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  1. Do as much research as you can on that Horse Race track to unlock that site .If you can find the hot spots thy should be very good producers, Aerial photos may help along with existing or past roadways. Try to figure out how it was laid out; entries & exits, grand stand, parking & concession areas. Don't overlook the less public areas. There was lots of non respectable activity going on also. Official bets were paid in hard money and it got spent often at the same site. I have been hunting half of a never detected half mile oval track from the late 1880's to mid 1920's for the pas
  2. I purchased the new Viper coil for my AT Max and have run it thru my Test garden. I think it will do just what I had hoped; a little deeper than the excellent 5x8 with near matching separation coupled with the ground coverage of the stock 8.5X11. Very stable & sensitive.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I have read the info that Mike Hillis has posted and that let me know what to expect. He is very knowledgeable. So far it is what I had hoped and I really think it will fill a spot for me in addition to being a learning tool for setting up any detector for more challenging conditions. I hope to be able to get another coil or two in DD. It is my first Fisher unit.
  4. I got lucky at the recent East Texas Treasure Show and found a nice used Fisher F5. I specifically wanted to try this detector because of the separate Gain & Threshold controls along with Target ID and the running Ground Phase and Mineralization scale. I hope it may prove a less powerful but versatile companion to the Vista X at a lower kHz frequency. I am surprised that I can not seem to pull anything up from the past in this forum on it. Any comments from those who have used a F5 would be appreciated.
  5. JCR


    Welcome. You picked a good place to join. A lot of practical knowledge here.
  6. For anyone close enough, the annual East Texas Treasure Show is being held this weekend in Canton, Texas. More info @ tamdc.org. I have attended the last 2 and they are a good show. I hope to pick up a couple of items this year and spend time visiting with some interesting people.
  7. Thanks jasong for you above post. That helps explain why some combinations of detector/headphones sound better than others.
  8. To a large degree I think best headphone choice is relative to the individual. I have wired backup headphones for both my AT Max and Anfibio Multi. The audio of the AT Max has no Bass tone at all and sounds very harsh with My 150 ohm Killer B's. The Garrett MS-2 sounds very nice with plenty of nuance for the tones, basically just like the supplied MS-3 wireless headphones. The Anfibio sounds good with either the lower ohm MS-2 or the high ohm Killer B's. It sounds best with the Factory Blue wireless which I wish had it's own volume control. The Vista X has noticeably better tone qual
  9. Joe D's walking staff suggestion seems a practical solution. You could change out shovel heads to suit digging conditions.
  10. You might look at the new NoktaMakro shovel that was recently introduced. It is a sturdy take down design.
  11. I misunderstood. I thought you were referring to the faceplate.
  12. I believe that is a momentary discrimination button. Kind of like a Coin check for nugget hunting. Not sure how it interacts with the regular disc setting.
  13. The old folks stayed close to the water. A lot of my forested bottomland was rich cropland 150 years ago with a lot of activity.
  14. That should prove a great tool to access some prime sites. Equip it with extra common sense though!
  15. If the site has real History I always dig the Iron that is bigger than nails. Some of my most interesting and telling finds are these common everyday pieces. You never know what it might be next and it clears the way for smaller targets to show through.
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