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Found 233 results

  1. Copy/paste from my Facebook group post. Took my GPX 5000 for a walk today! 5 Roman coins, 1 coin dated 1874, 1 Hammered coin from the 16th Century, 1 half of a buckle (D shape) 15 - 16th Century if I'm correct, 1 big D Buckle from the 14th Century if im correct, 1 round copper objet that appears to be related to a lock (14 - 16th Century if I'm correct) and a little ๐Ÿ•! Looks like silver but I'm not sure. Another hot day (34ยฐC). These were all very deep targets! The round thingy was at +-50cm! (Really hard soil) The landowner's son saw that i was pulling these from crazy depths, so i told him to bring a backhoe someday... He likes the idea!๐Ÿ˜Ž Can't wait to see what we going to find there!๐Ÿ˜ Once again proving the GPX 5000 is a must have for coins and relics! (Something that Gordon Heritage has been doing for ages)๐Ÿ˜Ž Now a little tip for all the coin ans relic hunters around the globe: Instead of buying lot's of machines, just save some cash to get one of these beasts! Just in case you don't know yet, this machine will see trough them Iron Slags or any other mineralization like if "they" weren't there! Roman areas and Medieval areas for example. I'm out!๐Ÿ˜Š Be lucky!๐Ÿ˜„ Cheers๐Ÿ˜
  2. I have been digging a 1930,s out house and before i left for the day i scanned my sniper coil thru the dirt i had trown out , finding sevral shot shells and then what i thought was a token , and this is just on top of the pile well i got it home and cleaned off the dirt , It is an 1899 V nickle , and i suppose when the out house user pulled down his pants this coin fell out , Now I am asking myself , How many other coins have fallen out ? so my plan is to take a board and put a few scoops on the board , spread it out , have a magnet handy and scan the whole pile going back in I bet it has more coins
  3. I decided to avoid heat stroke today by hunting at 6am. Went to an old farm pond close to a 1840's house. The old pond was a swimming hole for the owners back in the day. I was finding the usual farm debris when I got a really great hit. To my suprise out popped a 1945 Merc, but that wasn't all, four wheaties were keeping it company. I haven't found a merc in quite awhile and was wondering if I would ever find another. Two seconds after I filled that hole, I hit on a buffalo nickle. A little later I collected two more wheaties and three plain lincolns, a shotgun case, a giant 3 1/2'' brass ring and an unknown brass valve thingamajig. Any clues let me know, It has the word MAJOCA on the side. Overall I'm rating this as a damn good morning!!!
  4. Hey wassup guys!๐Ÿ˜ƒ These are all my golds, found last year with my trusty Equinox 800! ( except the scorpion medallion, was found with 9HF) Staring from the top: 2 Escudos from Philippe II - 1556-1598 400 Reis from Ioannes V - 1722 Barbarian Tremiss 3 - 6th Century if I'm correct 1/4 Dinar aka Fraction - 12- 13th Century if I'm correct Roman Earing Hollow Earing 18-19th if I'm correct Scorpion medallion. I turned one of those coins into a ring. I never tried hunting for native gold and never tried learning how to track it, but I got sort of specialized on tracking Ancient/Medieval areas. Best of luck to you all! Cheers
  5. Good morning everyone! Just passing by to drop some of my Vanquish finds! Really great machine! Its my Mini Nox haha. No complaints from here! Already managed to find a scattered hoard from the 14th century with it! Have great day! Cheers
  6. Some finds from area that i tracked some months ago! We were having a very boring day... after several hours walking near a river bank hoping for a Medieval dock, I started to see few fragments of pottery and Equinox 800 started to grunt alot... 1 musket ball... 2... 3... We had just found a new hot spot! Lots of goodies from the 18th Century. When we started to get short on signals, I loaded my sea level simulator for a quick inspect... ( the more you go back in history, the more higher was the sea level), i saw an interesting elevation and went there for a inspection. Managed to extract 9 Medieval coppers on a small patch at the top! Hope y'all don't mind that I post old hunts... Be lucky! Cheers
  7. So far the most beautiful coin I've found, and the rarest, Caligula, CESAR AUGUSTUS GERMANICUS as RV VESTA, 10, 55 gr.
  8. After a few outings of only digging trash, this week I got my first coin. A 1948 wheat penny, still needs some cleaning to determine if there is a mint mark. I was only able to determine what the penny was when I first dug it out of a creek, it's almost impossible to tell what it is in the picture. This was also my first water dig and only a few feet from the shore. The penny was in the same hole as an old ray-o-vac C battery and some rusty nails.
  9. I went out in the forest today and hunted a designated parking area for a U.C. Berkeley Forestry Camp. I am not sure how long this particular spot has been the designated parking area, but the camp has been in existence for over a hundred years. I got my second silver Rosie plus two Wheaties there today. I have the mind set that if there are Wheaties, there should be some silver. Well today was a little different, I found the silver first and then the Wheaties. Then I found I found the coin from Luxembourg, 1954 25 Centines, it happens to be worth more than the silver. Norm
  10. Have been pretty good. I had been cherry picking the parks for coins, and picked up about $35 in clad, and a few silvers, including a bucket list war nickel! I recently started focusing more on those jewelry range signals, and have started finding some. I'll post those finds in the jewelry forum. Feeling good about my progress with the Nox so far! Here's some pics of the silvers, and one of the total haul, minus the junk and some of the clad that's already been cleaned.
  11. I've been wanting to take the QED to the beach for a while now, it has a Mode 11 beach mode which is very deep, its essentially just a mode that has ground balance disabled at 7.5uS pulse delay. The beach I went to was only just over an hour and a half from home. I live about as far from a beach possible in NZ. I also wanted to try out my new Fisher F-Pulse pinpointer as it's meant to handle salt water beaches, my Garrett Carrot AT doesn't, last time I tried to use it on the beach the wet sand was setting it off like mad and it would not balance to the wet sand. The good news is the F-pulse worked fine, handled the wet sand well. I took a photo of my QED all geared up ready to detect. The weather was shocking, About 3 degrees with snow on the forecast for later tonight, strong wind and showers was what I was dealing with. I was going to be near the beach which is why I took my detector, the purpose of the trip wasn't to go detecting, the detecting was just a bonus. I decided I'd put the X-Coils 15" spiral coil on it as it's my biggest GPX coil, it's also very sensitive and deep so seemed a good fit. This beach is just huge and people spread out all along it as you're allowed to drive your cars on it, so there is no "good busy spot" like on normal beaches. On the dry sand Mode 11 (Disabled Ground Balance) worked well, it was perfect actually and I was digging deep bottle caps. I'm more of a discrimination type person so was getting pretty annoyed digging junk. I was however surprised how deep I was digging these bottle caps. It felt like I was regularly digging junk at 12". I got sick of that real quick so I jumped back in my car and drove down closer to the water, I was using my car as a bit of a wind break the weather was that bad. As I was closer to the water I was no longer able to use Mode 11, the no GB mode, it's my first time using the QED where I've had a response from the ground raising and lowering my coil. I'm not used to bad ground ๐Ÿ™‚ The beach has a fair bit of black sand, not terrible like some of NZ's beaches that are virtually pure black sand. I ended up having to go to Mode 5 with a gain of 6, settings I've never used before, I always run things flat out but I didn't like the ground response I was getting, If I kept the coil level to the ground the No GB mode worked OK, although I wasn't sure if that would mean depth would be affected so I wanted to be balanced, I was able to ground balance now after a bit of fiddling around with manual ground balance. I'm not good at dealing with bad ground, it's something I'm not used to at all. My first target as I got down near the water was an old NZ 2 cent coin, then a rusty old beer bottle cap and a few pull tabs and an old rusty weird looking bit of scrap metal and a few more bottle caps and then....... to my surprise a coin I've only found two of in my entire time detecting, a NZ silver florin!!!! from 1933 too, the first year NZ made a Florin and a harder to get date. I went to take a photo and my damn phone was flat! It was deep too, I tilted my coil sideways in the big hole I dug with my scoop and it was almost the depth of my coil, and the coil is a 15" coil. I took these photos of it when I got home. It's not all nice and shiny silver like the coins I find in the grass, I will try clean it up a bit somehow. My silvers from the sports fields always come up looking new. I decided to leave after that, the weather was getting to me and the wind was freezing. I had achieved what I wanted to do, test the QED out on the beach. It worked well enough, certainly deep and good ground coverage with such a big coil, I'd rather use a detector with discrimination and Target ID's for beach hunts though.
  12. Still on vacation back home in PA; I got out for my last hunt of the trip Sunday, with my friend John. We had a good day, digging at an old site; the pictures are of my old coin finds, and some relics (flat buttons, lantern parts, etc. etc.) It was a really nice day (until an afternoon thunderstorm ended our hunt), and was great to get out to a nice spot with a good friend. (I can't get a date from either of the two large cents; the V nickel is 1884, and the IHPs are 1872, two 1886, and a 1903).
  13. I got out for two fun hunts and didnโ€™t go home empty handed this time. The first hunt yielded all the older coins and the junk ring. My hunt today yielded a couple clad coins and a 3.2 gram 14k cross. Good luck and stay safe.
  14. This is why I like vacationing back home in Pennsylvania! ๐Ÿ™‚ I only dug two coins today, on a two-hour hunt at the site of what used to be a mid 1800s church, but is now just forest, and a small, old, adjacent cemetery... --Steve
  15. A mile stone in my metal detecting hobby, my first wheat penny. I found it today in my yard near my driveway, at the edge of my property. I though it would be a memorable penny(just like the rest of the pennies I found in my yard) but it turned out to be wheat. A 1942 D to be exact. The house was built in 1940, so it was there most likely ever since. I am glad to have it. I cleaned the dirt off with dawn and a paper towel. Do you think it needs to be cleaned more or is it nice the way it looks?
  16. I went back to an area that I had been over with my 3030 at least two times, this time with the NOX 800 and came away with this nice Barber. It wasn't deep, just next to a piece of trash too close for the CTX to separate. Norm
  17. So I've been getting a lot of clad coins with both the Equinox and the Vanquish 440 in the local parks, but even in the older ones, silver coins have escaped me for a couple of months now. In between thunderstorms this afternoon, I hit the neighbor's parking strip, and in less than ten minutes, I pulled two silvers and a wheatie! My first silver quarter, AND my first Canadian silver. The quarter is pretty trashed, but I'm glad just the same! Felt good to break the slump!
  18. She was looking for gold nuggets in the Golden Triangle and found these instead ... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8472753/Amateur-metal-detector-finds-FOURTEEN-extremely-valuable-sovereign-coins.html
  19. Hit the beach for a few hours and got some silver for the pile. Conditions werenโ€™t good which seems to be the norm lately since there have been no waves. All my silver was found in the dry sand after giving up on the wet. I donโ€™t know if the stone on the silver ring is a ruby but it gave me 5 bars on my diamond tester. Thanks for looking and happy hunting.
  20. Four inches down, rang 26-28 on the Equinox. Found at a fairgrounds.It has some dings and dents, so I think it was stepped on or hit by an old-time lawn mower or something. Some tarnish too. Still has fairly good detail. (The grid behind it is half-inch squares.)Also found a very green 1928 wheatie and half a dozen clad and pennies.Oh, and I found a couple pieces of cut/shaped flint in a couple of my holes. Look like small hide scrapers/blades. Must have been some native activity on that spot back in the day.
  21. Well I got back to Payson where I found a few silver coins a couple weeks ago. I stumbled over another silver quarter with my equinox 800. Funny thing is it's the same year as the other quarter I found. 1961... This place has now given up a war nickel, 1968 half, and two 1961 quarters. This hunt also gave up a live .38 colt NP I thought was pretty interesting.
  22. Found a nice 48โ€™ Rosey tilted, VDI 21-23, around 6โ€. Really old site, hoping for at least a Merc, but Iโ€™ll take it. Running sensitivity & threshold low due to excessive EMI, business area.
  23. Found this with Equinox 800 on a early site..
  24. Hit a spot with my buddy the History Teacher and a 1731 Russian coin flew out of the ground. Also got a KG Copper and a Dog Colonial Cape Clasp...
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