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  1. I just fired up the Lobo and placed the coil to the ground, then it beeped or quacked as some would have it but I like the sound's my Lobo makes. I'm starting to understand it with every hour we spend together and I think we have begun a fine relationship with each other, for she rewarded me with my very best find ever. The target was positive as I waved the coil over the ground , so I then began to recover the item and I popped out this badge which was covered with a fair amount of soil. Just like most of the other badges that I find I just put them in the bag and carry on but then when I got home I couldn't find it and was worried I'd have to look for it again. Then my wife said here it is thank goodness she found it, so we cleaned it up with some water to take a closer look. This is where it get's interesting, I can see now that it's a R.A.F. Squadron Badge. So I look for the Squad number and it showed 518, then I thought I've heard of this Squadron somewhere before, then it hit me D-Day these guy's radioed Churchill directly from the plane confirming the weather was good enough for the landing of D-Day. I could not believe what I had in my hand, a Squadron Badge from the 518 Squadron. So I did some background work and found out that it's the real deal. Some insignias show the hand holding the key to the right but mine was facing to the left so I checked some more on this and it is supposed to face left. I do hope we have some WW II historians with us so they could give me some more information on what I have found. I also know there were 28 flights in the Squadron with 8 men crews so that's only 224 men in this squadron. I also found out that to this day, some of the where bouts' of couple of these guy's is still unknown one from Australia. Man this is real live history I have here, there's so much information on this Squadron and it's a great story too, so if you haven't heard about these guy's you should check it out for sure. Now if you are familiar with this story, please pass on what information you could supply me with. This must have a lot of historic value and speaking of value what would you think it would be worth to the right buyer? My question now is, should I have it restored or do we leave these kind of things alone? This is my best find ever and a day I'll never forget. I found some real live history about 70 Year old iconic world history. This is Great I Love My Lobo. B.T.W. My camera is Sh#*, so please excuse the photography and my other camera is also no, is a digital microscope and can only zoom out to 50X. http://www.oldnautibits.com/features/aerofeature5.php http://www.aniodhlann.org.uk/tag/518_squadron/ https://www.wikiwand.com/en/No._518_Squadron_RAF https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/raf-518-squadron-coastal-command-480919770
  2. This place looks cool for nuggets but according to the past , unclear things question it https://mysteriousuniverse.org/2014/10/the-mysterious-valley-of-the-headless-corpses/ pay attention when the timer reach on 1:17:04
  3. I do love my fried chicken but this is a bit much ? Source : https://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-ideas/weird-and-wacky/worlds-most-expensive-chicken-wings-as-bizarre-gold-food-craze-hits-the-us/news-story/55dee79bce3486d047f310e64b1c996b World’s most expensive chicken wings as bizarre gold food craze hits the US A New York restaurant sells the world’s most expensive chicken wings — dipped in real molten gold for that Insta-worthy look. The New York bar serving up 24k chicken wings If there was ever a chicken wing that could make the Versace mansion look understated, it can be found at The Ainsworth restaurants in the US. The upscale venue — which triples as a lounge and sports bar — has locations in New York, New Jersey, Kansas City, and Nashville and is famed for its 24-karat gold-coated chicken wings. According to The Ainsworth, each order of 50 chicken wings is covered with $A286 worth of gold dust. The wings cost $A65 for a plate of 10, $A129 for 20, or $A1437 for 50 with a bottle of Armand de Brignac champagne. They’re the most expensive chicken wings in the world, according to publicist turned food influencer Jonathan Cheban — best known as Kim Kardashian’s best friend — who goes by his Instagram handle, Foodgod. Cheban collaborated with Brian Mazza, the president of the company that owns The Ainsworth, to create the gilt chicken. Mr Mazza told CNN: “We wanted to create something over the top that’s never been done before, and you’ve never seen or tasted anything like it before.” The Ainsworth executive chef Justine Verzo told news.com.au her first reaction to the idea of making gold-dusted chicken wings was: “how?” “(I was thinking:) Like, what are we going to do with gold?” she said. But the team soon worked it out. To make the glittering Insta-worthy buffalo wings, the meat is brined in a coconut butter for 12 hours and coated with a chipotle and honey batter, baked, flash-fried, smothered in a gold marinade with extra honey barbecue sauce and dusted with 24-karat gold flakes. The final coating resembles molten gold. It comes with a side of gourmet blue cheese dip. “You want to make sure it looks good but tastes good at the same time,” Ms Verzo said. “It actually has a flavour to it, chipotle honey. “We took our time perfecting the taste of it so you don’t taste the gold.” Gold-coated chicken wings served at The Ainsworth.Source:news.com.au Gold needs to be in its purest 24 karat form to be safe to eat. The US Food and Drug Administration hasn’t rigorously studied the effects of the consumption of gold, but the European Food Safety Authority classifies it as harmless. According to Ms Verzo, the gold wings are a novelty. “A lot of socialites order this food because they want to take pictures of it,” Ms Verzo said. “It’s such a spectacular crowd-pleaser.” The wings first came to worldwide attention when a video showcasing them went viral last year. In the clip, the gold wings are served to Cheban who is sitting with a reporter. He giddily bites into one, emerging with a foiled mouth, like a Prada runway model. “It’s starting,” he says solemnly. “The gold lipstick is starting.” Gold food isn’t new — in 2016 in Manila, a dozen Golden Cristal Ube doughnuts sell for $A1700; in Abu Dhabi, a 24-karat gold-flaked cappuccino costs $A27.
  4. "Some stories are worthy of being told more than once. There are countless stories about lost or buried treasure in Nevada history. Most of these are legends that might or might not have any basis in fact. The following story, however, is one of the rare cases where a real treasure was found, when there was no previous knowledge it even existed." Full Story Here
  5. Hope you enjoy the Video it was a fun project to be involved in !!!!
  6. 130 billion worth of gold. I can almost see Russia from out my window... https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/navy-ships/a22345825/russian-shipwreck-gold-dmitri-donskoii/
  7. This year, 2018, I'm working thru the year to pay up on last years not so great stab at a golden prospects in Australia last year, 2017. It was a great trip, always is, but a lot of little factors kept me gold poor *which I use to pay for food, fuel and amenities* so I leaned on the credit card a little to hard. Hahh! No one ever said I'd get rich but ehh~ One can dream by the camp fire.~~ Another driving factor for this post is that my email does not like to send pictures so this is for you all who have asked "Where are the pictures?" when I tried to send them. Well that aside Its Always A Good Go down under. I stayed mostly in the region of Kalgoorie last year, hard hunted land that, so I could be of help and hang around with my mates in Coolgardie while they fixed up a new caravan and ute. The gold was small and hard to come by but I still got a few ounces in littles from the EL's I applied for, and yes sent the reports in for, but in all here are a few good days on the scales : And here are what most days went like. I only had a few days streaches during the weeks out bush where I caught the skunk... but I entertained myself otherwise ? I did find one small meteorite but it chose to find the hole in my pocket instead of coming home with me. Bugger. But while I was out and about I decided to look for another mineral I knew occured in the region were I was and took a few days driving the fence lines to find it. Chrysoprase. Never did find the mine that my mate pointed me towards but I did find an area that had the right indicators, what is called white and blue chrysoprase and chalcedony, and on stopping there I took a couple of days to speck around. I was finding mostly low grade stuff, the above picture, but found one good bit with just the tip sticking out like an iceberg: Among other interesting rocks like this one, semi-crystalline quartz with some nice shiny bubbly limonite and from another area of flats a fulgerite, solidified lightning strike: So my rock hounding itch was scratched ? Now camp is always a treat in the mornings and evenings but I also mentioned I kept myself entertained on days when I was not finding much. Aside from just enjoying nature and walking Kays getting no where on the gold a few days of yabbie fishing made for a great reliefe after catching the skunk. I visited various dams nearby and treated myself to a Yabbie feast on many evenings. So all in all a great time, good eats and nice finds. If you want to go my suggestion is : Make a Plan and stick to it. You wont be dissapointed. There were a great many other things that occured but like I said, a short story. Regards and go live the dream. Next year who knows..... I'm thinking opal or sapphires myself with a little gold and yabbie. Thanks for reading, DD
  8. https://www.livescience.com/62638-san-jose-shipwreck-cannons.html Pretty amazing - the article is worth a read if you love anything to do with treasure hunting. It's great how over the last few decades underwater ROV's are putting these treasures/history back in reach.
  9. From Wikipedia - "The Fenn Treasure is a treasure reportedly worth more than one million dollars hidden by art dealer and author Forrest Fenn in the Rocky Mountains. According to Fenn, many people have claimed to have found the treasure, but no one has provided any evidence to him supporting their claim. Fenn has confirmed four of the nine clues have been solved and that searchers have been within 200 feet of the treasure. As of 20 August 2016 Fenn has stated that to his knowledge it is still not found." Read the full story
  10. Another reason why you shouldn't blab a discovery.... http://www.wpxi.com/news/top-stories/fbi-digging-where-treasure-hunters-are-thinking-of-gold/716013192
  11. I From morocco i have paper of treasure like this photo and i have other Place more than 30 with treasure in land i don't have detector for 1,5m to know the place treasure and make sure i have a EDS gold catcher but not working well always i find only ferrous target with Disc I need someone from morocco can work with me or someone help me for good Detector for 1,5m for Detect Gold
  12. Thought this might interest you. https://www.stuff.co.nz/world/americas/102358148/fbi-at-site-where-civil-war-gold-rumored-to-be-buried JW
  13. Here is a bit of an update on THE treasure hunt. http://www.wphm.net/2018/01/12/people-continue-to-seek-reported-hidden-treasure-in-the-rocky-mountains-despite-fatal-attempts/
  14. I was unsure as to which forum this would be appropriate to post under? Regardless, it's a good read if you have five minutes or so. http://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/bay-area-settler-forgot-where-he-buried-gold-1850s-12488116.php#item-85307-tbla-20
  15. G;day Folks My son told me about 2 Guys who found A WWII Train that went missing loaded with 300+ Tons of Nazi Gold and he sent me this Link, John http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-33994483
  16. There has been a very neat story floating around about a little mine found in The Superstition Wilderness Area. This is a story that got no publicity until a writer and Lost Dutchman Mine Hunter named Jack San Felice wrote about it in a book a few years ago. Jack has always said he believes this mine was The Lost Dutchman. Very few details have ever been made public about the dig. The story goes, that the area was located in the 1950s but for whatever reason was not exploited for many years (as so many other incredible lost mine stories go). It was a pit mine that ran about 90 feet deep. It was smack dab in the middle of an area that had a bunch of working silver mines in the late 1800s. Because it was in the SWA (Superstition Wilderness Area), and closed to claim location since 1984, any exploitation had to be VERY secret. This mine was supposedly secretly worked during the Summer months of 1997-1999. They dug the mine from its original 90 foot depth to 300 feet deep. Most people thought it was just a silver mine like all the others in the area (Roger's Spring). Over the years, little tidbits have leaked out. Things like some of the people THOUGHT to be involved claiming they had found the Lost Dutchman. If true, that COMPLETELY discounts the silver mine idea (except we all know gold is often found in pockets in silver veins/mines). All a very interesting story, UNTIL a few days ago, when a picture started making the rounds: This cabbage ball sized chunk of rock that dreams are made of is claimed to be from this Pit Mine. Jacob Waltz claimed that his mine contained two veins of material: 1. 18 inch thick vein of white and rose quartz shot through with about 30% gold content. 2. 8 inch thick vein of gray volcanic tuff with visible gold that was very soft and could be scraped out with bare hands. You miners imagine how much money is involved if they dug 210 feet of ore like this in an 18 inch thick vein! Just a little something to get everybody's mouth watering! Enjoy - Mike
  17. This is a post I made on another forum that got a lot of attention. I condensed it for this posting. This is something everyone should be thinking about while out swinging a detector. Back in the 80's I had a close friend and working associate come to me and ask if I still had a metal detector. I told him yes and this story started to unfold. My friend was in a business where he made LOTS of money under the table. So in order to hide it, he was buying gold and silver coins and hiding it under his house. He told no one about, it not even his wife. He had buried the coins in containers and ran a wire with a flag to the surface so he could find them. Then one day he had a massive heart attack. When he recovered, he got scared and went under the house to dig up his hoard. He almost had another heart attack when he found that his wires had rusted away and he had no idea where the coins were. He told me he had dug many of them up but several ozs of both gold and silver were lost. This is where I came into the picture. I was working some very long hours and didn't get a chance to get over there right away. Some time passed and he sold the house. A few years later he passed. This house is not to far from me in a nice neighborhood. I drive by there every once in a while and wonder just how much gold and silver is still there. But then I just have to wonder how many other banks are in the neighborhood. I have an Aunt, that to this day, refuses to use a bank, and her money is hidden in her basement. My second wife's grand parents owned motels in Oregon. When they died, many thousands of dollars was found hidden all over their house. It was stuffed everywhere you could think of. They never did know if they found it all. Back in the 80's I used to research train robberies. One turned out to be practically in my back yard. We narrowed it to a 5 acre piece of ground. I tried to buy the property but the guy wouldn't sell. It has now been sold and as far as I know the 20 pound sack of $20 gold pieces is still buried there. Most "post hole banks", private party banks, are not buried deep and generally in plain sight of the person who buried it. For the simple reason that they may want to add or take away some amount without a lot of effort, and would be able to keep an eye on the spot. The area I grew up in was once owned by a large family that moved here in the late 1920's. I grew up with some of the great grand kids. The property, originally a section, got divided over the years and given to siblings. Some was sold off like the parcel my folks bought. I have been told that several of the old timers had buried money in the neighborhood. A lot of it has since been found. Maybe all of it. But then again who knows. I had an Uncle who has passed on, he buried several oz's. of gold and silver slugs in round containers in his back yard in the 1980's. No one knows what happened to them. He may have dug them up and sold them, OR, they may still be there. His property is no longer in possession of family members so the access is now gone. There are a lot of these stories told around a camp fires and I think most the stories you will hear are based in fact, but the pertinent details have been lost over the years or added to thru the telling of the story. Plus all the trash that has been discarded on rural properties make's it almost impossible to perform any kind of functional hunt with a detector. Short of a chance hit with a dozer cutting a new road, most the unfound money will stay that way. Long dead now I had a cousin that had moved to Foresthill Ca. in the mid 1930's. He and my grandfather were gold miners and worked many rivers in the area and at one time had a hard rock mine they were working in the Alta area. The property he moved to was a 52 Acer piece and was once an old Wells Fargo stage stop. There were 3 mines on the property, a boarding house that he lived in, and the old barn WF used. At the back of the property was an old rock foundation in front of the only mine shaft that was still open. This was the original cabin site of Dr. Todd of Todd Valley. I used to spend a lot of time there in the 60' and 70's, but before I got into metal detecting. When we were small kids in the 50"s My cousin would love to show us his gold coins. He would not let us go into the basement with him, but would come out with several coins to show us. Now when he had closed the mine in Alta, he brought the ore crusher and a few carts to the ranch. One night he caught some neighbor druggies trying to steel the carts and ran them out at gun point. Some time later they returned and set the house on fire and burned him out. Luckily he got out of the house. Many nice antiques were lost in that fire. A few years later he Passed away leaving the property to his son, my God Father. The boarding house was a two story place with a stone basement underneath it with a big iron door. When the fire burned itself out all the rubble was in the basement. Over time, little by little my God father cleaned out the basement. One day he found 2 mason jars that were shattered and all broken up, but the glass was all held together by the melted gold that was inside them! During the 80"s I was up there playing with a detector and detected one of the walls of the basement. I found 2 different spots behind the rocks that had metal. The rocks were loose, like they could be removed. I didn't check behind them, but told my God father about them and where they were. He said he would check them. It was a year or so before I was back up there and asked about the basement. I was told that it had not been checked yet. I headed out that way and detected around the foundation where the loose rocks were, but whatever was hidden there was now gone. I never asked about it again. All the old timers are dead now and that property has been sold. But I would give my eye teeth, with the knowledge I have now, to be able to hunt that property again. I too have several thousand dollars stashed for a number of reasons. That's kind of ironic that I may become the center of a treasure story some day.
  18. A haul of Viking treasure has been unearthed from a field in south west Scotland by an amateur using a metal detector. Derek McLennan, a retired businessman from Ayrshire, made the find in Dumfriesshire in September. In total, more than 100 items were recovered, including armbands, a cross and brooches. Experts have said the discovery is one of the most important Viking hoards ever found in Scotland. More at http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-south-scotland-29582866
  19. LipCa wanted to post this but is having copy and paste issues with the forum, so I am doing it for him. Always here to help folks! "Workers from Global Diving & Salvage, Inc. have been searching the bottom of Lake Guatavita since January 2014, looking for the treasure of the legendary “Lost City of Gold”, also known as Manõa, that is associated with the legend of the El Dorado." http://worldnewsdailyreport.com/colombia-treasure-hunters-could-have-found-el-dorado/ An account of attempts to drain the lake to recover the treasure.... http://www.saexplorers.org/system/files/magazine/sae-mag-8g-lake-guatavita.pdf
  20. I just read this ad on Craigalist and it was GREAT! Read to the end. http://phoenix.craigslist.org/wvl/pts/4368423576.html 2001 Toyota Tacoma SR5 4X4 Extra Cab 2.7L 5sp - $1200 (Wickenburg) © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap (google map) (yahoo map) Complete truck. All or none. First come, first serve. Recovered from a canyon for insurance company to save them a littering fee. I have the title signed off by the husband who co owned the truck. It is not notarized. If you are going to do something stupid like try to rebuild the truck, you will need to contact the wife and have her sign off and notarize as well. I am not chasing it. I am selling the truck for recovery and storage fees as dismantle only for a fraction of what a parts yard could make parting it out. I have had the truck in my yard for a year. Please ask any questions before asking to see the truck. Saves me and you time and money. Stupid offers will be deleted. No trades, not interested in services. If you make me spend $40 in fuel to show the truck, and offer me $600, needless to say I wont be happy. By the way, there could be seven one ounce silver coins somewhere in the truck. There was 4k worth of coins in the truck. All but 7 of them were recovered with a metal detector at the crash site. six 0 two seven 9 six 2 seven 4 eight - Ted
  21. My wife and I still watch the news in Alaska. This article really caught my eye. Pretty amazing story. Lost in the Hawaii sand, a ring finds its way back to Alaska newlyweds BY JULIA O'MALLEY Anchorage Daily News / adn.com January 7, 2014 http://www.adn.com/2014/01/07/3262784/lost-in-the-hawaii-sand-a-ring.html
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