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  1. I'd have named this "Just the Artifacts #5", but again I found some coins (thanks GB 😁) Today was a decent day for March but the wind was unpredictable. At least it got warm enough that I didn't have to wear heavy or electric clothes. I think I found my first "Zincoln", it's the heavily corroded memorial to the right of the unidentifiable penny. Got another handle, again probably a razor. The large disc is gold plated, one side smooth and one has concentric circles. I'm thinking it was on a pocketbook or something. Small knurled ring that at first i thought was an Asian coin, but it
  2. Finished up the farmhouse site today, made a few more passes and found nothing. I went to a new site that I previously plotted using old maps where a building was up to the 60s, and first known in 1917 on a USGS map. Hacked around a bit and found the objects in the photo. I'm not sure if I should grid this spot, I didn't hear a lot of iron. Great way to kill an afternoon. At least this field was out of the annoying March wind. The disc is lead, could be a bale seal, or possibly a weight or game piece. 1 1/4 inches in diameter. It was weird to find a sinker in a farm field about a mile fro
  3. Was out for two hours today to a local football field after a rain. I have detected the field and surrounding area many, many times in the past. However, today there were many more interesting finds than normal! The only problem is, I have no idea what some of them are. The coin, which had an ID of 21, looks like it could be a colonial copper of some sort. I have circled what I think is the word "et"... assuming the meaning is "and." The brass item has glass windows, and was easy to take apart. Maybe a drip feed oiler? It was down about a foot. If you could lend your insight, that would be awe
  4. Second day in this site. It never got over 42 today, the wind was around 20-30 mph all day. I went out dressed like I was yesterday and had to go back for a heavy hoodie and heated socks. Got Reynauds in my hands and feet, unbelievable pain if they get too cold. The reason I went right back is because the first coin I found is either an early American penny or a King George, or not... 🤔 It's 1 1/8 inches in diameter and weighs 9.7 grams. No really identifiable lettering, just the bust facing right. Big coin. The only way to "read" it is the good old flashlight trick. Left to right: s
  5. Great day but windy, 20 with gusts to 30. I could hardly hear my headphones sometimes and the wind kept blowing my spade around. Went to the site of an old farmhouse in my permission, at first I just scouted about but then switched to grid search using my flag sticks. It's not a huge area but will take a few days to search completely. Gotta say I was surprised to find any military objects at all. If you read my other posts your know this area never really saw war except for 1812, and that was only a very short skirmish that occurred nearly in my backyard. But find militaria I di
  6. So I'm still trying to milk the same cow 😄 I figured until it stops spitting silver on me, I will continue to ask for it. Long day at the beach 8:30-5:00, but the weather was decent, as I dress well for the cold. I'm getting to be a delicate flower in my advancing years 🤔 I'm using the GPX all day for this hunt and digging select areas and removing all iron so I can hear the deep targets.I hit a patch that started producing exclusively wheat pennies, so I knew that the chance for silver was very possible. It did produce some silver but the ratio was mostly pennies. Moving over just a bit, the
  7. Yet another spring like day today. Started out relatively warm, about 48. I decided to do some scouting on land I haven't visited as yet so I will know where to go in the future. In particular I was looking for another house that was in one of the fields back in 1917. I think I found it. Found what looks like a drawer keyhole, and then an aluminum child's ring with no stone. It is very fragile and pretty mangled, but highly decorated. I visited three separate areas, two yielded coins. I dug the 1967 quarter and a 1937 wheat penny. Went way out in the field near the river and found an
  8. Another fabulous weather day here. Started out at 32 degrees, ended up about 63. I had a forum member special guest who may or may not identify himself, but he did a lot better than me. We started out on an old un-hunted landing, visited a very trashy point nearby, and finished up back at the landing and in the farm. 8 hours for me! Total blast. I like hunting alone but it's nice to have an esteemed visitor. Top down in the photo: Ford hubcap (I think) but certainly a Ford part. What I believe to be the "rest" of this vehicle is in the woods nearby. This little cap was a surprising 3
  9. I got out today for about 4 hours. A couple of old locals told me of an area near a WW2 air field that had civilian housing when the base was in use. During the 50's the county rented the cottage bungalows out. Small wood structures that were built on pier blocks. They were sold off and taken down by the early 60's. Looks to me to be a 10-12 acre area that had maybe 60 small units. Lots of junk but the area has not been razed. Looks like I have a new area to fiddle around at.
  10. I see Jamflicker on Friendly forum just hit 2000 silver coins in about 10 years hunting which is amazing. I bet our member Raphis here on this forum is in that range too.10 years and 2000 silver = vacuum cleaner.I am talking about wild coins and not organized hunts.I am in that club because I found over 500 silver in a spilled cache which helped me get there more easily.To tell the truth I don't know what my exact totals are.I would have to go through my records since 1999. How many here are in that club?If not what total are you at and how many years.
  11. Now, wouldn't it be nice to find something like this! https://www.thevintagenews.com/2021/02/17/medieval-3/
  12. I'm making an argument that in USA coin detecting, the Jefferson nickel is unusual compared to its peers. Let's look at a bit of history. When coin designs change, it typically takes somewhere in the roughly 25-30 year timeframe for the previous design to disappear (not literally, but be down to say a few out of every 100 coins of a particular denomination). Examples are the Buffalo-->Jefferson nickels (1938 design change), Wheat-->Memorial cents (1958-59 breakover). But there are anomalies and when silver was removed from coinage (1964-65) it took less than 10 years for those co
  13. I found a total $275 which is nothing compared to the serious clad hunters out there or those who hunt the countries that have the higher denomination coins.
  14. Does anybody know if those Detech or NEL coils made for a Tesoro Lobo ST will actually get better depth than the Tesoro coils before I go and buy one and can't return it? Any recommendations on the best coil of these 2 brands for deep silver hunting? I have all of the Tesoro coils made for my LST, but I could never get more than 8 inches on a silver quarter even after having the detector tuned to the 9 x 8 coil in Disc mode at the factory. My buddys with Minelabs can get several more inches or so they claim. The LST was my fave all time detector and the only one I ever paid for with finds,mos
  15. I found this Mexican 1925 10 centavos a little over a year ago. Dug it at an old SP stop that was very good to me. It sounded like an IHP. Solid 19 on the 800. As small as it is I am surprised that more have not shown up. Show some small silver.
  16. Found a rare undetected park this weekend (I'm assuming). It was started in the late 20's. The first day,Saturday was 36 degrees and windy. My buddy with the nox 800, found around $5.00 in clad and a 37 merc. and a 1940 WL 1/2 dollar. I hit nothing but clad about $4.00. Sunday was way colder, but a way better day for finds. My buddy again hit up on 3 merc's and a small silver ring. I redeemed myself by finding a 1918 merc a 1959 rosevelt and a 1964 Kennedy 1/2. I also found a lone buffie, (my first one in years), game galaxy token, $3.50 in clad and what I believe to be an Oldsmobile key ring
  17. Warm rain on a Noreaster.... The wind chill was very bone chilling but... I poked 6 holes into the lawn in an hour,well with a few trips back inside to warm up ! The ground was totally thawed and the diggin was easy. Final tally , a pull tab , an 80s pepsi bottle screw on cap and a couple pieces of can slaw .... Yaaaaaa Hooooooo ! skuh kuh kuh kuh kuh kuh kuh Got another hour or so till sunset ,hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm do I hear Nox music ??????? jim in ma Got your message , but can't seem to reply there today . 10/4 , best kind of hunt is when
  18. Today I had the chance to get out for a couple of hours to do some hunting and decided on a place where over the past 200 years they have had to rebuild the church 3 times. During the time that the church has been at the same spot they have added on to it a few times to what it is today. This church sits on top of a hill next to the original cemetery when the church was built. I remember seeing some of the old photos that showed an old out house near the back of the church and started there. My first good signal was the typical trash that one would expect to find, and so was the next 20
  19. Wow I can't believe I got out yesterday to dig. It seems like work and the stress of things in 2020 took a toll on my detecting experiences for quite a while. I wanted a new coil for the MK and saw a post Kac made about the Nel Superfly, So I said what the heck I'll give it a try. This coil is 6 grams lighter than my 9 inch. I must say this coil is amazing!!! great depth and way better separation. So I went to give it a spin on a site I hunt that has some modern and 18th century history to it. (ball fields and farm fields). I swung for about 5 hours in the 35 degree weather, and found a bunch
  20. Thanks to forum members for showing me how to clean and cash in my coins, didn't pay for my nox 800, but sure made the wife happy with Amazon credit. We now have some nice new cookware. 😃 ht
  21. Hi everybody, I wanted to thank you all for welcoming us to this forum last year. Thanks for the info, the advice and the support. It helped me create an amazing bond with my son. I am grateful to you all. Here’s a little video of some of our favorite moments of the crazy year. Best to you all!
  22. I am new to detecting but have about 400 hours of YouTube detecting experience 😁. I got my equinox 800 about 3 weeks ago and have dug at 3 places old school (war nickel and wheat penny), 60’s abandoned house (clad dime and memorial copper penny} and an old farm house/boarding house built in 1890’s ( GOLD ring, Mercury dime, 4 Buffalo nickels, 1 war nickel, 8 1945-48 nickels, 35 wheat pennies and 5 memorial pennies. I am very very happy with my less than 1 month of digging but somehow I feel I’m missing silver at the old farm house. With that many coins from to 30’s and 40’s and only one Mercu
  23. I tried finding my previous (2019) summary report and New Year's resolutions but failed. Well, I have the data (from my logs) and I roughly remember my goals -- find some new detecting spots. I left my old heavily searched (by me) schools and parks alone this year and returned to a couple I had barely detected plus one I had never detected. 90% of my year's detecting was spent on this last (previously undetected by me) site. All three yielded silver coins. Not surprisingly I spent most of my year in the one that seemed to be the best producer. I finally retired for good in February (
  24. I can't remember this being discussed but maybe I've missed it or forgotten it. Given how deep the Zed has been known to find small nuggets it seems to me it could do well on coins. Any experience (or reliable hearsay 😁) on this? As a distantly related sidelight, a couple weeks back on Curse of Oak Island (TV show) Gary Drayton is seen with a GPZ-7000 and it had the ML 19" coil mounted. It's impossible from watching alone to know how long he swung it but in terms of air time it was minimal and I don't recall any footage of them digging a target he found with it. Later he was back to h
  25. I have found 0 but one buddy found 1 and a other found 2.The one that found 2 also found a $1 gold coin made into a love token.
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