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  1. Thought id throw up a couple more finds from the month. Things have kept me out of the water the past 3 months...... then we had the storm. Seems everyone went home now as well so we are just getting locals and a handful of tourists now. Still busy with hunters with our warm water.....so its getting picked clean. Got more young guys getting into it with the local FB page now as well who are doing pretty well.
  2. I got out for nice long hunt with the AQ. I found quite a few targets to keep me busy. Five of the rings are junk and the other two silver. One of the silvers has real diamond chips. The gold ring came towards the end of the hunt and weighs 4.7g. I have found 5 gold rings with the AQ and a small pendant, so not too bad. Thanks for looking and happy hunting.
  3. Found a beautiful little diamond ring, probably CZ. It says Avon sterling but there is a little chip that looks like it’s plated. Does anyone know if Avon sterling jewelry is .925 silver?
  4. I got out today for a little exercise and to give the Equinox a workout also since it’s been a while since I last took it out. I can honestly say it didn’t disappoint. I only did dry sand since it was high tide. The large gold ring and the pendant are marked 14k. The little one isn’t marked but I’m guessing is 10k. The last ring of the bunch is copper and gave me the same VDI as a penny. I found $9.75 in clad and it was thanks to a pocket spill of $2.47. Thanks for looking and stay safe out there. HH
  5. Some beach erosion and high waves from Sally brought these into detector range. One silver and 3 gold. Two are 14K, and the other is 10K. About 8 hours total over 2 days. Three rings on the first day and one on the second day. I went back on the third day and all was sanded in again. I don't know what the gemstone is in the ring. Not a diamond. Bob K
  6. Took the MK for a spin to a different park, spent about an hour or less. First find came in slightly above a beaver tail. 10k ring with some diamond chips and looks like amathyst.
  7. With lifeguards gone Kids gone cooler weather and the lowest water level in years, fresh water I was out chin deep in what it seems to be undetected area. all targets were very deep and have been there for a long time. The Irish ring is stamped 375, the locket 585, and the blue ring 14k and I have not cleaned the 14k at all it is tarnished or stained. All found with TDI BH but I did mark the area that the locket came from to return with my Nox to try and find the chain.
  8. Been almost a week since I've been out, lots has happen but things are settling back down so I got 3 hours out today. Been watching the winds and tides and I felt safer grabbing the excalibur. Once there I seen I could have taken the AQ..water was very nice...North winds of 10 mph blew the water out so I was drinking the old bay waters today....Seems like all I was getting was silver coins and nickels until I moved in a little closer to shore..then once I got away from the hard bottom out came the 1968 Class ring. The two white gold rings are from last Saturday's hunt at this same beach......T
  9. I looked at my Equinox 800 screen when I heard it. This Sound had potential. It was not like the familiar sounds of pennies, quarters and even the nickels. The screen read 9 and that had Potential too. I swung over it in a couple of directions and it still had a solid 9. Then you dig. Still a 9 and a good sound as you go down 3-4-5 inches to the patch layer. Then it is in the scoop and you look down in the dim light and you don't see a coin. You can see a shape and the wire mesh too! That is real POtential. I turn on my light and voila it's a ring and its yellow! POTENTIAL!
  10. Sometimes when you go out detecting the very first targets are the best and the remainder of the hunt you keep trying to do better. That was the way I felt last night. I headed out to a pretty much energyless beach and my first target was a heavy ring. I was thinking about Joe when I found it as it was 'trapped' in a little bit of soft sand just before the hard-pan drop off. I looked at it with my light, felt it and thought about it the remainder of the night. The title of the post was going to be "The First Target Was The Best!" haha Things have a way of changing as we detect. I h
  11. I got a chance to go out on a couple of hunts this week and the best things I found were this little 10K/1.28 g Gold Ring, a 4 g Silver Ring and this 4 oz Lure. I think the lure is the most expensive! The little ring was a challenge as it was down about 5 inches and I had forgotten I had my F2 on at 5 from an experiment. With that setting the quarters sounded funny and I was about ready to do a factory reset when I discovered the 'problem.' I was using the 15" coil so I consider it a good get for the small target that read 6. Mitchel
  12. I've been using my Nox 800 with a 15" coil for a few months now, ears broke on original coil, and I find it too nose heavy. Yesterday I received the 11" Nox coil and parts I bought from Dan(NM) last Thursday. The parts are like NEW, just like he said. Dan is an honest man and great seller!!! So this morning I went out for some beach hunting. Been on a bit of a dry spell lately. First thing I noticed, it felt so much easier swinging the Nox. No luck in the wet so I hit the dry. $5.50 in clad and these 2 little beauties. Thanks again Dan, not only for the great parts
  13. A short hunt just before sunset snagged this small 2.2 gram 14K in the salt water with the Nox 800.
  14. I hunted a new (too me) spot yesterday for a couple of hours from ankle to chest deep water, settings were all metal mode, delay 10, sensitivity 8, and ATS 5. The detector ran well with some chatter but nothing overwhelming and similar to my TDI BH, it's probably a given as with other detectors that I find how the AQ runs differs from beach to beach and can sometimes be run hotter or has to be turned down. Anyways near the end of my hunt is when I found the gold ring, it took a few scoops to retrieve it and I would guess it was in the 10" range, at first glance I thought it was a junk or gol
  15. This is a very unique looking ring. Obviously it is hand made. Tightly wrapped silver wire with 14K gold wire securing the 4 amethyst stones. Not for everyone but it was for someone. LOL It rang up 23-25 on the Equinox. I am not sure what the core material is but it appears to be dark in color and has a piece on both sides. Anyway, just wanted to share this one. Pretty cool. Also dug a couple of 10K pendants and a really nice .925 ring with CZs all around it and a large center stone. Thanks for looking!
  16. Hi guys! Hope y'all doing great! So, today I went to the beach again for the third time! Managed to pull these 2 beauties! Today I didn't use no discrimination because I was getting bored! Haha. Although I was All Metal, I avoided most of the high IDs, I don't really look for coins (did pull a few tough), my gold is to dig the low IDs and the iffy signals. It was fun! If you have any questions, let me know! Best regards
  17. Went for an all-day water hunt recently and tried some different settings. I dug every positive TID for most of the hunt and wound up with over one-hundred bottle caps (threw some in the dumpster at the lake). I really focused on the TID's less than 20 and even skipped a few in the mid-twenties just to try a different approach and learn more about the detector. I dug every "1-4" trying to find another gold chain or bracelet but it was not to be on this hunt. There was a little more trash that is not pictured here so the overall trash to treasure ratio was about 3 to 1. Wound up with
  18. Had a good hunt at the lake today, hunted for 6 hours and ended up with 5 pieces of silver, handful of clad and a pouch full of trash. 3 silver rings, silver pendant, silver chain and a couple of junk pieces of jewelry. Stayed on the dry beach today because the lake level is dropping. Ran the Nox 600 in Park 1... recovery 2... Iron bias 0 ...Sens 23 ..1 Tone, dug everything from 0 up.
  19. Got out for another night hunt today, started at 3am and stopped about 7:30. I did a zig zag from the wet to the waters edge of the low tide and I couldn’t find a line to work no matter how much I tried. I decided to pick a line that has worked for me in the past and has kept me from getting skunked on a few occasions. This hunt was no different, my first crisp sounding target was a nice little 18k ring that weights 4.7 grams. This is my first 18k ring ever, for some reason I always find 10k gold when I do find gold. About 30 minutes later I found a dead/drowned watch. Towards the end of the h
  20. Quite impressed with the machine on this one it was chattery in close to shore with the waves so I went to Mute and got this still very deep--18" range and still pretty loud. (3.7 gr.) Good "sides" were a clue to dig this one amongst the caps and pins. (Something I've learned from the GQA2, CS6PI and TDI Pro. I know that with more practice this machine has the potential to be a very accurate pulse (there is such a thing...). cjc
  21. Found a class ring, but only by luck I use a Fisher F75, and this rang up as 22-23, which was the same as the foil hot dog wrappers that were also in the stadium. I'm guessing it is a Josten's ring. I included a picture of the only stamp inside. ?Maybe a brand name for the metal mixed used?
  22. Got invited to pick through an older church grounds so I thought I would brush up on my skills with my Tejon over at the local park. Only spent about an hour and snagged this ring. Included is my trash. Set my 2nd disc to break on a degraded zincoln for quick reference.
  23. An earlier post by Compass has inspired me to show a somewhat similar find. Here is a heavy silver chain with attached ring and anchor, all silver. Weighing in at 96.6 grams, it is my heaviest silver score yet. Bob
  24. A buddy of mine wanted to hit the low tide last night so I said why not. The only hard thing was deciding what detector to use this time. After I picked one I headed out and got to the beach by 11:45 pm for the 2am low. I wasn’t expecting much but within half an hour I had my first piece of jewelry, although it was junk but we were on the right track. At 1.5 hrs I dug the 18k pendant with real diamond chips. Another hour later I dug the 10k 18gram class ring. This is only the second class ring I find without a name. A few more minutes later I dug an unmarked 10k ring with some real diamond chi
  25. I went out for a detect last night after dealing with some plumbing problems. That put me on the beach on a cut later than I wanted to be there. The cut was by far the biggest of the season. I started out in the normal fashion but every day on the beach is different. You can go to the same beach every day and expect different results. Before I got to any spot last night I noticed a couple of detectorists had been there first. They were coming back as I was going out. They must have had an epic night because there were dig holes all over the place. This was one of those events that
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