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  1. Beautiful day to head out. Morning was in the 60s, light wind, never got out of the 70s. At first I was going to try the river, there was supposed to be a low tide. Got down there and it was disappointing. Waterman out in the river bringing in crab pots, and no real low tide. Maybe the harvest moon is keeping the water high. Decided to go to the newer house and see if I could find more coins, boy did I. 57 coins, about $3.50 just in the driveway! Not a fan of digging in gravel, but if you hit it on a low angle it's a lot easier and you don't damage the coins or your shovel. Dates range from 1965 to 2010. This makes over 125 coins I've dug here, still not one silver. 22 Zincolns 😡 Went across the road to scout my new permission, really not much there, got the 1954 dog tag and the Disabled Veterans fob above. Also dug a rein guide, a mangled silver plate spoon, and a corner plate. Here's the trash. Not bad for this place.
  2. Got a message rather late Saturday from Chase, he had threatened to come down here and made good on it. πŸ˜€ Went to the old farmhouse and the newer house to see what we could find, I was glad to have someone more experienced to check with me. If you've been following I've found 75 coins at this house now, and no silver. I am starting to think those that said it was cherry picked could be right. 😡 First we hacked around the farmhouse and I was glad we did. I challenged Chase to look where I had been, I will let him tell ya what he dug but it was pretty darn good. He showed me some techniques he uses, and ran both an Equinox and a Deus at the newer house. I took mine over a fresh spot, found 2 memorials, and then went back to the front yard and dug 4 more, all masked by other stuff. Pretty much everything we dug was secondary to what we went after! All I got was a new quarter, mangled on the surface of the driveway, and 6 memorials, ranging from a 1959 D to a 1974. Dug the address tag, and then some kid toys not shown. Still no silver found at the newer house but... πŸ˜‰ At least it was a good day for Chase. Made it worth the trip. At one point we discussed the Equinox issue with coins on edge. I'm thinking of dusting off the "old" Garrett Ace 400 and trying it here. πŸ˜€ Had a blast! It's always good to put fresh eyes and more experience on one of my permissions. Nothing wrong with humility now and again 😳
  3. I went back to the spot that produced a lot of stuff yesterday. It was like somebody flipped a switch and it was over as fast as it started lol. So I roamed around for about an hour and a half and hit another hot spot. The area was about 40 ft wide and 60 ft long thats where most of the stuff came out.
  4. This was a hunt prior to finding the silver thimble in my previous topic. I have been detecting this house site on and off for a few years now and it still offers some excellent finds if you are patient & persistent. Most finds have been made with the Deus and HF coil using the Hot program, with only minor adjustments made with the reactivity and disc if the iron is unbearable. The property was occupied from the 1850's through to the mid 1900's sometime, and has thrown up plenty of Victorian era coins, relics and jewellery in the past. Probably my favourite find on this trip was the large Ironmonger's token with a beautiful patina, I really don't find many of these in my part of the world - moreso on the Victorian goldfields. Anyway, hope you enjoy the pics.
  5. I had a busy day digging targets Took a little road trip and hit a park. Doesn't look like anybody in the town is swinging a metal detector LOL. I dug almost $14 in change, halfway through the day, I quit digging shallow penny signals. I wasn't able to dig any old silver, but, silver is silver. The little silver ring was a nice bonus. I only covered a small section, I'm headed back tomorrow to see what else comes out.
  6. Short run at one my usual stomping grounds. This time I hit the lower section near the power lines to see how the Apex handles emi. My buddies Nox 800 and my Kruzer aren't fond of that area as it gets noisy. Not bad enough to quit but enough to be annoying. The Apex handled it well and separation is great amongst the trash. 2nd hit of the day was the 14k ring with yellow stone, not sure what the stone is. The other good hit was the 1871 Canadian 10c. When I first dug it I thought it was a barber not sure and just tossed it in my pouch. Got too hot to keep going so called it day shortly after.
  7. Got an inch of rain yesterday, and probably the best weather today for metal detecting. Mid 70s and breezy. Told my wife I was gonna make a day of it, and did I. Spent the entire day hunting the "new-ish" house front yard. It's only about a half acre, but the last time I just hit all the easy spots and I got 32 coins. Today I got 37. Two wheats, a 1941 and a 1952 D. One quarter, 7 dimes from 1966 to 1981, mostly 1967. Two 1970s nickels in one spot, and 4 Zincolns. The rest were memorials from 1959 to 1981. Dug 2 rings, one gold electroplated (says that in the band and most of the plating is gone) and one broken aluminum ring that says LOVE. That was the last target of the day. The small dark ring is a steel pipe cutoff - it was a solid 34! Broken zinc toy pistol grip, a flattened lipstick tube with engraving. A small aluminum plate with stamped diamond shapes and "D". Now for the interesting stuff. Here's a closeup of the ring: Next is the Milk Bone dog tag with the owners' name on the back. Supposedly these are from the 1950s. Pin with rays on it that probably held a coin, I stuck one of the dimes in it for size. It looks like it was plated as well. Some sort of brass finial, threaded inside: And the find of the day, an 1897 IHP. Never thought I'd find one here. As close as I'm coming to it, I'm surprised and a bit annoyed that I haven't found a single silver Roosevelt. Anyone know what the ID would be? 🀬 And for those of you that don't think productive hunts by experienced people produce much trash, here's the days' take, I'm pretty comfortable with the Equinox now: I was in "dig everything" mode today. Didn't skip much.
  8. Hello Friends, My Oldie finds have been building up for the past month or two, so I decided to make another post. All of these finds were with my Nox 800 from around 10 different parks in my locale. These parks have been detected by numerous hunters around me many dozens of times over the years. I’ve been detecting them for close to 15 years now. All the parks are very trashy, and most times my hunting protocol is to pick thru the the trash and dig the deeper, higher conductive targets, in addition to digging all quarter signals regardless of depth. I’ve hunted these parks so many times, I know the depths of the oldie targets, which range from 6-9+”. I’ll also dig the occasional nickel signal. I have some hunt buddies that prefer digging all clad signals regardless of depth, but that hasn’t been my style of hunting for decades now. It has been a very hot and dry summer in my area (dryer this year than previous years), and I have limited my hunts to just a few hours at a time. It works for me because I can’t stay away from home too long anyways since I take care of my Dad (preparing his meals and medications daily). Thanks for looking! Good luck on your next hunt! Raphis Dan
  9. Since Ida came through the weather has been great. Three days of 70s and today in the low 80s with a strong wind. Got two new permissions, a field with construction materials and a lot of old trailers and equipment in it, and a fairly new house. I first went to the farmhouse and hunted around a bit. Got the bracelet, two dimes and a nickel, all modern. Went across the street to the field and dug the quarter and 3 pennies. Again all post 1982. There isn't much here, but I did dig the WW1 service button. Sadly the shield fell out, but I have it. this is the field, but I really want to get permission to the house next door, I am working on it: Finished up the field with some (5) of the next picture, 32 coins in one day. Felt like being at one of my campgrounds. The oldest coin is a 1944 wheat, I got 4 quarters, one dime, 4 wheats, 17 memorials pre-1982, and 6 Zincolns. Sadly the '44 isn't steel, and the 1968 quarter is clad. πŸ˜€ This is the house. It is pretty new, but the coins say it is much older than it looks. It's been quite a weekend.
  10. Haven't done much digging at all, heat and humidity is brutal and I figured the finds can wait it out. Hit an old park near my house, took the Tejon out with the 10x12, not a whole lot of iron but a lot of aluminum surface trash so I was hunting for the tinier targets. Ground is really hard packed as they have car shows and gatherings so it was like digging cement, can't make bit holes there and forced to make little flaps and fishing the targets out and I ended up suffing the IH 1889. Ring seems very old, tested at 10k. I have a close up on the mark.
  11. Yesterday My buddy and I got up early to beat the heat (76@6:00am). We decided to hit the other side of the swim club that was fenced off a week ago, but now the fence was removed and open to the public. I was running the new silver umax and my buddy the 800. The first hour for me was a bust, just a bunch of pennys. My buddy was a 100 yards away and found 2 mercs and a bunch of wheaties. A little hot and frustrated, I walked another 100 yards to an odd looking small tree. This spot most people would have walked by. I'm thinking kids were climbing up and coins were falling out of their pockets. Maybe two swings and I hit a rosie. I stood up checked the hole and about a foot away I got a strong hit, Out comes a 1941 walker 1/2 dollar. At that point my buddy joined in on the fun. Two more hours of hunting in the now 100 plus degrees Yielded a total of 11 silvers, 39 wheaties, lots of pennies, kennedy 1/2 dollar. Oh and your good old trash. Not to shabby for 4 hours of sweat. I was liking the old tesoro's even more (would I have found them with the 800 Yup) but what fun would that be. TOTALS 5 Roosevelt dimes, 4 Merc's , 1 Washington, 1 walker 1/2, 39 wheaties
  12. I got a 1916 wheat. My buddy got a silver ring, 1939 wheat, 1964 silver dime, 1905 V nickel. He beat me but I got the oldest wheat lol. Was out in the large field again. The 1916 wheat. I have no photos of my buddies finds.
  13. What a brutal day. The "feely" temperature was 105, but it was wicked humid (I live between two rivers) and there was no wind in the morning. By noon there was a little wind, so I decided to hit the farmhouse. Brought my lopper and a battery hedge trimmer to cut the brush under the clothesline, I was kind of stoked. Working under the clothesline was tough at best. There was no breeze there and it was right out in the sun after I cleared it. Couldn't really cut the brush too low, but it didn't matter. There wasn't anything there. 😡 I'll check it again after a good rain, but nothing but a weak 14/15 well over a foot deep. Just couldn't dig anymore. I did see the outhouse though... πŸ˜€ It would require more clearing to get to it. Anyway, I spent the rest of my time between breaks at my truck for AC and water under the trees, I did manage to dig two memorials, a 1976 and a 1978, a small aluminum heart shape that says "start knitting here", and the relic of the day, an old hose end nozzle in great shape. It says "Franklin Made in USA" on it. After all this time it still works. It was about 4" under the ivy and roots, and was a 21/22. There are two really old trees in front of the house that have roots everywhere so digging is tough, not to mention the carpet of English Ivy. I guess something was better than nothing. πŸ˜€ Didn't dug too much trash but did want to remove stuff that might mask other stuff. Think I'll wait until things cool down a bit.
  14. Went to the farmhouse today, could only stand to be out there for 2.5 hours. At 9:30am it was 89 with no wind and 78% humidity, just a brutal August morning. I had to wring my shirt out when I got back. Small wonder nobody is posting finds, y'all are working or it's just too darn hot. Not much, but something. Had to dig the coins out with a screwdriver, they were under the roots and about 6-8 inches down. TIDs were 20-21 so I was surprised by the nickel. πŸ˜€ 1955 D Jefferson, 1918 and 1915 wheats. The hole got to be 8" deep, I could barely fit my trowel in there. Poked around some more and found the clothesline, it's still there but totally overgrown. Wonder if I should hack my way in there, or just wait until late fall/winter. What do you think? There have to be Barber coins here, somewhere...
  15. It's been a heckuva week, every day pretty much too hot to go out. Yard work took up most of my time between thunderstorms, I won't cut wet grass. Small wonder there haven't been many finds posts! We had a big rain last night, about 2 inches. Thought it was going to rain all day, the temperature dropped to 78 and the storms pulled out. I've been wanting to get out, so I went down the street to the farmhouse. I was glad I did. Despite the 88% humidity, it wasn't too bad. The soil is saturated so I figured I would find something. It was better than I thought: A small handful of modern coins, the best one being a 1947 S nickel. Don't find too many San Francisco mint coins, it might be telling a post-war travel story. The next bit is probably more interesting: 1908 "V" nickel I dug at the edge of the English Ivy that has overtaken the front yard. I can just make out the "08". This makes for a high probability of finding silver Barber coins under the ivy IMO. Hope so because I've never dug one. πŸ˜€ The last is an IHP, sadly no date but it's a thick one: This was found next to the cornfield where I dug a colonial button. I think this little field will be quite interesting after harvest. Settings are Park 1 Multi, IB F2=3, sensitivity 24. Wanted to hit the deep stuff. Almost nothing was under 4", I'm using the Coiltek 10x5.
  16. First time for the Big en in this field. With very little fresh drops last couple years the coins have been diminishing. First time I broke $3 in there this year. Only 2 shallow coins (same hole) the rest from about 5 to 7.5 inches. Trash is getting scarce too. I've taken everything out of this field threw the years Except Gold. Had to call the hunt, temp on the field got between 90 & 100. So not wanting to join the buried, I bailed. Pic shows today's hunts totals. $3.08 , 21 coins. no bling, little trash. Using a nice plug cutter and the Tarsacci 12". That 12 inch was hunting over old ground I've hunted with other machines including the Tarsacci with standard coil. So there's that.
  17. Finally cooled off enough I don't break into a sweat when I blink so I descided to take the old tejon out with the concentric coil at some abandoned rr line. Still plenty of ground to hit there this fall when the foliage is down. I hit it before with the Apex and did pretty well. 1897 IH was about a foot away from the 1905 V nickel. I believe this place was cherry picked out of any silvers a while back but worth hitting it more carefully as there is good chance for trimes etc.
  18. Back home from the beach. Got a beautiful day today, low 80s, North wind. Went to the hill over the river, I mowed it a bit more yesterday, so I wanted to see if the Coiltek 10x5 could pull some more from a place I have searched pretty heavily with the standard coil. I wasn't disappointed. Not much, but old coins and jewelry are always welcome. Copper scale that indicates from 0 to 25 something, Gold plated stamped pin with a purple stone, may be amethyst but possibly purple dyed paste. I'm glad the stone is still there, barely held in by the pins. 1941 wheat I think, and an old stamped button from Boston. This hill is infested with nails and large pieces of iron, but the 10x5 cuts the good stuff out like a knife. 😎
  19. The weekend I had hoped would be pretty good, Decided to try a new cellar hole find which was a disaster. This place was so iron laden I thought it was EMI. My 800 really struggles in the harsh iron. not having a 6 inch which my buddy was using and he wasn't having any better luck. PLAN B lets hit a small 12 acre park with an old farm house that was razed about 10 years ago. Well now this place was just as bad except is was a mowed yard. After a few painful hours I said lets cross the street to an 1880's house that no one lives in but's well kept. My first decent signal was a wheatie (oh joy) couple of minutes later out comes a 1883 IH (getting better) 30 mintutes later and got a 22 on the 800 dug the hole full of nails and was ready to give up when my last handful of super dry dirt produced a 1910 barber dime. It took 6 hours of heat and iron to make the day end on a good note. The 800 was acting a little wonky and I wasn't to thrilled by its ability to hit a good target with a lot of nails. Today my buddy wanted to run out somewhere, So I said lets hit the 1880's house again. But today was going to be a little different, I was pulling the Compadre out and running it on near max disc. This little wonder never ceases to amaze me for being able to hit silver and eliminate the nails. Only had an hour so here it goes. 45 mins and the machine was running fine but no hits. Until I wondered over to where I found the dime. I got a hit 4 inches from where I dug the 1910, I was not expecting what I found, lots of nails 5 or 6 pieces to be exact. WTF I hit the hole again with the coil beep beep. The soil was so dry and crumbly that my next handful popped The big brother to the dime, A 1905 1/2 barber dollar my first barber 1/2. My only hit in an hour not bad. I'll put another silver notch on the Compadre.
  20. Day 3, we had a good low tide here. Got out early. Walked the beach in the other direction, made my search field a little smaller because of the concentration of hotels and condos, many more "depositors" in the Bank of the Beach. πŸ˜€ Very few out this morning, most people leave on Saturday and Sunday. Should be even fewer tomorrow. It does fill up by 10 tho regardless. Pretty trashy day, picked up a bunch of bottle caps, the new nemesis being the aluminum beer cap. These buggers are a solid 14/15. I have to dig them all. 😡 Bottle caps aren't a worry, I pick them up when I see them or they're within one scoop. Nice carabiner tho. πŸ˜€ Sold a few Equinoxes today, lots of people asking what they should buy. Here are the finds, probably the best yet but not enough Vitamin K for me, as in 14k. 🀬 Dollar in in quarters, got one of every kind again. I was getting worried and then got the nickel. The small "C" is probably silver, from Costa Del Mar sunglasses. It was a 26. I call them "Costa Del Lots". Apple watch series 3, still working. Gonna have to buy a charger, I don't do Apple. One is on the way. If I can find the owner they can have it back. Favorite find today is a 925 sterling wave ring that matches a gold one I dug in Savannah. My wife loves it. Hope to collect other colors as well. Got it confirmed, they did replenish this beach year before last. At least 1 foot of sand was deposited all the way to the point. 😡 No wonder the targets are so deep.
  21. Well yay. It's great to post here! Hit the beach again this morning, went where I knew there wouldn't be much but wanted to get it out of the way. Got some coins, one of each at least again. Running in Beach 1 near the water, Park 1 works until the sand gets too dry at the high tide line, then I switch back to Beach 1. Ground balance was at or near zero. This place is easy, but every now and again I hit some mineralized sand and get lots of iron tones at 2". That's when I switch to Beach. There is no EMI here until the cell phones start coming. Some excitement, this guy caught a 4' shark... I got all these again at chest height to high tide one way and knee height coming back. All modern. Trash was minimal again, all the bottle caps were on the surface, I just picked 'em up. This is all I got, didn't dig anything big or heavy except for one buried wine bottle. Ran into another detectorist, he had a White's MXT. He was just hacking around the place he was staying, high on the beach. He complained that all he got was bottle caps and pull tabs, and everything was deep. Yep. All my coins were 10-12" down, nothing in the first or second scoop. Maybe they renewed this beach recently. I told him where he might find better stuff. I had gone up the beach to talk to him, and headed back to the line I was walking, didn't want to tread on his turf. I'm going to hunt the upper beach tomorrow anyway. Got a loud 17/18 at about 4" walking back, I was gonna skip it but it wasn't too deep. Scooped and got this little sparkler: Says IBB CN 925, means Chinese sterling. It has 13 stones, 2 are missing but my wife doesn't care. πŸ˜€ I imagine they are CZ's or Moisannite. My loupe needs new batteries to turn on the UV, so I'm going with that. Also found this nice Mattel car I gave to a kid. Good morning!
  22. Took the Apex out for a short run in a field that has been pounded hard by many detectorists. Not a ton of trash out there or ton of iron compared to many other spots but enough to slow your pace. Got a solid signal on this 1917 merc in really descent shape. About 4" down. No idea how others missed it. My oldest Merc so far... now if it was a 1916d that would be cooler but no complaints.
  23. I'm at an RV resort on the outer fringes of North Carolina this week, since metal detecting is both allowed and encouraged here I brought the Equinox with the 10x5. I've only been out there for a few hours. The first beach I went to is kinda remote. It's huge and doesn't have a lot of visitors. Got out there early, and searched the rock/shell line. In a couple of hours and about a mile of walking I found one Roosevelt Dime (2014) and a 3oz "frog" sinker, popular for surf fishing on the east coast. People come to this beach mostly for shells and to fish. Last week we had Tropical Storm Elsa that not only kept people out of the water, but because it came from land and went out to sea it seemed to have covered more than it uncovered. There were double red flags that kept everyone out of the water for over a week. They put up the yellow flags yesterday. If you swim or even go in the water on the double red you will be arrested. This morning was a little better, I went to the beach here at the park. Walked again about a mile. There are some hotels up here and a pier, from research this place gets hit pretty hard. I saw one other person with a Garrett AT at one of the hotels just hunting the upper beach. I've been going out at low tide and walking one way at chest height to high tide, (the rock line) and back at knee height, the idea being that most people will just go to the waters' edge. Haven't gone in the water as yet, and haven't searched the areas that people sit. There is a pretty high tide here, but not as bad as Savannah. Probably about 5 feet or so. Finds were all deep. Anyone who says the Coiltek 10x5 doesn't go deep should probably rethink their settings. Almost every coin I dug took 3 or more scoops, and pinpoint with a composite trowel to retrieve. This one was one of the easiest, a nickel about 10" down. This trip I've been alternating between Park 1 and Beach 1. The beach is so clean I don't have to worry about much trash. Sensitivity cranked to 24, no EMI. Ground balance runs from 1 to about 18, I change it as soon as I hear any noise, there is some black sand. I can use Park 1 where the sand is dry. Iron balance is F2=3 so there goes the myth that IB reduces depth πŸ˜€ on the 600 that's max. I tested it because of something Chase wrote saying it pushed bottle caps out of the "Digem" range and indeed it does. You get about a 12/13 with a loud iron tone. I dug 2 for fun and proof, I knew what they were. This is the trash I didn't toss. There were some cans but not many, and some large pieces of metal that gave 30s tones that were too heavy to carry. There are trash cans everywhere. Here are the finds so far, all modern clad and a fishing lure that was probably over 12" deep. Should have photographed the hole. The clean quarters were dug at chest height, the cruddy stuff all at knee height to the high tide line. I'm not finding that I have to swing much more with the 10x5, I have my 11" with me but may not bother to use it. This coil is like a razor and ground balances really well. Hope to find some gold!
  24. I had an extra Deus S-Rod and 9" X35 coil that I wasn't using, so I ordered a ORX remote to use as a traveling detector. I received the remote yesterday, so I assembled everything and took it to a local park to try it out and make sure it was working OK. I wasn't really expecting to find much but I found $4.20 in clad, a $20 bill laying on top of the ground, and a 14K white gold ring. That is the third gold ring that I have found this year with the Deus and ORX.
  25. Yesterday was HOT, But I decided to hit a shady spot that has produced some good stuff. I decided to bring the line trimmer and mow down an area around some tree's that I found a nice barber on. So after an hour of trimming I was happy I could detect under the 3 foot tall grass. My first good signal was a nickle (buffie) next was a wheatie, Not bad for my efforts. The spot is next to a willow tree by an old pond/swimming hole. After collecting a few more nickles and pennies (not looking closely to what I dug) I found what I think might be a carpenter's compass (Total Guess), It's made of copper and was around 10'' deep. Next was a thimble and a kerosene lamp burner. One more signal and out comes a lead button. Well I was hotter than hot and called it a day. When I got home to look at my rather mundane finds I realized I tripped up on Two liberty head nickles (1912 and 1895), a 1907 indian head penny, and two wheatie's 1920 and a no date. , And two no date buffies. This place has yielded stuff from colonial to the 19th century and I'm going to bring the trimmer back to clean up some more spots on the property, Not only for me but to pay back the owner for the permission. Anyone who can help with the ID on the my best guess carpenter compass I welcome the help.
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