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  1. Can send video to an email, pictures aren’t do it justice unfortunately and can’t post a video of this size here
  2. Ok so this was taken from a coastal hill I believe to be containing an epithermal gold/silver/copper deposit. Anyone here have any experience with this sort of thing?
  3. Is it the pic quality? Anything shiny is pyrite, chalcopyrite, arsenopyrite. What about the altered rock in the first pic? Any one care to share what they think
  4. 4 samples, hopefully good enough, from my newest claim. Lots of sulphides and very noticeable calcium staining running down the host. Give me your two cents assay will be started Tuesday coming (Aug 18) sorry for picture quality
  5. Ok so what your saying is that they may have messed up somehow? Thank you for chiming I’m also my friend, my knowledge is limited
  6. Thank you that’s all I need to know, here’s the vein(s) i mentioned just for a look
  7. Thank you I didn’t see anything of value just wondering if this particular array of metals and minerals would rule out a certain size of ground, say so many miles or feet. I’m trying to find out where I bounce to in terms of distance if that makes sense
  8. Make sure you let me know what you see, I’m fresh but curious as a prospector. Thanks
  9. Haven’t seen any quartz like it, I am new to prospecting and can’t find any info on what it could be
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