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  1. makro arrived today. first impression very good but i have some questions: 1) the small coil gk19 without his cover have the bottom grey with a darker grey all around the bottom i think is graphite. is normal that colour? i will use with cover however 2) on the display there are some scratches there are a way to eliminate them? 3) how i can ceck the version of the software, so i know if need an update or not? if i turn on the metal detector with no coil attach is a problem? thanks very much
  2. okay guys, in these days i will order it, for 400€ is a good bargian i hope he don't send me the pack with a brick inside 😅 it is only 50 minutes by car from my house but i can't go to buy it because there is the quarantine damn
  3. i found a marko gold kruizer used only two times with 2 coil for 450€ near where i live,😱 i think is a better choice than deeptech vista gold right? also it seem versatile for gold and coins. thanks very much for explain the difference between the coil of t2 and also for the review on the vista gold, if i can't buy the makro for some reason i will go on deeptech vista 😊
  4. wow congratulation very good result with the f75 and the standard coil, awesome
  5. i will try prospecting with teknetics t2 that already have😁 maybe i will find some nuggets, i have the mard md tiger coil 10x13'' and it is very good. but now i will search for a smaller coil, do you know if the fisher gold bug 5'' coil it works also on the t2 they look similar but maybe inside are different. which is better the 5'' (160€) teknetics coil for the t2 or the 10dd (200€) also teknetics however for information which one would you choose between the deeptech vista gold gain 30khz 499€ and the detech eds gold 28khz 540€ with 2 coils? they look like very similar also i know that there aren't a lot information about this two detector and also there are a few people who have tried them. thanks very much for the help
  6. thanks you all for the many advices. here the ground in italy, is high mineralized with a lot of black sand . i already have a 14khz teknetics t2 so i will try maybe it can detech the big nuggets. (and i will use it for coins and other relict) also i will wait some used metal detector maybe an xp orx or makro gold kruzer (the price here for a new makro gold kruzer is 670€). i very like the detech eds gold cather but the frequency in only 28khz, so i don't think it will be on small nuggets) i read old post in this forum but i can't find any review on this machine. now i am reading some post about the deeptech vista gold that reach 30khz but i think that is not enough for prospecting
  7. thanks for the advice but the price are a little high. what about the fisher gold bug pro with small coil ? is good on small nuggets ? this man in the first ten 10 second find very good nuggets with fisher gold bug in italy
  8. Hello, i want buy a new metal detector for small gold nuggets and coins or other small object so it has to be all around i live in Italy, here the gold nuggets here are very small 0.03 g there aren't very big nuggets above 1g. the ground where i want search is medium-high mineralized, also i need a detector with good discrimination. here there are my choices with the videos test Detech eds gold catcher 28khz for 540€ new with 2 coil. not a stunning performance with small 0.03 nugget but i like a lot. also there is the detech eds plus ii, but work only at 14khz but i can put the same coil use on eds gold cathcer Golden mask 4 18khz or thracian version 22khz pretty much the same detector at 300€ golden mask 5 15-30khz at 300€ but not a very good performance on small nugget 0.03g i need some advices, i'm not very expert thanks
  9. i'm very happy that you had a good times in italy. now with this virus is hard but we follow the rules. Soon all of this will end, i will return to my normal life, start to search for gold and share the pictures with all this fantastic community. now that i'm at home i spend my time reading this fantastic forum, thanks very much also all of you stay safe please 😊
  10. thanks, i have a white's coinmaster and a teknetics t2, also i want to start gold prospecting
  11. yes, they are very expensive i think for minelab product you pay also the brand name. if someone have more information or picture, let me know. i will try to do some mods i like work on electronics, i don't have nothing to lost, also i have plenty of free time, i can't go out and leave my house thanks
  12. thanks very much guys. yes my friend had the full refund from the chinese seller. now he will try use it in this condition maybe something can find, sure not gold but some junk for information i ceck the price for an original gold bug 2 in italy the seller ask 900€ and more
  13. hello, my friend send me this photo, of his fisher gold bug 2. i think he got scammed, but seller refound him. he said that the metal detector work but the switches and ground balance knob don't do anything, so he open the control box and they aren't soldered on the motherboard ( see the red circles in the photo) someone have a picture of the fisher gold bug 2 pcb so we can understand where they had to be soldered, on internet i can't find any picture. i know that metal detector is a stupid chinese copy, but my friend have bought it, he don't know a lot about metal detecting and don't have a lot of money so i want to help him. So at least he can find someone when we go out, without dig iron if we solder the switch. thanks
  14. Hello my name is Riccardo, i'm from italy near Milan. i have 19 years old i like metal detecting in the field and gold prospecting Hello to everyone 😀
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