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  1. Newbie here. So I'm getting ready to train my customers at Rye Patch, NV and many will have their new GPX-6000's. Here is my question for those of you who have learned. Yes I've seen the video with the gator clips to a 12V vehicle battery, but what they don't say is for how long does it typically take? Will it run a battery down in the winter cold of NV? We'll be out there off the grid for 3 day and some of us much longer. I'd like to get those have already figured out the timing and or a new way of charging the battery. Funny thing is my 1 Ton diesel can charge my GPZ-7000 and my Equinox 800 with no issues and even when the truck is turned off. I just plug into the outlets provided inside the truck dash. My 1/2 ton gas truck only charges when the truck is running and as soon as I turn it off, all chargers go off as well. Your help is needed so I can try and prepare my customers. This salty dog is still learning new tricks on the GPX-6000... with your help that is. Thanks in advance.
  2. whats the fit like and general quality ?? as seen on the bay
  3. I had something strange happen, today. I had my GPX 6000 battery fully charged and fresh off the charger. It had completed its charge cycle and then trickle charged overnight. I popped it in the detector and started detecting. Within five minutes the battery meter dropped from three bars to two bars. If I turned off the detector and let it sit for a 5-10 minutes and then turned it back on, it would go back up to three bars for a short period of time before then going back to two bars. Has anyone else noticed this with theirs?
  4. I'd like another...anyone know where to buy? strick
  5. I recently purchased these They are the proper 1.5 volt and lithium batteries. They work well in my Tesoro that tends to chew up batteries fairly quickly. Will see how they hold up. They should not fade in performance as regular Alkalines do. $20 for 4 is pretty good. Much less than the $80 I paid for my AT Pro lithium pack.
  6. Why do so many metal detecting companies use 9V batteries for their products? What is this, 1979? 9V batteries aren't even used exclusively in smoke detectors anymore. I want a new pinpointer but I'm absolutely appalled that so many of them use 9V batteries. Is there a logical or engineering reason for this?
  7. Buy yourself a metal detecting flashlight holder $5, and a power bank with built in flashlight $5-$20. I personally prefer the larger waterproof solar power bank with dual LEDs. Great for night time surf hunts All available on eBay.
  8. What batteries are compatible to White's spertum dfx e-series 800-0284 ?
  9. https://parts.minelab.com/category-s/270.ht Might be good idea to add this info to Equinox Essential Information thread.
  10. My battery in my Nox is fine. I pursued ordering a battery. Just for a spare and to seek out the process so I could share with folks. First I called number 1-877-767-6522 (Minelab customer service) and talked to lady named Julie. Julie referred to the following number in PA - 814-283-4270 (Minelab repair center). I called this number and spoke with gent named Dan Diehl. He stated I was actually the first to buy Nox battery. He while I had him on phone had just realized the batteries were at their facility for sale. Price is $30 USD. He said total price including shipping was $39 for a nonsignature required usps delivery. I used a credit card. And that’s it. So the number above for Dan is the number to call to buy battery for Equinox. As a side note I inquired about their repair backlog. He said they were in good shape. With only about a week of backlog repairs on hand. I asked this due to possible lasting effects of Covid 19, plus I wanted to be able to share with folks accurate info. In case some were not sending in their units for repairs fearing long wait times. Cheers David
  11. I notice that RNB now has a lithium battery pack for the Vanquish priced around $60. I have been using RNB battery packs in my Etrac for years and probably will buy one of these Vanquish batteries, if there are no bugs needing to be worked out. I intend to keep the Vanquish in my car trunk and will only use it sporadically. Regular rechargeables don't seem to hold a charge if they are not used for a long time. In contrast, the RNB batteries seem to hold a charge indefinitely. I want to be confident that the detector is going to work even if it has been sitting unused in the car trunk for months.
  12. I have three detectors that have a internal battery and one I’ve got two coils that’s like the detectors they too need to be charged. Let’s not forget they come with wireless headphones. Then I have three other detectors that I can use recharge batteries if I so wish . None of the three have wireless headphones. To me the great thing about them is when sitting idle I can just remove the batteries. I’ve never had any trouble with the ones that have a battery in them but every so often I’ve got to make my rounds charging each up. It’s been said the next Nokta/Makro will have a removable battery. I’d like to hear your view point of what you like best in what ever it may be . Chuck
  13. Tarsacci battery fits in snugly and is waterproof.
  14. Thought I'd share this cool little inverter I just got. Some of you may already have it but I thought it would be good for those that have not seen this yet. It's really small and hopefully will work for field applications. I already charged my CTX battery and module with it with. IIf you have lots of Milwaukee tools like I do already it's a no brainer to get one of these as I have about five different batteries that I could bring along on a extended trip. I dont know how well it's going to work so I'll have to up date later on. If you have one already then let us know.
  15. A week or so ago I had ordered a 3D printed battery pack for whites machines, obviously including my V3i. It uses 3 of the large lithium rechargeable 18650 batteries. I received it already even though it was shipped from Ukraine. It has a rugged, premium feel to it. This is my first 3D printed anything, and the quality surprised me. Definitely not a flimsy piece of kit. It fits in my V3i perfectly. Right now I’m using 2,500 to 3,000. I’ll let you know how these hold up and how higher MAH versions hold up once they arrive. I’m pretty excited about these in comparison to competing packs that top out at 3100 mah. It’s an inconvenience to not be able to charge the pack itself without removing the batteries, but an open holder also has its advantages. I may even attempt to make a charging cradle. The pack seems to only be available on eBay, with one remaining at this moment. I’m sure he will fire up the printer for another batch soon though. He likes to sell one batch before making more.
  16. I've picked up a 1970's-era Garrett BFO in decent shape but it is missing the battery tray. Kellyco and Garrett no longer carry them, though Garrett says that they have other trays that should work. I'd really prefer to get the one that matches the detector. Anyone got one laying around that they would part with? I've attached pictures of the detector and what I thinkis the correct battery tray. Thanks. Bill
  17. Saw this on Ebay. I had wondered if these expired battery packs could be converted. There is also a NiMH version (orange label). I don't know if that can be converted or not, but this person figured out how to do so with the NiCad version.
  18. Can anyone shed some light on the batteries that minelab detectors use? 1. Longevity 2. Cost to replace 3. Estimate if those particular batteries may go obsolete (as opposed to AA batteries)
  19. I am attempting to purchase a White's battery holder, P/N 802-7150. Canadian Treasure Seekers has one in stock, but due to supplier contracts can not ship to US. I hope to find a fellow hunter from Canada that is willing to purchase and send this battery tray to me. I will, of course, reimburse any cost for item and associated shipping costs. Please email me at joerahuba@yahoo.com
  20. I opened up my TDIBH the other day for some fiddling around and checking out a few things. I powered up the detector with all of the guts and board opened up and had it hooked up to the 14.8v (4 x 18650 cells) battery pack. I had it going for just a few minutes when I gripped the circuit board as part of my “fiddling” around......well I dropped the board and swore a bit in response the burn I was expecting on my fingers. Well it turns out that on the opposite side of the board behind where the big capacitors sit is some sort of heat sink and I can tell you the heat from this spot was something else. The detector has and runs just perfect but the hotspot really surprised me. I decided to hook up the 12v battery pack and let it run for a decent amount of time and it never got past a mild warm on the back of the board. That extra couple of volts is generating some serious extra heat.....bit like on the heat sink area of the CPU chip in your computer. I honestly don’t know if the detector can handle this extra heat long term but I’m not taking any chances. I’ve moved back to the 3 x 18650 battery pack which I knocked up when I first got the detector. There is a slight loss in depth but surprisingly not too much. I feel the performance of the 11.1v Lithium setup is maybe 1 to 2 inches behind the 14.8v “hot pack”. You can see in the photos the big caps on the detector and where the heat comes from. The other photo is my 11.1v pack which packs some punch and lasts much longer then the stock NiMH pack.
  21. Hi Folks, First Post on any site,first metal detector. Reaching out to the more experienced detectorists to ask if anyone has seen or heard of problems with the Nokta Simplex +. Last August I purchased my first detector ,a Nokta Simplex. The Battery was at 3 bars ,half charge, when taken out of the box. My job of 140 hours a week, never allowed me to go detecting once last Summer. I put the detector in the closet . Yesterday I got it out to look it over and charge it and it still had 3 bars. I properly connected the charging cord and charged it 3 hours. It still only had 3 bars. So I turned it on and let the battery decharge until it showed no Bars and exclamation point. I hooked it back up to charge and gave it 3 hours. To my disappointment it would not take a charge at all ! Is this Detector known to have battery problems ? The battery cannot be replaced by me, only factory. This was my biggest fear of an internal battery. I am thinking maybe for all its hype. It being a good dependable detector. Very dissappointed that before I even have a chance to try this exciting new hobby I am pretty negative. $300+ Dollars wasted ? Any help from you folks would be so appreciated. Tim
  22. I seem to have lost my charging cable for my ML 80 Headphones for my Equinox 800. Do I just need a type C cable for that? I have searched high and low for the minelab cable OEM but impossible to find. Any after market ideas? Thanks so much!
  23. I've ordered the solar charging kit in the picture below.. I bought it because it claims to be able to charge lithium batteries, all the others I looked at said 'only for lead batteries'.. I'm no great expert on these things (you could say absolutely clueless) but I'm thinking about cutting the cord on the car charger and plugging it into the control box.. I've got another 25W panel without a control box but I'm a bit worried what might happen if I hook this straight onto the GPX battery.. I don't want to kill the bloody thing.. My question is will a 20W panel hooked onto a control box charge my GPX 5000 battery without blowing it up? Thank you very much for any advice on this one.. I plan to prospect areas well away from the power grid and the 12V charging plug in my old 4WD has stopped working since the car got flooded during a river crossing.. If this solar charger does work it'll be a huge bonus for people prospecting in areas far away from civilisation.. Maybe it'll be the game-changer we've all been waiting for 😁.. I do realise this idea has probably been thought of a million times already, it's just that i can't find any related info on the net..
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