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  1. Those are great finds that bring real history to hand. The smaller knife may also have been used to cut the patches for the old timer's muzzle loaded rifle. I have a pile of Iron relics found recently to clean & display. I will post some of them before too long.
  2. @EL NINO77 They have the detector set up with Disc at -29. Is this any advantage to using Disc at 0 with Iron volume audible?
  3. If there is an Audio Gain feature try lowering that also.
  4. You might want to take a little time and prove to yourself what kind of depth you get in SMF modes with low levels of Sensitivity. I mean in the ground, not air. I think it will surprise you. This is a comforting thing to know because it allows you to have confidence in your detector and not second guess yourself when you have to really run it low. With the level of trash you mention, a low to very low Sensitivity setting will be a two fold step in the right direction. You mentioned going below 15 with no success. Try it all the way down just to see if it will settle down enough to hunt. You may just have to find a point where you can listen through the noise. Pitch tone may help also. Chase mentioned Recovery speed adjustment to help with EMI. It will, but my experience with the Legend has been Lower settings help mitigate, not higher. It may very well depend on the type of interference. It would be more important to set Recovery to handle the Ground conditions as it’s primary focus.
  5. Thanks Doc. The Scout button is pretty neat, probably late Teens, and special for me as I spent a lot of time going to Cub & Boy Scout meetings with my son, who is an Eagle Scout, and my grandsons. The Common Sense sleeve clip use was a surprise. My wife Googled it and found some exactly like it; For Sale. They must still work. I enjoy cleaning/restoring the interesting items as much as finding them. https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/antique-common-sense-pat-1885-cuff-412324584 The lipstick case is an early one. No markings. Heavy brass with some of the Black Japanning still on it.
  6. Rutus released new software for the Versa & I updated my unit Saturday 12/02. The Wi Fi update process was very easy & efficient. The new software is NC, version 2.44. The NC stands for New Concept, The detector's behavior & performance in Iron is on a different level than before. It is hard for me to gage the level of improvement yet. The Versa's iron handling & unmasking was very, very good before NC. It is now even better but I have not run it enough yet to know how or why. There is something very different going on. The update included quite a few new setting adjustments. Some are aimed at Iron/mineral performance, quite a few are audio related. The unit is now much more flexible & customizable for both the operator & ground/site conditions. It will take some time for me to get a good handle on this revised platform. Meanwhile, I have about 5 hours in my test gardens and 4+ hours hunt time on the NC 2.44. Both hunts where on my favorite red dirt mineral site with the history back to the 1840s. I have hunted this site for almost 4 years with every machine I have. In fact I purchased the Vista X & Tarsacci for this & similar sites. I have done very well in spite of the tough conditions. I posted above my first hunts here with the Versa & introductory software V1.74. The new NC is going to make the Versa what I had hoped for, if I can master it. The photos are the real keepers of 25 additional Non ferrous targets. Also some decent Iron relics to clean up. Only a few bigger/bent nails & flat iron pieces dug learning the new target response. All the iron was deep. Most of the Non ferrous was either small( or very small ) or had some good depth. Most sounded somewhat iffy. ALL had plenty of iron in the hole. Every one was from a hard hunted area. There is a lot more testing to do, and hunting. The button is cuff size, Boy Scout. Lipstick tube & Common Sense cuff sleeve holder(used by Card sharks to hideout a card) Patent date Dec 29. 1885. DD23 coil, Park mode, Multifrequency FL(low conductor}. mid range(5-6}Reaction speed, Disc 0, Iron Filter mostly 0.
  7. @EL NINO77 I will collect my thoughts & post in the thread I started; Rutus Versa First Hunts & Observations in the Coin & Relic sub forum.
  8. Even in heavy trash/nails l have not seen any advantage going above 5. The target response gets too clipped for my ear. I would rather sweep slower in trash anyway to be more thorough. I am usually at 3 or 4. In my Red dirt mineral ground, l usually set up at 6. 7 if the ground is wet. Good discussion thread. Thanks
  9. Recovery speed 1 on the Legend is deeper in clean ground with little to no mineralization But, you have to sweep the coil just right. There is a very narrow and unforgiving speed window at fringe depth. Slow for sure, but it’s hard to know when it is just right. Recovery speed 2 is practically as deep and much more forgiving. Add enough minerals to show on the Legend’s scale and you better go to Recovery speed 3. This has been my experience with 8 to 10 inch plus coins running the LG 35 flat out.
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