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  1. Hi all newbie on this forum from the UK anyone know which battery charger fits the Nautilus 2ba and what is the full electric specification for this voltage etc? just got a very nice 2ba machine near mint condition any info would be good thanks.
  2. Thanks for your input we see what others may be able to tell me about this, I bought it to use on my beaches here in N.Wales UK so need to know correct setup with this mod.
  3. Thanks for info could you tell me what L.S.M stands for I have no idea best regards Dave
  4. Greetings from the UK to all you fellow hunters from a newbie to the GPX 4500 and this site , i have a question i recently i acquired a Gpx 4500 and it has a modification on the control panel which i am not sure about could somebody tell me what this is ? as you can see in the picture it says Gain + and L.S.M three position switch what is this and how do you use it and who would have modified it if known ? my hunting will be 99% on wet beach sand had an SD 2200D way back which was awesome on the beach so GPX should be no exception. Any help and advice will be very much appreciated and any advice on a beach set up would be good as i not tried her out yet many thanks .
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