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  1. Hi guys! Well, I just this couple minutes ago on Facebook! Looks awesome!
  2. As revealed in this thread the new Minelab GPX 6000 has been submitted to the FCC website for Bluetooth compliance testing. The pdf file showing the label location offers up the picture below as a teaser. JANUARY 2021 UPDATE - Minelab GPX 6000 Revealed! From the Confidentiality Letter: "We are requesting the commission to grant short-term confidentiality request on the following attachments until 19 October 2020. External Photos, Internal Photos, Test Setup Photos, User Manual" So in theory by October 19th we could have photos and a user manual available for download. Howev
  3. I've managed to get a hold of a second hand GPX 5000 with 4 coils for AU$ 4400.. Now I'm really ready to go out where the Big Boys play.. Can anyone recommend any areas in North Queensland where I could go to learn how to use it? It's going to be a steep learning curve but I've got this year set aside to finally find that nugget with my name on it!
  4. Back in July we were speculating on a new Minelab trademark filing for Geo Sense PI. Looks like now we have an inkling what that was about and that it is related to the upcoming GPX 6000 model. Here are a couple tidbits gleaned from the full Codan 2020 Annual Report: JANUARY 2021 UPDATE - Minelab GPX 6000 Revealed! page 6: "Minelab will soon release an exciting new GPX® gold detector which will draw upon the best features of the GPX 5000™ and SDC 2300®." page 14: "Minelab will soon release a new GPX® detector which introduces an ease of use technology, GeoSense Pulse Induction,
  5. Version 4901-0060 Rev 1.1


    Minelab GPX 4000 Instruction Manual, 1.34 MB pdf file, 89 pages Minelab Metal Detector Forum
  6. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/wvl/for/d/glendale-minelab-gpx-4000-gold-metal/7230946968.html
  7. I currently use a Equinox 800 and I consider myself to know absolutely everything about it. There really isnt anything that anyone can tell me about that machine that i havent mastered and completely already know. Its probably the most simple machine to use on the planet. I understand all the settings and I even know how to exploit the machine to get the results that i want when i want and i know how to get the maximum depth possible on the machine. I can even get a 22 inch air test on a silver quarter. Not too many people know how to do that and it is very relevant when you hunt in places wit
  8. I am in the process of making a Lipo GPX battery, Can someone who has made one verify this is the correct pin outs? also, what is the recommended brand/type of Lipo battery, so many models to choose from. If anyone has made one and is willing to share photos of what they did and how they did it that'd be great. I intend to make one with a 3D printed housing with built in amplifier and speaker. A friend has started to make his own, he's on a roll so far, he's incorporated a built in amplifier that he made as he's added a 3W speaker into the housing, he's also going to
  9. A package I've been very much looking forward to arrived in the mail today, I call them the twins. It made sense to package them both in one package for postage reasons and fortunately JW was working doing some renovations at his house around the corner from mine today so he had his a few minutes after the courier arrived at my place with the package as I shot straight over to give it to him. I tore the box open to find them extremely well packaged And now the twins 15x10 spiral wound X-coils, one for the GPZ, one for the GPX. The GPZ's coils curly cord seem
  10. The GPX used for most of the hunt today on a beach where the coins are deep. All these coins seem to be dropped from the same time frame. The 2 Buffalo nickels and the Standing Liberty Quarter all have no dates. The rest of the coins are from the 40's to the early 50's. It's safe to assume the dateless coins were dropped in that time frame too. Why do I care? Because these coins were from 15" to 20" deep. I can barely get some of that layer. There is plenty of sand below them. That is where the earlier coins rest. Beaches are not empty, we just skim the surface of them. I'm too tired from dig
  11. Greetings" to All, from 32f Idaho! Need a replacement 1 of these for a GPX4500, and cant find the name of the piece to search for a replacement...don't need and endshaft w/ eye attached, just looking for a "universal eye" or oem minelab eye to mount to a custom shaft. What's this called in detector lingo??? Any help w/ the name or where to get one would be much appreciated!!! Thanks!!! Ig
  12. The other day I fixed a problem with my GPX that I'd been meaning to do for some time and never got around to it as I don't use it much anymore, and since I had it out of the cupboard again and all the talk of the GPX 6000 and it looking like it's wireless without the battery on your butt I figured I should finally get around to knocking up a way to hold the battery onto the side of it so I don't have to strap up like a turkey as some call it wearing a harness with a battery on my butt. This was the thing I disliked about the GPX the most. I now often just use my GPZ and 8" X-Coil and doing
  13. Had the day to work a beach with the GPX and the AQ. I used the GPX for 5.5 hours and dug every target in the dry sand. I know there is deep silver at this particular beach, and it did not disappoint me today. The Standing Liberty quarter was measured at 18” and the Walking Liberty half was at 20” This is the maximum I have found silver with the GPX. You do not always get those depth, depending on EMI in the area. I can regularly get 15” on most coins. Another good target was a gold grill, probably 9 or 10K. You do not see those every day on the beach.😄 Partials sometimes, but grills never. It
  14. I see the Minelab GPX 4500 is being discontinued. If the price goes down is it worth it to pick one up or has what replaced it that much better? Perhaps a premium will now be asked for the remaining new GPX 4500's? Is now the time to buy??
  15. how do i find out the birth day of my 4500? Thanks for the help.
  16. Abenson - “As you'll soon see in the video, The Tarsacci, Equinox and GPX can hold there own against each other. The only loser in the video is the Deus but it's out of it's element. Deus thrives in surface trash in my dirt not, deeper targets in trash. There's really no magic bullet when it comes to deeper iron masked targets.“ Tarsacci vs Vista X vs Equinox for Park Hunting Tarsacci vs GPX vs TDI
  17. Ok, so my GPX has an issue, I know exactly what the issue is and I know what part I need which is the Mylar strip, what I need to know is if the part number of the GPX 4500 is the same as the GPX 5000 part., it appears to be so. Unfortunately Minelab don't let you purchase internal components or find out anything about them without logging in to their website as a repairer. The local service agent won't sell me the part but I have access to a GPX 5000 part by other means, however I need to know if the GPX 5000 Part is the same as the 4500 part. When I bought my GPX second hand the selle
  18. Going back out to a place I've been to a lot but with a twist. Finally talked my buddy into flying me out with his helicopter. We went last week but only got on the ground for a few minutes before we had to leave because of weather. In 5mins I had a little nugget (pictured, soaked in muriatic acid). I mined in this area last year running a test for hard rock. On out days off we went out with the detectors, GPX5000, GPZ7000, SDC2300, and two gold bugs (not sure the models). The gold bugs crushed it and the SDC2300 next and then the 7000. The 5000 was last. Non of us really are proficient with a
  19. Attached is trade mark application for GPX 6000 - as i have previously mentioned we have had sightings of unidentified Minelab Detector in Adelaide Hills (South Australia) with rumours that it is a new gold detector between the 5000 and 7000. Which makes sense from a marketing point of view - you keep the flagship GPZ 7000 but give the punters a better GPX 5000. So looks like its the GPX 6000 - time will tell whether it turns out to be a giant leap forward like the Equinox or just a slightly improved GPX 5000. JANUARY 2021 UPDATE - Minelab GPX 6000 Revealed!
  20. Hey wassup guys!😀 Theses are my last 3 hunts with my brand new GPX 5000! I have 4 coils : Commander 15x12 DD, Commander 11" Mono and Double-D, Coiltek 14" Mono Elite. 👍 I only used the 11" Double-D and the Coiltek! I have been learning a few things with Gordon Heritage from UK! These are all finds from areas where i hunted before with other machines! My main machine is the Equinox 800! I'm very pleased with the GPX! Cheers
  21. Found on one if the groups I belong to. Now the question is Real?
  22. Got out Saturday morning early to try and beat the heat but by 11 am it was pushing 90. Used my GPX with the 14" Coiltek DD coil and ran in Salt mode most of the time, used normal a while too but Salt was much quieter. Had to walk half a mile down the beach to get to where I wanted to hunt and found either my headphones or battery had an issue. The volume was real weak even at full volume, I dealt with it but had the wind been blowing I would have had to walk back. Later found out it was a battery issue, amp must be bad. I think it's time to get Docs gold screamer setup. I'm tired of spending
  23. I've told myself for months it was time to go out with the 5000 and the Coiltek Platypus mono coil and try for some deep targets. Last night was the night. I think I learned more about my beach then I did about the detecting setup. This is the coil: https://www.seriousdetecting.com/product/coiltek-12-x-8-platypus-mono-300x220mm-for-minelab-sd-gp-gpx-series-detectors/ I don't have any pictures of finds because it was all junk except for 2 pennies. I went out to a low tide wet area where I never find much with the Equinox 800 and I didn't find much with this either. I was goin
  24. Good Morning Treasure Detectives, My wife was kind enough to purchase for me a New Open Box GPX 4500, for putting up with her for 29 years. Not exactly her version of this story. June 29 will be 29 years, where did the time go. Back to subject, it came with the mono and double d coils, but need advise on what coil that is waterproof would be good for saltwater beach. Thinking 15" or about similar size. I have used my Simi Eliptical Mono Commander on my TDI and got great results in wet sand area. but did not put under water, because its only water resistant not proof. I would like to
  25. I went to Rye Patch, NV last week and only had 9 hours of detecting with the GPX 5000. Got serious and followed some guidance from forum members and found 3 chevron nuggets (.6 gm, .3 gm and .3 gm) found 4" - 6" deep in heavily detected ground. Many thanks go out to Gerry with a great deal on the Minelab GPX 5000 and Rob's NF Evo 17 x 13 coil paired with the SteelPhase enhancer. Settings were: Gain 18 - 20, Deep, Sensitive Extra or Fine Gold, and a quiet Threshold so I could concentrate. Signals were obvious and clear, without the constant mineral & salt noise. I also have a GPZ 7000, but
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