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  1. It's been well over 4 months since I have picked up a metal detector. A house remodel and some landscaping has kept me away from the treasure fields unfortunately. When my buddy Merton called and said he wanted to go on a hunt all I could think of was that I needed to get the house finished before I went goofing around with a metal detector. Reluctantly I told myself that I probably could use a break and so I invited him to come on down. Merton, being the thoughtful guy he is called a couple days before our designated date and gave me the option of cancelling but I told him to come down and lets go for a hunt! I was starting to look forward to it as we always have fun treasure hunting together. I had already decided we were going to the spot where I found the old antique gold ring this past May. I had yet to revisit this spot. https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/6528-needle-in-a-haystack/ This area is on private property and has a small area of mining activity. It's not on any map. It's a tough area for the nugget hunter, the dozen or so pieces of gold that I have found here are small and few and far between. To make matters worse the area is loaded with lead from #9 bird shot to old 50 Cal plus round balls. For now I've pretty much written it off for gold hunting and would rather be a lazy relic hunter there instead. Up till now I had never found a old silver US coin there despite having made 7-8 visits to the area. A few old Chinese coins, a couple powder flasks, some gun parts and the surprise gold ring form the last hunt were enough to lure me back. As the saying goes "if you don't use it you loose it" And I had forgotten how to operate the equinox 800. The night before our hunt I broke out the owners manual that I had printed out (my wife made a nice binder for me) and brushed up on how to work the machine. I went outside and played around in the yard a bit with the detector. I'd even forgot how to noise cancel and was beginning to have doubts thinking I was wasting my time. Saturday found us in the foot hills on a bright sunny morning surrounded by herd of 75 very hungry cattle. I told Merton I was going to go on a walk about starting where I had found the gold ring and I'd catch up with him later. Merton with his XP Deus headed for whats left of some old chimneys down in a flat close to some tailing piles. I decided to keep things simple with the equinox so I put it in park 1, 5 tones, ground tracking, recovery speed 5 and Fe 1. The ground here is very noisy and it took me a while before I got back into the hang of things knowing which targets to dig and which to ignore. After about an hour of detecting I had it down and was building confidence. About two or three hours had gone by when I caught up with Merton. Neither of us had found anything really good. The place is not a very target rich environment for the relic hunter. We went back to the truck for a beer and some lunch. After lunch I told Merton that I was going to go up on the hill above the main camp and workings since neither of us had hunted it very hard before. This is where things start to get interesting. I had been gridding the hillside for about an hour or two when I came across a rare high tone. Kinda scratchy...but repeatable. A couple swings of the pick and out pops a seated silver dime in excellent condition. Immediately I call for Merton who is about a hundred yards below me and show him the coin still in the hole. I tell him to start working this area with me. Merton is a very polite detectorist and using good etiquette he heads up hill a little ways from me as to not encroach upon my new spot. Maybe another 20 minutes or so goes by and I'm about 20 yards or less from where I found the seated dime and I get a mid tone on the Equinox..14-15 and repeatable. Thinking it's just another shot gun cap or lead ball I dig a little dirt out with the pick....my Garret carrot says the target is an inch or two behind and to the right of where I originally thought it was. Using the Lesche I start digging out the area and out pops this little gold shiny thing. I could only see part of it but it had a serrated edge and I immediately knew what it was even though I had never dug one before! Gasping and jumping backwards all I could do was call out for Merton to get over here! he could tell by my excitement that It was something good....he's smiling as he walks down..... "What did you get a half dollar?" I shake my head no...."Silver dollar?" again I shake my head no....."A GOLD COIN?" all I was capable of was looking up and smiling as I was still speechless. As I went down to reach for it and Merton says "CAREFUL DON'T RUB IT!" There was a lot of congratulatory back slapping, high fives etc... then without touching the coin I said I got to go to the truck and get my phone so I can take some pictures. The coin is in excellent condition (1853 2.5 dollar) which is hard to believe since it's been in the ground for well over a hundred years. Here are the pictures so you can see what we seen. We went back the day after and then hit another spot a couple days after that. We managed another Seated and a few other trinkets. I'm back to working on my house again and Merton is out at sea. But I'm looking forward to our next hunt together. What a great hobby. strick
  2. This particular find happened on July of this year. I went out today for few hours just to kill time. I wasn’t expecting much so I was just taking my time digging targets. I was digging lots of thrash as usual along with some pennies. I was using the Equinox 800 and since I wasn’t finding much I started just jumping between park 1 and field 1. After a few hours I came across this iffy target that would jump all over the place with negative numbers and hit 20-21 once in a while. I’m like another penny, I guess I will dig it since it’s my last target. I dug it and I see this weird coin staring back at me. I grab it and I’m a little confused now cause it sure doesn’t look like a Penny at all. After a few seconds go by it finally clicks, OMG this a fracken gold coin. Now I’m shaking And trying to figure out what to do next. After a minute or two I figured I should put it on top of the detector to let it breath and take a picture. Well, here it is and I hope this isn’t a dream. Thank you for looking and remember to dig everything because you just never know. I wish you all a Happy New Year. The last two pictures are after I finished cleaning it with water without any rubbing. The coin looks better in person but my camera phone can’t capture it good. I found the coin in a public place where construction was being done. A lot of old dirt was pulled and spread out, about the size of a football field and 12”+ in depth. A few of us hunted this site for a couple of weeks till they took most of the dirt back and cover the rest with clean dirt. I will make another post later with my othe finds from there. Happy New Year to all.
  3. We have all had the dream of huge silver appearing in the hole. In my dreams it was always a Morgan. Today it actually happened!! I love my eTrac but left it in the Jeep. I wanted to get some more hours on the Nox 800. This was actually a backup location as there were to many people at my intended location. I got a sketchy high tone with the depth gauge pegged. I dug down about 9 inches and realized I had missed the target. After a scoop into the sidewall a huge silver lay in the bottom of the hole. The coin must have been on edge or very close. I stared at it saying "No Way!". I Also dug a silver Washington 3 ft. away. I have been over this area before with the eTrac and missed these coins. Truly a day to remember!
  4. Last Sunday was pretty mild, though windy; so I decided to take a hike up a mountain path that goes back all the way to colonial times. I had a lot of fun, and mostly was finding ammo until I got a good dime signal I expected a dime but was surprised to see this 1906 Barber dome. After a rinse-off at home I was astounded by the exceptional quality of this coin- just beautiful. I later found this colonial button which is the smallest button I’ve ever found. This button was 6” deep found using field 2. The equinox really hits on the tiny little items.
  5. Since I keep records of all my hunts I've gotten into the habit of summarizing the years' finds. First the raw numbers (with 2017 numbers in parentheses): Hours in the field: 263.5 (228). Number of hunts: 80 (65). Common coin (clad, Memorial) face value: $78.68 ($20.65). Different sites searched: 15 (11). [Note: 6 of this years' sites were permissions compared to just 2 last year.] Pulltabs (all types): 382 (524). "Old" US coins (see photo): 22 (8). Wheat cents: 90 (61). By "old US coins" I mean any silver coin, Buffalo nickels or earlier, Indian Head cents or earlier. About 2/3 of my old coin finds have already been reported on this website. The photo (below) shows six silver dimes and six silver nickels ("Warnicks") for a total of 12 silvers. Also shown is one V-nickel (next to the dimes), seven Buffies, and two Indian Heads (bottom row). Also shown on the bottom row are a 1917 Canadian large cent, my first ever (and only, to date) dollar (modern 😢) and half dollar (clad 😢). The nickels are the big surprise since I hadn't found a Warnick since 1972(!) and back in the spring when a thread was begun (paraphrased) "what are you hoping to find first with your Equinox" I responded "my first ever Buffalo nickel". As you can see I found seven, the first two without dates and then a run of five with dates. None of the coins shown has any value over metal content (silver) or face (the rest) since they are all common dates. My best Wheatie find of the year was a 1924-D which I reported on in detail earlier this year. Although I don't hunt jewelry as many do, I sometimes find some anyway. My second photo shows my better jewelry finds and my best relic of the year, a Civil War cartridge box plate size and front face are quite similar to belt buckels but the backside is different. (I wrote this up earlier in the year -- found on 4th of July!) Just found the pocket watch on my last hunt of the year (Sunday 30 Dec). It's in very bad shape as you can see. I think it's gold plated -- you can see one very shiny spot. Probably never was a valuable piece.... The only piece of jewerly which has more than a few dollars value is the amethyst crystal in the gold bezel. Interestingly that is the only jewelry find my wife has ever wanted -- I happily gave it to her after I photo'ed it. 🙂 So why the change in production (both clad coins and old coins)? There are several small reasons but I think the big one is the use of an 11 inch coil (on the Equinox). Another thing I wrote up previously is that I was 'forced' to use a coil larger than my previous habit of 5 inch to 6 inch diameter and I was able to cover a lot more ground as a result.
  6. Seated is fun to find.
  7. It has been a few weeks since I went out on a gold trip. Today was the day and the weather was ideal. I went to a location I've been to many times before and people are still getting little pickers out of the area, but not me! My tool of choice was the 6" Equinox set on Gold 1 or Gold 2. It was set up for the hunt. I'm always amazed by the size of stuff this combination will find. None of it was very deep. I know GB2s, Monsters, 7000s, 2300s and others have been over these slopes but there is still trash. There are pellets, half pellets, split, shavings, etc, etc. Do you see any gold there? (The dime was found with my eyes at a parking area!) I don't either. I tried 3 different places with a combination of open and raked slopes and tailing piles. Nada, so it was time to do something else after 5 hours. On the way back to Los Angeles there was an old train stop. We've been there before and gotten coins. The coins I got were buffalo nickels and wheat pennies. The last 3 times I stopped there I didn't find any but I had more time today. Let me see. I put the 6" coin into Park 1 and Park 2 and began the search. I've been here with the 6" coil before. I'd also been there with the 3030 6" coil. I think I have 10 coins from the area. I went back over the areas where I had found the most and about 20 minutes into the search I got a coin signal among all the can slaw. Out pops the wheat. It's a 1945, I can read that even without my glasses. Now I expand my search area a bit but still on the little slop that has held the coins in greatest quantity. I have enough confidence in this coil/detector combo now to not use all metal. That is just too noisy in some places like this. I'm about 20 on sensitivity and everything else is factory on Park 2. I'm hearing another penny sound so I scrape away at the surface and the signal is still there so I take the little hand pick and loosen the area and pull it out of the hole. It's only about 4 inches deep but I get the target. I see the shape is a coin ... the numbers aren't a dime but I think maybe ... then I look and I can't see the wheat ... wait ... I've gotten these from coin hunt tokens ... IT'S AN INDIAN! This is my first Indian from the field. It is a 1905. It's not in very good shape but I think I'll keep it. The 6" coil didn't get me any gold but did get an old Indian. What a detector.
  8. At the moment my life is pretty restricted, my wife went back home to Australia to see her family in Brisbane and to attend her brothers Wedding down in Canberra. I didn't want to go, it's far too hot for me there this time of year which is fortunate as I avoided a big dust storm that covered Sydney and Canberra.... My 7yr old daughter has taken after me and cant stand the heat either so she decided to stay home with me. I was eager for a detect, I'm desperate to try out my new SP01 Audio enhancer for my GPX but going gold prospecting wasn't going to happen with my daughter tagging along, she wouldn't have the patience for that so I suggested to her we go up a nearby ski field for an hour or two and get some coins for her money box, to her this was a great plan. We have an agreement if I find coins metal detecting and they're current currency she gets them to put in her money box. So off we went up to the ski field, the area I was hoping to detect was closed off as they're replacing that particular lift with a new Gondola lift and the builders were there doing some work so it looks like I've missed out on detecting that lift, they'd done ground works there already. I was quite annoyed as it was one of the last spots left for me to do, except for the far away lift, and it's just not very popular compared to the others as the route down is very tricky and has very skinny bits through a gully which snowboards struggle to do. I didn't have much hope for this lift, whenever we use it there is never a queue and sometimes you can be the only person coming down. The view down to Queenstown area from the mountain with the lake mostly obscured by the hills in front of it. Ended up having to detect the far away lift I wasn't overly confident on. The weather wasn't ideal and it rained a good portion of the hour or so we were up there, my daughter just sat under the cover of the lift and read a book on her kindle while I got to work. Every lift has a dirty great big red power box with 11,000 volts charging through it, and even though the ski fields are closed for the season these things are juiced up to the max, a loud humming noise coming out of them, quite loud when you're up close to them. These boxes cause havoc for the Equinox, especially with the 12x15" coil, the 6" handles them quite well, and it gets progressively worse the bigger the coil. I really wanted to test out the bigger coil so I left it on and just lowered my sensitivity to 14 which made the detector go back to it's usual quiet self. The usual gold coins were popping up, if you've got a good set of eyeballs you'll see them still in the holes in the photos. Some were still quite deep, 10 or so inches even with my lower sensitivity I'd finished detecting around the gates area that checks your pass before you can go on the lift, this area is often good to detect on lifts as people sometimes have to get the pass out of their pocket if the wireless pass system won't read their pass so they pull it out of their pocket to wave it in front of it, often doing this things can be dropped and they sink straight into the snow. Got about $8 here, nothing too great but still a bit of fun. Then I moved to the point where you first sit down on the lift and it takes off taking you up the hillside, this area is usually the best to detect as when people sit down on the lift and it takes off at speed things can fall out of pockets and people also sometimes pull off their gloves once on the lift so they can use their phone as a camera to film the ride, this is when rings can drop off being hooked onto the gloves. And that's exactly what happened, I found a ring, it appears to be silver with 7 diamonds. I don't know what's with me, the Equinox and silver rings, I just keep finding them, I've only ever found one gold ring. Other than that was just a few more coins in the takeoff area You'll see my daughter in the background sitting under the lift reading her book, very patient to let me detect away 🙂 she was quick to run over and collect everything I found of course knowing all the money was hers. Any my total for the hour and a bit I was there before the rain just got too heavy $11.50 in modern NZ coinage, 2 Australian 5 cents and 2 chinese coins. The Ring and a funny musical thing, you turn the handle and it plays music, At first I thought it was junk and just put it in my junk pocket as I take all junk away so I don't have to detect it next year. When I got home and was going through all the stuff I cleaned it up under the tap and worked out what it is. It's pretty cool, you spin the handle around and it plays you are my sunshine, my only sunshine's music. The other two things the pyramid and round thing are my worst enemies on the ski field when searching for coins, they both come up a solid 21/22 the same as our gold coins, they're little things people attach to their snowboard so they can scrape the snow off their boots, they usually have a clump of 20 or so stuck to the board but they seem to fall off a lot. It cleaned up nice. A fun way to spend a bit of an afternoon 🙂 Happy to get another ring to add to the collection, my wife will probably want this one when she gets home, although she's meant to fly from Canberra to Sydney, then Sydney to Queenstown on Monday, with this dust storm in action that may well not take place.
  9. I was hunting an old field and found an old button and after rubbing it with some vegetable oil to preserve it I went back to the same spot and found this old coin. I was shaking all over as I gently cleaned it off and rubbed it with a lightly oiled paper towel. I looked it up and it is a colonial Vermont copper from around 1785.
  10. Found this 1861 half dollar this week at the farm using my F70 with the sniper coil.
  11. Running out of days (especially decent weather days) in 2018. Yesterday I was hunting my favorite park that I've been searching over the past 4 years. I was basically doing some experimentation with settings and detectors. Going over a grassy slope in the shade of a large tree I got a very strong, irregular signal which turned out to be a recent spill -- 2013-D Quarter, two 2017-D dimes, 2006-D dime, 2005-D nickel, and (only 'old' coin) 1964-D nickel. All coins were on the surface of the ground, under the grass blades. Oh, there was one more coin amongst those -- a shiny penny. I figured 'typical Zincoln' but put it in my 'coins' pocket (Zincolns usually go in the trash pouch but get sorted later). It's gotten to the point where I don't even look at the dates on Zincolns since most of the time I can't discern them, they are eaten up so badly. Just toss them in their own jar. When I got home and was sorting through the finds (1940 Jeffy being the oldest but nothing to get excited about since they made a gazillion of them), I noticed the shiny penny had an -S mintmark (see photo below). The 2005 date had me scratching my head since I thought (and later confirmed) that 2005-S coins were only minted for inclusion in proof sets. Only 3,273,000 made (compare that to over 7.7 billion combined between 2005 plain and 2005-D cents). Second lowest mintage penny I've ever found, either detecting or searching through bank rolls. Phrunt was just talking about the "what was that doing there?!" question we often asks ourselves when identifying unusual finds. Just another one for me.
  12. From Minelab Facebook page:
  13. From http://metro.co.uk/2017/11/24/haul-of-gold-coins-found-after-being-buried-by-anglo-saxo-king-1500-years-ago-7105000/amp/ “Chris Kutler, 54, stumbled upon the coins after spending four days searching a field in Chelmsford, Essex. The hoard has now been sent to the British Museum for analysis and valuation, but it’s thought they could be worth up to £10,000. Chris said: ‘It is kind of the Holy Grail of metal detectoring. It was an incredible feeling to find the coins.“
  14. I have been searching a recently harvested beanfield that was a picnic grove 100 plus years ago. This has been a nickel haven as these were V-nickels number 28 and 29 that I have found at this field in the last couple of years. I read in an old newspaper that carousel rides were a nickel at this grove. The right nickel is a 1885 and the left is a 188?. I had to let them soak in a rust remover to remove the corrosion that comes from farm chemicals. The 1885 will grade AG3 at best. I switch around between the CTX and Deus and the EQ but the 800 is definitely the best on nickels. Still a great find.
  15. Found in a city park, limited time and very trashy. About 6 inches down.
  16. Tom(CA) and I have been working a site that we researched that's produced several 1850's - 1860's seated coins, and some rogue early 1900's coins, as well as a variety of period relics. We tried to get one more trip in before Old Man Winter completely shut us down, and it did in fact shut us down, but not before I finally, got something I've been looking for for a long time, and after watching others find them over the years (I saw Tom dig three!!!), I was starting to think it would never happen. Well it finally happened, and it turned out to be a good one, an 1865 San Francisco minted Liberty Half Eagle!! Here she is out of the hole: Here she is rinsed off: Here's a video of the hunt: Less than 100 known, Mintage: 27,612 Although the mintage of the 1865-S is quite a bit higher than the mintages of the S Mint Half Eagles from 1858 to 1864, it compares in overall rarity to the 1858-S, 1860-S and 1863-S and is only slightly less rare than the others. Almost all known examples of this date are well worn with VF and lower being all one can expect to find. The 1865-S ranks second in the entire $5 series according to average grade and I do not know of a specimen that would grade better than EF. The very few specimens that I have seen were rather softly struck and the mintmark was always quite weak. Thanks for looking, hopefully the next one comes easier
  17. I'm trying not to brag guys honestly, but the Nox and myself did it again. Unfortunately I took my Spinks coin bible back to the library last week, so I cant I.D the little butey, Soooo......can any kind person here tell me what it is please..... pretty please....with a cherry on top 😉 ? YaaaaaHoooooooo Andy.
  18. Finally found my first silver with the NOX 800 it was a 1942 S quarter about 6 or 7 inches. What I think is weird is it rang up as a 27 or 28 which is lower than a clad quarter rings. A clad usually is a solid 29 or 30. Why would that be? Why wouldn't silver ring higher than clad? This is exactly what has perplexed me using the NOX over my Deus for example. I don't understand discrimination on this thing. I was using park 1 since everywhere in town here is so full of trash. But I didnt get any other signals in this spot after I dug it up and refilled the hole
  19. Hi you lovely lot, A bust toe kept me down for a week or so...... But yesterday I bounced back, got the eye of the tiger and found my SECOND hammered coin!!! On this latest one, its a tad broken off at the side, but still a lovely little coin. I'm very happy with it. Hope your all well, and finding your own nice stuff, all the best. I'm back baby 😉 Andy. A small bit of damage n wear, but hay ho. The back is almost identical to the first one i found. And here they are, the 1st one and yesterdays. May of been the same person who lost them both, clumsy bugger so he was 😉 MEGA close-up look at yesterdays coin. If damage hadn't occurred, it would be a stunning example of a 1400 hammered coin. If you look at her face, it looks like she has dumbo ears LOL. And Below, both coins shown. Yesterdays find is slightly defaced, but considering they have both been hiding in a ploughed field for over 600 years, they aint half bad really. .........
  20. GlazedTofu

    Old Chinese Coin?

    Found at old pre 1900 coal mining ghost town in Washington state. I have no idea how old this is but we did have a lot of Chinese miners at this site. Anyone have some some knowledge I’d love to hear it!
  21. Noah (FL)

    Mercury Mojave

    Stumbled upon this beauty in the woods behind a hotel in Nashville a few weeks ago. 1/2 hour hunt turned a couple modern bullets , 2 modern coins , a few cans, and this 1918 merc. You just never know!
  22. I’ve been hitting an old youth center from 1929 the last few weekends. Using the equinox working a small corner I finally found some keepers. The Indian head was a solid 19/20... thinking I had another Zincolin.. dang 4 inches down out she popped! the silver Washington 1954 was 6 inches down near some iron, but gave a nice consistent high tone. happy Hunting!
  23. MY FIRST HAMMERED! Literally ... just got back home, from one of the best detecting days ever. Had to share this 🙂 🙂 🙂 EDIT: And of course, it was found with the AWESOME EQUINOX!!!!! 😉 These pictures give a feeling of scale. Its a tiny little bugger!!
  24. I almost forgot with all the posts and news of the update on the forum. Found me an Injun behind second base of a men's league ball field on the site of a former fairgrounds. First time I actually ran the Noxie hot as I was using sens 23-24 recovery 4 to 5 and IB 1. First Indian and first old coin found here in ages. Of course I got ran out again by rain. Barely made it to the car before it started pouring. 1898 Indian Head penny