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  1. Went looking for 1800s festival location but the terrain was too rugged in the heat so I gave up for today and went to a creekside location where I always have a good time. It’s a location with a few foundations that is packed with iron but has provided many nice finds over the years. I was rewarded with this fine 1901 Barber quarter. No mint mark but in very fine condition. Might go back today. I was using sensitive FT and X-Y screen reactivity 4
  2. Got the Deus 2 all set to go in the water at this campground, I did some research and the nautical maps say that the water is 1-3 feet deep in most places near the shore. Sadly that wasn't the case here. I walked down one of the ramps and found it was neck deep, I am 6'1. I used my 6' scoop to measure depth off the seawall, and found it to be at least 5' deep everywhere. That means I can't use my scoop without a weight belt, physics won't allow. 🀬 I did manage to hunt the small beach they have, but found nothing but pull tabs, beer can pieces and one shotgun shell. It was only about 3' deep to the seawall. If you're new to water hunting, here's a tip. Pinpoint with the D2, hold the coil in place and put your scoop (carefully) behind it pointed toward the coil center. I have got most targets in one scoop doing this. It's also great when its deep and you can't see the bottom. Time to shift gears. I went back to my RV, swapped my scoop for my Ranger shovel, grabbed my pinpointer and went to the old farmhouse site. This is the foundation area. There is so much steel, copper tubing and aluminum trash here it is very difficult. The D2 may be great in iron, but in General and Relic program it struggles with IDs, I did listen to the tones in General and after a while learned what was trash and what wasn't. Relic was no use at all except to sometimes confirm a target was iron. Most of the 90 TIDs were aluminum or steel, even some copper tubing. On a good note, the D2 does separate very well. Dug all these in places I went over with the Equinox last year with the 11" coil. πŸ˜€ My take for the day was only .60, I dropped one of the pennies down the sink. 🀬 No silver. I totally pillaged this place last year with the Equinox. Going to bring the Equinox with the 10x5 that I bought after I was here last year, I'll see if I find more. I have a secret weapon to try out if that doesn't work. 😁 I dug a ton of trash, but there are strategically placed trash cans all over this campground. 🀣
  3. Tough morning today, got out only for a half hour before some thunderstorms rolled in. The deer flies were ravenous, it must be getting close to the end of them for the summer. 😡 It was another day for the Equinox. I started out in the tent sites and found a few coins and the first key of the day, this solid brass modern Fossil skeleton key. These keys come with purses from Fossil. Had to leave because lightning was cracking all over the place, I could hear it in my headphones. Next place I went was this field, I got some interesting brass objects and one Indian head penny (I think) it's penny sized and so corroded it's hard to discern anything. It rained a bit then the sun came out. Here's the take today, 32 coins, $2.30, and some keys. After hunting this field I went back to the tent sites and got a lot more coins. Here's a really good point to make for having a detectorist visit a campground and giving them carte blanche. The two .35 Remington cartridges were about 5" down right next to a fire pit. Should anyone have moved the ring over these bullets and started a fire, I can only imagine the explosion. 😬 Here's some info on this ammunition: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/.35_Remington And here is a picture of the semiautomatic Remington Model 8 they were used in: It could also have been used in this one: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marlin_Model_336 Seriously powerful rifles. I found one casing that had a hole in the side and no bullet but the primer was still there. Got a really big solid brass ring, and this interesting object I hope someone can identify: There is also an aluminum cap for something with text on it but it I can't read it at the moment. Before this place became a campground it was a major hunting lodge, and possibly a military drill area.
  4. People come up to me and ask me what I've found over the years. My usual response is: "Well, I haven't found a gold coin or a silver dollar." Well, as of yesterday, I can cut that statement in half. I found an 1880 silver dollar. After 20 years of detecting, I finally found one. My knees buckled and my legs shook and I would imagine my heart rate was off the charts. was about 6 inches deep and 3 feet from a road that was a major east west road and trading posts back in the 1800's. It was also known as the Honey Moon trail because newly Weds would take it to Niagara Falls by carriage. Found with a NOX 800, all metal mode, max sensitivity, FE 6 Park 1
  5. Today was the kind of day you hope for detecting. Breezy and in the 70s this morning, never got above 82. There is a pond in the remote area of this park next to the farmhouse site. I wanted to hunt this area again with the Equinox and the 10x5 coil that I didn't have last year. This small spot produced a bunch of modern coins in the fire pit, one of them was melted somewhat, but it I think it's negotiable. This spot must have been a target area, there are hundreds of bullets here, all giving a a 15-17 or 19-21 ID. 😡 Had to restrict myself to 23 and above here. Next I went to this spot east of the farmhouse, I found an Indian head or two and a large cent (smooth) here last year. I dug one IHP, a bunch of newer coins, and a very old medal in 3 pieces, all joined by rings that fell off - they were rust. After finishing up that field I hit the tent campsites which are all empty. Hoped I'd find some jewelry and ended up with a sterling wave toe ring and a bunch of modern coins - they just kept popping. πŸ₯³ Here's the loot, 29 coins, I thought the IHP was an 1867 but it may be a 1907. Again I got at least 1 of everything, and a 1975 Canadian penny. Zincolns on the bottom. $3.00 in spendy change, the IHP goes on display. Also got a rose bush tag. I never knew they had serial numbers. πŸ˜€ The medal on the right is 3 pieces, the bottom piece is turned upside down to display "1667" I think. It had something on the other side as well, looks like maybe a cannon. Each piece has some sort of scene cast on both sides, but they have so much bronze disease it's going to take some work and maybe some chemicals. It was 10"+ down, and each piece was a 25 ID. Here's the IHP: Your guess is as good as mine. 😡 Last is the toe ring, it's really small. Matches other wave rings I've found. It doesn't have a hallmark, that's the reason for the question mark on the title but I'm pretty sure it's sterling. I think the Equinox is king here, but I'll try the Deus again, I've extended my stay 3 more days. πŸ™‚ I'm also going to give a third detector a go... πŸ€”
  6. I'm at a campground I metal detected last year, checked to ensure I was still allowed. This place has so many different areas, tot lot and volleyball court, an old farmhouse site with lots of relics from the 1800s, and a huge waterfront. This morning I went to the tot lot , Cornhole and volleyball court. I brought the Equinox and used it in the usual Park 1 settings. It was outrageously hot and muggy this morning. Searched the tot lot and surrounding area, I was hoping for an earring, but just got a lot of change. I was surprised by a 1946 wheat! Then I searched the Cornhole area, got a couple more coins. Here I was hoping someone would have thrown a ring or something. Last was the volleyball court, there is far less sand this year than last. I won't dig much past the sand as I don't want to leave muddy patches behind, so I left a lot of targets behind. I had my Ranger shovel but only used a composite trowel. My first find was a toy motorcycle, and not much after that except for a strong 5, I got a bead or slide that may be gold. Ended my 3 hour hunt with $2.01 in usable modern coins, including the wheat. Got one of everything, the Zincolns are on the bottom. πŸ˜€ Not too much trash, I picked stuff up as well so they would see that I do a good job. Later in the day we had to bug out of the campground for a couple hours due to a tornado warning. 😬 Luckily there was no damage when we got back. Some trees were down on the road in. Going to try the water tomorrow with the Deus 2. I'm glad I have more than one detector now! πŸ˜€
  7. It rang up a very strong 99 on the Deus II because it was snuggled into the grass just below the first 1/8" of soil on a baseball field. I live in the Tampa area, so it makes sense to be here. I think it's aluminum, but it seems even too light for that. πŸ€” Fun to find, but sure wish it had more density!
  8. I work for a resort that has 1400 acres and two youth camps. The resort was started back in 1909 so I’ve found some silver here over the past three years that I’ve been working here. However it’s been pretty slow for the past year as I’ve cleaned out most of the grassy areas with my equinox. This weekend is the first time I’ve had the D2 in the older youth camp which dates to the 1930s. Yesterday I hit two mercs, a 1920 and a 1926 just inches apart. Today I went back and got my third (and nicest) walking liberty half for the year. The areas where these coins were found had been hit with my nox multiple times. Is it the deus or did I just miss these three with the nox? I don’t know, but I’m definitely going to hit more of the non-wooded areas with the deus II. I hadn’t taken the deus to these areas before today because I had hit these areas so many times with my nox that I didn’t think I’d find much. Hmmm, I might need to re-think this. LOL!
  9. Today I went back to the same beach I went to yesterday, but brought the Deus 2 with me. I thought it would be a great place to test whether the D2 could find deeper targets than the Equinox after a great hunt yesterday, I pretty much found all the Equinox could find. I also wanted to be sure I didn't miss a possible 3d ring in case there was an engagement band on its side or something πŸ€” πŸ˜€ Today was hot again but a fairly strong breeze out of the northwest made it a bit more pleasant. Got there early, no one there. The D2 with the 9" coil in Beach sensitive does hit targets deeper than the 600 with the 10x5, every bottle cap (a ~67) was at least 12" down, as was the sinker. Most of the other trash was right near the top, yesterday and today I dug just about everything but targets that were over 2 feet deep which were probably large iron. The glass was on the surface. I really didn't expect to find anything at all but the day wasn't a skunk, in the last half hour when I got to the other end I found that there must have been some activity there after I left. I ended up with a deep old nickel so badly corroded it's not negotiable (nor does it have a date) and some very new items: A pair of Foster Grants, and .56 in modern coins. πŸ˜€ I was glad to have got one much older coin, don't know why I missed that one with the Equinox, it wasn't especially deep and it was a nickel signal. I didn't hear the bottle caps yesterday at all. They were very clear with the D2. The takeaway for me is that the D2 definitely goes quite a bit deeper in Beach Sensitive than the Equinox in Beach 1 with sensitivity turned up. Some kids showed up to swim so it was time to go. I may return tomorrow with the D2 ready to go in the water. πŸ™‚
  10. Beautiful "spring" day today! It got up to 83 but there was a strong breeze blowing all day and it was dry, so it wasn't too bad. First field I went to was the small house, I used the Equinox there and got nothing but a bucketful of aluminum and one small brass plug. Still haven't found what I'm looking for there. 🀬 Went back across the highway, took a break and then went into the big field, the corn is already pretty high, it grew a lot the last couple days. Took out the Deus 2 and headed into the field, not 100' from where I parked I dug a fat IHP, but can't get a date off it. 😡 My only coin today. πŸ™„ Hacked around where I had been, really didn't find anything, so I went along the old road to the old site where a building was, I figured at least I'd get a few relics, and it worked out ok. πŸ™‚ Dug a Skeleton key end, below it a plate for one. Left is a stocking snap with something stamped in it but I can't read it. A large brass ring, a small piece of stamped broken jewelry that looks like a wing: A bent copper screw, two pieces of unidentifiable brass that may be flatware or tools. I got the most interesting tiny button I've ever found, you can see how small it is next to the small ring which may be a spark plug ring . that's a lot of detail for a small brass button. Dug a broken Tombac and one of my most interesting finds, what may be a derringer butt plate. It was broken but I found both pieces about a foot apart. The other was this ancient faucet: It has a hook for hanging a bucket. Heavy brass. Quite an assortment of stuff, I probably won't go back to this farm until fall after they harvest the corn.
  11. Did a woods hunt, probably last till fall as stuff is growing in fast and snagged an old Chinese coin, guessing 1800's. Put in another hour or so at a school yard and found a lot of nickels others skipped over and a pretty nice 925 silver ring. Machine still runs good, forgot how easy it was to use.
  12. The corn isn't getting any lower at my new permission, invited Chase down for a hunt. He has a long drive to get here so I got there about 2 hours before him. Today I brought both the Equinox and the Deus, but the Deus stayed in the truck. Crossing the field I dug a button that matches one Chase dug in another spot far away, and a newer memorial. I went behind the house (which was the front in the 40s and earlier) and started searching where I left off a couple days ago. It rained since then, almost 2". Today was going to be muggy and hot, and it sure didn't disappoint. This is where the old road goes the other way from my last post. That's Chase way out there. I thought he would be able to find some stuff if he went up the road, I hadn't searched there and was just going back and forth behind the house. My bad, there wasn't much out there. Meantime I dug a few more coins, the trash was plentiful. All the usual suspects, you pretty much should dig any good signal in this farm if you want the wide variety of possibilities. Having found large cents here, and the age of the farm (Victorian era) there should be some silver coins here! Among the trash was this curious locking buckle: It locks. Also dug what I think may be an old can opener that was broken off something: I later pointed Chase to a large iron patch I found, he had his Deus 2. I was getting a headache from all the iron (I always run in all metal), so I went back to to where I was digging the coins. Here are the finds, we also searched a spot where a house was but it's now long gone. Big brass D buckle, an adjusting wheel of some sort, a waffle stamped piece of copper (no ideaπŸ€”), a fancy nickel plated rein guide, a really nice wave pattern button like one Chase dug previously, it says "TREBLE LONDON" on the back: a small brass legging button with thread still in it, a small aluminum button. Coins are an 1888 and 1889 IHP, 1940 something wheat, 1976 memorial and a 1997 dime. My favorite find of the day was this 1903 Barber Quarter! It's a little beat up but looks ok otherwise. I finally got one. πŸ˜€ All I need to find now is an SLQ. Maybe I'll find one here, this place has never been hunted. Chase did pretty good too, especially in the iron patch. it's always fun to have someone along on these hunts, I tend to annoy myself after a whileπŸ€ͺ
  13. This grassy area has given up many Barber dimes and now add another to the collection.πŸ˜€1908s Barber Dime. 6 inches deep, ID 85-86, park program on the Deus2. Glad it wasn’t a pesky Rosie I’ve only dug up 2 of them at this area and only silver coin from the 40s was a Mercury Dime. Ground was soft a month ago now it’s hard diggin and temperature today was around 93 degrees I quit after 2 and a half hours. Gonna have to get out a little earlier. Bottom pic is where some of the silver coins may have come from. Denny
  14. Today was a cloudy and cool day, with a low offshore throwing intermittent mist and rain at us. 😡 I want to search my new permission some more, so I set out regardless of the mist. It probably rained about 4 times today, luckily I was near a tree every time so I stayed pretty dry. It's going to rain every day for the next 3 and the corn isn't getting any shorter. Today I used the Equinox 600 with the 10x5. I still can't tell if I find any more with the Deus than the Equinox, as you'll see. First I went to the field next to the smaller house, searched there for about 3 hours, only found what might be a brass or copper wedding band: I don't see an inscription inside so it's probably not a "posy" ring. This field was full of can slaw and other aluminum. 😡 I went back across the highway to the main house, and started really finding things "behind" it, before the mid 1940s it faced a road that is now gone. Since then the landowner has added backyard stuff where the front used to be and surrounded it with cedars and other trees. This is a view down the old road going east. It doesn't look like a road but it is. Got a pretty good bunch of coins and relics along this road directly behind the house. It used to be the front yard so it made sense to follow the rows two at a time. From left to right: the ring, a "Lincoln locket", thought it was a penny at first: it's stamped, looks like it had a back that I didn't find. Next is an IHP that I can't get a date off of, a 1998 Zincoln that was hit by a lawnmower, a very corroded 1980 memorial, a 1944 wheat, an 1837 Matron Large cent: It was at least 10" down, and gave a 31 ID. The one I dug last time with the Deus 2 was a 93. a 1908 "V" nickel, the only Barber coin I ever seem to find: Next row is part of a drawer pull (I think), a large flat piece of lead with an iron shank which may have been a button, it is convex. A small flattened buck ball, below it a small broken Tombac, brass D buckle, a spark plug ring, and a garage key. Above the D buckle is the coolest token I have ever found, they're pretty common according to Numista: Maybe a bus or other conveyance (carriage) traveled this old road? The last object is a crown shaped knob with threads inside, I dug another but it was totally corroded. This one looked good enough. Best way I can think of to make a miserable day good! πŸ˜€
  15. Today Chase came down to hunt a new permission with me, a turn-of-the-century farm not too far away. The farm has 3 houses on it, two Victorian and one modern. The landowner is a person my wife has been friends with for years, he catered our wedding. Near as I can tell this place has never been hunted. The main field is about 67 acres and surrounds the large house, there is another of about 30 acres across the highway with a smaller Victorian house and the modern one. I'm looking for something for the owner but he is allowing me to keep everything else. πŸ™‚ I brought my Equinox and the Deus 2, the EMI was pretty rough near the highway where we started so I ended up using the Deus all day. I was using my modified General program, which Chase introduced "Full tones" to, I was running it with 5. It became quite a bit easier to distinguish some targets but the objective today was to dig anything that gave consistent good tone, be it aluminum and even falsing iron. I dug a horrendous amount of trash. 😡 This is just the aluminum: I split it into two photos. 🀬 Some big falsing iron and the usual suspects, bullets, shotgun shell ends, junk copper and an old Schrader valve. While searching the large field on our way to a remote barn we came upon a spot that gave up some pretty good finds! It was a house or a tavern, there was brick and pottery, and lots of brass. I dug these large pieces Top is a barrel tap, next what may be a rifle buttstock plate, a musket ball, a large brass foot of some sort, an ox knob, and what I think is a brass insert for a glass door knob. Heavy stuff! We went way back in the field to find a barn, found the spot but nothing else except for a swarm of bees in a nearby hollow. We decided to go back to the productive spot. There I found some interesting smaller items: A small broken horseshoe charm, it was gold plated. A 1920s lipstick tube, "Kissproof". A broken button with what looks like grapes on it, very old. A small bracelet piece with a flower design on it and a few links. One flat breech button, and a large token that says "Leonard Refrigerators" on it from about the 30s: Not sure what the object is, but it's the punchline of my corny title. πŸ˜€ Chase had to leave so I came back later for a bit, and got my find of the day along with the Tombac in the finds photo: 1831 Matron Large cent, in fairly good shape. πŸ™‚
  16. I got my Nox 800 in Sep. and have been having what I think is pretty good luck with it. Park hunting isn't my favorite, but it's what I mostly do because I can get in an hour or two after work or between honey-dos. My goal for this year, was simply to find an 18xx anything US coin. Penny, dime, whatever, as long as it is 1800's. I had reasonable confidence I'd find one this year. But I never expected it to happen in a park! But it did. Short park hunt today. Not very deep, in some tree roots. A 1895 S Barber! Couldn't hardly believe it! Up till now, I've found only two silver Rosies in the parks around here. The other Barbers and the one Merc I've found were at ghost town type sites. So I was sure my 18xx coin was going to come from a site like that. But, nope, park find! I have been on a tear on the park .925 and gold lately though. Counting today, five out of my last six short park turf hunts have produced silver and one of them produced 14kt gold. From just the last couple weeks of short park hunts: I find those sterling CTR rings fairly regular. I guess because silver coins are so few and far between for me in the parks, I call those sterling CTR's "Mormon Mercs". No offense to my Mormon family, friends and neighbors of course. But they are by far my most common .925 finds. Anyway, stoked to break into the 1800's! And it looks like the 1895 S is a semi-key date to boot! - Dave
  17. Got out early for one more day. Today I really wanted to find gold, I was glad the tide was with me. Beautiful day today, best one since we got here. Today I brought the Equinox to wrap it up. The tide was really low, almost to the end of the pier. There was no water, just a sheen over the sand. I zigzagged the flats hoping to find anything, this place really gets hit a lot because it is one of Georgia's few beaches. Day before I came to this beach the first time a YouTuber got a gold ring. Got a quarter way out and a couple of pennies, but kept on. Each day I can only hunt 4 or 5 hours. In order to find anything here you have to cover a lot of ground. There were 2 other detectorists out there, I watched them to see where they found stuff, looking for the "lines". I got two quarters in the same hole, really crazy tones but enough 30/31 to dig it. Searched the hotel side for a bit, really didn't find much, so I went over to the other side. Long story short, here's the take, not very much. Only got a dollar in change, a brass bushing, and a piece of broken jewelry with a little sparkle in it in the shape of a "1". They could be diamond chips but they will be hard to test. It could be a gold setting, it ID'd about 5-7. One of the other guys detecting said he found next to nothing, I probably did a bit better, but I bid goodbye to this beach for another year. πŸ™‚ Trash was minimal, I don't get much with the Equinox. However, would I bring the Equinox to this beach again? The answer is no. There was so much EMI near the pier and in front of the hotel I couldn't even find a single frequency that worked without lowering sensitivity to 20. Ended up running Beach 1 most of the time, and had to keep noise cancelling. I found I could raise sensitivity a bit when I was far away from the pier. The Deus was so quiet out here it will be the obvious choice around hotels. The Equinox located stuff as deep as the Deus, but the noise was horrendous. I did pretty well here but it's no campground. πŸ˜€
  18. Got out for about a 6 hour hunt today, I was going to hit 3 fields of an old farm that I really haven't found much in. Figured I'd give the Deus 2 a chance to do me proud. Today I ran it mostly in General with the sensitivity turned up to 97 and 3 bottle cap. Didn't mess with anything else but saved it and put it next to my new Culpeper relic program. The first field I went to is about 4 acres, I didn't find anything here the first time and didn't find anything but trash this time. I spent about 2 hours going all around. 😡 While I was there the landowner stopped by and told me that he was working on an old county road that the British may have used to invade the town in 1812. I decided to check it out later. The next field is about 2 to 3 acres, hunted it for about an hour before I finally dug a beautiful spun Tombac. I didn't find anything else after that but trash, and a small piece of lead crystal. Next I decided to follow the road the landowner talked about, used my compass and OnX Hunt to guide me. I got about halfway down the road and found it getting impenetrable, I circled around the tough stuff and realized I had got off track. At that point I decided to quit and made my way back. I'm not directionally challenged, but the compass and app helped me get out quickly. I went across the road to the third field, a small one less than 3 acres. I dug a few buttons here, saved the best for last. I switched to Deep HC for a bit, and not too much later got a strong 79, since I was digging junk all day I didn't think much of it. Was I surprised: I had dug a 1781 Mexico mint half of a half real. πŸ‘ that made my day. I hunted around a bit more, here are the finds for the day: A heavy piece of copper spike, a very tiny brass knob, the Tombac, a small thimble tip, and the half/half real. Lots of trash today including a live shotgun shell.
  19. Has anyone ever dug such a thing? In the t&t book there is a variant wieghing 290something"im out of town dont have the book" whatever it is these wiegh that 290gn +a few equaling Mississippi rifle pattern.? They look like a duck,wiegh like a duck but come up 2,3 tenths short is it still possible given it's an old mold and had to be molded personally best I can gather? If anyone has anything it would be greatly appreciated. Btw the 1895 "o" barber I sent pics to charles caldarada I think may have butchered his last name from huntsville al best coin man I know he says if sent in it would most likely get environmental damage vg details.
  20. I started out today with the Gold Kruzer hunting for micro jewelry in a tot lot and on a beach. Just to many super tiny targets. Some of them were about 1/16" round thin targets. I haven't found enough gold to make it worth while to hunt for micro gold. Then I took the Legend to a beach by my house that used to be a boys camp. I remember it when I was a kid. Not many targets on the beach. Haven't been finding much in the water either. I wonder if covid is affecting that. Anyway I did find a 1936 Buffalo nickel. Yea! I was using the Legend in Field mode, Sensitivity 30, Disc at 10, Recovery 3. The nickel was a deep target. I was on the edge of the lake. It got up the 66F today. I'm going to try using my waders in the water and see if it's to cold. The ice sunk not long ago.
  21. I have a pretty sizable lawn to detect on, on slow days. It sits right on top of what was the Upper Fort during the revolutionary war. I’ve pretty much cherry picked all the high tones out of this lawn, so I’m now at mid tones. I got one today at a TID of 57, and singing. At 8” I found this little badge with my Simplex Im not entirely sure what it is, but this lawn is good for producing military relics, like a WW1 military dog tag, WW2 Airmen visor pin and numerous musket balls.
  22. I finally did it, I found a gold coin a few hours ago today while detecting a grassy area with my XP Deus 2 not too far distant from where people traveled by train in years past. I was using the P4 Fast program at the time but had used P1 General earlier in the day. This place has seen use for at least 100 years and has a mix of old iron like square nails, some more modern iron, and lots of modern aluminum junk to wade through. I've been slowly going through this place digging a lot of pulltab and zinc penny range signals in the hopes of scoring some gold jewelry. The coin rang up at a solid "71" ID# and was about 3 inches deep and sounded loud in the square tones audio. Thank goodness I didn't scratch it as I cut a shallow plug! I feel fortunate to have recovered this $2.50 gold piece, as I know some of you have searched for far more years and put in a lot more effort overall than I have and not scored one yet. It "only" took me 28 years of detecting, but it finally happened. Good luck to you all and happy hunting!
  23. Hit the beach again today, sorry @Valens Legacy, I took the Deus 2 again. I had a chat with my mentor last night and wanted to try some tweaks. Got out early, nobody there, blah blah. πŸ˜€ It wasn't a great morning, but it wasn't too windy either. This is the other side of the pier toward the two hotels. I hunted that side for a couple of hours, really didn't find much but a few pennies and a couple of bullets. Don't know how they got there, they were all .30 caliber and in the same place. I dug two and quit. One thing I've observed is hotel beach is a bit different than general parking beach. πŸ€” I found more snack junk and foil and bottle caps at the hotel beach. Went back on the other side of the pier and did a little better. I wasn't using salt sensitivity right, I thought turning it down made it less sensitive, apparently it's the opposite. πŸ€ͺ Cranked it up to 9 and got busy. After the first rusty bottle cap I also cranked bottle cap reject to 5. It seemed like I was hitting better targets, but I also got curious and dug odd signals. The trash is kinda wild: I sight picked almost all of the bottle caps, but those huge beer jug caps are a 91. 😡 The yellow box is a Mario Brothers Coin candy box, it was such a strange tone I had to dig it. Still had the candy wrapped up in it. The two big bullets are under the sinker, and that's a really old copper ship spike. I would have hated to be on the beach when someone fired all that ammo there! Maybe it was from a replenishment place that is a rifle range. πŸ€” Got some more ship copper, very common on these beaches, and the usual stuff. Beach take today: $1.63 in clad and Zincolns, most of it seemed like fresh drops. Two earrings, both .925 silver with stones, a worthless American Eagle snap, and a Saint Anthony medal. Saint Anthony is ironically patron saint for the recovery of lost items πŸ™„ it's aluminum. I was glad to get more silver, one of the earrings is again gold plated: But clearly says 925 on the stud. The other was a shocker, got this unrecognizable loop of crud when I dug it, but it's silver with stones and you can only put it on one way to make them all show. Women have it rough πŸ˜€ It's really ratty but clearly says 925 again. Must have been there for a long time. Most interesting thing was the arrival of a somewhat notable YouTuber when I was about done. I guess detectorists are a competitive lot, none of the three I saw today really wanted to talk or have me in their spot. 😁 Despite them I did okay. Hope they found something!
  24. Beautiful but cold day on the island, never got out of the 60s. The sun is so bright it warms you up, but the wind keeps you from getting too warm. It was blowing from the east, about 15mph with gusts to 20. Today I brought the Deus 2 again. I set up my usual beach program, and finally got around to saving it. πŸ˜€ I know I'm going to lose it on upgrade, but I will write it down. It isn't a big departure from Beach, just some raised or lowered extremes and bottle cap reject. This morning I went to the big beach, a place a lot of YouTube detecting videos are made. It gets hit the hardest of all. Got there early, almost no one was out. Low tide was 1 hour earlier, I tried to hit the deep spots on the other side of that pier, there's about a half mile of beach to the right, and about 2 miles to the left. I thought I'd see what happened when people came out, the wind was onshore and cold but I didn't think it would deter many. I took this picture after searching the lower tidal area about 2 hours later. Only found a couple of coins, so I went higher to where high tide is, and hunted the reeds and sea grass pushed up on shore (thanks @Joe D.) Did a little better there. At about 10 the beach started filling up, by then I was on the towel and tent line, and digging coins a lot. Nickels were 60 or 61 solid ID, pull tabs 63 or 64, so I got nickels without digging tabs. πŸ˜… This I really like about the Deus 2. At one point I got a strange sounding 42, it was kinda broken up unlike the foil and other junk I was finding. I dug a scoop and a small chain fell out! It was gold. I excitedly looked it over and quickly stuck it in my bag. I can't say I wouldn't have found it with the Equinox, but I wonder πŸ€” Here's the booty, much better than yesterday. I had to get back to the campground to grill some tuna. πŸ˜€ Got $1.50 in quarters, 2 Maya Angelous. 3 of them were in the same hole. 4 nickels, oldest was a 1975. It was in better shape than the others. 4 dimes, 4 memorials, and 6 Zincolns. One of the Zincolns had a cross stamped through it. Got a zinc frog ring and a lightning bolt earring. Also got my wife a cute bunny ring. 😁 Here's the junk, couple of vaping devices and the typical beach crap: Almost all the bottle caps were sight picked, the rusty ones got me. Maybe I need to turn up reject a bit. πŸ˜€ I dug the hairpins to see what a blank ID loud tone was. When I got back I looked over the gold chain with a loupe, it is complete and had a tag that sadly said "925 Italy" with an L and triangle. Looked it up and it is gold plated sterling. My wife still likes it. πŸ™‚ At least I got some silver, and a chain to boot! I've read many times how the Equinox seems to miss them. I'll find out tomorrow (or not) when I return to head up the other way, the tide is in my favor again. πŸ‘ Going to use the Equinox here. Most interesting thing I saw today was this sign on the beach, maybe it's true, maybe it's to keep people out of the dunes πŸ˜€ at least I didn't dig one of them. https://www.wtoc.com/story/38945488/tybee-island-warns-beach-goers-of-venomous-snakes-to-keep-them-off-dunes/
  25. Day 4 is in the bag. πŸ˜€ Went to the beach I hunted yesterday, this time with the Equinox and 10x5, and at low tide. I guess spring break is over, the morning was rainy and cloudy but it cleared up and there weren't many people at the beach. When I say tide, I mean tide. I told y'all about this last year, the tide goes out 10 feet. It's like a pool being emptied and filled! This is ground zero, see how high the beach is? It's above my head, and goes more than 3 feet higher than that. I'm 6'1". Yikes. The water is about 75 to 100 yards away from this edge. When the tide comes in, all this is underwater, 10 to 15 feet. Hacked around the flat for a while, checking that edge for any heavy stuff that went down there. Nothing but a few sinkers and coins close to the water, I searched everywhere. I was just about to quit, and went up on the hill about chest height to high tide, and then the targets started coming. Here's the haul, not very impressive. One big costume hoop, an odd copper earring with a greenish stone, 3 quarters, one memorial, what I think is a gold plated electrical connector, a big copper scary hoodoo earring, and 3 tiny things. This is where it gets interesting, the small metal thing with the loop next to the penny was over 12" down, and ID'd as a 12/13. It took forever to dig it out. I'm gonna go out on a limb here. 😬 Anyone that claims the 10x5 doesn't find deep targets is as wet as my shoes were. πŸ˜€ A tiny object like that is clear proof. 😎 It is small, thin, and not really great metal. The coil hit it like a brick. The next thing is my favorite find of the day, a broken earring. Again tiny, may be gold, may have real diamonds, I'm gonna test it. It was 3 big scoops down in hard packed and drained sand. It was a 14/15. That big copper earring with the moon and eye kinda creeps me, it has runes and stuff. πŸ˜€ It was also extremely deep, was a 20/21. While I was hunting a guy came up to me and asked if I wanted a mission - to find his friend's stainless steel wallet that he lost when they were fishing, a big cargo ship came by and swamped the beach, you better run when that 5-10 foot wave comes in! πŸ€ͺ I may look for it tomorrow. Here's the trash, turned on F2=3 to cancel out those dang bottle caps, three too late. 😡
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