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  1. Hello! I am the being who made them. Feel free to ask me questions. I will drop you some better quality images (hope not be spamming). I have more stuff but mostly on my phone. I am now designing (actually it is finished, just need me to put myself on the work to print it) a foldable electronics base, made also an adapter for 28mm shaft, some rubber magnetics charging port covers and some more stuff going on. I would like to show my last prototype, a foldable base which features a gasket (not in the image but will be on that channel around the part which attaches to the grip's lower side. Mostly I print in automotive polymer ASA, or some other high resistance copolymer like CPE HG100. Cheers
  2. Hello! my name is Xabi, I just got recommended this forum and here I am. I come from the north of Spain, Basque Country. I am an enthusiast just like you. Also as a part time hobby since my job is design engineer, I design and 3dprint some accessories for metal detectors, which I may post if It is not considered spam. Hoping to meet people around the world here and learn some interesting stuff about MD. Regards, Xabi
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