14. Friday night I got out to what I was hoping would be a great night of detecting ... but I had my doubts. My doubts were based upon the direction of the hurricane. It was approaching Los Angeles from the S and SSE which isn't a great swell maker. I managed to get out before the low tide and I put in an all nighter (8 hours) on a favorite beach and a beach oriented to take maximum advantage of the storm direction. The waves were really pretty small. I managed one silver ring and one silver bracelet. My favorite beach produced 5 rings including the silver and two chains. My 'opportunity beach' which has produced some good jewelry in the past had very little for me on Saturday morning. It was still an enjoyable night with the clouds and spritzes of rain to break up the heat.
  15. It was time for a hunt ... but I've done that each of the last few nights. Last night's hunt was better on the counts but it came up a bit short on the value. The first ring of the night I thought was my best until the next morning. I was finally able to read a 14kt GF. Bummer. It came in as a 21 so I'm not too surprised. Some of the other rings. An odd mix. The one missing the 'stone' is silver. Here are more pictures of the loot. The bottom of the aluminum can above was found down over 20 inches. I hate those digs but they sound so good. I've also included some pictures of previous hunts just to show the difference in nights. This last tray includes 3 rings and of note was one of my best 'spoon rings' ever. What is a spoon ring you say? It was once a silver spoon that was chopped off at the end and shaped into a ring. Notice the overlapping design which would allow for some adjustment and expansion.
  16. I had been watching the thread by Dan(NM) entitled "What Would You Do In This Situation?" with more than just an observer's interest as I also found a Texas A&M University 10K gold ring on July 15. (I guess those Aggies have rings to throw away) LOL While I checked Craigslist, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and local groups such as Nextdoor, I didn't find any listing of "Lost Ring" on anything. Google provided me with 66 listings with his name. I watched the progress Dan(NM) was making (or not making) with the Texas A&M Ring site and knew that was probably not the way to go as his ring was 2019 and the one I found was 2006. That is a lot more years for changed addresses and phone numbers. I started my search looking for someone about 38 years old who might have graduated in 2006. Not coming up with any leads I expanded my search to some older individuals, as being a "later college grad myself" I knew the age may need to be expanded. It took several weeks of part time research to whittle the list down to a handful of possible owners. Facebook turned up the best leads and by drilling down into his family members FB pictures, I was able to locate one man who wore a large ring on his right hand in several pictures. And he happened to have a thesis printed by A&M for his Doctrine Degree in 2007 but submitted it in 2006. Back to Google again and I came up with an email address for a Professor at a university and sent him an email entitled "I found a Texas A&M University Ring"... for a subject title and then simply said "If this sounds familiar reply back to me and if not sorry for your time. I got a response within 10 minutes. I then sent him my phone number and we had a nice 15-minute chat about the ring. To say he was excited would be an understatement. He told me the name of the beach and the location on the beach where he thought that he had lost it. Within an hour of the first email, the ring was in the mail and on its way home. That is a big chunk of gold out of my inventory for the year but it was only a piece of gold to me, it was 16 years of memories for him.
  17. 5 trips to the desert detecting with no gold.....my last beach gold was late last winter......oh sure, this summer I've found my share of silver and junk gold plate like all of you but that's it. Recently I decided to change things up and go back to where it all started for me on the beach- dry sand hunting at night with a gold detector. I set my TDI up on "Low Conductor" in order to only hear the high tone targets. This of course means you hear pull tabs, twist-offs, gold, nickels, etc.....no silver, dimes, quarters, and the like. The TDI will however, go into freak-out audio when you run across a quarter on the surface. I sometimes dig these signals if boredom kicks in. Anyway, I hunt dry sand by locating a good trash zone, and then griding tightly as if you were on a gold patch. Good trash to me is aluminum, deep rusted twist-offs and deep nickels. At the beach I was searching there was nothing along the towel line- not even any trash. I started working the zone behind the towel line, going back beyond the lifeguard towers. No consistent targets there either, so it was time to venture into no-man's land, where I immediately recovered an 18k gold filled chain. Here I picked up a nice trash debris field which contained deep nickels and deep aluminum. That's when I popped out a stainless ring, and griding low and slow, got this loud freak-out target response on the TDI. 3 things I knew about the target- it was large, close to the surface, and not gold. 1 shallow scoop and the bracelet was in my pocket- thought it was a bling watch until returning home to see the hallmark.....David Yurman Albion .925 diamond bracelet. Not gold, but I'm going to stretch the mileage of this find until the gold shows up.....Jerry
  18. After finding the David Yurman Bracelet I took weeks off detecting in order to recover from a nagging pulled muscle in my middle back. A few days ago I went to a local beach to test the back and see if there was anything to be had in the wet. One spot had several good sounding targets that turned out to be quarters and dimes, + a few pieces of deep iron that fooled me. After walking down the beach aways I returned to this spot and started a tight grid going in the other direction. I quickly pulled out a junk silver plated ring, and just a foot away, this bomber came up for air. Emanuele Bicocchi designer .925, weighing in at a more that respectable 20 grams. Short 2 hour hunt. Still 0 for 2022 on the gold, but I'm OK with this. -Jerry
  19. I did another fresh water hunt and even though gold was a no-show, 6 rings, 2 silver neck chains along with coins and LOTS of trash make me think that the gold is there. In looking at the smaller silver chain I'm reminded of the knife scene from "Crocodile Dundee". At 4 grams, the thin silver chain is nice but at 30+ grams for the other one, now THAT'S A CHAIN! πŸ™‚
  20. I'm not by nature a superstitious dude but this morning's find has to be an omen.. It's the metal detecting Gods telling me to buy an Manticore.. 😬
  21. Today I went to a short hunt after dropping off my son at TK. The tide was getting up so I had to use a different search pattern. My second target was the silver ring. It is 6.7g with an interesting pattern. It says 925 i + h ??? Don't know exactly what that means but I'll look it up. The second ring came about an hour later. It is an unmarked, homemade Quora design, but feels like gold. It comes in at a 17 on the Nox. I went to Wilshire Coin and had them tell me what it is and they say it is about 13k but they are conservative. It weighs 7.4g. It was a good hunt.
  22. Last night I had a very slow start but when I ended, I had 6 rings! The first ring (black) is the Lord's Prayer Ring in Spanish. The last ring may be the best. My first gold ring in a few months. It was down over 12 inches and was just a wobble at first. It reminded me of nugget hunting. As I got closer it got better. This was at the end of a 4 hour session so I was tuned in for the deep little sounds by then. I was in one of the deepest patches I've ever had at this beach. It is marked 14k and has a Mexican coin in the center. It is just over 4 grams. A previous dig had me finding a Cartier! I've looked it up and those are the right markings but I think it is fake. We'll see later. It only weighs 4.3 grams and I think it should weigh more if it is 18k. And here are the other junk rings for the total of 6.
  23. When the beach doesn't look too promising I am fortunate to have a few lakes to hunt. This particular lake that I hunted gets pounded by pirates but after a busy weekend I was hopeful for a few fresh drops. I can't remember when I last used the Excal for a fresh water hunt but I decided to give it a go. I found the 14K white gold band and $20/$10/$5 dollar bills early in the hunt in about 4ft of water which sure made the rest of the hunt more relaxing. I have found paper money in this lake before but not in a while so finding $35 was a real treat. Next time I'll have to bring a mask and snorkel to swim through the "money garden" before the boats and wind mess with the visibility. The "gold" chain was an eyeball find and is stamped "10k". It looks really good but seems too light at 4 grams. Even though I found a decent number of coins, many of them are tarnished or corroded. Obviously, many had been there a while so I think a lot of the guys that hunt there just go for the quick and shallow fresh targets. GL & HH!
  24. My last two hunts netted me gold and yellow. The chain on the scale is 24”, 14k marked and tested, weight as shown. Finally found a pair of gold earrings in the water … but of course they were plated. Few deep quarters and 2 more junk chains. The next week …. It was this stuff that really looks good in the scoop. I knew right away that ring was bad news….. but the chain and earring was looking good as I quickly tucked them in my pouch. But nope …. More junk. The necklace was open so I detected around and about 3’ away got a 1X1” dangle with a C…. That looked really good but tested really bad.
  25. This one had my heart rate going for about 2 seconds until I saw the 925 on the inside. I knew immediately that no 925 ring would have an authentic diamond of that size. Turned out to be zirconium. Mary said that although it had a nice sparkle, I should keep it with my other junk rings! πŸ˜‚
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