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  1. a brief moment of the video shows the manticore on the beach
  2. here a new video with more adjustments of the manticore
  3. I have read somewhere that the screen light is automatic, it adjusts according to the intensity of external light just like mobile phones, hopefully it has an off mode
  4. I have the same thoughts as you. I would like to switch to Manticore but for that price it has to give me a lot of things that I can't do with my equinox. In Spain I can buy two equinox at the price of the manticore
  5. I also think they have done a good job but I think they have gone too far with the price, at least here in Europe
  6. in Europe it will be equinox 2000, I say this for the price
  7. in this video you can see more machine settings https://fb.watch/fcEDImstC0/
  8. I would say that if you can use wired headphones seeing this photo
  9. I bought my Equinox in Germany on eBay. I saved almost 100 euros
  10. in some countries it will be somewhat more and in others somewhat less. According to him VAT from home country and other taxes. Here we have 21% VAT. I think it's something else in France no‽
  11. by the way in Europe the starting price is 1990 euros. almost double the size of an equinox 800
  12. the last video is of the little treasure that appeared in the same contest in England where the manticore was presented
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