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  1. I went out to an old farmhouse with ozzie today. Located on a ridge, made for strong wind and a cold cold rain. A lot of the soil around the house seemed like modern, terribly junk laden fill...pull tabs and broken bolts at 8 inches, etc. Equinox at 24 sense, disc off, recovery 3. Down to my last half hour and feeling a bit bummed....finally had a soft soft but repeatable high tone. Pinpoint could barely get it...low grunts mixed in, but everything was so faint it had to be dug. Dug a full shovel length plug. Pinpointer was fully in the hole and buzzing in center....Great s
  2. I have been using the ORX and doing well but have not found any coins, and i think i have hunted this unhunted spot now 10 rimes or more, But this time i got out the big gun , the DEUS in full tones, using Coin fast, it started squeeking out shot shells and brass things, one after the other , then my 1st coin on the spot came out a 1923 wheat. and not long after that the 1872 shield Nickle, I was using 8.4 KHZ and it came thru for me .and its deep to
  3. I had to go get the first of 2 flu vaccine shots this afternoon so I decided to go out and get some relic hunting in this morning. Went down a hill in back of my house that I think is a trash dump site dating back quite a bit. There was a tremendous amount of iron present, but the Equinox did what it does best - tell ya where the good stuff is. Ground balance was about 53, I was in my trusty Farm 2 mode with all metal on, F2/0. Sensitivity 22. Got me a small pile of trash, I was only hunting about a half acre overlooking the river. Found these old Mason jar seals, usually I find
  4. Went early today to the larger beach. Another beautiful day, even the water was tolerable. Low tide is strange here, you go from having about 50 feet of beach to over 200. It's difficult to read but thanks to advice I've been getting from y'all I did great, at least for me and the 4 hours I was out. I searched along the tidal pools for a while, walked about a mile. Didn't find much of anything, not even an iron grunt until I found a couple of coins and this metal anvil. I assume it's for making jewelry. Shown with the ring I dug yesterday for size: Ran into a guy swinging an Equinox
  5. Can't tell the date. Was using the Equinox 800 in Gold 1. This is the first Buffalo Nickel I found that could tell what the date was. In my regular ground, the ground balance is around 10. Ground balance on the wet beach on lake was 68.
  6. Another beautiful day here, what a week so far. Every day is getting warmer. Today I put my water shoes on, got my CooB scoop and Limbsaver detector sling and hit the beach early with the Equinox. I went to the fishing beach again because I really haven't done all this and it was better to try it out in a place with fewer people. The main beach is loaded by 9 AM. Hit those odd piles in the sand again, found nothing but crusty Zincolns so I moved down to the water. That area must be a place where detectorists dump junk coins or something. 🤔 Wasn't disappointed for long, one quarter, m
  7. Kinda cold this morning, but it was slack low tide when I went to the beach. It's only about 1/2 mile from where I am. Spent about 2 hours going over where I went yesterday but at lower levels of the 10 foot tide. There are almost "hourly" cuts in the sand, but it is more from the cargo ships on the Savannah River. When they pass 3-5 foot waves hit the shore. Came back on the towel line, but the lower cuts were more fruitful. Thought I'd get near a mussel patch thinking it might trap coins, but even though there were good IDs I couldn't dig more than 2 inches with my composite trowel. It
  8. https://www.theguardian.com/science/2021/apr/01/arabian-coins-found-in-us-may-unlock-17th-century-pirate-mystery
  9. I hunted the camp today found a bunch of old iron trash and a few goodies. No buckles on this trip but did score a tiny silver using the Equinox 6” coil in park 1 stock settings. My wife found the flower button and it made her day. The other button is what I think is a wolf. Both in good shape. May go back tomorrow.
  10. Hit the river bank for an hour, just caught low tide. Bit of clad, game token and snagged this 1903 barber dime (1 year older than GB's Iffy one).
  11. As my current sites get hunted (by me), the clean hits become fewer. I've been working quite a bit this 2021 trying to squeeze out good (non-ferrous) targets which are far from perfect signals. Yesterday in a schoolyard I've been searching for the past 3 years and have 'covered' at the 80+% level I went to an area that has produced multiple old coins, including at least one of each of the following: Mercury Dime, silver Wartime Nickel, and Buffalo Nickel. I've also found multiple Wheat pennies. I don't know if I had been over this target before. Minelab Equinox 800 w/11" coil, Park 1
  12. Was trying out high gain, single Frequency on the Nox 600 on one of my spots; got a very deep high tone signal that didn't even register a VDI. 10 minutes of hard digging through wet clay yielded a nice assortment of silver coins. This machine is amazing!
  13. Found this about 2-4 inches deep in my front yard. It was in an area recently churned up from a storm water pipe install. Found a circa 1890-1904 aluminum token in this area too. Bet there's more silver and 100+ year old stuff buried in my yard, but they'll be deep...
  14. Tom_in_CA, you beat me to 1787 !. but no matter. Hunting an old site on lunch break today. Since the original log cabin was torn down in about 1807, everything here is pretty old, and deep. I had sens at 24, all metal. any high tones get mixed with grunts because of the depth...and tons of nails. got this about halfway through my break. I got to cross another coin off the bucket list today, rough shape though it is. Annyway, here is the New Jersey Copper....although the date isnt readable for sure...it"looks" like two tops of 7s where the date should be, so I'm gonna go with t
  15. I simply couldn't stand seeing CVIS-Chris post all his escapades. And he's so rude (even though he's within 3 hrs. of me) that he won't invite me and Elbert along. 😂 So I had to go out and plunder some of my own sites 🤣 Got this 1787 2 reale, and this 1834 Large Cent. My buddy got a small cuff #27 on this trek. This was from a site that had previously given up some other reales, PB's, early seateds, etc.... I know I can't steal the celebrity status from Chris, but it was Fun fun fun !
  16. Finished up the farmhouse I started yesterday, I know I'm finished when there are nearly no signals in two+ passes. I will hack around a bit just to be certain. Today was padlock day, got two and a possible third. The brass lock marked Red Cross was found when I went to an area that was not fully covered on a hunch. It has a unique back, they call it a Maltese Cross but since this house was standing in the 1860s I think it might be something else. 🤔 Fairly common lock but none for sale recently. The other is a Slaymaker "Old Guard" with the shackle long since rusted away. Can't find any i
  17. I made it out in the lake for the first time yesterday this year. Also fist lake hunt w the BEAST coil. I had it on video but unfortunately lost it in the attempt to free up space in my CRAPPY iPhone! This lake is often POUNDED by the locals and finding anything in the off season is DIFFICULT. However I managed to find a BEAUTIFUL 1936 BUFFALO! I’ve found Buffalo’s here before but not in this great of shape, as it was probably lost not long after it was minted. It was down around 10”, and mixed w iron. Lots of iron in this old lake. Aaron UPDATE.... thanks to my daughter, LOL I
  18. I received permission to a new site which was a hotel from the late 1700s to the early 1900s along a main travel route from Philadelphia to Bethlehem. It is currently split up into a bunch of long term apartments. Tin and aluminum scraps all over the place from maintenance over the years. It is located in a swamp with huge boulders. The sink rate in most areas is crazy..i was digging clad dimes in some places at 10 inches, and square nails and 1800s refuse feet away. bad attitude dogs of the tenants so far have included a rottweiler, 2 huge bulldogs of some sort, and something that looked
  19. Had a lot of stuff to do this morning, it was 35 out anyway. By the time I got out to the field it was about 11, but had warmed up to the 50s. I set up a grid search of the last known farmhouse in my permission, it was dismantled about 1967. Few but me know it was there. Started out where I think the back of the house was, and turned up 3 buttons. Clothesline! Found the well, and near it dug the best find of the day! Good stuff today. In the photo from left to right: Some kind of wire/rope guide, thought it was a weight but it looks like it was on a post or something. It is hol
  20. Last summer saw someone detecting a patch of woods near one of the local puddles. Loaded with prickers, vines and usual road trash. Blew off work for an hour to scout it out. I twas previously a farm field that extended to the pond. This is a good time to hit areas like that before the undergrowth kicks up. They did a good job picking the area clean, left a couple memorials but toward the waters edge they missed this 1902 Barber quarter. Now the pond is thawed out I don't think anyone has water detected this at all so will toss the waders on. Hopefully my fingers don't turn blue :)
  21. This 1942 is the first walking Liberty (or any Liberty coins) for me, so I suppose it is a bucket list coin. It was found tonight on the athletic fields close to home where I have pulled some eclectic items in the past. Although the coin is only worth about $10, its age beats the Franklin half I found about nine months back in the same general area. Rang in between 29-34 on the Equinox. Park 1, 7 recovery, 15" coil, all metal, 18 sensitivity.
  22. About ready to wind it up for the day. Just to the right of a exit gate, thought I heard "Don't leave me ! Please don't leave me!" Well had to go over and see what's up. Up popped a year 2000 Sacagawea Dollar coin. Not many of these around. Anyway a nice ending for the day.
  23. Today was a cold one. 43 and pretty high wind. Decided to just hack around, scouted a really old abandoned house down the road. It was too close to the main drag and I only found some junk and a penny, so I moved on. Went back to where I found the beautiful old breastplate. I haven't grid searched this area yet but will eventually. It has been dry here for over a week so the ground is getting like concrete. It's going to rain the rest of the week, however. Wasn't really finding much, lots of can slaw, junk iron and a couple of buttons. The field is huge, about 100 acres, but I was ju
  24. I am putting a 4x8 raised bed garden on the side of my house this year but before I did I decided to detect that area. To my surprise I dug up a 1965 quarter. I know that It's no big deal but it did surprise me! The house was built in 1911 so there could be more stuff out there.
  25. Warm enough to hunt in a T-shirt today. Farmhouse Grid search day 2. Dug a couple of buckles and what I thought were cufflinks, but yeah that's just a rivet. 😵 Little gear or saw blade, some sort of brass bead but it's not hollow. Really fancy spoon handle says Sterling on the bent piece. The large rectangle may be silver, it sure sounds like it and it's heavy. Two more of those aluminum buttons flanking a really heavy colonial brass button that appears to have been silverplated, it has a backmark but it's obliterated. I think I found the clothesline, kept turning up Indian Head after Ind
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