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  1. To find something, anything gold, I tried beaches, water detecting, playgrounds, etc... and finally scored! 😂 10k. Rang up 13-14 on the Equinox 600 which is usually pull tabs.
  2. At the moment my life is pretty restricted, my wife went back home to Australia to see her family in Brisbane and to attend her brothers Wedding down in Canberra. I didn't want to go, it's far too hot for me there this time of year which is fortunate as I avoided a big dust storm that covered Sydney and Canberra.... My 7yr old daughter has taken after me and cant stand the heat either so she decided to stay home with me. I was eager for a detect, I'm desperate to try out my new SP01 Audio enhancer for my GPX but going gold prospecting wasn't going to happen with my daughter tagging along, she wouldn't have the patience for that so I suggested to her we go up a nearby ski field for an hour or two and get some coins for her money box, to her this was a great plan. We have an agreement if I find coins metal detecting and they're current currency she gets them to put in her money box. So off we went up to the ski field, the area I was hoping to detect was closed off as they're replacing that particular lift with a new Gondola lift and the builders were there doing some work so it looks like I've missed out on detecting that lift, they'd done ground works there already. I was quite annoyed as it was one of the last spots left for me to do, except for the far away lift, and it's just not very popular compared to the others as the route down is very tricky and has very skinny bits through a gully which snowboards struggle to do. I didn't have much hope for this lift, whenever we use it there is never a queue and sometimes you can be the only person coming down. The view down to Queenstown area from the mountain with the lake mostly obscured by the hills in front of it. Ended up having to detect the far away lift I wasn't overly confident on. The weather wasn't ideal and it rained a good portion of the hour or so we were up there, my daughter just sat under the cover of the lift and read a book on her kindle while I got to work. Every lift has a dirty great big red power box with 11,000 volts charging through it, and even though the ski fields are closed for the season these things are juiced up to the max, a loud humming noise coming out of them, quite loud when you're up close to them. These boxes cause havoc for the Equinox, especially with the 12x15" coil, the 6" handles them quite well, and it gets progressively worse the bigger the coil. I really wanted to test out the bigger coil so I left it on and just lowered my sensitivity to 14 which made the detector go back to it's usual quiet self. The usual gold coins were popping up, if you've got a good set of eyeballs you'll see them still in the holes in the photos. Some were still quite deep, 10 or so inches even with my lower sensitivity I'd finished detecting around the gates area that checks your pass before you can go on the lift, this area is often good to detect on lifts as people sometimes have to get the pass out of their pocket if the wireless pass system won't read their pass so they pull it out of their pocket to wave it in front of it, often doing this things can be dropped and they sink straight into the snow. Got about $8 here, nothing too great but still a bit of fun. Then I moved to the point where you first sit down on the lift and it takes off taking you up the hillside, this area is usually the best to detect as when people sit down on the lift and it takes off at speed things can fall out of pockets and people also sometimes pull off their gloves once on the lift so they can use their phone as a camera to film the ride, this is when rings can drop off being hooked onto the gloves. And that's exactly what happened, I found a ring, it appears to be silver with 7 diamonds. I don't know what's with me, the Equinox and silver rings, I just keep finding them, I've only ever found one gold ring. Other than that was just a few more coins in the takeoff area You'll see my daughter in the background sitting under the lift reading her book, very patient to let me detect away 🙂 she was quick to run over and collect everything I found of course knowing all the money was hers. Any my total for the hour and a bit I was there before the rain just got too heavy $11.50 in modern NZ coinage, 2 Australian 5 cents and 2 chinese coins. The Ring and a funny musical thing, you turn the handle and it plays music, At first I thought it was junk and just put it in my junk pocket as I take all junk away so I don't have to detect it next year. When I got home and was going through all the stuff I cleaned it up under the tap and worked out what it is. It's pretty cool, you spin the handle around and it plays you are my sunshine, my only sunshine's music. The other two things the pyramid and round thing are my worst enemies on the ski field when searching for coins, they both come up a solid 21/22 the same as our gold coins, they're little things people attach to their snowboard so they can scrape the snow off their boots, they usually have a clump of 20 or so stuck to the board but they seem to fall off a lot. It cleaned up nice. A fun way to spend a bit of an afternoon 🙂 Happy to get another ring to add to the collection, my wife will probably want this one when she gets home, although she's meant to fly from Canberra to Sydney, then Sydney to Queenstown on Monday, with this dust storm in action that may well not take place.
  3. Hadn't taken any pictures in a while for show and tell. But now that I have some, its show and tell time. Nothing spectacular but its still pretty eye candy. A couple of few weeks back I was out with my V3 and got some silver and gold. The 14K DAD ring is the smallest diameter ring I have ever found. In the same patch I also found this really neat silver CZ charm. This past week I took the Compadre/Cleansweep combo out to another patch and found the One Ring! Nothing happened when I put it on so I think its just gold plated stainless. Anyway....some pics to keep the spirits up. HH Mike
  4. First dig of the day on a baseball field was a strong 34-35 on the screen of my Equinox 800. About one inch down was a pleasant surprise; I thought it was going to be a couple quarters together. It is silver and they are real diamonds. Not sure what the middle stone is, but it is a very dark blue. About an hour later I got a strong 9 on the screen and out popped a class ring (#3 for me and always a neat challenge to track down owner). If you know what the "K" in the inside stands for, please share (I assume it means that it is some sort of alloy and not precious.) I think I know the name of the person already, now some more detective work to come up with a good contact number. I was using Park 1, 23 sensitivity, speed 7, and ground balanced to 0. The soil is almost exclusively sand with grass on top.
  5. I had a couple of hours to go play at the beach on Christmas day. I am posting this because I know all you Equinox owners will understand how well your detector has to be working to find stuff like these two little items. The partial neckless was about six inches down and I felt good about understanding that the intermittent signal it gave off was worthy (Diamonds and saffires). The little ring was even deeper but gave off an unmistakable 'dig me' tone. Happy Holidays to everyone.
  6. This was my first beach hunt in a few days because I had been out in the Rye Patch area over the weekend. While I was gone I understand that it had rained and some wave alerts had been sent to my email. Our area beaches get hit hard by detectorists but I know them pretty well and followed my intuition when I got there. We don't have a negative tide right now and there is a Santa Ana wind blowing so the new waves are very small. On my way 'out' I hunted near the waterline. There was very little to find. I walked about a mile or so with very few targets. There was a bit of a trough at the bottom of the hill (beach slope) but nothing seemed to be holding. I was thinking about leaving and I worked back in the direction from where I had come. Then I got a clue. The clue was the junk wire pack. It was completely buried in the wet sand and had a thin plastic bag around it. It certainly is an unusual beach find for me. This pack was at the bottom of the hill and just above it for about 6 feet or so was hard sand and just above that was about 10 yards of 'past wave' deposited sand. You need some energy to move targets and you need the right conditions for those targets to be 'grouped' and deposited. Some beaches will stay this way for a few days and some beaches will only keep targets for a few hours. I look for these pockets. I liken it to a crab crawl on the Deadliest Catch. Anyway, I went up into this area and found a hoop earring among the bobby pins, pennies and a few other coins. I was using the Nox 11 on all metal and I was digging EVERYTHING. Sometimes I skip pennies and bobby pin sounds but not last night. Then I was surprised by one of the silver hoop earrings and its mate was just about 5 feet away. Then came a copper hoop, and then another and all of them within 10 feet. They're all water tarnished. Then I got what I thought was a ring ... earring it turns out but then a stainless steel bracelet. Then another earring (GOLD) and finally a couple of silver rings (.925). I worked the patch with a grid pattern and it kept giving. I had had enough after 4 hours. A 'bad' beach had turned into the most hoops (10) I've ever found. I've been on beaches where I've found 5 chains in a session but they are as rare as this beach. You never know. Follow your clues. Mitchel
  7. His 1st gold with the new White's GoldMaster 24K Metal Detector. Boy the heavy thick 18K gold ring with diamonds is a beauty.
  8. schoolofhardNox

    Continues To Impress Me

    Usually after a while of owning the next great thing in metal detectors, you kind of settle into the reality of what you purchased and how much of the hype is real or not. The Equinox is no exception. I am speaking strictly about beach hunting here, as I have not played a lot with it in real dirt. Today I hit my favorite gold beach. The tide was awful having a (coefficient of 35), meaning there is not much difference between low and high tide. This beach has terrible EMI from trains that run regularly and are close to you. Chatter city for about 5 minutes when they pass. I do realize that a small beach has to stop producing after a while, especially since there are a LOT of beach hunters in my area. So today the clad count was around 1 dollar. (8AM to 4 PM) I still can not believe a machine can continue to produce good finds under these conditions, but the Equinox does. Today was a stellar hunt after a slow start. 4 Mercury dimes, a buffalo nickel, some wheats and copper pennies and the 2 gold rings pictured. This 10K and Aquamarine beauty surfaced about 2 hours into the hunt. The last target of the day was what I believe is a 14K gold square cut diamond ring that may have been colored either with Silver or most likely Rhodium. It's marked and has the TWC (total carat weight) inscribed in it. It's worn but I think it says .48. Also has very worn numbers in it which may be a registration number in it. I was floored that the Equinox continues to give up the finds on pounded beaches. Hats off to Minelab. That Diamond ring was sitting at 10 inches on packed rock bottom. Rang in a choppy number 6. Out of the hole it was a solid 6 also.
  9. Alluminati


    A place for all things related to water detecting with the Equinox, fresh or salt. Feel free to post questions, suggestions, pictures of daily finds, etc.
  10. dewcon4414

    High K Gold

    Has anyone elses high K gold increased with this machine? Had it about 6 months now and nearly half of my gold has been 18K and above...... even a couple of 24k which ive never found. So is that a good thing? Im not sure when your goal is smaller gold. I cant figure if its just been this season. Me and a buddy tested it and on small gold the Nox is the obvious choice over an Xcal. I have some rather larger ... to me.... in the 1.4 gram range open earrings the Xcal just couldnt get. I got another 18K white gold 8.6 grams today....... read digit 18. High K gold normally is a little more conductive oddly. Oh...... and by the way im using the OLD program. It just works better for me..... especially in the wet sand. This machine to me is still a head scratcher because im not sure its does any better than the others on lower K gold IN the water.
  11. There is a beach volleyball court near my place. About a month ago, on my way home from another site, it was empty. I had my super six coil on at the time, so I did a walk through the court...not being overly slow or thorough, but more trying to get a feel for the ground balance, how high I could have gain and sensitivity, etc. Found the standard couple coins, but did get two stud earrings. One silver stud with CZ, the other just plated with glass. Not bad, I thought. Here is pic for size. Then, last week, I was going past it again, this time with VGG again, but with the stock 11" pitbull coil. I decided to run it again, and go slower, and listen for deeper items, because it has multiple layers of deep sand. I was thinking deep coins. the only notable item I got was this stone with small setting. Tone was clean and strong. It was only 3 or 4 inches down, but pretty cool. Basically told me unless I am concerned with too many targets under the coil at one time, no reason to take the larger coil off.
  12. staffydog33

    22ct Gold In The Scoop!

    Minelab Equinox 800 does it again! 22ct gold ring at 10 inches deep in the sand. This is not my find, it's my father's that he found a couple of days ago. 2.7 grams 0f lovely 22ct gold.
  13. Congratulations Simon, good job on the ring return!
  14. Gold fever has been particularly bad as I am not able to get up into the mountains until the end of the month, so I decided to give the park a try. I found as expected, tons of trash but near the end of my search I came across a small 925 charm. Not worth much but it really drove home the point that I need to start thinking outside the box.
  15. HurtHawk

    Beach Hunt

    Diane and I went to a Willie Nelson concert in Paso Robles. Since we were going to be near the ocean, I brought two detectors for a bit of beach hunting. I only got in one hour of swinging resulting in a bunch of beach toast coins and this nice little ring..
  16. 3 rings within 1h on the dry-sand - that deserves an extra thread for me, even if they're "just" silver Here's the first one (925): The second one has a mark, but I can't read it clearly. I think it's silver, too: And just when I thought the 14g was the most heavy one I've ever found, I found this lump of 925 : 37g .. holy smokeria Tone-wise I first thought it is a big lump of iron, but it was too small for that..
  17. Last time I had to chance to take a metal detector outside was about a month ago. FINALLY was able to plan for some detecting time Sunday morning. I'd been thinking about my G2+LTD audio profiling abilities, so I unpacked it Saturday night and go it ready to go for Sunday morning's hunt. Was hunting gold as always but was mainly into audio target size profiling so I was digging coins too. This was just another stinking zincoln signal. Boy was I surprised when about 3" down out pops a silver ring. 925 silver with a EC hallmark. Don't have any idea if the stones are real or not. Being silver I don't have my hopes up but you never know. Its like a starburst on the finger in the sunlight. I'll get it tested and find out. If they are real its ching ching. If not, it is still a $100 bill. HH Mike
  18. so why do coin dealers and jewelers tell us the retail price on our found jewelry is like $1,000 + and then they turn around and offer us pennies for it? I never understood this ?
  19. Mark Gillespie

    Salt Water Beach Hunt

    Getting a week at the beach for a little R & R and yes detecting. I must be honest my first day was not that grand (two zincs and a shell casing) with the Equinox 800. Hunted with the stock beach 1 program with no adjustments found very little in the way of nice finds. I had high hopes the beach was like it was a couple years ago, but sand had been hauled in and built up by maybe 5'. Even the wet slope didn't yield much in the way of finds. But decided to hunt the towel line the second day and found a matching set of earrings some 4" deep at the edge of where high tide and the towel line began. Talk about small, but the Equinox had no problem finding small targets.
  20. Hey everyone... My focus this year is buffs, V's and war niks..... wasn't thinking of gold. I spent half day at one of my usual pounded Los Angeles parks. Got a little clad and 17 nickels in my pouch. This 600 knocks the cr_p out of nickels. I get another nickel signal (12/13) and dig approximately 4 inches. Because I've been fooled before by coins that initially appear to be gold, I didn't get too excited. But when I cleaned off the dirt and looked real close, I couldn't find any markings. So then I thought, some sort of fake gold or something. Even the white pearl in the setting was breaking down and I thought it was plastic. I did the magnet test at home and it passed but still not totally convinced.... heck this could be brass maybe, I thought? This morning I take it to a jeweler and he puts it through his tests. He says it's 18k. Says it looks made in Asia and markings worn or very old ring. Then another jeweler repeats the process and he concurs with the first jeweler. He then says, "I'll give you $40 for it". I asked, "what's it worth retail?"... he puts it on a scale and says "maybe $1,000 just for the gold". I think you know what I said next. They were interested in setting a new stone in place but I told them it's for my girlfriend and I'll let her handle it. I've made purchases here before so there were no hard feelings either way. Thanx for stopping in everyone and as always.... HH
  21. Ya ya, you're probably getting tired of all the "new Equinox just got gold" threads, but here is another. Same old tired cliche, first day out with new said wonder-machine, then BAM out comes a 8" deep, 1/4 ounce gold ring from a previously pounded location. Sigh. I mean come on, it was right under the soccer net, 4 feet from where I usually set down my drinking water. The place I stand when I look at other gold I find. The place that every newbie heads to. The place I did a tight over-lapping spiral around both posts with a Deus and a Lobo. The place that my 2 friends have detected on multiple occasions with a Deus and Etrac. Yet it was right there the whole time. I walked up to the net, dug a penny and thought "hmm, I'm surprised that is still there" but hey it is a multi-freq Mineslab right? No big deal, stranger things have happened. About 14"-16" away I get the almost identical signal, perhaps slightly jumpier, flickering 20-22 ID. I saw that soft edge golden glow in the bottom of the hole, I said "F-you don't be something or other" cause this place has gold toned aluminum scraps and beaver-tails that would make Peter Munk take a triple take. I thought the ring looked to be about 3-4 grams, my eyes almost bulged out of my head when I saw it weighed in at over 8 grams, a good size piece of alloy around here. It might be higher then 10K due to the heft, the mark is worn and my acids are expired so I will get it XRFed when I get a chance to stop in. This is my forth Mineslab and the third time something like this has happened. There was that week of silver running around town with a new Etrac, I also hit gold 45 minutes into a first water hunt when my Excalibur was new. My old friend deep 2 1/2" square nail is back, some of his big brothers too. They are a rough bunch to hang with but I usually get the old silver when they are around. For those wondering, the ring is a 22. I was in Park 2, 7 reactivity, sens21-22, multi-IQ
  22. for finding the class ring but this mornings hunt produced this ticket in the first 1/2 hour. 8.9 grams marked au585 😎
  23. Rivers rat

    Lucky Strike

    Hello and good week end to all !Went for a session this morning lots of eyes only searchers,i spend 2.5 hours digging on everything then end back to the exit stairs and decided to give a last go,i had victorian coins and yessssssss i strike GOLD so it is my 3rd precious metal finds in a row so well happy i havent clean it yet.But it hasn't been a while i striked gold like that . So the Lobo has proven again his abilities to find stuff in extreme condition .I am still looking for a 5.75 concentric for another lobo which i had had tuned to concentric. RR
  24. I'm not much of a coin/relic hunter, I've dedicated my detecting time mostly to Gold prospecting so my jewellery finds lately have been more chance than anything, first a found a silver ring at a ski field using the Equinox while I was trying to get my wife and daughter hooked on detecting by going to a place they will find coins to excite them, next I found a silver/ivory ring while detecting for gold using my GPX 4500 at a prospecting location and then today my most bizarre find of all using my Gold Monster 1000. I chose to use the GM1000 because it's tiny coil was handy for quick recoveries. I was itching to go for a detect as I'm all excited my Equinox 800's new 6" coil is on it's way to my house but I had a job to do today, we bought a bunch of 20 hedging plants to put along a fence line of my back paddock as there is a house there with neighbours and I dislike any form of neighbours so I wanted to block them out more than the 6 foot fence will do. This part of the paddock is riddled with junk, lots of old rusty nails and rubbish from a point in time where there was an old farm house on the land. I'm converting my back paddock into normal landscaped ground as I got rid of my pet sheep before winter. I was worried I wouldn't have enough grass for them to last the winter as I've planted out half the paddock as a fruit orchid with 30 or so fruit trees so I had to fence that part off or they would eat them. That wasn't an invitation for kiwi and pet sheep jokes I was digging up all the ground along the fence line to get rid of the grass there while the soil is all soft, the frozen ground has defrosted the past week or so as we've had abnormally warm temperatures for winter and this part of the paddock normally stays frozen as it's in the shade from the fence so my wife wanted me to take the opportunity to dig up the ground ready to put the hedge. We bought all the plants last week ready for them to start to grow in spring. I hate digging there in summer as the ground goes rock hard and dry. I was going to dig up the entire area anyway so I was walking along it digging up all signals with the GM1000 but it got too hard as there were so many targets so I went in discriminate mode finding any non-ferrous and digging them. I found my share of junk, one odd looking thing with metal balls on it, no idea what it is Starting digging the area and and targeting non-ferrous with the GM1000 Strange looking object with the metal balls, a giant chunk of metal too, not sure what it is but its non-ferrous Some more junk The weather was starting to turn as it's meant to snow tonight up on the mountains around here, it was getting windy and dark clouds approaching so I started to speed things up and stop digging any of the grass up and just went exclusively digging non-ferrous targets and I had a loud signal all the way to the right on the non-ferrous meter on the GM, I was hoping an old coin as I'd found lots of old coins in the paddock behind mine a few months ago with the T2. I decided to take photos/video of the recovery when it got interesting and I dug and found an old bit of a branch of a tree but the signal was loud and coming through the wood thinking I was about to film an old coin recovery. Turned out to be some sort of old jewellery I'm not sure if it's real gold, but the gold indicator on the GM1000 goes all the way across to non-ferrous, I'm unsure what the pearl looking stuff is either. The interesting thing is when I cleaned it up, it says Western Germany on it, no hallmarks at all that I can find. Since it says Western Germany I can guess it's pretty old as now it would just say Germany. My guess is it was about 10-15 cm deep, I took a video of the recovery thinking I was digging up a coin but it's not overly worth watching as I wasn't knowing it was going to be anything decent so I didn't put any effort into keeping it stable or anything but I'll put the video up if anyone's interested. I'm not sure what the thing is, looks like you hook it on something.