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  1. A week or so ago I had ordered a 3D printed battery pack for whites machines, obviously including my V3i. It uses 3 of the large lithium rechargeable 18650 batteries. I received it already even though it was shipped from Ukraine. It has a rugged, premium feel to it. This is my first 3D printed anything, and the quality surprised me. Definitely not a flimsy piece of kit. It fits in my V3i perfectly. Right now I’m using 2,500 to 3,000. I’ll let you know how these hold up and how higher MAH versions hold up once they arrive. I’m pretty excited about these in comparison to competing packs that top
  2. Saw this on Ebay. I had wondered if these expired battery packs could be converted. There is also a NiMH version (orange label). I don't know if that can be converted or not, but this person figured out how to do so with the NiCad version.
  3. Can anyone shed some light on the batteries that minelab detectors use? 1. Longevity 2. Cost to replace 3. Estimate if those particular batteries may go obsolete (as opposed to AA batteries)
  4. I am attempting to purchase a White's battery holder, P/N 802-7150. Canadian Treasure Seekers has one in stock, but due to supplier contracts can not ship to US. I hope to find a fellow hunter from Canada that is willing to purchase and send this battery tray to me. I will, of course, reimburse any cost for item and associated shipping costs. Please email me at joerahuba@yahoo.com
  5. I opened up my TDIBH the other day for some fiddling around and checking out a few things. I powered up the detector with all of the guts and board opened up and had it hooked up to the 14.8v (4 x 18650 cells) battery pack. I had it going for just a few minutes when I gripped the circuit board as part of my “fiddling” around......well I dropped the board and swore a bit in response the burn I was expecting on my fingers. Well it turns out that on the opposite side of the board behind where the big capacitors sit is some sort of heat sink and I can tell you the heat from this spot was something
  6. Hi Folks, First Post on any site,first metal detector. Reaching out to the more experienced detectorists to ask if anyone has seen or heard of problems with the Nokta Simplex +. Last August I purchased my first detector ,a Nokta Simplex. The Battery was at 3 bars ,half charge, when taken out of the box. My job of 140 hours a week, never allowed me to go detecting once last Summer. I put the detector in the closet . Yesterday I got it out to look it over and charge it and it still had 3 bars. I properly connected the charging cord and charged it 3 hours. It still only had 3 bars. So I tur
  7. I recently purchased these They are the proper 1.5 volt and lithium batteries. They work well in my Tesoro that tends to chew up batteries fairly quickly. Will see how they hold up. They should not fade in performance as regular Alkalines do. $20 for 4 is pretty good. Much less than the $80 I paid for my AT Pro lithium pack.
  8. I seem to have lost my charging cable for my ML 80 Headphones for my Equinox 800. Do I just need a type C cable for that? I have searched high and low for the minelab cable OEM but impossible to find. Any after market ideas? Thanks so much!
  9. I notice that RNB now has a lithium battery pack for the Vanquish priced around $60. I have been using RNB battery packs in my Etrac for years and probably will buy one of these Vanquish batteries, if there are no bugs needing to be worked out. I intend to keep the Vanquish in my car trunk and will only use it sporadically. Regular rechargeables don't seem to hold a charge if they are not used for a long time. In contrast, the RNB batteries seem to hold a charge indefinitely. I want to be confident that the detector is going to work even if it has been sitting unused in the car trunk
  10. I've ordered the solar charging kit in the picture below.. I bought it because it claims to be able to charge lithium batteries, all the others I looked at said 'only for lead batteries'.. I'm no great expert on these things (you could say absolutely clueless) but I'm thinking about cutting the cord on the car charger and plugging it into the control box.. I've got another 25W panel without a control box but I'm a bit worried what might happen if I hook this straight onto the GPX battery.. I don't want to kill the bloody thing.. My question is will a 20W panel hooked onto a control box ch
  11. I was looking for battery tray design for my Tdi SL which would allow 4 x 18650 batteries. As luck would have it on the local Prospecting Australia website XLOOX posted a simple mod for a Whites factory battery tray. I don't know how to post links so the full description is to be found in the Prospecting Australia site. Simple cut out the guts of the tray, leaving the original battery connectors with mods on one end and a copper connector on the other. I can fit Panasonic NCR18650B cells, without nipples but with protection. They just fit snuggly. The only issue is closing the lid, you need
  12. Whites 5900 Di SL Pro Need a way to power the unit, New adventure.. , but I would rather copy What options do I have? (Welcome to suggestions) What can I replace the "C" holder with? For instance, moving the 4.5 volt power pack to a waist belt and cable system, using a 1/8" phono/headphone jack to quick disconnect. Or perhaps a rechargeable battery pack that can be plugged into a charger without removing. Has anyone designed a battery system that is fairly quick and easy? (and perhaps even lighter than 4 "C size batteries) Sub "C" or Dou
  13. Just now reading Ridge Runner's contest (I know , it's over!), I noticed some comments mentioned looking for one....... I live in my RV so inverters (and solar) are in my wheelhouse ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR ! I am partial to the pure sine wave (PSW) type as the sensitive electronics like computers (or a Nox) , are often a bit "gun shy" around the modified sine wave (MSW) units. I just got a Renogy 700watt PSW inverter last summer and am very impressed with it. ANNNND My Nox seems to like it too. A bit more power than the prize unit but it will charge two detectors including head
  14. I have been married two times and it’s been a long time.haha To win this inverter tell me the total number of years to both wives. Please only one guess for each person. I’ll stop the contest on 3/17/18 6PM CST and the nearest guess without going over is the winner. If someone gets it correct sooner I’ll stop it then. Chuck PS Has one USB port
  15. Got sick of buying 9v batteries for my Profind pp. Blackube just came out with rechargeable 9v lithium batters that have the same voltage as an alkaline. A little pricey at $25 for 2 but the PP no longer falses out when put on it's side then turned back up. This used to drive me crazy. Batteries put out near full power until they run out instead of fading in power like alkalines do. IMO worth the few extra bucks.
  16. Curious to your thoughts on the LiPo batteries contained within the Nokta machines. They (Lithium Polymer batteries) are a wild breed in many formats and within the RC community tales of exploding fire batteries are not uncommon. They have special regulations regarding transport/shipment (especially within aircraft) and I've read they can be extremely fickle in regards to charging/storage. I'm only looking for input on the batteries themselves. The product line is amazing and what you get for the price is impressive (SIMPLEX!) and not in question. Hope everyone is well! -Bryan
  17. I took a Fatshark battery pack that holds two 18650 li-ion cells and fed it into a buck converter adjusted to 6.86V output and used it to power my GP Extreme. I'm testing out a (TDI) Beach Hog coil at the beach. I have a Barrie Johnson Nuggettfinder MKII that has its own speaker/amp as well as speaker/phones volume controls. The buck converter has less than a volt dropout so it has a reasonable life of about an hour and a half. I did run into a problem though - if the coil got too near my scoop the detector overloaded. Something, the audio amp, the detector, I don't know which, overloaded
  18. Hey All, Measured White's TDI SL factory battery packs and discovered the following differences. NiMh Battery - HD #802-5321, 2200 mAh. After full a charge, one day later..........................................10.99 VDC AA Battery Holder - #802-7150, 8 cell. With Nuon Industrial Alkaline from White's Factory............12.94 VDC With Member's Mark Alkaline from Sam's Club...................12.96 VDC With Energizer Ultimate Lithium...........................................14.46 VDC Was very surprised that with Alkaline batteries, the t
  19. Buy yourself a metal detecting flashlight holder $5, and a power bank with built in flashlight $5-$20. I personally prefer the larger waterproof solar power bank with dual LEDs. Great for night time surf hunts All available on eBay.
  20. It took me 4 short hunts to finally run the battery down. Total run time was approximately 11 hours and 35 minutes. That sure beat the 3 1/2 from the factory battery. I ran about 95% of the time in AM and only switched to Tone or Mute to check targets. Running mostly presets on the other settings. The audio of certain targets is starting to become inbedded in my brain now. Nickels are easy to recognize now.
  21. Got my BBB (Beachnut Big Battery) 11 hour (est) run time battery today. Hope to give it a spin tomorrow. This should help me from having to backpack extra gear around for 3 1/2 hours or until the first battery quits me. I opted for the standard headphone connector to keep things simpler. The standard FT hearphones seem to sufficient at this point. Although I have been reading a lot on some of the threads about adapting other headphone for the AQ. That may be something I need to address down the road but not for now. I am just now starting to discern one target from another and don't
  22. This Battery musical chairs .....was a big thorn in my side ..... This Pack is all black and well balanced it looks like the rest of the machine was built to compliment the battery pack ....I chose the M12 connector from my old 3030 headphones gray ghost when they made good stuff my daughter bought me a set for my simplex last Christmas never worked I called left a message never called back new In box .....still dead ....guess they went out of business...anyway .... you can shift this a little up or down to balance it out a little more on coil control.. Good Job Big Joe.....
  23. Just a short note on Joe’s “shorty” AQ battery. It fits well under the cuff and balance was not noticeably effected from the lighter than stock battery. Run time for me in “tone mode” was 6 hours 20 minutes. It is my understanding that in all metal it is approximately one hour less. The M12 (CTX) phones connector was a welcomed change and the power cable with a small loop and ninety degree connector also worked well. Get one of his battery set ups and avoid changing batteries in mid hunt, while they are available. I believe he has other set ups with even longer run times. Knocked it out of the
  24. I even bought the universal charger with 4 USB ports from Minelab and NEVER used anything but this to charge the machine. I have used it three times, I plugged it in the first night and I though it charged it fine. I had not been paying attention and today the fourth time I took it out it flashed BF. Left charging all day and green light even stays on indicating that it is fully charged but when I turn it on its flashing the battery meaning its less than 5% charged. very frustrating, going to try another charger that has greater than 2 amps. Thanks for any comments / feedb
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