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Found 113 results

  1. Found this barber and a soap jar early 1900's from nearby hunting trails that aren't marked on maps. Lots of land to poke through but these were pretty much on the trails. The jar's info I found this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Woodbury_Soap_Company
  2. Out last night and got a nice 1892 S barber dime. Pk1, 5 tone, recovery 7, iron bias 3.
  3. Not too shabby for an Arizona weekend. (We don’t have the old stuff you others have got in the ground.) Three straight days of detecting yields an 1898 Barber Quarter, 1945 Mercury dime, 1951 Franklin 50 cent piece, Utah state tax token, 13 Wheat pennies, some other trinkets, and a 14k gold/platinum setting diamond ring. Not shown here was also a serial number stamped on a plaque from an 1880s sewing machine and a whole pile of other junk. I’m most excited about the Barber and the 50 cent silver. The quarter was about 6-7 inches down and on edge. It sounded good both ways, but swinging inconsistent numbers on the Equinox 800 in Field 1 with the 15 inch coil. I surmise the yard had been cleaned out before even though the owner thought it had not. That was one of it’s only few coins in 8 hours of detecting it—and the yard was massive. Conversely, the Merc., Franklin, and most of the Wheats came from the another small 8’ by 16 ‘ front yard that took only a couple of hours to detect. The diamond ring came from the old school house. Left by someone else unwilling to dig a repeatable number 12 target. Can’t wait to do it again, but going to need some muscle recovery time from all those lunges and precision digging.
  4. I recently had the opportunity to make it back to the home where I grew up. The property, a rural Wisconsin farmsite, dates back to 1845 when it was given to the first owners by the Unites States government. My parents lived there for 30 years and finally sold the home about 10 years ago. I had detected it before my parents sold it, but that was with a Garrett Treasure Ace 100, a true beep-and-dig machine which found me nothing but iron scrap the one time I used it on the property. Other than that one time, the land has never been detected. I was really wanting to try it with the 800 to see if it was up for the challenge. I called the current owner and asked if it was ok to come out and detect the property. I thought to myself that if I only found one silver coin that it would be a successful hunt. After graciously being given free reign to dig anywhere, I quickly found out just how much iron collects in 174 years. Added to the nails and other farm scrap metal bits were the zillions of BB's from my youth. Let's just say that the 11" coil was busy! I had to run at 7 recovery just to try to sort the barrage of signals. Sadly, the roofing nails were a strong signal that came in at 22-23 with no iron grunt using all-metal mode, and there were thousands of them. I did manage to find some modern coins and a broken silver serving spoon. The best find of the day, and at the top of my lifetime's worth of detecting finds, was a silver dime. It is the oldest dime I have ever found and the first silver for me that was not a Roosevelt dime. To many people it would not be special. For me, just the opportunity to detect at my old home among the large trees that we planted when they were but a foot high was utterly amazing. I know there are many more silver coins still waiting there. I may never get back, but I don't need to. It would be hard to top the experience and joy of sharing my stories of growing up there and the day's finds with the current owner. It was a bucket list experience.
  5. Yesterday my buddy stumbled onto another hot spot at the 1850's site we've been hunting since the beginning of the year and found a Dragoon and an R button along with a really nice rosette. He wasn't able to go out today, but he gave me his blessing to head over and hunt it today. I'm sure he's not to happy about that now 🙂 I got there at 05:30 this morning and right away period items began to come to light, dropped musket ball, pistol ball, percussion cap and a trouser button on the first pass. That's always a good sign when you start to pull some keepers right from the get go. On the next pass, a percussion cap, 2 pulltabs, a pistol ball and then I get a 21-22 on the Nox 800. We seldom get very many items that hit in the 20's except aluminum slaw or deeply buried aluminum cans, most hits are in the 9 to 19 range. I fully expected to dig a piece of trash and was totally unprepared for what came out, when I saw what it was, I just threw it back onto the dirt pile, stood up and started walking around stunned. A major bucket lister that I always wanted to dig, but just never figured I'd ever see come outta the hole, my first Spanish Reale. My goal for the day was to at least dig a Dragoon or maybe another R button. This was the last thing I thought would ever come from this site, I'm still in awe that I was privileged to find such an awesome coin. Somehow I was able to compose myself and continue hunting for another 9 hours and ended up with some excellent relics to add to my display case once I finish hunting this site. I did dig a lead, 1 piece button, my 3rd from here, anyone have any idea if it's period and what it's from? Once again my settings on the Nox 11" coil Sens 23 Recovery 4 Iron bias 0 No disc GB at 3-6 Park 1 2-tones Tone break -9 to +8
  6. A funny story actually. I arrived at site and was thinking about which detecftor to use first to find a target to compare. Had Tarsacci mdt 8000, Etrac and Nox with me. I chose Eqx 800 and took off. I get this strong signal with 13 in the window. Said to myself golly this thing sounds like it’s on top of ground. Went to truck to get pinointer just to see how shallow. . Garrett propointer pointer hit strong so I moved some of the sprigs of grass and sage around and saw something. As soon as I layed eyes on it I knew what it was. But the ID told me it was not genuine. I did a small video checking with Etrac. I have found the genuine Spanish bits on this farm before 4 I think in this general area of 90 acres. Btw high odds I dug this target not today but a few days ago. Better to be lucky than good I guess. This find was unearthed with either Tarsacci or Eqx 800. Don’t know which one. Suspect it was colocated with flat button or musket ball and once I found one of those Inwas satisfied. I may not even have detected either flat button or musketball before but rather this bit. Go figure. This happened once before with me on a merc dime nicke scenario. But I caught on the same day. Not days later. Find reads 13 on Nox and 07 conductive on Etrac. Definitely not silver. This area has also given up a fake capped bust dime for me detecting found with Nokta Relic detectorand 5” small coil. Here’s pic of my actual find. Suspect fake Spanish bit. This video here I am putting here so folks can watch. Notice the back of these fakes. Key on the letters RE near the rim and the detail below on coins.
  7. I asked and got permission to hunt an old yard in the older part of town. I was told that it had been detected several times over the years and a $20.00 gold coin was found there about twenty years ago. I said that technology had gotten better and I would like to try my chances. I was very pleasantly surprised with this coin
  8. I found this very worn coin on the beach with the Equinox. I'd @ 14 and appears to be similar metal to a nickel. There is the bust of a head on the front looking to the left. The reverse shows the number 5. I've searched Google for octagonal coins with no luck. I found this in an area where I was finding bronze nails from a 1860 shipwreck. Anyone know what it is? Thanks, Tim
  9. I got a call from a friend who journeyed down this way so I meet up with him at an old park here in town. It's given up old coins a well as civil war relics. I wasn't prepared for what I was going to find. I dug an 1868 shield nickel! Wow! I was excited. Then just a short distance away I got another nickel signal. I hollered at Rick and said another shield nickel!! We were both laughing. His wife had come along so I told her she could have the rest of the area around the old Oak tree and I ventured off. Five min. later I hollered at Rick again " you're not going to believe this" it was another shield nickel. I have only found three shield nickels my entire life and to find three in one short hunt was just crazy! Anyways here's a pic of my finds. One round ball and three shield nickels. An hour and forty five minute hunt I will always remember. Tom
  10. Had a great time hunting the old 1850's site again today. Found a lot of fired lead along with a bucket lister and my oldest silver coin to date, an 1852 seated half dime. This is the first silver coin to come out of this place since we've been hunting it for the last few months. We both knew there was one hiding in there somewhere :-). Running the 800 with the 11 inch coil. My settings were as follows:. Park 2, recovery speed set at 6, iron bias 0, this time I performed a manual ground balance, sensitivity set at 18, 2 tones .
  11. Well, after reading about the high number war nickels I finally got one at an old fairground in Kansas. Hits a solid 21.I was sure surprised to see a nickel in the hole. It's a 1943 s.
  12. Just curious how many folks would do this to get a coin? This was my first attempt to video a live dig, so please forgive the lack of professionalism 🙂
  13. Weather was just too nice not to camp this weekend here on the Wet side of WA. Off to a older camp ground that once had a apple orchard with a few old trees left. Zillions of pull tabs and can slow, but managed to pull a pile of coins including the 64 and 53 Silver Rosies. The silver came in on the first day, 20 minutes apart. I don't think I have ever had a 2 silver day, and the nox was pulling deep for our stupid soil. Thanks for looking, and HH
  14. Got out today with the Equinox 800 for a short hunt. Not a lot of coins, but did find 1944s wheat penny and Malibu Castle & Showboat Fun Center token. I believe this amusement park was active in the 1970's, 1980's, and 1990's in North Holleywood, Ca. and closed and then burned to the ground in 1998. Correct me if I'm wrong. The live round was a PMC .270 Win. I have no idea how it got to where it was. Used my regular Park 1, recovery speed down to 4, and sensitivity up to 23. Also, first time out with my Fisher F-Pulse pinpointer which replaces my Garrett (black) Propointer. The F-Pluse definitely goes about 1 1/2 inches deeper on most coins and has a lot more features than my older pinpointer. It is much more powerful and does require ground balancing to operate smoothly. Anyone have any experience longer term with the Fisher F-Pulse they would want to share? Thanks.
  15. Hey everyone.... Here is an interesting dig. This weekend at my favorite lot site I picked up a signal bouncing between TID's 23 to 28. Never hit a 29 or 30. It was not screaming at me like the Kennedy Half I got there recently. Since I pull a lot of rusted nails from this site, I thought this would be another nail or possibly a clad quarter. Low and behold, a 1945 Walker Half on edge 4-5" under a pine tree root. I slightly nicked the rim with my Lesche....bummer. I never would have ignored a signal like this but it sure fooled me. Settings: Park 1, 50 tones, 0 IB, 3 rec, 22 sens
  16. Found this seated liberty and possibly the remnants of a large cent, could barely see a ghost of something that might have been readable at one point in time..... possibly. Also found all the poison sumac they cut down the hard way so I now need to be more cautious searching.
  17. I recently got carried away and added some off topic info and photos to a post when I asked about Where are all the Beach Finds. TMox & GB_Amateur shared info that was good. Sorry for adding some off topic stuff, so I edited and am starting a new post. Is the true value of a find, what someone is willing to pay or is it what you feel it is worth? I think it is a little of both and here is my spin. I was chasing big gold nuggets at a well known Big Gold Mining camp in AK 10+ years ago. In fact, it was Steve who talked me into going there as he knew I was pretty good with a detector. Back in the day when he and I were both Minelab Dealers (when he worked for a living), we used to bump stories and detector knowledge off each other. Anyway, I found a beauty of a coin in the old original part of the camp which is upstream from the current camp. It was an 1882 Morgan Silver Dollar. I was so excited to recover this piece of history and it was only my 3rd or 4th silver dollar find in my carrier, at that time. Well when I got back camp and showed the other nugget hunters and the families who owned the mine, I could tell they really wanted it, especially Mrs. Wiltz. She even offered to buy it from me for $100. Now this is when the value comes in. At the time and current, the 1882 Morgan Dollar in that condition would probably sell for $20 to $30. But yet I have one of the Mine owners offering me 3 to 5X is book value? My heart wanted to keep her happy, but I could not let it go so easy. Finding a Morgan silver dollar is extremely rare (even though there are millions, YES- millions) with a metal detector at an old site. $100 is a great offer and I would never get that same from a coin store. But when you don't need the money, it doesn't mean as much. I declined, as I told her I wanted to take it home and share with my dad, the same guy who helped me learn detectors as a young kid back in the early 70's, my mentor. I also wanted to enter it into the Metal Detecting Club - Finds of the Month Contest. Fast forward to the following Summer of 2006. I took it back up there and to this day (I think anyway) it is still hanging on the wall up for everyone to see. The memories, shakes, natural high I was going though when dug was priceless. Letting my father flip that coin a few times (amongst the much more valuable gold nuggets) while I told the story and watching him light up as he was so proud of me, was worth it. Getting to tell the story over again at the metal detecting meeting and of course winning the "Best Coin of the Month" category, was worth it. Seeing the smile on Mrs Wiltz face when I handed the plaque to her, was worth it. Heck, I spent close to $300 for the custom matting and framing....and it was worth every penny of it. A $20 coin worth Memories of a lifetime is the true value in my mind. 1st 3 pics are of the Frame, the silver dollar, with certificate and photos of find. Last 2 shots are actual pics of the moment I dug it up. I'll never forget that day. What's your thoughts of true value?
  18. Found this magician coin back in the fall of 2018, and wanted to share. Has a merc dime on one side and a wheat penny on the other. Still learning the MX Sport. Found it near a baseball field so I'm guessing some kid lost his dads coin. Would this qualify as my first silver or half silver?
  19. I found my first silver coin with the ORX this week. A nice 1853 half dime!
  20. The ground is almost completely thawed in my neck of the Great White North and I managed to get out a couple of times to kick start my second season with the Equinox!! The sweetest sound in the world has to be when silver rings loud and clear through your headphones and you just know it's gonna be great!! My very first silver of the year was a 1942 quarter that had to be pried from a clod of frozen dirt while the 1944 dime and 1902 5 cent coin (fishscale or fishie) came out of rather soggy holes. The fishies are quite hard to come by and this one is my first. I have only ever seen two other fishies come out of the ground. The Equinox 800 is certainly proving it's worth when I detected an absolutely pounded waterfront park and I was rewarded with two of the sweetest coppers around. The large cent almost looks like it was dropped the day it was minted....but we're a long way from the mint. 😏 Temps will be well into the double digits (Celsius) tomorrow and I can feel a great year coming on!!!! All the best to everyone this year!!!! Duke
  21. I heard some bad news that my Dad had died so I took some bereavement time and headed home to take care of things. I needed some alone time so I went out for an hour and found the 2 Reale and an old copper. Dad must have been smiling as well when I pulled the coins out.
  22. It was quite an afternoon. After school I planted some shrubs, painted some chairs, and replaced our central air filters. I was waiting for the bulldozers to leave one of the last cornfields in town so I could save some history before it was lost forever to another housing development. The workers were still there so I fished the river for a while and caught my biggest walleye ever on my fly rod. I then headed back to dig with only a half an hour of light left and I started finding treasures right away. I metal detected in the dark for an hour or two and came away with four coins and 6 buttons. It is important to try to make everyday count. If anybody knows what type of coins they are I would much appreciate to know 🙂
  23. Hit an old field that got picked clean pretty much. Some of it is still frozen and there is tons of trash. Managed to find a 60-70's remnants of a cub scout pocket knife and 2 coins, ones a 1926 wheatie in poor shape other is the 43 quarter.
  24. First hunt in a LONG time; I was happy that I was able to prove to myself that I haven't totally forgotten how to run the Equinox! Oh -- the 1916 Merc? The mint mark -- if there was one -- was worn off... 😞 LOL! Steve
  25. Groundscanner and I stumbled upon a spot and I pulled these three 1850 era half dimes out. I’m guessing the flat piece of lead with the “X” scratched in it is some type of game piece. Pretty good day. I was running the Nox on field 2. Thanks for looking!
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