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  1. I just received a new to me SDC2300 and wanted to verify it using the Minelab security check on their website. I did not receive the viewer that was originally included with the detector so what worked for me was a coolant leak detector flashlight ( black light or UV light) It works well enough for me to read the hidden code and I was able to verify my machine.
  2. It does leave a black streak....Thanks! But if it was magnetite wouldn't it be magnetic itself?
  3. I found this out in San Bernardino burried in hard clay in a wash. It attracts to magnets and has the correct external features ( I think) to be considered a candidate. The last picture is of the window I sanded off. It polishes up like metal. I do have another verified meteorite to compare it to and this one seems very similar in density. What do you think?
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