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  1. the bars seem to be better than those of the equinox. with those prices some brands of detectors will have a bad time
  2. If I upload it to 1 or even 2, will not I lose the objectives set by its vdi 1 or 2? There are many pieces of gold that are in that range, especially the gold chains
  3. I would like to know if there would be any advantage if instead of - 9 it will be modified to 0 to search on the beach? . It is the only thing that could change the tone break since I own the model 600. It would be for beach search and mainly in the wet land
  4. According to the blog of the official store here in Spain, 650 grams
  5. White gold rings also tend to give lower numbers than rings of the same weight and size of normal gold
  6. If when you take out your simultaneous multifrequency detector we have this amount of coils, it will be a factor to take into account when deciding on a detector at the time of purchase
  7. Since photos are being published, and some comments on how it behaves, there are already prices in some distributors. Can you comment on how Steve coil works?
  8. The first tests of the fitting rooms are already being published. I'm looking forward to it going on sale
  9. He visto un video de la placa 15 x 12 1. I have seen a video of the coil 15 x 12
  10. Esta es la solución para la poderosa luz que tiene el modelo 600. Cazo principalmente de noche en la playa en la temporada de verano y la luz que tiene el equinoccio 600 es bastante molesta. Así que puse un poco de vinilo en la funda protectora. Cuando lo uso durante el día solo tengo que eliminarlo. Una solución rápida y fácil This is my solution for the powerful light that has the model 600. I hunt mostly at night on the beach in the summer season and the light that the equinox 600 has is quite annoying. So I put some vinyl in the protective case. When I use it during the day I just have to remove it. A quick and easy solution
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