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  1. Let me try these new ideas out and get back with the thread! Thank you for the advice!
  2. Well I am not to sure what to tell you about the coil however it seems that when I turn the detector on it will start jumping around finding "signals" in the air, the ground ect... I have tried going between different modes and the result continues. It first started on my third day in the same field where I am in Belgium, I did not have any problems for the first two days and i cant seem to think of anything to cause the problem between those days. I have tried cleaning the coil and removing it to inspect it but nothing physical stands out. More than that I cannot say, I was hoping this was an easy fix on my end but we will see.
  3. I just found this thread while trying to find out what is wrong with my Nokta and I have the same situation right now. Was there a way to fix this problem?
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