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  1. Thanks for the answers. One of the reasons I asked why it seems that the Vanquish beach mode is also the equinox beach 1 mode. That way it doesn't work well on the beaches which I usually go to. I can't use the beach 1 mode in the wet sand and much less put the dish in the water, however with the beach 2 mode there is no problem. that's why the question.
  2. I have the equinox 600 and I was wondering if it is worth buying the Vanquish 440 as a backup. The use I would give would be exclusively for the beach. If anyone has it, I would appreciate it if they told me how it goes on the beach. Thank you
  3. Thank you LE.JAG for bothering to put the subtitles in Spanish. Great find
  4. I'm sorry for what happened to Rick, but I'm glad it has already been fixed. Prospecting is in the background. first you have to look for yourself
  5. They are coins from here in Europe. Its appearance seems to be copper, but nothing is further from reality. Its material is highly ferrous and as I have put in the photo when they get lost on the beach they are not worth even for the legal course. When I had TDI SL you had to dig it if you wanted to recover gold and it was frustrating to make 12 or 13 inch gaps and get that out. The beaches of southern Spain what I live in are full of these coins
  6. Thank you Alexander for answering the questions we are asking. Many engineers from other brands should learn from you
  7. Thanks Alexander for that diagram. I was hoping that with the discrimination mode you could discriminate the coins of 1, 2 and 5 cents. Around here most of the beaches are full of these coins that are useless, not even for the legal course, as they deteriorate greatly. I leave an example of how those coins come out
  8. With my tdi sl if I wanted to get gold on the beach I had to take out the coins of 1, 2 and 5 euro cents. I would like to know if the fisher could discriminate? I ask because the video I think is recorded in France
  9. Thanks Steve but it turns out that I bought it again from an official distributor
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