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  1. Thanks Dilek. If I was referring to the screen light, sorry for not specifying it better. I like that automatic mode. Thanks again
  2. hi Dilek. I would like to ask you a question about the Legend. will have various shades of light ?. Those of us who use it at night on the beach is essential. Thanks and regards
  3. https://www.xpmetaldetectors.com/en/produit/xp-deus-ii-remote-control.php 12 established programs
  4. I would not pay 2000 having an equinox per 1000. I don't think the 1000 barrier will pass much taking into account the competition that is approaching. We are living in a new era of falling prices.
  5. I just received mine and it does not pair with any of the headphones that I have, on the other hand with the mobile there is no problem. I have made the mistake of buying it only receiver. I have realized late
  6. Thank you very much for the answers. At the moment it seems that I am going to stay with the 11th DD comander. When I have more experience I'll see what I do
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