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  1. Are you using the new Updater Tool & have V1.09 already installed?
  2. Interesting observations & thoughts. If you want to weaken the trash targets more you may have to scan with the coil elevated above the surface.
  3. The Master Sound HPs are not as loud as the newer Garrett MS2s. Don't overlook the excellent & deep Motion All Metal mode on the AT Gold.
  4. I would experiment with Black Sand activated & low levels of sensitivity & threshold using 6.4 kHz.
  5. I knew there was an attempt at it but was thinking it did not work as well as expected.
  6. I'm not worried about my old style speaker as I always use the HPs. I'm sure Nokta will warranty any & all old style speaker issues regardless of timeline. I also doubt the majority of the old style will end up defective. There are a lot more Legends out there than are represented on the forums or social media.
  7. Please give what settings have you been using and give us any observations you may have.
  8. Drawing the coil back while sweeping to listen if the tone drops to Iron is helpful also on suspect targets. Lower kHz also helps tell on them.
  9. In addition to sash weights; at the time many of the windows were made of smaller panes of glass held in lead frames, large sheets of glass being difficult to make & expensive. Not many of these type of windows survived. Many a pewter utensil & vessel too. The early history of lead mining in the USA is also very interesting. That is what first opened up the Upper Missouri River area. At the time it was extremely remote.
  10. The In line probe would be nice to have on a detector for sure. I keep thinking we can't be too far away from a good Fe/ non Fe Disc handheld unit.
  11. If he is as good as he says he is, you will have to get him a pair of suspenders to keep his heavy finds pouch from pulling his pants down!
  12. Welcome from East Texas. You have found a good forum for solid information. You are fortunate to have a local club to participate in. We should have a "Detecting Club" Sub forum here. That would be interesting. Keep us informed of your activities.
  13. I too have not been out a lot, too hot & dry. When I have hunted it has been a low mineral site using The Legend. My Tarsacci has a permeant place in my detector lineup & will be used after we get some rain to soften up the ground. It is like no other machine in the right conditions. I hope Dimitar is working on the next version of MDT with better tonal qualities & stereo mixed mode along with better TID range. A way for users to optimize for beach OR relic OR prospecting would be ideal. While he is very willing to talk one on one with users, learning to set up the MDT 8000 & understand it's characteristics and apply them to various situations remains a steep learning curve. I'm not sure what I want but something more definite than "try this & see". Tom Dakowski stated early on in the big MDT 8000 thread on his forum that the prototype was a very capable gold detector to the point that it had to be detuned to become an acceptable beach/relic detector. So the potential is there already.
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