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Found 25 results

  1. Well, my OCD is starting to kick in… now that I have my mill “Mighty Mill” (it works great) and I have some concentrates does anybody have a “general” recipe for fluxes? A book recommendation? It looks like I’m at the bottom of a huge learning curve. TIA…
  2. In the Truckee Meadows. Thanks 🙂 My results have been repeatable. It's is a china scale pushing its capacity. Thanks!
  3. Are there any such labs that cater to smaller companies and prospectors? The bigger labs all seem swamped, I can barely get them to respond to small fry like me. I'd like to get results in 2-3 weeks if possible, but still be affordable. Need both fire assay and ICP-AES or similar spectrometry for other elements. Not XRF.
  4. Hello all! I am looking for a recommendation for a fair, honest assay place, preferably in the Reno/Sparks area. I found some ore pieces that I have crushed and extracted about 70 grams of electrum, with an unknown silver content. I attached a picture for reference and I figure someone out there likes looking at the gold pictures as much as I do!
  5. Spotted a jar half sticking out of the ground yesterday...…. Between 10 and 15 kg of Mercury. 👍 Will break it down into 1kg lots and process it through my retort as it appears quite gritty so could be holding a bit of gold. Sure beats the 3 grams I found too😃
  6. Hi everyone, I'm concerned my 5 x 1oz Gold eagles could be fake I inherited these from my mother. Her late husband purchased 30 of them. They pass the "ring" test. They pass the size test. But...they don't pass the weight test... Around 19g ea. on all of them (real eagles weigh about 33g ea.). I'm probably going to take them to a local jeweler soon. My question is we probably know these are fake so is it worth melting these down to get what gold is in these out of them?
  7. Make sure you let me know what you see, I’m fresh but curious as a prospector. Thanks
  8. Wasn't quite sure what forum to post this in, but i found this today at an old park. The split in it makes me think fishing weight, but, could it possibly be a prill? I found it in an area close to the placer fields, and the old mines above Helena, MT. ~Bash
  9. I finally got round to panning off the gold I recovered from that Tarnagulla speci I got a couple of years ago and ended up with 13.76 grams out of it. A bit disappointing, I was hoping it was going to be closer to the ounce, but the good news is I got nearly half an ounce out of that piece. the first pic is the Tarnagulla speci, and the 2nd pic is the gold I recovered from it. I don`t have a lot of gold but I have wanted to make a ingot for a long time. I watched a heap of youtube clips about melting gold and then had a go at making a furnace. The first furnace was not a great success and the butane burners just didn`t cut it and then I came up with this one and bought the Bernzomatic TS8000 Torch Kit. Fortunately I had the fire bricks from a project from a couple of years ago and i already had all the tools I needed. If I had a 2 1/4" inch hole saw I probably would have used that, but I had a 2½" hole saw so that had to do. One of my friends suggested the the flame should probably swirl around the cauldron so in that 3rd pic you can see I have offset the burner but I saw the heat was pretty well being lost straight away. I drilled a ½" hole in another block and put it over the 2½" hole and that`s when the magic happened. For about the first minute NOTHING happened but then all a sudden a fierce flame leapt out of the ½" chimney. You can`t see it in the photo but the flame coming out the chimney was spinning like a tornado. I could stand above it and look down through the hole and was able to watch the gold melt. From when I lit the torch to when I poured the ingot no more the 10 minutes passed. 31.74 grams of pieces went in, 31.6 grams came out. My first ingot and I am very happy with the furnace. All I needed was couple of fire bricks, a hand saw, the burner, ½" drill and 5/8" drill, the hole saw and a cheap gold melting kit I bought on ebay for about 20 bucks.
  10. Not exactly a gold prospecting video, but it still deals with placer gold. My fiance and I decided to make our wedding bands from the gold that i have found in Virginia. At first we tried actual forging, which was way to hard and required to many specialized tools. So after a little more research we decided to try sand casting. This process required a few tools, but none were very expensive, and this process was easier to do. That being said it took about 10 failed attempts to make her ring and 1 failed attempt to make mine. Something to note is that the smaller and more intricate the item you are trying to cast the harder it is to get it to work properly. This video is just of making my band. All in all i am very happy with the results and i actually like the little dimples and imperfection that are in the band, it gives it character, and since im not perfect my band shouldnt be either lol. (FYI her band is perfect because she is lol) Hope yall enjoy the video. Thanks for watching.
  11. I guess the streets really are paved with gold - sort of. http://nypost.com/2011/06/20/got-his-mined-in-the-gutter/
  12. I sent in a sample to two different assayers out of the same sample batch and received two very different results. One assayer returned results of 0 Au and 0 Ag. The other assayer returned results of .68 Au/ton and .36 Ag/ton. Anyone have some serious thoughts on what would cause this? Both assayers are professionals with 30+ years of experience. Bugler
  13. I may be missing something here but I'm inquiring to see if someone might clear up my question? I believe mining reports of gold recovered are quoted in ounces per ton processed. My question is 'what is the physical dimension of a ton'? I've done some research and came up with the general consensus that one cubic (3'X3'X3') yard of dry dirt is approximately 2000 lbs. However one cubic yard of dry sand is quoted as approximately 2800 lbs. and a cubic yard of mixed gravel is quoted as approximately 2600 lbs. Do these figures seem correct? I would think quoting ounces per cubic yard more meaningful. If drywashing I guess the weight for dry dirt would be close enough to figure the approximate recovery rate per yard?
  14. Hi, Is it possible to obtain silver and gold metal of the Byzantine and Roman period iron ore?
  15. http://www.pbs.org/weta/roughscience/series3/treasure/extract.html
  16. "Cell phones are a gold mine. Really. According to the EPA, for every one million smart phones recycled, 75 pounds of gold, 772 pounds of silver, 33 pounds of palladium and more than 35,000 pounds of copper can be reused." http://www.oregonmetro.gov/news/when-gadgets-become-garbage-how-recycle-electronics
  17. My little kiln arrived from America and I gave it a workout the same day then sold the gold the next day. I used the chapman flux supplied and only lost a few grams. The purity was around 88-89%, the rest silver. Pulled in au$9,742 @ $48 a gram, spot at the time was $52. Happy with that. Try as I might, it just will not allow me to post a photo ?? Submitted the post then hit edit and the photo option worked.
  18. Sittn here thinking about my "test" nugget 2.7 gram chunky solid bit I "bought off ebay to test my GB2/gpx45/sdc23 with.....I'm a newbie ' but have watched nuggetdiggs" on youtube . and watched thousands" of vids in 9 years! Thats Alot of Gold coming out of the ground! But it never crossed my Mind till tonite......Whats the Grade??? And how does the Western US compare to Australia, Alaska, Africa? My little noug' looks light yellow slightly silvery 14k-16k i'd guess supposed to been found w/ a metal detector in,Nor.Cal. "Must be Dale's Hands from Goldhounds ...Made it myscreensaver " last nite! Is All gold mostly higher grade than what i got for $165 shipped off ebay?.........just wondering? Thanks from central Idaho-JD
  19. Hello all, I'm in search of someone who can refine my placer gold into an 18k alloy. Does anybody know a reputable person/small scale business that could do this for me? Thank you!
  20. I was visiting a customer of mine today and he had a ThermoFisher XL3 XRF - I believe someone, possibly Steve, had posted about this technology a while ago. I happened to have a hunk of manganese loaded quartz in the trunk of my car that we tested it on...absolutely remarkable. In a matter of seconds it will display everything in PPM. When this technology gets to be around $5K +/- I will definitely be investing (The unit that he let me try as configured cost over $30K.) If you had a serious size lode claim this is something I would think most individuals would want to take a look at.
  21. Hi,guys! I want to receive an expert advice. I’ve got some old electronic equipment (of Cold War times, came from USSR) and want to remove gold from the contacts. What can you say about this equipment http://www.ishor.com/refining-and-recovery/refining-systems-processes Is it worth the money? What kind of equipment you can recomend?
  22. Curious as to the meaning of some Atomic Absorption Analysis assay results I am looking at, any help would be appreciated. Specifically the last line "AuSw" appears for these samples only, none of the other samples have an AuSw line. Some of the other sample results came back with higher ppms for AU but no AuSw line? These are from quartz vein grab samples containing copper and iron oxide. Sample from AA Assay.pdf
  23. A friend of mine showed me what he believes is a small grinding device used for gold ore sampling. Anyone have any info on this? Thanks
  24. Anyone have any experience in figuring out a odd metal we keep finding in our cuppel? We have been assaying our cons from a lode mine. We take a 30 gram assay and once we have our lead button that goes to cuppel we end up with 16-20 grams of a very heavy gray/silver button. For it's size it is as dense as gold it can't be silver. The ore comes from the sulfide level but is not a sulfide. It does not roast off and under a microscope its a silver/metal. Wish I had a xrf and that would be the end of it.
  25. I'm ultra sketched out mailing off big slugs but the time has come and needs to be done. Anyone out there using a refiner they've done business with and trust? Some of the joints I found online look fly by night and none are close enough to visit in person (actually some don't even allow visits). Hoping someone out there has some positive experience.
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