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  1. Don't get discouraged, weird things do happen even to veteran detectorists. Could be the hole effecting the Ground Balance or a large object quite deep. A good handheld pinpointer really helps on such occasions.
  2. The AT Max has a volume control, 0-8. The proportional audio that helps gage depth/size is best heard with the Master volume at max 8. The MS 3 headphones have a single knob volume control to set a comfortable volume for the user & conditions. I wish the Max had Iron volume, the new Apex has both overall volume & iron volume. That tells me Garrett is listening to the detecting community and paying attention to it's competitors, I am looking forward to the AT version of the Apex concept.
  3. About this time last year I decided to purchase a quality set of headphones to use as a backup pair for my wireless detectors, In talking to several vendors it seems the Gray Ghost line changed the type of speakers they had been using, I recall that the ownership had also changed about the same time. I ended up speaking with the owner & maker of Killer B's. He stated that he specifically used audio communication type speakers that had little bass. This was to give the tones a clean & crisp report. I understand Sun Ray uses like speakers. I purchased a pair of the Killer B's and have be
  4. Don't overlook a great resource this Forum provides in the Guides & Detector Database that Steve has compiled. You can access them at the top of page. A lot has changed in the last 15 years in detectors, almost all of it very good. It may take a little study and thought on your needs & wants but it would be hard to make a bad choice in a new detector.
  5. Why are the artifacts in such small jagged pieces? Nice recoveries of history.
  6. I am going to put this on my Christmas list even though I have the Anfibio, not the Simplex. It should have some good general information that will apply.
  7. Steve, that all makes for an interesting local. I know your island blends some of the best pipe tobacco in the world at J. F. Germain. Welcome from Texas.
  8. These observations on the NM All Metal modes being a good choice on higher mineralized ground is good to know. I rarely ever see more than one bar on the Mineral scale. Most of my sites will Ground Balance around 56-62.
  9. I keep hoping Nokta Makro will address the Gen D performance, especially the TID depth when they put out a firmware update to download. All their other introductions seem to have been updated pretty quickly with little and big tweaks. I have not seen anything for the Anfibio yet. The TID depth may just be limited in order to incorporate the tone shift for the Threshold, which is actually quite useful.
  10. I'm interested to see what Garrett adjusts & adds to an AT platform version. Iron volume would be a deciding factor for me. Coils will come in time knowing Garrett.
  11. This comment by Steve is very interesting to me as I have been running the Anfibio Multi for over a year now. Part of my research before purchasing it was to read thru the extensive posts about the development of the Impact on Tom Dankowski's site. They are very similar detectors. The Anfibio Multi has proven to be an excellent all around machine. The only short coming I have found is how the Gen D mode performs. For me, is not really any deeper than the Disc modes. The real disappointment is that the target ID depth is about half of the Disc modes. I have tried pretty hard to find some settin
  12. CJC, how does the sound quality of these compare with the factory Green Edition wireless phones? Can you provide contact info for LS Pelso?
  13. Thanks to everyone for the replies and Welcome. I have been reading this Forum and a couple more for several years.
  14. Certainly not as elaborate as Steve's but I planted a 3D version of Monte's Nail Board with dug square nails @ 1-4" around a Cu penny @ 6". It's a tough target, but not unrealistic for some of my sites. It has really helped me to see the need to slow way down and massage each hit, It has also shown what each size coil can do and how different frequencies react with the ferrous and non ferrous. Without this 3D set up I would have just gone with the conventional wisdom that a higher frequency is better in iron, Now I know how 20kHz compares with 14kHz and 5kHz. High gain vs. moderate gain, I was
  15. I found this book to be quite helpful. It connected some dots for me about how the detector behaves relative to modes, site conditions & target response. The concept how the Anfibio boils the target down with multiple passes of the coil & the importance of running the detector with a signal balanced for the conditions were two real lightbulbs. I recommend it to all in general and Nokta/Makro users in particular.
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