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    Anfibio Multi, Vista X, Tarsacci MDT 8000, AT Max, Garrett CX II w/ BloodHound 2 box, Fisher F5. Multiple coils for all.

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  1. I still have my Garett CX II with 3 Crossfire coils & The Bloodhound 2 Box set. Purchased new in 1995. It was a good detector in it's day and will still find treasure. The non motion All Metal has slow auto tune or manual retune. It is pretty deep in good ground. Garrett's newer motion AM on the AT Max is a good bit deeper. I will always keep the CX II for the 2 box. I use it to find dump sites for bottles. It works well, ignoring anything smaller than quart size can range, Yes, it only works off the AM channel with no need to Ground Balance.
  2. Appears to be a river rock. They were often used as hammerstones & grinding stones. The various tribes traded among themselves. Materials not native to an area often show up, having been imported, sometimes from long distances. Here in East Texas, I have found rocks similar to yours that you can see the striations on the flat sides from use. The closest native River Rock is hundreds of miles away. I have also found a nice arrowhead made of Black Obsidian. The closest deposits are in far West Texas & New Mexico. Neat finds.
  3. I'm taking them at their word. They are coming for the Equinox buyer's market primarily, the Apex market is slightly secondary, They intend to get a large portion of both. Market share is the goal, but prestige plays a big part too.
  4. I understand. That is a very reasonable policy. I just wasn't sure where to make the post on Deep Tech. Hopefully there will be more mention of them. Understanding your logic also makes me really appreciate your making a seeming exception for Tarsacci as an American start up with exciting technological possibilities. Thanks
  5. I'm not positive on the Gold Gain & Warrior. On the X, the Threshold is adjusted along with the Gain to get stable for the site conditions. You can run on the ragged edge with the TH sizzling in the background but it's not the steady hum like a traditional AM, This is true for the Disc side also. On the Vista X, the AM & Disc are practically equal in performance. You have to have fresh, hot batteries to see any difference at all. I run in 2 tone Disc, adjusting the Iron/low tone volume to suite, never silent. I use the AM to pinpoint deeper targets & outline big targets. You can monitor your Ground Balance while in Disc same as AM. It is a unique machine in so many good ways; VERY EMI stable, very precise Disc & a real pleasure to hunt with. They are also a bargain.
  6. The ground is too dry & hard on my red dirt sites right now so I re hunted a deep sand site that was in cultivation long ago. I ran the Vista X with the 12X14 Demon coil. Targets are sparse, but what is left is deep or masked by iron. Nothing noteworthy found but I was impressed again at the ability of this bigger coil. Excellent depth even on very small targets. 22 short case @ 8", .22 bullet about the same. Of course I also dug a half dozen bent cut nails at 10-12" but that's okay too. Even when I moved into the nail bed areas the coil showed surprising separation. I dug an iron backed overall button that I know I had been over before. It didn't sound good but it did sound "not as bad" as the nails. That's what I'm down to on this site. But the digging is easy and it was nice to be out. I would like to ask Steve to consider a separate Forum for Deep Tech detectors. I think they are that good.
  7. On the Anfibio Multi, 3DI at >90 Gain is fast reacting to the point of clipping the audio. I'm not sure how this compares to the Deus or Equinox but NM can do fast. 99DI is almost continuous in it's reporting of targets. The new SMF surely will build on some aspects that are already proven on past models. Now if they can just get the Gen D mode woken up like it should be, and with some decent target ID depth!
  8. I know this is very true; on unmasked targets. I'm wondering about the moisture making the Iron & Minerals in the soil more "active". Normally an extra challenge with a traditional VLF. If this will enhance the MDT's ability of using these to enhance targets. Sounds like you have seen this to be the case. I don't like digging hard ground either! We are to get some rain soon & cooler weather.
  9. I am curious to see how ground moisture affects the performance of the MDT. I am hoping more will actually be a benefit. It is very dry here now & hard digging past 5-6 inches.
  10. Welcome Paul, Something good always comes along with the bad if you let it. Detecting may be right up your alley. If you have shot NRA High Power you are a prime candidate to jump off in the weeds with the rest of us on Metal Detectors. If you like history it will be no turning back. What part of Maryland?
  11. Having this dedicated Tarsacci Forum was the final inducement for me to join this site. I had read here for a long time because of the quality of the posts & serious enthusiasm of the members. It has been nice to become a member. Steve, maybe Dimitar would agree/have time for an interview with you that could be transcribed. The answers to YOUR questions are what I want to hear.
  12. Denny, have you (or anyone else )continued to use the MDT in a Park setting? I have several old parks to try this Winter. I have not been much of a Park Hunter but these are old & in pretty hot red dirt. I want to see what the MDT can see that others have missed due to the minerals.
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