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  1. The NM Legend will be an addition for me and my first SMF detector. I have been waiting on it's release because I have been so well pleased with the Anfibio Multi as an all around detector with the 6 coils I have for it. I have never cared for the Minelab audio. I am really looking forward to learning what SMF can add on my sites. It should compliment my other detectors well.
  2. Very neat and good sleuthing skills on your part.
  3. I'm pretty sure that adjustable wrench was not intended for plumbing. The jaws are flat for machine bolts.
  4. That is some good relics there. Nice clean up.
  5. The Salinity Balance setting also plays a part in TID stability & accuracy. Optimal Salt Balance varies with Frequency choice as well as the soil conditions.
  6. That makes me wonder how large and deep the formation was that it came from. Not from a monetary perspective just Natural Science.
  7. With the Tone pitch & Tone breaks being adjustable you should be able to create a 3 tone, 4 tone & 5 tone profile. The individual tone bin volume is an important feature to me also. I hope the 60 tone has more volume adjustment than the current 99DI on my Anfibio. I can adjust the volume only for the FIXED 0-15 Iron bin and any Notches. This is effective but the accepted tone volume is fixed at Max. This is too loud for me and gets fatiguing pretty quick. But it is liquid lightning quick and deep.
  8. He is an enthusiast as well as an engineer. He really wants his users to be successful. He asked as many questions as I did.
  9. I sent him an E mail with some questions about Ground Balance. He took the time to call me on the telephone to discuss my questions. A nice fellow and a pleasure to speak with.
  10. The tones sound good to me. Pleasing but distinct. I'm counting on them being able to blend like they do on the Anfibio.
  11. I finally had a chance to get out with the MDT 8000 again this afternoon. I hunted a different area that is not so heavily iron littered. This was my first chance to run Mixed mode for any length of time. It is much more dynamic & telling than straight Disc mode. I was able to call the big iron & small trash just fine. Dug some nice period targets including an unusual Flat button in very good condition. It is classed as a Patriotic/Political button in Albert's book; PC106A. A pretty neat find for around here. Still learning the MDT & playing with Ground balance & Salt balance. Today was 12kHz, Sens 6-7, TH -3, Disc +30. Not clean ground by any means but only 1-2 nails per sweep instead of a half dozen. This is sticky Red clay with plenty of natural Iron oxide, GB in the high 800's to mid 900's.
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