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  1. It was too cold yesterday to detect and the wind was blowing too. Today was different! So out we go (me and my wife) to a new elementary school. I used my trusty T2SE with the Cors Shrew. The conditions were for lack of a better word- weird. Coins were coming in much different than how they usually do on the ID. This is one of those areas where the dirt is red and filled with the golden sparkle flakes everywhere. Well onto the meat and potatoes. I found some clad quarters, dimes, a nickel and crusty pennies. Ran over the entire chip bark lot and had just told my wife "It's time to get the ORX out and sweep up". Right at that moment i got a quarter signal and out pops this pretty shiny coin at 7" in the chip and red clay. It is a 1953 Canadian Silver 25 cent piece. It looks rather worn to me and is my first Canadian Silver. I was very excited to get that. Question is, HOW did it get here in the states on a playground? I have a feeling some kid raided a coin collection and wanted to ditch the evidence maybe. After that find the ORX was deployed and found another 2 quarters a couple more dimes, a nickel and more pennies. Oh yeah, also found a "Chuck E Cheese" token. First token I've dug. First and second picture is the silver coin. Last pic is the crusty clad haul. The silver was already sort of scratched looking on the face when found. So in all today, the 1953 silver canadian, 7 clad quarters, 10 clad dimes, 2 nickels, 14 clad pennies. I threw some corroded pennies away because they had edges that was ragged. Pleased with today's silver and will not complain about coinstar clad!
  2. I have been hunting an old desert SP stop that is heavy alkali , so heavy that the top of the ground is a white salt crust. The park 1 and beach 1 settings have produced the most favorable results for me and at this point seem equal. The sensitivity level I run varies as chatter annoys me. The settings I have been using are 50 tone, Iron ON with volume set at 1, 0 iron bias and recovery at 6. There is a lot of garbage in the ground. I recall Brian Cal-Cobra posting about hunting in similar conditions and am interested in his take (as well as others) on setting choices. The Morgans and the lock came out of the worst of the alkali mud and were completely encrusted. All three were good dig signals but none deeper than 6 inches.
  3. I went back to the place where I found a silver rosie, merc, and quarter. Today I found a 1964 Rosie. Was down 7.5 inches and the ORX hit it. This is the first silver the ORX has gotten for me. Audio was faint and registered on the ID as 96. I also found 2 1990's nickels, an unreadable clad dime, a penny, decaying rifle cartridge, a button of some sort, and lots of aluminum pieces not shown in photo. While detecting I noticed the mineralization scale on the ORX was going up sometimes 6 bars, and varied a lot. Tough site with iron too. It's amazing to me how silver coins for the most part clean up really nice. I simply used some baking soda on this one with a drop or two of water and rubbed it between my fingers. Happy Hunting
  4. Hey everyone I dug this 1923s SLQ yesterday. It has a nik on the edge, came out of the ground this way....bummer. This is the second '23s I've dug in 2 years. This coin is one of the lowest of all mintages for this quarter. This first one I dug, I sold it to a friend for $200 to complete his SLQ collection. Thanks for stopping in.
  5. Hadn't gone out in a while, weathers been rough and had a miserable cold but snuck out for couple hours and got these. Funny the stupid plastic flashlight was good 6-7" down and not that far away a merc dime on the surface. Next to the merc was the seated an an IH that were bit deeper. Always blows me away when you dig and dig to find something modern yet so many times the old stuff is so shallow.
  6. What a nice day for metal detecting. Today's finds include 10 quarters, 13 dimes, 13 nickels, 22 pennies, 2 zippers, a locket, an earring, a car key, and a 2 pound british coin. Everything today was found with the T2 and shrew coil EXCEPT the locket and some quarters, a couple nickels, and 2 dimes which the ORX found. The 2 pound coin is the most unique thing today, and I'm wondering why it is here in the states on a playground. The coin edge has "Standing on the shoulders of giants" imprinted. Took a lot of cleaning to get it looking this nice. It was down 5" and extremely crusty.
  7. Finally got a break in the weather and hit an old field with my tejon that I actually got the 10x12 widescan for. This place has been hit really really hard by a lot of people but I did manage to sniff out what looks like a King George. Not sure on the date, have to be careful with it. Might just leave as is. Also in the mix is an old 50 cal musket ball couple copper lincoln and a ship pin.
  8. Met up with Rick the other day at the site of an old fairground to see if there's anything left there (it's been pounded for years) . Right off the bat the Nox hit a solid 13, I crossed the target and checked it PP mode and they agreed on the location. Flipped the plug and nothing, dug another few inches and my pin pointer showed nothing in the bottom of the hole . Checked the sides and there it was a 1905 V nickel on edge at about 4". It's a good thing the NOX is hot on nickels and Indian Heads as I just can't seem to get the coil over silver.
  9. I was scrolling thru the web and I found This , it just show's you dont need good detector to find treasure https://md-hunter.com/the-saddest-metal-detector-with-a-hoard-amazing-photos/ Also check out this https://md-hunter.com/mysterious-suitcase-discovered-lets-have-a-look-inside/
  10. 4 coins on the right all stacked about 7" down. 2 cent 1867, 2 cent 1864, Indian head 1866 and Flying Eagle 1857. Other IH was on a nearby trail 1906 2 cent pieces look like large moto. Looks like that lucky charm I glued on my tejon is still working :)
  11. Recently my detecting friend went back to Canada to visit his parents. He is an avid detectorist, he took his detector with him to try and get some Canadian silver. He spent some time in the local parks and managed a silver dime.................... a U.S. Rosie. We laughed and laughed about that. This week I went to a local reservoir that was built in the late 20's. The power company that controls the lake level always lowers the water this time of the year for flood control and this year it is lower than normal for this time of year. In the past, I have found several silver coins on the shore line and I thought this trip might yield another one. I decided to hunt the area inside the marina that is exposed. you might have guessed it, I got what my friend went looking for.
  12. I have been digging nothing but trash most of the summer and modern clad coins. Been a frustrating season. But I finally hit a small honey pot of an area. We have a historic park and residence thats been used for almost 200 years. and its several acres. I know that literally hundreds of detectorists have been combing this park for decades, they say theres nothing left there. Well, I beg to differ. I have started probing into the least likely areas that most detectorists wouldn't venture into and it paid off the first day. I spent an hour digging stuff just along a 50 foot strip from the car, one modern coin, one really old pull tab etc every 2 feet until I flipped one plug to find 4 coins! 1907 Barber quarter, 1923 Mercury dime, a buffalo nickel(no date), and a 1919 wheatie. continued to dig clad quarters and pennys every 2 feet then a diamond ring, says 18k in the band. Then to top it off dug up this old token from a billiards room, did some research and it was a members only billiards room that ended in the 1920's in town. This one 50 foot strip of grass wore me out lol but I guarantee I will be back next weekend. Even the modern clad was all from the 60's and 70's so thats promising. And some might disagree but as long as I'm digging super old 1960's pull tabs that is still promising to me this area isn't over hunted yet.
  13. Today I had to go to the dentist, which I totally hate, and by the time I finally got back home I didn't have much time before company was to arrive. So I had about 25 minutes to kill and thought I would get rid of more trash from the back yard, so I can put in a test garden. First hole I dug looked like a freeze plug from the 1920's. Throw it away! Second hole I dug up a quarter down about 6 inches. KEEPER!!! Third hole I dug down about 5 inches and I think it came off a bicycle or something. Throw it away! Forth hole I dug I had to go down about 6 inches and found a penny. KEEPER!!!!!!!! Did I forget to mention that it is a 1889 Indian Head Penny!!! Then my company shows up and asks what am I so excited about as I run the penny under the faucet to get the mud off it. I simply dried it off and laid it on the table and he almost fell over. Now he wants to buy a metal detector and go with me. He asks where did I find the penny and I told him in the back yard. For 2 hours he kept asking me where did I go to find the penny and I kept telling him in the back yard. Before he left I showed him the hole that I found it in and then I filled it back in and only then he believed me. I knew that I had bought an old church, but the old grounds keeper who is a neighbor told me that it was the new church that we are now living in. So there has been 2 churches on this property plus an old house that was torn down over the past 125 years. I am going to have to check this place out more carefully every week and get rid of all the trash from the yard. Off to buy more grass seed just in case. I finally broke the 1900 mark and I couldn't be more excited. I wish to thank GB_Amateur for all his help and the settings that he shared with a novice like me. I would also like to thank this forum for all the help and input you have given me.
  14. Found this one in between some tree roots, surprised it has the detail it has. The rough edge I was hoping it was a pine tree but still cool find.
  15. Was a rough week at work and needed to unwind. Have been metal detecting when I could since my vehicle accident in April. Today me and my wife went to a place I secured permission to earlier this year. Not been able to get there until today. The grass was grown up about 3 inches here and I broke out my Tekentics T2 factory coil. It SUCKED. Skipped right over the 1963 quarter in the photo below. I could not believe it when I dug this one. That silver was beautiful. The Cors Shrew is no joke. This little coil has made me very happy. Went on to find a 1939 mercury dime and 1951 rosie silver dime! This is the most silver I've found in the last 16 yrs. The only other silver I found was back in 2003 and it was a single worn mercury dime. I also found a couple buttons, a 1944 or 1945 nickel and a 1926 wheat penny. I love my Teknetics T2SE. It's an amazing piece of equipment. With that Cors coil, it's a beast. Worth every penny.
  16. Took my AT Pro out in the water and didn't have too much so I hit an area near where I found some flying eagles and came across these. IH is 1881, the nickel is a shield 1866. Will hit that area more this fall when the undergrowth is down more, same with the water as the weeds were too thick to swing.
  17. On Thursday I went to search for more coins in a local park and in just 15 minutes I came across this Indian Head penny. I would like to know the best way to clean this coin so I may have it placed in a frame and hang it on a wall. This is the oldest coin that I have found to date, and it even beat out a 1924 dime that I found within 15 feet of where I found this penny. It had a lot of mud on it when I dug it up so I ran some water on it and found the date. This penny was wedged between 2 roots standing on edge and about 8 inches down. I had a ID number of 19 in one direction and a 20 in another direction so I decided to dig it up. I used the settings that another member showed me a week earlier when we met in Casey, IL. and I am sorry for not knowing the settings off the top of my head to put them in here. Please if someone knows a way to clean this up I would greatly appreciate your knowledge. I guess I am starting to get the hang of this Equinox 800 and I can only hope that this is just the beginning of a long and wonderful relationship of metal detecting. Valen
  18. in the nasty clay prevalent in so much of the ground around where I detect....copper coins don't usually come out looking too great. Sunday I got out to a new permission very near my house that I have been trying to locate the owner for almost 2 years and just made contact 2 weeks ago. The grass is crazy high (2-3 ft), so detecting was limited to areas under the trees and bushes. Still managed what is probably my best grade Indian Head. It still needs some more dirt picked out, but taking my time with this one. Going to ask permission to take my mower over there if I get time to go again. Happy Hunting!
  19. Hello Folks Today I went back to the spot I had dug the 1857 Seated Half Dime at lunchtime yesterday. I wasn't expecting much but decided to further test drive the different Equinox settings to see if I could get anything else from the site. At this site I frequently walk away with nothing in my pouch and so I didn't have very high expectations for today either, especially after yesterdays find. Eventually I came upon a decent deep signal and out popped a wheat cent. A wheat cent is nothing to write home about for me and I frequently joke about reburying them and Indians Head cents until they grow up in to Large Cents. Sort of Catch and Release for Detecting. But, anyhow I was impressed with the depth of the coin. I worked my way back to the Seated site, but there was a Looky Loo nearby, so I didn't recheck that exact area as much as I would have liked. I then started working my way back to my vehicle and got a decent signal. Now this signal, at this site, is almost always a bottle cap, but something about it, partially curiosity and the proximity to the Seated coin made me decide to dig it up. One barely shovelful and out popped a holed 1779 One Reale. Amazing. I have only dug one other 1/2 Reale at this site so I don't know who is looking down at me these past couple of days, but Thank You! Video just as I recovered the Reale https://youtu.be/aBf0pLbxpzs HH
  20. Hello FolksI got out at lunchtime today and recovered a nice 1857 Half Dime. It was deep but was still giving a decent enough signal to dig it... I was testing different settings today. Park 1 ,50 Tone, Recovery Speed 3 and, Iron bias of 2. Here is the thing. I hunt this large site a lot. Like five days a week, about fifty minutes each session(lunchtime) and sometimes on the weekends for longer. I have never dug a half dime at this site and silver hasn't appeared in a long, long time but I find a lot of Indians so I keep going since it's so conveniently located. That's the facts. Was it just chance, or better optimized settings... If I find another silver, or even a couple good other targets in one hunt in the near future I will be more of a believer in these settings.. Oh, this is also a very trashy site. But I still find myself able to pick through it all very well with the fifteen incher... Here is a quick Youtube video I recorded just as I was recovering it... https://youtu.be/S1UmHKLydfQHH
  21. I haven't been getting out nearly as much as I'd like to, but I did get to hit an old hammered spot in Alameda when I had some business there and managed to dig these. I was happy with it considering last few times with other machines I was lucky to get a single wheat cent. For some odd reason silver war nickles from this site always have a crust over them, it comes off with a toothpick, it's odd never had that occurrence elsewhere: These next pictures are the better coins I dug from a little scrape project. Some really nice finds have come from it, including gold rush era buckles and seateds, but it's been mostly mercs for me - lol GL&HH Cal
  22. Found this barber and a soap jar early 1900's from nearby hunting trails that aren't marked on maps. Lots of land to poke through but these were pretty much on the trails. The jar's info I found this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Woodbury_Soap_Company
  23. I recently had the opportunity to make it back to the home where I grew up. The property, a rural Wisconsin farmsite, dates back to 1845 when it was given to the first owners by the Unites States government. My parents lived there for 30 years and finally sold the home about 10 years ago. I had detected it before my parents sold it, but that was with a Garrett Treasure Ace 100, a true beep-and-dig machine which found me nothing but iron scrap the one time I used it on the property. Other than that one time, the land has never been detected. I was really wanting to try it with the 800 to see if it was up for the challenge. I called the current owner and asked if it was ok to come out and detect the property. I thought to myself that if I only found one silver coin that it would be a successful hunt. After graciously being given free reign to dig anywhere, I quickly found out just how much iron collects in 174 years. Added to the nails and other farm scrap metal bits were the zillions of BB's from my youth. Let's just say that the 11" coil was busy! I had to run at 7 recovery just to try to sort the barrage of signals. Sadly, the roofing nails were a strong signal that came in at 22-23 with no iron grunt using all-metal mode, and there were thousands of them. I did manage to find some modern coins and a broken silver serving spoon. The best find of the day, and at the top of my lifetime's worth of detecting finds, was a silver dime. It is the oldest dime I have ever found and the first silver for me that was not a Roosevelt dime. To many people it would not be special. For me, just the opportunity to detect at my old home among the large trees that we planted when they were but a foot high was utterly amazing. I know there are many more silver coins still waiting there. I may never get back, but I don't need to. It would be hard to top the experience and joy of sharing my stories of growing up there and the day's finds with the current owner. It was a bucket list experience.
  24. Most of us have seen gold coins and a lucky few have even unearthed one. But have you seen a US gold coin that was found with a detector, like this one? Only 34,500 minted. Yes it is a really great condition 1856-S Indian Princess $3 US Gold Piece. Jared T. in WY can now proudly join the Gold Coin Club. And he is certainly happy with his choice of the Equinox 800 fitted with the small 6" coil for trashy sites.
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