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  1. Was in a field that was an orchard way back, had the Tejon cranked on sensitivity so it would just stop chattering. Going along and not even a peep for a while. Hit the all metal and nothing! Turned it off then on again and no signal! Figured I forgot to charge the lithium batteries as I usually do and of course I took the spares out of my pouch. Went home charged the batteries and they recharged really quick (usually take 2 hours from fully drained). Tossed them in, powered the machine up and Nothing!!! My heart sank. Checked to see if the headphones were ok and it turned out to be the inline audio volume switch was off. My guess is the switch would rub against my jacket and work its way off as I swung. All working good, taped the switch so it doesn't move 🙂
  2. Anyone in North America able to work on an Aquasearch? Kind of blares after coming off a target. I've gotten different opinions on the problem--all above my electronics hat size (a "2"). cjc
  3. I'm getting only about 5-6" inches ,depth with on sensitivity setting of 15. And when my wife or I run a hand down the coil the machine detects it and sounds off. Also,,can't say I'm a big fan of the teardrop coil can't came with it,is there a coil of close to the same size that would perform better??
  4. I sent my F-Pulse back for a full refund. It had to be defective and I just didn't like it. Not knocking something that didn't work because I have read many positive reviews and if Steve H says it's good I am sure it is. I am just not going to risk waiting for another one. Profind 35 here we come
  5. I turn on or a at least try to turn on My fisher f44 and then when i do it goes crazy like its on pinpoint mode and i cant even change through the diffrent modes can anyone help me ?
  6. Hi guys. In the last couple of years I've noticed where I live an increase, visible and noticable, of gold detectorists doing the wrong thing. Leaving all their holes unfilled, rubbish from camps and even their actual crap and crap paper just lying there in plain site. Some even digging on tracks leaving pot holes to drive over. Yeah, there are plenty that do the right thing but the pigs are now increasing. A while ago I went to Castlemaine in Vic, you gotta be kidding me, I must have been greeted by about 100 holes and scrapes unfilled and actual crap and the paper on the walk track! Just saw similar at Avoca with a big dug up, raked area, unfilled holes and the rest. A while ago at Dunolly the same and again at Stuart Mill. Is it any wonder they want to shut people out of the bush here these days. Im getting sick of seeing it. Whats it like in the US?
  7. My metal detector (which is a Fisher f 44) turns on by itself after a few minutes after turning it off anyone know why this happens? Ive had the detector for around 3 years now and it just started around a couple months ago , also i lost the cap that goes over the battery pack could that have anything to do with it?
  8. I normally run my pin pointers on vibrate only. At some point in the past 3 months I managed to change my TRX to beep and vibrate. When I got tired of it I found my instructions to change it back to Vibrate only and low and behold, the current option is the only option it will give me. When I try to cycle through the target response options it only cycles through the beep and vibrate mode. Will not cycle through all the options. I thought it might be low batteries but a battery change out made no difference. I've never submerged it so water wouldn't be a issue. Any ideas? Guess I'll have to cough up some money and send it off to Whites to get fixed. Bummed me out, I can tell you. I had to leave it at home and start using my Tek-Point which I don't like to use for jewelry hunting as it isn't as sensitive as the TRX on the small gold items. HH Mike
  9. My buddies kid went water hunting with me. His 600 flooded within 15 minutes....
  10. Today I took my Equinox down to the river to do a bit of practice on it, I also had my Gold Bug Pro with me as I am still trying to work out if it's suitable for my wife to use for nugget hunting. I want her to use a detector, she doesn't want to use a detector It's embarrassing apparently. I had my test nuggets with me I found with John (kiwijw) and I buried them in various locations, testing if the Equinox and GBP could hit on them. I had the solid elliptical 10" coil on the GBP. The GBP worked well, found all the nuggets no problems, just needed a ground balance and off I went, max sensitivity and all was great. (Sorry Steve H, I bought the GBP due to your reviews then I started to doubt it as it never found me gold after probably 50 hours detecting in Gold country and started saying it wasn't very good, but then very recently I worked out that was my fault not that of the GBP thanks to John, kiwijw who educated me how to even find Gold) Lesson learnt from this, you could have the best metal detector available and unless you know where and how to find gold, you'll fail. It's probably why so many give up on the hobby. John (kiwijw) really saved me there, there is no better way than to have someone show you how to do it. Once you've seen it done and know it can be done it becomes a reality, the doubt disappears. The Equinox on the other hand was going mental like a bad EMI problem, I tried the noise cancel holding it up in the air 90 degrees from the ground, i tried manually noise cancelling it on every single number and I just couldn't get rid of the EMI issue. It made it really unstable and hard to use, I was in this same area of the river a few days beforehand with the Equinox lovin' it, it was doing well finding lots of trash for me I just don't get why today it was so unstable. I had to turn the sensitivity right down and manually noise cancel to get it to work, but then it couldn't find the nuggets that the GBP was easily finding. I believe kiwijw experienced this same problem a week or so ago on one of his prospecting adventures so he ended up using his Monster on that trip. There is nothing I know of around there to cause EMI, no phone towers, I didn't have my phone with me, no houses, no powerlines, nothing... I'm puzzled. I've had problems before with the Southern Lights (Aurora) setting off my cars radar detector, I'm wondering if they could cause my Equinox issues? I got home and checked how the southern lights are behaving and they are just mild and off the bottom of the country, although I am right down near the bottom. Could this be the cause of my woes? I'm lost as to why it was behaving like this. I didn't try manually ground balancing the Equinox as at the time I'd forgotten how to do it, I left it in Gold 1 and 2 with the auto tracking which the manual recommends anyway.
  11. Happened to me this weekend at least 6 times..all of the sudden it gets really chattery and loud like the worst EMI you have ever heard...the numbers on the screen are going all over the place...first time I was near some power lines so I thought maybe it was because of that...It would do it and then stop and then start doing it again. I looked around thinking someone who hated metal detectors was targeting me with some EMI device lol...Then it happened again at 3 other locations yesterday...I tried re noise cancelling several times but that did not work...tried lowering the sensitivity almost down to zero and it was still going mad. Turning the machine off and then on again did not fix the issue...so I did a factory reset and that fixed it...but then an hour later it started up again...anyone have or seen this before? It happened in several different programs. strick
  12. Steve Have you ever heard of this problem and tell me if you think you know what it is... I have a Equinox 600 and I got vdi issues where I will be swinging the Detector hit a signal and then not want to dig that and keep swinging and it will show another vdi and then freezes up while I'm still swinging and then -- will show and then after six seconds or so 00 and then go again and same thing and I have turned sensitivity to 20, recovery speed 3 iron bias 2 and ground balance on auto tracking.... I also will swing over a vdi and it will jump and lower and jump and lower. And on pinpointer mode it sometimes won't have audio but I back out and try again it does. This is for sure a bug. Right?
  13. Been thinking about my 8500 Now the 8500 has it warts, but it has some good things about it too. One of the 8500 warts is that it really works better with concentric coils. I don't know if it was designed that way or not but that is just the way it is, so I don't put DD coils on it any more. My frustration level with the 8500 is way higher when running DD coils. So I quit using them on the 8500. My preferred concentric coil on the 8500 is the 8" round Tek coil. It gives the best stability and target id accuracy, including on nickels. Another wart of the 8500 is the 8500 operating manual, in particularly regarding sensitivity settings. The Omega 8000 manual tells you what is going on with the sensitivity control settings. The 8500 manual doesn't and so you get in trouble right away. On the 8500, just like on the 8000, Sensitivity settings of 1 to 70 are GAIN settings. 1 is lowest Gain, 70 is highest Gain. In other words, a Sensitivity setting of 70 is MAX GAIN. If site conditions (EMI, trash, ground minerals) allow, you can raise the Sensitivity settings above MAX GAIN into the HYPER THRESHOLD settings of 71 to 99. Since the operating manual doesn't spell this out, the tendency is to try and run up into the HYPER THRESHOLD settings thinking you are only running 75% to 80% power when in reality your are running 100% plus, and in most cases, site conditions don't allow for it, resulting in some major frustration. I find that sensitivity settings around 55 to 65 work best for most sites in Deep 1,2, and 3. Deep 0 setting often allows the most use of HYPER THRESHOLD settings but Deep 1, 2, and 3 work best if you keep below Max Gain (70). A sensitivity setting of 55 in d5 (non modulated audio tones) with the 8" round concentric is good for a hard hitting 8" dime, which is pretty decent, and leaves room for power increases if the site allows. Some of the pluses I like about the 8500 is the full control of the segment audio. Instead of the normal disc or notch discrimination, I can just manage each segments audio volume. This gives me disc/notch capability while still seeing full display responses. When I combine this with the Primary and Secondary TID feature it allows me to focus on what I'm hunting for, which for me is nice gold jewelry. I've already found some nice gold with the 8500 but now I think I'm going to specialize the 8500 as a large gold ring finder. Just going to cut the audio to all the segments except the Tab and Screw Caps segments, put it in VCO and hunt matching Primary and Secondary TID signals in places where men are most likely to loose a ring. Should be a successful strategy for larger gold. Gonna find out. I'll let you know how it goes. HH Mike (might be a few weeks before I report back, forgot this weekend is going to be rainy and honey-do's are already lined out for me. Teknetics Omega 8500 Data & Reviews
  14. Need help. My equinox 600 doesn't change discrimination patterns when I switch detect modes. I am always in all metal mode. My boyfriend has the same machine and his changes with each mode...he doesn't know why mine does not. I can't figure it out...help please.
  15. I bought this GPX 5000 second-hand and when I first had it it worked fine, but now when I turn it on it doesn't seem to be able to detect any signals. If I wand it over a large piece of metal it just about detects it and if I turned the unit on and off it seems to improve it. Could it be the coil? I've made a video :
  16. My old model CTX leaked in salt and the plate that goes into the cell (housing side) has been eaten off. Anyone have this problem and find a way to restore ;contact? I'm looking at a bit of copper wire in the slot to contact where the plate sat...brutal makes me sick how bad this gasket seating is on this model. Ive tried everything to keep it dry. cjc
  17. http://www.dankowskidetectors.com/discussions/read.php?2,162208
  18. I have had a Garrett ACE 250 for several years and just bought a very slightly used Garrett AT Pro a week ago. A couple of times I did not get any sound when first turned on but after wiggling the coil cable it started giving tones again. On occasion it has suddenly started chattering with almost no movement and I have done a reset and it corrected the problem. My main issue right now is that if I bump the coil cable close to the connector I get a tone every time. I have removed and re-inserted the connector twice making sure it is fully inserted but still get the tones. I have made sure its not the connector itself. I don't have another coil for the AT Pro to swap out. I texted the previous owner to find out when he purchased it hoping it was less than the 24 month warranty that Garrett has. Wondering how strict Garrett is on fixing issues like this or replacing a coil with a bad cable if I was not the original purchaser. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  19. Anyone had the problem of their pro-find 35 losing its bleeping audio? Still got the vibrations and hence some resonance sound, but its as if ive gone deaf, which evidently i haven't. Is this serious? Thanks, Andy.
  20. Who could help me. my GPZ 7000 works fine, but sometimes I can not turn it off. I keep the button pressed and it display ( turning off), but it will never go off. I used that remove the battery of the detector to get it off.
  21. Hello, All. Dave in Ohio. I've been fairly pleased with my Impact since purchasing the pro-pack from KellyCo last year. My negative issues this far have been minor: another short person's detector--Could someone please build a detector that extends far enough? Couple of inches of cable and some extra shaft? Not that big a deal, though a taller detector would be nice. My issue now, though, is significant: When I've been detecting for an hour or more, my detector suddenly goes nuts. It starts jumping through numbers and making all kinds of noise. Point it at the ground--crazy. Point it at the air--crazy. Power off and on--the same. New batteries--the same. Changing frequencies or adjusting isat--no change. Lower gain, different coil, switching programs--no help. When it starts to happen, I know it's time to go to my backup detector. So? Any ideas or similar issues? Any help much appreciated. And yes, I also got online and updated.
  22. Unboxed it, assembled it and went to power it up...and nothing. Hooked it up to the charger and the charging light stays solid and doesn't blink. Able to power it up while on charge and the battery indicator reads full...but as soon as I unplug the charger, it dies. Need some help please.
  23. Has anyone had this issue? Occasionally when charging my elliptical HF coil it will not start the 3 second on/3 seconds off indicator once it is charged. I changed it for hours yesterday and the most it would do would be that the light would occasionally flicker. Finally I took it off charge and the controller indicated that the coil was fully charged. The coil seems to function fine other than that. Thanks
  24. Here is my problem. I bought this used and I know it's older then 3 years and it was working fine. I can hear the threshold but I can't hear the target response. In this case the target is a gram nugget. I have a metal fire pit in my backyard and I have to put the coil about 6 inches from before I hear a response. This problem comes and goes for what it's worth. I have tried different coils with the same results, used those same coils on my 3000 and everything is dandy. On the front panel I have the switches set as Fixed, Double D, Normal, and General. ( I was using Double D coils) I have tried the Factory preset and the problem is still there. Any ideas before I sent this off to Minelab?
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