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  1. Last monday I finally started the test phase with the Manticore and the M8 underwater. After a minimum of settings adaptation, I recovered three small and light pieces for a total amount of almost 6 grams in total. Tuesday underwater again and Wednesday wetsand workout, nothing to register...Until today on the wetsand...I was again with the M11 and after the usual coins and an unexpected sinker on the slope, minutes after a solid 17 screaming to dig it. It was a 4.45g 18k piece. What else can I say...Jeez...If there's something left, this is the most similar tool to a vacuum cleaner 😅
  2. Being far from the seabed for over a week and forced to appreciate the wetsand work, I honestly loved the things I found in these days and kept a good pre-view of the lower eroded slope meanwhile hunting the upper side. After one small ring and a necklace last monday and another ring with a diamond yesterday, it was clear that a precise point remained unhunted or at least not so well explored by others. Doing the maths I checked a time window of three hours this morning to go underwater exactly in the same point and facing the hotpoint where I pulled up the good stuff on the shore. As soon as I was facing the bottom, I realized the suspected conditions I had when water was too murky to see it for good among waves. I've seen this s##t too many times in two decades so thinking about heavy scattered iron, slippery clay and boulders with almost no sand at all to cover the surface, I opened totally the screen and started listening everything to remove the masking stuff... Due to the deep flat slope, the only places where to keep the eyes and ears open were the holes filled with moved rocks... Ten minutes and the first wedding band it was in my hands. Already happy but conscious that nothing more than luck caused so soon the first hit, other two hours passed until the second hit with a terrible silence in between... So the second wedding band, this time white gold with a little ice it's been recovered and warmed the heart and the wetsuit. As usual my camera it was left home and all that remains is this picture😂
  3. I took up a ritual as a pure pastime, devoting a few hours to the shoreline. Some time ago I found with great wonder, a small ring in a really forgotten stretch of a beach, where I could barely find iron and a few coins. This morning, it being stormy and so for the rest of the week, I returned a little further than the spot where I was successful. The only promising area with obvious erosion was about 10 square meters. A very strong concentration of clay and black sand was making Ctx sick, so I immediately opened the pattern and changed separation, given the incredible masking I could hear. What happened next, in a dozen coins, is nothing short of a miracle for me. For the first time I found myself looking for a pendant that might belong to the necklace instead of the other way around, and the little ring had opened a sliver of hope amidst very obvious signals, but mixed with really too much iron. I think the necklace gave a minimal signal because of the knot along the links by the way. Nothing else to record for today, but what a day guys!
  4. If you keep a diver out of the water for more than a week, it goes bad like fish. Not to rot during this lousy time of zero visibility and bad waves, I went back to the little miracle spot on wetsand today. Although I had returned yesterday with a 6", no signal was in range and quite disappointed and tired I returned home after two hours. Instead, this morning I was with the 11" retracing the same steps. After more than 4 hours with my arm wrecked and all too much aluminum dug out, as I was leaving the beach I was swinging the detector just enough not to keep it off and really stumbled upon an unmistakable signal. I titled the previous post "seriously?"...Well this must be the second act. After 20 years, I continue to experience the wonder of certain days. The spark of gold can make you forget even that you are broken.
  5. After the last three days of waiting, with little pronounced swell but enough to make the surf area impassable, this morning I tried to hang on despite the water still being choppy and the visibility really bad. Once again, a pattern with really tight high and low iron limits selected the few signals worthy of digging. I must say that while limiting the sensitivity, I am afraid it is the only efficient way for me to make an effective session in certain conditions. As usual the cam's battery died before the glory shine and however, just sand suspension and fast water it's been the subject for 99% of the dive session.
  6. I recently had some doubts about the effectiveness of my sessions and made a radical change in instrumentation. Although I had been adopting the Deus 2 on the bottom for a year continuously now, I first overdid it by dusting the immortal Excalibur and later dusting the Ctx3030... Last week the numbers suddenly spiked and I reluctantly decided to sell the Deus 2. As I write, the new owner of the remote is getting ready to go out for the first time to the beach with my former detector. What happened this morning, however, marks a historic date for me. I am a diver, I practice the shoreline very little, and in my area, given the minimal tidal variation, practically after the first autumn storms the equipment is all in the water... Well, after years, I pulled up a ring in one of the worst spots where nothing but aluminum, iron and rarely any coins turn up. I hate to repeat it, but the time saved by avoiding digging out any possible sign made all the difference. Little does the bit of gold matter; getting to dig it up matters to me. I have no words 🏴‍☠️
  7. I continue in this new thread with the findings that come out. It will be a continuation of this other thread... https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/22811-minelabs-x-terra-pro-anyone-enjoying-theirs/ Gold piece 19 and 20 came out. A small medal of 1.05 gr. and a 1.4 gr. ring. Some Silver too. Two rings and a gold earring marked 925. And I was about to take out an octopus, it seems that it likes the red light on the screen...
  8. I'm posting this in Coins and Relics because all the pieces of jewelry are relics. 😎 This isn't a beach hunt, I've done much worse there 😅 What seemed to be a "let's check this place out a little more and go somewhere else" hunt turned out to be a whole day in this little field, I invited Chase down for the day because it was going to be warm and I thought it might be worth the trip for him. It's a small field, only a few acres, totally nondescript. I got there a bit before Chase, walked back and forth along this part of the field, there is another huge farm next door. We think there was a house here, but nothing exists on any Topographic maps. By the end of the day we were sure of it. First find was what may be a gold plated metal ring, no marks inside. Might have been a replacement or bargain wedding band: It only weighs 2.6 grams, but it does ring when dropped. A 91 on the Deus 2. I'll probably take it to my jeweler who has an XRF gun to make sure, because it does weigh more than a similar size 14k band. Next find was a 1944 war nickel: Chase arrived , we walked all over and found some wheats and lots of junk. The place is stupid with crap, aluminum, bits of old brass and tons of iron everywhere. I was running Tekkna, and it did well for me. We didn't find much more for quite a while, we were thinking of leaving, and then I found this mangled silver spoon: Almost 16 grams of coin silver. I then found this trunk plate, a Civil War era plate from a Washington DC trunk maker used until 1880. I joked that I just found the jewelry box plate... 🙄 Who knew I would sorta be right... Chase went off to check out the back of the field, he had been on top of a hill finding nothing but large pieces of aluminum and concertina reeds, and I walked back from where I found the spoon, and got one of my best finds of the day: This massive 8.4g Sterling ring with probably a glass stone, it's purple and seems shattered. I motioned for Chase to come over to this spot, and we just kept finding jewelry. He will probably add his finds later, it was an insane day. 🤪 Very difficult to find stuff in all that iron and trash, we both were using D2s with the 9", anything bigger wouldn't have done as well. Next I dug this Sterling pin: It was taco'ed but I got it straight. Here's the trash, lots of large brass, lead and aluminum. I didn't get much iron at all, Tekkna is great for this kind of challenge. Here's the total haul, the best is yet to come: Obviously finding a really old ring is a thrill but nothing could have prepared me for the last big find: Apparently this is quite rare, researching it only found one other like it. It's a 1904 Republican National Committee badge for the Chicago Convention, where Theodore Roosevelt was selected. The Chairman had this 14k version made for him, but sadly passed away before the Convention: His was 60 some odd grams, my piece is 35: It may at least be plated. It's unbelievable it held up this good for 120 years. 🤔 I haven't had as productive a hunt as this in quite a while, we hope to go back and find more. It's very difficult going.
  9. Here are the finds from 3-4 hunts over the last week or so. They are certainly not like anything Mr. and Mrs. TTT have been finding but I can only show what I find. It has been quite a long time since I found a watch and this one was bouncing around in the waves. There is really not too much good stuff but there is one 14K/1.6g earring and one .925/2.4g ring. It is just time to show I've been out, good or bad. Here is the hunt from today. It is an old ring that didn't clean very good. We think it is a crystal in there and certainly not a diamond.
  10. After some time, we all have a spot that unlike others, we know like the back of our hand, that spot where more than others we had satisfaction and even lessons. It is the spot closest to home, the one you reach with little effort and know with your eyes closed. Well, two days ago I met a diver friend in town struggling with his hooka and having to take advantage of the few days of 0 energy for the last sessions of the year, yesterday I brought a cylinder with me so I could give him air and a few hours on the bottom. The wonder? Entering the water together in the home spot and in the slime that makes the water murky discovering that some god has ripped out tons of sand without anyone noticing yet. I start breathing at an accelerated pace, but I don't care because there is a compressor on the surface and for the next 4 hours I won't dare move away from the pit. I discover with little surprise that the holiday season has already brought the need for another 2kg of ballast to stay down on the bottom.... I can hardly believe it at moments, and although I have moved hundreds of boulders and searched meter by meter in over 15 years at this place, for the umpteenth time Mother Nature surprises me with a new combination of red clay, fine crushed stone, black sand, then orange, shells of all kinds, and large boulders on top of the cake with seaweed topping deposited between the cracks... The scenery tells of a bad current that has dug down to the mother layer as never before, in addition to old waves of a power rare in these parts. But the seaweed reminds me of the late recognition of the closing party. I start with the smile of a child at Christmas and listen confidently for the presence of iron, then silver, coarse aluminum, and dig up nothing but distinct mids... Bang, a reddish snake at least 20 years old appears.... I am sure I am in the oldest section, the most ravaged by dozens of other hunters, and I am struck with nostalgia. I may have seen 20 more of the same shape, but I haven't dug any in forever.... At that point, already happy to have caught a piece just where I least expected it, I insist and move a good 100 meters away catching sight of another really huge pit. It's been almost three hours and I'm starting to stand on the bottom almost belly down.The wetsuit has soaked through to the cells closest to the skin and the temperature has dropped considerably. You can tell by the loss of interest and control that you are about to get hypothermia.... Just before the headache, determined to resurface and already blessed with gold in my glove, another indisputable signal in the 40s stops me.... Bang again... Thin, barely bigger than my little finger and as beautiful as ever, comes a second ring from another time.... There is no way to explain, on balance I don't get to 4 grams total, but the place, the history and memories I have among these rocks, are back together after too long. I leave the beach struggling to get out among dozens of meters of seaweed, dirty and breaded like a schnitzel...I turn around and say, "You got me again..."
  11. I’m typing on my phone at the moment so won’t go in to too much detail but I’m absolutely gobsmacked. In the last 2 weeks I’ve found 69 rings at this spot. I won’t count the 2 hunts 2 weeks ago because consecutive days sound better 🤣 but I’ll put the pic below anyway; during those 2 nights I got 2 massive chains as well. I sold the smaller one for 1.10 aud per gram, and kept the other one and wear it daily now. I went out for 4 days in a row this week. From 6pm-11pm roughly for our lowest tides of the year. It just so happens that all of the recent winds have uncovered a massive section of clay bed directly between 2 spots I’ve always had heaps of luck at. Well… the first night I think I beat my pb, at 19 rings! I couldn’t believe it. Then the next night, 17, then over the next 2 nights another 20 rings. Funny enough, while waiting for the tide to drop I actually did a different section about 50m away and got a nice chunky 18ct band right up on the wet sand. In all, 56 rings, a couple of thin chains, 7kg of coins and sinkers, and a dozen keys. I would love to go back tonight but I’m buggered, and it’s starting to get a bit sanded in now. It’s also about waist deep and bloody cold. Now as the tide comes back up from the .1 low it’ll probably sand back in within the next 2 weeks as it’s previously done. The highlights might have been the gold chain and plat ring. I recently posted about the heaviest platinum ring I’ve found, being 15 grams and only found 100 meters away. Well this one is 13 grams, so I’m really happy with that. The chain hallmark has worn off but it looks like 22ct to me. Very thin and weights 7 grams. It actually had the cross pendant and a small gold signet ring on the chain as well, which is how I found it. It was also a surface target and I just barely saw it through the water sitting on the clay. also got a couple of 8-10 gram gold rings and my first 8ct ring. All up, 60 grams of gold, 189g silver (not including 2 weeks ago) and 13g plat. There’s also 2 half gold half silver I didn’t weigh. unfortunately, though I don’t mind, another detectorist friend also got to the spot a day before me and got 6 gold rings! Oh well 🤣 I’m still stoked. I only knew this as I saw him there last night and had a chat. He also got a bunch of rings last night and my partner got half a dozen on the shore on the first night. This puts my total rings for this year at 208. I’m a month ahead of last years 200 tally. enjoy the pics below! top left/right is day 1/2 bottom left/right is day 3/4
  12. Found under a bench where sketchy people drink, its just along the TransCanada trail theres a picnic table and bench 750 (18kt) italian gold, with emeralds and diamonds, I'm missing one gemstone and a couple diamonds, they are super small in each square of the white gold V Its from the province of Alessandria, I think I found the maker too, I emailed them (in english) and I got no response, maybe I should have emailed them in italian I used the legend, in park mode, 40khz, 6 tone, 1 ground suppression and 1 audio gain, all metal discrimination pattern I tend to always hunt in 40khz cause I find it rings well on both canadian steel core coins and canadian nickel coins The ring rings around 28 and 30 its a tad jumpy Awesome end to the season, actually it was almost the start of my season, around april 1st I got my detector and this is the first spot I thought to dig, but I had no experience with digging plugs and didnt want to ruin the grass so I didnt dig there, and then I forgot about the spot for a while and decided to check last week and boom ring Could you imagine if this ring was the first thing I ever popped since I thought of that area first😅
  13. This time, with the newly arrived hooka compressor, I went exploring for another bit of coastline. At first glance, there was little to be done, given the imense amount of new sand underfoot and that horrible feeling of tender ground. At that point I adopted for the only decent opening, just a few meters wide and...Again a surprise✨ https://www.instagram.com/reel/C01lqe-qYcc/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==
  14. After the usual three days of weather observation and skipping scouting to confirm bottom conditions, this morning a window of about 3 hours presented itself before new wave energy made the spot where I thought I was done in October impassable... The few remaining signals, are items I have not picked up due to the lack of a net bag, but whenever I find myself on a target I know, I am able at that point to isolate areas where I have already passed in other previous sessions. That said, the day started badly with leaks at the 'air regulator and missing pressure in the tank. I manage to hold the bottom for just 45 minutes and am forced out on emergency for low air. I reach the car by traveling about 400meters with the harness and ballast on and change the cylinder. At that point I screw the first stage back on and open the 'air tap on the new cylinder and hear the unmistakable venting between the tap and the first stage. I unscrew again and notice that the O-ring has blown out. I find it intact on the ground and reassemble correctly. After all the time wasted, I wonder at that point if I should leave the beach, since no interesting targets have come to light and I think I finished already in this spot some time ago. I decide to persevere and although I don't feel like walking with all that weight, I return to shore and dive. A strong current pushed me to the side just before I went out to change my tank, and this time I follow it, letting it carry me slowly toward deeper water. At that point a signal among the 40 draws my attention and a moment later I find this unusual ring in my hands.... Lesson of the day? Insistence can pay off even when it seems over....
  15. After a busy October in a spot I wouldn't have put a dime on, I returned after doing two more sessions on another stretch of coastline and returning home with coins and steel bracelets ready for the dustbin... After more than an ounce here behind me, now certain that I have checked 99 percent of the small gulf reduced to pebbles and clay with a veil of sand, this little pendant closes the party and wraps up November by now as more serious storms loom and I move away from the bottom. I'm starting to take serious note of data and timelines, because while it's not an exact science, the puzzle is composed of too many factors, and creating a pattern intrigues me. Have a great sunday you all.
  16. Used to have all my rings on the wall in cases that held 72 each. It was time to clean house and I took all the gold rings and sent off to a refinery for a nice tidy sum. Was able to return all class rings and a few wedding rings. Then took all the Sterling/.925 rings and melted the bad and broken ones and kept a tray of 72 for later sales or melt. This rope as of today has 405 junk or trinket rings on it. Threw out a number of broken rings that wouldn't go on the rope. Maybe someday I will re seed for future detectorists.
  17. I have to admit, at the age of 40 my body is starting to tolerate badly all the weight I have carried on my back over the years. As much as scuba sessions are and remain what I prefer as far as standards of safety and effectiveness during research, yesterday morning I chose after four dives and a fifth non-productive one this month, to carry only a snorkel as my air source. The result was significant precisely because of my return to a spot where there was apparently not much left to pull out. With a stay of about three and a half hours before the wetsuit turned icy, I brought a few pieces with me in spite of the appearance of the bottom being battered by other hunters. I am slowly succumbing to the 'idea of an electric breathing system, not only in terms of weight in carrying, but precisely because of the distance from the bottom that generates great difficulty in retrieving the target just with a dry snorkel. The predominantly rocky coastline in my area makes a scoop and standing search a nightmare. So this is what I found ✨
  18. Last Friday I went to my PCSC meeting in Downey, California and saw our panning contests for the year. We also had our displays of the month but I forgot to get the picture. Part of my display was telling everyone about the Golden Heart Return. Thank you for all that looked at that thread and made comments about gold was coming to me soon. That, a rocket launch and the tides motivated to get out to the beaches after the meeting on Friday night. The launch schedule was for 12:47 AM. By the time I made it back to Santa Monica is was almost 11 PM so I just went to the beach. There had been some nice waves come in, but the beach had been detected! I decided to continue anyway. Earlier in the day I had detected a park before the meeting using the Equinox 800/6. I got the quirky idea that I wanted to leave the small coil on as I had found 4 gold rings on the beach with it the first time I used it nearby. So off I went to see the rocket launch and detect. Detecting on the beach with a 6 inch coil as opposed to the 15x12 is naturally quite different. The lightness of it can make me swing it too fast but it is sensitive enough and can go 7-8 inches deep on a quarter. It is a bit fun. When it was time for the rocket launch there was a delay of 30 minutes. It caused me to walk up the beach closer to the Santa Monica Pier. I wanted it in my pictures with the rocket. I had seen one before by 'accident' out detecting one night when I didn't know the schedule. This one I had the schedule on my phone. I detected my way up the beach and got a few coins and then a nice high pitch. I had my light off but I could still see something hanging from my scoop. It turned out to be a 25 inch, 17 gram, .925 silver, round, box chain with a little pendant. It had been washed up with the waves and missed by some of the other detectorists looking further down the hill. I can only imagine what they got. Yahoo was all I could say. A few minutes later the rocket did launch and I made a video. It is a little long. The rocket becomes visible about the 1:50 mark. I didn't realize that the formatting would not be full screen. This video makes it very difficult to see. It looks much better on my phone. I've seen several of the SpaceX launches now from Vandenberg and Santa Monica. They normally head south so they get closer during the launch. These launches remind me of watching the Apollo launches when I grew up in Florida. After the launch I detected more and found the stainless-steel ring pictured. It was successful for the night. The next night, Saturday I decided to use the 800/6 on another beach. At first it was not able to find any targets. I wondered if I had the coil working correctly but then I found a 'wet patch.' I was standing in the waves with my boots on getting wet but finding just about all of the coins and trash within a 50 ft area. I had the right coil for this job. My calf boots were filling with water but I was still getting targets. A combination of wind, waves and tide moved this patch to a spot where I could detect it. I found 6 $1 coins which I don't normally find. All of it was shallow. Each wave would move something else up. These are rare times but I was glad I had the small coil. I walked away several times to find another wet patch but there were none so I returned to find more. That was my session. Sunday night I decided to see if more targets had been missed. I walked about 5 miles with very limited success. Detectorists must have known there was not much about because I didn't see anyone or any dig holes. At the end of the session I heard a 6 and it was solid. I was hopeful it would be a ring and it was. I didn't realize it was gold until later. As I was circling the spot where I found the ring ... the battery icon started blinking and the volume crashed. I had just found the ring before all power went out. I've learned a lot about the 6 inch coil in the last 3 days. I found one part of an aluminum can at 15 inches and if you go really slow you can find coins at 10 inches. It is easy to use on the slopes and cuts and it detects 'bigger' than its size. I can hear a target/break in the threshold by getting within 7-8 inches of it while swinging fast. Then it becomes like the moth to the flame of enhancing the target location. This small coil is a tool and if I know there are big waves and moving targets again I'll use it. I think it can also help on detecting a long cut where the wash downs and the wash ups are shallow and quick to recover.
  19. Absolutely brutal day today, it started out at 42, and the wind kicked up to 20mph on my way back to hunt the water at the beach. The river is still about 50 degrees so that wasn't so bad, but I have Reynaud's in my hands and feet, so if they get wet they turn white and when they warm up the pain is pretty rough. I wanted to hunt the water at the big beach, but the wind was sending 2-3 foot waves into it. It's not very apparent in this picture, but the river was angry. I was hoping for additional low tide due to the wind, but here was out of the question. The current was strong as well with the outgoing tide. I opted to go to another part of this beach further south, it's kinda protected, but only renters and locals go there so I had to lower my expectations for anything great. At least the water was flat. There is a ridge where you park that blocks the wind down on the beach, and the beach angles westward so the waves go right on by. There are breakwater rock piles which also helps. It may look sandy but under the thin veneer of sand is black muck and rocks which made scooping really tough. Where there aren't rocks there are those pesky pebbles. 😵 I had to keep stopping to warm up my hands, again there were lots of jellyfish. The wind kept blowing my stuff over when it managed to dip below the ridge, so in 6 hours I didn't get too much, but I went home happy. I got very little trash: Just a few tiny bits and no iron or aluminum. Today's haul wasn't stellar but I got some pretty good stuff: Over two bucks in modern coins, a black Tungsten carbide ring that fits me (a brassy 89), and I got a 72 and dug the sun pendant and really tiny chain. It looked like zinc when I stuffed it in my pouch, but I got a surprise when I cleaned it up! Both the chain and the charm are 925 silver. I didn't expect that but the day ended up a good one despite all the difficulties. I was hoping for gold but pretty much didn't think I'd get any in this spot.
  20. Manti, NOX, Legend, Cuda, Impulse AQ... cjc
  21. In my last post, I wrote that I was going to take advantage of the full moon low tide, and because it's going to rain on the day I wanted to go (favorable wind), I decided to go to the beach today. Nice warm October day, started out at 64 and went up to 87. I rigged up the Deus 2 with the 9" coil, the new black waveguide, and used the BH-01 bone conduction headphones. I wore waders because the river is still full of jellyfish and the water is getting colder. This is just a small spot in the water. There were thousands. The largest one I saw was about 5" in diameter, and they kept getting stuck to my detector and scoop. I had my CooB Shark V10 with a SteveG carbon fiber handle. I also had a floating sifter ala The Hoover Boys. The tide was going out when I got there and the river was flat, no real wind today. The tide was a bit higher than I encountered last Monday, but I was going in the water and didn't care. I have to give y'all that do this all the time credit, water hunting is twice as hard as beach or relic hunting, even without waves. Some boats came by and added that element 😵 you feel like you're moving around on another planet and people are pushing you around. 😅 The 9" was much easier to swing than the 13" elliptical I normally use, and I was tweaking up a new water only program that worked very well. I dug maybe 7 pieces of trash today, no aluminum pull tabs or iron - just weird bits like a large capacitor, a sinker, a broken brass knob, and some odd bits of copper. I threw it out at the beach, it was all in the pockets on my chest waders. The D2 was really finding coins today, I felt like someone was there before me because they left a lot of pennies. Ended up with 8 Zincolns and 3 copper memorials. Some were pretty deep, but I never completely submersed the D2 so they were fairly easy to dig. Here's the total haul today: I was after gold and I got it. Got a nice solid 59, and three or four scoops later I had this 10k college class ring: It has 7 diamonds, I'll have to find my tester to see if they are real, but I'm pretty sure they are. It's dated, has "AB" for Bachelor of Arts, and has initials inside, I'm pretty sure I have already located the owner and will return it. 🙂 it is a woman's ring. Also got this gold plated Disney pendant from the movie "Frozen", too bad water got to the picture and the gold plating is off in a few spots, it looks a lot better than it does in this photo. And last I got a pretty rare token: A Bally game token that is a 72 in rarity on Numista. The stuff people lose in the water... 🤔 I didn't hunt the beach and only got 3 sections of the water done, I'm sure there are other finds out there so I may go back, but I was done after 6 hours.
  22. ... That despite some of my fields opening up, I really needed to get to the local large beach to get another hunt in. I generally respect and follow those feelings, a long time ago I had a feeling I should stop at a particular store to buy a lottery ticket, didn't, and someone won a million from that store that very day. 🤬 Since then I act 🤣 Got there around 8AM this morning, it was windy and 42 degrees, but there were no clouds and I was dressed "warm enough", I put a Columbia fishing t-shirt under my long sleeve T, and had other warm stuff on. The waves were pretty high, I thought the tides were pretty low, lower than usual anyway, so off I went. Today I just hunted the cuts and the "surf", this is a river. Got a few coins, all really deep, some as deep as a foot. Had the D2 with my beach program, and the 13". I wasn't planning to go in the water. It was all clad at first but I got a few surprises later, we've had a lot of storms and wind lately. First interesting thing I dug was way down the beach, I was talking to a nice lady and got a 64, a pull tab signal on the Deus. I've been reading @Compass's excellent post: "How Many Pull Tabs?" I decided to dig them all today. That and foil, Zincolns, everything. Dumped out my scoop and got this nice gold plated silver earring: I'm going to have to check the large sparkly stone but I'm pretty sure it's a CZ. Still, first silver of the day 🥳 Hacked around for quite a while longer, just finding coins here and there, and finally got to the section of beach I started at, I noticed the tide was much lower than it was when I went along the water, swinging the coil out over the waves which had become slack. I haven't seen the tide this low in a long time, it's probably a fall thing. Went right to the end and got a 93, thought I had another quarter. 😀 Instead I got this nice .925 Quinceañera ring, sadly two stones are missing but the rest are in good shape. Went back the way I came hunting the new cut, and reversed for one last pass on the other side of the building. I got a 47 in the water and thought, "That's way too clear for foil", got my shoes and socks wet digging this little beauty out: 14K gold ring with a pink/red stone. I'm going to have it tested by my local jeweler who is always interested in what I find to see if it is man made, a garnet, or a ruby. Whatever it is it fits my wife's pinky and she is one happy woman. 😎 Not that big a deal but it's the first gold ring I've found this season, I guess another visit with waders and the 9" coil is in order! Now the coins, got the usual one of everything and 3 wheats, the oldest was 1921: Here's the trash, guess you have to dig to get. 🤣 Follow your hunches, y'all... 😉
  23. If there is one thing I deeply hate, it is mingling with the crowds invading the beach when with the harness I have to reach the hot area avoiding unnecessary wasting of time with questions I have answered hundreds of times. Now, to paint the picture in detail, imagine something like 81F in the shadow, in October, on a Sunday and the people like flies everywhere along the coast. This time, however, I had to give in to temptation and return to the spot where until Friday I had been scouting about 14 grams🧐... Having to keep away from the vicinity of the sandbar and fu##ng people swimming over my head, I lost at least 3/4 of the available air in the cylinder when on the way back leaving the beach, with now 20 atmospheres remaining, a perfect 40 interrupted me... As usual the camera died I don't know how much time before the almost two hours I've been downthere.🤬 So this is what remains about today🏴‍☠️
  24. Finally, two decent sessions with Deus2 and Ctx, in about 4 hours on the bottom. Maybe the first productive week after a long period without the magical color. Of course, the camera battery was dead😑
  25. Ok, been teasing this for a couple of days now, so here it is. 😀 I haven't been to this campground in a year, last time I came back with around 200 coins and a gold ring. Sad I didn't get any gold this year, but what a hunt! I dig a lot of trash at this place as a favor to them, mostly nasty sharp iron and bottle caps in the sandy spots where many go barefoot. There is a beach at a pond, 3 tot lots, a volleyball court, a "Gaga" ball court, and a bocce court, all with beach sand. This is a typical dump after hunting. I pretty much knew what everything was when I dug it. Yes, the Deus 2 is that accurate. 🤔 It's a huge campground with about 1,000 spaces for RVs, most are seasonal or permanent, but there are still plenty for transient camping fans. I went for a rally my RV Dealer sponsored, one of the few that gives back to their customers. There were seminars, raffles, events, and prizes galore. Also a huge discount on camping, so we stayed 2 extra days for a total of 4 full days. As usual I asked permission to hunt, and they gave it willingly. I leave no trace whether digging or probing, so I don't get turned down. Discipline is everything in detecting, from caring for your gear to caring for your permissions. I brought my Deus 2, the WS6 Master, and my Equinox 600, intending to test them all, and use them where they shine. Honestly I did the most with the D2 and the 13" coil, that combo allowed me to quickly move through a particular area and get the heck out before people wanted to use it. I got up at 6am every day and got out there by 7. Well here we go. I'll look back on previous hunts here but I think the D2 really was the tool to use there with it's accurate IDs and extreme depth. Lots of the coins were dug at 8" or more, there weren't many fresh drops leaving me to think others are grabbing the surface finds. In 4 days of hunting a few hours a day I ended up with 337 coins! I'm pretty sure this is a new record for me. $26 in quarters alone. I had to stack them to get them to fit the photo! For digging tools I used my Predator Barracuda, a composite trowel for off center or deeper retrieval and fast pinpointing, and @kac's fabulous Park Probe. I used the shovel anywhere the grass was just a mix of common grasses, and the probe in the groomed areas where there was golf course creeping bentgrass. I don't think there will be any complaints! I could have dug plugs but anything that the MI-6 reported as deep I left there. In the photo above I also got 3 rings and a chain, all junk. One coin I got in the pond almost gave me a heart attack, I think others have found these and had the same reaction: It's a lot "golder" than it looks, the eagle and stars made me gasp. It's even kinda heavy. Turned it over and saw this: "No Cash Value". 🤬 Things that make you say 🤬. I'll post observations in the D2 forum, suffice it to say that the 9" XP coil was fine, but my trusty old Equinox 600 just could not compare. I learned a few things about dealing with EMI and trashy areas I used my beach "Hoover" program on the D2 for all my hunts, it was quite an eye opener. 😏 If I had asked to hunt the campsites I would have come back with twice as many coins or more, but I would have had to stay longer!
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