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Found 212 results

  1. I was able to get back to the lake this morning before the crowd took over. Took me about an hour in the water, to hit the wedding band in knee deep water. I don't recall what it read, but, out of the water it hit at 5, weighs a whopping 3 grams, 14K. It says wedlock on the inside. The inner layer looks to be white gold, with an overlay of yellow on the outside. The 8000 seems to run smoother with black sand and salt on for some reason, this is a fresh water lake btw. My settings were: -30 disc -2 Threshold 7-Sensitivity Manual GB at 638 12 Khz Salinity at 28
  2. Due to the high danger in entering the house with grains of sand and rusty materials when my woman is there, I keep my buttocks safe leaving any find that is not gold outside in the garden, inside a basket ... I do not remember how many hunts ago I left this pendant and other coins in the basket, perhaps distracted by the rings, much heavier ... Also it is rare to see pendants with red paint ... It seemed like costume jewelry. Anyway with my daughter yesterday afternoon, we rummaged in the basket and I showed her how many coins that I discard can return as new with a bit of hard work .. She immediately noticed and took the little heart and asked me if she could keep it ... I was surprised by the color, which I neglected to check well and with a lens I searched for the title engraving .. With great surprise this 2.3g pendant is 18K and at the current price it is a find of respect! I explained to my daughter that she will have a prize for this discovery, because I don't want her to wear gold at the age of 6 ... I was about to throw a good part of everything I collect and leave only coins to clean up and she saved something that I had not even noticed that I had recovered ... For the record, like an idiot I lost today's hunting session sleeping till late, after more than two weeks of decent waves stop and only 24 hours available before other waves arrive ... Too much wine and roasted meat last night ... Damned Italy
  3. Lots of targets, mostly fresh drops from the holiday weekend. I’m still waiting for my chest mount from Amazon, so still trying to video and scoop at the same time🥴. This was a 10hr hunt and normally don’t find nearly this many targets. The 3 golds made all the abuse from the little kids worth it!🤬 https://forums.tarsaccisales.com/forum/5/3-gold-day-lake-w-tarsacci-4th-gold-ring-season Thanks! Aaron
  4. I've actually had some pretty good weeks of detecting earlier this year mostly because of a drained lake I stumbled upon before the pandemic. However, this was certainly the best week of beach hunting for me in 2020 with my 4th hunt of the week this morning. It seems to be an unusual time of the year for significant beach erosion, a phenomenon usually experienced during our winter storms out of the northwest Pacific or in the late summer when hurricanes in the southeast pacific generate swells that make their way to the southern California coast. I already posted about the first 2 hunts and hunt #3 came a day after a massive swell that I think even surprised the weather and surf experts. The lingering swell coincided with some extreme tidal swings so I anticipated that the conditions would still be ideal for detecting and I wasn't disappointed. It was a situation where I even had options on where to hunt as it seemed that pockets of targets were scattered over miles of wet sand, not particularly dense with targets but enough to keep me digging as many targets as I wanted to. One of these pockets yielded a nice sized silver ring that I thought was gold at first because it felt smooth and heavy and looked so clean in the moonlight. However, it was a fresh-drop silver and meant that other heavy metal targets could be nearby. Shortly after, a sterling silver cross made its way into my pouch and not long after that, perhaps, my favorite find of the year. A nice coin-sized target was scooped out of the hole into a mound of wet sand beside the hole. Rather than taking a smaller bite with the scoop to retrieve the target I often reach down with my hand to feel for it and that is what I did with this one. In the darkness I love the feeling of a heavy unseen target in my hand immediately followed by the discovery of a hole in its center and the realization that I have a ring that is possibly made of some precious metal. However, when I felt this target it took me a little longer to process what I had found. It felt like a heavy wet noodle and when I lifted it up I could see it was a clean, glimmering bracelet with gemstones! I turned on my headlamp and saw the golden luster and a stamp on the clasp where you would expect to find one on a nice piece of jewelry. Pretty confident that it was the real deal I thanked God for this wonderful moment that will be etched in my memory for the rest of my life. Today's hunt was fun although not nearly as memorable. It seemed that the sand was beginning to return but there were still enough targets to keep me busy most of the morning. I did find a small, unmarked, gold letter "B" pendant that I'm sure is a lower carat piece and several small silver jewelry pieces and a pretty, wave-shaped, cuff bracelet that I thought was silver but turned out to be plated. Here are some of the better finds this week- actually all from the last 3 hunts as the first hunt yielded only costume jewelry: The bracelet is 7" long, stamped "14 K" and weighs 8.5 grams. Used the TDI BH with Ground Balance "off" on all 4 hunts Thanks for reading, GL&HH!
  5. I am old enough (64.5) and definitely sore enough from football, kick boxing, golf, gold prospecting, years of metal detecting, 30 years of K-12 teaching, four kids and bad genes to just walk over US zinc penny signals when I'm near the end of a detecting session, no matter how good a day I've had or what detector I'm using. It's just a corroded zinc penny RIGHT!!!!! Nope, too many times to count, I have dug a zinc penny signal and ended up with a shot bottle sized screw cap which is super annoying, junk pot metal jewelry, and large aluminum can slaw or building material. A few times however, luck and sheer tenacity (ignoring the pain) takeover and I dig that zinc signal on the Equinox 20-21 or ORX-Deus (and many other detectors) 82-84 and being stupidly stubborn does pay off . This 14K 5 diamond beauty popped out of the ground at 3" depth July 3rd and seriously made my day. Screaming 20-21 on the Nox, Field 1, 50 tones. It sounded so good I almost didn't dig it, but common sense and experience thankfully took over. 9.8 grams of beautiful gold and 5 Sl1, H, diamonds totaling approximately .25 Karats............. I also found this stunningly beautiful custom made pendant with turquoise, 14K gold and Sterling silver which made for an interesting crown bottle cap type signal with no iron grunt. At 4" deep it sounded like big, jagged, aluminum can slaw or a foil covered beer crown cap and bounced between 12 and 25 on the Nox. Gotta dig those weird signals folks. Jeff
  6. When it is a 14k/6g/33 diamond ring! And then there were 4 other cheap rings to go along with it and two cheap chains. These were from the same beach that had next to nothing on it for over a week. In addition to that loot there were lots of other targets. After I found the first ring and the gold ring in my 3 hour plus session I decided to switch from Beach 1 to Park 1. It just bangs harder on the coins and targets on the damp beach sand better than the B1 that I have used for years now. It also seemed easier to pinpoint. If I went down to the black sand line it would get noisy at 23 or 24 so these were all targets up the slope in a very compressed beach. I found nearly nothing on my mile hike in and same hike back out because there was nothing in the wet and the top had been waved over/blown out without a cut. It was a glorious full moon night with no one on the beach and most thankfully no other detectorists. Mitchel
  7. Five Golden Rings in the month of May with the Equinox 600 in Park 2 with no special settings or tweaks. The Nox sounds really nice on gold targets just like other quality detectors and the numbers are very solid. I only wish they could have all been diamonds and 14K. Why am I complaining........they're gold!!!! Everybody here in the USA stay safe and be careful out there. Jeff
  8. Went back again to lake last week w the Tarsacci, managed to find another small child’s gold ring again. This one was down at least 6” and sounded very good. I’m getting a chest mount for my iPhone, so I promise my next video will be better! Aaron
  9. Out yesterday for the first time in a while. Went to a spot that has been Hammered so much by every water machine made... it really is hard to find anything good. I took a friend to this spot last year, his words.."I hate this place" I will never come back here again...And the reason is......... it's lacking targets of any kind other then shallow trash or fishing sinkers freshly lost......and being up a cove there is little to no sand movement. So if there is anything good it is going to be deep. Someone asked a few weeks ago about buoyancy I want to make a correction on something. Yesterdays hunt I took and let the AQ float on the surface in calm water...and this is without the cuff on my arm..the rear does sink fairly fast...needed to correct that information... Also the Nox really drives the AQ crazy..I could hear it coming like a helicopter off in the distant's..
  10. Seen a opening to get out today but just not the right spot for the "AQ' yet. Come winter I see the "AQ" getting a real good work out here. Today I took the excalibur for I was not sure what conditions I would be walking into. Working in close first nothing..... but Iron and trash..dug a few pieces and decided to go deep, still not a lot of targets. Slowly working my way deeper and parallel to the beach about 600 foot out...shoulder deep I got a couple nickels kind of shallow (2 scoops) then slowed to the snail's pace...Got another signal, broken but being I just got two nickels I'm going to dig all...3 scoops, maybe 12 inch's deep ..surprise...Gold.
  11. I got out today for a low tide hunt and some needed exercise. Conditions weren’t good but I was eager to give it a whirl. After an hour I got a 7-8 on the MDT8000 and this 10k ring popped out. I haven’t tested the diamond chips yet. The rest of the hunt was uneventful but I had already achieved my goal so I was good to go. Thanks for reading and happy hunting.
  12. Both silver. Was using the Equinox 800 with 6" coil. Using Park 2, 2 tone, recovery 4, iron bias 0, and sensitivity 24. I like Gold mode too. Not worth much, 2 earrings worth $0.50. Like finding 2 quarters lol. The stone is cz. They are real jewelry though.
  13. ...with the emphasis on "little". Once in a while I like to ride my bike to the nearest lake to do a little detecting. I strap my scoop to the frame of the bike and put the Nox in a backpack which is easier with the 6" coil. It's about 10 miles round trip so I get a good workout and always find enough to cover my traveling expenses. 😉 Over the years I haven't found a lot at this lake but it is still fun and a lot closer than my more productive lakes. As expected, I didn't find a lot of good targets but there were a couple of surprises. One was that some of the coins look like they have been there a while judging from the green verdigris buildup. Since I've hunted this spot several times, what that means to me is that there is some sand movement from the boat wakes and wind waves. The biggest surprise was a small earring that appears to be low carat gold. 10K acid holds long enough to make me think it may be 8K or so. It wouldn't register by itself on my scale but when I add it to something else I'm weighing, the increase is about a third of a gram. It has a small, crude stamp which looks like "MEX" so I'm thinking it's from Mexico. These last couple of hunts have been okay but I usually do a lot better on the coin totals. But I haven't been seeing a lot of posts in this part of the forum so I thought I'd jump in. GL&HH!
  14. OK, Been in Oregon bout three years now. First two years were spent on getting my house in order and new additional garage built. Then came the Nox, waited on a list for months. Kept myself busy with my old X-Terra 705 until the Nox arrived but did not go out as much as I should have. Waiting for a new toy to arrive is not the thing to do, you lose your edge for hunting. Fast forward now to the waiting list for the AQ limited. This one is also driving me nuts. I watch the email daily hoping it's coming soon and follow this website for AQ tidbits. It's like the Nox all over again. I haven't gone hunting with my trusted Tesoro Sandshark P.I.for two years now and that's just not acceptable. Well today I jotted down a couple of pocket beaches I spotted driving up the coast a few months ago and decided to hit them at low tide. The first one I hunted with the Sandshark just at the waters edge where the water riverlets started to separate the mud. This is where most of the coins settled out. At high tide it's about three feet deep here. No gold but good to hear those crisp coin tones and the sinker was about another 12" deep. Decided to do the last beach with the Nox. Went down the steps, out about fifteen feet to a used fire pit/burnt area. First signal was a solid 12. The ring couldn't have been there very long because it wasn't more than three inches deep in soft sand. Nice 2.9 gram, not marked but acid tested 10K gold. Fake diamonds with pearlescent type stones. The gold is there, I just have to keep telling myself the will is there and get off my butt and quit watching my email. What will happen will happen for a reason. Persistence has always put gold and silver in the bag. This was a good day! GaryC/Oregon Coast
  15. Started like a boring session this morning... Everything ready to do another underwater footage of mine but as usual, almost nothing can be done right as we want. Camera's battery dried up after 3 hours...Coins and garbage at some serious depth with the Tdi...After five hours, leaving the beach really destroyed, the last signal heard with died battery on the machine was the wedding band buried in few sand but too old to be a fresh drop.🤔...Clueless find even today.. So this is the only picture to show...
  16. I don't usually like to post a hunt unless I find some gold or something really interesting but I think that it is important to share some of the less than spectacular hunts that are more common. Yesterday I took the BeachHunter out for a spin for my first beach hunt since the pandemic hit. Even though I'm still leery about going out in public I figured that there wouldn't be too many people on the beach at 1 AM in the morning. There weren't but I was a somewhat surprised to bump into 2 other hunters at that early hour. I guess that they were thinking the same thing that I was- get there 2-3 hours before the negative tide and work my way down the slope. The beach conditions didn't look too promising judging from some older cuts that had since filled in and sure enough, targets were few and far between. Most of the targets were also lightweight. When the tide retreated I found a deep, small silver ring low on the slope and started to find other rings in the same general area. My headlight went out on me so I couldn't tell if any of them were gold but even when my headlight is working it is often hard to tell in the artificial light. 5 rings sounds impressive and I'm happy to get a little silver but I'm about a 45 minute drive from the beach so I didn't cover my gas cost which is kind of my goal every hunt. It may not be realistic but if I average every hunt out this year I am on the good side of things. This may be the fewest number of coins I have found on a hunt this year. In hindsight I might have been better off looking for fresh drops in the dry sand with the Equinox. The one hunter I spoke with said that he had a couple of rings including a 14K. Still, it was fun to be on the beach again and finding any ring still gets my heart going. GL&HH!
  17. Last week I took the Equinox 800 and 6" coil to a favorite lake of mine. There were quite a few people in the water but I think most of what I found were not recent drops judging from the tarnished coins and the fact that that lake was closed the past couple of months due to the pandemic. I found my 3rd and 4th gold medallions of the year (all from the same lake) but could not find the gold chains that I'm sure were lost with them. I plan on going back soon and will spend some time trying to find those chains. I really like the 6" coil. It helps with pinpointing, has good depth for its size and hits the smaller gold targets. The small 10 K gold ring is so thin that it doesn't even register on my scale. The 14 K crucifix and 14 K medal are 3.1 grams and 1 gram in weight. I probably dug more trash than I needed to but I'm still digging most everything until I get a better handle on the TID numbers. Oh, I suppose that I should mention that I hunted mostly in the "gold 2" mode. It is super "chatty" in that mode but hits harder on targets than the other modes.
  18. Hit the beach for a few hours and got some silver for the pile. Conditions weren’t good which seems to be the norm lately since there have been no waves. All my silver was found in the dry sand after giving up on the wet. I don’t know if the stone on the silver ring is a ruby but it gave me 5 bars on my diamond tester. Thanks for looking and happy hunting.
  19. Had some real nice tides and winds a few days ago and I was able to get into a area I've been watching close. This Spot holds very little trash and seems to be loaded with plenty of the right targets. Interesting last year I was busy with another location that was really producing some nice gold rings and I kind of let this one go. But now that the other location got hammered good by South winds it's Amazing that this one is still open in just about the same area as last year, things have shifted but........... it seems the pattern is the treasure is right at the drop off from waist to shoulder deep....this spot the sand holds the gold and looks like they move together.
  20. Well got out last night for an hour before dark. I was only digging targets 10 and under on the equinox. After about 20 minutes I had this 14k ring it was about 4 inches deep and a solid 8 vdi. This is my second gold ring from this area.
  21. Another successful hunt although targets were scarce. I was using the MDT8000 for this hunt. Would you classify this diamond real or fake since it’s a moissanite? Thanks for looking and HH.
  22. Got out for a couple hours and managed a few targets even though conditions weren’t great. The ring is not marked but the diamond tested good and weighs 3.45 grams. Good luck out there and stay safe, HH.
  23. Even though I was hunting only waist deep water, the 25mph winds coming with 10 miles of fetch to the other end of this lake made it a little tough concentrating.Plus this cove had metal walls which made the waves act like a bathtub. I was hunting with my buddy Dancing Dave who had the At gold.I got 1small stained 10k ring with blue stone,1 silver ring,a merc,a rosie,a 1960 Washington quarter,buffalo nickel,6 wheats,lures,plus 2 junk jewelry .Dave got a silver ring. I called him over for the merc but he only heard a iron grunt with his small coil.All the older coins were deep in this pounded spot. I also dug many deep older memorials. I was not going to bring the Gmx here because it is to trashy and I wanted silver.My silver count for the year is 65 ,Gold count only one. I Was hunting park 1 mostly.Hunted park 2 and had a 7 1/2 birdshot stuck in chicken wire against scoop.The Nox is a fantastic machine.
  24. While back at my old stomping grounds in Wisconsin, I had some time to do some school turf hunting at a middle school (something that can't be done in Florida due to fences). Numerous coins have come from that area when I have detected it in the past, but that was when I mainly focused on coins while leaving the "junk" signals (lower numbers) in the ground. Well, since learning that the lower numbers are good numbers for gold, let's just say that that was the focus of this day's swinging. The 15" covered the ground well and hit hard on something on the corner of a sandpit by the track. Less than an inch down, it came in a strong 6 (similar to the sport during foil covers that I had been finding) using Park 1, 7 speed, and 18 sensitivity. The chain was latched, so it must have been set aside for safe keeping and dropped.
  25. Since recently purchasing my 800, I have been to several of my favorite detecting areas to see what I had missed with my CTX. There is one area that I had gridded in two directions and was surprised that I had found several more coins with the NOX. I think that was due to target separation. After I get more proficient with it, I'm sure that I can go back over to same areas again and be amazed at the finds that I will make. In the past with the CTX, I have found several silver coins, War-nickels, Buffaloes, Wheaties, lots of clad, but not any jewelry except for a couple of junk rings.Today that changed, I went to an area that is trash infested and I think my CTX was just nulled out. I got a signal between the trash that said dig me and out came this 9.99 gram 18K beauty.It wasn't real deep, just missed. Norm
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