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  1. Yeah, you have the claim info which is true. That's what is different than just making up a story that isn't connected to any real find or claim. Just because the action is made up. It's based around an actual find and actual people. It makes the story more fun for me at least. It's because, the numbers are real and that makes it exciting. I am unclear as to the treasure find. Is that real or made up? It does add to the adventure. Just curious.
  2. Hey GhostMiner, I know this is a story. I am reading it every time you post. I have a hectic schedule and I use the story as an excuse to take a short break and imagine myself being there watching this whole thing go down. Who cares if it is made up. There's also a little connection to an actual site that helps me to imagine this as real. I have an artistic streak as well and like to enjoy art in all it's forms. Writing is an art which springs from the imagination. The difference here is I get a paragraph to read now and then. I don't read books much because it takes too much of my time. I happen to like a little to read here and there about one of my favorite hobbies, mining for gold. It keeps me motivated and planning my next outing. There's other topics here on this site to talk actual shop that I can easily click onto for serious learning. This is just pure entertainment. I think it's a nice addition to the site for purely motivational and entertainment purposes. It's hard to get motivated solely on specs and figures about mining. It's the raw glory of a magnificent find that we ALL are in search of. This somehow puts me right into that glory along with Jed and his crew. It's not so much the actual facts of this story that makes it good to read. It's how it makes me feel when I read about how successful these guys are. It's the find I would like to have! There are finds and claims that truly have magnificent strikes. This strike has a record of actually happening. Even if the characters actions are made up, the story of what happened during the find is really fun because I know you are using data from records of the gold pulled out and some factual persons. One never hears the story of what happened. This is just a fun and motivating escape and I for one am enjoying it. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into this and most of all it's free. That is a really nice gift. I thank you GM. TG
  3. I used to rent equipment. Diamond blades only cut with the tip. It is necessary to remove the debris so the metal arount the tip doesn't get worn away and the tip flies off. Solid rock stays away from the shaft. Gravel will fall against it and ruin it. Let alone the fact that gravel moves. Bits only cut by wearing away the material. Gravel moves too much.
  4. Yep, If they had killed them, someone would eventually find out. Placerville CA is called Hangtown. They didn't take to kindly to those types back then.
  5. I hope they catch the SOB that killed Jed and took his gold! Hangin's too good fer him!
  6. So I asked the company that sells this NEL coil to please exchange for a working coil. They said they would. Then they offered a refund. I knew they wouldn't find a coil that worked. So, I went with the SP35. I also got the water proof headphones. I'll get both next week. Meanwhile, they still list the coils for sale for the Simplex+ !! What the heck. Well, if anyone reading this can save themselves the hassle from buying one then I'll be glad. No NEL coils work with the Simplex+. None. Buy somethimg esle. The Detech has a contract with Notka/Makro. They are supposed to work.
  7. What in the world was he thinking?! Jed must have never spent time in the Mountains in winter. And, like you said, a barking dog does a great job for early warning and even makes bears and critters scatter quick! Heck, I'd have at least 2 dogs. Maybe he didn't trust everone on the crew and only said he was staying so he would be the last one out. Then, with everyone gone, he could go get his gold and split. Someone must have somehow followed him. I think he said the gold wasn't far off the road. Maybe he parked his car on the roadside and was found? I guess we'll never know!
  8. Thanks Geotech, What is the lift off effect? Is that when the target disappears when lifting? Thanks for this explanation. I prefer to use the tip to pinpoint. Sometimes find on deeper targets the middle is where the stock coil pinpoints. If I understand correctly, the straight middle construction will give a consistent depth until the tip. For me, that would be ideal. I could therefore, find a target and pull back until the target disappears. The tip would be the pinpoint area, not the middle. I really would prefer this to having a little more depth in the middle. It frustrates me when I think I'm pinpointing on the tip and really, it's in the center. I dig and then pull out the pinpointer. Then I find the target. I would value consistent coverage over one area of depth. So, I looking at the SP35 coil, it too has the straight middle construction. Notice the coil partially shown on the right. It has the wider middle construction and you can see the difference. This confirms my suspicion of the detection area shape if I am understanding you correctly. Thanks, now I'm looking forward to putting this coil to the test. I need something like a broom, a nice even coverage where I feel I'm not missing something unless I overlap all the way to the deepest point of detection. I think that since the sides are not straight as well, there is probably still a curve to the deepest detection area. I'm sure I'm compromising a little depth in the middle, however, the functionality would be better for pinpointing and less need to overlap. We shall see! Once I get it, Ill check it out. TG
  9. I've decided to go with the SP35 after looking at the center construction. The coil is rated at 13.5x12.5. However, they did not do the same thing as the stock coil where the wires cross. So, instead of just 2 inches of coverage center line. It is actually 4" more. Thats about 30% more coverage. And, I noticed that the Notka SP28 original coil had much a better connection. I'm going with Notka/Makro because it's the closest to the Thunder design. And, it is made by the same company as the Simplex+. I will have a real warranty and I trust the build Notka/Makro puts into their products. So, the middle shape maximized the coverage over the stock build style. And, it is actually less expensive too. Here's a shot of them side by side.
  10. I found out today that NEL jumped the gun making coils for the Simplex+. I guess I'll wait for the Detech 15" which I heard is coming out soon. I asked Dilek if Notka/Makro had authorized NEL to make coils for the Simplex+. Here's her response. Dear Tim, The only company we cooperated with is Detech is Bulgaria for 3rd party coils for the Simplex+. NEL has not approached us for any collaboration and thus cannot product coils for the Simplex (or at least coils that would properly work) as they would need to board and the software from us. Hope this helps. Regards, Dilek Gonulay Director, Sales & Marketing A Sıvatyolu Cd. Sakız Sk. No:4 Sancaktepe ISTANBUL T +90 (541) 860 45 96 | W noktadetectors.com
  11. Yes Steve, having fun with this is what I'm all about. It's my get outside excuse. I know you have the knowledge. It helped me to understand what's happening with the coil. I appreciate it!
  12. I just uderstood another thing from one of the topics you linked Steve. The coils are transformers not antennae. So, the coils must overlap in order to be able to tell when the current from the target reaches equilibrium. I wonder then if it really matters, the small difference between the two middle shapes. Equilibrium for any target is in the middle. I'm sure there's so much more to it. That's what makes this interesting.
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