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    Anfibio Multi, Vista X, AT Max, Garrett CX II w/ BloodHound 2 box, Fisher F5, Tarsacci MDT 8000, NM The Legend. Multiple coils for all.

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  1. Very understandable. I enjoy your informative posts.
  2. @Gerry in Idaho, Will you at some point evaluate the NM Legend for this type of application? It would be good to know your thoughts on it.
  3. I received my wired headphone dongel for The Legend so I decided to see what being able to utilize the threshold would do performance wise. At a setting of 5 I had the best combination of target response & stability. This is what I was hoping. It does help on weak target response. It also helps to mitigate some EMI chatter. So, another adjustable feature to fine tune the detector for site conditions. I look forward to NM getting the Bluetooth HPs set up to work properly with the Threshold.
  4. Making the tool needed for the job yourself is the sign of a dedicated craftsman!
  5. I do the same but use wide adhesive back Velcro, pile side up. Soft & wears well.
  6. Be sure to try setting your first Tone Break at 7 or so. It makes a big difference on unmasking good targets in iron trash/nails.
  7. It's fun & effective to customize your gear. Everyone is different. That's what makes life interesting.
  8. That is a very good hunt. Nice relics. Where did the bottles show up?
  9. I'm hunting a new permission with The Legend. I have not dug any Nickels yet but the Wheat cents are running a wide spread like George's Nickels. 38-41 TID in Multi @ 4-8 inches. Out of the ground 43-44. They have a good bit of corrosion. The ground is very funky here. I have adjusted my TB accordingly.
  10. I hunted with the new LG35 coil about 3 hours last evening. It performs as expected. Very stable for knocks & EMI. Very good separation & sensitivity to small targets. Pinpoints well. The depth is there. Swings thru tall grass/weeds well. It is not noticeably heavier if the shaft is shortened about 2 inches. This one will see a lot of use on open ground, especially if there is tall grass.
  11. As with any detector, it is good to know how close you can get to large metal objects/fences off the EDGE of the coil & not get swamped.
  12. If you don't have a 2 box detector, that kind of sensitivity would work fairly well to find bottle/trash dumps. Should be even better in-ground.
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