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Found 61 results

  1. Noah (FL)

    Mercury Mojave

    Stumbled upon this beauty in the woods behind a hotel in Nashville a few weeks ago. 1/2 hour hunt turned a couple modern bullets , 2 modern coins , a few cans, and this 1918 merc. You just never know!
  2. GlazedTofu

    Old Chinese Coin?

    Found at old pre 1900 coal mining ghost town in Washington state. I have no idea how old this is but we did have a lot of Chinese miners at this site. Anyone have some some knowledge I’d love to hear it!
  3. I’ve been hitting an old youth center from 1929 the last few weekends. Using the equinox working a small corner I finally found some keepers. The Indian head was a solid 19/20... thinking I had another Zincolin.. dang 4 inches down out she popped! the silver Washington 1954 was 6 inches down near some iron, but gave a nice consistent high tone. happy Hunting!
  4. MY FIRST HAMMERED! Literally ... just got back home, from one of the best detecting days ever. Had to share this πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ EDIT: And of course, it was found with the AWESOME EQUINOX!!!!! πŸ˜‰ These pictures give a feeling of scale. Its a tiny little bugger!!
  5. I almost forgot with all the posts and news of the update on the forum. Found me an Injun behind second base of a men's league ball field on the site of a former fairgrounds. First time I actually ran the Noxie hot as I was using sens 23-24 recovery 4 to 5 and IB 1. First Indian and first old coin found here in ages. Of course I got ran out again by rain. Barely made it to the car before it started pouring. 1898 Indian Head penny
  6. Nothing unusual here, but silver has been hunted for years here Norm
  7. Took the X35 out for its first relic hunt...
  8. A couple of weekends ago My 800 delivered two bucket list finds. I have always's wanted to find an old Gun and this one was in heavy Iron about 10 feet off the side of an old cellar hole. After some Research I have found this Cannon barreled pocket pistol ( boot pistol or lady's pistol) is from Belgium and dates from 1853 -1877 .The seated I have been looking for for many years. Finally I can say I have my seated Dime. When I found the dime it was a sweat high tone 25. Oh I love that sound! I hope the picture upload works! My small coil arrives in the mail tomorrow..now I can get down to some real heavy Iron taming πŸ˜‰ HH Sillllvar
  9. Couldn't believe my luck! In a park in Hinckley that's been around since 1879, I come across a 1941 Quarter. Pinged at 31. The back story i guess goes summit like this > ,During WW2 Captain America was canoodling with Mrs Mary J Rottencrotch and dropped it whilst ....... ?? Whooooo Hoooooooo!!! Andy. EDIT: Also note, it has no minting mark indicating its location of manufacture. Probably from Philly if i'm not mistaken (which incidentally happens alot)
  10. I stopped byto see the landowner and possibly drop off a box full of wheat pennies a couple Indian heads, the most recent shoe buckle, and a musket ball for the home owner but he wasn't there and the family said he probably wouldn't want the stuff anyways and to go back and detect if I wanted. I went back to the lawn first and realized that there weren't a lot of good signals. It probably had to do with the fact that in each hole there were at least two cut nails and EMI affecting the detector. I decided to hit in the woods where the old well was and I picked up that half dollar it was awesome. I then put my sensitivity at 18 infield two mode and the guy on finding some cool relics.
  11. As a Christmas present, a friend of mine asked around amongst many friends/acquaintances and received five positive replies for permission for me to search their properties. Last weekend I went to my 3rd (actually 3b since this is a property now owned by one of the original five, but a second property). I find it interesting to compare/contrast two of these properties which I'll call 3a and 3b. 3a) small (<1000 sq ft) home built about 1940 on a corner lot. Total property size ~0.1 acre. There is a detached garage, part of the yard is fenced off for farm animals, and although I had permission to search in with them (goats and chickens) I didn't do as thorough of a job searching their space as the rest, for obvious reasons. I was expecting good results but a 4 hour hunt only produced one old coin -- a late 1930's Wheat Cent. It's possible this site had been searched previously but I think it's less likely than a second theory -- whoever has lived there just didn't hang out much in the yard and/or didn't carry coins in places where they could be dropped. Regardless, I was disappointed to the sparsity of finds, but that just makes me hungrier for other sites and more excited when those produce. To my surprise and appreciation, that home owner told me she was in the process of buying a rental and said I was welcome to search it. Proceed to... 3b) similar size home and lot, but this time no farm animals, built ~1955. Assuming the 'old' coins I seek stopped being circulated by the early 1970's, this property only offers about 15 or so years to have accumulated these targets as opposed to twice as long with 3a. After my previous experience I wasn't expecting a windfall but still was hopeful. Last Sunday I was able to put in 3 hours of searching and covered a little more than half of the searchable ground. During the hunt I was finding a moderate number of coins, mostly copper Memorial cents, a few clad dimes and quarters and a couple Jefferson nickels. I was discriminating hard against Zincolns which might have been a mistake. Two of the copper cents I found (I think both were Wheats but not sure) hit 20-21 ID on my Equinox 800 (Park 1, 5 custom tones, ground balanced, recovery speed = 6, iron bias = 2, gain = 18). When I don't expect Indian Heads I tend to discriminate at 21/22 ID break. I don't like trying to clean coins in the field so although I knew I had some Wheaties I wasn't sure how many. Turns out 7 of the 21 pennies I recovered were Wheats. My standard procedure is to soak in just water for several hours and then use just my fingers (including fingernails) and a soft toothbrush to figure out date+mintmark. Soaking removes the loose grit (think 'abrasive' which is why I don't mess with coins in the field) and a fingernail is soft enough not to scratch the metal. As most of you experience, copper coins that have been in the ground a long time tend to build up a scale which doesn't come off easily. 95% of the time I have to scrape the date area with a fingernail. It's kind of a fun process because rather than seeing a date immediately there is a gradual revelation. For example: "looks like a 194x, no maybe 191x (scrape some more), OK 1942? or is that a 3 or 8? I'm seeing a mintmark but can't tell if 'D' or 'S'. Hope it's an 'S'...." Part of this process is driven by poor eyesight, even using magnifiers. That's exactly what happened with the coin shown below. It looked like a 1924 but there was too much scale to see a mintmark. As usual I hope for the best "please be a -D" but my dreams almost never reach fruition. However, this time, bonus!! Just as I had begged for, a -D (Denver mint) showed through. Of the >200 business strike Lincoln cents, the order of rarity (based upon mintage) is 1909-S VDB, 1931-S, 1914-D, 1909-S, 1924-D. I found the fifth scarecest Lincoln (not counting the rare and sometimes valuable 'error' coins such as the Double Dies and off-metal planchet errors nor 'proof' coins issued for collectors only). In the 1960's I searched bank rolls and pocket change religiously for my collection. I estimate over the years I looked at 25,000 or more Lincoln cents and not only did I never find a 1924-D, but no cents as valuable either. (Actually the value even today is quite modest. Given its wear, even if I can successfully clean off the scale it would only be worth about $15 on Ebay.) Since restarting metal detecting 3 years ago I've found just over 100 Wheaties. 1/100 beats 0/25,000 every day of the week.
  12. My first Roman Silver found with the NOX, Field2. VDI 14/15, default settings 8 inches down, 4 units on the depth gauge. Lovely tone Believed to be a Silver Denarius by Septimus Severus AD209, This side Minerva, the other side the head of one of his Sons either Geta or Caracalla, commemorating the victories achieved by the Romans led by Severus and Caracalla in Scotland AD209 -10.
  13. Upon returning from my beach vacation and a difficult week at work (always seem to get behind when I go on vacation) I returned to the school construction site. A lot of dirt has been moved in the last two weeks and I got another one of those 1st (Francs 2). The mercury was on edge by the way the audio responded, but it's amazing how the Equinox will not vary much on the ID when it comes to coins and pull tabs. Even though the coin was on edge, the ID was a steady 23-24. I knew it was a coin of some sort.
  14. I got to hit a yard for a little while this morning. Yep, I'm going back. 😁
  15. I was hunting an old field and found an old button and after rubbing it with some vegetable oil to preserve it I went back to the same spot and found this old coin. I was shaking all over as I gently cleaned it off and rubbed it with a lightly oiled paper towel. I looked it up and it is a colonial Vermont copper from around 1785.
  16. I was lucky enough to find a couple large cents awhile back and was hoping someone knowledgeable with copper coins / large cents could shed some light on dating one of them. The 1845 large cent (good condition) measures appx. 27mm while the other large cent (which is in extremely poor condition) measures appx. 28mm. The larger coin also has the word "CENT" underlined on the reverse whereas the 1845 does not (see photos). I have The Official Red Book of United States Coins, 63rd edition (2010) and I believe the larger cent is older. Anyone have an opinion on appx. date of larger cent? γ€€Thanks in advance, Malcolm
  17. Flukenut

    Amazing Find!

    I have been detecting for 40 years, found a lot of different coins. But there was one on my bucket list I never thought I would find.I found a beach that use to be a resort in the turn of the century and found a lot of silver coins there.Every week is a new adventure with the movement of sand. Today was one of those days. Got a 27-28 signal on the 600, dug down , got a 1907 barber dime. After checking the hole got a 37-38 signal. Called my son over with his etrac and he got a 12-40 signal. After a few scoops, down about a foot came up a 1935 Peace dollar! Wow! Never thought this day would come!
  18. foreverteachable

    My Mom Is A Natural!

    I got to spend the day with my mom and after visiting friends and family we decided to hit one of my detecting spots because she was interested in finding some treasure. I have hit the spot several times with various other detectors. I'd given her the Fisher F-22 and put it in coin mode to make it easier. Wouldn't you know out of the first hole she digs a 278 year old coin. I couldn't believe it since I've never found anything there older than the 1920s πŸ™‚ needless to say I still have a grin on my face.
  19. I had a chance to detect an area that I was eyeing for a while but wanted to make sure it was public and knocked on a couple doors and all was well I found a coin on edge at 6 in and also my second Seated dime this year with the equinox. I also found 3 Old nickels that I have to clean up. When I was leaving I went over to check out a coin that I saw laying on top of the ground I thought maybe somebody was throwing pennies out since I had found a few modern Pennies on top of the ground and I'm closer inspection I realized it was a Buffalo Head Nickel :-)Life is good I hope you all get out soon and find some treasure.
  20. I found out old nickles read 12-13 on my Equinox and now have been re-searching spots I picked silver and wheaties from recently.
  21. I was at the beach in dry sand next to an embankment that came down from the highway, running Beach 1 with the gain cranked. It was unlike any hit I had gotten after about 200 hours with the Equinox 800. All the numbers were pretty good but very confused and the varying signals had different strengths. It was an area about a foot and a half across. Each time I rescanned the hole there were more hits. Now, none of these coins are valuable beyond their face value, but look how many there were by the time I finished going over the little area. I had never had anything like that happen - 28 coins in the same hole. fwiw...
  22. After finding my first silver coin last August, I recently found my oldest coin. It is in very poor condition but, it is a special find for me.
  23. Today I had my first opportunity to detect a site with the Equinox 600. It is a town green and has a section where and old house may have burned down or fill was dumped so one section has lots of steel and iron nails and other debris. I live in Upstate NY near Albany and places in the area have been pounded by very capable detectorists. I used Park one and began detecting. Even at a sensitivity setting of 23 it was really stable and I started off impressed. Unfortunately after several really nice tones that read 24-36 and turned out to be steel or cut Iron nails I was pretty disappointed. I had heard the nox was really good in iron but it wasn't proving to be. I turned up and down the iron bias and tried hunting in Park 2 but same results. I have never used Minelab detectors before but I have used several other detectors in the past, including Whites Classics and DFX, Shadow X5, Fisher F22, most recently an A T Pro for the first time and I didn't receive this level of falsing on nail with a higher disc that I did with the equinox. I am normally pretty optimistic and can figure settings on other detectors out pretty quick (I know I am new at using it )but I just wasn't clicking with this detector. Also even when I swung the coil at a 90 degree angle several good signals with vdi #'s 24-36, still sounded good. (Are there other setting to help with this than iron bias?) I like to give things a chance and try to learn them but the thought crossed my mind that I could sell this thing before I scratched it and I could just use the AT Pro that a buddy recently gave me πŸ™‚ Also the ergonomics seemed awkwards, it was rubbing on my forearm and seemed front-heavy. I detected my way over to the main green where there have been recent flea markets and where I have unfortunately found newer targets down pretty deep due to the soil but I figured, "let's see how this does on some deeper coins in an area with less old iron." I didn't expect to find anything old. I found a dime down 6 in, a bottle cap down 7 in, another bottle cap down 7". The depth was decent but not overly impressive. I detected the area in the past with my DFX and never found any silver there and had to work hard gor only a couple wheaties at about 6-7". I figured I would detect my way back to the car quick and I got a really nice signal that read 24 to 26 but it had a really full tone to it that sounded different. It sounded really sweet, unlike any other detector that I have used. I just knew it was a coin. I dug down about 6 to 7 in and at the bottom of the plug I noticed another dime. I thought, "Cool another dime but this thing isn't impressing me as much as all the hype ;-). I then looked at it again and it looked a little different. The pattern was odd, it had been discolored from the soil and it turned out to be a 44 Mercury. That made me smile really wide since I never found silver there in the half a dozen times that I detected there with 2 other detectors. I found silver on the first hunt and have decided that perhaps my initial reactions were premature and I need to keep this thing LOL ANY SUGGESTIONS ON IRON FALSING ARE MUCH APPRECIATED AS WELL.
  24. Planned short morning hunt yesterday in a polluted L.A. park. I decided to lay off the silvers for awhile and seek my first V nickel. Field 2 with factory settings and blocked out mid conductors with 12,13,14 open. My first coin was a '36 buff in nice condition. Second coin was a worn V nickel. Other nickels followed. I was blown away at how fast I got these coins. I did dig a few pulltabs too but not too many since I am getting pretty good at identifying nickels based on how they jump around in the numbers. I think I'll keep running my machine this way for awhile and see how many Buffs/V's I can get over the next several months. Thanks for stopping in and happy hunting.
  25. There is an old park near my home, one I've hunted fairly often not that I've found much of interest beyond the usual junk jewelry and clad, but the area is rich in history, so I'm always hopeful. Sadly most of the old park is gone to new grass, play areas and everything else park like is new'ish, still the park is dear to my heart with fond memories there as a toddler watching my dad play music on stage there, towards the end of his music career on one holiday, the old grandstand long gone. There is one area above the developed park that looks like fairly virgin ground, a little section kept to wilderness and loaded with trash old and new, more on the old side but still plenty of non ferrous. It's an overwhelmingly difficult area to isolate a signal and when I go in there I usually don't last very long before finding myself back into the manicured lawn. With the new hunting season on us and plans for the high country in the works I've taken to punishing my self in this undeveloped part of the park testing different settings on the deus 9"hf coil, with the exception of milder soil than up north making things a bit easier, I'm thinking this should be good practice for my ear for the iron infested gold field areas. I took a couple of pictures in my hunt area, the city crews cut the grass in a few spots and the poison oak's not out much yet so hunting is not to bad in those places. The other two pictures other than the coins show some old stone steps running up the hill in one picture and the other shows what looks to me like the foundation from an old stone fire place and some of the building foundation stones. I found the handle from an old cooking pot not far from the fireplace stones, the coins came from different spots between the fireplace stones and stone step, all targets around 4" or so deep. Hunted an hour today and all I could find were pieces of old aluminum, rusted bottle caps (I knew, but checked due to the iron trash) some clad and a house key also a bit of melted lead, junk...but still targets. I really think this spot has something if I can find the willpower to stick it out😏😁. The buffalo didn't see much circulation before someone dropped it and is fairly decent if not for the heavy corrosion from being buried for so long, my scrubbing didn't help the coin any, but I don't think when they are corroded that much that it really matters, so I scrubbed the heck out of it so I could enjoy my find. So, buffalo, couple of wheats... must be something else???