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  1. I still think that these few functions will drastically lower the price of what we are used to in the gpx models, following the equinox and vanquish models
  2. I get the slight impression that this model is going to break the price compared to the other GPX downwards
  3. I wonder if the bars are compatible with the equinox, they look better built
  4. Since I saw the first photos of the impulse I knew that the position of the cables at the rear of the armrest was going to be a problem. I'm glad it changed
  5. I leave you a video in case someone wants to do it. Having two dishes to choose from, I don't know if it's worth it. Although it must be recognized that the plate is much cheaper and larger. The video is in Spanish but the procedure to do it looks pretty good.
  6. if by chance, what do not think, seeing the performance of the detector, did not complete 100. Would there be any possibility of shipping outside the United States?
  7. I don't think this machine is made for diving or even looking waist-deep in water. At that depth it costs a lot even outside the water, I can't imagine what it would be like inside.
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