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Found 164 results

  1. I took my brother-in-law out detecting for his first time ever today. I had him set up with a Teknetics G2 with the ultimate coil. (That coil is a beast. It literally found a staple that he was looking for for a long time with the pinpointer.) Anyway, he found only a few coins However, he did have a unique find for a soccer field in FL. I am attaching some pics hoping someone can shed some light on the find. It looked like, from a quick glance, that there was a goldish color covering a base metal. On my Equinox, it was a solid 17. It seems strange that someone would reproduce a coin that is so heavily worn. Here are some pics he sent me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hey Everyone...I hope you all had a great weekend hunt. At present time, I'm chasing buffs & V nics. I did enough silver and wheats since last year and I want to focus on different things one category at a time. This morning I was able to spend approx 3 hours at a 3-4 acre 1920's park until they took over the field for soccer. Got 6 nics and other goodies. There were just as many quarter signals as there were dimes and pennies signals. Tells me that it isn't getting hunted much, if any... right? In my quest for nics, I'm blocking out everything except 12/13 and 18+ and I have been doing well with the nics this way. If a silver gets in the way, then it's icing on the cake. What prompted me to write is this morning I dug a nic with an erratic signal and it got me wondering. It rang up as a weak 12/13. Threw it in AM and a 16 pops up, then a 14, but then drops back down to 12/13. Threw it in 10khz and the numbers didn't move much. I decided to dig which I normally would not do if it isn't a steady 12/13. But I did anyways, then out comes a bent, slightly cut Jefferson. There was nothing else in the hole after a 2nd sweep of the coil. This now makes me wonder if I need to open up the numbers a little more... like maybe 11 - 14? I don't want to miss that V or Buff. Thanks for stopping in and giving your feedback.
  3. groundscanner

    First Silver With The 800

    Here are my best finds from my last two trips with my new Equinox 800. The site is an old plantation that has been under continual cultivation since the 1830's. All detecting took place in plowed fields with over 180 years of accumulated nails, iron farm implements, and assorted trash. Running the 800 with no discrimination sounds like machine gun fire due to the massive amounts of nails and other iron (I wasn't searching this way though!). I was running the 800 mostly in Field 1 and occasionally in Field 2. Field 1 was a touch quieter. I found 6 Tax Tokens, a V nickel, a buff, and one Jefferson nickel; 5 pennies including one IH; one merc and one 1876 Carson City seated liberty dime. I was very excited about the CC dime since this is a Mississippi site and I have never found one before. Unfortunately both dimes have plow marks. This is not uncommon considering the amount of cultivation. Additional finds included a nice flat button, bridle boss, several brass rivets, heel plate, and other whatzits. The smaller rivet was fairly deep. Considering the amount of trash I was very impressed with the 800.
  4. I was in Oklahoma to see a friend and do some coin hunting together. I had my Sport a single frequency and he had a multi frequency with both of us having good luck detecting. My biggest trouble was swinging the Sport over 1 1/2 hours each day. The trouble before I went I hadn’t been hunting as often as I should to keep my right arm up to it. Getting older has played lots on shorting my time in the field. Tom I’ve been at this with White’s from the 60’s and I’d like to stay another 50. Haha I’ll need some help from White’s on my next detector. First like me I got to get some weight off the next one I buy . I love the looks of the Sport and I know I could go over to the MX 7 but it too comes up short. The thing I don’t like I can’t notch out just one number at a time. On the number of frequency I can hunt in is just not that important. I’ve found more coins with just it running in one frequency more than most can count. You can see I must have hit a penny farm. I hit two spots it was nothing but pennies coming up . I’d get tired of digging and my friend took over and dig up as many as I did. Chuck
  5. Tometusns

    Ten Months Of Fun!!

    I got my Equinox 800 on Feb. 9th and can't imagine hunting with anything else. The pic doesn't have everything found because some coins and war buttons along with some bullets are either in books or a display. Yep! I'm an Equinox fan!! Thanks for looking.
  6. Increasingly people aren't using coins or paper notes (polymer notes for us in NZ) but it seems more and more people aren't using coins at all. I'm finding quite a number of coins still, however that's because where I'm going people don't use detectors and a majority of the coins I'm finding have been in the ground some time. In fact I've never seen someone using a detector anywhere until recently when KiwiJW and I stumbled across a couple of guys detecting for gold, and then another guy on the same day also detecting for gold, this is odd as prior to that day I'd never seen another person using a detector EVER and from memory JW said he hadn't stumbled across someone using a detector for a long time either. If it wasn't for KiwiJW I would think there is barely another soul detecting around our area, and I think the few that are detecting seem to be looking for gold more so than coins and jewellery but Gold is getting harder and harder to find, as a wise man once said it doesn't grow back. Does this seem like a sign of "peak detecting" where the finds rates are now going downhill rapidly, especially in countries like the US and UK where detecting appears to be a rather popular hobby? This is likely to be a worrying trend for the detector manufacturers too, if the finds aren't there to be found the detectors won't sell.... Come to think of it, I don't remember the last time I had any money in my wallet at all other than detector finds, I always use cards, the only time I've had money in my wallet is when I've found it detecting 🙂 TV Shows like The Detectorists and Aussie Gold Hunters likely spurred a good bunch of detector sales but unless people have a good run with them they'll likely give up pretty quickly. I was reading this in the news today and it will only help the demise of the hobby. I just thought it to be an interesting topic for discussion, have people who have been detecting a long time noticed the finds levels are falling off? I know Gold has fallen off for JW as he's often talked about getting less now than he used to, but that's no surprise, it doesn't grow back like coins and jewellery. Cashier-free shopping As the high street continues to take a battering, retailers in the United States are trying out a new type of shopping experience. Shops which utilise using sensors, artificial intelligence and cameras to allow customers to walk in and out with their shopping without using any tills. Cashier-free or autonomous check out shopping is already a well trialled concept in Silicon Valley, with more than half a dozen startups working on building out the concept - some in standalone shops and others in partnerships with retailers. Amazon has two cashier-free shops in San Francisco alone, and a further five in Seattle and Chicago. The mega retailer is reportedly planning to open 3,000 shops by 2021. Customers scan a barcode on the Amazon Go app as they walk in and a combination of cameras and sensors track them as they pick items off the shelves. The app then charges the card on file as soon after they leave. Baclaycard is developing a similar technology which allows shoppers to charge in-store purchases via their mobile phones and is trialling the service at its Canary Wharf HQ. Why? Consumers are shunning the high street and instead opting for the convenience of online shopping. Retailers are hoping to lure them back by eliminating time consuming queues at check out. Why not? Autonomous check out technology could face some hurdles when it comes to public perception and privacy concerns. After all, not everyone is comfortable with the idea of hundreds of cameras tracking your every movement as you browse the aisles. - Telegraph Media
  7. Hey Everyone... Several months ago, I started honing in on nickel signals (Nox600 - 11,12,13,14) in addition to my high conductors and glad I did. I am digging more good finds at the mid tones. Check this out...Here are 307 nickels that I dug over past several months. I read somewhere that the averages are approx 200-250 nickels dug for each buff. Didn't mention V's or gold...only buffs.I guess I beat the averages... 307 nickels = 3 buffs, 3 v's, 1 war nickel, 1 18k gold ring and 1 gold buddha pendant... not bad huh? I didn't dig as much silver this year, cuz I only spent half the amount of time in the field from last year. Overall, adding nickel signals to my goals really kicked it up a notch. Merry Christmas everyone !!!
  8. It was great to dig in the dirt today with my nephews and my brother-in-law who are visiting from Australia.
  9. Hot off the press 🙂 Dug this over the weekend, talk about digging history! I haven't been getting to hunt as much as I'd like to this year as my wife and I had a baby girl in May. She's a doll, but those of you with kids know the drill Anyhow, my wife asked me what I wanted for my birthday this month and I told her I wanted to go detecting for a few days at one of our old haunts, and to my amazement she said OK I was planning to go with TomCA, but he wasn't able to make it and I ended up going solo. This is a remote Spanish outpost site that we researched years ago. Tom's less crazy about it then I am, but I like the history around it and it's continued to produce interesting finds. It's a relaxing, beautiful place to detect, that just invokes early western frontier history, and almost every relic or coin you dig is dripping with age and history (for our neck of the woods that is). Anyhow, I had planned to use my Multi Kruzer with a new 7" concentric coil to work in the iron, but due to a headphone issue, I had to switch over to my Equinox 800. Boy am I glad I did, I made one of my best finds to date! A seated coin cache that I will never forget digging, and not just a seated coin cache, but a coin cache/spill with a hole mystery Was it Indian trade jewelry? Here's they are in all their glory: I dug several nice relics, and was able to capture the coin cache dug live: HH, Cal
  10. I had about two hours this morning where I was able to go to the spot I've found quite a number of odd old coins in the past, it's not far at all from my house and it's the site of an old farmhouse that was ripped down sometime around the 60's. I only had a short time as the weather is kicking in and we are meant to get a snowstorm tonight, the wind really picked up so I had to leave as it was blowing strong wind and rain, it was painful to leave as I was having such a good hunt.. I've found out the farmhouse had an old horder live in it and it was riddled with junk, he had about 15 cars parked on the land and he just collected all sorts of old things. When he died eventually the old weatherboard house was demolished but I think they just pushed it all over and buried most of it in the land. The site is just now a paddock but I watched the farming plowing it yesterday ready for planting out so I thought now is the time to try hit it again just incase the plough has brought something up within my range, and right I was. I used my Equinox 800 this time as I had a few questions answered by people on the forum yesterday about coin and jewellery hunting and how I should best go about it in junk filled areas. I was previously just blocking out every VDI number except about six or so numbers which I knew coins would fall into which made cherry picking these coins quite simple and successful but I was missing out on finding anything else like rings or coins that fall outside of my cherry picked numbers. Instead on this hunt I ran in Park 1 with sensitivity 25 and left everything else at Defaults except, I pressed the Horseshoe button! I was prepared to dig everything that wasn't obviously a bad iron target and I was preferring to dig solid numbers, not really wild VDI's as I only had a couple of hours knowing the weather was about to pack it in. I was pulling up quite a number of coins with my weirdest coin of the hunt an old NZ Half Penny, I can't read the date properly on it but it looks like 1960 which rang up a perfect VDI of 26, a number I had previously blocked out, and a 1965 threepence which is made of nickel and is the second one of them I've found in the past couple of weeks and they seem to always come up as VDI 5 to 6, again numbers I'd been blocking out previously. Two coins are in such bad condition I can't work out what they are but they were coming up as 9 and 21 and two reasonably modern NZ $1 and$2coins which come up as 21 but the funny thing about them is their date is both 2008 and they were both right near each other when I found them. I suspect one of the unreadable coins is a very bad condition 5 cent as it comes up as VDI 8, very close to the 9 of the 5 cent that is legible, perhaps being corroded it comes up slightly lower, its the exact same size. The other unreadable coin is slightly smaller, so I'm not sure what it is as it comes up as a VDI 21, I actually thought I was going to be digging a $1 coin when I found that. So now that I know to leave my numbers open and not discriminate out everything I may have more success in finding things other than the items I was chasing. I think I'm going to have to hit the beach I found all the coins the other night again with the numbers wide open this time, digging a lot more, but also possibly getting more good targets. I've just been washing my coins in water when I get home to take the photos, is that the best method? I'm not sure about older coins if I should do much in the way of cleaning them such as the threepence has a big mark on the front and back of it, not sure if I should try clean that mark off or just leave it there. Modern coins obviously don't matter but I don't want to damage older coins trying to clean them.
  11. Found this 1861 half dollar this week at the farm using my F70 with the sniper coil.
  12. Managed three and a half hours swinging the 3030 this past Sunday morning. Hit two different parks and popped a few silvers. Three silver rings, '43 Washington quarter, '42 Merc & '53 Rosie / One slick buffalo nickel and three wheaties, the oldest being a '27s. HH !! Rob
  13. Tometusns

    Slow November

    Got a little variety just not a whole lot of anything. Still using pk1, 5 tones, recovery 7, iron bias 3. I did switch over to field 2 when I dug the bullets but I have it set up the same as pk1.
  14. phrunt

    Skunk Breaker

    I was excited about getting my Nox 12x15" coil and was hoping it would arrive in time for a trip up to the ski fields to do a detect for some jewellery, I've found the odd bit at the ski fields in the past and end up with a fair collection of coins at the same time so it's an easy day detecting and can be a bit of fun pulling up coins every 20 minutes or so. I'd already planned to do it and then it started raining but because I made the plan, I stuck with it. The drive up to the ski field I saw a weird rainbow, it was a tiny one, it struggled to get up off the ground 🙂 I didn't find anything amazing on the day, which is a bit disappointing as I may as well of been swimming as the rain ended up being heavy the entire day, much worse higher up on the mountain than it was down on ground level, when I drove back down the rain stopped halfway down! Lucky the Nox is waterproof. I did find someones bank card, an old Cardrona Ski Area badge which is a competing ski field and a free Breakfast at Snowy Valley Resort, I had to look up what that was and it's in Australia and the food has a reputation of being awful which is why someone probably threw the free meal away 🙂 I've taken a more dig it all between VDI 5 and 25 approach lately as I'm trying to find more rings, I was originally just digging coin VDI's and the method is working, I did find a ring that was a very solid 18 on the VDI's, I'm not sure it's of any value, it's not magnetic and has some numbers on the inside that don't mean anything to me, it was about 20cm deep so it's been there quite a while. Other than the ring I got my usual coins and something that I think is an ear ring. I'm pretty sure the ring is a junker. Before the next weekend my 12x15" coil arrived for my Nox so I was itching for another ski field detect to compare it to the 11" I usually use. I found it decent, the extra ground coverage was great and sped up the mission, I was able to cover an area in what felt like half the time I took with the 11" I didn't notice any depth advantage and I honestly don't know how I could judge if there was without doing some "testing" burying targets but that doesn't seem viable as I've found coins buried for a long time react differently. It did have a bit more trouble with EMI than the 11", but I guess that's to be expected with a bigger coil. Dropping the sensitivity back two or three notches fixed that up. The ski field is bad for EMI as it has high voltage power for the lifts and Wifi all over the mountain with powerful boosters and a mobile phone tower all right near each other. The other big difference with the new coil is NZ $1 and $2 coins both came up as VDI 21 on the 11", sometimes flicking to 22 on the $2 coins but mostly 21, with the 12x15" the $2 coins are consistently 22 on the VDI's with the $1 being solid 21, I can now tell which coin I'm about to dig with some confidence. My dealer, DredgeNZ threw in a snuffer bottle and gold pan with my purchase, he's a good guy and trustworthy, certainly not a "used car salesman" dealer 🙂 I did the dig it all approach with the 12x15" also, and recovered a number of coins and a reasonable amount of the usual ski field junk After my ski field mission I drove down into town to buy dinner and saw a message from KiwiJW asking if I wanted to go for a detecting mission the next day using his EBIKES!!!!! that of course was an excited YES! I have ordered a Steelphase SP01 audio enhancer and it had arrived at my local post depot but as I got home so late at night and was leaving early the next morning for the gold mission I was unable to get it in time for the trip. It arrived this morning, just too late for this mission 🙂 Can't wait to test this puppy out, although I might let John take it's maiden voyage as he'll be better at testing it and also he'll be able to compare it to his B&Z Booster so that will be interesting. It's on charge right now! I arrived at John's and we threw the Ebikes on the back of his truck and off we went, We went to a place we've done quite a number of times, rarely do we come away with nothing. John mostly does pretty well here, I sometimes get the odd nugget. The Ebikes made the ride up the hillside much easier, it's still a workout for a guy who hasn't ridden a bike in 10 or so years but I think if I wasn't on an Ebike I would of been pushing the bike up the hill rather than riding. Once you get into more level terrain they really show their ability, you can cruise along with almost no effort at all. They even had a little throttle trigger that you can press and it behalves then like an electric motorbike, driving along without you even needing to peddle, but of course this drains the battery more so you only use it when necessary. I often used it to take off, you know how when you ride a bike the initial takeoff requires a powerful peddle, not so with this nifty little trigger. A BIG thanks to Mrs JW for allowing me to use her Ebike!!!!!! I was silly and forgot to get a photo of the Ebikes! We started off detecting by going to some old throw out piles I'd never been to before, I don't think John had been to them either, the beauty of the Ebikes is you can go further than you could ever do walking. These piles had powerlines directly above them, I was thinking this maybe to our advantage as it keeps people with their detectors away, John's GPZ handles powerlines reasonably well, my GPX on the other hand doesn't with my coil configuration so I had my Monster with me just in case, and I was glad I did. The Monster doesn't care about power lines, worst case scenario I had to drop it back to Manual 9 instead of my usual highest setting of Manual 10, but even still that was to make it operate completely quietly, if on Manual 10 I got a bit of broken pulsing noise occasionally from the power lines and wasn't sure if that was causing any harm so I knocked back to Manual 9 just in case, both Auto and Auto+ were completely silent so I assume they were dropping back to Manual 8 and 9. John's GPZ was having a little more trouble than usual with the power lines but it may of been the wind, there was a warm breeze and we've both noticed sometimes wind direction seems to effect the EMI. The Monster performed well for me, I had found a signal, it was a very faint one so I scraped a bit, the signal then went all the way to the ferrous side so I scraped a bit more and it started to get random readings, a much more positive sign, the more I dug the more erratic the signal became until I got right down to the bedrock when then the signal went all the way to non-ferrous and I was now very hopeful of breaking my skunk. I've had about 6 weeks I think it would be with no gold. After a lot of messing around trying to recover the target and dropping it in the separation process I eventually found it, a tiny little bee poo bit of gold. It's to the left of the Minelab Logo on the coil, tiny little thing, you'll also notice a spider took up residence on my coil, not one of the life threatening touch me and you die spiders I'm used to from Australia, a friendly little chap who moved on doing his business when I took my gold off the coil. The depth was pretty amazing, It was at a depth where my scoop changed to it's handle, hard to see in that blurry photo but it's the only one I got. All 0.035 grams of it 🙂 but it's official, my skunk was broken! Another thing we both wanted to do on this mission is find a secret cave, there is one here but it's not easy to find and not marked on any maps or anything, we rode around for a while trying to find it, and then we parked up the Ebikes and went for a walk using John's google maps photo of the area, exploring around trying to find it. There was a cool looking rock formation in the area I call it the hotel rock, the old timer gold miners used to use rocks with hollowed out bits for accommodation, well this one was a multi level hotel, with hollowed out bit's all over the place. We even saw a rock that looked like someone had decided to cut in half with a giant saw I have no idea how that can naturally happen. We were wandering around for some time trying to find this cave, comparing where we thought we were with the google earth satellite photo and the location John thought the cave was but with no luck so we headed back to where we parked the bikes and you wouldn't believe it, the cave was right next to where we parked up, within 30 feet there were two cave entrances. We rode right past them both to park the bikes! unbelievable!!! John's navigational skills were better than he thought, he stopped right at the cave 🙂 The entrance is well hidden, that's it below me, the little dark hole! We didn't go down in there this time, it was a bit muddy from a massive rain storm we had a few days earlier, the most rain I've had at my place in years. A job for another day, maybe detect the walls of it with the GM 1000 🙂 Next we rode off to find somewhere else to detect, and stumbled across some old chinese workings and some nice terraced walls they had made to get their wheelbarrows up and down into a gully We started detecting again and John was trying to break his skunk (at this location), the last time he came here he was skunked and spent most of his day exploring, this time I was ahead with my little bee poo so the competition was on 🙂 We spent an hour or two detecting and found nothing then all the sudden John yells out he got one... uh oh, his is no doubt bigger than mine as the Zed can't find bee poo so I was in trouble, he was going to win again!! I've never won in gold tally, it's usually 10 to 1 if I'm lucky but this day I thought I had it in the bag. John had a forgetful day, it happens to the best of us but his was out of control He forgot to bring his gumboots he usually detects in so he has no metal on his feet, but to make it worse he had steel capped shoes on!!! I often found his shoes laying around where we were detecting as he ended up having to detect in his socks Lucky the ground wasn't wet. He also forgot his phone so I was chief photographer, Not a role I excel at as I always forget to take photos. He also forgot his scoop so he had to separate out his targets the old fashioned way. It wasn't 2 minutes after John yelled out he got his nugget and I was yelling back, I GOT ONE. I was getting desperate to find another one and scanning the ground wasn't working for me so I started kicking over rocks. This has worked in the past and it worked again. I put a red circle around my little nugget so it can be seen, tiny little thing for such a big coil. My biggest of the day, 0.162 grams! Now this brings up a question, this nugget was an absolute screamer, a nice loud "wee woo" even with the coil 10cm above the nugget I get a nice "wee woo" yet this area has bucket loads of shotgun pellets, if I use my Monster I can find one every square meter, yet the GPX wasn't seeing them, yet it screams out loud on this bit of gold which incidently weighs less than a pellet. An example, here is a pellet I found with the GM at the same place It's bigger, and weighs more yet the GPX with NF 14x9" Evo coil completely ignores it, yet it will find a nugget than weighs less and is smaller in size with a loud screaming signal, so loud I thought I had a 22 shell. I completely don't understand this so if anyone has an idea why, please do tell. Now it was game on again, I had two nuggets and John had one, we were walking along finding piles to detect on and our detectors had an argument, his was making noises at mine, mine was making noises back at his, then all the sudden mine makes a police siren noise, scaring his detector off... my detector feels a little intimidated by his superior detector so it faked a police siren to scare his off. It wouldn't even be ten minutes later and John's yelling out he's got another one, 2 for 2... I knew he had won as I had a bee poo, and his would have to be bigger and of course they were. His were .12 & .22 of a gram so he won again 🙂 We called it a day and jumped on the Ebikes and headed back to the car, fastest trip back I've ever had, often we are walking out and it gets dark as it's an hour or so to walk back, we were back in under 10 minutes thanks to the bikes... best time of the day for an easy trip down as we were both pretty exhausted. To top off John's forgetful day he even left his sunglasses in the toilets at KFC at dinner time A big thanks again to Mrs JW for the use of her Ebike! Sure made the day a lot easier and more fun and of course to JW for taking me along 🙂
  15. I have gotten out a total of 6 times this year, this hunt made 7. A new friend of mine and long time 3030 hunter challenged me to go to a football field that he has hunted for years with the 3030 and the 17". He said he would be shocked if I pulled a silver as they are all 8" or deeper and the ground is difficult. I too swung the 3030 for years, but feel the technology in the 800 is superior and would alert me to any keepers that were under the coil. I went in the rain/snow and played in the mud for 3 hours looking for keepers in his football field. Results and settings below. Park 2, Fe Bias 3, Recov. 5, Sens. 16-18 depending on Fe noise density, Ground Balance pumped out to 16, Volume 20 (want to know more or if I left something out just ask) WARNING: There is some cussing in the videos, I was excited as I went in there having zero expectations. https://photos.app.goo.gl/syyarSRTC4XgPXjN9
  16. I scored a permission a few days and finally got to it today. Although not very old, it turned into a very productive hunt. I was using an Equinox 600 and was digging everything from nickles up. First sweep yielded a wheaty, that's a great way to start a permission. Little did I know I would spend the next 5 hours digging almost almost nothing but coins. Almost every sweep netted a coin or something cool, fortunately, everything was shallow. After almost 2 hours of digging nothing but copper memorials and wheats, when I get a solid and repeatable 33 on the nox. I flip the dirt over and felt a metal object hit my digger :headbang: big silver!!! I love these coins, I thought I might find a silver Washington or maybe a Bengy, but, the Walker was a big surprise. That was only the beginning of a great silver day from a rather small yard. As you can see, lots of neat fun stuff came out of the yard, the 3 small Mexican coins were in the same hole. It appears to have been a homemade piece of jewelry because the solder joints look a bit rough. I also found some kind of trade token, but I cannot make out what it is because it's worn pretty bad. I went over the place 3 times from different directions and will be going over it one more time with the Etrac just to see if the Nox and I missed anything. I also have another permission a couple of houses down from this one. I plan on trying to get into several others as well. Very unusual yard, I found a silver rosie on top of the ground last week when I was delivering the mail to this house, which is what prompted me to ask for permission. Several of the wheats were barely under the surface, the Walker was maybe 2" deep, nothing over 5" It appears that this yard has never had grass or has been worked since the house was built, barely a blade of grass, just dirt :icon_scratch:
  17. Cptbill

    Amazing Finds

    My son and I both own the Equinox 800 and used them on a unique opportunity to hunt a very old place in New England area. In one day of hunting we found 5 large cents with the oldest being 1803, another 1829 and the rest had no date. We also found 2 large flat buttons and one flat cuff button. In my 30 years of metal detecting this was one of the best days of hunting I had. The best part of the day of hunting was sharing the day with my son who found 3 of the large cents. We both love of Equinox 800 detectors. On a side note we went beach hunting the next day and both came up with a silver ring
  18. I think Oct was Indian head penny month for me. Not much silver but some cool tokens, shot two ringer, boy scout fob, indian war cuff button, only a couple v- nickels. I gave an 1886 indian to a friend which made 31 total for the month. Mostly old churches and schools. Same settings if it ain't broke don't fix it. Pk1 recovery7, iron bias 3. I learned something last month about digging deep targets(10+") pay attention to the numbers and depth meter the sound although it will hit the target may not be as sweet as you like. One old church had two inches or so of sod then six or more inches of chat before you got to the dirt again but quite a few of those Indians and wheaties were in that deep dirt.
  19. Ridge Runner

    Nox Nut In Oklahoma

    This story is about a guy I call a friend. He had his car stolen with his detector in it . About the same our paths crossed. Being he wanted another detector I told him what Minelab would have to offer soon . I said I’m sure if he can wait it would be worth it . A dealer friend after finding out what happen to his other detector he gave 10 percent off his Nox 800. Oh yes he has a name and that is Tony. I think Nox Nut fits him better. My trouble is he calls me Pop being I got some years on him . One picture you see his Nox in the water. At that time he had the stock coil on and he’s got foam around it to keep it afloat. The coins you see was found with both coil . He hasn’t had the 6” coil long but he really loves it. Chuck
  20. HI Folks I had a good time this morning detecting with the Equinox.. I discovered a Draped Bust. Then a spill of Draped Busts, Silver and more. Such an easy detector to use and it can find so much... If anyone is interested, here is a link to a YouTube video of the spill..https://youtu.be/JWzH0AaTuIoAnd this is a link to a live dig of the 1909 Barber quarterhttps://youtu.be/zTnMIguRpcA HH Everyone
  21. Would anyone consider a coin swap/trade? I have a full range of British silver available. I only have one US coin. I find the US coins particularly lovely, but the rest of the world has some buteys too and i'd love a nice coin that's a bit different.. Just a thought. Cheers. Andy.
  22. Cabin Fever

    Back In The Saddle!

    After missing pretty much the entire summer Detecting season do to buying and selling a home and the move that goes with it, I have finally been able to get out on 3 hunts over the last couple weeks.. Armed with my trusty Equinox 800 and the new software update, I was able to muster a few old coins out of some heavily hunted city parks.. I like the update. My depth meter is working better and it seems like the audio modulation has improved.. ?? The high conductor numbers seem a little more squirrelly but I’m digging anything in that range anyway.. I am re-hunting areas that my friend and I have hit hard with the CTX, E-Trac, and V3i. The Equinox has not disappointed! Most of the finds are tricky signals. Either real deep, co-located with other metal, or on edge.. I have never been more confident in a Detector. I found some American and foreign silver with the highlight being the tiny silver 1886 5 cent Canada Fish Scale. Those are tough to find.. Check out how thin this one is compared to the Mercury Dime it’s sitting on. Other notables are the two key date Wheat Pennies.. 1913 and 14 S in decent condition.. Bryan
  23. I had never really used my GBP for coin hunting before but on a recent camping trip my Nox ran out of battery at a bad time and my wife was using my T2 so I was left with my Gold Bug to use. I was in a place where ground balancing was needed occasionally and I also like to flick between All metal and Disc mode often but it's terribly annoying to do that on the GBP so I decided I'd get around to modding it when I got back with a switch to make life easier. I only found a dollar coin using the GBP that afternoon but we had already virtually cleaned up the area. You'l find the story on the Gold Bug Mod here Seeing I've now got my GBP modded I wanted to take it for a test run, the weather was rainy today but I had a job to do near a lakefront beach area I had a feeling would be worth detecting due to how busy it gets in summer so I put my GBP in the car. I put my 11" coil on it, first time I've ever used it as I bought my GBP to be a prospecting machine. Seems a decent coil for covering ground but feels nose heavy to me, I'm not used to the coil having a large front with the shaft mount near the rear. It was a quick 1 hour hunt due to the weather and I had no idea about what Target ID number is what on the GBP as I mostly use the Nox. I remembered 78/79 is the NZ gold coins on the T2 and with the GBP having the same numbers it helped find a couple of gold coins, other than that I was just digging stable target ID's. My total haul, not bad for a small amount of time. I got a few older coins, one of them American but it looks like the surface is rubbed off, I can't see a date on it. Not a bad hunt for the time I spent on a detector I'm not overly used to using for coin hunting. My new switch is great, a real time saver. A good bit about living in a tourist hotspot is all the foreign coins to be found. The Queenstown area has about 30,000 people living in it and gets over 3 million tourists a year.