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  1. All sorted with the great help from the miners den in Brisbane and Outback Prospector in Clermont. Works perfectly. I took it straight back to where i was when it played up and recovered a small nugget from the same spot. Thanks
  2. Thanks again everyone. I guess I'm more disappointed that I had just found 3 pieces of gold in a 30m radius and shut it down for bragging rights and lunch. Not to worry, im sure that minelab will sort it and throw in a new coil and treasue maps with a bag of skill? It was pure arse that i detected where i was.
  3. I have explained my trobleshoot poorly. I immediately changed all batteries for new/fully charged. It ,WM12 was turned on after the detector and paired before attempting normal quick start. Sound present until I went to wave over ferrous ring, dead and wouldn't shut down, removed the battery and reinserted it.Retried without using WM12. Used brand new headphones for exactly the same result at the ferrous ring stage of quick start. Also wouldn't turn off. I then reset the equipment as per manual and tried again for the same results. Nothing has ever been wet, dropped or left outside. Very thankful for the time and effort taken for the responses. I will be sending it bact to the manufacturer as soon as i get back home. Its more than a little bit disappointing to see that this problem is not just a one-off, but the fact that it wasnt mentioned as a possibility on the day of purchase. Not very impressed with that at all.
  4. I recently lost sound whilst detecting. The detector was working just fine. I turned it off after finding 3 small pieces of gold to have some lunch. After i turned it back on and went through the quick start process it just dropped sound. Only noise i got was turning the wireless off and on. Then the detector would shut down without removing the battery. I tried to reset, also didn't work. Very frustrating as i was on a good area and had driven 560km. Please advise as im at a loss. The detector hasn't been used more than 20 times, ie brand new.
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