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Found 56 results

  1. When hooking up to charge LED is not lighting up except with feeble glow. Charger cables and contact were checked. If not lighting up bright do I assume a faulty coil battery?, how do I know? thanks
  2. I recharged my Nox 800 as usual 3 days ago and it took about 12H. Before it took about 4 hours in average. I did not change any items nor did I use a different socket. What came to my attention for some while is that the magnets of the charger cable became weak not holding on to the unit as they used to. I have about 100 charging cycles done in the past 7 months since I got my machine going out about 5-6 times a week. I'm curious if anyone made the same experience? I will try the other cable which came with the machine after running it flat. I usually charge after 2-3 detecting sessions (usually about 2-3 hours each session). As I have a trip to CA coming up beginning of September I don't want to take a chance getting into trouble being there. Should I have the battery replaced?
  3. Does anybody know if its possible to use a solar cell panel to run a small electric bilge pump for a small highbanker? Will it have to be in direct sunlight ? Mine is a Johnson 2200 gph bilge pump that pulls 8 amps at 12 volts What size panel will I need and what do they cost? Can I run the output straight to the water pump or do I need a controller thing? Or can I use a panel to recharge my 12 volt ,15 amp gel cell and how long will it take? Thanks. -Tom V.
  4. How many of you have had problems with the charger cable? I’ve had the 800 for 14 months now and both of my charger cables have died. Have any of you had this happened to you and were they replaced under warranty? Thanks Oscar
  5. Nice batteries can be found in used laptop battery packs. I found 6, nice batteries inside a HP laptop battery pack. All test good and can provide some nice project batteries. Some of the best on the market can be found in laptop batteries. A trip to the local computer repair shop can usually find some nice discarded batteries cheap. Brand: LG Model: LGEAS318650 (ICR18650S3) Capacity: 2200mAh Rated Voltage: 3.60V Nominal Charging: 4.20V Maximum 1075mA Standard 2150mA Maximum Discharging: 3.00V Cutoff 430mA Standard 4300mA Maximum Description: Blue Cell Wrapper White Insulator Ring 18650 Form Factor
  6. I recently purchased these https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07D9K2H9H/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 They are the proper 1.5 volt and lithium batteries. They work well in my Tesoro that tends to chew up batteries fairly quickly. Will see how they hold up. They should not fade in performance as regular Alkalines do. $20 for 4 is pretty good. Much less than the $80 I paid for my AT Pro lithium pack.
  7. I just ordered one of these as an experiment. In theory I can put regular AA batteries or rechargeable batteries in this power pack, and use it to run the Equinox as an external battery pack in case the internal battery goes dead. The question of course is how long will it power the Equinox depending on the batteries used? I always have a ton of AA batteries around, both alkaline and rechargeable, so this seems like a cheap experiment. Report back later. "This compact, portable USB power bank allows devices to be charged from 4 AA batteries while on the move. Ideal for smartphones, tablet computers and many other devices. • Powered by 4 AA batteries • Features a battery level indicator (green for alkaline and blue for rechargeable) • Power supply: 4 x AA batteries (not supplied) • Output voltage: 5Vdc • Output current: 800mA • Dimensions: 79 x 34 x 34mm • Weight: 40g" EMERGENCY USB BATTERY POWERED POWER BANK
  8. Why do so many metal detecting companies use 9V batteries for their products? What is this, 1979? 9V batteries aren't even used exclusively in smoke detectors anymore. I want a new pinpointer but I'm absolutely appalled that so many of them use 9V batteries. Is there a logical or engineering reason for this?
  9. Just thought I'd post this............. I now run a 14.8v pack (4 x 18650 cells in series) which gives me a 7 hour run time. My previous version used loose cells in a holder but I wasn't happy with that. I made up a battery lead that connects directly to the battery compartment contacts with small brass "screw terminal" connectors soldered with 22AWG wire. A bit fiddly to hook up (long and narrow screw driver needed to tighten the two terminal screws) but very secure and + - leads well apart to avoid a short. I may put in place a rubber divider that further separates the +- battery contacts but the screw connectors are quite secure. The battery pack fits in snugly and does not move around at all. I deliberately made the wire lead long enough so the battery can be unplugged with the excess lead bundled inside the battery compartment. Tony
  10. I was charging stuff off my truck a few years ago, and at one point was not paying attention and had the heater turned on in the truck with while I had the key on but motor off. A panic situation developed when my truck was dead in an out of the way spot, but I got lucky and was able to round up a jump. Still, it spooked me and I have been taking a spare 12V battery with me in my truck on my trips by myself to remote places, especially when out of cell range. Driving around with a spare wet battery is a pain for various reasons, so I have been eyeballing an alternative for over a year now. My preferred option was a bit expensive for my taste, but my recent sale of extra detectors and such left me with some funds, so I pulled the trigger. NOCO Genius Boost Pro GB150 4000 Amp 12V Lithium Jump Starter This baby is overkill I am sure, but I kept worrying about cheaper units. When dealing with emergency gear I am not sure cheaper is better! Anyway, this thing will jump start almost anything, can charge detectors, etc., has a built in flashlight and 12V meter, and only weighs 6 lb 3.3 oz or 282 grams on my postal scales. On one of my upcoming outings I will find out how many times I can charge my GPZ 7000 off of it and report back, but that may be awhile. Specification Sheet
  11. After one year of testing my old Whites, Spectra V3i works almost 4 times longer. 18650 3.7V LiPo batteries holder, from my 3D printer, is ready:
  12. What did you receive with your units specifically for charging? In particular USA purchasers. Did you get adapter for 115vac plug in capability for charger?? I received an adapter for 115 vac outlet, but remember my unit is a test unit.
  13. Just my opinion...I feel the power cord that goes from the battery to the detector is the weakest link in the whole detector system. You can just breath on the thin metal around the plug prongs and bend it. The factory Minelab ones are super fragile. If you barely bump them on something, they are going to bend. Last week I was hooking myself up to go detecting and the cord end hit the ground. Not pavement mind you...just grass and dirt. I picked it up and saw it had bent it! I luckily had a pair of needle nose in the truck and was able to halfway bend it back in shape to where I could hook it up but I was worried about it breaking. This isn't the first time this has happened with previous GPX models. Anyway...I decided to go after market on the cord. I bought a CoilTek and it came this morning. To my dismay...it too is very thin and came out of the shipping package bent! Why can't they make those things a little tougher!?? Such a critical part that is made so flimsy and cheap. I know a lot of guys go to the Gold Screamer pack and eliminate the big cord all together. I tried one and did not like the sound quality so I went back to the regular setup. I don't even mind being tethered to the battery...just wish the ends of the power cord were beefier. I was at a DIV one year where a guy dropped his cord in the hotel parking lot and he bent his so bad that he couldn't straighten it well enough to use. His hunt was shot because of a small incident.
  14. Well the Northeast has for the most part been blistering cold. Pretty much made me decide to follow new pursuits during the winter, as well as hanging up the NOX. Didn't give much thought until now about keeping battery for the Nox, headset and adaptor. Was kind of thinking every two or three months until spring. Do you people (gender Neutral) have any different thoughts on this? PROP
  15. Just a quick reminder for those of us living in areas where old man winter is bringing our detecting season to a close. Page 8 in the Equinox manual has a “Battery maintenance” note indicating the lithium batteries should be charged every 3 or 4 months when the equipment is not being used for long periods of time in order to keep battery performance from declining. Don't forget to charge the WM-08 module and the Bluetooth headphones as well. Click for larger version....
  16. Just thought I would share my wireless setup for anyone thinking of trying this. I have used Avantree Saturn Pro (Low Latency) bluetooth Transmitter/receiver and some Camcorder batteries. I have also got a couple of Lipo batteries from my RC which run the 5000 really well as they keep their voltage for longer. The leads I made myself with genuine power plugs and a deans RC battery plug and a 1/8 audio jack so as to go straight into bluetooth wireless module. These little module are very good and are lasting well over the 8 hour mark on a charge, and their size and weight make them very versatile. The 7200mah pack and wireless module come in at 325 grams with leads included this lasts about 5-6hours I have made up a couple of 3400mah packs with 18650 cells and these weight 180 grams with module and leads and lasts about 3 hours. I have a 5000mah Lipo hardcase which weight 200 grams with both wires and module, this goes for 7 hours before the low voltage alarm comes. Lipo batteries aren't for everyone as they can be a little volatile, but I am yet to have one explode and treat them with care when charging with a good lipo charger.
  17. I pick this up from Sam’s Club a while back and had it long enough to express my opinion on it. First this is what I’m talking about. Atomi 2pk recharge 10000 mAh battery item number 980062810 at 27.91 rated 4.3 stars. I can charge my Nox two times out of each pack and my iPhone three to four times. Each pack come with its own charging cable. Here is what they look like below. What I like about them is when the item is charge it stops charging. I keep each in a ziplock with one has the Nox charging cable. The next picture shows the LED’s with each showing a 1/4 power of the pack. They are great in the field! Chuck
  18. Just wandering how long it takes to fully charge the equinox battery?
  19. Perhaps of interest just received a bit of "blog" on internet, might be useful to charge your detector/gear up out in the field. https://www.banggood.com/Outdoor-20W-Multifunction-Portable-Manual-Crank-Generator-Emergency-Survival-Power-Supply-p-1225105.html?utm_design=18&utm_source=emarsys&utm_medium=Mail_mailad323_dealalert&utm_campaign=newsletter—emarsys&utm_content=Yoshiki&sc_src=email_2910641&sc_eh=30723af58dfb79b31&sc_llid=148577&sc_lid=112998216&sc_uid=l2mpbuqX6Z&cur_warehouse=CN
  20. The USB ports in cars are notorious for being 1 amp or less so picked up one of these off Amazon to top off the charge between sites if I realize I have left home without a full charge on the NOX. $7.59. Brand isn't particularly important just that it is capable of putting out a min of 2 amps per port. RAVPower 24W 4.8A Metal Dual Car Adapter with iSmart 2.0 Charging Tech - Black .
  21. Just a heads up... Seeing a few of the charging leads coming apart at the head. Could be a batch problem as some I have seen look 100% OK and have had some use... Others seem to have started showing problems - see the 3 pics of my 2 charging heads AND the last pic.. (not mine) is at time of un packing; and was almost separated... One of mine is not crash hot and the other could fail with a little push. A simple weld will fix the problem, but will be e-mailing ML service to let them know.
  22. Got my Equinox 800 to solar charge, well kind of . The external battery bank and solar charger will help for those extended trips to the desert. I got it on ebay, and put a mount on the detector.
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