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Found 49 results

  1. Swegin

    GPX 5000 Help

    Here is my problem. I bought this used and I know it's older then 3 years and it was working fine. I can hear the threshold but I can't hear the target response. In this case the target is a gram nugget. I have a metal fire pit in my backyard and I have to put the coil about 6 inches from before I hear a response. This problem comes and goes for what it's worth. I have tried different coils with the same results, used those same coils on my 3000 and everything is dandy. On the front panel I have the switches set as Fixed, Double D, Normal, and General. ( I was using Double D coils) I have tried the Factory preset and the problem is still there. Any ideas before I sent this off to Minelab?
  2. Unboxed it, assembled it and went to power it up...and nothing. Hooked it up to the charger and the charging light stays solid and doesn't blink. Able to power it up while on charge and the battery indicator reads full...but as soon as I unplug the charger, it dies. Need some help please.
  3. I sent my F-Pulse back for a full refund. It had to be defective and I just didn't like it. Not knocking something that didn't work because I have read many positive reviews and if Steve H says it's good I am sure it is. I am just not going to risk waiting for another one. Profind 35 here we come
  4. Lobo Lover

    Lobo No Go

    The lobo needs repair, does anyone know where I can get the Loved Lobo repaired? I just got going and then there it was gone! lost my pin point mode. Why is this happening to me ? I just want to MD all day long. Someone told me to get rid of it, but we just got together. How could I do that to her. So any help would be of great help, at a moment like this. I can't send it back to the factory because the factory don't want it either now that it's all gone quite. Think I'll sit down and cry now.
  5. My old model CTX leaked in salt and the plate that goes into the cell (housing side) has been eaten off. Anyone have this problem and find a way to restore ;contact? I'm looking at a bit of copper wire in the slot to contact where the plate sat...brutal makes me sick how bad this gasket seating is on this model. Ive tried everything to keep it dry. cjc
  6. I normally run my pin pointers on vibrate only. At some point in the past 3 months I managed to change my TRX to beep and vibrate. When I got tired of it I found my instructions to change it back to Vibrate only and low and behold, the current option is the only option it will give me. When I try to cycle through the target response options it only cycles through the beep and vibrate mode. Will not cycle through all the options. I thought it might be low batteries but a battery change out made no difference. I've never submerged it so water wouldn't be a issue. Any ideas? Guess I'll have to cough up some money and send it off to Whites to get fixed. Bummed me out, I can tell you. I had to leave it at home and start using my Tek-Point which I don't like to use for jewelry hunting as it isn't as sensitive as the TRX on the small gold items. HH Mike
  7. dewcon4414

    Nox Cuff..... Broke

    Well i wondered when this would happen. Ive got at least 700 hours on my Nox ... but this morning in shallow water she let me down. Top part of the cuff broke off. The cuffs are really to far apart and with the torques we put on them back and forth you may consider a metal one a better choice if you water hunt. Kind of bad, i wanted to hunt with a couple of people from a few hours away who came for a few day and hadnt been able to because of the less that great weather. So about an hour into it........ ugh. But i kept pushing it along...... in the wet sand. At least i got a 1.4 gram 18K (750) necklace charm for all that work lol. Got home and called Jamie at ML........ new one coming Monday. How bout that for FAST? Thanks ML. At least there were finally some trash to at least chase around so ...... road trip again tomorrow. Like most of us ive got a few cuffs laying around.
  8. After researching I purchased my first detector Oct. 2, the Equino 800. The second time in the field, fully charged, the display faded to blank. Being unfamiliar with the machine, I thought I did something. turning it off and on again brought the screen back. I was on a trip and doing my first detecting in Nevada sun and it happened again. The audio was fine, screen blank. Got home and went to the beach after 10 minutes, the same thing. Reset unit and it worked for the next two hours just fine. I contacted ML and they sent me a pre-paid UPS ground label to send the control pod unit in for repair. So it appears, just in shipping time alone, the detector will be away as much as I've had it in my hands so far. Of course I'm a bit disappointed in not being able to go detecting and am experiencing some buyer's remorse. I am now wondering if I made the right choice in detectors. Maybe in the mad rush of hype and sales of the EQ, Minelab's quality control is slipping?
  9. I recently lost sound whilst detecting. The detector was working just fine. I turned it off after finding 3 small pieces of gold to have some lunch. After i turned it back on and went through the quick start process it just dropped sound. Only noise i got was turning the wireless off and on. Then the detector would shut down without removing the battery. I tried to reset, also didn't work. Very frustrating as i was on a good area and had driven 560km. Please advise as im at a loss. The detector hasn't been used more than 20 times, ie brand new.
  10. Anyone had the problem of their pro-find 35 losing its bleeping audio? Still got the vibrations and hence some resonance sound, but its as if ive gone deaf, which evidently i haven't. Is this serious? Thanks, Andy.
  11. Looks like I'll be sending my new Nox in again for repairs. It was replaced 6-7 weeks ago because of a faulty power button, now it won't charge. I tried doing a reset, I tried another charger and nothing. It goes straight to a solid green light and will not charge. So, once again off to Minelab for I'm sure another new control housing. I may have 20 hours of use on this one, I've charged it 2 times before it quit charging. Not a happy camper as I had a weekend hunt planned coming up in 11 days.
  12. So I went to top off the charge in my nox 800 and after connecting the magnetic cable I saw that the charging indicator light wasn't on or flashing. So I brushed off potential debris that might be keeping the cable from making connection and tried again. Same thing. I checked on my wm08 module and it started charging. I tried my other cable and same thing also. I checked the contacts and surfaces on the cable and the detector and looks fine, just not working. So I did a factory reset- that didn't fix it either. Has this happened to anyone? Am I missing something? I've already emailed customer service i last had 2 of 3 bars on my charge level so I'm leaving it connected to the charger overnight and will check if it's still 2 bars. Quite an annoying situation, but it is the first issue I've had with it to date.
  13. If you are using the WM08 AND the minelab waterproof cable, AND black Widows or Sun Ray phones and you "think" you are having performance issues please let me know!
  14. Lately, I've been experiencing the coil overload problem. Its hard to say whats causing it but it happens often. Probably not the best thing to do but I tend to slightly lean on the detector as I'm digging a target with the coil firmly against the ground. I've done this for a while with no problems before. It only shows the overload signal or shuts down when the coil is pressed against the ground. I've noticed it happens when using different coils as well. The only thing that has changed recently is the settings I use. I often have the rx gain flat out at 15 (gpx 4500) and other setting quite high also. Is it possible that the more extreme settings (when the coil is in contact with the ground) are the cause or is likely a problem with the machine?
  15. After getting my RMA# and printing out the return label, I noticed the package is being shipped back to Naperville Il. instead of the repair center in Pa. The on/off button is difficult to operate, you have to manipulate it just right to get it to engage. I take it that it's going to be replaced rather than having the repair center take a look at it. Not complaining, just making an observation.
  16. We had a look out today . And for some reason the nox switched it's self off ???????? It would do this intermittently from 1 minute to 5 minutes just went off ??? It was fully charged . Has anyone else had this problem ??? Tried a FR . Still did it ???? Any info appreciated .
  17. Hello, All. Dave in Ohio. I've been fairly pleased with my Impact since purchasing the pro-pack from KellyCo last year. My negative issues this far have been minor: another short person's detector--Could someone please build a detector that extends far enough? Couple of inches of cable and some extra shaft? Not that big a deal, though a taller detector would be nice. My issue now, though, is significant: When I've been detecting for an hour or more, my detector suddenly goes nuts. It starts jumping through numbers and making all kinds of noise. Point it at the ground--crazy. Point it at the air--crazy. Power off and on--the same. New batteries--the same. Changing frequencies or adjusting isat--no change. Lower gain, different coil, switching programs--no help. When it starts to happen, I know it's time to go to my backup detector. So? Any ideas or similar issues? Any help much appreciated. And yes, I also got online and updated.
  18. I've been having problems with the audio breaking up and dropping out on my WM 08 wireless audio module. At first I thought it was my earbuds, made for Android phones which have an extra connection on the 1/8" plug. I've also tried Sennheiser sports earphones and Bose noise cancelling travel headphones both with standard 1/8" plugs. All have the same issue. I keep the module in the back of my CamelBak and think the combination of the water inside and my body is enough to shield the signal. It was unusable at the beach yesterday until I put the module in my front pocket, but it still was dropping out pretty regularly. Another theory, cellular tower interference. There was a portable cellular tower erected at the beach yesterday for Spring Break. I also have a tower near my house. Both are transmitting on 2147.5 Mhz according to my Network Cell Info app. I've tried finding the FCC info for the frequencies on the WM 08 but haven't had any luck. Anyone else having issues with the WM 08 wireless audio module? My ML 80 Bluetooth wireless headphones work great, but I wish I could use the WM 08 so I can wear a sun hat.
  19. At Gerry’s Metal Detectors, we’ve noticed a consistent physical defect with the supplied Equinox headphones in three of our staff members’ personal units. The small plastic piece that is screwed down over the end of the headband padding is breaking at the stress point located between the two screw holes; upon opening one brand new unit, the broken piece was found already detached and lying on the bottom of the headphone case. Folks, please inspect your headphones at the affected area (see pics below) and report back here. Hopefully it’s not a widespread issue. Normal, undamaged part: Broken part, with upper half of plastic piece missing:
  20. I bought my Makro Gold Racer a while ago and finally got the chance to get out with it. It works fine around my home. The first gold area I took it too, it went bonkers with a pulsing noise and the display target reading bounced all over the place. I was in the all metal mode with tracking on. I thought it might be EMI, since there was a massive radio tower about 1 mile away. I took it to another area away from any known towers and it did the same thing. The ground in both places is highly mineralized and variable. In the last place I turned up the iSat and that helped some. I also turned down the sensitivity which also helped some. Any ideas would be welcome. Maybe there is a problem with the detector or is it me???????
  21. Today I was out detecting with my GM1000 and about half way through the day the volume on it went really quiet, I don't know how to do a factory reset on the GM1000 to see if that will fix it, I have it set at maximum volume obviously and its internal speaker is just so quiet, I didn't have headphones with me so it cut the day short as it was so hard to use when you couldn't hear it over the creek noise. I got home and tried it with headphones and they're loud, normal volume levels so I think it's associated with the speaker, perhaps a faulty speaker. I quick google shows nobody else has had the same problem? On the plus side, I did manage to find a couple of nuggets before the speaker packed it in.
  22. Today I took my Equinox down to the river to do a bit of practice on it, I also had my Gold Bug Pro with me as I am still trying to work out if it's suitable for my wife to use for nugget hunting. I want her to use a detector, she doesn't want to use a detector It's embarrassing apparently. I had my test nuggets with me I found with John (kiwijw) and I buried them in various locations, testing if the Equinox and GBP could hit on them. I had the solid elliptical 10" coil on the GBP. The GBP worked well, found all the nuggets no problems, just needed a ground balance and off I went, max sensitivity and all was great. (Sorry Steve H, I bought the GBP due to your reviews then I started to doubt it as it never found me gold after probably 50 hours detecting in Gold country and started saying it wasn't very good, but then very recently I worked out that was my fault not that of the GBP thanks to John, kiwijw who educated me how to even find Gold) Lesson learnt from this, you could have the best metal detector available and unless you know where and how to find gold, you'll fail. It's probably why so many give up on the hobby. John (kiwijw) really saved me there, there is no better way than to have someone show you how to do it. Once you've seen it done and know it can be done it becomes a reality, the doubt disappears. The Equinox on the other hand was going mental like a bad EMI problem, I tried the noise cancel holding it up in the air 90 degrees from the ground, i tried manually noise cancelling it on every single number and I just couldn't get rid of the EMI issue. It made it really unstable and hard to use, I was in this same area of the river a few days beforehand with the Equinox lovin' it, it was doing well finding lots of trash for me I just don't get why today it was so unstable. I had to turn the sensitivity right down and manually noise cancel to get it to work, but then it couldn't find the nuggets that the GBP was easily finding. I believe kiwijw experienced this same problem a week or so ago on one of his prospecting adventures so he ended up using his Monster on that trip. There is nothing I know of around there to cause EMI, no phone towers, I didn't have my phone with me, no houses, no powerlines, nothing... I'm puzzled. I've had problems before with the Southern Lights (Aurora) setting off my cars radar detector, I'm wondering if they could cause my Equinox issues? I got home and checked how the southern lights are behaving and they are just mild and off the bottom of the country, although I am right down near the bottom. Could this be the cause of my woes? I'm lost as to why it was behaving like this. I didn't try manually ground balancing the Equinox as at the time I'd forgotten how to do it, I left it in Gold 1 and 2 with the auto tracking which the manual recommends anyway.
  23. I have audio problem with gpz 7000 and has failed to resolve even after updating the software... the problem started on its own and I resolved to update hoping it will go away but this far nothing is coming
  24. So a couple weeks ago I was out detecting with my GPX 5000 and all was going well. Steve Herschbach and I were hunting a spot where there are several patches in a comparatively small area a few hundred yards up to a quarter mile apart. At the last place of the day, I took out my GPX and turned it on, and it sounded weird (the 5000 goes through a specific set of tones on boot up and I know what is normal). I looked at the display screen and it was off - it looked the same as when the detector is off. It was making some faint sounds and I waived some metal objects past the coil and it did make a weak sound as the metal went by - but it was obviously malfunctioning and with the screen off, I could not adjust the sound upward even if I wanted. I tried a second power cord and that made no difference. I tried another coil - also no change. So I sent the unit into minelab for repair. They rebooted the unit to all the factory presets and it worked fine. Apparently this happens sometimes that the computer gets itself set to some weird setting and it wont run right unless reset to the presets. Turning on and off is effectively a partial re-boot, while retoring factory pre-sets is a full and total reboot. Sometimes that is what it takes. So, the moral of this story is......... if you find that your Minelab GPX 4000 to 5000 model seems broken, try a different power cord, try another coil (both these I already knew), but also try rebooting to all the factory preset settings. Here is the procedure from the GPX 5000 manual: To restore all Factory Preset settings:1.Turn the detector off.2. .Press the On/Off switch down and hold until the Reset Defaults menu appears (approximately. 5–6 seconds).3. Turn Function Select to the right to select All Settings (as shown on the diagram).4. Turn Setting left or right to restore all Factory Presets.The detector will restore Factory Presets and re-start. Just thought this falls into the category of stuff worth knowing if you own a GPX detector.
  25. I bought a used Gpx 4500 with a 14x9 NuggetFinder coil. I was able to take it out gold hunting yesterday. I was unable to find gold, but was able to find lead at surprising depths. I also found an fragment of paper thin metal about the size of a marker tip @4”. The detector worked really well until the end of the day. It seemed that I was unable to ground balance in fixed mode and or tracking mode. I reset all the settings to FP and retuned. I still felt that the detector wouldn’t ground balance. Is the green ‘ground balance’ track button a simple’ switch that can be tested with a volt meter? Or is there a way to test the button?