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  1. We got permission to hunt a park that use to be a Girl Scout camp from the 1920's to the 1990's when it closed down.The head caretaker of the park is a great guy and gave us the green light to detect there.We gave him a few scout relics which he would put in the park museum and he was very grateful for are finds.He told us that one capsule was found but a old farmer said a other one was still missing and gave us the area it could be in.It is probably from the 30's or 40's.I think the one is in a museum around here and we hope to see what it is made of.Have any of you heard
  2. The Anglo-Saxons were and are renowned for their metalwork. This is not the crude metallurgy of an uncultivated barbarian horde, but the beautiful design work in the noble metals of silver and gold that only a truly cultured people could produce. Nowhere is this exemplified more than with the Staffordshire Hoard, the largest hoard of Anglo-Saxon metalwork ever uncovered, even larger than the famous Sutton Hoo Hoard. First, let’s talk about the tale of the tape: The Staffordshire Hoard includes 11 pounds of gold (5.1 kg), three pounds of silver, and over 3,500 pieces of garnet cloisonné je
  3. Discovered February, 2015 Most of the treasure hoards we have covered elsewhere on this site (namely the Hoxne, Staffordshire, and Cuerdale Hoards, among others) come from the West. But we will now turn our attention toward the Levant, where, in February 2015, a vast hoard was found in the Holy Land. Much like the other treasure troves we have discussed on this site, the Caesarea gold treasure was uncovered not by professional treasure hunters, but by hobbyists simply doing their thing who hit the proverbial lottery. In this case, the hobby in question was diving, adding an additiona
  4. The biggest buried treasure ever found in the United States was, to put it mildly, nothing to sneeze at: $10 million in the form of over 1,400 gold coins. Known as the Saddle Ridge Hoard, it is shrouded in mystery because no one has any idea who buried the treasure in the first place. The Ballad of Mary and John It all started in February 2013 when a Californian couple was taking their dog for a stroll along their property. The woman saw what looked like a tin can sticking up out of the soil. Mary and her husband John then very carefully excavated the tinpot from the earth around it
  5. Kellyco Metal Detectors is offering a $10,000 reward to the person that brings us an interview with the individual(s) that found Fenn’s Treasure! As a pilot and knowing Fenn was a pilot, dead reckoning came to mind, so we first thought to draw intersecting lines to locate the treasure where X really does mark the spot (in spirit). We didn’t see the clues as part of following a linear path, but more creating a drawing on the map that would lead us to Fenn’s Treasure. There were also double meanings to what we saw as clues, which strengthened our resolve. You don’t need the history to solve
  6. This treasure is close to where I used to swim as a kid during Xmas school holidays in Victoria Australia during summer. ....LINK.... https://oztreasure.weebly.com/inverloch-treasure.html By the way the wife found a gold sovereign in the Inverlock region but was not related to the above treasure.
  7. https://buckrail.com/forrest-fenn-i-hid-my-treasure-in-wyoming/?fbclid=IwAR0uGH0OIPXAXfDrOhnAZO_4Wrz1AETWFnEUfWk_ue6-qQrOgveK0UEJfIY
  8. This is a lengthy article about the hoard finds in England. It follows the saga of two detectorists who found some great objects in 2015. We are often times a forum that has many more details than the reporters so maybe there is someone here who can help us understand even more. I hope the link works for everyone. https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2020/11/16/the-curse-of-the-buried-treasure
  9. Not sure if im posting on the right forum, correct me if not Steve. Heard on the news last night a jewelry store in Michigan is going out of business and he has hidden all types of valuable coins and jewelry in many places. He stated he is selling a chance to locate them I think entry is $49.00 per chance? He also stated each piece has a gps tracker on it. Hoe does that work? most gps will get you close then you pull out your metal detector or what? Is this like Geo Caching ? On another note was informed the Texas Governor rejected our County Judges request to lock us back up...HURRAAAA
  10. From Wikipedia - "The Fenn Treasure is a treasure reportedly worth more than one million dollars hidden by art dealer and author Forrest Fenn in the Rocky Mountains. According to Fenn, many people have claimed to have found the treasure, but no one has provided any evidence to him supporting their claim. Fenn has confirmed four of the nine clues have been solved and that searchers have been within 200 feet of the treasure. As of 20 August 2016 Fenn has stated that to his knowledge it is still not found." Read the full story
  11. Due to the high danger in entering the house with grains of sand and rusty materials when my woman is there, I keep my buttocks safe leaving any find that is not gold outside in the garden, inside a basket ... I do not remember how many hunts ago I left this pendant and other coins in the basket, perhaps distracted by the rings, much heavier ... Also it is rare to see pendants with red paint ... It seemed like costume jewelry. Anyway with my daughter yesterday afternoon, we rummaged in the basket and I showed her how many coins that I discard can return as new with a bit of hard work .. She
  12. I took my wife, and two young boys to the river for a couple hours this morning. I figured I'd bring my Detector, and get a couple hours of hunting in while the kids played. I have been hunting the rivers all week long. I possibly put in close to 30 hours, with very little success. I am learning the machine with each swing though. I was hunting in Park 2, knee deep in the water, a spillway at my back, and open river in front of me, with a strong current. My settings were default, except the Iron Bias was switched to F2 giving it a value of 6 automatically. I went with 50 tones, and p
  13. https://www.kob.com/albuquerque-news/forrest-fenns-treasure-reportedly-found/5753216/?cat=500
  14. There are still some treasures out there in them'thar hills! https://www.ksl.com/article/46667233/7-legendary-treasures-in-utah-and-the-west-that-have-never-been-found
  15. I just fired up the Lobo and placed the coil to the ground, then it beeped or quacked as some would have it but I like the sound's my Lobo makes. I'm starting to understand it with every hour we spend together and I think we have begun a fine relationship with each other, for she rewarded me with my very best find ever. The target was positive as I waved the coil over the ground , so I then began to recover the item and I popped out this badge which was covered with a fair amount of soil. Just like most of the other badges that I find I just put them in the bag and carry on but then when I got
  16. This place looks cool for nuggets but according to the past , unclear things question it https://mysteriousuniverse.org/2014/10/the-mysterious-valley-of-the-headless-corpses/ pay attention when the timer reach on 1:17:04
  17. "Some stories are worthy of being told more than once. There are countless stories about lost or buried treasure in Nevada history. Most of these are legends that might or might not have any basis in fact. The following story, however, is one of the rare cases where a real treasure was found, when there was no previous knowledge it even existed." Full Story Here
  18. 130 billion worth of gold. I can almost see Russia from out my window... https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/navy-ships/a22345825/russian-shipwreck-gold-dmitri-donskoii/
  19. This year, 2018, I'm working thru the year to pay up on last years not so great stab at a golden prospects in Australia last year, 2017. It was a great trip, always is, but a lot of little factors kept me gold poor *which I use to pay for food, fuel and amenities* so I leaned on the credit card a little to hard. Hahh! No one ever said I'd get rich but ehh~ One can dream by the camp fire.~~ Another driving factor for this post is that my email does not like to send pictures so this is for you all who have asked "Where are the pictures?" when I tried to send them. Well that aside Its Al
  20. https://www.livescience.com/62638-san-jose-shipwreck-cannons.html Pretty amazing - the article is worth a read if you love anything to do with treasure hunting. It's great how over the last few decades underwater ROV's are putting these treasures/history back in reach.
  21. Another reason why you shouldn't blab a discovery.... http://www.wpxi.com/news/top-stories/fbi-digging-where-treasure-hunters-are-thinking-of-gold/716013192
  22. I From morocco i have paper of treasure like this photo and i have other Place more than 30 with treasure in land i don't have detector for 1,5m to know the place treasure and make sure i have a EDS gold catcher but not working well always i find only ferrous target with Disc I need someone from morocco can work with me or someone help me for good Detector for 1,5m for Detect Gold
  23. Here is a bit of an update on THE treasure hunt. http://www.wphm.net/2018/01/12/people-continue-to-seek-reported-hidden-treasure-in-the-rocky-mountains-despite-fatal-attempts/
  24. I was unsure as to which forum this would be appropriate to post under? Regardless, it's a good read if you have five minutes or so. http://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/bay-area-settler-forgot-where-he-buried-gold-1850s-12488116.php#item-85307-tbla-20
  25. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2017/03/17/teen-finds-744-carat-diamond-arkansas-park/99296000/
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