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  1. varios compañeros y yo los tengo ya que los recomendaron en el foro y ningun problema, tanto en el 600 como en el 800 y tambien los uso para el GPX 5000
  2. I have heard that an update for the manticore is ready. He is going to fix something about the languages and the beach program.
  3. I just bought the 15 spool for my Equinox and it has a point where the epoxy resin has not reached the coating. I plan to use it on the beach. Is there any chance that moisture could get in at that point?
  4. Thank you very much for the answers. I'll keep you posted when I can go
  5. this area is producing nuggets of even 100 grams. The distance from where I live is about 300km, I am thinking of going up to prospect for a weekend and I would like the experts in the forum to tell me what I have to look for to know if I am in a good area and not waste time. The whole area is full of quartz
  6. The 6000 has just dropped 25% of its price and it's only been a year since its arrival. When have you ever gotten a high end price reduction on a newly released detector? I think never
  7. we are seeing a big price reduction in Minelab than we are not used to, we are seeing it in beginner detectors to compete with nokta as well as in the high end with the introduction of the axiom. I don't know what will happen when Nokta presents its pulse detector. Welcome be the competition
  8. already put because they do not release a 5000+ or a 5000 pro call it what you want put it in a lighter casing and put a competitive price on it, there would be no one complaining about that attitude, on the contrary sales would surely rise
  9. if the vanquish coils had been equinox compatible I would have bought a 540 pro long ago and I imagine almost all nox users would have done the same. How many sales have they lost because of the happy chip
  10. If that's the price I don't think they sell many Xterras with the equinox 600. I figured the price would be around 400 to compete with the simplex. I don't understand this play by minelab., it doesn't make sense to get this detector and even less at that price
  11. looks like it was real. it looked pretty good for it to be fake. According to Minelab, the multifrequency was going to make the single frequency obsolete. And now they come out with this?
  12. I hope you are well with the serious earthquake that you suffered a few hours ago
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