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Found 85 results

  1. I've successfully removed 9V batteries from my Garrett Carrot (which now uses AAA batteries) and I've started on the process and getting rid of 9V batteries in my Fisher F2. I've taken the approach if trying to use a single battery to power the F2. A while back, I read from somewhere that the F2 ran off two 9v batteries running in parallel. However, this means that if I use a single battery for the F2, it should work (assuming the single battery has the ability to provide the necessary current). But when I try to use this set up, my battery gets warm. I eventually realized that the Fisher F2 is NOT using a "pure" parallel setup. If it were, it would not be creating a short circuit in my single power source setup. So my question is: how exactly is the Fisher F2 power wiring arranged? It's not parallel and it doesn't appear to be in series, either. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Got sick of buying 9v batteries for my Profind pp. Blackube just came out with rechargeable 9v lithium batters that have the same voltage as an alkaline. A little pricey at $25 for 2 but the PP no longer falses out when put on it's side then turned back up. This used to drive me crazy. Batteries put out near full power until they run out instead of fading in power like alkalines do. IMO worth the few extra bucks.
  3. Lost ours out in the sticks lol. Where to get a replacement charging cable for the Minelab WM-12? Thanks.
  4. One my beefs with the Kruzer is the battery life in the Multi Kruzer especially in low frequencies even though you get close to a full day run time it is nice not have to recharge every time your done. I went and got the external battery for it which balances the machine even better but also noticed they use the same battery pack as the Garrett AT series detectors. I think I will use my RnB litho battery on it to see how long it lasts and see if the battery life indicator shows battery life (something the standard rechargeable lithium batteries don't do). Should work as the voltage is the same, has anyone tried this before?
  5. Just thought I'd post this............. I now run a 14.8v pack (4 x 18650 cells in series) which gives me a 7 hour run time. My previous version used loose cells in a holder but I wasn't happy with that. I made up a battery lead that connects directly to the battery compartment contacts with small brass "screw terminal" connectors soldered with 22AWG wire. A bit fiddly to hook up (long and narrow screw driver needed to tighten the two terminal screws) but very secure and + - leads well apart to avoid a short. I may put in place a rubber divider that further separates the +- battery contacts but the screw connectors are quite secure. The battery pack fits in snugly and does not move around at all. I deliberately made the wire lead long enough so the battery can be unplugged with the excess lead bundled inside the battery compartment. Tony
  6. Did a run today but tossed in the RnB Power Pack Plus from my AT Pro into my Multi Kruzer's external back up battery case with label side up and it works perfectly. So for those looking for an extra rechargeable battery for their Kruzer series or Amphibio the RnB is a good choice. Has a really long run time and should save beating up the internal battery that comes with the machines.
  7. Hey All, Measured White's TDI SL factory battery packs and discovered the following differences. NiMh Battery - HD #802-5321, 2200 mAh. After full a charge, one day later..........................................10.99 VDC AA Battery Holder - #802-7150, 8 cell. With Nuon Industrial Alkaline from White's Factory............12.94 VDC With Member's Mark Alkaline from Sam's Club...................12.96 VDC With Energizer Ultimate Lithium...........................................14.46 VDC Was very surprised that with Alkaline batteries, the tested voltage was higher than with the NiMh battery pack. Also, the NiMh battery pack seems to drop about 0.05 VDC a day. But the clear winner are the Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries at 14.46 VDC! Stay Safe!
  8. Just wondering If anyone has used a External Power Bank. 1. What kind did you buy and what size mAh? 2. If so how did you attach it to the detector and where? 3. How did it work if you just used it for charging both the head set and the detector?❓
  9. Hello all I'm just wondering if anybody has taken a GPZ 7000 battery and replaced the (I'm guessing 18650??) cells? I have two battery packs both out of warranty and have some time on my hands at home due to bloody Rona. Stay safe Cheers BBB
  10. Hi! after a year of snorkeling with TDI BH I concluded that I can clearly note the sensitivity goes down ones the voltage of my battery pack goes down. Other conclusion was that even at 12.6V the TDI BH is noisy underwater at maximum settings: it reacts to the waves. Thus at the moment I really prefer to have just a stabilized battery pack. For my experiment I took a couple of 21700 5aH Li-Ion cells and a dc-dc booster board. the plan is to get "one hunt" battery pack.
  11. This morning I plugged the charger into the deus and my WS4 headphones were dead, they would come on for a split second when first plugging them in but that was it and the battery indicator was completely nonexistent, I’d run them down last time out and forgot to charge them and they sat uncharged for probably a couple months my bad I know better. Couple years ago the lithium battery in my Cordless drill stopped taking a charge and after researching I found with my drill anyway the batteries had a habit of doing that and someone had found a fix that sometimes worked, trick was to rapidly plug and unplug the battery from the charger and or with the battery in the charger base do the same action at the wall plug in, the intent to introduce little power spikes into the lithium battery controller circuit tricking the battery controller into thinking there was a charge in the battery and beyond my understanding this somehow resets the battery with enough juice so it will accept charging. with my only option sending them in to have the battery replaced and with things kind of iffy right now in the world I opted to try the bush fix, took me a couple tries with 3 or 4 rapid connect disconnects and the battery indicator started responding flashing from empty to full in succession. After about 8 hours time (the first 4 hours the battery didn’t fill past the initial indication) the meter shows a full charge and the headphones seem to be working fine. someone here will I’m sure have a better understanding about this and why it worked and probably several reasons why this is taking a chance zapping the firmware, but it worked and I don’t have to send it in😀.
  12. I was looking for battery tray design for my Tdi SL which would allow 4 x 18650 batteries. As luck would have it on the local Prospecting Australia website XLOOX posted a simple mod for a Whites factory battery tray. I don't know how to post links so the full description is to be found in the Prospecting Australia site. Simple cut out the guts of the tray, leaving the original battery connectors with mods on one end and a copper connector on the other. I can fit Panasonic NCR18650B cells, without nipples but with protection. They just fit snuggly. The only issue is closing the lid, you need to cut a channel under the batteries into the base of the tray to allow for this. I'll cover this with a thin carbon fibre sheet and look at using a thinner sheet for the cover also. I will also add something to secure the batteries in position. Just waiting for the postman to deliver my carbon fibre sheet before finishing my own version of XLOOX's design. What I like most is that this is simple and cheap. Must confess I am aware of many different designs, since there have been no reports of smoking Tdi Sl machines I have finally decided to give it a go. All the best, Karelian
  13. Just wondering if anyone has tried these? Sound and look like they are amazing and can be used with other devices that are charged by usb.
  14. Hi all newbie on this forum from the UK anyone know which battery charger fits the Nautilus 2ba and what is the full electric specification for this voltage etc? just got a very nice 2ba machine near mint condition any info would be good thanks.
  15. Well the Northeast has for the most part been blistering cold. Pretty much made me decide to follow new pursuits during the winter, as well as hanging up the NOX. Didn't give much thought until now about keeping battery for the Nox, headset and adaptor. Was kind of thinking every two or three months until spring. Do you people (gender Neutral) have any different thoughts on this? PROP
  16. I seem to remember that reading that the NOX 800 required a 5 amp USB charger ? Can not find such an item ? I do a lot of battery stuff - automotive , solar , electronic etc. And generally it's referred to as C-rate - for charging batteries , the only issue from all of my experience is a lower C-rate just charges slower , but can not do harm . So what's up with the NOX 800 , I can only guess that in a manual it will say it will charge in a set amount of time ? So what's up with my memory of reading something like " NEEDS 5 AMPS " , or 25 watts .
  17. It seems requirements around shipping or flying with Lithium Ion batteries are increasing. Either intentionally or by mistake. See this post: “Hi forum, I’m desperately looking for a good condition LI battery full size for my GPX 5000. I travelled half way across the world to do some winter detecting Arizona way and my airline refused my battery at check in; both hold and carry on were not permitted. Any one got a battery for sale this would help me out massively. Don't want to buy a new one as I’m only here for a month and can re-unite with mine back home.” Fisher Research was originally designing the new Fisher Impulse AQ with a Li-Ion battery pack but recently switched to NiMH instead for the external battery pack. It may be this decision was prompted by issues like this. It does not bode well for those traveling with large batteries in particular. On my trip to England my having a large Anker USB charger pack in my carry-on got me shunted into a separate full security check. There is a lot more scrutiny on international flights. Just a heads up for anyone traveling with a GPX detector. Integrated batteries like on a Equinox should pose no issues.
  18. The Impulse AQ was said to have Li-Ion batteries up until recently, and is now said to be coming with a NiMH battery pack. I am guessing this is related to increasing issues surrounding the shipping and transport of Lithium Ion batteries. Especially large external batteries. See this thread.
  19. Hello, I hope everyone had a Great Christmas and Santa was good to you. I have an old Minelab GPX 5000 from 2014. I tried firing it up and of course the rechargeable batteries are as dead as a doornail. There are three (I think they are lithium) batteries that are about 2.625" long by .720" diameter. I don't want to spend the enormous money of getting a new battery pack or having Minelab replace them. I have spent most of my life as an Electronic Technician so this would be a simple replacement for me. I am almost positive that these batteries are a 1860 Lithium, but I want to make doubly sure. I would really appreciate it if I can confirm this info. The batteries in the unit are not labeled at all. Thank You.
  20. I'm thinking about getting a TDI sl and I have read about doing battery mods to achieve a higher voltage. This battery is only 12 volts but being li-ion it will maintain 12v for longer. Does anyone have any experience with this particular one? https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.amazon.com/RnB-Innovations-HP-3100-Lithium-ion-Detectors/dp/B00LXBWB6Q&ved=2ahUKEwju1Y3o3NTmAhX3GjQIHXcpAh8QFjABegQIBBAB&usg=AOvVaw0BCc0ZVlS3nhsHmuE0gszj&cshid=1577412259463
  21. What kind of batteries ya'll use? I used to buy nothing but Duracell rechargeable, then in the last year I couldn't find any. I just bought some Rayovac with a charger, but they don't seem to hold a charge. I charged them, put them in, they showed full charge as I hunted for about an hour, then the next day only see two dots on the power gauge. I recharged them hoping they needed a break in, but they did the same thing. Now I have used them for 3 days, with only two dots showing, they don't seem to be going any lower, but I don't trust them. I just did a search and found a bunch of Duracells, I might of been looking for the same charger I used to have, that died, and couldn't find it. I hate to go spend more on a different brand...I didn't notice until now, the rechargeable's are 1.2 volt, whereas the regular are 1.5 volt, would that make a difference? I don't want a battery pack, at least not a NiCad...
  22. When hooking up to charge LED is not lighting up except with feeble glow. Charger cables and contact were checked. If not lighting up bright do I assume a faulty coil battery?, how do I know? thanks
  23. This has probably been covered before but I couldn't find anything...if it has a link to the relevant post will suffice. Just wondering, if I charge my nox after being out on a search, how long can it sit before it needs to be recharged? Or should I just top it up before going out again? Thanks in advance.
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