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  1. What is known about this rumor that is being talked about in a Facebook group?
  2. Normally I run the equinox in multi-frequency mode, but yesterday I tried to use it at 5Kz in field mode 1. Lately I am hunting with the Iron filters at 0, but I did not like it in the single frequency mode so I went to modify it and what was my surprise it wouldn't let me enter the submenu to upload iron rejection. I tried it with the partner's equinox in case it was a failure of mine and the same thing happened. In single frequency mode it does not let you enter the iron rejection submenu. Do you know what the reason is?
  3. Alexander, all of us who have used a pulse know that this double-tone discrimination does not work when the target is at considerable depth.
  4. Minelab in this aspect should do the same. Because the equinox bars are terrible. I have not seen bars that are so bad for a detector in the 24 years that I have been in this hobby. Everything that is good in electronics is bad in other accessories. They have become too cheaper from my point of view in materials. And after this I love my equinox 😁
  5. there is also this option https://www.shipw.com/
  6. I use bluetooth exclusively. I will not use wired headphones again. The cable is only a hindrance
  7. normally run f2 at 0. I only modify it when I hunt on the beach
  8. posted on the Facebook page of a store in France. February 1 is the publication date
  9. the opposite happened with the equinox. better ergonomics, waterproof, better technology. Apparently it should have been more expensive and it wasn't. And we have already seen the results there are equinox everywhere. They have been sold as churros (as they say around here). I want the same to happen with this model
  10. Can you tell if it is higher or lower than the gpx 5000?
  11. I have always wanted to have a gpx 5000. It is well known that with the double-d coil it is fantastic for relic hunting and even for the beach, but for its price I have ruled it out, and since I surely there are hundreds of people, if not Thousands. Lower the price of this new gpx and they will sell more than double that of its successor
  12. yes I had already seen it. she sold it since she didn't get it set right for the beach. Or so I understand
  13. good. I think a colleague on this forum recently received an intronik. He has recorded some video testing on the air. I would like you to keep us informed about how the detector behaves in real search and if a depth test is possible?
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