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  1. This coin was minted by members of the Celtic tribe of Scordisci, or the so-called Eastern Celts. The coin is about 2000 years old!
  2. Another very rare and interesting coin, the Celtic Obolus. Notice the dimensions and weight of the coin. It is very difficult to find this coin. Celtic tribes lived in the territory of present-day Serbia, as well as the Illyrian tribes.
  3. Do you really think so? I've been doing metal detecting for 8 months now and this is my first denarius! Try it! The coin is silver and throughout history everyone has been collecting gold and silver, this coin has survived in the field for 1800 years, think about it!
  4. More Romans 😀 Septimius Severus denarius, cleaning step by step...
  5. Another Antoninian, Galienus. RV Pegasus
  6. Some photos of my finds, Roman coinage.
  7. The terrains in Serbia are really top notch, from the Neolithic period, through Illyrian coins, Celtic coins and jewelry, Rome has ruled these territories for almost 400 years, 17 Roman emperors were born on the territory of present-day Serbia and several more in the region! later in the Middle Ages from the Ottoman Empire, Austro-Hungarian to this day. A seeker paradise!
  8. Hi everyone, my name is Nemanja, I live in Serbia. I've been doing metal detecting for about half a year, I have a Garrett ace 400i, mostly searching on Roman Empire grounds and medieval grounds. This part of Europe is a very rich ancient and medieval terrain. So far I have been finding Roman coins, medieval coins and similar finds from that period. I hope to have a good time and share experiences. So much for now and I apologize for bad English ...
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