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  1. That's it I'm buying one. Always wanted an excavator. Hope no-one gonna tell me the excavator is a scam also.
  2. I have no intention of buying one I just found the detector very interesting. If indeed this is legit just think of where detectors will be in 5 or 10 years from now. Sounds like science fiction lol
  3. Hey guys n girls I have a doozie of a question for anyone that may be in the know. I'm not sure how to ask this without being negative towards a great detector Minelabs GPZ7000 approx $9000 Australian dollars. I was watching some YouTube videos on the Ajax Segma 3d metal detector. It has an 8m depth. Finds all types of metals, water even under ground caves. The cost is A lot less than a GPZ7000 My main question is why have we not seen or heard more about this in Australia. I mean if not for general gold detecting, but for bigger companies using it to find the depth of the gold they need to mine. Check out the detector by Ajax and I think the other one is a company called Ger from Germany.
  4. So true... but I'd love to know the recipe for the secret sauce lol Well pickle me grandmother guys It was only a question. I understand that some people are happy to just press the (as you call it) I Believe button but there are those people that likes to ask, to learn and indeed tweek those pre sets in the hope of finding better settings for different soils found in Australia. Anyway I got my answer yes it does have multi frequencies. I now know.
  5. It would be so good seeing as the Equinox can be upgraded to allow the user the choice on what frequencies they want to use in multi mode and save it in the user profile.
  6. I'm just wondering if this has been asked before ? When I purchased my Equinox 800 the shop told me that the multi-iq is not available when in gold mode, only 40 and 20 kHz. In the manual it if I understand it correctly it says that in gold mode you have multi, 40 and 20khz modes. My question is In gold mode is the multi, all frequencies 5, 10, 15, 20 and 40khz or is it only scanning 20 and 40khz in gold modes. Hope someone can set me straight
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