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    Prospecting for gold.
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    A couple of high bankers, too many pans and sluices. Gold Kruzer, Nokta Legend

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  1. Question for you Ghost Miner... how did you guys handle the safe keeping of the gold? Did you make the split as you went along and everyone was responsible for they're own gold?
  2. Hi Steve! I have been looking at my profile trying to change my display name. When I click on account settings I see nothing that says "display name". Can you explain what I am doing wrong?
  3. What would have happened? I was complimenting Jacob...not trying to disrespect him in the least. I can't tell if you misunderstood me or not.
  4. Ohh no no man. I love Jacob and don't hold it against him one little bit for walking down to talk to the ladies. He had huevos rancheros man! All he did was what every red blooded MAN would want to do. But at the same time I am glad nobody got seriously hurt.
  5. Well brother if you decide on not buying the White's detector then I WILL take it.
  6. 100' eh? I've got flashlights that will light up a 1/4 mile or more. You don't have to walk in too far.
  7. Thank you Steve! I very much appreciate you for the way you monitor your website and keep it running clean!
  8. Did Bill tell you where his gold was hidden in case he died? Or did you guys have it and got to do a 3 way split?
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