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    Exploration & leasing of past producing placer gold mines in the Sierra Nevada Mts.
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    Excavators, skid steers, large trommels, spiral wheels.

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  1. This is a question that keeps coming up over & over. Evidently the state of California requires a miner to apply for a permit to highbank. This requires that you file a Report of Waste Discharge with the Regional Water Board. You can't begin mining until the Regional Water Board either approves your Report of Waste Discharge or determines that a permit is not required depending on the discharge created in the particular area. The minimum fee is $1120 but could be higher depending on the threat of discharge. Also, there is no time frame on getting a permit. I know of several miners who highbank without permits with no problem. Fines can be quite high as well. Has anyone actually applied for and received one of these permits or know of anyone who has? Has anyone been shut down and fined while highbanking without a permit?
  2. One of the craziest fights I saw was an argument about whether the ground was virgin or tailings. One of the guys was my partner. You'll here more about that soon in the 2015 season i'm writing now.
  3. I've seen some real throwdowns over gold. Not pretty. That's when the wives head for the hills LOL.
  4. Thanks. Just got back from a long run. It's nice to read all the great comments. Now you can read the book uninterrupted.
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