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  1. Thanks randy. I had copied it from the translator and it should be in English. I do not know what the error was. I am sorry
  2. Me gustaría saber si un compañero ha probado Equinox en el parque o en el modo de campo en la playa. En esos modos, es la mejor manera de tomar las cadenas y sería interesante si se comporta bien en la playa. Hasta la próxima semana no podré ir a la playa para probarlo. Si alguien lo ha intentado, me gustaría saber tu experiencia. GRACIAS
  3. Acabo de ver estos auriculares en aliexpres. No estoy seguro de lo que valen, pero lo comparto por si le interesa un compañero. La verdad es que se ven bien Translation from Google Translate: I just saw these headphones in aliexpress. I'm not sure what they're worth, but I'll share it in case you're interested in a partner. The truth is that they look good Plufy deportes auricular Bluetooth csr4.1 banda para el cuello auriculares apt-x estéreo Auriculares con micrófono piel Orejeras (Plufy Sports Bluetooth Headset CSR4.1 Neckband Headset apt-x Stereo Headset with Microphone Skin Earmuffs) http://s.aliexpress.com/bUVreyYv?
  4. Luis


    I have not seen a clone of xp deus yet and several updates have been made. The numbering of the 2 euro coin is a big mistake for many users
  5. Luis


    I wish there was an update soon for the coin numbering of 2 euros. It does not make sense in the range that marks it
  6. OK. Thank you very much for the information, surely I will buy it. They look very good and at a good price
  7. Today I received mine from aliexpres and I also confirm that they are not low latency. I have made the corresponding claim and now it is time to wait for the answer
  8. Thanks Steve, I had not seen it
  9. Has anyone tested the universal axis of the golden mask on the equinox? I like that type of axis in my detectors but I do not know if it fits well in the equinox
  10. https://www.amazon.es/dp/B078PC4QN7/ref=cm_sw_r_wa_apa_1XD0AbCF5EF1E I leave this in case you might be interested in a partner
  11. After reading and rereading all the comments of the forum, decision for model 600, I think that for my needs, that is enough for me. I arrived yesterday and did a little test at home, since Steve has said many times that he does not have the gold program but that he can do equally well in other programs. This test is in park 2 mode and sensitivity to 12, since I am inside the house VID_20180417_192357.mp4
  12. Luis

    Equinox 800 Wireless Phones Made By Miccus?

    These are the ones that I bought. I hope you have no problems Mpow nuevo eQ App Bluetooth 4.2 auriculares inalámbricos con micrófono aptx latón bajo auricular para ios/android teléfonos TV pad http://s.aliexpress.com/eUJv6rqa?fromSns=Copy to Clipboard
  13. Uso esta batería en mi tdi sl y lo estoy haciendo bastante bien. ¿No tienes problemas con las 4 baterías de litio?